This Week's Arrival's

Saturday, July 23 2005 @ 04:33 PM CST

Contributed by: Dave

Here are some of the new releases and restocks for the week of July 25th to the 31st. Stock should be arriving tuesday/wednesday. Please don't be shy about going back to review old lists, as some items are still in stock. All previous lists are archived on the website as music archives under topics. Have a great finish to your week and maybe I'll see some of you at this weekend's Folk Festival in Victoria Park.

AFX- "Analord 10" Picture Disc LP (Rephlex)
12" vinyl picture disc, Aphex Twin logo on both sides, in clear PVC sleeve with sticker. This record completes the highly-acclaimed Analord series, produced by Richard D. James -- at least for the time being. The style is rhythmic and melodic electronic music in the much-loved AFX style. The music is suitable for public performance as well as home listening. It's a re-issue of the tracks that came with the now-infamous Analord binder, which was available for a limited period only from

AFX- "Analord 11" LP (Replhlex)
These records continue the eagerly-anticipated Analord series. They are produced by Richard D. James. The style is rhythmic & melodic electronic music in the much-loved AFX style. The music is suitable for public performance as well as home-listening. Rephlex strongly recommends this series, among its most entertaining and fulfilling music. A1. 'W32.Mydoom.AU@mm', B1. 'VBS.Redlof.B', B2. 'Backdoor.Ranky.S'. The final volume in this series?

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore- "Sunset Mission" CD (Wonder)
"A long-time favourite of mine, Bohren’s “Sunset Mission” is finally available again and is a must-have item for anyone looking for something to sit alongside Angelo Badelamanti’s soundtrack work for Twin Peaks. Whilst Motren Gass, Throsten Benning and Robin Rodenberg (aka Bohren & Der Club Of Gore) would like to have you believe they all live in unlit basements and only venture out to stare balefully at the moon, the truth, based on the reissue of 2000's 'Sunset Mission', suggests that they're all just a bunch of hopeless romantics... Comprised of piano, bass, sax and guitar, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore craft caliginous instrumental compositions that slow-waltz around the 'Jazz/Noir/Twin Peaks Soundtrack' divide with a sound they rather misleadingly refer to as 'horror jazz'. Referencing the likes of David Lynch at every turn, Bohren's sound takes deeply textured journeys into the smokey and crepuscular outer-reaches of Loungecore."

Chemical Brothers- "The Boxer" 12"x2 (Astralwerks)
Two versions of the title track, including DFA remix, and "Believe", plus "Giant", "Spring" and remix of "Galvanize".

Desert Sessions- "Vol.9 & 10" CD (Ipecac)

F-Minus- "Suburban Blight" LP (Ghetto Blast)
The 2001 LP release from these SoCal punx who've had releases on Hellcat that were produced by Tim Armstrong (Rancid)

Foetus- "Love" DVD+CD (Birdman)
"Love is the first release from Foetus in over three years and his strongest record in a career of groundbreaking, genre-busting, dirty and blissful, dark, flourishing rock and electronics intensity. Do not file under industrial. File under Mystery. This release goes way beyond all past markers Foetus has set for the awaiting pack. Love may have you scratching your head at, and perhaps praying for, the person for whom this is a perception of love. Love is a sweeping dramatic epic drenched in harpsichord and orchestras and sound, with jarring left turns and bombast, intensity and seduction. Love is a startling immersive journey through the sonic excitement of J.G.Thirlwell. The full length CD features a duet with Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields, while the full length DVD contains: three videos from Love including "Blessed Evening," directed by Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs with director of photography Spike Jonze; classic early live footage; trailers of the J.G.Thirlwell-scored Venture Brothers (currently airing on Adult Swim / Cartoon Network); never-before-seen footage from upcoming Foetus documentary; ultrasecret, very hidden delights that are not available anywhere; and much more."

Githead- "Profile" CD (Swim)
"The appearance of Githead and the release of their debut EP Headgit in 2004 surprised many, not only with the unlikely front line of Wire's Colin Newman (guitar, vocals), Minimal Compact's Malka Spigel (bass, vocals) and Scanner's Robin Rimbaud (guitar) but also with the cyclic, hypnotic funkiness not to mention the avant pop sensibility the outfit produces. Their debut album Profile takes the story and sound-scape of Githead wider and deeper. With the addition of Max Franken (also of Minimal Compact) on drums, the band has become "a small mobile unit" capable of delivering emotional power (as on the opener "Alpha" and the epic "Raining Down"), driving grooves (as on "Option Paralysis" or the frenetic shouty bagginess of the snappily named "Cosmology for Beginners"), or sublime pop lusciousness, like "My LCA (Little Box of Magic)." On the strength of only a handful of live shows, the band recently secured a presence at London's annual Ether Festival where in the words of one reviewer they were "sleek, honed, calculated, sharp, and brilliant!""

