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    New Stock For The Week   
    Monday, February 04 2013 @ 08:42 am CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    These CD's & LP's will arrive Wednesday. More titles will be added very shortly.

    Killer Mike- R.A.P. Music LP
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Anathema- Falling Deeper LP
    From 2011. First time here on vinyl.

    Anathema- Alternative 4 LP
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Howlin' Wolf- Killing Floor LP
    The essential compilation with Smokestack Lightning, Little Red Rooster, Killing Floor.

    Thelonious Monk- In Action LP
    180 gram vinyl reissue. Thelonious in Action: Recorded at the Five Spot Cafe is a 1958 album by jazz musician Thelonious Monk. Recorded live at the Five Spot Cafe it features Thelonious Monk (piano), Johnny Griffin (sax), Ahmed Abdul-Malik (bass), and Roy Haynes (drums).

    Sonny Rollins- Saxophone Colossus LP
    180 gram vinyl reissue. "Saxophone Colossus is one of Sonny Rollins' most acclaimed albums. Recorded and released in 1956, it has been awarded a rare Crown by The Penguin Guide to Jazz, and is widely considered the masterpiece of his mid-1950s series of recordings for Prestige Records and one of the greatest albums ever issued on that label."

    Greenleaf- Nest Of Vipers CD+LP
    Featuring a revolving cast of fellow musicians who share a love of heavy fuzz rock, including Fredrik Nordin (Dozer), and Peder Bergstrand (Lowrider), Greenleaf has consistently defined what rock 'n' roll was, is, and should be. You put 2001's "Revolution Rock", 2003's "Secret Alphabets" and 2007's "Agents Of Ahriman" on and you're going to have a hard time taking them off. The band cooks, because they've got that special ingredient. It's time to rejoice, because Greenleaf is back with "Nest Of Vipers." Like their past releases, "Vipers" is a righteous kick in the ass and a testament to the almighty riff. This time, Tommi and Bengt are joined by Oskar Cedermalm (Truckfighters) on vocals, Olle MŚrthans (Dozer) on drums, Johan Rockner (Dozer) on guitar, and a handful of guest appearances. This new lineup keeps Greenleaf moving forward without losing track of what made them great in the first place. Take note - this is what rock bands should sound like. Make way for the 'Nest of Vipers.'

    Freedom Hawk- Holding On CD+LP
    Hailing from the barrier dunes of Virginia, this quartet blends heavy riffs, a rolling groove, and soulful guitar melodies to produce the sound that is FREEDOM HAWK. Their brand of heavy rock coupled with a high energy live show, leaves many wondering if they've stepped through a time warp that has taken them to rock's heyday of the 70s. Freedom Hawk's music slashes away, tearing its way into the ears of all those who listen with original quality matched only to those which have proven themselves in days past. The driving beat and heavy guitars with timeless vocals gives light to a new birth in heavy music, with a ray of excitement allowing you to rock away to Freedom Hawk's dark music fueled by the sun. Limiterd to 500 copies.

    Veronica Falls- Waiting For Something To Happen LP
    Waiting For Something to Happen sees the band emerge as one of the most potent and affecting, fully-formed indie guitar pop acts we have around. Beautifully mature and poignant, this marvellously assured second record sees the band throw off the casually morbid references to elegantly distill the essence of an aimless twentysomething existence.. the collective anxieties, tension and confusion of moving from adolescence into fully fledged adulthood.. into a set of immaculately conceived, perfectly wrought pop songs. Musically this album sees the band evolve into a more poised and confident pop entity, the melodies bolder and songs more muscular. Recorded with Rory Attwell (who has worked with everyone from The Vaccines to Male Bonding), these are tracks which spin gorgeous, sun-kissed melodies across their tales of growing pains and romantic dysfunction.

    Elephant Stone- S/T LP
    Montrealís Elephant Stone is led by sitarist/bassist Rishi Dhir. As a highly sought out sitar player in the psychedelic rock scene, he has recorded and toured with the Black Angels, Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Horrors, the Soundtrack of Our Lives, and many more. Thier new self titled LP is a follow up to their debut album, The Seven Seas, which long-listed for the 2009 Polaris Music Prize. The album finds Elephant Stone combining 60s pop with heavy psycehdelic raga, showcasing of Dhirís ability to write concise pop songs as well as the bandís ability to kick out sprawling jams. Artful lyrics and Rishiís considerable sitar talents make this a modern psych classic. The band has upcoming appearances at SXSW, Austin Psych Fest and a tour with The Black Angels.

