New Releases & Restock Items For This Week!

Sunday, November 16 2008 @ 02:58 am CST

Contributed by: Dave

A first glance at the weeks arrivals. More to come.

The Clash- "Revolution Rock" DVD (Epic)
The Clash Live: Revolution Rock DVD follows the live transformation of the band, incorporating footage from all phases of The Clash's meteoric career, beginning with live-in-the-studio clips from 1979, through triumphant concerts from clubland (London's The Music Machine, 1978) and theatres (The Lyceum, 1978, 1980), climaxing with a transcendent blow-out performance at New York's Shea Stadium in 1982. The DVD also includes rare footage of the band’s performance on The Tom Snyder Show and on ABC’s Fridays. 82 minutes.

Ryan Bingham- "Mescalito" LPx2 (Lost Highway)
A vagabond spirit permeates these tales of truck stops, tip jars, boxcars, and love left behind, with a slide guitar punctuating arrangements that range from acoustic folk to classic rock (amid hints of the Rolling Stones, Neil Young's Crazy Horse, and a young Tom Waits). Yet ultimately, the impressive debut by this Southwestern, raspy-voiced troubadour is more than the sum of its songs, as the sequencing almost amounts to a narrative of life on the road, with the world-weary, end-of-the-line "Long Way from Georgia" and "Ever Wonder Why," leading to the renewal of "Sunrise." Former Black Crowes guitarist Marc Ford produced and provides multi-instrumental support, with Texas honky-tonk legend Terry Allen offering guest vocals and piano on "Ghost of Travelin' Jones."

Queen- "A Night At The Opera" LP 180 gram (Hollywood)
Here it is – the acclaimed rock masterpiece, available on vinyl lp for the first time in 20 years! One of the truly must-own albums in all of rock history, ANATO features the monster hits “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “You’re My Best Friend” and “Love Of My Life” as well as the classics “39”, Queen’s ode to auto-erotica “I’m In Love With My Car” AND their take on the British National Anthem “God Save The Queen” as well the mind-blowing “The Prophet’s Song”. Every track on this album is a classic! This true extravaganza will now be re-released on a glorious 180-gram vinyl long playing album, just like the good Lord and Brian May intended it. The beautiful classic cover features the raised crest and spot coating made legendary in the original release.

Queen- "A Day At The Races" LP 180 gram (Hollywood)
The classic follow-up to “A Night At The Opera”, this sequel takes no prisoners featuring the two monster hits – “Tie Your Mother Down” and the transcendent “Somebody To Love” (Queen trivia point: Originally written with Aretha Franklin in mind). Also includes Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) AND Queen favorite “Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy”. A multi-platinum smash in its original and CD releases, now restored to glorious analog 180 gram jet-black vinyl lp. This fall marks Queen’s return to studio recording for the first time in 13 years, to commemorate that occasion, we’ve created the “Queen on Vinyl” Collector’s Edition re-issue program - every Queen studio album is to be released on vinyl lps over the next two years. The original albums are being re-issued correct in every detail to the original releases, including inner sleeves, packaging and bonuses.

Queen- "Queen 2" LP 180 gram (Hollywood)
It’s been called “the greatest rock album ever recorded” and “unlike anything you’ve ever heard before”. It was unquestionably Queen’s breakthrough album launching their first Top 5 English and U.S. album rock hit “Seven Seas Of Rhye”. Tremendously influential among their fellow musicians, it is an album that has only grown in stature over time. This classic of Rock is now restored to glorious analog 180 gram jet-black vinyl lp!

Queen- "Sheer Heart Attack" LP 180 gram (Hollywood)
Queen at their rockingest featuring their U.S. breakthrough hit “Killer Queen” plus the legendary Album Rock Hits “Stone Cold Crazy” and the epic “In The Lap Of The Gods”. An absolute classic represented here in its’ entire original form! 180 Gram jet-black vinyl! 12” album jacket! Liner notes you can actually read! This title has not been available in this format for 25 years.

