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    Tuesday, March 07 2006 @ 11:21 AM CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    This week brings with it some hot new stuff from The Pink Mountaintops & of course the lovely Neko Case whose "Fox Confessor....." cd hit the racks on tuesday . I have a few copies of the new Mogwai in stock with more on the way. The new issue of Exclaim!!! just arrived today as well.

    Neko Case- "Fox Confessor Brings The Flood" CD (Mint) Out Now!
    Neko Case's fourth studio album, Fox Confessor Brings the Flood, is simply one of the most anticipated releases of 2006. With media commitments already from David Letterman to Vanity Fair, Neko stands poised to break into the company of mavericks like Wilco, Beck, and Elliott Smith; like them she transcends genres and demographics, older fans swooning to her roots-infused vocal stylings as alternative kids dig her New Pornographers pop moves and David Lynch inspired, cinematic lyrics. Collaborating with the likes of The Band's Garth Hudson, Calexico's Joey Burns and John Covertino, and Giant Sand's Howe Gelb, Neko displays a newfound love of studio artistry on songs like "Dirty Knife," with its dark orchestral sweep, and the Ennio Morricone meets Brenda Lee classicism of "Star Witness." Most notably, Neko has for the first time recorded songs like "Hold On Hold On" that harken back to the classic three-minute pop of The Mamas and the Papas and The Byrds, offering an entry point for a whole new audience into the lush, arcane universe of Neko Case. An animated video for Maybe Sparrow (by Canadians Paul & Julie Morstad) is due to be serviced concurrent with this release.

    Pink Mountaintops- "Axis of Evol" CD+LP (Jagjaguwar)
    Pink Mountaintops is Stephen McBean (and also many of his friends when the full band is assembled to play live). McBean has been in numerous groups over the last two decades. As a thirteen-year old, he played in a band called Jerk Ward, playing hardcore influenced by the Neos, Discharge, Crucifix and whoever else was fast or the fastest. His other bands to date have been a straight out punk outfit, a crusty punk/metal band, and, most recently, a psych-tinged maximal rock group whose self-titled debut record, Black Mountain, captured a great amount of critical acclaim (and meteorically became Scratch's best-selling title.) With Axis of Evol, Pink Mountaintops' second full-length record, Mcbean has once again created something much greater than the sum of his influences. Axis of Evol begins with a forboding spiritual called "Comas", the kind that Mcbean and only a very few other songwriters of this generation could pull off. It includes the tone-setting lyrical phrase 'I have been wrestling a dead angry deer, and she is still with me after all of these years'. The record then almost immediately ramps up into a thumping, buzzing, blissful haze, at various parts sounding like the Velvet Underground or Spacemen 3 or the Jesus and Mary Chain circa Psycho Candy. And at the end, the album then segues into a hypnotic, Smog-like meditation called "How We Can Get Free". Throughout the record, Mcbean sings about love and war, the love of war, and the war of love-on the body, on the mind and on the soul. Home-recorded and largely self-produced, Axis of Evol is a further testament to the vital prolificacy of Stephen Mcbean. His mind, body and soul have once again created something that can't be simply measured, coded or decoded. Experience it, then think about it in more than one way. Pink Mountaintops will do a North American tour as a full band in North America and in Europe throughout the first half of 2006. "If Black Mountain was the party and the first Pink Mountaintops album was the sex, Axis of Evol is the comedown: disturbing, sticky, painful, but absolutely vital. 4 STARS"-Uncut "Pink Mountaintops is what the grouchy main dude from Black Mountain, Steve McBean, does when he needs to biff-bang a few demons and put his mind to rest. BEST ALBUM OF THE MONTH. 10 out of 10"-Vice magazine

    Arizona Amp & Alternator- "S/T" CD (Thrill Jockey)
    "If something ain't broke around here/ You don't fix it," sings Howe Gelb on Arizona Amp and Alternator's title track. He's got a point: For more than twenty years, Gelb has been making lo-fi Americana to great acclaim, most often as the critically acclaimed Giant Sand. Here, on the self-titled debut under pseudonym Arizona Amp and Alternator, Gelb channels his inner country for eighteen tracks of sparse, bluesy country rock. To great effect, the record can be simple and quiet, such as standouts "Where the Wind Turns the Skin to Leather" and "Velvet and Pearl." Gelb's instrumental twists - such as the distortion-drenched quasi-metal mini-solo in "The Leaving You" or the tremolo synthesizer on his cover of Traffic's "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys - are subtle yet quirky enough to set him apart from a thousand other singer/songwriters.

