This Weeks New CD & LP Selections

Monday, May 15 2006 @ 03:37 PM CST

Contributed by: Dave

It's a beauty of a day out there and nothing says summer like an overwhelming list of CD's & LP's to plow through. Enjoy! The Vibrators played to a decent crowd last night @ the Manhattan Room. I missed openers Fat Tony & the Shitheads (sorry Derek), but caught the full set from the Hot Blood Bombers who've become one of the best bands in the city since the last time I saw them. Good straight ahead rock in the spirit of bands like the Supersuckers etc. The Vibrators, while abit long in the tooth, ripped the place up with an equal dose of classics and more obscure numbers. Everybody had a great time. Don't be afraid to check out a show at the Manhattan Room, it's a great place to see a band.

Lonnie Donegan- "Skiffle King" CDx3 (Proper)
54 tracks from the 50's/60's king of "Skiffle" (a strange mix of country/rockabilly & 50's rock popular in the UK). Lonnie Donegan was a god in England for years and the Beatles were hugely influenced by him and his music during their formative years.

Chapterhouse- "Whirlpool" CD (Cherry Red)
Reissue of this 1991 album by these UK shoegazers. For fans of Lush, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Ride etc.

Godspeed You Black Emperor- "Lift You Skinny Fists......" CDx2 (Kranky)

Venom- "Metal Black" CD (Castle)

Mission Of Burma- "ONoffON" CD (Matador)
When this cd came out in 2004, it was the 1st they had done in 22 years. If you do your homework you'll find this Boston band to be highly influential amongst alot of todays cutting edge bands including Fugazi, Interpol, The Faint etc.

The Business- "No Mercy For You" CD (Burning Heart)

Julie London- "Julie Is Her Name" CD (Rev-Ola)
Recorded in 1955, this record single handedly launched the torch song genre and opened the door for every imperfect, but sexy vocalist since.

Dinosaur Jr- "Green Mind" CD (Blanco Y Negro)
Reissue of this great album. Now remastered for better sound and containing 3 bonus songs.

Dinosaur Jr- "Where You Been" CD (Blanco Y Negro)
Reissue of this great album. Now remastered for better sound and containing 3 bonus songs.

The Black Heart Procession- "The Spell" CD (Touch & Go)
Brand new cd from this San Diego group who used to be Three Mile Pilot. Dark & melancholy indie rock.

Sonic Youth- "Helen Lundeberg" 7" (SYR)
Brand new single with b-side "Eyeliner".

Black Mountain- "Stormy High" 7" (Suicide Squeeze)
Brand new single with b-side "Voices".

HIM- "Killing The Loneliness" 7" colored vinyl (Sire)
Brand new single with b-side "Under The Rose" (live).

Pearl Jam- "S/T" CD (Sony/Bmg)
Their brand new CD.

Stephen Stills- "Manassas" CD (Atlantic)
Recently reviewed by MOJO magazine and included in their top 30 country rock albums of all time. Big free wheelin' sound with guests like Chris Hillman, Dallas Taylor, Fuzzy Samuels & Joe Lala.

NOMEANSNO- "Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoise" CD (Wrong)

D.O.A.- "Live @ The Assassination Club" DVD (Cherry Red)
A legendary show from 1984 in Leeds, England. D.O.A. played a blistering set and welcomed poets Seething Wells, Mensi & Spartacus R. 80 minutes.

Candlemass- "The Curse Of Candlemass: Live In Stockholm 2003" DVDx2 (Escapi Music)
Includes an entire concert plus a 55 minute interview with the band and bonus footage of 2 other show from the late 80's. Doooooooooom!

Woody Guthrie- "This Machine Kills Fascists" DVD (Snapper)
2 & 1/2 hour documentary on the life & times of woody guthrie, the definitive father of American Folk & Protest Music.

Atreyu- "Death Grip On Yesterday" CD+DVD (Victory)
Their follow up to "The Curse". Includes bonus 30 minute DVD.