The Replacements- "Tim" LP 180 gram (Rhino)
Nice new reissue from Rhino Records.

The Replacements- "Pleased To Meet Me" LP 180 gram (Rhino)
Nice new reissue from Rhino Records.

Medeski Martin & Wood- "The Dropper" CD (Blue Note)
Back in stock.

Puscifer- "V Is For Vagina" CD (Jive)
While one might imagine Maynard James Keenan would have enough going on to keep him busy as a frontman with the groups Tool and A Perfect Circle, in 2007 he decided to record an album under yet another name with Puscifer. Described by Keenan as "the space where my Id, Ego, and Anima all come together to exchange cookie recipes," Puscifer first appeared as the name of a fictional band Keenan fronted in a cameo on the HBO sketch comedy series Mr. Show in 1995. It wasn't until 2003 that Keenan actually recorded under the name, when he teamed up with Danny Lohner for a track called "Rev 22:20" for the Underworld soundtrack, and it wasn't until four years later that he set to work on an entire Puscifer album. Organized less as a traditional "rock band," and more as a musical collective in which Keenan could work with a rotating lineup of likeminded artists, Puscifer's early recording projects featured a large cast of noted musicians, including Tim Alexander from Primus, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk from Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine, former King Crimson member Trey Gunn, violinist Lisa Germano, pop singer/songwriter Jonny Polonsky, and actress and vocalist Milla Jovovich.

Blind Gaurdian- "Nightfall In Middle Earth" CD (Century Media)
Fantasy metal complete with anthemic choruses, spoken word storylines, and plenty of bombastic power metal punctuating every dramatic turn, Nightfall in Middle-Earth is perhaps Blind Guardian's most triumphant effort. From 1998.

Jesus Lizard- "Live" DVD (MVD)
MVD Visual, the company responsible for recent documentary DVDs about Joy Division and Mission of Burma among others, have released a new DVD titled Jesus Lizard: Live.
The DVD is a 65-minute document of the Chicago band's set at Boston's Venus de Milo in 1994, with footage from two cameras at the show.
Five songs from a 1992 set at CBGB are included as bonus tracks on the DVD, and Our Band Could Be Your Life author Michael Azerrad wrote the package's liner notes.
Jesus Lizard frontman David Yow is currently in the band Qui.

Townes Van Zandt- "Be Here To Love Me" DVD (Palm)
First rate documentary about the life & times of country songwriter & singer TVZ, who had more than his share of demons.

Deerhunter- "Microcastle" LP (Kranky)
Their new album finally here on vinyl.

The Chesterfield Kings- "Berlin Wall Of Sound" LP (Mirror)
After taking three years off from recording, the Chesterfield Kings finally released The Berlin Wall of Sound in 1990 and no doubt frightened many longtime fans by relinquishing every grasp on '60s garage-rock, instead delivering a New York Dolls/Heartbreakers approach. Retaining only original singer Greg Provost and original bassist Andy Babiuk, the album is surprisingly heartfelt, despite a wooden blues progression and some overblown, metallic nonsense that borders on the edge of ridiculous. The Hammond organ has disappeared, but The Kings make the new sound work for them, at least until the end of the record. (AMG)

Dept. Of Eagles- "In Ear Park" LPx2 (4AD)
The vinyl version of this new project from Grizzly Bear members. Includes MP3 downloads.

