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Monday, November 03 2008 @ 10:54 am CST

Contributed by: Dave

All titles now in stock.

Sublime- "S/T" LPx2 (Back On Black)
Double LP reissue on 180 gram vinyl.

AC/DC- "Black Ice" LPx2 (Warner)
The first batch was gone almost immediately. More in stock now.

Department Of Eagles- "At Ear Park" CD (4AD)
Department of Eagles features Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear and his friend Fred Nicolaus, plus additional help from two other members of Grizzly Bear, Chris Taylor and Chris Bear. Daniel and Fred met in 2000 at NYU when forced to be roommates, and began making music together to pass the time during an uneventful spring semester. They collected samples and turned them into songs using computers and a microphone borrowed from their neighbor Chris Taylor (who, years later would become Daniel’s Grizzly Bear bandmate and DoE’s producer/engineer). The material they wrote during this time became their 2003 debut The Cold Nose, which brought them a small but enthusiastic audience and critical praise. In 2004 Daniel joined Grizzly Bear, playing guitar, singing, and writing a good portion of their sophomore album, Yellow House not to mention extensive touring. Fred descended deeper into the square existence, holding down a number of jobs and opening a savings account. Throughout all of this, the two continued writing together whenever possible, resulting in a new batch of songs that comprise In Ear Park, an album that took roughly four years to complete. About how songs made it to this record, as opposed to a Grizzly Bear one, Daniel says "In Ear Park has been in the making in one form or another for several years now, on and off tour and after work. A lot of these songs felt way too personal to bring to Grizzly Bear-- there's a lot of childhood nostalgia and an emphasis on more concise songwriting. Fred and I had license to try some things that I could never get away with otherwise, but we still went for the lushness and and attention to sonic detail that Chris and I always want out of a recording. I'm excited. " In Ear Park was recorded in Brooklyn, NY by Chris Taylor and feature features eleven tracks.

Shearwater- "Rook" LP 180 gram (Matador)
Originally conceived as a one-off collaboration between Okkervil River's Will Sheff and Kingfisher's Jonathan Meiburg, Shearwater continues the tradition of detailed, reflective songwriting set by classic artists like Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen and contemporary indie rock songwriters such as Bill Callahan and Will Oldham. At just over 36 minutes, Rook is tailor-made for the dwindling attention span of the information age, but if ever the dated phrase "all killer, no filler" were to apply, it would be here.

Elliott Smith- "Either/Or" LP (KRS)
Popular album back in stock.

Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards- "Viking" CD+LP (Hellcat)

Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards- "S/T" CD+LP (Hellcat)

Dr. Dre- "2001" LPx2 (Aftermath)
Back in stock. The follow up album to The Chronic.

Damian Jurado- "Caught In The Trees" CD (Secretly Canadian)
Restock of his latest album. Nice Neil Young inspired indie folk rock.

Lucinda Williams- "Little Honey" CD+LPx2 (New West)
In stock for the first time on CD. Double LP back in stock as well.

Santogold- "S/T" LPx2 (Downtown)
As a solo project comprised of a revolving door of members, the heart and face of Santogold is vivacious frontwoman Santi White. Paired with John Hill, her former counterpart from ska-punk band Stiffed, the two use their common backgrounds as production-savvy musicians to make bombastic, bass-oriented songs that fuse punk, reggae, grime, and indie rock with electro. Tribal island rhythms merge with flavorful digital chirps and blips, culminating in an original sound that is comparable to M.I.A. but draws from too many other influences to be considered just another M.I.A. knockoff. Contains free MP3 download.

Section 25- "From The Hip" CD (LTM)
Manchester band from the 80's that originally recorded these albums on the Factory label. Definitely recommended for fans of Joy Division & New Order.

Section 25- "The Key Of Dreams" CD (LTM)
Manchester band from the 80's that originally recorded these albums on the Factory label. Definitely recommended for fans of Joy Division & New Order.

Section 25- "Always Now" CD (LTM)
Manchester band from the 80's that originally recorded these albums on the Factory label. Definitely recommended for fans of Joy Division & New Order.

