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    New Stock For The Week!   
    Monday, October 15 2012 @ 09:24 AM CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    This stock will arrive on Wednesday. I'll be posting more new arrivals soon!

    Beach House- Bloom CD+LPx2
    Back in stock.

    Blur- Parklife LPx2
    New double LP reissue.

    The Decemberists- The Crane Wife LPx2
    Back in stock on double LP.

    The Raveonettes- Observator CD+LP
    Latest album of dark dream pop from Danish duo.

    A Perfect Circle- Thirteenth Step LPx2
    Back in stock.

    Nu Sensae- Sundowning LP
    Back in stock.

    Benjamin Gibbard- Former Lives LP
    Brand new album from Death Cab For Cutie front man.

    Birthday Massacre- Hide & Seek LP
    Latest album from Gothic synth pop band from London Ontario. Led by female vocalist Chibi. Gate fold sleeve.

    Skinny Puppy- Bottlegged, Broke And In Solvent Seas. LPx2
    Raw, uncompromising, and visceral, Skinny Puppy live cannot be called simply a concert. It is an experience. Bootlegged, Broke And In Solvent Seas proves this to be true. Recorded in Warsaw, Bratislava, Hildesheim, and Budapest, this is a documentation of Skinny Puppy in top form. Unlike so many other live albums, there is no editing magic or trickery. These are the songs as they were played: captured from the soundboard and a handheld recorder by Ken ‘Hi-Watt’ Marshall. Ogre’s powerful vocal performances coupled with cEvin Key’s synth modulations and sound manipulations and the machine-precise drums of Justin Bennet make this a stunning testimony to the power of this legendary act.

    Motorhead- Bastards LP
    Picture disc in black sleeve.

    2PAC- All Eyez On Me LPx4
    Back in stock.

    Steven Wilson- Grace For Drowning CD+LPx2
    Latest solo outing from Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree).

    Karma To Burn- Wild Wonderful Purgatory CD
    Back in stock.

    Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound- Ekranoplan CD
    Great psyche space rock from this San Francisco band.

    My Dying Bride- A Map Of All Our Failures CD
    Brand new album from UK doom legends. Vinyl coming soon.

    John Zorn- A Vision In Blakelight CD
    New 2012 album inspired by William Blake with help from John Medeski, Trevor Dunn, Joey Baron & others. On John's Tzadik label.

    Devin Townsend- Epicloud CDx2
    This is the deluxe 2xCD version of Devin's latest album.

    Band Of Horses- Mirage Rock CD+LP
    Their brand new album now back on both formats.

    Arkaik- Metamorphignition CD
    Latest from technical death metal band.

    Comeback Kid- Turn It Around LP
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Flotsam & Jetsam- Doomsday For The Deceiver LPx2
    New reissue of their classic 1986 album which now contains the 2006 remastered versions. Bonus LP of remixes, demos, and live tracks.

    Witchcraft- S/T CD
    The debut album from the Sweden's premier retro hard rock band. For fans of early Pentagram, Roky Erickson, and current bands such as Jex Thoth.

    Blut Aus Nord- 777 (Cosmosophy)
    The French black metal scene has recently been cited as one of the most innovative and experimental in the world. BLUT AUS NORD once again confirms this notion with the release of '777 - Cosmosophy, the third part of their successful trilogy. This is their most virulent and violent yet, and is sure to set the psychedelic universe aflame!

    Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs- Sunday Run Me Over LP
    Sunday Run Me Over is the second album released in 2012 by Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs, following early spring's Long Distance, a collection of her older garage rock material re-recorded in a distinctly more Americana/honky tonk style. Long the queen of the garage, Holly Golightly's work with her strange partner "Lawyer Dave" acting as the entirety of the Brokeoffs has seen the punk energy that brimmed over in scrappy solo albums (or even more so with work in the early femme-stomp of Thee Headcoatees) shift somewhat into a country-tinged sound, possibly a product of her new environment, as Ms. Golightly left her London home for life on the farm in rural Georgia with Lawyer Dave sometime in the late 2000s. The photo of ducks, dogs, and chickens in the artists' backyard that graces the inside cover of Sunday Run Me Over is a far cry from the gritty dive-bar settings imaginable as the backdrop for Golightly's early solo material, and likewise the music is removed from that early garage grit. The fifth album from the duo finds them working in the country-blues mode they've been cultivating for a while, but with more energy and manic gusto than before.

    Slayer- Live Undead LP
    Limited edition picture disc.

    Beardfish- The Void CD
    A prime example of the artful rock of Sweden's progressive rock champions BEARDFISH is their new album 'The Void'. The style of the new album ranges from riff based hard rock to mature psyche/prog epics. More so than any release, 'The Void' is a full band effort, with contributions from all members during the writing process.

    Beardfish- Destined Solitaire CD
    2009. More dazzling prog metal from Sweden's Beardfish.

