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    An early look at This Weeks stock.   
    Monday, October 18 2010 @ 05:06 am CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    These CD's & LP's will be here wednesday afternoon. More to come. Random Stock News!

    New Upcoming Releases. These items are not yet in stock, but coming soon!

    Robert Plant- Band Of Joy LPx2
    Cradle Of Filth - Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa LPx2
    Brian Eno- Small Craft On A Milk Sea CD+LP box set
    Dag Nasty- Dag With Shawn CD+LP
    Fred Squire- March 12 CD+LP
    Maserati- Pyramid Of The Sun CD+LP
    The Sadies- New Seasons LP (colored vinyl)
    The Tallest Man On Earth- Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird LP
    Sufjan Stevens - The Age Of Adz CD+LP
    Electric Wizard- Black Masses (new) LPx2
    Electric Wizard- Witchcult Today LP
    Electric Wizard- Dope Throne LP
    Easy Star All Stars- Dubber Side Of The Moon CD+LP
    Ryan Bingham- Junky Star LP
    Budos Band- III
    Section 25- Retrofit
    Los Lobos- Tin Can Trust LP
    Grinderman- Heathen Child 12"
    Fabienne Delsol- On My Mind
    Hawkwind- Blood Of The Earth LP

    Antony & The Johnsons- "Swanlights" CD+LP (Secretly Canadian)
    wanlights, the fourth full-length by Antony and the Johnsons, reveals that 2009's The Crying Light was a stepping stone that furthered his sophistication as a songwriter, arranger, and singer. While that album's tunes about acceptance, death, transformation, and loss were added to immeasurably by Nico Muhly's gorgeous string arrangements, Swanlights employs the same band, this time augmented by a chamber orchestra.

    Antony & The Johnsons- "Thank You For Your Love" 12" (Secretly Canadian)
    Latest single on clear vinyl.

    Dimmu Borgir- "Abrahadabra" LPx2 (Nuclear Blast)
    Brand new release on double vinyl. Budget priced too!

    Tom Waits- "Alice" LP (Anti)
    Vinyl Restock.

    Squarepusher presents Shobaleader One- "d'Demonstrator" CD+LPx2 (Warp)
    Q & A with Squarepusher about Shobaleader One.
    1. What is Shobaleader One?
    Shobaleader One is my band. Last summer a bunch of kids got in contact with me. They were talking about forming an ensemble, which I thought was a ridiculous idea but I was impressed by their perseverance so we met up. Their idea was that they wanted the 'fantasy group' I had written about in connection with 'Just A Souvenir' to become a real entity that would record and tour. So we had a go at doing some recording and the story so far is documented on this record.
    2. Who is in the band?
    Basically a bunch of people who you may or may not have heard of from other bands and projects. Part of their idea is that this music is a completely clean break with whatever they've done in the past so I'm not allowed to mention any names. I can tell you that they are pretty frightening players.

    Unintended- "S/T" CD (Blue Fog)
    Project from a few years back led by Eric's Trip mainman Rick White with guests the Sadies & Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo. Absolutely great mindbending blend of psyche/rock/folk. A must have if you like any of these artists.

    Autechre- "Confield" LPx2 (Warp)
    Back in stock. Despite the dozens of experimental electronics producers constantly nipping at their heels, Autechre remained at the forefront of academic sound processing with a highly awaited sixth full album. Whether pushing the next new thing in 2001 is enough to keep listeners coming back to this LP years later is a much different question, and the assault of non-rhythmic beats sprayed all over Confield is enough to keep most from even trying. Opener "VI Scose Poise" is a bouncing-ball-in-a-ring-modulator production that reveals only a few of Autechre's excellent minor-key melodies, while the second off, "Cfern," keeps listeners guessing as well with a parade of conflicting rhythms and head-spinning beats. In fact, it's a palpable relief when "Cfern" leads directly into more straightforward electro territory with "Pen Expers." There are faint glimpses of the melancholy beauty of Autechre's early work, but this experimental, rigidly academic work is a record to respect, not enjoy. (AMG)

    Autechre- "Ganz Graf" 12" (Warp)
    3 track EP from 2002.