Jennifer Warnes- "Famous Blue Raincoat: The Songs Of Leonard Cohen" LPx3 Box Set (Cisco)
Limited to 6000 copies world wide. Reissue of the critically acclaimed 1987 record of Leonard Cohen songs that includes Stevie Ray Vaughan on First We Take Manhattan, a duet with Leonard on Joan Of Arc, plus other Cohen classics. The 45 rpm set will feature three LPs of quiet virgin vinyl, a 24-page 12-inch square booklet with complete lyrics, five bonus tracks (four from the Shout! Factory CD plus a Cisco exclusive analog demo recording of A Singer Must Die with one missing verse added and a breathtakingly upfront vocal by Jennifer) production notes and exclusive photographs, all packed in a beautiful box for an excellent presentation.

Stevie Ray Vaughan- "Texas Flood" LPx2 (Pure Pleasure)
Deluxe audiophile release on double 180 gram LP's.

John Lee Hooker- "It Serve You Right To Suffer" LP 180 gram (Speakers Corner)
One of the great blues albums ever. Recorded in 1965. Remastered audiophile pressing.

Son House- "Father Of The Delta Blues" LPx2 (Pure Pleasure)
Deluxe audiophile release on double 180 gram LP's.

Nat King Cole- "After Midnight" LPx2 (Pure Pleasure)
Deluxe audiophile release on double 180 gram LP's.

Leadbelly- "Huddie Ledbetter's Best" LP 180 gram (Pure Pleasure)
Deluxe audiophile release. Remastered on high quality vinyl.

Bob Marley- "Burnin'" LP 180 gram (Back On Black)
Reissued in gatefold sleeve, just like the original.

Joni Mitchell- "The Hissing Of Summer Lawns" LP 180 gram (Speakers Corner)
Deluxe audiophile release. Remastered on high quality vinyl in it's original gatefold sleeve.

Hayes Carll- "Trouble In Mind" CD (New West)
This is a strong if characteristic collection of rugged country folk-rock sung with Hayes Carll's Texas drawl, that seems to be somewhat exaggerated so that we know he's from the land of Townes Van Zandt , Steve Earle and Guy Clark some obvious influences that snake through these 14 tracks. Tyr- "Ragnarok" CD (Napalm)
Progressive folk/Viking metal band Týr formed in 1998 in Denmark around the talents of Heri Joensen , Kári Streymoy , and Gunnar H. Thomsen . Thisalbum is from 2006.

Jimi Hendrix- "Axis: Bold As Love" LPx2 (MCA)
Available again on double LP.

Jimi Hendrix- "Are You Experienced?" LPx2 (MCA)
Available again on double LP.

Calexico- "Feast Of Wire" LPx2 (Quarter Stick)
Back in stock.

Damien Jurado- "Caught In The Trees" CD+LP (Secretly Canadian)
Urban folk singer/songwriter Damien Jurado quietly built up one of the strongest catalogs on the indie scene, earning high critical praise yet somehow never quite getting his proper due. Nick Drake had a definite impact on much of his work, but Jurado modeled his career on more idiosyncratic, unpredictable figures like Neil Young , Bob Dylan , Lou Reed , or Randy Newman songwriters who followed their own muse wherever it took them, whether fans and critics agreed or not. This is his latest release.

Downchild Blues Band- "Bootleg" CD (UNI)
The very 1st album from this old timey Toronto blues band. Easily contains some of their best work.

Cocteau Twins- "Heaven Or Las Vegas" CD (Capitol)
Deciding to scale back the overly pretty sound on "Blue Bell Knoll" while experimenting with more accessibility -- -- the Twins ended up creating their best album since "Treasure". From the start, "Heaven..." is simply fantastic: on "Cherry-Coloured Funk," Guthrie's inimitable guitar work chimes leading a low-key but forceful rhythm, while Raymonde 's grand bass work fleshes it out. Fraser simply captivates; her vocals are the clearest, most direct they've ever been, purring with energy and life. Many songs have longer openings and closings; rather than crashing fully into a song and then quickly ending, instead the trio carefully builds up and eases back. These songs are still quite focused, though, almost sounding like they were recorded live instead of being assembled in the studio. Due credit has to be given to the Cocteau's drum programming; years of working with the machines translated into the detailed work here, right down to the fills.

Cocteau Twins- "Blue Belle Knoll" CD (4AD)
Restock. From 1988.

Cocteau Twins- "Garlands" CD (4AD)
Their debut album from 1982. Probably their darkest sound.

The Asteroid No. 4- "These Flowers of Ours" CD (Committee To Keep Music Evil)
Their brand new release. For fans of Black Angels, Warlocks, My Bloody Valentine etc.

