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    New Stock For The Week!   
    Monday, October 29 2012 @ 07:33 AM CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    These LP's CD's will be here on Wednesday. There will be more added very soon, so check back.

    My Dying Bride- A Map Of All Our Failures LPx2
    Double LP on the UK Peaceville label. This is their brand new album. CD is also in stock.

    The Cult- Choice Of Weapon LPx2
    Limited edition double LP with black & white vinyl. Includes download coupon. This is their most recent album from a few months back.

    Moon Duo- Circles CD+LP
    Brand new album from Wooden Shjips’ Erik "Ripley" Johnson and Sanae Yamada, San Francisco's Moon Duo are a psychedelic Krautrock pair with chilly electronic underpinnings and drones inspired by Spacemen 3, Silver Apples, and Suicide.

    Matt Mays- Coyote LPx2+CD
    Matt Mayes "Coyote" vinyl is finally here. It's a really nice well packaged double LP (180 gram white vinyl) in a gate fold sleeve that comes with a bonus copy of the CD included.

    Black Sabbath- Volume 4 LP
    Back in stock on 180 gram vinyl in heavy gate fold sleeve.

    Van Morrison- Moondance- LP
    Back in stock on 180 gram vinyl in heavy gate fold sleeve.

    Dr. John- Locked Down LP
    The latest Dr. John album produced by Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) who also fronts the band. 180 gram HQ vinyl that comes with a bonus CD included. Pressed in Germany.

    Roberta Flack- Killing Me Softly LP
    Beautiful reproduction of Roberta's 1973 soft soul masterpiece, right down to the elaborate die cut triple panel album jacket. Pressed on 180 gram HQ vinyl.

    Black Keys- Magic Potion LP
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Black Keys- El Camino LPx2+CD
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Black Keys- Brothers LPx2+CD
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers- Californication LPx2
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Rumer- Seasons of My Soul LP
    Beautiful pop/soul music with heavy leanings to the 70's sounds of Dusty Springfield & Karen Carpenter. Very classy stuff.

    Black Sabbath- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath LP
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Young The Giant- S/T LP
    Back in stock on vinyl. Comes with free digital download.

    Grizzly Bear- Shields LPx2
    back in stock.

    Grateful Dead- Wake of The Flood LP
    Audiophile pressing from Mobile Fidelity. This album from 1973 was a watershed period with important personnel changes & the band establishing it's own label.

    Beach House- Bloom LPx2
    Back in stock on double LP with download.

    Carolyn Mark- The Queen Of Vancouver Island LP
    Latest album from popular folk/pop/country gal.

    The Herbalizer- They Were Seven CD
    More than 17 years after The Herbaliser’s debut long player, Remedies, was unleashed, Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba return with their seventh (the clue’s in the title) studio album. Having been lumped into the same, rather vague, "trip hop" ragbag along with Massive Attack, Portishead, Morcheeba, and DJs Shadow and Krush in the mid-90s, The Herbaliser have endured by building upon their original sample-based sound and producing several albums of gilt-edged, funk-driven hip hop. There Were Seven sees a familiar split between instrumental and vocal-driven tracks, but this is a definite departure from the pop-edged soul of 2008’s Same As It Never Was, and the delight is in the detail. The Lost Boy conjures up images of a dark, edgy jazz club with smoke trails hanging heavy in the air as Hannah Clive’s sultry vocals glide over a James Bond-style backing. Welcome to Extravagance forms the Herbaliser’s first, and highly successful, foray into dub reggae, while cut-up syllables from a 9/11 documentary provide a driving percussive bedrock for the brooding, electronic chill of Mother Dove, which somehow manages to be simultaneously relaxed and uneasy. Another standout is the brass and flute-driven, madcap car chase soundtrack that is Take ‘Em On, which forces heads to nod and feet to tap and is virtually guaranteed to become a live favourite. The Herbaliser’s knack of breaking new hip hop talent – previous collaborators include MF Doom and Jean Grae – continues on There Were Seven. Nineteen-year-old Neasden wordsmith, George the Poet, reveals his lyrical dexterity and disillusionment with the music industry on A Sad State of Affairs, while Ottawa’s Ghettosocks appears several times alongside two of his crews, Teenburger and Twin Peaks. Each genuinely has a point to convey that they express with intelligence, far away from the hot air that wafts charmlessly out of many hip hop artists today. The stylistic and emotional variety of There Were Seven may be immediate, but full immersion within the album’s rich sonic world is recommended so as to appreciate its full glory. Repeated listens of this finely realised album are therefore an enjoyable must.