Lilium- "Short Stories" CD+DVD (Smooch)
"Lilium's Short Stories brings us pure art as represented by musical expression. Jean-Yves Tola and Pascal Humbert (perhaps better known as two-thirds of Sixteen Horsepower) and some of their most talented friends have put together a potent cocktail of words and sounds unlike any of their previous combined efforts. Ideals that they themselves embrace as artists are given life through a marriage of the duo's music with the voices of their collaborators. Tola and Humbert conduct and hum with these voices, compartmentalizing the spaces they live in with lilting piano, whispering taps and swimming bass lines that throb up and down like the complaining pain of a toothache into the sorrowful moan of a lovesick heart. With slow, haunting rhythms, they create unique spaces where these songs to set up house and make their own lives forever. And when 16HP vocalist David Eugene joins in, they recapture the delicate beauty of their former band at its peak. The two musicians behind Lilium have never laid their heads on the rail to hear what was coming down the tracks. They have kept their attention on the music that represents the greatest possible freedom of expression. Music that infused their souls with wisdom, music they consider art. Guest musicians include Dana Colley and Billy Conway, both formerly of Morphine. Includes bonus DVD of the entire album mixed into surround sound. First time released in U.S. For fans of Woven Hand, 16 Horsepower, Calexico."

Memphis Horns- "Memphis Horns" CD (DBK)

MF Doom- "Special Herbs vol.9 & 10" LPx2 (Shaman Works)

Willie Nelson- "Country Man" LP (Lost Highway)

Nine Inch Nails- "The Hand That Feeds" 12" DFA Remix (Nothing)
Tracklisting: The Hand That Feeds (DFA Remix), The Hand That Dubs (DFA Remix Instrumental), The Hand That Dubs (DFA Version).

Pelt- "Untitled" CD (VHF)
"(untitled) is devastating set of almost pure white light from the newly upgraded Pelt lineup. The album's intense drone music represents a return to "sonic-ism" for the quartet of Jack Rose, Mike Gangloff, Patrick Best, and Mikel Dimmick. Like 2003's effort Pearls from the River, (untitled) is an all-acoustic affair. The group concentrates on producing dense clouds of overtones from guitar, cello, tibetan bowls, gongs, sruti, and esraj. Track one is an overpowering straight line a la the Theatre of Eternal Music, an atmosphere of stasis with gong and bowl flickering subtly over the massive track bed. Track two is a 32-minute epic that begins with the soft strains of Jack Rose's 12 string, picks up dueling cello and esraj and gradually builds in intensity with the sounds of gongs and other unusual percussion. Track three is the live staple "Sundogs," where Rose's Weissenborn lap guitar and Gangloff's resonator guitar produce a stream of unearthly high, singing overtones in an uncanny acoustic impression of electric feedback. The final track is an epilogue of Best's keening cello, again ignoring the usual technique associated with the instrument in the pursuit of pure weirdness."

Damo Suzuki Network- "Hollyaris" CD (Funfundveirzig)
"When Damo Suzuki, ex-singer with the now legendary band Can releases a new album, there's one thing you can be sure of, namely that it will be totally different from everything he's released before. He is the one who by his unconditional adherence to improvisation (Damo himself speaks of "Instant Compositions") carries the spirit of Can into the 21st century. Damo pursues his musical vision with a determination few other artists can match. Hollyaris is comprised of excerpts from two performances, each with a totally different lineup. The CD Hollywood was recorded on August 31st 2002 at the Knitting Factory Los Angeles. Damo's voice is very much in the foreground here, which is justified by the fact that his singing is extremely melodic (in fact, the first track is reminiscent of his wonderful vocals on Can's "Future Days" at times). Apart from the voice, it is Len Del Rio's exact percussion which propel the improvisations and Kevin Lee on Moog and Theremin (!) supplying the spacey-spooky sounds who stand out from the rest of the band. Also, it seems that the location of each performance had an influence on what has been captured on tape: On Hollywood, one can discern the occasional elements of westcoast psychedelia, which is mainly due to the three guitars playing. But it's the Paris CD which is the real surprise of this set. It was recorded only some 14 months later, yet it sounds like a decade has elapsed since the LA-gig. Whereas the latter band played psych- and avantgarderock with the occasional nod in the direction of Can, the music on Paris is much more subtle. With the sole exception of the drummer, all of Damo's five collaborators use electronic processing tools. Thus Damo's singing is presented here in a totally new setting for him. The fact that Damo can adapt his singing so effortlessly to this modern context speaks volumes for his artistic vision and his will to communicate with his fellow musicians (which has always been his ultimate concern). More than any other of Damo's releases, Paris focusses on the search for a collective expression, the communication and understanding across genres and generations. Damo once said that when he goes onstage, he is not so much thinking about the music which he will play but about creating a collective experience with his audience within the moment. The music on Hollyaris bear witness to that attitude."