Suicidal Tendencies- "Join The Army" CD (Caroline)

Au Pairs- "Stepping Out Of Line: The Anthology" CDx2 (Castle)
Blasting into the post-punk consciousness with a tremendous debut album, the Au Pairs, fronted by lesbian-feminist Lesley Woods, played brittle, dissonant, guitar-based rock that shared political and musical kinship with the Mekons and (especially) the Gang of Four. The music was danceable, imbued with an almost petulant irony, and for a while, very hip and well-liked by critics. Unlike many bands of the day, however, the Au Pairs (at least initially) backed it up with searing, confrontational songs celebrating sexuality from a woman's perspective. Also, they took swipes at the conservative political climate sweeping England after Margaret Thatcher's election as Prime Minister. This double cd set includes their only 2 proper albums "Playing With A Different Sex" & "Sense & Sensuality" with lots of bonus material.

Raised Fist- "Sound Of The Republic" CD (Burning Heart)
The third full-length offering from Swedish hardcore/punk monsters, Raised Fist, Sound Of The Republic is a bold jaunt into slightly new waters for the band – be it blood soaked waters! Tracks like “Sunlight” and “Sound Of The Republic” feature guitars that swarm like blood thirsty, killer bees, drums that seem to move the ground beneath you and vocals that pound you non-stop from every direction; occasionally the vocals swing into a melodic chorus, but only briefly before they are smashed with a clap of thunder from frontman Alexander Rajkovic’s lungs! This is a truly brutal album for the brutal times we live in!

V/A- "Give 'Em The Boot 5" CD (Hellcat)
Volume number five of this quintessential “street music” compilation features eighteen tracks from across the punk, ska, reggae and psychobilly scenes. In addition to tracks from powerhouse bands like Rancid and Dropkick Murphys, Give ‘Em The Boot Vol. 5 also brings bands on the rise, like Left Alone, The Aggrolites, The Mercy Killers and many more to the fore. Eight of the eighteen tracks are previously unreleased and can only be heard on this version of the compilation. If you are a fan of this series, this volume is a must have. It looks to be the most complete in content and features some of the most exciting young bands around!

The Waterboys- "Fisherman's Blues" CDx2 "Collector's Edition" (Capitol)
[originally released in 1988] - the band produced a stripped-down, celtic/folky sound which was a marked step away from the 'big music' that Mike Scott had founded and pursued in previous albums and was called their 'warmest and most rewarding record' and features BONUS DISC including 14 previously unreleased recordings, presented in digipak picture sleeve in PVC slipcase). It follows on from the successful re-issues of the first three Waterboys's albums 'The Waterboys', 'A Pagan Place' and 'This Is The Sea'.

Alejandro Escovedo- "The Boxing Mirror" CD (EMI)
The Boxing Mirror is Alejandro Escovedo's first album in four years. On it he stands at the crossroads of his own life's work. Escovedo has always kept his music balanced on a fine line: on one side is his trademark elegant, poetic brand of sophisticated pop, and on the other is an original, tough, savvy rock & roll that encompasses not only grit but texture and dynamic while keeping its eyes on the street. On The Boxing Mirror, Escovedo and producer John Cale erase the line: rock, pop, country, Tejano, and other folk forms are woven into a rich, colorful fabric without regard for classification. His studio band is the finest he's ever assembled, and it includes guitarist Jon Dee Graham, violinist Susan Voelz, cellist Brian Standefer, primary bassist Mark Andes, drummer Hector Muñoz , Bruce Salmon on keyboards, accordionist Otoño Lujan, and guitarist David Polkingham. If ever there were an album to introduce new listeners to Escovedo's music, it's The Boxing Mirror.

Current 93- "How He Loved The Moon: Moonsongs For Jhonn Balance" CDx2 (Beta Lactam Ring Records)
NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! A collection of new mixes of CURRENT 93’s In Menstrual Night album courtesy of STEVEN STAPLETON with DAVID TIBET producing. Only one of the mixes has been previously released (on Anomalous’ 2003 A Little Menstrual Night Music CD). Packaged in beautiful deluxe gatefold sleeves with insert.

