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    New stock arriving Wednesday!   
    Saturday, October 23 2010 @ 11:16 am CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    These CD's & LP's now in stock!

    Brian Eno- "Small Craft On A Milk Sea" CD (Warp)
    15 new tracks from Eno & collaborators Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams, and his 1st for the groundbreaking Warp label.

    Spock's Beard- "X" (Red Ink)
    Brand new from prog rockers. For fans of Yes, Kansas, Pendragon etc.

    V/A- "You Tore My Brain! Unissued 60's Garage Acetates Vol. 5" LP (Norton)
    Clobberin’ fifth volume of brutal unissued garage crunchers by the Fanatics, Pharaohs, Invictas, IVbidden, Sir Winston and the Commons, mo’!

    Monster Magnet- "Mastermind" CD (Napalm)
    Monster Magnet, led by legendary frontman Dave Wyndorf, established themselves as a driving force in hard / stoner rock with their debut album, the cult classic Spine Of God, and reached even greater heights with the Gold-selling "Powertrip" and its mega-hit single, "Space Lord". The band's 8th album, "Mastermind", impressively continues the tradition of delivering larger-than-life riffs and killer grooves. The track "Gods and Punks" is the ultimate rock song, and should find a revered place in the annals of guitar rock history to serve as a blueprint for future generations. "Mastermind" was produced by Matt Hyde (Slayer, Hatebreed), who provides the final mix with the most resounding and clear blast of power ever to escape from a set of loudspeakers. The Space Lord is back! Vinyl coming soon!

    Fu Manchu- "Godzilla's Eatin' Dust" CD+LP (At The Dojo)
    Reissue on the band's own label of the 1998 classic FU MANCHU album, originally released on Man's Ruin. This 8 track LP comes with new gatefold artwork, new track sequence, and features the stellar lineup of Scott Hill (guitar, vocals), Brant Bjork (drums), Brad Davis (bass) and Bob Balch (guitar). Eighth track is a Blue Oyster Cult cover.

    Cat Power- "The Greatest" LP (Matador)
    Back in stock on vinyl after lengthy absence. Comes with download.

    Cat Power- "Moon Pix" LP (Matador)
    Back in stock on vinyl after lengthy absence. Comes with download.

    Pavement- "Quarentine" LPx2 (Matador)
    Best of Pavement. Double LP.

    Lou Reed- "Berlin: Live At St. Anne's Warehouse" LPx2 (Matador)
    The entire album recorded 33 years later live in NYC. "Reed didn't play electric guitar on Berlin, but he does here, and the elegant brutality of his soloing adds a new flavor to the melodies, and while three decades of wear and tear on his voice bring a welcome character to "The Kids" and "The Bed," the curious timing of his new phrasing doesn't serve his lyrics especially well. But Reed and his band (including Steve Hunter, another veteran of the original recording sessions) perform this music with skill and empathy, and while the highly polished production of the original album sounded a bit chilly, on-stage this music reveals a warmth and a damaged yet unaffected humanity."

    Robert Johnson- "Rough Guide To Robert Johnson" LP+Download (World Music)
    13 track compilation of blues man Robert Johnson's best work. Download contains bonus material. Limited edition on 180 gram vinyl.

    Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti- "Before Today" LP (4AD)
    Restock of the latest album.

    Dead Meadow- "Feathers" LPx2 (Matador)
    From 2005. Just as Shivering King and Others was a departure from Dead Meadow's earlier work, their fourth album (and first as a quartet), Feathers, is another evolution in the band's sound. It's perhaps the most polarized-sounding Dead Meadow album yet: a few songs that recall the densely heavy trippiness of their older work, but many more are restrained and almost poppy, pushing the boundaries of the band's music. Feathers' clean production also emphasizes its duality; somehow, the psychedelic smoke swirling around tracks like "Let It All Pass" seems even thicker, while the pretty melodies and jangly guitars on "Stacy's Song" and "Such Hawks Such Hounds" make them sound like folk songs gone vaguely acid rock.

    Social Distortion- "Mainliner" CD (Time Bomb)
    Some older CD's now back in stock.

    Social Distortion- "Prison Bound" CD (Time Bomb)
    Some older CD's now back in stock.

    Social Distortion- "Sex, Love & Rock'n'Roll" CD (Time Bomb)
    Some older CD's now back in stock.

    Galaxie 500- "This Is Our Music" LP (20/20/20)
    Back in stock.

