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Monday, October 22 2012 @ 07:00 AM CST

Contributed by: Dave

All this weeks product is now here.

Propagandhi- Failed States CD+LP
Finally here on vinyl! Their latest album.

Paul Banks- Banks LP
Paul Banks (who also goes by the name Julian Plenti) is a focal point of the group Interpol, being their guitarist & singer. He's just released his new solo album "Banks" on the Matador label, and it's been getting great reviews. Vinyl version includes a free download.

Rah Rah- The Poet's Dead CD+LP
Brand new album from Regina's own. Both formats in stock.

Iron Maiden- S/T LP
Brand new limited edition picture disc in a gate fold picture sleeve on heavyweight vinyl.

Iron Maiden- Killers LP
Brand new limited edition picture disc in a gate fold picture sleeve on heavyweight vinyl.

Two Fingers (aka Amon Tobin)- Stunt Rhythms LPx3
Two Fingers are Brazilian beat-adventurer Amon Tobin and Joe “Doubleclick” Chapman. The pair met when Tobin lived in Brighton and bonded over an interest in music that ran way beyond the boundaries of “electronica”. In Montreal they applied production techniques associated with UK styles like drum & bass to the template of hip hop. It was an experiment with explosive results.
“Two Fingers” is a project unlike anything that any of the main players has ever made before, a unique, utterly uncompromising, brutal and beautiful record that could only have grown out of the UK and the internationalism of those involved. If it’s not hip hop as we know it, then nor is it drum & bass or grime. Like all the best music it transcends genre to stand on its own – icy, transcendent, brilliant.

Iris Dement- Sing The Delta CD+LPx2
Iris DeMent's voice has mellowed in the 20 years since her gorgeous debut, Infamous Angel, but it remains a wonder of genuine country music, with a vibrato-infused twang that purrs and bucks. Centered mainly on piano chords that conjure family rooms and little white churches, these artisanal songs of love and doubt wear their homeliness proudly; the effect is like finding a bountiful farm standing in the middle of nowhere.

Moonface- Heartbreaking Bravery CD+LP
Beautifully epic & melancholy collection of songs from Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade) that come across like a mutated Bowie driven by the icy electronic sounds of his backing band Siinai (Finland). One of my favourite albums lately.

Father John Misty- Fear Fun LP
Fleet Foxes member's solo album is now back in stock.

Melody's Echo Chamber- S/T CD+LP
At a Tame Impala show in Paris two years ago, Melody Prochet, French pop aficionado and multi-instrumentalist for the band My Bee's Garden, became intrigued by the Aussie psych-rockers' scuzzy sonics. She struck up a conversation with the band's Kevin Parker after the show about how he achieved the band's signature, blown-out bass sound in particular, and a while later he asked My Bee's Garden to support Tame Impala on a European leg of their tour. Though her own band's sound was clean and somewhat precious, Prochet remained drawn to the Tame Impala aesthetic. So when she decided to go solo, she asked Parker to produce, and to push her out of her comfort zone a bit. "I tend to write songs with pretty chords and arpeggios, and I was kind of boring myself," she recalled. "So I asked Kevin to destroy everything." Mission accomplished. Recorded mostly at Parker's home studio in Perth, the resulting self-titled debut from Melody's Echo Chamber is a record of psych-tinged pop with just the right amount of thematic darkness and grime around the edges. Prochet has a way with melody and a voice that places her among the top-tier graduates of the Trish Keenan and Laetitia Sadier school of dream pop, but it's Parker's signature production that helps this record transcend its forever-in-vogue 1960s pop influences. ("This record was my dream sound," Prochet said in a recent interview. "I've tried for years to get it but finally found the right hands to sculpt it.") Full of immersive textures that give off an echoey depth and prismatic riffs that tumble through space, Parker's production grants this record its own laws of gravity.

Japandroids- Celebration Rock CD+LP
Back in stock on both formats.

Fleet Foxes- S/T LPx2
Back in stock on vinyl. Still contains the Sun Giant 12" as a bonus.

Nu Sensae- Sundowning LP
Vancouver punk band's full length album back in stock.

Queensryche- Operation Mindcrime LP
Reissue on 180 gram vinyl. This is also available in double colored vinyl format from the UK for special order.