Menahan Street Band- "Make The Road By Walking" LP Includes free download coupon (Daptone)
The Menahan Street Band is a collaboration of musicians from Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings (Dave Guy, Homer Steinweiss, Fernando Velez, Bosco Mann), El Michels Affair (Leon Michels, Toby Pazner), Antibalas (Nick Movshon, Aaron Johnson) and the Budos Band (Mike Deller, Daniel Fodder), brought together by musician/producer Thomas Brenneck (Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, Budos Band, Amy Winehouse) to record hits in the bedroom of his Menahan St. apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn. With influences reaching beyond the funk/soul/afrobeat architecture of their other projects into the more ethereal realms of Curtis Mayfield and Mulatu Astatke, the Menahan Street Band creates a unique new instrumental soul sound that is as raw as it is lush. Their debut album, Make the Road by Walking will be released on Dunham Records, Brenneck’s new imprint of Daptone Records, a joint venture devoted to bringing the Menahan Street sound from Brenneck’s bedroom out into the world. The album is marked by eerily quirky arrangements, featuring vibes, horns, piano, organ, percussion and even a strange bling sound that Brenneck creates by tuning and plucking the strings of his guitar on the wrong side of the bridge. However, it is not the textures themselves that make the new sound of Menahan Street so exciting, but rather the way the sounds are incorporated into the heavy rhythms and bold melodies of the compositions.
The title of the album was inspired both by the eponymous community center below Brenneck’s apartment and the natural rhythm that has continued to move this project forward. Shortly after its release as Dunham’s debut 45rpm single, the song “Make the Road by Walking” was sampled by fellow Brooklynite Jay-Z for his smash hit from American Gangster, “Roc Boys (and the Winner is…)” (later declared by Rolling Stone to be the No. 1 single of 2007).
Make the Road by Walking is a soulful exploration by a talented young group of musicians into the possibilities of instrumental music; an original, personal, and uncompromised creation that embodies the sound of a select group of musicians in one distinct place, at one particular moment in time. “This album is kind of a window into our world on Menahan Street,” says Brenneck. “In a way, we’re simply the street’s unofficial house band.”

Beneath The Massacre- "Dystopia" CD (Prosthetic)
Death metal is a genre that is always trying to push boundaries and common decency. Lately, a subgenre in death metal has taken the spotlight as being the source of some of the most brutal bands in the genre: “technical death metal.” Bands like Nile, Decapitated, and Decrepit Birth have become icons for the subgenre. Their music is fast, furious, and surprisingly, has a strong message behind it. Beneath The Massacre can also be included with the selected few. Their debut album, 2007’s Mechanics of Dysfunction, was immediately reveled by technical death metal fans, who praised the band’s instrumental work and willingness to provide 30 minutes of no-frills death metal, with no hint of melody. With successful tours with The Faceless, Gojira, Job For A Cowboy, and Behemoth under their wings, the band went back into the studio to work on their sophomore album, their second in an eighteen month period. Dystopia is largely more of the same from Beneath The Massacre. For some, that isn’t a bad thing, as the band did a great job and show maturity in their songwriting abilities on their debut album. However, if you thought that the album was nothing but lost potential, Dystopia will disappoint you. The band knows what works for them, and doesn’t go too far outside the box. If you are looking for one aggressive metal track after the next, Dystopia will please your appetite. (Online review)

23 Skidoo- "Urban Gamelan" CD (LTM)
"LTM is proud to announce a series of expanded reissues on CD and download by seminal post-punk group 23 Skidoo. Initially active between 1979 and 1986, 23 Skidoo released a series of genre-defining records fusing post-punk, dub, industrial, world and hip-hop styles. Their classic singles include 'Last Words', 'Tearing Up The Plans', 'Coup' and 'Language'. Albums include Seven Songs (an indie chart #1), The Culling Is Coming and Urban Gamelan. In 2000 the group returned with a self-titled album, 23 Skidoo, and remain hugely influential. Originally released on Illuminated Records in August 1984, the album Urban Gamelan consolidated Skidoo's position as supreme avant-gardists with uncommon commercial nous. "Coup thundered over the horizon earlier this year. A mighty 45, it's a vinyl TV cop show car chase driven by Sketch Martin's bass, with Aswad's horn section blazing away in hot pursuit" (NME, 1984); "Skidoo allowed black America back in. And they let the rest of the world get a look in, too." (Simon Reynolds, Rip It Up & Start Again, 2005). Digitally remastered, this extended CD features three bonus tracks including the original 12" single mixes of Language and the mighty Coup - the latter oddly similar to the 1997 smash by the Chemical Brothers, Block Rockin' Beats. The booklet also features a detailed history of the elusive group, with contributions from Skidoo members past and present."