The Bellrays- "Hard Sweet and Sticky" CD (Anodyne)
“After a short time in North Hollywood's Regime studio with Mohler and the other half of the Heroes & Villains production team, Dan Burns, the band knew that the process was going to be a fun one that yielded results unlike any they'd achieved before. "Everyone would like to think that they're ready for change, and most bands have to be kind of malleable because you have to live out of a suitcase most of your life" Kekaula explains of the process. That spirit of malleability allowed Hard Sweet & Sticky to evolve into its final form: an album that captures and exemplifies the band's notorious strength, fire, licks and chops, while somehow transcending all of that and veering into territory explored by The Who (on "The Same Way"), AC/DC ("Comin' Down") and even Tusk-era Fleetwood Mac ("One Big Party"). Kekaula's soaring, booming voice growls over tough guitar lines one minute, then purrs a softer tome the next. Whether it's Gladys Knight-meets-Stooges or something more delicate and sultry, as in the smooth laments of "Wedding Bells", The BellRays are experts at mining elements of music from around the world and from every style to achieve their signature sound. You can't wait to see and hear Hard, Sweet & Sticky live, and you're in luck: the band will be touring relentlessly in support of the album throughout 2008.”

Black Lips- "We Did Not Know The Forest Spirit Made The Flowers Grow" LP (Bomp)
“The Black Lips' second serving, and it really rocks! The album is packed with great songs, great noise and great fun. Don't miss this garage masterpiece by Georgia's favorite depraved sons! The Black Lips are one coagulated, drunken orgy of electric squawking and irresponsible, violent, existential jokes. They have tapped into that elusive vein in rock and roll that so many others can't seem to find: totally depraved mayhem which many forget rock and roll is supposed to be about. Rock and roll is fuck you and that glowering rocket ship ball of energy that is youth.” Colored vinyl.

Black Mountain- "Black Mountain" CD (Scratch)

Black Mountain- "In the Future" CD (Scratch)

Bomb The Bass/Lali Puna- "Clearcut" 12" (Morr)
Tim Simenon (Bomb The Bass) joined forces with the marvelous chanteuse Valerie Trebeljahr and Markus Acher of Lali Puna-fame who once again provides some incredible vocals and additional recordings on this track. Mere uptempo hip hop inspired beats, a bouncy bassline and a deep, dubby vibe topped with the wonderful warmth of Valerie Trebeljahrs voice make clearcut a blistering masterpiece. And while it is an honour for most of us who danced as teenagers to tracks like “Beat Dis”, Morr music friends Arovane, Christian Kleine, Herrmann & Kleine and Copenhagen’s finest, Opiate, couldn't wait to get their fingers on the track to deliver four additional mixes. Four delicate remixes between sparse distorted breaks, shining melodies and hip hop influenced elektronika.

Neko Case- "The Tigers Have Spoken" LP (Lance Rock)
Neko's live album newly minted on vinyl.

Chrome- "Chrome Box (Deluxe Edition)" CDx3 (Cleopatra)
“The most comprehensive Chrome collection ever gets a special limited edition reissue in a stunning black box! Contains 3 discs covering four full albums from the band’s most critically lauded period from 1978-1982 as well as several non-album and rare tracks! One of the original forefathers in the industrial boom of the 1980s, Chrome's amalgam of distorted guitars and vocals, samples from TV, and a raw punk aesthetic (inspired by the Stooges) became much more popular in the early '90s than it ever was while the band was around in the '70s and '80s. Although active for only six years, Chrome left behind a huge discography, including nine full LPs (several of which were released posthumously) and numerous EPs and singles. Tracklist: DISC 1 - 1. Chromosome Damage 2. The Monitors 3. Pygmies In Zee Park 4. Slip It To The Android 5. Pharaoh Chromium 6. Magnetic Dwarf Reptile 7. TV As Eyes 8. Zombie Warfare 9. March Of The Chrome Police (A Cold Clawey Bombin) 10. You've Been Duplicated 11. Mondo Anthem 12. Half Machine Lip Moves 13. Abstract Nympho 14. Turned Around 15. Zero Time 16. Creature Eternal 17. Anti-Fade 18. I Left My Heart In San Francisco 19. Meet You In The Subway 20. Excerpt From Read Only Memory 21. Informations DISC 2 - 1. New Age 2. Eyes On Mars 3. Jonestown 4. Animal 5. Static Gravity 6. Eyes In The Center 7. Electric Chair 8. Isolation 9. In A Dream 10. Danger Zone 11. The Need 12. Perfumed Metal 13. Insect Human 14. Brain Scan 15. Instrumental (Non-LP Track) 16. Out Of Reach 17. Blood On The Moon 18. Innervacume 19. Planet Strike DISC 3 - 1. The Manifestation (Of The Idea) 2. Firebomb 3. Shadows Of A Thousand Years 4. Future Ghosts 5. Armageddon 6. Heartbeat 7. Off The Line 8. 3rd From The Sun 9. Anorexic Sacrifice 10. Beacons To The Eye 11. Open Up (Locust Door) 12. Gehenna To Canaan 13. Wings Born In The Night 14. Tribes (Ultra) 15. Gehenna Lion”