Underworld- "Beaucoup Fish/Second Toughest" CDx2 (FM Records)

VVV- "Resurrection River" CD (Mego)
"VVV is: Alan Vega, Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen. This is the follow up to the 1998 VVV album Endless, which was released by Mute. Recorded over three years ago, this monumental meeting finally sees release on Mego. Resurrection River documents the May 2002 meeting of Suicide member and electronic pioneer Alan Vega with sine-wave surfers Pan Sonic (Finlanders Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen). Together, the three are a trembling triumvirate of sound. The work, nine tracks in all, is named after the river in Alaska, a river created by the power of glaciers. It's no coincidence, perhaps, that the work itself is as glacial as Vega's howlingly human intonation giving way to the heavy influence of Vainio's pointillism and Väisänen's devotion to decay. This is post-techno sound art colliding with and amplified by endless throbs of voltage. A tribute to electromotive force from three standard-bearers of noise collage. Of course, such a release can only be credited to Mego, the Austrian label that brought you the Endless Summer of Fennesz, the sound experiments of Jim O'Rourke, Tujiko Noriko and another summit-like collaboration: Ghost Orchid from Zeena Parkins and Ikue Mori. After immersing yourself in this remarkable recording, VVV might well stand for Veni, Vidi, Vici. They came, they saw, they blew out your bass cones. All tracks by Alan Vega, Mika Vainio, Ilpo Väisänen; Recorded at 6/8 Studios, New York, May 2002."

V/A- "Back From The Grave vol.5" LP (Crypt)

V/A- "Back From The Grave vol.7" LPx2 (Crypt)

V/A- "Inside Deep Note 2" (O.S.T Grammaphone)

V/A- "Malpractice: The Flint Central Compilation" CD (Birdman)
"Fflint Central, a fantastic CDR-only label, comes from the Manchester countryside where lay lines vibrate through the fates of the local inhabitants. Whether these vibrations triggered the creation of dark, groovy soundscapes by a group of like-minded sound distortionists is anyone's guess. But the phenomena is real, and over the past few years these electronic warlords have partnered some of the most innovative, trance-enducing, psychedelic wave forms since Stockhausen's electrified Jew's Harp. All twenty-odd Fflint Central releases, which chronicle the exploits of bands such as Pendro and Berkowitz, Lake & Dahmer, have circulated underground in the form of CDRs, a medium that unfortunately protects all but fellow travelers from exposure. Yet the legendary late John Peel caught on and played them regularly. Electronic guru rags such as Wire and E/I fly the freak flag of Fflint with gusto.

Royksopp- "The Understanding" CDx2 (Astralwerks)

Siouxsie & The Banshees- "A Kiss In The Dream House" CD (Geffen)

Motorhead- "No Remorse" CDx2 (Bronze)

V/A- "Give 'Em The Boot: A Film By Tim Armstrong" DVD (Hellcat)
Featuring eighty-two minutes of extremely rare, never-before-seen international concert performance footage of bands such as Rancid, Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, Dropkick Murphys, The Slackers, Roger Miret and the Disasters and Tiger Army - to name just a few, the GIVE 'EM THE BOOT DVD is a gritty look into the underworld of Hellcat Records through the eyes of founder Tim Armstrong and a hoard of his Hellcat family members! Some of the performances included featured from around the world include from the Rancid/NOFX tour, Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards tour of the U.S. and highlights from the first and second Hellcat Records Punks VS. Psychos Tour.

Cromags- "Age Of Quarrel/ Best Wishes" CD (New York Hard Core)

Jurassic 5- "S/T" LP (UPA)

Spoon- "Kill The Moonlight" CD (Merge)
An earlier release from this Austin, Tx. band. For fans of Pavement, GBV, Sebadoh etc.

Spoon- " Gimme Fiction" CD (Merge)
In case you missed the boat on this fine indie rock cd from a couple of months ago, here's your chance all over again. Superior stuff!

The Sights- "Self Titled" CD (New Line)
Detroit city garage rock. Their 2nd cd literally exploding with spunk & spirit. This is better than drinking under the bridge when you were 15.

Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band- "The Mountain" CD (E Squared)
This seems to come in every week 'cause someone buys it every week. Bluegrass with Steve's rebel spirit kicking it even harder.