Strapping Young Lad- "1994-2006 Chaos Years" CD+DVD (Century Media)
A definitive anthology with bonus DVD.

Candlemass- "Lucifer Rising" CDEP (Nuclear Blast)
Brand new material from this long standing doom band.

Mott The Hoople- "All The Young Dudes" CD (CBS)
Restock of this latest expanded remastered version.

Simon & Garfunkel- "Parsley Sage Rosemary & Thyme" LP (Sundazed)
The ultimate repackaging on 180 gram vinyl.

Simon & Garfunkel- "Bookends" LP (Sundazed)
The ultimate repackaging on 180 gram vinyl.

The Flying Burrito Brothers- "Burrito Deluxe" LP (4 Men With Beards)
180 gram reissue of their 2nd album. Classic 70's country rock.

Brant Bjork & The Bros- "Somera Sol" LP (Duna)
Restock. Former Kyuss member is back with more desert rock.

Wilco- "Sky Blue Sky" LPx2+CD (Nonesuch)
Double 180 gram LP in a gatefold sleeve with bonus CD of album included.

Wilco- "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" LPx2+CD (Nonesuch)
Double 180 gram LP in a gatefold sleeve with bonus CD of album included.

Wilco- "A Ghost Is Born" LPx2 (Nonesuch)
Double 180 gram LP in a gatefold sleeve.

Unkle- "Psyence Fiction" LPx2 (Mo Wax)
Unkle is James Lavelle with DJ Shadow. Double LP in gatefold sleeve.

Bob Dylan- "The Times They Are A-Changin'" LP 180 gram (Sundazed)
Restock. Includes title track as well as "Boots Of Spanish Leather" & "The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll".

Wild Beasts- "Limbo Panto" CD (Domino)
Wild Beasts have been steadily writing, recording, and touring for the past five years-- since some of their members were 16. The Leeds quartet have released a series of EPs, and they'll soon get a chance to issue their debut full-length on a new label: Domino Records.
The Beasts migrate to Domino from Bad Sneakers Records, which will release their second single on April 23 with A-side "Through Dark Night" and B-side "Please, Sir". The band have scattered tour dates in England, including one supporting new labelmates Clinic at London's Scala, and their upcoming show at the Faversham in Leeds will double as a launch party for the Bad Sneakers single.
Pitchfork glowingly reviewed the band's debut single, "Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants", late last year.

Captain Beefheart- "Doc At The Radar Station" CD (Astralwerks)
Back in stock. "It's like nothing you've ever heard"- Los Angeles Times.

Witch- "Paralysed" LP (Tee Pee)
Latest evil hard rockin' release from J Mascis (drums) and his buddies. LP also in stock.

Young Widows- "Old Wounds" CD (Temporary Residence)
Young Widows' 2006 debut, Settle Down City, drew on a strand of early 1990s indie embodied by the Jesus Lizard and Melvins; sometimes they dragged out the payoff with their ominous grooves, and sometimes they milked the quiet-to-loud dynamic for all it was worth. It worked, and the follow-up Old Wounds doesn't fix what isn't broken. Ringing, distorted bass and some marble-mouthed threats from singer/guitarist Evan Patterson open the record, taking just a few bars too many without accompaniment to draw out the tension on the first track, "Took a Turn". When the guitar finally hits, it sounds miles away, like a powerless witness to a natural disaster. All of the elements contribute to one relentless, bludgeoning rhythm. (Pitchfork)

V/A- "Survival Of The Fattest" CD (Fat WrecK)
Cheap 17 song label sampler from Fat Wreck Chords.

