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    This Weeks Stock List!   
    Monday, November 24 2008 @ 10:41 AM CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    More to come soon!

    The Telescopes- "As Approved By The Commitee" CD (Bomp)
    This 14-track Telescopes collection is a very idiosyncratic sampling of one of the leading lights of the late-'80s noise rock/shoegaze scene in the U.K. The band began in 1988 as a full-on noise band influenced by the Jesus & Mary Chain's wall of blistering guitars, the Stooges' sneering vocals and attitude, and Sonic Youth's disregard for the niceties of traditional song structure. Songs like "I Fall She Screams," "There is No Floor," and the epic-length "Suicide" howl and scream, with singer Stephen Lawrie's thin voice cutting through the haze to deliver vaguely apocalyptic drugged-out lyrics. The first seven songs here all fit that general description, and are taken from the band's 1989 debut album for What Goes On, Taste. Following that record, the band began to shift away from the pure noise approach and to experiment with dynamics and a lighter approach. "Pure Sweetest Ocean" (taken from the To Kill a Slow Girl Walking EP from 1990) features an actual semblance of a melody and five minutes of whale noises tacked on the end of the song. After signing to Creation in 1990, the band evolved even more. The title track from their Everso EP, released at the end of 1990, shows the band ditching the wall of noise guitars entirely and employing some subtlety and sonic adventurism (dig the wild sitar drones and dreamy background vocals from guitarist Jo Doran). They continued to explore textures and a more ambient approach on their cover of the Beach Boys' "Never Learn Not to Love" (another track from Everso); it even manages to be quite beautiful, with Lawrie crooning instead of whining.

    Jonas Reinhardt- "S/T" CD (Kranky)
    An impressive collection of melodic yet thought provoking electronica. Some of the best I've heard in quite awhile.

    Shearwater- "Rook" CD+LPx2 (Matador)
    Originally conceived as a one-off collaboration between Okkervil River's Will Sheff and Kingfisher's Jonathan Meiburg, Shearwater continues the tradition of detailed, reflective songwriting set by classic artists like Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen and contemporary indie rock songwriters such as Bill Callahan and Will Oldham. At just over 36 minutes, Rook is tailor-made for the dwindling attention span of the information age, but if ever the dated phrase "all killer, no filler" were to apply, it would be here.

    Eno- "Another Green World" CD (Astralwerks)
    A universally acknowledged masterpiece, Another Green World represents a departure from song structure and toward a more ethereal, minimalistic approach to sound. Despite the stripped-down arrangements, the album's sumptuous tone quality reflects Eno's growing virtuosity at handling the recording studio as an instrument in itself (à la Brian Wilson). There are a few pop songs scattered here and there ("St. Elmo's Fire," "I'll Come Running," "Golden Hours"), but most of the album consists of deliberately paced instrumentals that, while often closer to ambient music than pop, are both melodic and rhythmic; many, like "Sky Saw," "In Dark Trees," and "Little Fishes," are highly imagistic, like paintings done in sound that actually resemble their titles. Lyrics are infrequent, but when they do pop up, they follow the free-associative style of albums past; this time, though, the humor seems less bizarre than gently whimsical and addled, fitting perfectly into the dreamlike mood of the rest of the album. Most of Another Green World is like experiencing a soothing, dream-filled slumber while awake, and even if some of the pieces have dark or threatening qualities, the moments of unease are temporary, like a passing nightmare whose feeling lingers briefly upon waking but whose content is forgotten. Unlike some of his later, full-fledged ambient work, Eno's gift for melodicism and tight focus here keep the entirety of the album in the forefront of the listener's consciousness, making it the perfect introduction to his achievements even for those who find ambient music difficult to enjoy. (AMG)

    Townes Van Zandt- "Delta Momma Blues" CD (Charly)
    10 studio tracks originally released in 1971.

