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    Monday, December 08 2008 @ 09:30 AM CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    These items now in stock. All previous lists can be seen in the Music Archives under Topics.

    Serge Gainsbourg- "Bonnie & Clyde" LP (Mercury)
    Bonnie and Clyde isn't actually a full-fledged collaboration between Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot; during their storied mid-'60s fling the two French cultural icons recorded just a handful of tracks together, only a couple of which appear here. Nevertheless, this is a worthwhile collection. In addition to the pair's "Bonnie and Clyde" and "Comic Strip," this album features earlier Gainsbourg numbers, as well as Bardot recordings of compositions by Gainsbourg and others. The moody title track alone justifies the price of admission.

    Elliott Smith- "Speed Trials" 7" (KRS)
    Contains the title track as well as "Angeles" & "I Don't Think I'm Ever Gonna Figure It Out".

    Townes Van Zandt- "Flying Shoes" CD (Snapper)
    All of the early studio albums now reissued.

    Townes Van Zandt- "For The Sake Of The Song" CD (Snapper)
    All of the early studio albums now reissued.

    Townes Van Zandt- "The Late Great Townes Van Zandt " CD (Snapper)
    All of the early studio albums now reissued.

    Otis Redding- "Otis Blue" LP 180 gram (Sundazed)
    These 3 LP's are perhaps his greatest works. State of the art 60's soul.

    Otis Redding- "Dock Of The Bay" LP 180 gram (Sundazed)
    These 3 LP's are perhaps his greatest works. State of the art 60's soul.

    Otis Redding- "Soul Album" LP 180 gram (Sundazed)
    These 3 LP's are perhaps his greatest works. State of the art 60's soul.

    Dr. Dre- "2001" LPx2 (Universal)
    Back in stock.

    The Who- "Quadrophenia" LPx2 (MCA)
    In for the first time on double LP.

    The Who- "Who's Next" LPx3 (MCA)
    This is the deluxe version that has tons of bonus live material.

    The Who- "" LP (MCA)
    This is the stock version with the original tracks only. Cheaper than the one listed above.

    The Constantines- "Our Age" 7" (Arts & Crafts)
    Brand new single. B-side is "Fuckin Up".

    Witch- "Paralysed" CD (TeePee)
    J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) picks up the drum sticks and pounds it out with this hard rockin' psyche/stoner band. This is their 2nd album. Paralyzed is an ironic title for an album that's anything but sedentary and inert. Although the dirgey Sabbath grind of Witch's debut release is retained here, there's also a newfound amphetamine rush to this material, the band drawing more explicitly on some of its punk and hardcore roots. Speed is of the essence and, in contrast with the first album, just one track lasts for over five minutes.

    Emmylou Harris- "Roses In The Snow" CD (Atlantic)
    Country icon Emmylou released this bluegrass & gospel album in 1980. Great version of Paul Simon's "The Boxer" & a sweet duet with Johnny Cash on the song "Jordan".

    Nashville Pussy- "High As Hell" CD (Universal)
    Back in stock.

    Bloc Party- "Intimacy" CD+LP 180 gram (Witchita)
    Back in stock on both formats.

    Lucero- "Tennessee" CD (MadJack)
    Ben Nichols, leader of Memphis alt-country rockers Lucero, claims he had never heard of Uncle Tupelo back when he traded in his punk stripes for a more roots rock sound. While this may sound like typical rhetoric from upstarts trying to avoid being cast into the alt-country ghetto, Tennessee, the group's sophomore outing, is strong enough evidence to back up that claim. Listening to this defiantly organic and strong release, one gets the sense that Nichols adopted a countrified sound simply because it seemed the shortest path to the heart. The album is packed with leather-tough Americana such as "Nights Like These," -- which is all guitar-crunch, rolling B-3 organ, and Nichols' hot-tar emotive rasp -- and the gliding, melodic country-rock of "Ain't So Lonely." There are also plenty of ruminative, bruised numbers on the album, such as "Sweet Little Thing," which eventually bursts out of a stark verse to reveal a Replacements-style hear-tugging rocker.