    Galaxie 500- "Today" LP (20/20/20)
    Back in stock.

    Galaxie 500- "On Fire" LP (20/20/20)
    Back in stock.

    Robert Plant- "Band Of Joy" CD (Rounder)
    Robert's latest album see's him once again exploring the panoramic songscapes of Americana & dark pop. Guests include Patty Griffin & Buddy Miller. Good stuff indeed! Vinyl version coming soon.

    Wishbone Ash- "S/T" CD (MCA)
    During the early- and mid-'70s, Wishbone Ash were among England's most popular hard rock acts. This is their very first album. It's a beauty.

    Camel- "Snow Goose" CD (A&M)
    Remastered with bonus tracks. Progressive rock from 1975. Kind of like an instrumental version of folky Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd.

    Creedence Clearwater Revival- "Chronicle" LPx2 (Fantasy)
    Restock. All the hits!

    Iggy Pop & James Williamson- "Kill City" LP (Bomp)
    Pink vinyl repress of this somewhat neglected 1977 album from Mr. Pop and his Stooge pal James Williamson. Stylistically, this bridges the sound of the Stooges with Iggy's slightly "artsier" late 70's solo work.

    Tired Pony- "The Place We Live In" LP (Polydor)
    Tired Pony began life as a doodle in Gary Lightbody's jotter. During idle moments on Snow Patrol's year-long tour cycle for their last album, A Hundred Million Suns, Gary began writing songs for this imaginary band. Forward to January 4th 2010, a cast of characters assembled at Portland's Type Foundry studio; from the extended Snow Patrol family there was Troy Stewart, regular touring member of the band, Iain Archer, long-time Snow Patrol associate and collaborator, Richard Colburn, the renowned drummer with Belle & Sebastian, and producer Garret 'Jacknife' Lee, who brought in Tired Pony's final two members, Peter Buck from R.E.M. and Scott McCaughey, the Seattle musical polymath who's been R.E.M.'s full-time auxiliary member since 1994. Tired Pony were joined by a number of guest contributors including M. Ward and his She & Him partner Zooey Deschanel who duets with Gary on 'Get On The Road'. 'The Good Book' was sung by Tom Smith of Editors, who's a perfect fit for the narrative's gothic weave of guilt and redemption.

    Budgie- "Best Of" CD (MCA)
    Most Budgie CD's are now very hard to find. Here's a best of until that all changes.

    Tom Waits- "Swordfishtrombones" LP (Island)
    Restock on one of Tom's most innovative albums.

    Dinosaur Jr.- "Green Mind" LP (Rhino)
    Back in stock on LP.

    Black Keys- "Attack & Release" LP (Nonesuch)
    Back in stock on LP.

    Joy Division- "Closer" LP (Rhino)
    Their second and final studio album from 1980. Wonderfully produced by Martin Hannett.

    Joy Division- "Unknown Pleasures" LP (Rhino)
    A classic bit of 80's history now back in on LP.

    Spoon- "Ga Ga Ga Ga" LP (Merge)
    Restock on vinyl.

    Spoon- "Gimme Fiction" LP (Merge)
    Restock on vinyl.

    Portishead- "Third" LPx2 (Polygram)
    Their last album from 2008, once again in on double LP in nice gatefold sleeve.

    Portishead- "Dummy" LP (Polygram)
    Their 1st album back in stock. An album that launched a hundred imitators.

    The Animals- "Animalism" CD+LP (Sundazed)
    If the Animals had never recorded another album except for Animalism, their musical reputation would have been assured -- none of the participants ever participated on, or would ever work on, a better long-player. The irony was that Animalism (not to be confused with the group's earlier, British-issued Animalisms, or its American counterpart, Animalization) was only ever issued in America, and came out after the group had ceased to exist and, thus, was scarcely noticed by anybody (which made it a choice occupant of cut-out bins for decades). Recorded mostly during the spring and summer of 1966 by the lineup of Eric Burdon, Hilton Valentine, Chas Chandler, Dave Rowberry, and Barry Jenkins, Animalism proved to be a glorious musical high point, as well as an end point for the band. Even as they were playing out their string, all of the members had begun growing in their musicianship, with guitarist Hilton Valentine taking on a much bolder, bluesier voice on his instrument and keyboardist Dave Rowberry developing a sound as distinctive as that of his predecessor, Alan Price. Part of Animalism was cut in Los Angeles under the aegis of Frank Zappa, who arranged (and probably played on) the opening number, "All Night Long," a surging traditional blues song, and who also worked on the album's ominous rendition of "The Other Side of This Life." Sam Cooke's "Shake" is treated to a restrained Burdon vocal and superb musical acrobatics by Valentine and Rowberry, while B.B. King's "Rock Me Baby" becomes the vehicle for a virtuoso workout by Valentine, and a thunderous performance by Chandler and Jenkins. "Smokestack Lightning" is the most successful cover the group ever did of a Chicago blues number (unless you count their version of Donovan's "Hey Gyp," which is also here in all of its Bo Diddley-inspired glory), and "Hit the Road, Jack" represents the best work that Burdon ever did with a Ray Charles number.