    Ryan Bingham- Tomorrowland CD+LPx2
    Latest from roots darling Ryan Bingham who's certainly stretched his wings on this more rock oriented new album.

    Clutch- Blast Tyrant LPx2
    Deluxe double LP version of their 2004 ass flattening album Blast Tyrant. Killer artwork!

    Library Voices- Summer Of Lust LP
    Back in stock.

    Justice- S/T LPx2
    Their first self titled album from 2007. Double LP.

    The Wall Flowers- Glad All Over LP
    Brand new from Jakob Dylan & crew.

    Attack In Black- Years (by one thousand fingertips) LP
    From 2009. Back in stock on double LP.

    City And Colour- Bring Me Your Love LPx2
    From 2007. Back in stock on double LP in gate fold sleeve with inserts.

    City And Colour- Little Hell LPx2
    2011. Back in stock on double LP in gate fold sleeve with inserts.

    Tokyo Police Club- Champ LP
    Back in stock on LP in gate fold sleeve with insert.

    The Lumineers- S/T LP
    2012. This is the first time I've had vinyl from this up & coming Canadian band. Includes download.

    Quicksand- Slip LP
    Just reissued! A classic album from 1993 originally released by Def Jam. Slinky punk ala Fugazi! 180 gram vinyl in gatefold sleeve. Totally limited!

    Burning Tree- S/T CD
    Burning Tree's self-titled debut album is a perfect example of a CD that was a creative triumph but a commercial disaster. Perhaps the band got lost in the corporate shuffle at Epic, or perhaps the problem was that Burning Tree's heavy rock was too different from the other heavy rock that was popular at the time. Burning Tree didn't play glossy pop-metal à la Poison, Warrant, Bon Jovi, or Winger, and it wasn't a thrash or speed metal band like Metallica, Slayer, or Megadeth. Favoring a very psychedelic approach, the power trio drew on such late-'60s influences as Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Blue Cheer, and the Yardbirds. Tunes like "Fly On," "Same Old Story," and "Mistreated Lover" pack an exhilarating high-decibel punch, but the group never loses its strong sense of melody. Aggression and melody prove to be a powerful combination for Burning Tree, a little-known band that should have been famous.

    Cryptopsy- Cryptopsy CD
    Brand new album from Montreal metal band.

    Nick Curran & The Lowlifes- Reform School Girl CD
    Since 2004's Player!, blues-centric guitarist/vocalist Nick Curran left his record label, joined up with Kim Wilson's latest incarnation of the Fabulous T-Birds, performed with his own punk-blues combo Deguello, and basically rumbled and tumbled through a number of sundry side projects, all the while eschewing the solo career that led to him taking home the 2004 W.C. Handy Award for Best New Artist Debut. Clearly, this allowed the ever-musically voracious Curran a chance to stretch his chops and imbibe more of the vast array of influences that spark his interests, from '40s jump blues and '50s rock & roll, to '70s punk and '80s hard rock. All of which Curran brings to bear on his fiendishly inspired, 2010 solo comeback Reform School Girl. A fiery, campy, and insanely rockin' album, Reform School Girl sounds like something along the lines of Little Richard backed by the Misfits with Phil Spector recording the proceedings in his garage. Curran has hooked up yet-again with his longtime partner in crime Billy Horton who helped deliver the old-school vintage sound that Curran has made his trademark. Further, while Curran can lay blues-pipe as good as any of the other contemporary T-Bone Walker and Jimmie Vaughan freaks, the blues is only one of many connective musical tissues he rips through here. Unfortunately Nick passed away recently at the age of 35 after a lengthy battle with cancer.

    Propagandhi- How To Clean Everything CD+LP
    Restock on both formats.

    Metallic Taste Of Blood- S/T CD
    Metallic Taste Of Blood is an instrumental album by the collective nous of Eraldo Bernocchi (Winter Garden w. Budd and Guthrie, Obake with Pupillo) on guitars, pianist Jamie Saft (of New Zion Trio, Zorn's electric Masada, Marc Ribot), bass player Colin Edwin (of Porcupine Tree and Ex-Wise Heads) and Balazs Pandi (Of Venetian Snares, Bong Ra, Obake, Merzbow).

    Spooky Tooth- You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw CD
    One of their lesser known albums, but a solid heavy 70's rock album from this UK band for sure. Gary Wright on keyboards got his start here.

    Rose Tattoo- Scarred For Life CD
    Heavy pumping punk rock from Australia with almost bluesy slide guitar ripping it up in the background. This 80's gang were led by little Angry Anderson on vocals who some may remember from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in which he had a small part.

    Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound- Manzanita CD
    Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound's 2012 album finds the San Francisco group still happily riding the waves of a late-'60s acid/jam afterglow, but one that has its own calm appeal beyond the comforts of the past.