    Son House- Raw Delta Blues LP
    Imported double album compilation.

    John Lee Hooker- Whiskey & Wimmen LP
    Imported double album compilation.

    Howlin' Wolf- Blues From Hell LPx2
    Imported double album compilation.

    Howlin' Wolf- The Back Door Wolf LP
    180 gram LP. This, Wolf's last hurrah, is his final studio album. Cut with his regular working band, the Wolf Gang. Highlights include Eddie Shaw's "Coon on the Moon," Wolf's own "Moving" and "Stop Using Me," and both takes of "Speak Now Woman."

    Howlin' Wolf- Evil LP
    180 gram vinyl. "Evil is a terrific vinyl collection of Howlin' Wolf's quintessential Sun and Chess recordings. It remains an excellent summary of his best work."

    Howlin' Wolf- Moanin' In The Moonlight LP
    180 gram LP. Moanin' in the Moonlight was the first full-length album by American blues singer Howlin' Wolf. The album was a compilation of previously-issued singles by Chess Records. It was originally released by Chess Records as a mono-format LP record in 1959.

    Hot Water Music- Live In Chicago LPx3
    30 classic HWM songs in 90 minutes! "I am still in love with the music of HWM as much now as ever. The spirit, the lifting, is still present in everything they do. When they were not a band, there was a void and when they decided to play a couple more shows in 2008 we simply had to find a way to document the events. That effort eventually netted a 6-record series of very limited EPs. And then the band recorded a stellar new album, which came out earlier this year. The plan to release the live recordings as a full album took a backseat, but has percolated... and is finally ready to go. Call it a labor of love, crank it up, and sing along!!" --Var. The 3LP includes a download code, specific colored vinyl, and features 30 songs in 90 minutes, pulled from both nights. No Idea will be pressing six versions of the 3LP, all in runs of 550. They will be Blue, Gold, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, and White. The ink color on the covers will match the vinyl color inside. The effect is bold, streamlined, and elegant. The first two available colors will be BLUE and GOLD.

    Neutral Milk Hotel- In The Aeroplane Over The Sea LP
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Gun Club- Miami LPx2
    180 gram audiophile vinyl with insert. As a special bonus the first 1.000 copies of this record contain a live bonus LP. Don't miss out on this one! The Gun Club was formed by Jeffrey Lee Pierce, former head of the Blondie fan club in Los Angeles. Joining him was Brian Tristan, who was later renamed Kid Congo Powers during his stint with The Cramps. By 1982, the band had signed to Blondie guitarist Chris Stein's Animal Records and temporarily relocated to New York to record 1982's Miami. This album features Stein as producer, and you can hear Debbie Harry on backup vocals on select tracks. Going for a higher, more desolate sound, frontman and slide player Jeffrey Lee Pierce and his band were literally on fire. The songs here, from "Carry Home", "Like Calling Up Thunder", "Devil in the Woods", "Watermelon Man", "Bad Indian" and "Texas Serenade" center themselves on a mutant form of country music that meets the post-punk ethos. This is hardcore snake-charming music, evil, smoky, and brash. In the bird's-eye view of history its songs are all classics.

    Opeth- Damnation LP
    180 gram audiophile vinyl. Before Damnation was released in 2003, all of Opethís albums were known for the contrasting black and white, violent and delicate, heavy and light aspects in their music. On Damnation however, they abandoned this concept of short musical interludes separating the bandís explosions of black metal fury and progressive rock. Except for brief moments in 'Closure' (with producer Steven Wilson on Mellotron) the listener canít find one distorted power guitar chord, nor a pounding bass drum or growled vocal on this album. The album is filled with only mellow melancholy, reflective and alluringly mournful tracks like 'Windowpane', 'Death Whispered A Lullaby', 'Hope Leaves,' and 'Ending Credits.' After the first release, Opeth fans needed time for this novelty to sink in but when it did it became an absolute new successful chapter to the bandís repertoire.

    David Bowie- Heathen LP
    Dutch Audiophile pressing. Here for the first time on vinyl.

    Stevie Wonder- Talking Book LP 180 gram
    In stock on 180 gram vinyl.

    Stevie Wonder- Talking Book LP colored vinyl
    In stock on tan colored vinyl.