    Otis Redding- "Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul" LP (Sundazed)
    Otis Redding's third album, and his first fully realized album, presents his talent unfettered, his direction clear, and his confidence emboldened, with fully half the songs representing a reach that extended his musical grasp. More than a quarter of this album is given over to Redding's versions of songs by Sam Cooke, his idol, who had died the previous December, and all three are worth owning and hearing. Two of them, "A Change Is Gonna Come" and "Shake," are every bit as essential as any soul recordings ever made, and while they (and much of this album) have reappeared on several anthologies, it's useful to hear the songs from those sessions juxtaposed with each other, and with "Wonderful World," which is seldom compiled elsewhere. Also featured are Redding's spellbinding renditions of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (a song epitomizing the fully formed Stax/Volt sound and which Mick Jagger and Keith Richards originally wrote in tribute to and imitation of Redding's style), "My Girl," and "You Don't Miss Your Water." "Respect" and "I've Been Loving You Too Long," two originals that were to loom large in his career, are here as well; the former became vastly popular in the hands of Aretha Franklin and the latter was an instant soul classic.

    Black Sabbath- "Paranoid" LP (Rhino)
    Deluxe 180 gram repackaging of their timeless 2nd album. Gatefold sleeve.

    Radiohead- "In Rainbows" LP (Capitol)

    Madlib- "Shades Of Blue" LPx2 (Blue Note)
    Madlib received a rare opportunity with unfettered access to the storied Blue Note archives and permission to use them as he wished for a remix/interpretation album released on Blue Note itself. The result, Shades of Blue, is really more of a Yesterdays New Quintet album, but Madlib's name is far more recognizable then his alter ego and faux-supergroup, YNQ. So, Shades of Blue features Madlib interpreting and remixing Blue Note classics such as Wayne Shorter's "Footprints" and Gene Harris' "The Look of Slim" (remixed here as "Slim's Return"). Overall, a good time is had by all, as he doesn't just sample the tracks as much as fit them into his own sound. That's why the record would be better compared to the Yesterdays New Quintet debut, Angles Without Edges, where Madlib takes on the personas of numerous instrumentalists (going so far as to credit them individually in the liner notes) and make laid-back break-heavy jams that serve great as background party stuff -- and that's really where Shades of Blue works the best. Intent listening doesn't really give much up, but for smooth subconscious grooves, it's perfect.

    Modern Lovers- "S/T" LP (4 Men With Beards)
    Probably Johnathan Richman's finest hour. Still!

    Black Keys- "The Moan" 7" (Alive)
    From their 1st album this 7" inch single is now freshly reissued on colored vinyl.

    The Strokes- "Is This It" LP (RCA)
    Back in stock. 2001.

    The Strokes- "Room On Fire" LP (RCA)
    Back in stock. 2003.

    Dr. Dre- "2001" LPx2 (Universal)
    Double LP with free download coupon.

    John Mayall- "Blues From Laurel Canyon" LP (Decca)
    Mayall's first post-Bluesbreakers album saw the man returning to his roots after the jazz/blues fusion that was Bare Wires. Blues from Laurel Canyon is a blues album, through and through. Testimony to this is the fact that there's a guitar solo only 50 seconds into the opening track. Indeed, Mayall dispersed the entire brass section for Blues from Laurel Canyon, and instead chose the solid but relatively limited backing of Mick Taylor (guitar), Colin Allen (drums), and Stephen Thompson (bass). Instantly, it is apparent that John Mayall hasn't lost his touch with the blues. "Vacation," the album's opener, reminds one exactly why this artist is so celebrated for his songwriting ability. The staggering Mick Taylor (here still in his teens) truly proves his worth as a blues guitarist, while Steve Thompson (also in his late teens) works superbly with one of the genre's most interesting drummers, Colin Allen. Blues from Laurel Canyon is as unerring as Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton, and equally as musically interesting. Not only is this one of the finest John Mayall albums, it is also a highlight in the blues genus.