    Frank Zappa- Apostrophe CD
    Back in stock, and part of the new FZ reissue series. There is lot's of Zappa CD's in stock right now.

    Rahsaan Roland Kirk- Blacknuss LP
    From its opening bars, with Bill Salter's bass and Rahsaan's flute passionately playing Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine," you know this isn't an ordinary Kirk album (were any of them?). As the string section, electric piano, percussion, and Cornel Dupree's guitar slip in the back door, one can feel the deep soul groove Kirk is bringing to the jazz fore here. As the tune fades just two and a half minutes later, the scream of Kirk's tenor comes wailing through the intro of Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin' On," with a funk backdrop and no wink in the corner -- he's serious. With Richard Tee's drums kicking it, the strings developing into a wall of tension in the backing mix, and Charles McGhee's trumpet hurling the long line back at Kirk, all bets are off -- especially when they medley the mother into "Mercy Mercy Me." By the time they reach the end of the Isleys' "I Love You, Yes I Do," with the whistles, gongs, shouting, soul crooning, deep groove hustling, and greasy funk dripping from every sweet-assed note, the record could be over because the world has already turned over and surrendered -- and the album is only ten minutes old! Blacknuss, like The Inflated Tear, Volunteered Slavery, Rip, Rig and Panic, and I Talk to the Spirits, is Kirk at his most visionary.

    Dire Straits- Brothers in Arms LPx2
    Audiophile double LP version of their popular 1985 album.

    Creedence Clearwater Revival- The Concert LP
    Recorded in 1970 from the Oakland Coliseum at height of their popularity after having released 3 killer albums in less than 2 years.

    Avengers- S/T LP
    Though not released until 1983, the Avengers' self-titled record (aka The Pink Album) features the band's recorded output from 1977-78, from the glorious first wave of punk rock. The Avengers were San Francisco's preeminent punk band, led by Penelope Houston's snarling vocals and Greg Igranham's distorted guitar riffs, and one of the first anywhere to feature a female lead singer. 180 gram vinyl reissue of one of punk rock's most important original documents.

    Bob Dylan- The Times They Are A Changin' LP
    Back in stock on 180 gram vinyl.

    Crass- Stations Of The Crass LPx2
    1979. "They said that we were trash/Well the name is Crass, not Clash." So goes the opening of the coruscating "White Punks on Hope," and with Stations Crass takes things to an even more vicious level than on Feeding. The opening yelps and screams from Steve Ignorant on "Mother Earth" over a slow-building burn show that there was already much more to Crass than simple crash and bash punk, and with the rest of the album the collective moves between full-on assault and an ever increasing agit-snarl experimentation. Originally released as two vinyl discs, the conclusion of the second consists of a live show in Islington the summer of 1979, with the band tearing through new and old cuts with passion, including such fierce anthems as "Do They Owe Us a Living?" and "Shaved Women." The studio tracks, including versions of some cuts from the live show, all come from a one-day session four days after the concert, and while some tracks are almost fragments, surprisingly things aren't as constantly monochrome or as rushed as one might think. Whether stripping things down to dub-tinged bass, drums, and repetitive guitar snarls or blends of staccato rhythms and found-sound noise (or even, on "Walls," trying a bit of disco), Crass creates a unique brand of fierce, inspirational music.

    Gaslight Anthem- The 59 Sound LP
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Fu Manchu- In Search Of LPx2
    15th anniversary reissue of the 1996 Mammoth Records album, at the time the band's third album and first backed by major label muscle. Great stoner fuzz band.

    Brian Jonestown Massacre- Bravery Repetition & Noise LP
    Originally released in 2001 and now reissued on "a records", Anton Newcombe's own record label , "Bravery, Repetition and Noise" is available again on vinyl. Released on 180 gm Purple vinyl, this reissue is limited to 2,000 copies."Bravery, Repetition and Noise" is a dark dreamy album, rich in atmosphere, layered in waves of sound. The album's antecedents are clear--inspired as much by psychedelia as punk's nihilism, pulling both strands into a doom-laden, experimental sound quite distinct from anything that had come before or since.

    Motorhead- March Or Die LP
    UK pressing on white 180 gram vinyl.

    Muddy Waters- Sail On LP
    This was originally released in 1958 as the best of Muddy Waters & was reissued by Chess records in 1969 as Sail On. Packed with some of his best songs.

    Willie Dixon- I Am The Blues LP
    Excellent compilation from probably the best blues song writer ever. He also sang and played upright bass with his own combo and countless other blues legends.