Library Voices- Summer Of Lust LP
Back in stock on vinyl.

Nick Drake- Bryter Layter CD
Back in stock in new European digipack. Nick's debut album which introduced the world to his amazing talent.

Wedding Present- Sea Monsters CD+LP
Back in stock on both formats. CD has 7 bonus tracks. 90's UK indie pop that the British press named the "Shambling" style. This is rowdy pop rooted in punk with lot's of songs about girls. Produced by Steve Albini. A timeless album.

John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension- Don't Here This CD
It's been two years since John McLaughlin released the highly acclaimed To the One - his first studio recording with The 4th Dimension, the veteran guitar innovator's second longest-standing group since the east-meets-west fusion of Shakti. Comments like "listening to his improvisations" leaves no doubt that (McLaughlin) is in inspired creative form," (Ian Patterson,, and "this tight 40-minute document hums with a collaborative energy." (John Fordham, The Guardian) left little doubt that McLaughlin's return to the electrified fusion he first innovated more than 40 years ago in groups led by trumpet icon Miles Davis and drum legend Tony Williams - and, of course, with his own earth-shattering Mahavishnu Orchestra - was as inimitably electrifying and exhilarating as ever.

Bongripper- Great Barrier Reefer CD
For the first time, BONGRIPPER's debut release The Great Barrier Reefer is available on double-LP and CD through Emetic Records. The 80-minute long track was initially recorded in 2005 and released only in extremely small CDR editions. The album was remastered by DENNIS PLECKHAM and features new artwork from MIKE MILLER.

Bongripper- Worshipping Doom CD
"Chicago's BONGRIPPER return with their sixth release entitled Worshipping Doom. Recorded by DENNIS PLECKHAM of Comatose Studios and mastered by COLLIN JORDAN of the Boiler Room. Four tracks clocking slightly under 60 minutes of life-destroying monolithic doom. Incredible album. One of the most enjoyable & heavy pieces of instrumental doom/sludge in a long time."

Jazzanova- In Between CD+LPx2
Berlin's Jazzanova are world-champion programmers, turning extreme technical skills into astonishing electro funk Muzak. Why it takes six grown men to make this music is a mystery, but in classic German style, the results are sleek, efficient, and intelligent. With tripped-up funk beats as their base, Jazzanova adorn detailed, shifting arrangements on In Between with various vocalists (Ursula Rucker, Capitol A) to intimate styles as diverse as Sergio Mendes's Brazilian sophistication, nu-electro, breakbeat hip-hop, and retro jazz fusion. Jazzanova's attempt at smooth soul music falls flat, but by and large, their fertile songs and staggering studio skills make In Between a landmark of the nu-jazz genre (along with recent albums by Koop and Cinematic Orchestra). Highlights include the Daft Punk-meets-Earth, Wind & Fire collision of "Mwela, Mwela"; the simmering street funk of "Another New Day"; and the oozing synthesizer color-forms of "Soon." Sampling and spinning nu-jazz dreams for dancers and listeners alike, Jazzanova educate while they entertain.

Tame Impala- Lonerism
Brand new album from Australian psyche/pop band. Very popular these days. Vinyl should be here soon.

Lonnie Donegan- Lonnie CD
This expanded version of Lonnie Donegan's second album (a 10" LP) from September 1958 reaches all the way to late 1957 and forward to the spring of 1959 for singles and B-sides to add on, and it is also augmented by several outtakes -- Leadbelly's "Shorty George" and two alternate versions of the Woody Guthrie-associated number "Hard Travellin'," plus the rebel song "My Only Son Was Killed in Dublin (The Dying Rebel)." The original album contained what was probably the best single blues number of Donegan's career, the five and a half minute long "I've Got Rocks in My Bed." It is still the major track on this CD, but the mix of sounds -- particularly folk and gospel -- makes this a very diverse album, and the additional singles only enhance its value. The husband-and-wife folk duo Miki and Griff are present on five songs, singing and playing behind Donegan on blues-influenced folk numbers like "Sally Don't You Grieve" and cheerful ballads like "Nobody Loves Like an Irishman." We're also treated to the B-side "Grand Coulee Dam," which was featured in a live performance clip in the 1957 movie The Six-Five Special; bluesy outings like "Ham 'n' Eggs" and "Hard Travellin'" (which appears in three completely difference versions, each better than the last) on which Donegan is near his best, bracing and exciting; and he gives us a sample of his skills as a jazz interpreter on "Baby Don't You Know That's Love." His singing range is more than a little impressive, and the only flaw in this album, as opposed to its predecessor, is that Jimmy Currie simply isn't as aggressive or inventive a guitarist as his two predecessors, Dickie Bishop and Denny Wright.