    New Radiant Storm King- "Drinking In The Moonlight" CD (Darla)
    “Northampton, MA/New York city indie rockers New Radiant Storm King deliver the tightest, hookiest and most diverse record in their distinguished career. Recorded over six months in deep, rural Massachusetts, Drinking in the Moonlight proves once again that guitarists/vocalists Peyton Pinkerton and Matt Hunter along with bassist Caleb Wetmore and drummer J.J. O'Connell write some of the most imaginative and memorable American rock. Approaching their twentieth year as a band, NRSK have gracefully matured as song smiths while retaining their prowess at crafting unconventional yet infectious melodies. Drinking in the Moonlight is a sonic mix of urban and rural, sporting distorted yet wiry pop with a marked focus on narrative within their song writing -- trademarks gratifying to longtime fans. Time spent in other bands (Pinkerton in The Silver Jews and The Pernice Brothers; Hunter in J. Mascis & The Fog and The Wharton Tiers Ensemble) has honed the Pinkerton/Hunter attack musically and lyrically. Over the course of thirteen songs, Drinking in the Moonlight addresses topics as varied as random street violence, infidelity and subsequent pregnancy, exorbitant winter heat bills and even an open condemnation of organized religion (Thank God -Ed). Drinking in the Moonlight was recorded with longtime NRSK engineer Mark Alan Miller (Cordelia's Dad, J. Mascis & The Fog) at his Slaughterhouse Studios in Westhampton, MA. NRSK will tour Fall 2008.

    Piano Magic- "Disaffected" CD (Darla)
    “'Ghostrock,' it's been called in some corners of Europe. Piano Magic's dynamic, romantic, often brooding brand of music has a spectral presence to it that ultimately mesmerizes, live and on record. This, their sixth album proper, further explores their trademark glacial sound whilst reaching out into melodic pop territory. The Smiths, 1980's 4AD and Factory Records - Piano Magic unashamedly wear their influences on their sleeves whilst managing to sound much more than a sum of their inspirations. There’s no denying that this isn't happy music. You know where to go if you want that. Piano Magic deal in loneliness, in confusion, in late nights, in crumbling friendships, in dying relationships. And yet, there’s heart, there’s hope, there's love somewhere in there.”

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- "S/T" CD (Abstract Dragon)
    Back in stock after being unavailable for a while.

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- "Take Them On, On Your Own" CD (Abstract Dragon)
    Back in stock after being unavailable for a while.

    John Prine- "Great Days" CDx2 (Rhino)
    Extremely well put together 41 track anthology of Mr. Prine's finest work. Big info booklet included.

    John Prine- "Sweet Revenge" CD (Atlantic)
    Back in stock. Originally released in 1973.

    John Prine- "Diamonds In The Rough" CD (Atlantic)
    Back in stock. Originally released in 1972.

    Nick Drake- "Five Leaves Left" CD (Island)
    My words can hardly describe the music and beauty of Nick Drake. One of the early 70's tragic wonders, an acoustic musician, poet, singer, songwriter, who died in his 20's. This is his 1st album. Guests include Richard Thompson.

    Nick Drake- "Bryter Layter" CD (Island)
    My words can hardly describe the music and beauty of Nick Drake. One of the early 70's tragic wonders, an acoustic musician, poet, singer, songwriter, who died in his 20's. This is his 2nd album. Guests include John Cale.

    Nick Drake- "Pink Moon" CD (Island)
    My words can hardly describe the music and beauty of Nick Drake. One of the early 70's tragic wonders, an acoustic musician, poet, singer, songwriter, who died in his 20's. This is his 3rd album & a real fan favorite, as it's just Nick and his acoustic guitar.

    Acid Bath- "When The Kite String Pops" CD + LPx2 Colored Vinyl (Rotten Records)
    Acid Bath's debut is a malicious and sometimes downright disturbing album that defies easy categorization. They stitch together elements of death metal, '70s hard rock, thrashing hardcore punk and Black Sabbath-esque sludge into multi-sectioned songs that are both intricate and often surprisingly melodic. The production, especially the compressed drums and often-processed vocals, adds an industrial feel that increases the album's menacing vibe. "The Blue" kicks things off with a bluesy swamp metal riff before smoothly winding its way through a maze of tempo and riff change-ups, while the closer, "Cassie Eats Cockroaches," weaves spoken word samples and screaming vocals in and out of complex, Southern-flavored death metal riffing and precision double-bass drumming. Elsewhere, the songs range from full-on assaults ("Cheap Vodka" and "Toubabo Koomi") to creepy ballads, namely the goth-tinged "Scream of the Butterfly" and the largely acoustic "The Bones of Baby Dolls." Vocalist Dax Riggs handles this diverse material well, switching between distorted screams and a melodic croon reminiscent of Jim Morrison or Glen Danzig. His not-for-the-squeamish lyrics address such topics as drug abuse, rape, abortion, death, and self-loathing, but for the most part do so in an artful, vividly poetic manner. While it would have been stronger if a few of the weaker songs had been left off, When the Kite String Pops is still an excellent, diverse metal album that remains unlike much else, even years after it release. CD is also in stock.