The Stills- "Without Feathers" CD (Vice)
Montreal's the Stills sophomore release.

Gotan Project- "Lunatico" LPx2 (XL)
The Gotan Project literally took the world by storm in 2003 with its million-selling La Revancha Del Tango. Skillfully mixing the heated passion of tango with the cool insistent beats of dance music, the group kept the best of both genres as it offered up an unheralded fusion. This time around, the production team delves further into the tradition, cutting down on the dub production filigree and overarching electronic programming--now sexy grooves often come on the back of organic beats and an unprocessed sound captured during live studio sessions in Buenos Aires. This new focus is furthered with conventional bandoneon soloing as well as acoustic piano and string section backing. Nonetheless, kids craving to cut a rug will dig "Diferente" and "Notas," while the robust "Amor Porteno" (featuring Calexico) is the group's most muscular tune to date. More skilled than the debut, Lunatico is no sophomore slump, though hardcore house music fans may want to wait for remixes.

Medeski Martin & Wood- "Note Bleu: Best Of The Blue Note Years 1998-2005" LPx2 (Blue Note)
A double album containing 18 songs. A wicked insturmental blend of Jazz & Rock by this keyboard based trio.

Anti Flag- "For Blood & Empire" Picture Disc LP (A-F Records)
The brand new release on picture disc LP.

Intergalactic Virgin- "It All Goes Down On Montague" CD (Soft Transparent Birth)
This 4-piece Abstract Electronic Rock band from the Queen City has just released their first full length album courtesy of "Transparent Birth Records". Soft and beautiful; hard and synth heavy; this will make you want to dance the sunset away. For those who like minimalism melding into smooth melodic chaos, this is a must!

9 Shocks Terror- "Zen And The Art Of Beating Your Ass" CD (Havoc)
Ferocious punk rock that owes alot to classic Japanese hardcore complete with insane cackled vocals which you couldn't even decipher with a lyric sheet. Awesome!

Agoraphobic Nosebleed- "PCP Torpedo" (Relapse) CD
Originally released in 1999 in a 6” vinyl format, this double CD is now being re-issued in the equally unconventional 3” CD format. Agoraphobic Nosebleed specialize in stereophonic slaughter and extreme pharmacological distress, the combination of which is commonly referred to as "hyper-grind". Accelerating the BPMs well past human tolerance levels with a hallucinogenic free-associative pathology bordering on the mentally ill, "PCP Torpedo" is equal parts total grind nightmare and industrial-strength psychosis. The cleverly titled companion remix cd, "ANBRX", features hellish ANB distortions by the likes of DJ Speedranch, Merzbow, Justin Broadrick (JESU, Godflesh), and James Plotkin (Phantomsmasher, Khanate).

Aids Wolf- "Lovvers" (Lovepump United) CD
Another Wolf band from Montreal no less. “A noisy experimental band with "improv tendencies," AIDS Wolf are good friends with the Unicorns, Wolf Parade, and others in the Montreal indie scene, but their chaotic sound has much more to do with Whitehouse and An Albatross, two bands they've shared the stage with.”

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti- "House Arrest" (Paw Tracks) CD
“Think you’ve heard enough Ariel Pink? Well our favorite omnivourous media junkie from LA still has a few tricks up his sleeve… like the left-of-center House Arrest. Sure The Doldrums and Worn Copy had some hits and humdingers on them, but House Arrest never lets up. It’s hit after hit after hit. Sorta like if you listened to your friend’s boombox mix tape from Top 40 radio around 1985.

Jon Auer- "Songs From The Year of Our Demise" (Pattern 25) CD
“Although best known as songwriter, guitarist and vocalist for power pop legends The Posies, Jon Auer has also been a member of Big Star for more than a decade, and has just completed his first solo full-length CD of original material.