    Tame Impala- Lonerism LPx2
    Back in stock on double LP.

    King Khan & Show- What's For Dinner LP
    2006 release. Back in stock.

    Pere Ubu- Lady From Shanghai CD+LPx2
    Double LP. Pere Ubu return with their first new studio album for over three years in January 2013, the thirty-fifth anniversary of the group's debut (The Modern Dance). The album ushers in a new era in the history of Pere Ubu, with David Thomas and band continuing to provoke and shock listeners, further establishing them as one of the most innovative, progressive and important bands of all time. Lady from Shanghai is an album of dance music, it is the Ubu Dance Party. "The dancer is the puppet of the dance," says singer David Thomas. "It's long past time somebody puts an end to this abomination. Lady From Shanghai has fixed the problem. "What is the problem? Dance encourages the body to move without permission." Pere Ubu make a music that is a disorienting mix of midwestern groove rock, "found" sound, analog synthesizers, falling-apart song structures and careening vocals. It is a mix that has mesmerized critics, musicians and fans for decades. "They're the greatest out-rock 'n' roll group of this millennium, and probably the next." Edwin Pouncey - The Wire

    Windhand- S/T LP
    Richmond, VA may be known primarily for its wicked thrash and crust punk scenes, but there's something evil lurking within that doomed old capital. Psyched-out ultra-Sabbathian amplifier worshippers WINDHAND, who boast ex-members of heavy riffers FACEDOWNINSHIT and ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY within their ranks, have risen. The response from the press and fans alike has been immense. Cvlt Nation's review insists, "Windhand takes apocalyptic blues, puts it into a punk bong, lights it with a sabbath lighter and exhales rad clouds made out of fuzzed out bliss...Windhand are way more than a band that you should be on the look out for, they are group of humans that will change the way your hear doom."

    Local Natives- Hummingbird LP standard version
    Regular edition. Much has happened between the band's critically-acclaimed, Best New Music debut album, Gorilla Manor, and the imminent release of Hummingbird. From rave reviews to brilliant television performances, Gorilla Manor launched the band onto the global stage, saw them headlining theaters throughout America and Europe, opening for bands like Arcade Fire and The National, winning them lauded slots at major festivals around the world, and selling over 100,000 albums in the U.S. alone. Upon their return home from the road, the band built out a rehearsal space/studio in an abandoned bungalow in Silverlake, allowing them to try writing in different ways, and freeing them up to work extensively on tones and arrangements. This ultimately led to their experimenting with new instruments and sounds, bringing a broader musical palette to the table, and challenging them to grow from the comfort space of their established aesthetic.

    Local Natives- Hummingbird LP deluxe version
    Special edition. Includes 3 bonus tracks. CD contains a fold-out poster. LP is on RED vinyl and comes with download code. Much has happened between the band's critically-acclaimed, Best New Music debut album, Gorilla Manor, and the imminent release of Hummingbird. From rave reviews to brilliant television performances, Gorilla Manor launched the band onto the global stage, saw them headlining theaters throughout America and Europe, opening for bands like Arcade Fire and The National, winning them lauded slots at major festivals around the world, and selling over 100,000 albums in the U.S. alone. Upon their return home from the road, the band built out a rehearsal space/studio in an abandoned bungalow in Silverlake, allowing them to try writing in different ways, and freeing them up to work extensively on tones and arrangements. This ultimately led to their experimenting with new instruments and sounds, bringing a broader musical palette to the table, and challenging them to grow from the comfort space of their established aesthetic.

    Propagandhi- How To Clean Everything LP
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Cowboy Junkies- Trinity Revisited LPx2
    This live reinterpretation of the COWBOY JUNIKIES' seminal album 'The Trinity Session' features guests such as Ryan Adams, Natalie Merchant, Vic Chesnutt and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Bird. A full twenty years on from the original date of recording, the band's sibling mainstays revisited the same church in which the original was captured. The result is 'Trinity Revisited' which, although maintaining the same track listing, has a slightly different feel. The spontaneous jam-like aspects remain, but they are given a different personality by the guests, contributions.

    Magic Sam- West Side Soul LP
    Back in print on vinyl! A classic album of modern blues by guitarist/vocalist Magic Sam who is joined by fellow guitarist Mighty Joe Young for blistering blues and soul influenced tunes.