Neurosis- Honor Found In Decay CD
For nearly three decades, their music has touched the hearts and minds of young men and women seeking contact with something beyond the physical world, something intangible, something that expresses the inner tumult of the human condition in a way that transcends time and space. Something that not only provokes questions but maybe even hints at answers. The music on 'Honor Found in Decay' is both torturous and transcendent. It is the ongoing exposition of a vast internal dialogue that seems to carry the weight of eons.

Rose Tattoo- S/T CD
If AC/DC are the greatest blue-collar hard rock band of all time, then Rose Tattoo (also Australian, also managed by the Vanda and Young team) just may qualify as the world's greatest blue-collar punk rock band. Led by impetuous, diminutive frontman Angry Anderson (the Ronnie James Dio of punk?) and the brilliant slide-guitar work of Peter Wells, Rose Tattoo were a mean and not-so-lean gang of tattooed misfits, all of them veterans of the hard as nails Aussie pub rock scene -- in short, the kind of guys you'd cross the street to avoid. Released in 1978, their eponymous debut (issued in Europe as Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw almost two years later) is a dangerous, unpredictable, monster of a record whose power has hardly diminished an ounce in the decades since. First song, "Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw," draws the line in the sand, challenging all comers to cross at the peril of a split lip; then "Nice Boys (Don't Play Rock 'N' Roll)" (if you thought Guns n' Roses version was bad-ass, think again) delivers an uppercut to the jaw that'll set you reeling.
Rose Tattoo's career was quickly derailed by internal strife, but this only adds to the timeless mystique and unique triumph of this debut. It's as "street" as white boy rock gets -- essential hard boogie. [The 1990 Repertoire records CD reissue adds eight bonus tracks, between B-sides and live recordings to the original release.]

Mourful Congregation- Tears From A Grieving Heart CD
Recorded in 1997 and 1998, Mournful Congregation’s debut album Tears from a Grieving Heart is the band’s first cohesive album-length statement after having put out several demos and splits going back to their founding in 1993. As fate would have it, the work was not officially released until 2002, on vinyl on Paniac (missing one track) and on CD as part of a longer Mournful Congregation discography to that point. Over the course of these six tracks, Mournful Congregation displays beautifully ornate and progressive songcraft within the confines of the then practically non-existent funeral doom genre, firmly establishing their impeccable reputation within the international metal underground.

P.J. Harvey- To Bring You My Love LP
Back in stock after a lengthy absence.

Andre Williams- Life CD+LP
Andre Williams may not be the hardest working man in show business, but he could be the most tireless; Life is the third full-length album he's released in 2012, and the eleventh since he returned to active duty in 1998 with the outrageous comeback set Silky. Williams was just shy of 76 years of age when Life hit the streets, making his prolific studio habits all the more remarkable, and if Williams is sounding a little more grounded than he did on Silky or The Black Godfather, he's still a tough, funky, jive talker who can draw some potent, guitar-based funk from the band of Detroit indie stalwarts who back him up. Matthew Smith produced Life, co-wrote most of the songs with Williams, and anchors the backing band (along with Jim Diamond on bass and David Shettler on drums), and the results are lean, greasy, early-'70s-style tunes with a subtle but potent psychedelic undercurrent, and they give Williams an effective backdrop as he declaims on his troubles with women, cash, and animal-haters, as well as singing the praises of high heels (Andre sounds like the most lascivious senior citizen alive as he murmurs his way through "Heels"). Williams also reveals he hasn't forgotten his days as a young R&B shouter on "It's Only You That I Love" (if he has to cheat some of the high notes, the phrasing is just as it should be), and he leads the band through a hard-charging remake of his classic "Shake a Tail Feather" that rocks with a steady roll. And as America deals with a contentious presidential campaign, Williams delivers a rueful but darkly funny bit of political commentary with "Blame It On Obama," in which the embattled head of the executive branch is made to take the fall for everything from troubles on the farm to wives who won't behave. Life is a fair distance from a masterpiece, but from a guy who has been making records for 57 years and will probably be cutting more sessions until the day he dies, it's a solid and entertaining set of R&B that shows this man has more than his share of tales to tell, and can still hold the audience in his hand when he steps up to the mike. Would that we could all sound as cool this far into retirement age.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- Live In Germany LP
Approximately 45 minutes of live performances from Nick and the boys. Includes classics like "Loverman", "The Mercy Seat", and "The Weeping Song".