    Explosions In The Sky- "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place" LPx2 (Temporary Residence)
    Restock on vinyl.

    Explosions In The Sky- "Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die..." LPx2 (Temporary Residence)
    Restock on vinyl.

    Endless Boogie- "Full House Head" LPx2 (No Quarter)
    Latest release from psyche/blues jam band. Double LP in gatefold sleeve.

    Oval- "O" CD+LPx2 (Thrill Jockey)
    Glitchy electronic acts brand new album. Always pushing the boundaries of experimental electronic pop (term pop being used loosely). LP has download for a bunch of bonus music.

    Sufjan Stevens- "Age Of Adz" CD (Asthmatic Kitty)
    Brand new full length studio album for SS. Vinyl coming very soon!

    Flying Lotus- "1983" LP (Warp)
    Back in stock on vinyl. Lots of other FL vinyl in stock now as well.

    Red Giant- "Dysfunctional Majesty" CD (Small Stone)
    This statement may be acknowledged as fact by only a small and select contingent of discerning musical enthusiasts, but no band short of perhaps West Virginia's Karma to Burn exudes a greater sense of mystique in conjunction with its uniquely recognizable, slightly skewed stoner metal aesthetic than Cleveland, OH's enigmatic Red Giant. Notoriously elusive and antisocial, the group's members have made a habit of emerging out of apparent hibernation every half-decade or so, always armed with a new collection of labyrinthine twin-guitar overtures as bruising as they are scintillating. And because they are a guitar band's guitar band by definition -- even though frontman Alex Perekrest is one hell of a singer -- it's no wonder that Red Giant prefer to mask their identities behind the grim iron helmet of "the Cosmic Welder," a Galactus-like mascot that, in one guise or another, has graced all of their album covers. In the case of their fourth full-length, 2010's Dysfunctional Majesty, said mascot stands triumphant over a throng of submissive lovelies in direct emulation of Kiss' classic Love Gun artwork, but all signs of lighthearted wit or wanting to "rock and roll all night and party every day" end right there, because when the needle hits the groove, Red Giant are all business -- heavy, indomitable business.

    Widespread Panic- "Live In The Classic City II, MM" LPx3 (ATO)
    To celebrate the tenth anniversary of their now legendary (among spreadheads anyway) stand at the Classic Center in Athens, GA in April 2000, Widespread Panic released a second volume in their Live in the Classic City series. The first was a massive three-disc set, and featured guest spots by Col. Bruce Hampton and R.E.M.'s Bill Berry. Live in the Classic City II, MM is comprised of entirely different material, featuring 16 tracks taken from all over the band's catalog, including stellar performances of "Big Wooly Mammoth" and "Imitation Leather Shoes" from Don't Tell the Band, set opener "Travelin' Light" off the self-titled album, an excellent stretched-out cover of J.J. Cale's "Barrooms and Dreamers" from Space Wrangler, "Rebirtha" and "Greta" off Bombs & Butterflies, another version of live favorite "Disco," "Fishwater" from Ain't Life Grand, and much more. As evidenced by the first Live in the Classic City release, Widespread Panic are in crack shape, with everyone firing on all burners. John Bell is in fine voice, and he and Michael Houser's guitar interplay is in lockstep creativity mode. Likewise, John Hermann's keyboard playing is forceful but painterly, and the incendiary rhythm section -- bassist David Schools, drummer Todd Nance, and percussionist Domingo Ortiz -- is mixed right up top and funky. Also like the first collection, there are a number of guest appearances: R.E.M.'s Mike Mills, percussionist Arvin Scott, producer/guitarist John Keane, and vocalists Daniel Hutchens and Anne Richmond Boston all lend a hand. While Live in the Classic City still remains tops in the band's vast catalog of live recordings, Live in the Classic City II, MM is a fine extension for those who purchased it, and stands as a solid live recording in its own right.