Backyard Babies- "People Like People Like Us" (Abacus) CD
“The Backyard Babies -a raw tattoo that rocks sonically with brazen heart and voluminous punch. On their newest effort, People Like People Like People Like Us, Backyard Babies' guitarist extraordinaire Dregen found himself reunited in the studio with former bandmate Nicke Andersson of the Hellacopters. With Andersson at the helm as producer, Sweden's bad boys of punk `n roll have returned with their most accomplished collection of songs to date.”

Bellrays- "Have A Little Faith" (Koch) CD
The BellRays latest, Have A Little Faith, perfectly captures the band`s singular sound, which combines two seemingly disparate forms of American music: the raw power of garage rock and the emotional drama of soul. "Imagine Tina Turner fronting the Stooges," goes one common description of the band, and although that hardly encompasses the BellRays` artistry, there is some historical truth behind the hook: If the BellRays` recordings and live performances are utterly of-the-moment, full of urgency and sheer presence, the seamlessness with which the Southern California outfit combines punk and soul also hearkens back to another time when the two were integrally connected. Detroit was the capital of both; Iggy, Ike and Tina actually shared the stage; and the MC5`s aesthetic and politics drew explicitly from black music and counterculture. (Cheap Lullaby)

Black Angels- "Passover" LPx2 (Light In The Attic)
Now available on vinyl, CD back in stock and flying out the door. "These are fighting times, people. We are surrounded by grit, spit, and bloody war, but in the distance moving forward is The Black Angels. They've returned unscathed from their first tour of duty with Seattle-based Light In The Attic Records, still armed with their self-proclaimed "Native American Drone 'N' Roll" and set to release their debut long player. Passover speaks of real-life horrors, death, and destruction with doses of love, sex, and healing. Don't lose track, these are caring times as well. Growing in spades since their EP, Passover showcases a band on the make. Spiraling upwards to the skies with the enemy straight on their trail, "The Sniper At The Gates Of Heaven" sees The Black Angels reaching high and stretching out with trance-inducing guitar lines from Christian Bland, Nate Ryan's filthy medical dumpster bass, and the grizzly preacher vox of lead shaman Alex Maas. "Black Grease" is a bluesy monster full of swagger propelled by the primitive beat of drummer Stephanie Bailey and the mourning drone of organist Jennifer Raines. 10-songs deep, Passover has come again. Reflecting and questioning the intergenerational psychosis of American social life that surrounds us, The Black Angels put forth their answers in song. It's a "Call To Arms" for those ready to join the good fight, a rock 'n' roll salvation during the times we need it the most. As Maas bellows on "Young Man Dead," "Fire for the hills, pick up speed, and let's go...""

Black Time- "Midnight World" CD (In The Red)
Black Time have been getting favorably compared to Crime, Pussy Galore, The Electric Eels, The Cramps and The Fall. A string of hopelessly limited edition vinyl 7-inches and 12-inches have stoked the fire. The hype is justified in this case, as Midnight World, the band's second full-length, is the perfect marriage of chug-a-lug, primeval drumming, opaque layers of guitars, new wave cinema references, '60s and '70s punk, lo-fi static and overwrought vocals from frontman Lemmy Caution.

Boyracer- "Punker Than You Since '92" (555 Recordings) CD
DOUBLE 'BEST OF' 75 SONG RETROSPECTIVE. Since the early 1990s Boyracer have existed around the singular pop visions of Stewart Anderson. Armed with a selection of fuzzboxes and a carefree revolving door line up, Boyracer have been carefully crafting their buzzsaw assault, shaving seconds off frantic slithers of adrenaline punk-pop. Noted recordings on numerous indie-cred labels such as Sarah Records and Slumberland, and brutally honest sweaty live performances have cemented Boyracer's place in global indiedom as influential stalwarts of the genre. This double disc set, on the band's own 555 Recordings label, features 75 selections from their exhaustive back catalogue.