    Bob Dylan- The Minneapolis Hotel Tape & The Gaslight Café LPx2
    Further to BDs previous collections (Carnegie Hall & The Minnesota Party Tape) comes the third album in the 1961 series of rare and previously unreleased Dylan material. This time showcasing an early stint at the infamous Gaslight Cafe in NYCs Greenwich Village, and the December recordings made at his friend Bonnie Beechers apartment back in Minnesota - the same venue that witnessed the Party Tape in May of the same year. Dylan played the Gaslight a number of times but this particular performance is one of only two for which any recordings exist - it is believed to be the set he played there on 6th September 61. Bonnie Beechers apartment (aka the Minneapolis Hotel) was a regular stopping off point for Bob on his way home to visit his parents in Hibbing, and while there he would often play in front of old college friends. This recording was made a few days before Christmas - on 22nd December 1961- en route to spending the festivities with his folks. Both recordings here feature the very best sound recordings known to exist making this LP both a hugely important historical document and a delightful collection of Bob Dylan’s earliest work.

    White Stripes- Elephant LPx2
    Back in stock & now cheaper.

    Ween- The Mollusk LP
    On the surface, The Mollusk is a return to the panoramic, multi-genre extravaganza of Chocolate and Cheese, but in its own way, it's as much of a concept album as 12 Golden Country Greats. It just isn't as explicit about its intentions. Nearly every song on The Mollusk has a nautical theme, buoyed by a heavy progressive rock influence. Several songs deviate from the theme -- the synthetic new wave pulse of "I'll Be Your Jonny on the Spot" and the frenzied pseudo-country of "Waving My Dick in the Wind" are neither seafaring nor prog -- but there's an unmistakable watery undertow to the record. Perhaps the loose concept is the reason why The Mollusk is the most concise album in Ween's canon.

    Arcade Fire- The Suburbs LPx2
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Monophonics- In Your Brain LP
    The Monophonics definitely have a way of getting inside your brain – using a cosmic slop of fuzzy guitars and funky basslines to eat away your grey matter more than a maggot inside your cranium! Yet even past that heavy Funkadelic reference, they've also got a richer vibe too – elements of 60s psych mixed in with their funk – particularly in the way that the younger generation's been re-digging crates from the early 70s these days – especially some of the more farther-flung tracks from the global underground. There's slight Afro elements at times, garagey bits at others, and even some well-timed rhythms that help the whole thing have a good sense of focus – and save it from the overindulgence that toppled the hippie generation before they even got started. Titles include "Mirage", "Bang Bang", "Temptation", "In Your Brain", "Sure Is Funky", "There's A Riot Going On", "Say You Love Me", "They Don't Understand", and "Thinking Black".

    Ringo Deathstarr- Mauve CD+LP
    Back on both formats. Latest album from Texas dream pop band. Recommended if you like My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Swervedriver etc.

    Deer Tick- Black Dirt Sessions LP
    The Black Dirt Sessions, Deer Tick's third full studio album, combines the easy balladry and boozy rock tunes of the band’s prior two releases, but does away with the old-timey blues and country influences. The new sound of the group, which includes new member Ian O'Neil of Titus Andronicus on guitar, is contemporary and sincere. Vocalist John McCauley, the chief songwriter of the group, seems to have found his own distinct voice and is comfortable reeling back and singing quietly, harnessing his muscular, grainy timbre into a sweet instrument. The first half of the album never breaks a sweat, concentrating solely on stripped-down, melancholy ballads. Side two breaks away from the acoustic aspects, and kicks up a laid-back Nashville groove with honky tonk piano, Stonesy guitar riffs, and classic Americana harmonies. McCauley sounds liberated, calling up ‘70s hooks and harmonies that feel classic without being overtly retro. For The Black Dirt Sessions, the sepia tones are faded and less distracting. Songs written to sound like old pub standards helped to gain the group attention, but these heartfelt tunes gleam with McCauley's individuality.

    Helmet- Meantime LP
    Brand new 180 gram reissue on red vinyl. In 1991, Interscope won a ferocious multi-label bidding war (which according to firsthand accounts, pitted an estimated 18 to 22 different labels against each other) and signed Helmet for a reported cool one-million-plus dollars. Under the watchful eye of the record biz, and on the heels of Nirvana's huge commercial breakthrough, Helmet were curiously touted as the next big thing. Unsurprisingly, expectations would never be fully realized. Arguably one of the most influential and overlooked rock records of the '90s, Meantime threw the rule book out the window. Led by the classically trained Page Hamilton, Helmet's bludgeoning riffs combined with their stop-go-stop-go minimalist attack changed the face of aggro-rock. Its importance cannot be overstated. From the Steve Albini-produced title track through "Role Model," the band is relentless. On "Give It," Hamilton spews "killing hurts/has to be done/peace and love/who's number one," and later "the right to give/learn to bleed/it's free/pain is outside/lift it up to see." As the hypnotic riff and John Stanier's piccolo snare echo throughout, the band thrashes through the song like a ten-ton hammer. Again, every song is colored by Teutonic riffs, with only "Unsung" hinting at a gasp of commercial accessibility.

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