    Mars Volta- "Octahedron" LPx2 (RPL)
    Back in stock on vinyl after lengthy absence.

    Blue Floyd- "Adventure Begins" CD (Great American)
    Blue Floyd is Allen Woody (Gov't Mule/Allman Bros) Matt Abts (Gov't Mule/Dickey Betts Band) Marc Ford (Black Crowes/Burning Tree) Johnny Neel (Allman Bros) and Berry Oakley Jr (Robby Krierger/Bloodline). Through the crucible of a pioneering, improvisational / blues collaboration by an eclectic mix of acclaimed contemporary musician -Blue Floyd endeavors to deconstruct the classic compositions of the legendary Pink Floyd.

    Yeasayer- "O.N.E." 12" (Secretly Canadian)
    Back in stock.

    Jamey Johnson- "The Lonesome Song" LPx2 Universal)
    Following a deep period of introspection, Jamey Johnson entered the recording studio in April 2007 and emerged with That Lonesome Song, a collection of extraordinary compositions that is equally noteworthy for its lyrical craftsmanship and its strikingly original sound.

    Black Sabbath- "S/T" LP (Nems)
    Their debut album on 180 gram vinyl.

    Black Sabbath- "S/T" LP (Nems)
    Their debut album on 180 gram clear red vinyl.

    Cream- "Disraeli Gears" LP (Polydor)
    180 gram reissue on vinyl. Cream teamed up with producer Felix Pappalardi for their second album, Disraeli Gears, a move that helped push the power trio toward psychedelia and also helped give the album a thematic coherence missing from the debut. This, of course, means that Cream get further away from the pure blues improvisatory troupe they were intended to be, but it does get them to be who they truly are: a massive, innovative power trio. The blues still courses throughout Disraeli Gears — the swirling kaleidoscopic "Strange Brew" is built upon a riff lifted from Albert King — but it's filtered into saturated colors, as it is on "Sunshine of Your Love," or it's slowed down and blurred out, as it is on the ominous murk of "Tales of Brave Ulysses." It's a pure psychedelic move that's spurred along by Jack Bruce's flourishing collaboration with Pete Brown. Together, this pair steers the album away from recycled blues-rock and toward its eccentric British core, for with the fuzzy freakout "Swlabr," the music hall flourishes of "Dance the Night Away," the swinging "Take It Back," and of course, the schoolboy singalong "Mother's Lament," this is a very British record. Even so, this crossed the ocean and also became a major hit in America, because regardless of how whimsical certain segments are, Cream are still a heavy rock trio and Disraeli Gears is a quintessential heavy rock album of the '60s. Yes, its psychedelic trappings tie it forever to 1967, but the imagination of the arrangements, the strength of the compositions, and especially the force of the musicianship make this album transcend its time as well. (AMG)

    Black Keys- "Brothers" LPx2 (Nonesuch)
    Back in stock. Double LP + CD with poster.

    Superchunk- "Majesty Shredding" CD+LP (Merge)
    'Majesty Shredding' is a powerful document of Superchunk as a band, augmented as needed with well-placed harmonies, keyboards, and guitar overdubs (and some backing vocals courtesy of the Mountain Goats' John Darnielle). Since releasing their first 7" single in 1989, Superchunk has run the gamut of milestone albums: early punk rock stompers, polished mid-career masterpieces, and lush, adventurous curveballs. Conventional wisdom holds that a band two decades into its career can only rehash or reinvent, but with 'Majesty Shredding', Superchunk has done something entirely different. Neither a return nor a departure, 'Majesty Shredding' telescopes two decades into 41 indelible, action packed minutes. It is the sound of youthful exuberance fine tuned with grown-up confidence. And it may very well be Superchunk's best record yet. Live date announced for Vancouver Oct. 13!

