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    New Stock For The Week   
    Tuesday, February 12 2013 @ 08:23 am CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    These new & restock CD's & LP's will be here on Wednesday afternoon.

    Jim James- Regions of Light And Sound of God CD+LP
    Over the course of fifteen years and six studio albums, James has been the focal point of My Morning Jacket, a group that has grown into one of the most acclaimed and successful rock and roll bands in the world. With this project, he reaches into new territory that extends, but doesn't break from, MMJ's accomplishments.The results are nine songs that resist easy categorization, from the hazy space-funk of the opening "State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.)" to the chiming, operatic pop of "A New Life." On Regions of Light and Sound of God, nothing is what it seems; touchstones from old-school R&B or island folk or hip-hop flicker into focus and then disappear; a delicate instrumental is titled "Exploding." It's complex but cohesive, intimate and hypnotic where My Morning Jacket might turn more wide-screen and epic. Solo albums by members of bands, especially lead singers, can often be scattershot, collections of odds and ends built up over the years with no true sense of purpose. But Regions of Light and Sound of God is precisely the opposite.. the clarity with which Jim James came into this album rings from first note to last.

    The Sadies- New Seasons LP
    back in stock on red vinyl.

    The Bronx- The Bronx IV CD
    L.A. punk rockers The Bronx have always been leaning closer to the rock side of things than the punk, moving further from the brazen Fugazi-meets-Stooges energy of their 2003 debut with each subsequent release. Ten years after that raging debut, an older, more road-ragged Bronx offer up a fourth volume of songs, this time with a metal sheen outshining any punk roots that might have been in the forefront at the band's beginning. The bright production focuses on loud guitars, bashy drums, and screamy, clean vocals high in the mix. This classic hard rock production touches every song on IV, and the first half of the record is composed of songs that seem tailored to fit the post-metal sensibilities of the record's sonic texturing. Songs like "The Unholy Hand," "Too Many Devils," and "Along for the Ride" eschew all punk pretenses, offering instead driving, riff-based hard rock. In the album's more subtle moments, the band's previous post-punk influences come through a bit more, with more complex tracks like "Torches" and "Life Less Ordinary" calling to mind the brilliant dynamics of late-'90s outfits like Drive Like Jehu and Hoover. Vinyl will be here soon.

    Wilderness Of Manitoba- When You Left The Fire LPx2
    Self-described Canadian “chamber folk” quintet The Wilderness of Manitoba formed in 2010 around the talents of Stefan Banjevic, Will Whitwham, Melissa Dalton, Scott Bouwmeester, and Sean Lancaric. The group formed organically out of late-night sessions at Toronto’s Delaware House, a combination basement studio/rehearsal space/living quarters for local indie rockers Howl, who host acoustic shows in their garage. Employing an arsenal that includes banjo, cello, mandolin, and guitar, it’s The Wilderness of Manitoba's rich, complex harmonies that serve as the anchor for their wickedly pretty northern folk songs. Part Fleet Foxes and part Great Lake Swimmers with a tiny bit of Cloud Cult-inspired unpredictability tossed in for good measure, the band released its full-length debut, When You Left the Fire, on Tiny OGRE Records in May 2011.

    Green Day- Tre LP
    The third installment of their current trilogy.

    The Foals- Holy Fire LP
    Brand new album here on vinyl.

    Led Zeppelin- Celebration Day LPx3
    Sweet triple vinyl box set version of their 2007 reunion concert.

    Alanis Morissette- Jagged Little Pill LP
    New reissue on 180 gram vinyl.

    Black Key- El Camino LPx2
    Back in stock on double LP.

    Deftones- Doi No Yokan LP
    Back in stock on LP.

    The Stooges- S/T LP
    Back in stock on LP.

    Ron Sexsmith- Forever Endeavor LP+CD
    Brand new album.

    The XX- XX LP
    Back in stock on LP.

    Indians- Somewhere Else LP
    "Somewhere Else" is the full length debut from Søren Løkke Juul, who performs under the moniker, Indians. Recorded in a countryside studio outside Copenhagen, "Somewhere Else" is a highly personal document that's equal parts melancholic lament and hopeful stargazing, with the album title itself an indication of the sense of otherness that runs throughout Søren's music. Heavily evocative of the natural world, the album's cavernous tones and Autumnal warmth just as much recall the vastness of the Scandinavian landscape that formed the backdrop of its conception as it does classic long players from likeminded avant-pop purveyors Flaming Lips and Radio Dept. Available on CD and LP, both formats feature die cut front covers while vinyl includes an MP3 download coupon.