Porcupine Tree- Lightbulb Sun LPx2
UK audiophile double LP pressing. One of the most important progressive rock bands of the last decade.

Porcupine Tree- Fear Of A Blank Planet LPx2
UK audiophile double LP pressing. One of the most important progressive rock bands of the last decade.

Hot Snakes- Automatic Midnight LP
Back in stock on vinyl.

Ween- Chocolate & Cheese LPx2
Back in stock on vinyl.

Hot Water Music- Caution LP
Back in stock on vinyl.

Hot Water Music- Fuel For The Hate Game LP
Back in stock on vinyl.

Gaslight Anthem- Sink Or Swim LP
This is their first album on coloured vinyl.

Diana Krall- Glad Rag Doll LP
Latest album from jazz/pop/soul chanteuse.

Neil Halstead- Palindrome Hunches LP
Brand new album from one time leader of shoegaze band Slowdive, and the very awesome, but mellower Mojave 3. Can't wait to hear this one.

Heltah Skeltah- D.I.R.T. LPx2
2008. After a 10-year absence, Ruck and Rock return with the long-awaited third Heltah Skeltah LP, D.I.R.T. (DA INCREDIBLE RAP TEAM). As always, the rhyme chemistry is undeniable as the duo step up their game lyrically, trading brutal verbal blows over a band of nightmarishly murky street-hop tracks from underground producers Marco Polo, Khrysis, 10 For the Triad, Stu Bangas, Double Up, and Evidence. Illmind flips the piano line from Beethoven’s “Für Elise” into the hauntingly operatic lead single, “Everything is Heltah Skeltah,” while fellow Boot Camp soldiers Smif-N-Wessun stop by for the over-the-top firearm anthem, W.M.D. Buckshot, Rustee Juxx, Flood, and the Representativz are also featured.

Lonnie Donegan- Showcase LP
Recorded between 1955-56. Lonnie was the king of skiffle, a UK musical style that incorporated country, blues, rockabilly & folk into a unique and energetic style. Even the Beatles played skiffle before their own style developed.

The Bats- Daddy's Highway LP
Flying Nun label reissues this first album by the Bats. The Bats are an institution on the New Zealand music scene, their melancholy jangle pop sound and infectious melodies consistently defining the kiwi rock aesthetic at its very best.
The Bats' first full album continues the early promise of their EPs and, with only the slightest deviations and changes since, established their sound for just about everything that followed. Scott and company may not be the most willfully experimental of musicians, but when they're on -- more often the case than not -- their lovely, melancholic songs simply hit the spot.

Deep Purple- In Rock LP
Many people go on & on about Machine Head (certainly a great album), but tend to overlook the seer power & fury of it predecessor "In Rock". One of the great hard rock albums of the 70's!

Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones- Live At The Checkerboard Lounge LPx2+DVD
Now available on 2 LP set with DVD. On November 22nd, 1981, in the middle of their mammoth American Tour, the Rolling Stones arrived in Chicago prior to playing 3 nights at the Rosemont Horizon. Long influenced by the Chicago blues, the band paid a visit to Muddy Waters' club the Checkerboard Lounge to see the legendary bluesman perform. It didn't take long before Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Ian Stewart were joining in on stage and later Buddy Guy and Lefty Dizz also played their part. Now restored from the original footage and with sound mixed and mastered by Bob Clearmountain, this amazing blues night is being made available in an official release for the first time.


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