Dead Meadow- "Old Growth" CD (Matador)
“We’ve longed for the days when LA -via DC transplants Dead Meadow would drop a studio album that matched the power of one of the best shows on the planet. With ‘Old Growth’ the firm of Somin, Kille, & McCarty have delivered a powerful and confident recording that should elevate the trio into the pantheon of the great guitar bands of our time. The album was recorded at Sunset Sound (in the very studio where many of the tracks for Led Zeppelin IV were laid down). Jason Simon is revealed as a kind of modern Jimi on the axe, while the crack emsemble behind him provides a punishing groove and backbeat. Darlings of both the stoner rock and the modern psychedlia worlds (and featured in a new movie named after one of their songs), Dead Meadow transcend both and have created a sound and audience uniquely their own.”

Dead Meadow- "Shivering King And Others" CD+LPx2 (Matador)
Third studio album, after a couple on Tolotta and a live album on the Committee To Keep Music Evil label, and debut on Matador by these DC gents. Getting raves in Vice and elsewhere for their thick rock sound, compared to Split-era Groundhogs and Human Instinct by the label. Sure those names are too hip for most Matador buyers, therefore convincing them to buy but no contemporary rock rates next to Split. To make it easier, how about if Bardo Pond bothered writing songs, skipped the flute and had male vocals.

Don Caballero- "Punkgasm" CD (Relapse)
Finally available on CD, 2xLP in stock too. “Don Caballero twists and turns through fourteen new tracks on its brand new album Punkgasm. Punkgasm explodes with all of the bands legendary trademarks and pushes their sound in a host of surprising new directions! Punkgasm is a celebration of Don Caballero at its finest!”

Firewater- "The Golden Hour" CD (Bloodshot)
“In 2005, Firewater's Tod A embarked on what would become a three year sabbatical through the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia. He had recently split with his wife; George W. Bush had just been re-elected; New York, his home for the last 20 years, had become a cold and foreign place. He wasn't even sure he wanted to make music anymore. "I was extremely depressed. The NYC skyline looked like bad wallpaper to me. It was either kill myself or hit the road," he says. He put everything he owned in storage and left NYC with a few clothes and a laptop. The journey Tod undertook would challenge him creatively in ways he couldn't have imagined in its planning stages. "I traveled overland starting in Delhi, India, across the Thar Desert, then through Rajasthan, onward through the Punjab, and into Pakistan," he recounts. "I had originally planned to continue overland through Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey, ending in Istanbul." But things didn't go exactly as planned. Along the way he was drugged, robbed, detained, and later struck down with severe intestinal problems. Travelers were disappearing along the road to Kabul. As Tod puts it, "I was forced to end my trip at the Khyber Pass on the Afghan border, due to general ill health and the unnerving likelihood of kidnapping." Recording with a single microphone and a laptop in his pack, he captured performances with a vast array of musicians across India and Pakistan--and eventually Turkey and Israel. Bhangra and sufi percussion would form the basis for the songs he wrote along the way--songs about the world he left behind ("This Is My Life", "Electric City"), politics ("Borneo", "Hey Clown"), and dislocation ("6:45", "Feels like the End of the World"). Tod's acerbic wit shines on The Golden Hour, elucidating both the beauty and the absurdity of the world. Firewater drummer Tamir Muskat (now also of Balkan Beat Box) produced, mixed and played on the album, along with a strange cast of characters from 5 different countries. Tod tells the story of the trip in a short video, which includes footage from his travels. He also chronicled his experiences on his travel blog, Postcards from the Other Side of the World. This is an enhanced CD with a short documentary on the making of the CD.”