    David Bowie- The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust LP+DVD
    40th anniversary reissue. LP comes with bonus DVD.

    Tosca- Odeon CD
    If geography has an impact on music then Vienna has coloured Tosca’s music at every turn. Over the course of a career spanning two decades, the Austrian capital has inspired Richard Dorfmeister (of Kruder & Dorfmeister fame) and Rupert Huber to make electronic mood pieces coloured with Mitteleuropean melancholy. It’s a bittersweet juxtaposition that is much in evidence on the pair’s new album, ‘Odeon’. It opens with the hazy strings of ‘Zur Guten’, which ebbs into the oozing keys and pizzicato steel string guitars of ‘What If’, which features a smokey vocal from Sarah Carlier. Lead single ‘Jayjay’ is a haunted combination of sombre piano chords, rolling drums and weird, otherworldly vocals from JJ Jones. It’s darker than their previous five albums, more downbeat, at times ambient. It’s unlike anything else out there at the moment. More than anything, ‘Odeon’ is the sound of a band at the top of their game. A good time for them to release a career retrospective then. Dorfmeister reflects on the band’s history. "It sounds like a cliche, but we’ve never really thought about other people’s music when we’re writing our own," he says. "We try and create our own sound. We really have always been like that. And I think we’ve developed a trademark sound because of that." They certainly have. It’s been called ‘the Vienna sound’. And, in updated form, it still sounds like nothing else.

    Hawkwind- Space Ritual CDx2
    New double CD reissue of their classic live album.

    Dr. Feelgood- The UA Singles Collection CD
    Real nice collection of singles from this 70's UK pup rock band. High energy R/B rock.

    Riverside- Shrine Of New Generation Slaves LPx2
    Brand new album from one of the current wave of popular progressive rock bands. Double LP imported from Europe.

    Beatles- Revolver LP
    Back in stock on LP.

    Nina Simone- Sings The Blues LP
    Originally released in 1967, this is Nina Simone's debut release for RCA Records. Featuring a stellar backing band that includes, amongst others, Eric Gale and Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, 'Sings The Blues' is an incredible mix of blues, soul, gospel, folk, jazz, and more. With Nina handling piano and vocal duties, the band slow burns through a killer selection of songs (including a track from 'Porgy & Bess' and one whose lyrics are penned by the immortal Langston Hughes).

    Bad Religion- Suffer LP
    Back in stock on LP.

    Marianne Faithfull- Broken English LP
    180 gram vinyl, gatefold. Yes, that Marianne Faithfull. This album is like nothing else that she has ever recorded. It was one of those magic moments. This album was recorded brilliantly and, released in 1979, it was ground-breaking. Featuring John Lennon's "Working Class Hero", "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan" and "Why D'Ya Do It".

    Nine Inch Nails- The Downward Spiral LPx2
    Back in stock on LP.

    Cloud Nothings- Attack On Memory LP
    2012. In the interval since the release of CLOUD NOTHINGS' self-titled debut album, Dylan Baldi has toured widely and put a great deal of focus on his live show. After playing the same sets nightly for months on end, Baldi saw the rigidity of his early work, and he wanted to create arrangements that would allow for more improvisation and variability when played on the road. To accomplish this desired malleability, the entire band decamped to Chicago, where the album was recorded with Steve Albini. In setting out to do so, Baldi and co. have created an album that shows vast growth in a still very young band.

    Birds In A Row- You, Me & The Violence LP
    Birds In Row are a melodic yet abrasive band from Laval, France. Blurring the lines between hardcore, punk, and related sub-genres, Birds In Row truly offer something of substantial emotional weight to their listeners. Collectively carrying somber hearts and poignant souls, they navigate through melancholic seas to shape beautifully hook-laden songs unlike anything else out there today.

    Converge- All We Love We Leave Behind LPx2
    Their brand new album finally here on vinyl.