    Dead Boys- "Young Loud & Snotty" CD (Sire)
    A punk rock classic if ever there was one, back in stock. Released in 1977.

    Dead Boys- "Younger, Louder & Snottier" CD (Bomp)
    The raw demos from the "Young Loud & Snotty" sessions unearthed for those of you who like it rough.

    M.I.A.- "Kala" CDx2 (XL)
    New! Expanded edition that features a bonus disc with 6 exclusive songs.

    Ryan Adams & The Cardinals- "Cold Roses" CXx2 (Lost Highway)
    Back in stock.

    Michael Franti & Spearhead- "All Rebel Rockers" CD+DVD (Anti)
    The most recent album back in stock on both CD & LP formats. CD includes bonus DVD.

    Pete Molinari- "A Virtual Landslide" CD (Damaged Goods)
    A British singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Pete Molinari draws on the ghosts of Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, and Phil Ochs and the spirit of the great folk revival of the 1960s for his inspiration, and by looking to and drawing on this musical past, he manages to channel it into a fresh and still reverent contemporary sound. Born into a large Maltese/Italian/Egyptian family in Chatham, Kent, Molinari fell early under the spell of his older brothers' record collections, and grew up fascinated by the music of John Coltrane, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Scott, Leadbelly, Hank Williams, Billie Holiday, and others from a bygone era. After reading Guthrie's Bound for Glory and Jack Kerouac's On the Road, he was inspired to set off for New York City and spent a couple of years playing and honing his performing skills in the legendary folk and blues clubs there, also finding time to visit Memphis, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Los Angeles before returning to Chatham, where he recorded his debut album, 2006's Walking Off the Map, on an old Revox tape machine in his friend Billy Childish's kitchen. For the follow-up, 2008's A Virtual Landslide, Molinari worked with producer Liam Watson at Toe Rag Studios, and the album included some tracks with a full band and a throwback sound that was still somehow fresh and contemporary even as it suggested echoes from another time.

    Kensington Market- "Aardvark" CD (Pacemaker)
    The Kensington Market were a Toronto band that recorded two albums in the late 60s off the Warner Brothers label. Their first album, Avenue Road appeared in 1968 and was greeted with great acclaim. Avenue Road was a modest effort that was noteworthy for a few reasons, it featured decent pop instincts and solid songwriting. In 1969 the band released their final lp titled Aardvark.
    Aardvark is a weird and wonderful mini masterpiece in which much of the Kensington Market’s reputation rests. This time out there were no silly jugband tracks and many of the album’s ideas are fully formed and well thought out. Some of the songs, like the beautifully trippy Cartoon and the ahead-of-it’s-time Help, use primitive synthesizer in all the right ways. Help sounds like a lost Flaming Lips track with its open arrangement and blissed out guitar playing. Side I Am would have had radio potential had it not been for the experimental Smile-era Beach Boys intro. It’s a stunning pop song with Penny Lane horns, fine vocals and that special, inspiring 60s magic. Other tracks like Think About The Times and If It Is Love have more of a meloncholy air but are equally excellent and reveal a more pessimistic side of the band. The experimental Americana of Half Closed Eyes is another standout composition that’s superb in an early morning folk-strum Dylan way with unusual synthesizer flourishes.Aardvark requires a few close listens to sink in but it really is a great Beatles influenced pop album by an underrated band.

    Bauhaus- "The Sky's Gone Out" LP 180 gram (4 Men With Beards)
    Their 3rd album from 1982. Another bleak Goth gem which leads off with a nuclear hot rendition of Brian Eno's "Third Uncle". On heavyweight vinyl.

    Dream Theater- "Systematic Chaos" LPx2 (Roadrunner)
    European double LP in a gatefold sleeve. 180 gram vinyl.