The Business- "Hardcore Hooligan" (BYO) CD

Cadence Weapon- "Breaking Kayfabe" (Self Released) CD
Edmonton hip hop.

Caliban- "The Undying Darkness" CD (Hydrahead)
Vocally Caliban stands out from their metalcore counterparts because they have equally strong hardcore and melodic style vocals. Screaming brutality yields to soaring melody and back again. The production from In Flames vocalist Anders Friden is excellent and he also lends some guest vocals.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah- "Clap Your Hands Say Yeah" CD+LP (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)

Country Teasers- "The Empire Strikes Back" ( In The Red) CD
Needless to say, our very high expectations have been met. Savage and fantastic. ""In the industry, I am the only complete man..." sang Country Teaser's B.R. Wallers, quoting Naked Lunch, back in 1995. If modesty didn't forbid, he might've been speaking of his own band. Is there another current group operating at such a high level musically or lyrically? Evolving out of a prolific home recording project in the late '80s influenced by The Cure and Butthole Surfers, The 'Teasers debuted as a beguiling mixture of deconstructed country and dissonant post-punk. "Boycott the Studio" was their manifesto: "You will not find music where it is shown, only where it is hidden..." The Empire Strikes Back, the group's eighth full-length, was recorded in Oregon - 90,000 kilometers from the band's home in London - when In the Red made good on a promise to find the band a live-in studio with an amenable engineer (Rich Wells of Portland's Supreme Reality Studios). Far from a sanitized "studio recording," the album is as damaged and unpredictable as any Teasers album (only with better microphones). The band's humor remains as strangely contradictory as ever, with Wallers juggling a cast of personae as far-flung as P.G. Wodehouse, Ice Cube, Winston Churchill, and Bill Hicks. Is The Empire Strikes Back a concept album about race, England, and Star Wars, or did the band just find something unwholesomely amusing about the juxtaposition of fascism and Industrial Light and Magic? Via fax, all five members answer "Definitely."" LP delayed.

Cramps- "Stay Sick!" LP (Vengeance)

Cretin- "Freakery" CD (Relapse)
Exalting all that's perverted and aggressively imbecilic, Cretin combine blasting proto-grindcore and congenitally deformed death metal in an inbred sonic ambush. Freakery sodomizes the senses with a lo-fi grind aesthetic, and begs you to enter the strange, freakish world of Cretin!

Jim Dickinson- "Fishing With Charlie (And Other Selected Readings)" CD (Birdman)
""There aren't many shamans still in our world. Most have been ground down to dust, and those left are laying low, hoping to dodge the bullets surely headed their way by the pop culture police. But off the beaten path and down miles of quiet two-lanes in northern Mississippi, the trees overgrown with kudzu and the fields silent with tales too terrible to mention, lives Jim Dickinson. He is one of the last record producers who has seen all that the world of music has to offer, and continues to believe human beings playing instruments and singing songs hold the secrets of the universe... Among those he's worked with are names big and small, hugely successful and completely unheard of; The Rolling Stones, Alex Chilton, Spiritualized, Mudhoney, etc., etc. As a performer, Dickinson has notched plenty of prime-time hours on sessions and stages everywhere. He's been in bands capable of setting listeners' ears on fire, and recorded songs that have permanent positions on radio play lists across the planet. But underneath it all, like the true Southern gentleman, he is a storyteller. Because no matter what form of emotional reality Dickinson is working in, he is above all else telling a tale, with his hands on a keyboard, his voice at the microphone or his body behind a recording console. He will use whatever it takes to sell that story to the listener. In that way, he is almost like an auctioneer, spinning out music as he takes the performance to its highest bid in an attempt to be better and smarter and more alive, plugged into the huge beating heart at the center of all true art forms. Now, Dickinson is stripping his talent down to its essence on Fishing with Charlie, using only words to paint the pictures he is so good at. And what potent portraits they are... Being from the South, Dickinson has a stake on the losing side of a war a few remember, and some cannot forget. His mesmerizing voice echoes that final irony, realizing that the deck is stacked in the house's favor, but also drawn into the game because at the end of the day it really is the only one in town. Deal the cards, throw the dice and take a leap into the ultimate drama of life..." - Bill Bentley, June 2004"

DJ A-Trak- "Knucklehead" 7" (Audio Research)
New 7" for all the collectors out there.