Forbidden Dimension- "A Cool Sound Outta Hell" LP (Saved by Vinyl)
The Forbidden Dimension began originally as a one-man band in 1988, but over the course of 19 years, Jackson Phibes (Earth name: Tom Bagley) has worked with a host of other local Calgary musician pals. In 2006, FD began recording A Cool Sound Outta Hell, the first full-length project since 1997's Widow's Walk. The album comprises songs worked up secretly during the intervening years along with a clutch of brand new stompers honed in the live setting. It's a surefire combination of catchy garage rock, psychedelic mood modifiers and ornate protometallic ravers. The FD were delighted to find that Calgary's Saved By Vinyl label was expressing interest in doing the full 12-inch vinyl release, a first for the band which has continued priding itself on keeping it fun, loud and creepy-assed. Since starting out in the Calgary-based garage rock band Color Me Psycho in 1985, Phibes has been dishing out macabre-tinged, psychedelic punk rock for over two decades. CMP managed to stay together for 3 years of tyranny and stagnation, releasing a few tapes and one full-length piece of vinyl (the now collector's item Pretend I'm Your Father album). Immediately following the demise of his first ill-fated stab at the smalltime, Phibes set about initiating a headlong dive into the B-movie rock ghettos with the Forbidden Dimension. Three critically well-received, full-length CDs were recorded and released by the now defunct Cargo Records. These, along with a brace of singles on various small labels, found an ardent international cult audience. A fourth CD was released by an Ann Arbor, MI label, Reanimator Records, in 2000. This collection of home-made, one-man band recordings reached #3 on the !Earshot chart that summer. "no one could ever match Phibes's witty graveyard songwriting and funny approach to the macabre." Vue Weekly

Fuck the Facts- "Disgorge Mexico" CD (Relapse)
“Canada’s Fuck the Facts returns with their hyper-charged new full-length ‘Disgorge, Mexico’. More streamlined and direct than its predecessor ‘Stigmata Hi-Five’, ‘Disgorge, Mexico’ is an incendiary, hard-hitting grind affair. Far more than just grind bombast, Fuck the Facts has transformed into one of extreme metal’s best new bands.”

Of Montreal- "Satanic Panic In The Attic" LP+7" (Polyvinyl)
Sixth album and first on Polyvinyl. “The sound of Satanic Panic… is a little bit of a departure from Of Montreal’s previous releases. The influence of 1970’s Afro beat and 80’s new wave can be clearly heard, and the songs are full of downright danceable electro-hooks!”

Of Montreal- "Skeletal Lamping" CD+LPx2 (Polyvinyl)
Their brand new release. More details to follow.

Of Montreal- "The Sunlandic Twins" LPx2 (Polyvinyl)
“Hailing from Athens, Of Montreal have carved their own niche in the indie-pop world, establishing themselves as a uniquely twisted band that thrills fans with compelling live performances, delights critics with their constant innovations and refinements, and continually showcases their musical evolution that culls together influences as varied as Brian Eno, Television, Prince, and The Shins. With The Sunlandic Twins, they have achieved their masterpiece, making it their most cohesive and adventurous record to date. As Of Montreal mastermind Kevin Barnes puts it: The album plays out like an electro pop opera, although no lorgnette is required. [The Sunlandic Twins begins] buoyant and opalescent, traversing a labyrinthine Neptune, and climaxing in a blackout darkness one only discovers in warm solitude. CD includes four-song bonus CDEP. LP includes five-song bonus 12" with David Barnes etching on B-side and gatefold LP jacket.”

The Organ- "Thieves" CDEP (Mint)
“Fans of The Organ, bittersweet melodies and those sad sad songs take note of Thieves, a six song EP that serves as the band's final farewell. After an all-too-brief but wildly successful stint in the spotlight, and to the dismay of legions of fans worldwide, Vancouver's The Organ called it quits in 2006, with Katie, Jenny, Schmoo, Debra and Shelby heading their separate ways. At the time of the breakup, though, the band had been working on several new songs, and some months later the band members began discussing the possibility of bringing these remaining gems to life. In 2007, The Organ briefly regrouped and headed back to the studio to quietly record these songs as the EP Thieves, the six remaining unrecorded Organ songs that were originally meant to be part of a follow-up to their 2004 album, Grab That Gun.