    Devin Townsend- "Synchestra" CD+DVD (Hevy Devy)
    The new solo release from Strapping Young Lad's Devin Townsend, includes 50 minute live in studio jam session on DVD.

    Mogwai- "Mr. Beast" CD+DVD+LP (Matador)
    Ltd. quantities (for this week anyway) of the brand new Mogwai. Their 1st release since 2003's "Happy Songs...." which apparently see's them rockin' out pretty hard.

    The Business- "Best Of The Business" CD (Snapper)
    Classic Oi punk. It's been ages since I've had any Business cd's & now it's a bumper crop.

    Holly Golightly- "Laugh It Up" CD (Damaged Goods)
    Re-issue of Hollys second album featuring 14 top notch cover versions of her favourite songs. Originally released in 1996 on Vinyl Japan.

    Darkthrone- "Panzerfaust" CD (Peaceville)
    Restock of this raging Black Metal cd.

    Meat Puppets- "Up On The Sun" CD (Ryko)
    Restock of the Meat Puppets 3rd album. Sun baked, peyote fueled country/psyche rock. Excellent!

    X- "Los Angeles" CD (Slash)
    A remastered, expanded version of the 1st album from one of the coolest bands to emerge from LA in the early 80's. Vocalist Exene Cervenka will have a new solo cd out any day as well & believe you me it kicks.

    The Sword- "Age Of Winters" CD (Kemado)
    From Austin, Texas comes a band channeling the early days of Black Sabbath and adding their own mixture of doom and stoner metal. Their lyrics are more toward the power metal fantasy genre, but their music is mid-tempo and sludgey.

    Kris Kristofferson- "This Old Road" CD (New West)
    Kris is back after a lengthy absence from the recording studio. This is his first album of new material since "Moment Of Forever" came out 11 years ago. He's still sounding great at 69 and friends like Don Was, Jim Keltner & Stephen Bruton drop by to lend a hand (and not just gettin' up the stairs).

    All Tomorrow's Party- "Yoo Doo Right, Yoo Doo Slide" CD (Alive)
    Japanese power trio that harness the fire of early Blue Cheer and than strain it through a double layer of J&M Chain and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Highly Recommended.

    Belle And Sebastian- "The Life Pursuit" CD+DVD (Matador)
    Still some copies of the ltd. edition version.

    Black Flag- "Bars and Logo" T Shirt -White -Medium (SST)

    Black Flag- "Wasted Again" CD (SST)
    Restock of this "best of" collection.

    Blitz- "Hits" CD (SOS)
    "This CD is a compilation of all the best Blitz songs, thus the name Hits. Fans of the Business, and British Oi! bands will love this CD! Blitz is the legendary old school Oi! band from the UK. Blitz began as real punk and Oi! gathered strength, so did a new crop of bands start to appear. The CD includes their second single "Never Surrender" which definitely caught the spirit of Oi! It was what most bootboys up and down the country were thinking and shot into the indie charts peaking at number two. Somehow the band had become the voice of a generation.A backs-against-the-wall attitude was festering in most working class youths. No one really cared, unemployment was high, and they were just dead end jobs, or that's how the system tried to portray them. It was the Oi! movement and new punk that captured this feeling and unified kids up and down the country and Blitz were fast becoming a figurehead for the new movement. Their image of punks and skins played a significant part in this, appealing to the two factions that had developed within the scene. The band's third single, "Warriors", and the b-side "Youth", had more of a singalong chorus and wasn't dissimilar to releases by The Business, The 4-Skins, or to the other Oi! bands that were enjoying success at the same time as Blitz." 23 tracks.