    Radiohead- Kid A LPx2
    Back in stock on double 10" vinyl.

    Bon Iver- S/T LP
    Their 2nd album now back in stock.

    Handsome Furs- Welcome To Plague Park LP
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Wolf Parade- Apologies To The Queen Mary LP
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Sunset Rubdown- Random Spirit Lover LP
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Sunset Rubdown- Dragonslayer LP
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Tallest Man On Earth- S/T LP
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Stars- The Five Ghosts LPx2
    Their 5th album from 2010. Back in stock on vinyl.

    Tool- Opiate LP
    Back in stock.

    Drive By Truckers- Third Man Live LP
    Exclusive live LP recorded straight to tape from the Drive By Truckers concert at Third Man Records, Nashville, on Jan. 30th 2010.

    Slapshot- Olde Tyme Hardcore CD+LP
    Olde Tyme Hardcore starts with a clip from the '70s hockey movie that gave Slapshot their band name. (The title is actually a triple pun: hockey, the touristy Revolutionary War-era kitsch of the band's native Boston, and the fact that this kind of old-school hardcore was entirely out of fashion are all being referenced here.) From that opening, the band blasts through nine furious slabs of straight-edge fury with the wild-eyed abandon of true believers tempered with a bit of wistfulness. There's a hint of nostalgia not just on the title track, but on the album's centerpiece track, a fiery cover of SS Decontrol's "Get It Away," arguably the best Boston straight-edge single. Singer Jack Kelly disbanded Slapshot a day after the release of this album, after over 13 years as one of Boston's premier hardcore bands, and that "end of an era" sense hangs over this entire album.

    Slapshot- Step On It CD
    Classic early 90's Boston hardcore. 1991.

    Death From Above- You're A Woman....LP
    Back in stock. Recently reissued on vinyl.

    Beth Orton- Trailer Park LP
    English singer-songwriter Beth Orton writes pensive songs for her acoustic guitar and hires producers from electronic music to add a modern edge to her recordings, making her one of the leading mid-90s exponents of folktronica. Orton’s debut LP was a collaboration with her electronica-producing boyfriend William Orbit: SuperPinkyMandy (1993) was released in Japan in very limited quantities and is now disregarded by Orton from her discography. Her ‘real’ debut came in 1996 with the release of Trailer Park. Although this was also produced by a dance producer, Screamadelica’s Andrew Weatherall, it mostly stayed within the folk tradition in comprising gentle acoustic strumming and wistful tales, with only a little bit of electronic edging. The album was critically acclaimed, earning Orton two BRIT Award nominations and a Mercury prize nomination.

    Beth Orton- Sugaring Season CD+LP
    "A quietly spellbinding album" --New York Times
    Beth Orton's Anti debut captures the classic hypnotic sound that won her prominence, at the same time as it shows a singer at the full maturity of her instrument, with a new soulfulness that can recall Roberta Flack or Nina Simone one moment, June Christy at the next. Sugaring Season is in many ways a culmination of Orton's art of contradictions, a full circle from that first John Martyn cover she recorded with William Orbit back in the day soulful and ambient, lush and bittersweet, starkly still and fiercely rhythmic.