    Kings Of Leon- "Only By The Night" LPx2 (BMG)
    The new album is finally here on 180 gram vinyl. Double LP in a gatefold sleeve. Features the non CD track "Frontier City".

    The Smiths- "This Charming Man" 7" (Rough Trade)
    Reissues of all their 7" singles in original picture sleeves.

    The Smiths- "Hand In Glove" 7" (Rough Trade)
    Reissues of all their 7" singles in original picture sleeves.

    The Smiths- "What Difference Does It Make" 7" (Rough Trade)
    Reissues of all their 7" singles in original picture sleeves.

    Bloc Party- "Talons" 7" (Witchita)
    Part 1 has original version + (Phones R.I.P. Mix).

    Bloc Party- "Talons" 7" (Witchita)
    Part 2 has (Acoustic version + Gordy Remix).

    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- "More News From Nowhere" 7" (Mute)
    Limited edition. A-side is the single version & the B-side "Fleeting Love". Embossed sleeve.

    Connor Oberst- "Souled Out!!!" 7" (Witchita)
    Extremely Limited! A-side has the single and the B-side is an etching.

    Elliott Smith- "Division Day" 7" (Suicide Squeeze)
    B-side is "No Name #6".

    Elliott Smith- "Pretty (Ugly Before)" 7" (Suicide Squeeze)
    B-side is "A Distorted Reality....".

    The Black Keys- "Live @ The Crystal Ballroom" DVD (Nonesuch)
    It’s easy for concert films to become monstrous, overblown pieces of ego feeding crap (Rattle and Hum, The Song Remains The Same. I’m talking to you.) The best films are the one that showcase the band and their music, instead of relying on stupid effects, dramatic camera angles or skits where they play gangsters.
    With The Black Keys Live at The Crystal Ballroom director Lance Bangs does what every good director should do from time to time: Leave the subject alone and let them work. Dan Auerbach (vocals/guitar) played his travel worn Gretsch like a man possessed and in long hair and full beard combo, he looked like Grizzly Adams with a blues fetish. Pat Carney is the geek of power drums; tall and gawky as a scientist trading his microscope for a drum throne. These two are an unlikely one-two punch that can crack open your skull, rip out the pleasure center of your brain and leave you wanting more. However, not all is perfect in the Ballroom.
    Filmed during a show at The Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR, the set leans a bit heavy on their latest album Attack & Release, that’s to be expected and is unfortunate. Yes, Attack was produced by Dangermouse and yes, it gave the Keys a ton more exposure to the world at large but these factors do not make Attack & Release the duo’s best album; on the contrary, it is probably their worst on many levels but I am not here to review the album; I am here to critique the fabulous Live at The Crystal Ballroom. Lance Bangs, director of several videos and R.E.M.’s Road Movie, was enlisted to director the Ballroom DVD but, while watching the concert for the second and third time, it crept into my mind that, with a band as great and as comfortable on stage as The Black Keys seem to be, a director is unnecessary. Just set up a few cameras with operators, run the band’s regular lighting set up, make sure to get some shots of the audience high-fivin’ and going nuts. Voila!, there you have it, a great concert DVD that diehards will love and new fans will watch then bust down the door to buy concert tickets.
    Live has extras that include behind the scenes footage of the boys recording Attack at Suma Studios on the outskirts’ of Cleveland and three music videos. But the real extras are the seventeen songs that The Black Keys burn through like fire engulfing a paper mill; they are relentless, they’re blistering, they’re damned near perfect, they are two white boys from Akron with the blues. They are the motherfuckin’ Black Keys!

    V/A- "Down The Tracks: The Music That Influenced Led Zeppelin" DVD (Eagle Media)
    As recent events have proven, Led Zeppelin continues to be one of the biggest bands of all time. Along with Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, they are often cited as the Godfathers of Heavy Metal. But there was more to Zeppelin than just heavy riffs. Led Zeppelin's first album serves as a blueprint for what would follow in the rest of their career. "Led Zeppelin 1" showcased an eclectic mix of styles that would set them apart from their contemporaries. There's a huge debt to the Blues music that they loved so much, which was the initial common thread for Page and Plant, with artists such as Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters proving particularly influential.
    This fascinating program tells the story of the music and artists that have influenced the legendary British Rock pioneers, Led Zeppelin. Down The Tracks continues to examine how the group created their mighty stadium rock sound that helped define the musical backdrop of the 70's, while influencing virtually every heavy metal rock band that came after them.
    Features clips from songs performed by: Son House, Howlin' Wolf, Bukka White, Muddy Waters, Davey Graham And many more...