V/A- "Physical Fatness" CD (Fat WrecK)
Cheap 18 song label sampler from Fat Wreck Chords.

Ennio Morricone- "Crime & Dissonance" CDx2 (Ipecac)
A wonderful collection of selected film tracks from the 60's & 70's. Mostly from Italian B- crime movies.

Teddy Thompson- "Up Front & Down Low" CD (Verve)
Given Teddy Thompson's talent as a songwriter and the cool, intelligent folk-rock leanings of his first two albums, he would hardly seem like a likely candidate to record an album of covers, especially one devoted to interpretations of old-school country classics made famous by the likes of George Jones, Ernest Tubb, Dolly Parton and Merle Haggard. But that's just what Thompson has done with his third album, Upfront & Down Low, and while the arrangements occasionally refer to the honky tonk roots of these songs, for the most part Thompson strives to give these tunes a fresh interpretation, and the secret theme of this album seems to be one songwriter paying homage to gifted colleagues in his field. Thompson's voice is essentially devoid of any southern twang, and his phrasing owes little clear allegiance to traditional country styles, but he clearly understands the emotional weight of the songs on this album, and his performances allows these classic tunes to be heard by fresh ears in a new context. While you can't take "She Thinks I Still Care" away from George Jones, and Ernest Tubb will always be linked to "Walking the Floor Over You," Thompson's renditions cast them in a new light, and his clear, unforced but emotionally resonant performances offer a striking reminder of how strong and timeless they really are, and the other songs fare every bit as well (and he contributes one new song, "Down Low," that shows his chops as a tunesmith are still in fine shape). Thompson has assembled a superb band for these sessions (including his father Richard Thompson on guitar, as well as Marc Ribot, Greg Leisz and David Mansfield), and Iris DeMent, Tift Merritt and Jenni Muldaur contribute excellent vocal support. But what makes Upfront & Down Low most effective is Thompson's excellent choices in material, and while this doesn't dig especially deep into the catalog of great Nashville songwriting, the 11 vintage numbers included here show how easy it is to find superb material in this context, and how striking they can be in the hands of a gifted interpreter.

Buddy Miles- "Them Changes" CD (Mercury)
This 1970 release by former Band of Gypsy's drummer Buddy Miles is, quite simply, one of the great lost treasures of soul inspired rock music. From the funky drive of the title track to Miles' plaintive singing on "I Still Love You, Anyway" and Greg Allman's "Dreams," the album is filled with the best qualities of both genres. Not only does Miles prove himself to be a great interpretor of songs, but with the title track and "Heart's Delight," he demonstrates his ability to write solid material on his own. Complimented by the Memphis Horns, Miles' songs soar and swing as hard as any Stax release, and his voice, underutilized when he played with the Electric Flag and Hendrix, combines the nuance of soul singing with the grit of rock. Them Changes is definitely worth the extra effort to try to locate. (AMG)

Bright Eyes- "Four Winds EP" LP (Saddle Creek)
Back in stock.

Bright Eyes- "Digital Ash In A Digital Urn" LP (Saddle Creek)
Back in stock.

Bright Eyes- "I'm Wide Awake It's Morning" LP (Saddle Creek)
Back in stock.

Bright Eyes- "Lifted Or The Story Is In The....." LPx2 (Saddle Creek)
Back in stock.

Mercury Rev- "Snowflake Midnight" LPx2 (Yep Roc)
Double 180 gram LP's beautifully packaged in a gatefold sleeve with free MP3 downloads.

Elliott Smith- "Division Day" 7" (Suicide Squeeze)
B-side is "No Name #6".

Elliott Smith- "Pretty (Ugly Before)" 7" (Suicide Squeeze)
B-side is "A Distorted Reality....".