    Pinback- "Summer In Abaddon" CD+LP (Touch & Go)
    Back in stock on both formats.

    Caribou- "Andorra" CD+LPx2 (Merge)
    One of Canada's most talented artists. This is his most recent album. back in stock on both formats. Double LP contains free downloads.

    The Strokes- "Is This It" LP (RCA)
    Restock of their faultless debut album.

    James McMurtry- "Candyland" CD (Columbia)
    Like Dire Straits' Mark Knopfler (but with less mumble), James McMurtry offers a deep, personable (if plain) voice and delivery, equally suited to both country and rock. The instrumental backing veers between and blurs the two forms, the fluid dynamics rendering the distinction irrelevant. Whatever you call it, the music serves up a perfect backdrop to McMurtry's strong suit -- his evocative, short-story lyrics. Eventually, rock appears to win out as guitars veer into overdrive on "Save Yourself" and "Storekeeper"; the disc finally closing with the wistful, acoustic "Dusty Pages." (AMG)

    Venom- "Welcome To Hell" CD (Castle)
    Black Metal titans are back in stock. This is the raw good early stuff.

    Venom- "Black Metal" CD (Castle)
    Black Metal titans are back in stock. This is the raw good early stuff.

    Venom- "At War With Satan" CD (Castle)
    Black Metal titans are back in stock. This is the raw good early stuff.

    The Besnard Lakes- "Volume 1" CD (Breakglass/Jagjaguwar)
    Restock of their 1st CD.

    The Black Keys- "The Big Come Up" LP Green Vinyl (Alive)
    Now in stock on clear Green vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.

    Black Mountain- "Black Mountain" LP (Scratch)
    Their 1st album back in the bins.

    D.O.A.- "Human Bomb" 7" (Sudden Death)
    The first new 7" single from D.O.A. in 10 years. Canada's punk legends totally tear it up with Human Bomb. Produced by Bob Rock (Mettalica, Motley Crue, Pointed Sticks) and Jamey Koch, ‘Human Bomb’ is the lead track from D.O.A.'s new CD Northern Avenger. It has a touch of Iggy Pop at it's core and a whole lot of punk rock from these punk pioneers. The B side, ‘Crossfire’, is a great anti-war song that is not included on the 12" vinyl version of the album.

    D.O.A.- "Northern Avenger" CD+LP (Sudden Death)
    The briskly selling new partner project of Band of Rebels is now in on vinyl! CD back in stock too. "D.O.A., Canada's top punk rock band, release their 12th studio album Northern Avenger on Sudden Death Records. Early reviews of Northern Avenger are drawing comparisons to D.O.A.'s incredible first two albums: Something Better Change and Hardcore '81. Produced by the legendary Bob Rock (Mettalica, Offspring, Pointed Sticks, Motley Crue, Young Canadians) the band have really put it into high gear in time for their 30th anniversary. Led by Canada's godfather of punk, Joe Shithead Keithley on guitar and vocals, Northern Avenger is punk rock the way it was meant to be. With the help of his bandmates Randy Rampage (bass) and Floor Tom Jones (drums), D.O.A. also throw in some ska and some no holds barred intense riffs that drive you wild and make you think at the same time, a rare feat these days. Northern Avenger harks back to early classic days of D.O.A. and Bob Rock's production brings out the band's best. With this album you can hear why D.O.A. has influenced three generations of musicians, from Green Day to Rancid to Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Offspring to Henry Rollins. Ya Hey! This is D.O.A."

    The Pack A.D.- "Tintype" CD+LP (Mint)
    Canadian indie chicks do the blues rock duo thingy. Really good actually.

    The Pack A.D.- "Funeral Mixtape" CD+LP (Mint)
    See above. This is their 2nd and most recent release.

    Subhumans- "Death Was Too Kind" CD+LP (Alternative Tentacles)
    Reissue of the very 1st Canadian Subhumans release on both formats. Real Canuck punk rock from the glory years of the late 70's.