The Sea and Cake- "Car Alarm" CD+LP (Thrill Jockey)
“The exciting sound of a well-oiled band. Car Alarm is The Sea and Cake’s eighth full-length record. It is bracing, like the surge of wasabe on sweet sushi, like the slap of cool water on a diving body, like the head-rush of a rollercoaster just leaving summit. Bracing music is most often encountered in concert. Only the heaviest hitters have translated the live thrill into the recording studio. Think of the great working bands, the Charles Mingus Quintet, the John Coltrane Quartet, the Meters or the Minutemen. For them, there was no gaping chasm between the studio and the road; the studio was just another stop, a gig, a continuous part of the flow of playing and working and creating together. Car Alarm is the sound of a well-oiled band. Heavy hitters. Listen to the intricate intertwining strings of Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt and you’ll hear the frontline of a working unit that has moved seamlessly from the stage to the studio and back.

SNFU- "Better Than A Stick In The Eye" LP (Cargo)
In stock again on LP.

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion- "Ghetto Mom" 7" (In The Red)
Two exclusive tracks from the Plastic Fang sessions. Dr John guests on the flip.

Andre Williams & the New Orleans Hellhounds- "Can You Deal With It?" CD (Bloodshot)
“Traveling from Chicago to New Orleans on the mainline, R&B cult hero Andre "Mr. Rhythm" Williams has teamed with the Crescent City's hedonistic barroom punks The New Orleans Hellhounds. The ‘hounds share several band members with the notorious Morning 40 Federation, a band of alcoholic miscreants whose shows have more in common with demolition derbies than actual concerts. Like the unique city his backing boys call home, 'Dre has been dirty, down, broke and pushed to the edge of oblivion more than once, but both have managed to keep a glint in their eye and a strut in their step. The original Black Godfather wants us all to know on "Can You Deal With it?" that he can still get around and get down with a Hellhound Sound that's as thick as an August night in the bayou. This is some heavy punk-soul, brothers and sisters. Andre's in firm voice, from his sly, come-hither leer on "Hear Ya Dance" to his guttural and guttery yowl on "Never Had A Problem", to the downright TUFF throw down on "If You Leave Me." The Hellhounds, with their fat horns, fuzzed out guitars and crack rhythm section, provide backing with all the subtlety of a bike chain beatdown. Add to the mix the Ninth Ward mad scientist virtuoso oddball genius Quintron on organ and this band lays down a serious base coat of soulful wallop befitting the legacy of Andre. You have been duly warned, oh seekers of the rock, that this record has more grind in it than a 3 am cup of diner coffee. He's here to tell it like it is. With a nod, a wink, a chuckle, and a rousing HELL YEAH! 'Dre and New Orleans. Two fighters. Yes, we can deal with that.”

Cradle Of Filth- "Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder" LPx2 (Roadrunner)
If ever there were a subject for England's Cradle of Filth to tackle, it's the life of notorious French mass murderer (and celebrated war hero companion of Joan of Arc) Gilles de Rais. If you haven't heard of him, don't be surprised. After he was hanged in 1440, his name was stricken from the official records of history by French authorities. His crimes? Too numerous too mention here, but the worst of them involved the murder and rape of hundreds of children. Late in his life, French national library boss, critic, and novelist Georges Bataille wrote a complete book on the trial of this figure. De Rais was Sadeian before the Marquis de Sade ever existed (indeed, he may have been an inspiration for some of the characters in The 120 Days of Sodom). This album is a lengthy examination of the mind and biography of de Rais -- nobleman, aristocrat, devout Christian, war hero, and societal icon by day, by night an insane Satan-worshipping gore hound and purveyor of slaughter and blood sacrifice. (AMG)

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals- "Cardinology" CD (Lost Highway)
Ryan's Brand new album. Vinyl to follow shortly.

Omar Rodriguez Lopez- "Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fungus" CD (Infrasonic)
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fungus is one of four solo albums completed in 2001 by OMAR RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ, upon disbanding AT THE DRIVE IN. Simultaneous to launching the massive undertaking that would become THE MARS VOLTA, Rodriguez Lopez (as well as his usual cast of co-conspirators) spent much of that year in his Long Beach studio, Anikulapo, blowing off the proverbial steam resultant from the previous few years of endless touring. Indicative of Rodriguez Lopez?s habit of constantly shuffling ideas and compositions amongst his various outlets, the record features tracks that were intended for eventual use by THE MARS VOLTA but reassigned, for one reason or another, and prior to the release of this album via Infrasonic Sound, unknown to the public.