    Parliament/Funkadelic- "The Mothership Connection Live 1976" DVD (Shout Factory)
    Rare live footage of the Parliament Funkadelic empire at the height of their powers -- recorded right in the massive Mothership year of 1976! The show was filmed on Halloween, in Houston -- and features a very large P-Funk lineup -- one that plays with hard-jamming intensity that's almost more James Brown at times than the usual George Clinton groove! The lighting's a bit weird, so that the heady 70s color show really creates an eyeful at times -- but the set more than makes up for this aspect with the quality of its music, which is a real revelation compared to studio albums from the Clinton camp at the time. The set's in living (almost livid) color, and runs for approximately 85 minutes -- and features 14 tracks that include "Funkin For Fun", "Swing Down Sweet Chariot", "Dr Funkenstein", "Undisco Kidd", "Do That Stuff", "Gamin On Ya", "Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On", "P Funk", "Mothership Connection", "Give Up The Funk", and "Night Of The Tumpasorus Peoples".

    Nashville Pussy- "Live In Hollywood" DVD (MVD)
    A whole boatload of new & old Nashville Pussy tracks recorded live in concert. Includes band home movies. 70 minutes.

    Johnny Winter- "Live Through The 70's" DVD (MVD)
    There is no known film of Robert Johnson, precious little of T-Bone Walker and none of Muddy Waters in his prime in Chicago before 1960. But the gods of music bestowed a gift on fans when they granted the filming of Johnny Winter from his creation as he exploded on the scene like a Texas tornado to become a true blues guitar hero.
    The first clips from 1970 shot at the Gladsaxe Teen Club in Denmark with Johnny s Texas rhythm section of bassist Tommy Shannon and drummer Uncle John Turner are stunning in their production and performances. Johnny is an exuberant live wire, his long white mane flashing. With brother Edgar guesting on keyboards, drums and vocals, he tears into an epic version of Be Careful of the Fool like a man on a mission slinging a suitably funky Epiphone guitar. A special treat is the rare, early airing of Edgar s Frankenstein with Johnny carrying the track almost single-handedly.
    Concert footage from the same year at the Royal Albert Hall in London finds him evolving to rock and glam as his onstage persona develops. He owned Johnny B. Goode in the 70s and his orgasmic version, along with hyper takes of Talk to Your Daughter and Tell the Truth are still breathtaking and unmatched in their raw energy and fret-melting chops.
    Interviews conducted at Detroit Tubeworks are interspersed throughout, revealing Johnny as a witty subject with a perceptive and wryly critical view of the culture. He is joined in one segment by bassist Randy Jo Hobbs to whom he precedes to teach Key to the Highway on the spot for a spontaneous country blues performance showing another side of his guitar mastery. By the time he appears on Rock Concert in 1973 with Hobbs and double-bass drummer Richard Hughes, however, he has metamorphosed into a full-fledged star on his way to becoming one of the biggest arena acts of the decade. With top hat, cape, platform shoes and beard, he waves his signature Firebird like a magic wand at the transfixed audience as he rocks the house to the rafters with Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo and Stone County.
    By 1979 Johnny returned to the blues he never left. In a telling moment he attempts to explain the music to the German audience at the Rockpalast in Essen. Citing the language barrier, he proceeds to give the most eloquent demonstration with bassist/harmonicist Jon Paris and drummer Bobby Torello by using the classic Mississippi Blues as a vehicle to traverse the whole history from the Delta to Texas, Chicago and beyond to the high voltage style of Johnny himself. It is a fitting testimonial to a legendary bluesman who has earned his place among the immortals that preceded and inspired him.

    Neil Young- "Silver & Gold" LP (Warner Germany)
    Standard LP imported from Germany.

    Ryan Adams & The Cardinals- "Cold Roses" LPx2 (Lost Highway)
    Back in stock.