    The Beatles & Tony Sheridan- In The Beginning LP
    Gatefold LP with Rare Photos and Essay By Tony Sheridan, featuring dead-quiet surfaces, this Wax Cathedral LP is pressed at RTI.This is where the legend starts. Serving as the backing musicians for British rock singer Tony Sheridan, the Beatles turned out the most productive studio session of their formative years in June 1961 in Hamburg, a historical occasion documented on the seminal In the Beginning. Billed as the Beat Brothers, the group that evolved into the Fab Four counted original member Pete Best on drums and largely supplied Sheridan with rhythmic foundations for traditional cuts such as Ray Charles’ 'What’d I Say' and Lieber-Stoller’s 'Ruby Baby', as well as a batch of originals. Most importantly, the date also produced the rare jazzy instrumental 'Cry for a Shadow', the only Beatles track ever credited to Lennon-Harrison. Another essential gem is 'Ain’t She Sweet', an early 20th century hit covered here with lead vocals by John Lennon. Most importantly, this treasured LP affords music fans from around the world an early glimpse into the instrumental abilities and harmonic sound of a band that would, within two years, become the most important and popular ensemble in history. Historians and collectors, take note: These performances occurred long before the quartet’s similarly prized artifact Live at the Hamburg Club 1962, making this album the earliest official recording of the Beatles available.

    Richard & Linda Thompson- I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight LP
    Richard Thompson found a sympathetic companion in his then-new wife Linda Thompson, with whom he collaborates on 1974’s mystic I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight. While only his second solo record, the guitar virtuoso sounds well beyond his years on an effort simultaneously bathed in thematic darkness and illuminated with melodies that glisten with elegance, beauty, and joy. With her rich and transparent voice, and superb feel for nuance, Linda effortlessly pairs with her mate’s consequential fare -no an easy task. In listening to I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight, one can’t help be reminded of how cultural critic Greil Marcus described Thompson’s self-sacrificial and surreal brilliance: "Sometimes Thompson seems to be singing from the plague years, following behind a cart full of corpses, laughing at the stupidity of human faith in one verse, cursing God with the next-but time stops. At any given moment, [he] steps forward playing both fool and executioner; he cuts off his own head and holds it up for the pleasure of the crowd, shaming it quiet." Featuring dead-quiet surfaces, this Wax Cathedral LP is pressed at RTI.

    Anthrax- Among The Living LP
    Get caught in a mosh. Shout along to a catchy tribute to comic book character Judge Dredd. Become immersed in a fantasy narrative paying homage to Stephen King’s The Stand. Stare at the cover-art depiction of Poltergeist antagonist Rev. Henry Kane. Or simply marvel at the endless array of taut grooves and heavy albeit bounding rhythms. It’s all on Among the Living. A thrash-metal cornerstone, Anthrax’s 1987 set takes its place in the same revered pantheon as milestones by the band’s Big Fourcontemporaries Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer. Equal parts socially aware ('Indians,' 'N.F.L.,' 'One World') and amusingly goofy ('I Am the Law,' 'Caught in a Mosh'), Among the Living pulses with seriousness and fun. It’s tailored for both the mature listener and the younger skateboarder in all of us. Produced by the legendary Eddie Kramer (Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix), it remains as fresh today as it was during the Reagan era. Featuring dead-quiet surfaces, this Wax Cathedral LP is pressed at RTI.

    Stevie Wonder- Talking Book LP
    This is the Mobile Fidelity version. MF presses probably the finest records in terms of sound quality. Most are limited numbered editions.

    B.B. King- Can't Kick The Blues LPx2
    Double LP from the UK on 180 gram vinyl. 27 track compilation from his vintage 50's & 60's period.

    Muddy Waters- Hoochie Coochie Man LPx2
    Double LP from the UK on 180 gram vinyl.

    Sonny Boy Williamson- Down & Out Blues LPx2
    Double LP from the UK on 180 gram vinyl.

    V/A- Rockabilly's Gravest Hits LPx2
    Double LP from the UK on 180 gram vinyl.

    Firehose- Flyin' The Flannel LP
    1991. It was a pretty big deal in the underground rock community when fIREHOSE made the jump from an independent record label to a major one (Columbia) with their fourth full-length record, 1991's Flyin' the Flannel. But fans shouldn't have worried; the trio didn't change its sound to fit its new label, although the songwriting did become more succinct, which only improved the album's outstanding 16 tracks (resulting in fIREHOSE's finest album). The album-opening anthem, "Down With the Bass," is a Mike Watt tribute to his beloved four-string, while the band rocks out throughout the album: "Up Finnegan's Ladder," "Can't Believe," the title track, "O'er the Town of Pedro," "The First Cuss," "Anti-Misogyny Maneuver," and "Town' the Line" are all standouts. Like all fIREHOSE albums, Flyin' the Flannel includes its share of soothing moments, such as "Toolin'," "Walking the Cow," the downtrodden album closer "Losers, Boozers, and Heroes," and perhaps the best song on the album, the swirling jazz of "Epoxy, for Example." Flyin' the Flannel is one of the great lost rock gems of the '90s. Super highly recommended. (AMG)