    Brujeria- "Brujerizmo" LP (Beat Generation)
    Five years after their last full-lengther that elusive band known as Brujeria is back with album number 3. Rumored to include members of Fear Factory, Napalm Death, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and the defunct Faith No More, Brujerizmo contains 13 more cuts of raw brutality delving into everything from death and grindcore to the more technical, industrial-edged metal of the aforementioned Fear Factory, once again performed completely in Spanish.

    The Business- "Saturday's Heroes" CD (Captain Oi)
    Restock of this popular punk band.

    The Business- "Singalongabusiness" CD (Captain Oi)
    Restock of this popular punk band.

    The Business- "Suburban Rebels" CD (Captain Oi)
    Restock of this popular punk band.

    Celibate Rifles- "Beyond Respect" CD+LP (Bang! Records)
    It's been nearly four years since The Celibate Rifles' last full-length studio offering but they've re-emerged with their fifteenth album and newfound vigour. 'Beyond Respect' opens beautifully with the rocking You Won't Love Me, guitarists Steedman and Morris can still comfortably oscillating between creating melodic and percussive sounds with their stringed instruments. Vocalist Damien Lovelock can still work it: sometimes intense, sometimes casual, but always 100% Lovelock and that's more than enough. At the album's mid-point listeners are greeted by Salute and as with The Rifles second album, the poetry of Lawrence Ferlinghetti is employed. Although enjoyable, the fact this was done before makes it seem a little old. However, I do applaud the sentiment of this and other political commentary on the album. And for fans who listen all the way to the end and then some, there is a great hidden track - a cover of The Who's My Generation. According to Lovelock this was initially recorded only as a throw-away jam to mark the passing of John Entwistle but turned out too good to ditch. It might seem like a cliche but The Celibate Rifles pull it off with class - it suits them so well.

    Descendents- "Milo Goes To College" T Shirt -Grey -Med (SST)

    Diskaholics Anonymous Trio- "Weapons of Ass Destruction" CD (Smalltown Superjazz)
    Hola Macaroni. What a drool for ears looking for bold and challenging music - Diskaholics Anonymous Trio consists of the not so anonymous Thurston Moore and Jim O'Rourke from SONIC YOUTH and the Swedish free jazz titan Mats Gustafsson. The trio released their first album in 2001 on Crazy Wisdom/Universal, but their new album, titled "Weapons of Ass Destruction", is released worldwide on tasty old Smalltown Supersound and it's new sibling label Smalltown Superjazzz (yes, it's 3xj). The album was recorded live by Ola Glans and Erik Ljungberg at Ystads Teater, Sweden, October 6. 2002. The CD comes with beautiful artwork courtesy Kim Hiorthøy, and a 8 page booklet of art also created by Kim.
    Diskaholics Anonymous' music is avant/punk/noise/free jazz. Thurston Moore's guitar will make you think of New York in the eighties and Sonic Youth around the time of Confusion is Sex/Bad Moon Rising. Jim O'Rourke's laptop was last heard on Wilco's monumental "Less Than You Think" on A Ghost Is Born. Mats Gustafsson sounds like Albert Ayler playing punk rock. The result of these three titans clashing together is an intense blow-out. Raw, grandiose and brutally beautiful.

    Electric Frankenstein- "Burn Bright, Burn Fast" CD (TKO)

    Thea Gilmore- "Burning Dorothy" CD (Fire)
    A hard to find copy of Thea's first album. English roots/folk for fans of Dylan, Sandy Denny, Richard Thompson etc.

    U.S. BOMBS- "We Are The Problem/Heartbreak Hotel" 7" (Disaster)
    "Brand new 7" by the legendary OC band!!! With a renewed sense of chemistry amongst each other after years of inner-conflict, the band, lead by skate punk legend Duane Peters and guitarist Kerry Martinez, is stronger than ever. This is a fresh new batch of hard-working, blue-collar punk, and a teaser for their upcoming album on Thorp Records."