    Ryan Adams & The Cardinals- "Jacksonville City Nights" LPx2 (Lost Highway)
    Back in stock. Contains 4 exclusive songs not on the CD.

    Dennis Wilson- "Pacific Ocean Blue" LPx3 (Sundazed)
    Beach Boy DW's famous lone solo LP is now back in stock on triple ocean blue vinyl.

    Sourvein- "Imperial Bastard" CD (Candlelight)
    Blacktide Music says of Sourvein, “ominous riffs, which launch into despair-ridden breakdowns the likes of which would make Eyehategod tremble with fear.” This is a special/limited ep. New full-length album planned for release in 2009.

    Pink Floyd- "Dark Side Of The Moon" LP (Capitol)
    The big fancy anniversary edition is now back in stock.

    The King Khan & BBQ Show- "S/T" LPx2 (In The Red)

    Fu Manchu- "We Must Obey" LP (Century Media)
    Limited clear vinyl version. Back in stock.

    Omar Rodriquez Lopez- "Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fungus" LP (Infrasonic)
    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fungus is one of four solo albums completed in 2001 by OMAR RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ, upon disbanding AT THE DRIVE IN. Simultaneous to launching the massive undertaking that would become THE MARS VOLTA, Rodriguez Lopez (as well as his usual cast of co-conspirators) spent much of that year in his Long Beach studio, Anikulapo, blowing off the proverbial steam resultant from the previous few years of endless touring. Indicative of Rodriguez Lopez?s habit of constantly shuffling ideas and compositions amongst his various outlets, the record features tracks that were intended for eventual use by THE MARS VOLTA but reassigned, for one reason or another, and prior to the release of this album via Infrasonic Sound, unknown to the public. First time for LP. CD is also in stock.

    Bloc Party- "Intimacy" LP (Atlantic)
    Now here on LP. Includes free MP3 downloads which include bonus songs.

    Belle & Sebastian- "BBC Sessions" CD+LPx2 (Matador)
    Both formats now in stock. LP includes free downloads.

    Flying Burrito Brothers- "Burrito Deluxe" LP (4 Men With Beards)
    180 gram reissue of their 2nd album. Classic 70's country rock.

    Alexander "Skip" Spence- "Oar" LP 180 gram (Sundazed)
    No one except psychedelic Renaissance man Alexander "Skippy" Spence could have created an album such as Oar. Alternately heralded as a "soundtrack to schizophrenia" and a "visionary solo effort," Oar became delegated to cut out and bargain bins shortly after its release in the spring of 1969. However those who did hear it were instantly drawn into Spence's inimitable sonic surrealism. As his illustrious past in the Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and Moby Grape would suggest, this album is a pastiche of folk and rock. In reality, however, while these original compositions may draw from those genres, each song has the individuality of a fingerprint. As a solo recording, Oar is paramount as Spence performed and produced every sound on the album himself at Columbia Records studios in Nashville in the space of less than two weeks. This burst of creativity was directly preceded by a six month incarceration in New York City's Bellevue Hospital after chopping down a door at the Albert Hotel en route to do the same to fellow Moby Grape members Jerry Miller and Don Stevenson.

    Tool- "Undertow" LPx2 (Volcano)
    Back in stock on double LP.

    Bob Dylan- "Modern Times" LPx2 (Columbia)
    Back in stock. Heavyweight vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

    Drive By Truckers- "The Dirty South" LPx2 (New West)
    Back in stock. Heavyweight vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

    Robert Calvert- "Test Tube Conceived" LP (Demi Monde)
    If you know who Hawkwind are, then you know who Robert Calvert is. You may have heard (or may even own) the great "Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters" album, with such famous guest starts as Lemmy, Paul Rudolph, Brian Eno, and Twink (not to mention Dave Brock, Nik Turner, Del Dettmar, and Simon King of Hawkwind). Let me tell you, I like "Test Tube Conceived" much better, and here's why: The music is much more cutting edge. It really picks up where "Quark, Strangeness and Charm" and the Hawklords album "25 Years On" left off. There was a hint of this album on "Freq," with the song "Acid Rain," but where that song was just a tasty morsel this album is a meal unto itself. If you ever want to get more than a glimpse into Robert Calvert's mental illness (which is well documented), then there isn't a better piece than the song "I Hear Voices." Most performers would sing something like this for purely entertainment purposes; I suspect that Calvert was more than half-serious when he recorded the song. He was way ahead of his time. Songs like "On Line" and "Thanks to the Scientists" are now coming true. (Online review)