Dreadful Yawns- "Dreadful Yawns" CD ( Bomp)
“We are proud to bring you Greg Shaw's last signing for Bomp records, The Dreadful Yawns. With a sound echoing the Buffalo Springfield, Mike Spence, and the Fairport Convention, just to name a few, The Dreadful Yawns formed in 1999 in Cleveland. Since their beginnings, the band has evolved into a sort of indie-rock version of the Byrds, boasting multiple songwriters and vocalists, juxtaposing bright electric 12-string with country Telecaster, snarling harmonica with gentle acoustic bass, thunderous drumming with hushed banjo, and in the process shaping a sound that is entirely their own. This new, self-titled album is mature piece of work that will seduce music lovers everywhere.”

Dungen- "Stadsvandringar" (Astralwerks) CD
Newest album from Sweden’s Dungen, whose tunes continue to impress. Flutes, high held bass guitar, pony tails, and a guy who thinks he needs to play multiple instruments in every song just to show off.

Fred Eaglesmith- "Milly's Café" (Aml) CD
The new album from one of Canada's most popular singer song writers. Back to basics after the symphonic flop he released a couple of years ago.

Emperor- "Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk" COLOR VINYL LP (Back On Black)

Emperor- "Emperor" COLOR VINYL LP (Back On Black)

Emperor- "In The NIghtside Eclipse" COLOR VINYL LP (Back On Black)

Emperor- "IX Equilibrium" COLOR VINYL LP (Back On Black)

Flying Luttenbachers- "Infection and Decline" (Troubleman) CD
The tenth album of over the topness from Weasel Walter and crew. Includes 16 minute Magma cover.

Kings of Leon- "Aha Shake Heartbreak" LP (The Control Group)
Restock. Don't see this on LP very often.

The Love Drunks- "The Love Drunks" CD (Alive)
“The Love Drunks sound like what would happen if Jerry Lee Lewis played guitar. The Love Drunks play old music in a new way. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, their sound is a rootsy take on snotty punk, a roaring tidal wave of old-timey blues and rockabilly poured through the filter of Stooges garage-punk. This is rock'n'roll at its most raw and exciting.”

Major Stars- "Syntoptikon" CD (Important)
Boston band that plays wall of sound guitar psyche. Led by Wayne Rogers (Crystallised Movements, Magic Hour) who's been a force in the underground lo-fi psyche scene for decades.

The Misfits- "I Turned Into A Martian" LP ( Misfits)
19 tracks live NYC Dec 81.

Nightwish- "Once" PIC DISC LPx2 (Back On Black)
Popular Euro power metal on beautiful vinyl. Picture discs to boot!

Polara- "Green Shoes" CDEP (Susstones/Jackpine Social Club)
"Polara roars back from a long hiatus with this crackling collection of tunes. The lead track "Green Shoes" is taken from the band's forthcoming album Beekeeping. The other tracks are exclusive to this limited-edition EP. "Green Shoes," "Thirty Seconds," and "Teapot Tempest" all soar and sear in the trademark Polara fashion, the fast-paced rhythm and heavenly harmonies gliding over shimmering noisepop arrangements. "What's Come Over Me" and "Time Slipping Away" turn up the atmospherics without slackening the pace. Faster, leaner and more direct than the band's last album (the critically lauded Jetpack Blues), the EP is a super-strong set of songs, a portable, bite-sized sample of where this ever-evolving band is moving."