    My Morning Jacket- "Evil Urges" LPx2 (ATO)
    Back in stock on double LP.

    Suicidal Tendencies- "How Will I Laugh...." CD (Sony)
    cidal Tendencies regrouped successfully for one of its best efforts, How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today. The band's thrashy fusion of its hardcore roots with speed metal was fully developed by this point, and Mike Muir's social commentary and self-analysis were as ragingly compelling and by turns amusing as ever. Highlights include "Trip at the Brain," "One Too Many Times," and the title track.

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs- "It's Blitz" LP (Interscope)
    This ones always in & out of here. Back again on LP.

    Grinderman- "2" CD+LP (Anti)
    Brand new album from Nick Cave and his grinderman side project. Available in both CD (deluxe version) & LP formats. LP version comes with poster and bonus CD included.

    Mavis Staples- "We'll Never Turn Back" CD (Anti)
    2007 release from this amazing soul/blues singer. This album finds her produced and backed by Ry Cooder & band. Simply a great album on many levels.

    Dead Kennedys- "Nazi Punks Fuck Off!" 7" (AT)
    Still kicking around on 7" vinyl. Includes arm band.

    Fucked Up- "The Year Of The Ox" 12" (Merge)
    Latest material from Canuck punks.

    Johnny Winter- "Nothin' But The Blues" CD (Blue Sky)
    After a long period making rock records, Winter fronts the Muddy Waters band (with Waters singing) on this Chicago blues workout. He sounds happier than ever before.

    Conan O'Brien- "And They Call Me Mad" 7" (Third Man)
    Easily the most hilarious entry into the Third Man catalog yet, this Green Series ''instructional'' record features Harvard graduate/occasional late night television host Conan O'Brien at his finest. The A-side is Conan's off-the-cuff reinterpretation of the story of Frankenstein's monster and provides a bucketful of belly-laughs. The flip finds Jack White getting involved in the fun and features, in no particular order: Conan's impersonation of the rapper Ludacris, his admission that he hates jokes and White's comical list of nicknames new/old/odd for O'Brien. Guffaws guaranteed!

    Devil's Brigade- "S/T" LP (Hellcat)
    Devil’s Brigade are an all-star punk group featuring Matt Freeman and Tim Armstrong of Rancid and DJ Bonebrake, drummer of X and the Knitters. Rancid fans have always cherished Matt’s deep punk growl on his featured songs on Rancid albums, and now Devil’s Brigade brings his singing, rockabilly-inspired bass slap, and classic punk songwriting to the fore. With Tim Armstrong’s Duane Eddy lead guitar and the rock-steady rhythm of DJ Bonebrake, Devil’s Brigade offers up twelve songs that mix equal parts Johnny Cash, the Pogues, and Sun rockabilly, in a combustible cocktail that will have fans slamming on this fall’s tour with the Street Dogs. On tracks like 'Bridge of Gold' with vocals by Armstrong, the band stretches out, adding mandolin and banjo to their sound, while 'Ride Harley Ride' features some slinky vibraphone. Guest vocals from Rancid's Lars Frederiksen.

    Robert Plant- "Band Of Joy" CD (Rounder)
    Robert's latest album see's him once again exploring the panoramic songscapes of Americana & dark pop. Guests include Patty Griffin & Buddy Miller. Good stuff indeed! Vinyl version coming soon.

    Articles Of Faith- "New Normal Catastrophe" 12" (Dischord)
    The classic lineup of early-’80s Chicago punk pioneers ARTICLES OF FAITH have recorded together and are playing two live shows for the first time in 25 years! This five-track 12-inch EP is blazing fast and intelligent hardcore à la the band’s classic 'What We Want Is Free EP' (1982) and 'Give ThanksLP (1984). These songs show the members' continuing political involvement and enduring musical chops. This lineup had not written or recorded together since 1985's 'In This Life' LP. 'New Normal Catastrophe' was mixed by J. Robbins (of Jawbox and Report Suspicious Activity - the latter a collaboration between Robbins and Articles of Faith's Vic Bondi) in Baltimore.