Despised Icon- "Healing" CD (Century Media)

The Gossip- "Movement" CD (Kill Rock Stars)
Back in again this week. Indie rock with blues shards in a Jon Spencer style. Sweaty razor flashin' stuff. Get down!

The Decemberists- "Picaresque" CD (Kill Rock Stars)

Lyrics Born- "Later That Day" CD (Quannum Projects)

Blood Duster- "S/T" CD (Season Of Mist)
Australia's most disgusting export. Tasteless grind metal.

YOB- "Illusion Of Motion" CD (Metal Blade)
Pummeling doom, psyche, stoner rock from Eugene, Oregon. This is their 2nd cd from 2004 with another just around the corner. Unleash the demons.

Jayhawks- "Tommorrow The Green Grass" CD (American)
The 10th anniversary of this fantastic album which was the last with Mark Olson who set out as a solo artist soon after. Some of their best work which by now has drifted from full on roots rock to embrace serious pop tones. This is a great album which really does get better with age.

Iron & Wine-" Woman King" CDEP (Sob Pop)
The most recent batch of songs from Samuel Beam. Introspective accoustic guitar based pop with Sam's unusual whispered vocals.

Iron & Wine- "My Endless Numbered Days" CD (Sub Pop) Sam Beam's 2004 full length. This is the one which put him on the map. Be on the lookout for a new collaboration between Iron & Wine and Calexico coming in September.

Nine Inch Nails- "With Teeth" LP (Nothing)
The new full length on LP.

Clear Lake- "Cedars" CD (Domino)
Clearlake hooked up with ex-Cocteau Twins bass player Simon Raymonde to produce their long-awaited sophomore effort, Cedars. This English pop band will appeal to fans of groups like Interpol, Blur, Oasis etc.

Vic Chesnutt- "Ghetto Bells" CD (New West)
The newest cd from this enigmatic southern tunesmith. Big budget production with guests like Van Dyke Parks & Bill Frisell. One of his best since 96's "About To Choke".

Arch Enemy- "Doomsday" CD (Century Media)
Brand new from this popular metal band. It's sale priced and includes a free 20 song sampler from Century Media Records.

Nevermore- "This Godless Endeavour" CD (Century Media)
Brand new from this popular metal band. It's sale priced and includes a free 20 song sampler from Century Media Records.

Medications- "Your Favorite People All In One Place" CD (Dischord)
New cd from former members of Faraquet & Smart Went Crazy.

Architecture In Helsinki- "In Case We Die" CD (Bar None)
Australian indie pop octet similar at times to Broken Social Scene, Enon & The Reindeer Section.

Roy Montgomery- "The Silver Wheel Of Prayer" CD (Revolver)
Roy is a experimental/psyche guitar player from Christchurch New Zealand. He's played with Bardo Pond, Hash Jar Tempo etc. His long winding thought provoking compositions are just the ticket after a hard day at the plant.

The Posies- "Every Kind Of Light" CD (Ryko)
These power pop titans are back with a new full length, this time on Ryko Disc. This is their 1st new cd since 1998's "Success" and regulars Jon Auer & Ken Stringfellow return with this low key, sometimes Baroque pop affair.

Stuart A. Staples- "Lucky Dog Recordings" CD (Beggars Banquet)
The Lucky Dog Recordings ‘03 - ‘04 album was recorded in a variety of studios over the course of 2003 and 2004 - since the completion of the latest Tindersticks album "Waiting For The Moon". While still treading on Tindersticks ground, this solo effort is less thickly produced and the simple arrangements allow the songs to breathe and showcase the range of his voice.

The Juan Maclean- "Less Than Human" CD (DFA)
The debut for this band who used to be Six Finger Satellite. Sparse and angular, they swim in a robotic disco sea, where old school synths meld with herky jerky rhythms in seamless tandem.

Ellen Allien- "Thrills" CD (BPitch Control)
Highly inventive dark electro-pop from this talented German producer/musician & DJ. Her last cd "Berlinette" was deadly as well.

Frank Black- "Honeycomb" CD (Backporchrecords)
This just came out last week and this is a reminder that I still have stock on this little beauty. Frank recorded this in Nashville with some talented local boys (Buddy Miller for one) and the results are nothing less than fine.

Brian Eno- "Another Day On Earth" CD (Opal/Ryko)
An album of new songs & music from groundbreaking artist & producer Brian Eno. This is not one of his ambient recordings, this is a full blown pop (or as pop as Eno gets) release featuring vocals on all tracks.

Joanna Newsom- "The Milk Eyed Mender" CD (Drag City)
Joanna is a classically trained harpist who spins a weird web of Appalachian Folk/Bluegrass and indie rock. This would appeal to fans of Devendra Banhart or Cat Power.


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