Radio Dept.- "Pet Grief" CD (Labrador)
Pet Grief is a completely different album than the debut Lesser Matters. Still, you’ll hear from the very first chord that you’re listening to The Radio Dept. The mood is darker, more epic, grander and even more beautiful than ever. Pet grief is the best songs Pet Shop Boys never wrote and the album you’d hoped My Bloody Valentine did after Loveless. The key to what makes it so special, what makes it all sound so much like The Radio Dept. might be the ever present melancholy that permeate everything they write. It’s been three years since the debut album Lesser Matters was released (two since it was released by XL in the UK) and even if the band has released two EPs, Pulling Our Weight (2003) and This Past Week (2005) since that Pet Grief is definitely the most anticipated Swedish album in a very, very long time.”

Regulations- "Electric Guitar" LP ( Havoc)
“Seven new songs and both 7"s on a 12". Pure and basic hardcore punk influenced by late 70's Swedish bands and the early So Cal hardcore punk sound. The best band I've heard in years.” (Scratch)

Regulations- "Regulations" CD (Havoc)
“Outstanding hardcore punk from Umeå Sweden. Has a raw early LA punk feel with abrasive edge and catchy songwriting. In the same vein as Amdi Petersen's Arme, Young Wasteners, and perhaps DS-13.”

Brian Setzer- "Rockabilly Riot! Vol.1: A Tribute To Sun Records" LPx2 (Cargo)

Skitsystem- "Allt e skit" LP (Havoc)
“Back in print on vinyl the classic 10", 7" and split 7" tracks. Skitsystem's earliest, rawest and most brutal material.”

Skitsystem- "Gra Varld" LP (Havoc)
“US pressing of the First LP. Classic powerful Swedish HardCore/Crust.”

Social Distortion- "Live & Demo Recordings" LP (Pickwick International)
12 tracks from various demo's & live recordings, incl rare covers such as 'Under My Thumb', 'Ring of Fire' & 'Bonnie & Clyde',' I wanna be sedated'... by this cult punkrock band. Ltd radio edition, nice sleeve.

Sparks- "Hello Young Lovers" LP (In The Red)
Now available on limited edition white vinyl, CD in stock too. Brilliant new album by these oddball pop legends.

The Stems- "Terminal Cool: Anthology 83-86" CD (Get Hip)
"The music on this CD captures a confident, self-assured band recorded during those halcyon years of 1983-1985 proving that The Stems were indeed an extremely varied animal. This collection effectively showcases their versatility from the Fuzztone hits "She's a Monster" and "Tears Me In Two," to the bluesy garage bop of "On and On," Byrdsian jangle of "Love Will Grow," the pure pop of "Can't Forget that Girl" and the psychedelic snarl of "Jumping to Conclusions"."

JOY DIVISION-Day Of The Lords LP (JD Records)
Their complete set, recorded live in Holland in early 1980! A fine quality soundboard recording, this includes "Love Will Tear Us Apart," "Digital," "New Dawn Fades," "Colony,""These Days," "Ice Age," "Dead Souls," "Day of the Lords," "Autosuggestion," "Shadowplay," "She's Lost Control,""Transmission," "Interzone," and "Atmosphere.": Limited edition, natch.

JOY DIVISION-Russel Club LP (MI Records)
The band is captured live at the Russell Club in Manchester in June of 1979. A re-issue of a now-rare release from the early '80s, this comes with typically styled Joy Division artwork. Also included are 3 tracks from a 1982 New Order session with John Peel.