    Black Moon- Enta Da Stage LPx2
    Perhaps no other album of the '90s musically exhibits the shift in the hip-hop ethos that occurred in 1993 better than Black Moon's classic gemstone Enta da Stage. Listen to this album and you can hear hip-hop change. Prior to this, many of hip-hop's most confrontational vibes were presented as gifts from bellicose outfits like Public Enemy, Ice Cube, and other acts whose music raged. Enta da Stage features enough of that, but it also offered, perhaps even introduced, a brooding vibe. It was a pioneer sound. The group released "Who Got the Props" in the winter of 1992, about a year before the album dropped in November of 1993.

    Daphni- Jiaolong LPx2
    Latest album of tripped out club style electronica from Dan Snaith (Manitoba,Caribou) operating under the moniker Daphni, on the Merge label. Double LP with download.

    Tracey Thorn- Tinsel & Lights LP
    Vinyl includes a bonus track, free download and Tracey Thorn holiday wrapping paper. Tracey Thorn follows her acclaimed 2010 album Love and Its Opposite with a brand-new Christmas album, Tinsel and Lights, featuring ten seasonal cover versions, two new original tracks, and Green from Scritti Politti. Produced by Ewan Pearson, Tinsel and Lights features Tracey’s rich vocals and contributions on guitar and piano. Her longtime partner, Ben Watt guests on guitar and piano on several tracks. Leo Taylor (Adele, Hot Chip) plays drums, Steve Pearce; who played on Everything But The Girl’s feted album, "Idlewild", is on bass, while Pearson adds signature synths and electronics. Three tracks include orchestral arrangements by Nick Ingman.

    Tame Impala- Lonerism CD+LPx2
    Latest album from Aussie psyche pop band. In stock on both formats.

    Montrose- S/T CD+LP
    In stock on 180 gram audiophile vinyl and CD. The '70s gave us a slew of classic hard rock albums -- the likes of which may never be equaled -- and though it hasn't had the lasting influence of, say, Boston's or Ted Nugent's first albums, Montrose's eponymous debut proved equally influential and important in its day. Released in 1973, the record also introduced a young Sammy Hagar to the world, but the explosive aggression of Ronnie Montrose's biting guitar left no doubt as to why it was his name gracing the cover. A rock-solid rhythm section featuring drummer Denny Carmassi and bassist Bill Church certainly didn't hurt, either, and unstoppable anthems such as "Rock the Nation" and "Good Rockin' Tonight" would lay the ground rules for an entire generation of late-'70s California bands, most notably Van Halen. No amount of time can dim the sheer euphoria of "Bad Motor Scooter," the adolescent nastiness of "Rock Candy," and the simply gargantuan main riff of the phenomenal "Space Station #5." A welcome addition to any respectable '70s hard rock collection.

    Deep Purple- Fireball LP
    In stock on 180 gram audiophile vinyl. One of Deep Purple's four indispensable albums (the others being In Rock, Machine Head, and Burn), 1971's Fireball saw the band broadening out from the no-holds-barred hard rock direction of the previous year's cacophonous In Rock.
    Sure, the following year's Machine Head would provide Deep Purple with their commercial peak, but on Fireball, the formidable quintet was already firing on all cylinders.

    Alice Cooper- Killer LP
    In stock on 180 gram audiophile vinyl. Maybe one of their most popular albums from 1971. With Killer, they became one of the world's top rock bands and concert attractions; it rewarded them as being among the most notorious and misunderstood entertainers, thoroughly despised by grownups & parents.

    Lumineers- S/T LP
    The Lumineers, a folk-rock trio out of Denver, Colorado, have a pretty interesting sound, an Americana mesh of folk, rock, and gospel that is similar in tone to the Waterboys, say, or an alt-folk version of Bob Dylan circa Desire, thanks in no small part to Neyla Pekarek's inventive cello.

    Crass- Christ The Album CDx2+LPx2
    Back in stock on double LP.

    Crass- Stations Of The Crass LPx2
    Back in stock on double LP.

    Crass- Feeding Of The 5000 LP
    Back in stock on LP.