    Daevid Allen & Gilli Smyth- "The Owl & The Tree" LP (Demi Monde)
    Gilli Smyth first came to the attention of the rock buying fraternity through her work with her then husband Daevid Allen in Gong. Gong came into being almost by accident in the late sixties when Daevid Allen was refused entry back into Britain following European dates with Soft Machine. Deciding to stay in Paris Allen began working with Gilli Smyth and various musicians on what would eventually be recognised as Gong. The first recognised recordings from the band were Magick Brother, Mystic Sister in 1970. Followed by albums such as Camembert Electrique, Flying Teapot, Angels Egg and You. The first three albums released followed the fortunes of Zero The Hero and told the tale of the pothead pixies and was told over the course of the next three albums and became the Radio Gnome Invisible Trilogy. This mythological story was extremely popular and the resultant albums sold exceptionally well however following the departure of core members Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth and Steve Hillage citing the age old musical differences reason for leaving the band Gong moved in a more jazz oriented direction with the addition of Allan Holdsworth alongside Pierre Moerlen and Didier Malherbe. Allen, Smyth and Hillage have all recorded as solo artists and Smyth subsequently formed the offshoot Mother Gong.
    Mother Gong's first album Mother was released in 1978 and the band found Gilli Smyth collaborating with many musicians including Harry Williamson and various friends and family including on this album Owl In The Tree from 1990, former partner Daevid Allen. The album is split into two halves and both Allen and Smyth work well within the limitations set out by vinyl bearing in mind that the days of vinyl made for a more convenient division, which is defined, by the individual styles of both Allen and Smyth. The album is a mix of both styles including Allen's blissed out space rocker style and Smyth's more laid back fairy tale recitations and a smattering of typically Gong like instrumental work.

    The Sights- "Got What We Want" LP (Fall Of Rome)
    In the great tradition of the motor city the sights follow in the footsteps of Iggy and the stooges, MC5 and the white stripes. The superb songwriting skills of Eddie Baranek they embrace scuzzed 60s beat pop on 'don't want you back' and 'be like normal', 'got what i want' Supergrass on 'one and only' and the who on 'Nobody'. The sights sit well outside the current cities fasination with blues inspired riffs and are not part of the 'Jack White' club, for that alone they deserve recognition. Endless hooks and foot tapping tunes make this a hidden gem of the new rock revolution.

    Beachwood Sparks- "Once We Were Trees" LPx2 (Sub Pop)
    The Second full-length from Southern California's Beachwood Sparks, Once We Were Trees, finds the band expanding upon the psychedelic country rock of their self-titled 2000 debut. The new record was recorded with Thom Monahan at J. Mascis' studio in Northampton, MA (J. even plays on the record a bit).

    Junior Wells & Buddy Guy- "Hoodoo Man Blues" LP (Delmark)
    A killer 60's Chicago style blues album from these two masters.

    Radiohead- "OK Computer" LPx2 (Capitol)
    Back in stock.

    Nine Inch Nails- "The Downward Spiral" LPx2 (Universal)
    Now reissued as it originally came: a double LP in a gatefold sleeve.

    Black Flag- "My War" CD (SST)
    Black Flag- "My War" Medium Blue T-Shirt (SST)
    Descendents- "I Don't Want to Grow Up" Small/Medium/Large Yellow T-Shirt (SST)
    Earthless- "Sonic Prayer" LP (Gravity)
    Fugazi- "Steady Diet Of Nothing" LP (Dischord)
    Piano Magic- "Dark Horses" CD (Make Mine Music)
    Rancid- "Rancid Vs Operation Ivy" LP (Fanclub)
    Screaming Trees- "Buzz Factory" CD (SST)
    Social Distortion- "Orange County Cowboy" LP (Fanclub)
    Scott Walker- "Tilt" LP (Drag City)
    Neil Young- "Silver & Gold" LP (Warner Germany)
    Zeni Geva- "10000 Light Years" CD (Neurot)

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