    Jello Biafra & DOA- "Last Scream Of The Dying Neighbours" CD (AT)
    Restock on CD.

    Boards Of Canada- "Campfire Headphase" CD (Warp)
    Restock. Popular electronic act from Scotland.

    Boards Of Canada- "Geogaddi" CD (Warp)
    Restock. Popular electronic act from Scotland.

    Boards Of Canada- "Music Has The Right To Children" CD (Warp)
    Restock. Popular electronic act from Scotland.

    Ray Lamontagne- "Gossip In The Grain" LPx2 (BMG)
    Ray's 3rd album from 2008. Back on double LP.

    Ray Lamontagne- "God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise" LPx2 (BMG)
    Ray's new album from 2010. Back on double LP.

    Forgotten Rebels- "This Ain't Hollywood" LP (Star)
    Back in stock on vinyl for first time in almost a decade. A legendary Canadian punk rock album. Contains "Surfin' On Heroin" & "Eve Of Destruction". A rare find!

    3 Inches Of Blood- "Here Waits Thy Doom" LP (Century Media)
    The biggest defenders of traditional Heavy Metal are releasing their most punishing, epic and mighty album to date! This LP is green colored, hand numbered to 666 copies. Limited edition CD is also in stock.

    Legendary Pink Dots- "Seconds Late For The Brighton Line" LPx2 + CD (Roir)
    Now here on vinyl! Unlike most acts of their vintage, The Legendary Pink Dots look forward. After more than 25 years, they continue to make compelling new music that is demanded by fans and maintains the high level of quality that set their careers in motion. Led by singer/songwriter Edward Ka-Spel and keyboardist/songwriter Phil “Silverman” Knight, the band continues to create their singular brand of modern psychedelia. Edward Ka-Spel’s lyrics breathe with a sagacity and cleverness only found in rock’s greatest writers. Their new album “Seconds Late For The Brighton Line” finds the band in familiar territory; pulsing Krautrock, dark and sinister pop and epic post-industrial soundscapes. The album invites the listener to put on head phones, close their eyes and embark on a technicolor journey. Stand out tracks include the epic electronic groove of “Russian Roulette”, the pretty naivete of “Someday” and the chilling goth-pop of “Endless Time.” The recent departure of long-time band members Niels Van Hoorn & Martijn De Kleer has left The Legendary Pink Dots to operate as a quartet. The new crew will embark on an extensive North American tour this Fall that celebrates the band’s 30th Anniversary.

    Steve Earle- "Townes" LPx2 (New West)
    Back in stock after a lengthy absence. Steve pays homage to his main inspiration Townes Van Zandt.

    Street Dogs- "S/T" LP+CD (Hellcat)
    Mike McColgan - frontman, singer and songwriter for Boston’s beloved punk rock quintet Street Dogs - has lived the life that other bands just sing about. As the founding frontman of Dropkick Murphys, McColgan helped bring his experiences as a Gulf War combat veteran to the uncompromising, working class sound that launched that band. But in 1998, following a family tradition, McColgan left the band and music to become a Boston firefighter. Four years later, he began jamming on nights off with some old friends from the Boston punk scene; he found he needed the voice that only fronting a band could give him, and the Street Dogs were born. Now Street Dogs are ready to unleash their self-titled fifth album, the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2008 Hellcat debut State of Grace, which critics called "a raucous and purposeful working man's ride" (Dallas Morning News) with "the kind of political streak rarely heard since the Clash" (Cleveland Scene).