    The Levon Helm Band- "The Midnight Ramble Music Sessions Volume 2" CDx2 (Levon Helm Studios)
    "The Levon Helm Band is making more than music in Woodstock, NY nestled in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, they are orchestrating a musical carnival known as The Midnight Ramble. The idea is to recreate, inside Levon Helm Studios, the traveling shows (like F.S. Walcott's Rabbit Foot Minstrel show) that played in the South where Levon grew up as a boy, embracing the merging musical traditions of the time; blues, gospel, country, rock and roll, bluegrass, rockabilly, soul and jazz. Levon Helm (The Band, R.C.O All-Stars) made a career on stage and screen as a singer, drummer, band leader, writer and actor. He has assembled some of the premiere musicians on the East Coast to take part in the carnival. The room is a unique studio, all wooden (no nails only wooden pegs holding the barn's towering hemlock beams together) with locally quarried bluestone and the ambiance of a church hall. Guests include: Jonnie Johnson (Chuck Berry), Dr. John, Little Sammy Davis (Earl Hooker, Ike Turner), Jon Smith (The White Trash Horn Section, Edgar and Jonnie Winters), Jimmy Vivino (Max Weinberg Seven, Al Kooper), Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan), Mike Merritt (Max Weinberg Seven), Eric Lawrence, Steven Bernstein, Amy Helm, Glen Patscha, Fiona McBain, Byron Isaacs, Tony Leone, Sean Costello, Andrew Shober, Fred Scribner. The music is soulful and bluesy, layered with rich vocal accompaniment and slick musical arrangements, and grounded by the roots this music grew from. Volume one features the harmonica legend and blues singer Little Sammy Davis at the top of his game. Levon makes his first vocal debut in over ten years on Volume Two after successfully overcoming throat cancer, so it is a real treat for all of the fans who have missed that sweet southern voice."

    Mastodon- "Call of the Mastodon" CDx2 (Relapse)

    Mastodon- "The Workhorse Chronicles - The Early Years: 2000-2005" DVD (Relapse)
    "Mastodon's The Workhorse Chronicles, the band's first official DVD release, is a first-hand account of the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into making this mammoth band you know today. Go behind the scenes in over three hours of hand-selected footage from the band's personal video archives. The Workhorse Chronicles contains in-depth interviews with each band member and a career spanning range of live performances - including rare footage of the band in their initial form as a five piece through to sold-out clubs worldwide. The Workhorse Chronicles delves deep into the core of Mastodon, exposing all that is loved and respected about this band."

    Misfits- "Walk Among Us" CD (Rhino)
    Reissue & restock.

    The New Pornographers- "Electric Version" CD (Mint)

    The New Pornographers- "Mass Romantic" CD (Mint)

    Pink Mountaintops- "The Pink Mountaintops" LP (Scratch)
    Restock of the 1st release on vinyl.

    Teenage Fanclub- "Deep Fried Fanclub" CD (Fire)
    Teenage Fanclub's Deep Fried Fanclub is a 1995 collection of songs recorded during the band's short stay at Paperhouse records in 1990. It also picks up their 1992 release on K. 1990 was an incredible year for the Fannies. They released two amazing singles, the guitar-hero glory of "Everything Flows" and the melodic juggernaut "God Knows .

    Television Personalities- "Closer To God" CD (Fire)
    The TVPs' most musically accessible album to date, Closer to God is also their most gloomy (although it's a ray of sunshine when compared to its follow-up, I Was a Mod Before You Was a Mod). Embellished by bright arrangements, strings and horns, tracks like "This Heart's Not Made of Stone" and "Coming Home Soon" are white lies, upbeat productions masking downbeat songs; more honest are "My First Nervous Breakdown" and "Very Dark Today," which make no bones about the depths of Dan Treacy's despair.