M.I.A- "Paper Planes" 7" (XL)
B-side is "Paper Planes DFA Remix)

AFI- "Very Proud Of Ya" LP (Nitro)

AFI- "The Art Of Drowning" LP (Nitro)

Refused- "The Shape Of Punk To Come" LP+CD (Epitaph)
Restock on LP & CD. Newly reissued on vinyl.

U2- "The Joshua Tree" LPx2 (Island)
Remastered on 180 gram vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.

Dillard & Clark- "The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark" CD (Water)
Gene Clark was the greatest underrated singer/songwriter to emerge from the '60s rock explosion, and deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Neil Young. This album, his debut as a duo with virtuoso banjoist/guitarist Doug Dillard, is perhaps his most brilliant recording. Out of the ashes of the Byrds and a brilliant false start of a solo career (the excellent Echoes album), the 1968 Dillard & Clark project found Clark collecting some of his finest material (basically the entire album) and putting it in the familiar context of bluegrass and country, a good year before these elements became vogue in the pop world. But Gene Clark was always ahead of his time. Bookended by two exquisite autobiographical explorations into consciousness -- "Out on the Side" and Something's Wrong" -- the album's other tracks run from mournful ballad statements such as "Radio Song" to joyous celebrations like "With Care from Someone." There is also a very hot cover of the gospel number "Git It on Brother," which features Chris Hillman on mandolin. Doug Dillard's playing on the record is uniformly excellent. Not only a virtuoso musician, Dillard is a truly smart player who never gets in the way of the songs. Graceful, spellbinding, and tasteful all at the same time. Absolutely essential. (AMG)

The Atomic Bitchwax- "III" CD (Meteor City)
Snazzy riffin' fuzz rock from these stoned boho's.

The Bellrays- "Hard Sweet and Sticky" CD (Anodyne)
Bison- "Earthbound" CD (Forest)
Bison BC- "Quiet Earth" CD (Metal Blade)
Brant Bjork & the Operators- "Brant Bjork & the Operators" LPx2 (Low Desert Punk)
Black Lips- "Black Lips" LP Purple Vinyl (Bomp)
Bon Iver- "For Emma, Forever Ago" LP+CD (Jagjaguwar)
Neko Case- "The Tigers Have Spoken" LP (Lance Rock)
Deerhunter- "Microcastle" CDx2 (Kranky)
Dr. Dre- "The Chronic" LPx2 (Death Row)
Alejandro Escovedo- "Bourbonitis Blues" CD (Bloodshot)
Wayne Hancock- "A Town Blues" CD (Bloodshot)
Wayne Hancock- "Swing Time" CD (Bloodshot)
Wayne Hancock- "Tulsa" CD (Bloodshot)
Lords of Altamont- "The Altamont Sin" LP+CD (Gearhead)
MGMT- "Metanoia" 10" vinyl (Columbia)
Nomeansno- "The Day Everything Became Isolated and Destroyed" LPx2 (Wrong)
Okkervil River- "The Stand Ins" LP (Jagjaguwar)
Agustus Pablo- "Reggae Hot Rocks Dub" LP (Clocktower)
The Pretty Things- "Emotions & Singles A's & B's" CDx2 (Recall/Snapper)
Screeching Weasel- "Boogadaboogadaboogada" LP (Recess)
Andre Williams & the New Orleans Hellhounds- "Can You Deal With It?" CD (Bloodshot)

Thievery Corporation- "Radio Retaliation" CD (ESL)
Thievery Corporation once again raises the bar with their incendiary and eagerly anticipated fifth independent studio album Radio Retaliation. Along with longtime microphone co-conspirators like Sleepy Wonder, Lou Lou, and Notch the outernational DJ and production duo are joined this time by a new cast of musical collaborators including Nigeria’s afro-beat heir Femi Kuti, Brazilian star vocalist and guitarist Seu Jorge, Indian sitar virtuoso Anushka Shankar, Slovakian chanteuse and violinist Jana Andevska, and Washington DC’s own godfather of go-go Chuck Brown. With an uncompromising socio-political agenda and richly layered production touching upon the eclectic sounds of Jamaica, Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Radio Retaliation is Thievery Corporation’s broadest and most progressive album yet!