    Hawkwind- Onward LPx2
    Vinyl edition of the new studio album from legendary mavericks HAWKWIND! Recorded at Earth Studios, the eagerly awaited follow-up to 2010's 'Blood Of The Earth' encapsulates the band in full creative flight with a lavish collection of new music. Featuring sound tracks for internet warfare, mantras for self realization and electrical systems checks, revealing ancient prophecies, aligning constellations, urban violence and touchy feely robots. Unfolding harsh primordial soundscapes heralding a new green millennium. Including luxurious packaging, with exclusive bonus live tracks taken from the Hawk vaults demonstrating the prowess of the late Jason Stuart's exceptional keyboard playing.

    Black Flag- Who's Got The 10 1/2? LP
    Back in stock on LP.

    Descendents- Milo Goes To College LP
    Back in stock on LP.

    Battalion Of Saints- Second Coming LP
    Limited edition 1000 copies. The LP that put San Diego on the map in 1984. The project has been done with the original artwork from Mad Marc Rude. BATTALION OF SAINTS version of Ace Of Spades is is the only time LEMMY approved a cover of a MOTORHEAD song.

    Porcupine Tree- The Incident LPx2
    Imported from Holland on double 180 gram vinyl.

    Lee Fields- Let's Talk It Over LPx2
    Over the past four years, Lee Fields has released two critically acclaimed full lengths on the Truth & Soul label, which have secured him a younger and extremely dedicated audience. He has been touring the world, gaining new fans that now know Mr. Fields for the tough-as-nails, lushly orchestrated sweet soul music that is featured on the My World and Faithful Man records. However, Mr. Fields’ musical career goes far beyond those two records. A quick rundown: In 1967, with twenty dollars in his pocket, Lee left his hometown of Wilson, North Carolina to pursue a musical career in New York City. He eventually made his home in Brooklyn, where he cut his teeth performing in some of the hottest clubs in the borough: Tempo Soul City, the Fulton Terrace, the Boston Road Ballroom and 521, where the owner, Gene Goldstein, allegedly ran numbers when we wasn’t booking Wilson Pickett and Joe Tex. In 1969, Lee met Ray Patterson, a promoter and club owner, who released his very first single, "Bewildered" b/w "Tell Her I Love Her", on the Bedford label. In the early 70's, after a brief stint as an auxiliary member of Kool & the Gang, Lee released a series of hard-funk singles on various long-gone labels. But instead of chasing the ever-elusive major label deal, Lee released these singles by himself and oversaw all aspects of production and promotion. Lee released his very firrst full-length LP in 1979 entitled, "Let's Talk It Over". It featured his most successful song of the era, "She's a Lovemaker", which was at one time licensed and promoted by London Records. Mint copies of "Let's Talk it Over", which was self released by Mr. Fields and mostly sold at shows and out the back of his car, can fetch four digit numbers on eBay. Even the bootleg version from the early nineties sells for up to four hundred dollar. Truth & Soul is proud to present the deluxe re-issue of Lee Fields' "holy grail" album, "Let's Talk it Over". The CD and double LP also features songs from his singles catalogue including "Funky Screw", "We Fought For Survival", "Bewildered", "Meet Me Tonight", "The Bull Is Coming", "Everybody's Gonna Give Their Thing Away", and many more. The deluxe re-issue is also repackaged with a new cover and never-before-seen photos of Lee Fields.

    Frank Sinatra- Sinatra Swings LPx2
    'Sinatra Swings' was Frank's second album for his own Reprise label, yet no sooner was it released than a legal storm erupted. The album was originally released as 'Swing Along With Me', a title that Frank's old label Capitol felt was too close to 'Come Swing With Me', released the same year on Capitol. The label was able to get a judge to agree with them, resulting in Reprise having to re-title that album for any repressings. All of which detracted from what was an exceptional album, arranged and conducted by Billy May and featuring the hit single "Granada".

    White Stripes- Elephant LPx2
    Back in stock on double LP. Now cheaper!

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