    Ty Segall- Goodbye Bread LP
    'Goodbye Bread' is the 5th full length from 23 year old TY SEGALL, and his first for Drag City. For those who are unaware, Ty tours like a monster, plays his ass and his band's ass and his audience's ass off every night and people seem to like it. The shows are moving, almost beyond control. 'Goodbye Bread' is to Segall's 2010 album 'Melted' as 'Melted' was to Ty's previous album 'Lemons'. Awesome is evolving again! The preview 7", "I Canít Feel It" is a smash! Ty fans are loving his new sound. Wait till they hear the nine other songs that are just as far out and rockin'!

    Ty Segall- Hair LP
    TY SEGALL meets WHITE FENCE on the golden road to unlimited devotion! Known for rock 'n' roll both savage and incisive and pastorally acid- winged, Ty Segall and White Fence have collaborated on a set of songs that accelerate wildly from where we last found them. 'Hair' squares their guitar-fringed traffic with purple flashes, escalating every song before multiple explosions rock the frame during their penultimate joust, with Sean Presley and Mikal Cronin along for the frantic carpet ride. It unrolls from within and in between them and electricity takes many forms, plunging from rock trips to acoustic strollers to poppy reveries to freak-downs at side's end. 'Hair' gets tangled deep in clouds of guitars and drums and counter-riffs and percussion and NOISE, then pressed flat and combed back with vocal harmonies and compression.

    Ty Segall- Twins LP
    If there be just one Ty record to encapsulate this brave olí year, Twins is that very one. In fact, Twins just might be the blast that ends it all - or the explosion that launches a brave new evolution? How does time work anyway? Did you know that 2008 is as much yesterday as today is? 2008, thatís when it began, when a sweaty young thing boiled up out of the mythical swamp of ooze ní groove. Ty Segall was just getting started, his rock was ordering itself into existence. Now itís four years later, a mereness in terms of expansion, and already, thereís singles everywhere, comps, a live album, and five smashing studio albums paving the way for this modern superhighway youíre gonna call Twins. The songs of Twins are haunted by ghosts, shadowed by the other that weíll never see, struggling to rise above. A fury of rock ensues: songs rigged to explode on a dime, fired from a cannon into the stratosphere. They fuse together into one multivarious projectile, a bullet from a gun marked yin and yang.

    Ty Segall- Melted LP
    San Francisco psych wunderkind Ty Segall continues a tireless musical assault on ears and minds with his third album, 'Melted', WHICH IS packed full of truly psychedelic pop songs with great vocals and exciting arrangements. 'Melted' is a carefree yet precise balance of acoustic and electric elements. Distorted echo and thunder mix together with enough clean guitar lines and addictive choruses to deliver an album that recalls the í60s without sounding like anything created during that decade.

    Muddy Waters- Can't Get No Grindin' LP
    "Can't Get No Grindin', from 1973, is an entirely different animal. Waters' penultimate album for Chess, it was something of a return to form for the Chicago bluesman, with a rawer, slide-guitar-fueled sound. Several tracks were updates of previous hits; "Mother's Bad Luck Child" remade his 1948 single "Gypsy Woman," with a slowed-down tempo and a healthy dose of Waters' pinprick-sharp guitar. "Can't Get No Grindin' (What's the Matter with the Mill)" took Memphis Minnie's song and turned it into something funkier, thanks to Pinetop Perkins' bouncy organ and the call-and-response vocals. New songs such as "Love Weapon" and "Garbage Man" had the band as a whole performing as tightly as ever, with Waters' slide and Cotton's harmonica interweaving nicely. And three mostly instrumental tracks - Waters' own upbeat "Funky Butt," the somnambulant Erskine Hawkins hit "After Hours" and the boisterous "Muddy Waters' Shuffle," in which he namechecks B.B. King - add to the album's diversity."

    Bob Marley- Legend LP
    Now here after being out of stock for months.

    Daniel Romano- Come Cry With Me LP
    Singer from Attack In Black releases this thoroughly authentic old school country album. Sounds like it came out of the 60's with plenty of weepy pedal steel guitar, and sweet songwriting.

    Dawes- Nothing Is Wrong LPx2
    New reissue on double 45rpm vinyl.

    Eno- Lux LPx2
    Latest all ambient release from the drone maestro himself. Double 180 gram DMM LP with download coupon. Also contains 4 art prints.