Davie Allan & The Arrows- "Cycle Delic Sounds" LP 180 gram (Sundazed)
A classic album of Biker songs from one of the 60's coolest instrumental guitarists.

Alice Cooper- "Along Came A Spider" LP (SPV)
Alice's brand new LP on colored vinyl imported from Germany.

Mogwai- "The Hawk Is Howling" LPx2 (Matador)
The LP is a double 180 gram gatefold sleeve jobby with free digital download.

Jay Reatard- "Singles 06-07" CD+DVD (In the Red)
All of his recent singles collected in one neat package along with a DVD that contains 3 different live shows from around the world.

Grady- "Y U So Shady?" LP + Bonus CD with 2 extra songs (Alternative Tentacles)
Canadian guitar hero Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar) packed up, moved south to Austin, TX and teamed up with a hotter then hell rhythm section to create his newest and baddest band with a sound equal parts Gospel Revival and Satanic Ritual. Grady have turned heads down south, winning "Best New Band" at the 2007's annual Austin Music Awards.

Hellacopters- "Payin' The Dues" CD (Universal)
Real Rock & Roll from Sweden.

Dennis Wilson- "Pacific Ocean Blue" CD (Capitol)
Solo album from one time Beach Boy.

Boston Spaceships- "Brown Submarine" CD (Guided By Voices Inc.)
Brand new lo-fi offering from Robert Pollard. He's put together a trio this time with Decemberists drummer John Moen. More to do with early Guided By Voices sound & approach.

Husker Du- "Candy Apple Grey" CD (Warner)
A college rock classic from 1986. Mould & Hart write some of their best pop songs ever on this self produced gem.

Humble Pie- "S/T" CD (Repertoire)
Another sweet album from Humble Pie recorded in 1970. I gushed over last week's "Rock On", well this one is every bit as good, with a more sombre yet no less intense feel to it. Highly recommended if you like this sort of thing.

Magazine- "Second Hand Daylight" CD (EMI)
After leaving the Buzzcocks in 1977, vocalist Howard Devoto formed Magazine with guitarist John McGeoch, bassist Barry Adamson, keyboardist Bob Dickinson, and drummer Martin Jackson. One of the first post-punk bands, Magazine kept the edgy, nervous energy of punk, adding elements of art rock, particularly with their theatrical live shows and shards of keyboards. Devoto's lyrics were combinations of social commentary and poetic fragments, while the band alternated between cold, jagged chords and gloomy, atmospheric sonic landscapes.

Toots & The Maytals- "Funky Kingston" CD (Island)
A much loved reggae album from 1976.

The Asteroid No. 4- "The These Flowers of Ours" CD (Committee To Keep Music Evil)
Brand new from these American psyche popsters. Newly signed to the Brian Jonestown Massacre's label.

Alexi Murdoch- "Time Without Consequence" CD (Zero Summer)
Absolutely recommended if you dig Nick Drake. Alexi writes beautifully crafted minimalist folk in the vein of jolly ole' Saint Nick.

Clutch- "Full Fathom Five" DVD+CD (Weathermaker)
Brand new live DVD/CD recorded at different locales in 07/08.

Dave Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7- "Playtime" CD (Hellcat)
This hasn't been in the store in years. Primo rocksteady & ska with a big splash of jazz to, all brought front and center by a wicked horn section. Recommended.

Portastatic- "Some Small History" CDx2 (Merge)
Single, rarities, compilation tracks etc.