    The Telescopes- "As Approved By The Committee" CD+LP Pink Vinyl (Bomp)
    Early recordings from this UK shoegaze group.

    The Melvins- "The Bootlicker" CD (Ipecac)

    Slayer- "Live Undead" LP Colored Vinyl (Metal Blade)
    Limited! Colored vinyl version of this notorious live album.

    Slayer- "Haunting The Chapel" LP Colored Vinyl (Metal Blade)
    Limited! Boasting the awesome "Chemical Warfare," a regular staple of Slayer's live shows, the Haunting the Chapel EP was a more crucial stepping stone in the legendary L.A. band's career development than many give it credit for. Issued in between the band's very promising debut and the following year's more sonically ripened Hell Awaits, Haunting the Chapel offers important clues about this transition period, which saw Slayer's rock-based song structures give way to the non-linear, genre-defining style thereafter regarded as thrash metal's signature sound. Among the uniformly solid cuts here, the enduring fan favorite "Captor of Sin" is another highlight, making this a well-recommended release for committed Slayer fans.

    Kings Of Leon- "Only By The Night" LPx2 (Warner)
    Double LP version of their brand new studio album. Gatefold sleeve.

    Wild Billy Childish- "Thatcher's Children" CD+LP (Damaged Goods)
    This is their third album in as many years and has 12 new tracks.The front cover has been designed by legendary Sex Pistols cover artist Jamie Reid who also shows at London gallery The Aquarium alongside Billy, Sexton Ming, James Cauty and more. The back cover has a lovely picture of Maggie in her best Churchillian pose! As usual the songs are fast and furious with biting lyrics and wry observations on today’s world. Every 5 years or so Billy Childish is sited by the current top band as the embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll integrity, and every 5 years or so Billy splits his group up and starts again from scratch. With his latest combo, The Musicians of the British Empire, Billy carries on his tradition of home made punk and rhythm and blues.

    The Herbalizer- "Can't Help This Feeling" 12" (Ninja Tune)
    Track from their new album with 4 remixes.

    Eddie Spaghetti- "Old No.2" LP (Mid Fi)
    Picture disc. Solo album from Supersuckers frontman.

    Mark Kozelek- "The Finally LP" CD (Caldo Verde)
    A rarities collection including covers of Husker Du, Stephen Sondheim, Will Oldham, AC/DC, Low and others.

    King Khan & The Shrines- "The Supreme Genius Of...." CD+LPx2 (Vice)
    Back in stock on both formats.

    King Cobb Steelie- "Destroy All Codes" CD (Outside)
    Their outta site album from 2004. Instro jams that incorporate rock, funk, electronic & world sounds. A fantastic fusion. Recommended!

    Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir- "Ten Thousand" CD (SAP)
    Rough & tumble Americana with double shots of gritty Tom Waits style blues and gospel swing. Their best album yet.

    Chad Vangaalen- "Skelliconnection" CD (Flemish Eye)
    Chad's 2nd album.

    King Crimson- "The Power To Believe" CD (DGM)
    Never let it be said that King Crimson don't take time and care over their output and direction. It's now over three years since the line-up mutated from a double trio to a four-piece and over two since their first studio album. In all that time there have been various side projects, live albums, rehearsal EPs and all manner of official bootlegs/ aborted recording dates and re-thinks. Not many bands would have such a commitment to perfecting and searching for a new direction, but then again, if you ever get to listen to The Power To Believe, you'll know why it was totally necessary. The band was bound to seriously re-tool their approach; due in no small part to the fact that this most English of institutions suddenly found itself to be three quarters American! This, combined with a tour supporting Tool led them to strip away a lot of the extraneous noodling that bogged down the last album (The Construcktion Of Light), making the new work far less 'prog' and much more...well, progressive in the true sense of the word. The original title of the album was Nuovo Metal - but this goes way beyond bludgeoning mayhem. Just listen to the post-modern japery on display in ''Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With''. It's mayhem with both balls and brains. (Online review)

    Misfits- "Collection 1" CD+LP (Caroline)
    Back in stock on both formats.