Barathrum- "Hail Storm/Eerie" CDx2 (Spinefarm)
Another CD in from this Black Metal combo.

Carcass- "Reek Of Putrefaction" CD+DVD (Earache)
Part of the Earache reissue series with plenty of sick bonus material. CD package is hermetically sealed to avoid ooze & leakage.

The Cure- "4:13 Dream" CD+LPx2 (Geffen)
The brand new album on both formats. Double LP in a single pocket sleeve at a very decent price.

Three Man Army- "S/T" CD (Wounded Bird)
From 1973. UK hard rock trio that went on to become the Baker Gurvitz Army.

The Wipers- "Youth Of America" LP Limited Edition (Jackpot)
A grizzly, furious beast of a 30-minute record, Youth of America saw Greg Sage and his Wipers lengthening some of their material to very unfashionable lengths; many a hardcore punk band of the time could tuck a dozen songs about Reagan and fisticuffs inside the title track alone. Opposed to the compromised Is This Real?, Youth of America was engineered and recorded in-house; Sage's time spent in a professional setup for the debut LP frustrated him, and the fact that he's gained complete control here makes it seem as if a cork has been pulled from a bottle. The shackles are off and the group's own personality hits full bloom. Vocally, Sage sounds like a sleepless outcast loaded on an unhealthy amount of caffeine, fraught with a magnified level of paranoia and angst that needs immediate purging -- often, his life seems to be depending on it. "Youth of America" itself is a nightmare locomotive, a ten-minute chug through a persistent rhythm, screeching/careening/wailing guitars, and jarring psychedelic effects. The remaining five songs, which don't lessen the intensity very much, are solid in their own right and are generally more tuneful than the title track.

Brutal Truth- "For Drug Crazed Grind Freaks Only!" CD (relapse)
For Drug Crazed Grind Freaks Only! is a blistering live set that captures grindcore’s best band at their prime with all levels in the red. Initial pressing includes a free silk-screened Brutal Truth patch.

Death- "Individual Thought Patterns" CD (Century Media)
Re-release in a new digi-pak with remastered sound.

Bloc Party- "Intimacy" CD (Atlantic)
Brand new! LP to follow shortly.

Malcolm Holcombe- "Gamblin' House" CD (Echo Mountain)
Try as you might to use other adjectives, when you write about Malcolm Holcombe and his work, you always come back to rugged and rustic. His visage appears to be carved of granite, and his voice is a sculpture crafted of tree bark and discarded railroad iron. His words and images cling to you for hours, even days, like wood smoke. All of those things certainly apply to his new Gamblin’ House, produced by Ray Kennedy (Steve Earle, Ray Davies), a gentleman that Malcolm has wanted to work with for a long while. "We were second-story men. We put our ears to the safe and cracked it," offers Malcolm rather cryptically. (A conversation with Malcolm Holcombe is a fascinating festival of crypticisms, old sayings, and anecdotes punctuated with pronouncements.) "We learned the songs downstairs, then went upstairs and played them." Joining Malcolm and Ray in that pursuit was a rhythm section of Kenny Malone and David Roe, along with longtime cohort Ed Snodderly on several stringed instruments including what Malcolm calls "old-time fiddle." As always, there are echoes of John Prine and Guy Clark and the lesser-known kindred spirit Bill Morrissey, but the total package is all Malcolm Holcombe. His is a sound that combines harmonica-blessed folk, acoustic blues, stringband country, and smalltown-bred soul.

Chris Smither- "Leave The Light On" CD (True North)
One of the store's top sellers is back in stock again. Rock solid acoustic folk & blues from an old timer who can fell trees with his whiskey howl. Fingers crossed that Chris might be coming to Regina in the early new year.

Spirit Caravan- "The Last Embrace" CDx2 (Meteor City)
A collection of the 1st two full studio albums and some rareties make up this 2 cd set. Top drawer Stoner/Psyche Rock.

The Atomic Bitchwax- "Boxriff" CD+DVD (Meteor City)
4 studio tracks and a live set from Monster Magnet spin-off band. Includes a DVD of the live show.


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