Update Regarding Curb Side Service!

Thursday, March 19 2020 @ 06:19 AM CST

Contributed by: Dave

To all X-Ray customers:

Please read this carefully.

With everything changing daily, hourly regarding the situation we find ourselves in, and with people's safety, and the concerns of the general public at the forefront, here's my plan to conduct business going forward for the foreseeable future.


This is the new part. As of last Monday I found out that my supply chain has been temporarily stopped due to mandatory Gov't closures in Ontario & Quebec. That means no new stock will be coming in until "around" the end of April.

What I can sell you in the here and now, is what's actually in the store. I don't have an online inventory for you to browse through, but what I would suggest is either combing through old emails, or you can see all the previous lists on the website. A lot of the titles you'll see there are still in stock so you can just ask if it's still here.

I still can, and will take special orders, but obviously no real delivery time can be promised until suppliers are back on the job.

Finally I think I can best accomplish store business by continuing to do the curb side drop off service on Fridays & Saturdays only. So going forward I will be here Fridays from noon until 4pm and Saturdays from 11am until 4pm.

This has been a very fluid situation in all regards, so my apologies for changing things up as often as I have. They may change again....

I wish everyone continued good health.


1) The store is closed to walk in traffic. The main downstairs door will be locked.

2) I will be offering curb side service starting this Saturday (almost every small record store across North America is making this an option). I will be here at the store the following days/hours. Friday noon to 4pm and Saturdays 11-4pm to take your calls, reply to your emails, and bring purchases downstairs. The store will be completely closed Sundays & Mondays as usual.

3) You can phone me (306-525-4040) or email me (davex1@myaccess.ca) with anything you would like to buy, order, pre-order, have set aside etc. If you're emailing me please include a phone # that you can easily be reached at. Texting will be possible, and probably fairly handy. Feel free to ask questions about existing stock.

4) If what you're looking for is here, or once your special order is confirmed to be here we can arrange your payment options (Visa & Mastercard or cash will be accepted/with cash let me know what you're bringing and I'll provide the appropriate change when I bring your purchase to you). Unfortunately debit cards can't be used at this time.

5) Then we arrange a time that you will be parked outside of the store at 1808 Smith St. and I'll bring your purchase down to you. If you can't find a parking spot that's close I can also just meet you downstairs at the main door which will be locked. That can be determined when you get here.

6) Please check my Instagram (xrayrecordsyqr) & FB pages regularly as I'll be posting updates, and lots of pics of product that I have here in stock.

7) For the time being this is the best I can do. Home delivery may be an option going forward, perhaps on Saturdays.

8) Please consider using this service until things get back to normal.

9) Thanks to all of you for supporting the many small businesses in Regina now, and in the future. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me.

the best to all of you,



X-Ray Records