    Misfits- "Legacy Of Brutality" LP (Caroline)
    Restock on LP.

    Band Of Horses- "Cease To Begin" LP (Sub Pop)
    Back in stock. Contains free MP3 download.

    Royal Wood- "A Good Enough Day" LP + Download (Dead Daisy)
    In a land strewn with singer-songwriters, it is difficult to find one that stands out amongst the crowd. However, according to NOW Magazine (Toronto), critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Royal Wood “crafts songs that drift from sad pastoral laments to capering piano and guitar pop jubilance with an effortlessness that is truly staggering”.
    A Good Enough Day marks the second full-length release from this Toronto-based artist and only proves to showcase his abilities once again, not only as a songwriter and performer, but as an arranger and producer as well. Written, performed and produced by Royal, A Good Enough Day is a 9-song album chock-full of pianos, keyboards, guitars, lush background vocals and at times a full string quartet. Special features of the vinyl version include the previously unreleased “Bonnie’s Song” and a special mix of “Irish Girl”, the hidden track on the CD version.
    Whether heartfelt ballads, bouncy pop tunes or rock laden 4/4 epics, every song is sung with honesty and will leave a reason to listen to it — again and again.

    Little Feat- "Sailin' Shoes" CD (Warner)
    From 1972. Little Feat's debut may have been a great album but it sold so poorly, they had to either broaden their audience or, in all likelihood, they'd be dropped from Warner. So, Sailin' Shoes is a consciously different record from its predecessor - less raw and bluesy, blessed with a varied production and catchier songs. That still doesn't make it a pop record, since Little Feat, particularly in its first incarnation, was simply too idiosyncratic, earthy and strange for that. It is, however, an utterly thrilling, individual blend of pop, rock, blues and country, due in no small part to a stellar set of songs from Lowell George.

    David Gilmour- "Arnold Layne" 10" (Sony/BMG)
    Limited edition 10" vinyl. Two live versions of Arnold Layne. One with David Bowie, the other with Richard Wright. "Dark Globe" also included.

    Norah Jones- "Not Too Late" LP (Blue Note)
    European import. Norah sheds her easy listening sound for this, her 3rd album. Not wanting to be pigeonholed she attempts some new art for art's sake by doing away with pop standard cover songs and all the high priced studio hacks. An important album for her.

    Jimi Hendrix- "Are You Experienced?" LPx2 (Back To Black)
    Reissue, back in stock.

    Jimi Hendrix- "Axis, Bold As Love" LP (Back To Black)
    Reissue, back in stock.

    Marc Bolan- "The Beginning Of Doves" LPx2 180 gram (Earmark)
    A huge collection of Marc's pre T.Rex recordings. 37 tracks recorded between 1966-67. Extensive liner notes. Gatefold sleeve.

    Ethiopians- "Train To Skaville" LPx2 180 gram (Earmark)
    The Ethiopians' recordings from the mid 60s up thru the early 70s represent all that is great about Jamaican music from this period. Strong lyrics, great vocal harmonies, and great tracks from WIRL studios and producers such as J.J. Johnson and Sonia Pottinger combine to make this a definitive collection of the Ethiopians's best work. Due to licensing rights, there are no Studio One tracks here but it hardly matters, this is some of the most enjoyable rocksteady and early reggae ever.

    Dusty Springfield- "Dusty In Memphis" LP 180 gram (4 Men With Beards)
    Repressed! "Dusty grooves in Memphis! Britain's greatest pop diva Dusty Springfield was the finest white soul singer of her era and this landmark Atlantic Records album from 1969 is a masterpiece, a perfect marriage of pop and soul. Contains her top 10 hit 'Son Of A Preacher Man' plus several other hit singles and classic tracks. Dusty In Memphis was picked as the #9 coolest record of all time in the April 11, 2002 issue of Rolling Stone and chosen by Mojo magazine as one of the best 100 albums ever released. A recognized classic around the world! This reissue has new exclusive liner notes by maverick '60s music historian Alec Palao and guitarist/songwriter Chuck Prophet. Audiophile remastering from the original master tapes. 180 gram HQ vinyl. original artwork. Gatefold sleeve."