    Talib Kweli & Madlib- Liberation LP
    Now available on vinyl. This is a collaboration from 2007.

    Sublime- S/T LPx2
    Restock of their first album on double LP.

    Black Keys- The Big Come Up LP
    Back in stock on 180 gram vinyl. This is their first album.

    Grimes- Visions LP
    Grimes is the moniker of Canadian producer, singer and artist Claire Boucher. Sonic experimentalism run through a 'pop' filter. Certainly a gal on the go these days.

    Rolling Stones- Let It Bleed LP
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Martha Wainwright- Come Home To Mama LP
    Wainwright is accompanied by some superb musicians who give these songs the support they deserve, including Wilco guitarist Nels Cline, Dirty Three drummer Jim White, and Sean Lennon on bass. Come Home to Mama isn't always an easy or cheery listen, but anyone familiar with Martha Wainwright's work knows not to expect that; it is a compelling, engaging, and emotionally powerful set of songs from a strikingly talented singer and songwriter, and this is her most intimate and affecting work to date.

    Gaslight Anthem- The 59 Sound LP
    Back in stock.

    Avengers- S/T LP
    Although it was released in 1983, this collection represents just about everything San Francisco's late, great Avengers recorded from 1977-1978. By contemporary standards, it's by-the-book punk thrash: Greg Ingraham's guitar spews up hairball after hairball of distortion, while Penelope Houston snarls in her best impression of Johnny Rotten. However, contemporary standards diminish what great music this was and what a great band the Avengers were. Dozens of bands came in their wake, but few could recapture the excitement and ferocity of their sound. Houston, who re-emerged years later as a folk-rocker, is in full fury on these 14 tracks, especially the youth culture solidarity anthem "We Are the One" and the tale of desperation "Thin White Line." A few spins of this and you'll hear how the Avengers influenced everyone from Black Flag to X. Yes, they were that good. A forgotten classic.

    Redd Kross- Born Innocent LP
    Originally issued in 1982, Born Innocent was the debut full-length release from Redd Kross, a band of suburban L.A. youth fronted by brothers Jeff (guitar, vocals) and Steve McDonald (bass). Aged 18 and 14, respectively, the aspiring punks are aided and abetted here by rhythm guitarist Tracy Lee and drummers Janet Housden and John Stielow as they attack these 16 songs with all the patience of over-stimulated teens and all the subtlety of a slasher flick. The average song length falls below the two-minute mark, during which time Jeff McDonald's whine is rarely coherent above the clamor of his band's brutal rock assault.

    DJ Shadow- Reconstructed: The Best Of LPx2
    A definitive collection of music drawn from Shadow's 20 year career - from the early pre-Mo Wax days, right up to the present and his most recent album, 'The Less You Know, The Better'.

    Black Country Communion- Afterglow CD
    Brand new album from Joe Bonamassa & Glen Hughes. Soulful blues rock at it's finest.

    Hank Williams Jr- The Pressure Is On CD
    One of Hank Jr's best albums from 1981. Uncompromising country rock that's tougher than leather and sharper than a Buck knife.

    Lee Scratch Perry- Technomajikal CD
    Lee "Scratch" Perry's 1997 release Technomajikal is a collaboration with Dieter Meier of Yello. It can be described as electronic reggae, but the music's organic sound and feeling has certainly not diminished. The story behind how this unlikely collaboration came to pass is interesting. Perry had been living in Switzerland, and since Meier lives there as well, he tracked Perry down and talked about laying down some tracks in his Zurich recording studio. Perry accepted the invite, and soon was singing and rapping over acoustic tracks laid down by Meier, which were later replaced by a more electro accompaniment. Perry refused to record his vocals the accustomed way, and sang into a microphone while sitting outside the studio with a pair of headphones on. The finished album easily appeals to both dance enthusiasts and fans of reggae/dub, with several tracks featured as official versions, then repeated as either remixed radio versions or instrumentals (such as "UFO Attack," "Maxi Merlin," and "X-Perry-Ment").

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