COLISEUM/DOOMRIDERS-Not Of This World: A Salute To Danzig 12" (Auxiliary)
Finally in stock on vinyl. "Auxiliary is proud to present this monumental split release from two of the darkest and most devastating bands around today: Coliseum and Doomriders. These two powerhouses of thunderous, punk fury have joined together to pay tribute to the legendary, infamous, little evil one himself, Glenn Danzig. Both bands cover songs from Danzig's legendary first self-titled solo album. Louisville's Coliseum follow up their Goddamage EPwith a cover of Danzig's "Am I Demon" and two shredding new songs, recorded at Head Banging Kill Your Momma Music in Louisville by Lords member Chris Owens. Boston's Doomriders (fronted by Nate Newton of Converge / Old Man Gloom, as well as members of Disappearer and There Were Wires) follow up their debut full length, Black Thunder (Deathwish Inc), with one new song and a cover of Danzig's "Possession," recorded at God City in Salem, MA, by Converge member Kurt Ballou. As with all of Auxiliary's vinyl releases, hand assembled screenprinted covers complete this incredible release. The vinyl is limited to 666 copies! Track Listing: 1. Am I Demon (Danzig) - Coliseum 2. American Machine - Coliseum 3. Ride On Dead Rider - Coliseum 4. Hell Roaring - Doomriders 5. Possession (Danzig) - Doomriders."

Sufjan Stevens- "Michigan" CD (Sounds Familyre)

U.S. Bombs- "We Are The Problem" CD (Sailor's Grave)
Duane Peters is back with another album of street punk anthems that will flatten you quicker than an Orange County lumber truck. V/A- "The DFA Remixes Chapter One" CD (Astralwerks)
As it states, a whole slew of acts from the DFA roster get their tunes remixed by friends and foes alike.

Venetian Snares Vs. Bong-RA-4- "Adaptations Of Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett" 12" (Planet Mu)
"Four tracks from a recent Venetian Snares release "adapted" by breakcore and jungle-rock phenom Bong-Ra. Proceeds to benefit the Cat's Home which provides food and shelter to lost and starving cats in Winnipeg, Canada and Utrecht, Netherlands."

Wedding Present- "Search For Paradise" CD+DVD (Manifesto)
“To follow up on the success of Take Fountain, released to high praise in early 2005, Search for Paradise is a compilation of the three UK singles released by The Wedding Present in 2004 and 2005, including b-sides and unreleased acoustic tracks. It has seven songs that have never been released in North America, and the bonus DVD not only has four music videos and two short films, but it represents the first-ever release of a Wedding Present DVD in North America! CD [DISC ONE]: 01. Interstate 5 (Single Edit) 02. Bad Thing 03. Snapshots 04. I'm From Further North Than You 05. Rekindling 06. The Girl With The Curious Smile 07. Nickels And Dimes 08. I'm From Further North Than You [Klee Remix] 09. Ringway To Seatac 10. Shivers 11. American Tan (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS): 12. Interstate 5 [Acoustic Version] 13. I'm From Further North Than You [Acoustic Version] 14. Ringway To Seatac [Acoustic Version] DVD [DISC TWO]: 01. Interstate 5 [Promotional Video] 02. I'm From Further North Than You [Promotional Video] 03. Ringway To Seatac [Promotional Video] 04. Perfect Blue [Three Minute Film] New Videos: 05. Don't Touch That Dial [Promotional Video] 06. Behind The Scenes”

Wolfbrigade- "D-Beat Odyssey" LP (Havoc)
Fierce old timey hardcore (these guys are current) for fans of Discharge, GBH etc.

JACK OFF JILL-Clear Hearts Grey Flowers LP (Sympathy)
"Although Jack Off Jill may never have topped the charts or headlined Madison Square Garden, their contribution to gothic-alt rock as well as the Grrl Band Revolution isn't any less important. Disbanding in 2000, they left their fans with their best album to date, Clear Hearts Grey Flowers. At the time being closely linked with fellow Floridian Marilyn Manson did not necessarily help Jack Off Jill, as they were constantly being compared to Manson and his shock rock genre. The fact was Jack Off Jill had more in common with Riot Grrl acts such as Babes In Toyland and Hole, but because of the stigma that surrounded them, they found it difficult to gain acceptance from their female peers. After years of struggling with inner band turmoil and being lumped into date rape and nu-metal genres, Jack Off Jill begrudgingly released their second full length album, Clear Hearts Grey Flowers, produced by Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails) and featuring an album cover painted by the art demi-God Mark Ryden. Never before released on vinyl. Edition of 2000."


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