    Jimmy Eat World- "Invented" LP (Interscope)
    They're back, a little longer in the tooth, but still selling the emo-pop 16 years after they started....no worse I guess than 50 year olds still calling themselves "Sonic Youth"

    Grave Digger- "The Clans Will Rise Again" CD (Napalm)
    Highly anticipated new album from German heavy metal legends. With the mere first notes of the introduction, fans of Grave Digger will unequivocally know they have returned to the Scottish Highlands! The majestic sound of bagpipes stylistically establishes the direction of the German power metal institution's latest album. "The Clans Will Rise Again" is a formidable and compact work, in which no one song outdoes another. Grave Digger's newest addition, guitarist Axel Ritt, rejuvenates the band revolving around legendary frontman and scene grandee Chris Boltendahl, and provides them with a fresh and energy-laden springboard from which to launch their latest attack. Scotland provides Grave Digger with plenty of lyrical inspiration, ranging from its sheer mystique to its proud people. "The Clans Will Rise Again" presents a band that has managed to mark their 30th anniversary with yet another musical milestone. Strictly limited first pressing digipack includes bonus track! Recommended for fans of HAMMERFALL, ‘80s HELLOWEEN, MANOWAR, and RUNNING WILD.

    Frazey Ford- "Obadiah" CD+LP (Nettwek)
    Debut solo CD from the main voice of the Be Good Tanyas. Vinyl now here as well.

    Tony Joe White- "The Shine" CD (Red Ink)
    The 21st century saw Tony Joe White resume his recording and performing career, and experience a resurgence of critical interest in his older music as well. Since 2002, "the Swamp Fox" has recorded sporadically for his own Swamp imprint, and also had his back catalog remastered and reissued. Earlier in 2010, Rhino Handmade made available That On the Road Look, a previously unreleased live date. The Shine is a (mostly) low-key, basic affair. White wrote or co-wrote everything here with his wife, Leann. The band is a quintet: White plays guitars and harmonica with drummer Jack Bruno, cellist John Catchings, bassist George Hawkins, and Tyson Rogers on piano, organ, and Wurlitzer. The sound is warm and raw; the album feels like it was cut mostly live from the floor (with guitar and vocal overdubs added) and it's full of natural atmospherics. White's acoustic nylon-string guitar is prevalent, sometimes more so than his quavering, downright spooky baritone. His electric six-string work paints the backdrop. The only real exceptions are the downright rocker "Strange Night," where White displays everything that Mark Knopfler copped from his style inside of five minutes. The levels feel off, overloaded; the vocals come from the backdrop as the guitars and drums smoulder, smoke, and bubble. A broken love song, everything in it bleeds into everything else: it expresses pain as an immediate, crushing experience; it evokes everything from anger to tenderness. "Something to Soften the Blow" is an electric country waltz, sad, beautiful, and lonely. The protagonist is desperate for comfort in seeking a one-night stand from what is perhaps a sympathetic other. White somehow manages to pull off his plea without coming off as pathetic; he wears his brokenness with dignity. "Season Man" is a classic White minor-key narrative about a drifter. "Ain't Doing Nobody No Good" is a droning swamp blues, full of dread and sinister purpose. "Long Way from the River" is a backbeat-driven deeply atmospheric folk song that contains a classic White line: "When you're running with the swamp, the rain is gonna fall." "Roll Train Toll" is pure Delta-style folk-blues, played solo on a steel-string acoustic guitar; it's loaded with a quiet yet ever-present menace ready to break the surface, though it never does, and is all the more effective as a result. Ultimately, The Shine is White's most consistent and gratifying offering since he began recording again.

    DJ Qbert- "Needle Thrashers: Alpha " LP (Qbert)
    Popular scratching albums now back in stock.

    DJ Qbert- "Needle Thrashers: Beta" LP (Qbert)
    Popular scratching albums now back in stock.

    DJ Qbert- "Needle Thrashers: Omega" LP (Qbert)
    Popular scratching albums now back in stock.

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