    Aretha Franklin- "Spirit In The Dark" LP 180 gram (4 Men With Beards)
    "1970's Spirit In The Dark includes five self-penned Aretha vibrant classics, as well as songs by B.B. King, Dr. John, Jimmy Reed, and Carole King. Musicians include: Brother Duane Allman, Big Star/Rolling Stones' session man Jim Dickinson, along with the Muscle Shoals rhythm section and the Dixie Flyers. The November 2002 issue of Mojo magazine said of this uplifting LP: 'triumphant... spiritual in immense proportions... defiant, jubilant'. Liner notes by Richie Unterberger. Remastered at Fantasy Studios from the original 1970 master recordings." 180 gram HQ vinyl. Gatefold sleeve.

    Aretha Franklin- "Aretha Now!" LP 180 gram (4 Men With Beards)
    "Aretha Franklin at the peak of her early form. 'Think,' 'I Say a Little Prayer,' 'See Saw,' and 'I Can't See Myself Leaving You' were all big hits. Her choice of cover material included some of her most R&B-drenched early Atlantic cuts, like 'Night Time Is the Right Time,' 'You Send Me,' and 'I Take What I Want.' Also includes original artwork."

    Nico- "Chelsea Girl" LP 180 gram (4 Men With Beards)
    "Her debut originally released in 1967 (mere months after the groundbreaking The Velvet Underground & Nico album). A masterpiece of dark orchestral folk-pop featuring playing and songwriting help from the VU's Lou Reed, John Cale and Sterling Morrison (as well as the then unknown Jackson Browne who was dating Nico at the time). Features the definitive version of Browne's 'These Days,' as well as classics like the title track and Tim Hardin's 'Eulogy For Lenny Bruce.'"

    Richard & Linda Thompson- "Shoot Out The Lights" LP 180 gram (4 Men With Beards)
    "It's the palpable tension of Richard and Linda's ongoing divorce that gives the songs on this 1982 LP like 'Don't Renege On Our Love' and 'Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed' an edgy bite different from the duo's other LPs. Original artwork."

    T.Rex- "The Slider" Picture Disc (Get Back!)
    Heavyweight picture LP in a clear PVC sleeve.

    Flaming Lips- "In A Priest Driven Ambulance" LPx2 (Plain)
    Recorded in 1990. In a Priest Driven Ambulance ranks as the first truly brilliant Flaming Lips album; the first effort to feature guitarist Jonathan "Dingus" Donahue, it's a loose concept record that brings Wayne Coyne's long-standing obsessions with religion bubbling to the surface. The thematic glue creates a structural framework unlike anything found on previous albums, resulting in a newfound sense of cohesion and depth: songs like "Rainin' Babies" and "Five-Stop Mother Superior Rain" offer unforeseen levels of poignancy, while guitar freak-outs such as "Unconsciously Screamin'" and "Mountain Side" slash and burn with remarkable potency. For the Lips, the future begins here. (AMG)

    Husker Du- "Zen Arcade" LPx2 (SST)
    Restock. A brilliant, highly influential album.

    Stevie Wonder- "Talking Book" LP 180 gram (Vinyl Lovers)
    After releasing two "head" records during 1970-71, Stevie Wonder expanded his compositional palate with 1972's Talking Book to include societal ills as well as tender love songs, and so recorded the first smash album of his career. What had been hinted at on the intriguing project Music of My Mind was here focused into a laser beam of tight songwriting, warm electronic arrangements, and ebullient performances -- altogether the most realistic vision of musical personality ever put to wax.

    Devendra Banhart- "Rejoicing In The Hands/Nino Rojo" LPx2 (Young God)
    Two full albums packaged together.