    V/A- "Under The Gun: Ferret Music Video Compilation" DVD (Ferret)
    2006 marks a milestone for Ferret Music as they eneter into their 10th year. The label that was started by owner Carl Severson putting out 7"'s from his bedroom has now grown into a major force in underground music. In the past year alone, ferret has made their mark on the industry by not only putting out big records from Every Time I Die, Boys Night Out and Madball, but also forming the Sounds of the Underground Tour, as well as expanding publishing and management arms of the company. Under the Gun celebrates all that Ferret have achieved in setting a bench mark for the development of underground music. This low priced DVD collection takes almost all of the videos Ferret have produced packaged in an impressive digi amaray. This is a veritable banquet of artists that are shaping and changing the soundscape of alternative music featuring clips from, Every Time I Die, Boys Night Out, Madball, Zao, The Bronx and many, many more

    Wolf Parade- "Apologies To The Queen Mary" LP (Sub Pop)
    Restock of this popular Montreal band's 1st full length on LP.

    Blue Mitchell- "Graffiti Blues" LP (Mainstream 400)
    Blue Mitchell on this Album shows you why he is one of the best Blues Trumpet players anywhere.

    Isaac Hayes- "Truck Turner" LP (Enterprise)
    Soundtrack to a 70's Blaxploitation movie.

    The Meters- "Fire On The Bayou" LP -180gram (Reprise)
    Restock on LP.

    T-Rex- "Electric Warrior" LP -180gram (Reprise)
    1st time on LP in quite some time.

    Roedelius- "Aquarello" CD (All Saints)
    A 14 track cd from 1998.

    Harold Budd- "Music For 3 Pianos" CD (New Albion)
    A recording from 1992 from this beautiful avante pianist.

    Harold Budd- "By The Dawn's Early Light" CD (Opal)
    A cd from 1991 featuring guests Bill Nelson & B.J. Cole (pedal steel guitar).

    Boyracer- "A Punch Up The Bracket" CD (555)
    2006 sees a brand new full length, (their 8th in 16 years), from transatlantic transplanted indie punkers Boyracer. With a new breadth of instrumentation to hand, core members Stewart Anderson and Jen Turrell have assembled their most accessible, cohesive and inventive full length to date:- And by doing so building upon their historic fuzzed up 90s lo-fi roots. Often misunderstood and criticized for their pop-brevity, this time around Boyracer deliver their longest full length to date, with 21 songs clocking in at a staggering 45 minutes!

    New Radiant Storm King- "The Steady Hand" CD (Darla)
    On their newest offering New Radiant Storm King's songwriting and musicianship remain true to form yet polished and stronger than ever. Like other great alt-guitar pioneers, NRSK lay virgin gravel road; sometimes hard and angular, sometimes uniquely smooth and pastoral. Peyton and Matt's trademark vocal styles and guitar interplay are now refined to surprising precision and yet maintain the playful exuberance that people have come to expect from them over their sixteen year career. The Steady Hand is a testament to NRSK's ability to constantly push the envelope while maintaining a sound that defies any direct comparison. While their music still retains hints of their undeniable influences (Wire, Mission of Burma, My Bloody Valentine and Swervedriver to only name a few) the NRSK soul is as unique as ever.

    Public Enemy- "Rebirth Of A Nation" CD (Guerilla Funk Recordings)
    Studio album number 11 is a throwback. Intended as a special project, "Rebirth Of A Nation" is a full-fledged collaboration between Paris and Public Enemy, with Paris taking on all production duties to deliver one of PE's most focused projects to date.

    Pernice Brothers- "Discover A Lovelier You" CD (Ashmont)
    The Most recent cd of lush melodic indie pop rock from Joe Pernice & his band.

    Lucero- "S/T" CD (Madjack)
    Memphis alt/country band who also smack soundly of the Replacements. This is their debut recording from 2001.

    Lucero- "Tennessee" CD (Madjack)
    Their 2nd cd from 2002, another batch of leather tough Americana for fans of early Wilco, Jayhawks, etc.