Broken West- "Now Or Heaven" CD (Merge)
It was in a backyard of their L.A. neighborhood that Ross Flournoy, Danny Iead, Rob McCorkindale, Brian Whelan and friend/writing partner Adam Vine developed Now or Heaven, The Broken West’s second full-length album. A sense of home, symbolized by that small strip of grass, provided the necessary amount of comfort and inspiration after a long tour in support of their acclaimed debut, I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On.
With Now or Heaven, The Broken West have captured a pathos that at once sparkles and is simultaneously depraved, altogether L.A. While many bands’ second albums end up being about the road, Now or Heaven originates from home, the longing to get there and all that comes from being there. The perspective generated from the time spent on the road and the distance traveled led to a new, unnamable development. (Merge Press Release)

The Melvins- "Nude With Boots" CD (Ipecac)
Restock of their newest CD.

Great Lake Swimmers- "Ongiara" CVD (Nettwerk)
Back in stock.

Tortoise- "Standards 1" LP (Thrill Jockey)
Back in stock on LP. Beautifully packaged.

Soft Canyon- "Broken Spirit, I Will Mend Your Wings" LP (Alien8)
1st time in stock on LP. Released a couple of years ago, Soft Canyon features members of Tricky Woo & The Local Rabbits. Gentle, creative psyche/pop.

Less Than Jake- "Goodbye, Blue & White" LP (No Idea Records)
Back in stock on LP.

Less Than Jake- "Greased" LP (No Idea Records)
Back in stock on LP.

Less Than Jake- "Losers, Kings & Things" LP (No Idea Records)
Back in stock on LP.

Toshack Highway- "Syd's Eyes" 7" (Black Mountain Music)
Adam Franklin (Swervedriver) releases this stop gap 7" until the next Toshack Highway full length. Adam's solo cd "Bolts Of Melody" is also in stock, and it's mighty fine.

Pink Floyd- "Echoes" LPx4 box set (Capitol)
4xLP anthology from these UK icons. Look for the albums Meddle & Animals to be re-released soon on LP.

Judas Priest- "Nostradamus" LPx3 CDx2 + Book (CBS)
The brand new concept album. A box set that contains 3 LP's, 2 CD's & a 48 page hardbound book. Limited.

Jello Biafra- "Machine Gun In The Clown's Hand" Lpx3 (Alternative Tentacles)
Spoken word LP from 2002. This three-disc spoken word album features material recorded during Jello Biafra's live performances in 2000-2002. It expands on his comments on the war on terrorism offered in The Big Ka-Boom, Pt. 1 and provides remarks on other topics including California's energy crisis, Florida's voting problems, and Joey Ramone. It's not particularly mystifying that this album lasts for over three hours, since Biafra has plenty of strong opinions and sometimes seems like he could continue talking indefinitely.

Michael Franti & Spearhead- "All Rebel Rockers" LPx2 (Anti)
Brand new on double LP in gatefold sleeve. Includes free download. CD in stock as well.

Social Distortion- "Mommy's Little Monster" CD (Time bomb)

Social Distortion- "Prison Bound" CD (Time bomb)

Social Distortion- "Live @ The Roxy" CD (Time bomb)

Social Distortion- "Mainliner" CD (Time bomb)

Social Distortion- "Sex, Love & Rock'N'Roll" CD (Time bomb)

Elliott Smith- "Figure 8" LPx2 (Plain)
Back in stock on LP.

Black Keys- "Magic Potion" LP 180 gram (Nonesuch)
Restock on LP.

Chad Vangaalen- "Softairplane" CD+LPx2 (Flemish Eye)
Chad's brand new album.

King Khan & The Shrines- "The Supreme Genius Of...." LPx2 + CD (Vice)
This smokin' soul/garage band will no doubt make my top 10 this year with this awesome album. Genius indeed!

The Sadies- "New Seasons" CD+LP 180 gram (Yep Roc)

Chad VanGaalen- "Skelliconnection" LPx2 (Flemish Eye)
Limited edition double LP with 11 vinyl only bonus tracks.


X-Ray Records