    John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers- "Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton" LP (Decca)
    Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton is a 1966 electric blues album by John Mayall's Bluesbreakers featuring Eric Clapton as lead guitarist. It is often referred to as The Beano album because the photograph on the album cover shows Clapton reading The Beano, a well-known British chilDren's comic.Much of the album was composed of blues standards by long-established blues artists such as Otis Rush, Freddie King and Robert Johnson, as well as a few originals penned by Mayall or Mayall and Clapton. The majority of the songs serve as showcases for the young Clapton's playing, apart from "Another Man" and "Ramblin' On My Mind." "Ramblin' On My Mind" was Clapton's very first recorded vocal performance.

    Ray Lamontagne- "Gossip In The Grain" CD+LPx2 (Sony/BMG)
    Double LP of Ray's latest release. Ray LaMontagne's third album, Gossip in the Grain is as different from 2007's Till the Sun Turns Black as that album was from 2006's Trouble. The deep, heart-of-night atmospherics of the preceding disc have been jettisoned in favor of a brightly lit palette of textures and instruments that legendary producer and multi-instrumentalist Ethan Johns uses to illustrate LaMontagne's considerable ambitions as a writer.

    Dead Kennedys- "Plastic Surgery Disasters" LP (Manifesto)
    Restock on vinyl.

    Dead Kennedys- "Bedtime For Democracy" LP (Manifesto)
    Restock on vinyl.

    Dead Kennedys- "Give Me Convenience" LP (Manifesto)
    Restock on vinyl.

    Fabienne Delsol- "On My Mind" CD+LP (Damaged Goods)
    The very welcome return of FABIENNE DELSOL with her third solo album, a follow up to 2007's 'Between You And Me'. Originally from Limoges, France, Fabienne was formerly the lead singer of legendary London garage band The Bristols and has been living and working in London with husband Liam Watson (Toe Rag Studios) since 1996. Put together in studio down-time and ably backed by Toe Rag's stable of musicians, 'On My Mind' features Fabienne's customary mixture of both English and French lyrics sung with plenty of coquettish charm, with songs and production so authentically 60's they could have been taken from tapes gathering dust in Serge Gainsbourg's garage for the last 40 years. The album marks something of a departure from the jaunty beat-pop and ye-ye of her previous albums however, there's a definite autumnal feel to several of the tracks, putting you in mind of what the much mooted Francoise Hardy/Nick Drake collaboration might have yielded. Lyrically the bulk of the album deals with the melancholic side of love and has a slightly trippy and introspective edge.

    Masters Of Reality- "Pine/Cross Dover" CD (Brown House)
    They may only be good for a mere handful of new studio albums per decade, but when Masters of Reality decide to rear their head, you can always count on main members Chris Goss and John Leamy delivering tasty helpings of rock music that are nearly impossible to pin down to a single style. And the chain remains very much intact with their sixth studio release overall, 2009's Pine/Cross Dover. One obvious musical comparison is Queens of the Stone Age, and for good reason -- Goss has produced many a Queens of the Stone Age album over the years (as well as their precursor band, Kyuss). Case in point, the kick-ass album-opener "King Richard TLH," which contains one of the best warped grooves since Queens of the Stone Age's "Monsters in the Parasol." But there are also plenty of tracks that come directly out of left field -- including the meandering instrumental "Johnny's Dream" (which at times recalls the more laid-back moments of such '70s fusion artists as Weather Report), as well as the violin-like riff of "Dreamtime Stomp," while "Testify to Love" manages to combine a monstrous Sabbath riff with psychedelic melodicism. From start to finish, Masters of Reality continue to march to the beat of their own drummer on Pine/Cross Dover.

    Willie Dixon- "Walkin' The Blues" LP (Doxy)
    Willie Dixon was a songwriter/guitarist during the heyday of Chess Records, writing material for such artists as Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter and Bo Diddley. His songs not only laid the foundation for the Chicago blues sound, but also helped shape rock 'n' roll as well. 'Walkin' The Blues' is a collection of Dixon songs taken from recordings made in 1951-1956 for Chess and performed with some of the greatest artists of the day: Little Walter, Eddie Boyd, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter, to name a few. Dixon, who was also an accomplished singer, can also be heard singing on four of the 18 tracks.

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