    Uriah Heep- "Wake The Sleeper" CD (Sanctuary)
    Wake the Sleeper, Uriah Heep's first studio album in ten years and 21st overall, finds the group attempting to reclaim its original glory. It has had time to gather some quality material and to assess its long-term musical approach, and the album is both consistent with its sound over the years and a statement of purpose for the present and the future. As if to blow away the cobwebs, the album begins with three consecutive quick-tempo rockers, the title song (which has no lyrics except for that title), "Overload," and the socially conscious "Tears of the World" ("The tears of the world keep falling until we stand together.") Things slow down only slightly with "Light of a Thousand Stars," which, like much of the rest of the album, sounds like it could have been made in 1978 instead of 2008. (Online review)

    Bloc Party- "Mercury" 7" (Witchita)
    Single from the new album "Intimacy". B-side is "Idea For A Story" which is an exclusive track.

    Rose Tattoo- "Scared For Life" CD (Repertoire)
    Another CD this week from these Aussie punk/metal yobs. Featuring bald midget Angry Anderson on vox.

    Oasis- "I'm Outta Time #1" 7" (Big Brother)
    The b-side is a Neon Neon remix of 'To Be Where There's Life'.

    Oasis- "I'm Outta Time #2" 7" (Big Brother)
    Side a is an exclusive remix of 'I'm Outta Time' by Marilyn Manson bassist Twiggy with Dave Sardy, and side b is a remix of 'The Shock Of The Lightning' by Jagz Kooner.

    M83- "Saturdays=Youth" CD (Mute)
    Like fellow Frenchmen Air and Daft Punk, M83's Anthony Gonzalez has the knack for making sounds others might think of as outdated, or even tacky, into music that feels stylish and fresh. Saturdays=Youth lives up to its evocative title, but the youth it captures is filtered through nostalgia for the unrepentantly fake sounds of the '80s, transforming them into delicate fantasy pop.

    David Byrne & Brian Eno- "Everything That Happens Will Happen Today" CD (Opal)
    Brand new collaboration between DB & BE. Sweeping & majestic, in it's electronic pop opulence.

    Star Fucking Hipsters- "Until We're Dead" CD+LP (Fat Wreck)
    Straight out of the squats of NYC, STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS are a veritable who’s who of the punk/ska/crust scene. Originally the brainchild of Leftover Crack vocalist Sturgeon and drummer Brandon Chevalier-Kolling, STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS was temporarily derailed by Brandon’s tragic and untimely death. Pulsing with an unrelenting intensity, and coupled with Sturgeon’s sociopolitical lyrics, Until Were Dead is an onslaught of punk/ska/crust that will have the listener clamoring for more.

    Demented Are Go- "Kicked Out Of Hell" CD (Anagram)
    Back in stock. UK psychobilly.

    Demented Are Go- "The Day The Earth Spat Blood/Go Go Demented" CD (Anagram)
    Back in stock. UK psychobilly. 2 full albums on one CD.

    The Macc Ladds- "Beer & Sex & Chips 'N' Gravy/Bitter, Fit Crack" CDx2 (Anagram)
    Loutish drunken UK punks from the 80's. 2 full albums on one CD.

    The Macc Ladds- "The Beer Necessities/Alehouse Rock" CDx2 (Anagram)
    Loutish drunken UK punks from the 80's. 2 full albums on one CD.

    Leadbelly- "The Definitive Leadbelly" CDx2 (Not Now)
    50 of his finest recordings on 2 CD's. UK import. Budget priced.

    Hank III- "Damn Right, Rebel Proud" CD (Curb)
    Hank III's brand new album, back in stock. Look for the double LP coming very soon!

    Neil Young- "Sugar Mountain: Live At Canterbury House 1968" CD+DVD audio (Reprise)
    Live solo acoustic performance from 1968. The DVD audio is the same concert in Hi-Res Stereo for the best sound possible.

    Conor Oberst- "S/T" CD+LP (Merge)
    Solo album from Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst. LP contains free MP3 download of entire album.

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