    The Who- Quarophenia LPx2
    Back in stock. Pressed in the UK.

    Little Feat- Rooster Rag LPx2
    First album of new material in 9 years. Double LP in gate fold sleeve.

    Buddy Miller & Jim Lauderdale- Buddy & Jim CD+LP
    New album from these two modern country icons. They do a radio show together, so it's just natural they'd pair up for this album.

    Coheed & Cambria- The Afterman: Ascension LP+CD
    latest album with free CD included.

    Fran Zappa- Finer Moments CDx2
    82 minutes worth of new FZ music just released by his estate. 13 tracks which I'm guessing are primarily instrumental.

    Baby Huey- The Living Legend LP colored vinyl

    Angel- S/T LP white vinyl

    Venom- At War With Satan LPx2 colored vinyl

    Venom- Black Metal LPx2 colored vinyl

    Venom- Welcome To Hell LPx2 colored vinyl

    Kanye West- College Dropout LPx2

    Bad Religion- Recipe For Hate LP

    Bad Religion- Generator LP

    Bad Religion- How Could Hell Be Any Worse LP

    Bad Religion- No Control LP

    Bad Religion- Against The Grain LP

    Bad Religion- True North CD+LP

    Lightnin' Hopkins- Lightnin' Sam Hopkins LP

    Lucero- Nobody's Darlings

    Lucero- Rebels Rogues & Sworn Brothers LP

    Operation Ivy- Energy LP

    Junip- Fields LP+CD

    Jay-Z- The Blueprint LPx2

    The Beatles- Past Masters Vol.1 & 2 LPx2

    Voivod- Target Earth LPx2

    Five Horse Johnson- The Taking Of Black Heart CD+LP

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs- It's Blitz LP

    Florence & The Machine- Ceremonials LPx2

    Mississippi John Hurt- Stack-O-Lee LP

    Rock Candy Funk Party- We Want Groove CD

    Joe Bonamassa- Dust Bowl CD

    Richard Thompson- Electric CD

    House Of Love- S/T CDx3 deluxe reissue

    Wo Fat- Black Code CD+LP

    Sons Of Otis- Seismic CD

    Holy Grail- Ride The Void CD


    These CD's & LP's Are Now In Stock


    Neil Young- Greatest Hits LPx2 + 7"

    Civil Wars- Barton Hollow LP

    Ron Sexsmith- Forever Endeavour LP

    Deftones- Koi No Yokan LP

    The Ruby Suns- Christopher LP

    Pink Floyd- Dark Side Of Moon LP

    Bonobo- Black Sands LPx2

    Japandroids- Post Nothing LP

    Japandroids- No Singles LP (White Vinyl)

    Radiohead- OK Computer LPx2

    Bestie Boys- The Mix Up LP

    Beastie Boys- Solid Gold Hits LPx2

    Beastie Boys- Paul's Boutique LP

    Blakroc- S/T LP (Black Keys, Mos Def etc.) Dutch Import

    CCR- Chronicle LPx2

    Crystal Castles- III LP

    Dream Theater- Systematic Chaos LPx2

    John Frusciante- Empyream LPx2

    John Frusciante- Curtains LP

    John Frusciante- Inside Of Emptiness LP

    John Frusciante- Will To Death LP

    Gorillaz- S/T LPx2

    Los Lobos- By The Light Of The Moon LP (Mobile Fidelity)

    Morphine- Cure For Pain LP

    Porcupine Tree- Recordings LPx2

    Porcupine Tree- Sky Moves Sideways LPx2

    Rick Ross- Trilla LP

    The Sword- Apocrypha LP

    Tristeza- Paisajes LP

    Walkmen- Bows & Arrows LP

    Hank Williams III- Damn Right Rebel Proud LPx2

    Hank Williams III- Rebel Within LP+CD

    The Blue Nile- Hats CDx2 (Expanded)

    The Blue Nile- A Walk Across The Rooftops CDx2 (Expanded)

    Lazy Cowgirls- Somewhere Down The Line CD

    Tallest Man On Earth- There's No Leaving Now LP

    Tallest Man On Earth- S/T LP

    Tallest Man On Earth- Shallow Grave LP

    Tallest Man On Earth- The Wild Hunt LP

    Arctic Monkeys- Suck It And See LP

    Bon Iver- S/T LP

    Iron And Wine- Creek Drank The Cradle LP

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