    Lucero- "Nobody's Darlings" CD (East West)
    Lucero's Nobody's Darlings is the sound of the Replacements, 20 years later, a little more sober, and from Memphis instead of Minneapolis. In other words, the band's occasional feints toward country music and electric blues come off with a lot more credibility and just as much enthusiasm.

    Jeff Dahl- "Cursed, Poisoned, Condemned" CD (Steel Cage)
    Jeff is back with another record of old school punk (Stiv Bators, Johnny Thunders) that will flatten your weak ass. He's now found a good home with Steel Cage Records, so that should keep him out of the gutter for a month or so. Best white boy 'fro since Handsome Dick. Recommended.

    Dagoba- "What Hell Is About" CD (Season of Mist)
    Heavy as hell industrial metal from France. Their newest cd.

    Bad Religion- "Live At The Palladium" DVD (Epitaph)
    This DVD features explosive live footage shot over two nights at the famous Hollywood Palladium that has been condensed down to one spitfire performance! This DVD also contains extremely rare content such as an acoustic piano version of "Cease," in-depth interviews with all current band members discussing the band¹s formation, evolution and career. You'll also get never-before-seen live footage from the New Wave Theatre circa 1981-1983, a band photo gallery featuring new and vintage images of the bands, as well as a slew of music videos from the band!

    Resistoleros- "Rock 'N' Roll Napalm" CD (Steel Cage Records)
    Led by former Fang frontman Sammytown, these guys explode out of the gate with 13 smokers from their debut cd of Deadboys/Stooges style Rawk!

    Public Image ltd.- "S/T" CD (WEA)
    The 1st release from Johnny Rotten & crew. 1978.

    Phantom Rockers- "On The Loose" CD (Wrecking Pit)
    The Phantom Rockers were formed in 1988 in the U.K. after singer Mark Burke left The Krewmen. Their second album “Kissed by a Werewolf” became the best selling Psychobilly record in Europe in 1989 and it established the Phantom Rockers in the U.K.
    They’ve been credited, along with the Meteors, to bringing Psychobilly to the U.S. with their 1993 American Tour. After 17 years, the Phantom Rockers have released 10 albums and have shared the stage with many influential bands such as The Guana Batz, Meteors, Anti-Nowhere League, and Rev. Horton Heat.
    The Phantom Rockers now reside in Texas and are contributing to the growing psycho scene. The new line-up includes Scotty Tecce on drums (Kim Lenz, The Fabulous Harmonaires), Nick Warneke on lead guitar (The Atomic Fiends), and Jake Galindo on rhythm guitar (Sick City Daggers). When asked what makes them different from other psychobilly bands their response was “Bigger Dicks, More Shaggin.”

    Bloc Party- "Helicopter" 12" remixes (Dim Mak)
    No info on this as of yet.

    Van Morrison- "Pay The Devil" CD (Lost Highway)
    With stunning album-length explorations of jazz and 1950s acoustic skiffle and a country-rockabilly collaboration with Linda Gail Lewis behind him, Van Morrison continues exploring classic country with compelling reinterpretations of standards from the 1950s to the 1970s. He reaches back over half a century for Hank Williams Sr.'s "Half As Much," "Your Cheatin' Heart," and "My Bucket's Got a Hole in It" and Webb Pierce's landmark honky-tonk hits "Back Street Affair," "There Stands the Glass," and "More and More." Moving to the mid-'60s, he capably explores George Jones's "Things Have Gone to Pieces" and Connie Smith's "Once a Day." The 1970s are his limit, however, as he probes Rodney Crowell's "'Til I Gain Control Again." Three Morrison originals blend nicely into this mix, as do two non-country favorites: Chuck Willis's "What Am I Living For" and a gleeful spin on Blue Lu Barker's 1938 jazzy, single-entendre favorite "Don't You Make Me High." Recorded in Ireland with uncluttered hard-country backing, Pay the Devil reiterates Morrison's own musical diversity and flair for making any song his own.

    Beck- "Guerolito" CD UK version (Import)
    Info is sketchy on this right now, but I know it has a number of remixes not on the domestic version.

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