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Monday, June 12 2006 @ 01:17 PM CST

Contributed by: Dave

Everything up to and including the Current 93 is in stock with the remainder expected by thursday. The Dayglow Abortions play in Regina on saturday June 24th @ the Gaslight Saloon, so you should make a "note to self" reminder to take that in. I think tickets are just at the door. Once again a big thanks to you all who continue to support X-Ray (you know who you are). Happy perusing! ..........D the K

Dinosaur Jr/J Mascis- "Live @ CBGB: The 1st Accoustic Show" CD (Rhino)
Tracklisting: 1. What Else Is New 2. Thumb 3. Keeblin' 4. Not You Again 5. Flying Cloud 6. Every Mother's Son 7. Not The Same 8. Throw Down 9. Get Me 10. Quest 11. On The Run 12. Repulsion

Six Organs Of Admittance- "Sun Awakens" CD+LP (Drag City)
On his eighth Six Organs of Admittance outing, Ben Chasny's burrowed deeper into the eerie psych bog, creating The Sun Awakens, his most foreboding album to date. In the past he's been vocal about the influence on his work by Keiji Haino's psych-rock crew Fushitsusha, the slow-mo guitar pyrotechnics of Loren Connors, the shambling rock'n'drone of New Zealand's Dead C, and various underground musicians championed in Byron Coley and Jimmy Johnson's seminal Forced Exposure magazine. That range of sounds has never shown up as clearly as across these seven tracks. Chasny's been the odd finger-picker out of the core freak-folk family for some time; on this somber, stirring collection, he's spreading his wings even further. (Pitchfork)

Satyricon- "Now Diabolical" CD (Century Media)
Pioneering black metal titans return with a deeper dive into the abyss of blackness. This is metal at it's heaviest and most menacing, rock n' roll at it's darkest and most direct. Satyricon are in a class of their own.

Billy Cobham- "Spectrum" CD (Atlantic)
Jazz fusion drummer Billy Cobham's 1st solo album after leaving the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Mind blowing stuff which really explores the far lying reaches of rock & jazz. Excellent performances from Tommy Bolin (guitar), Jan Hammer (keyboards) & the Brecker Brothers (horns). A personal favourite.

Enslaved- "Ruun" CD (Candlelight)
Every song on this album is painstakingly constructed with incredible diversity. You'll hear everything from soft acoustic guitars to an all out metal assault. Symphonic black metal mixes with progressive and Viking influences. They also have melodic vocals alongside the black metal rasps.

Barry Adamson- "Stranger On The Sofa" CD ( CCI)
Stranger On The Sofa is the first post-Mute Records release from Barry Adamson and the first on his new Central Control International label. After stints in the majors, the minors and the last of the independents, Adamson delivers a D.I.Y. masterpiece that picks up where 2002's King Of Nothing Hill left off. Darkly cinematic, with its tales of future past, memories lost and dying love, Stranger On The Sofa is a film-jazz masterpiece that doesn't shy away from sentimentality but leaves enough slack for blistering prog-rock work-outs.

Venom- "Cast In Stone: Expanded Version" CDx2 (Castle)
(2006 issue UK 'Expanded Edition' 29-track digitally remastered [by Cronos] 2-CD album set [originally released in 1997] and comprises 14-track CD album plus BONUS CD featuring classic re-recorded Venom tracks and 5Bonus Tracks from the rare limited edition '96 mini album including '7 Gates Of Hell', 'Welcome To Hell', 'In Nomine Satanas', 'Black Metal' & 'The Evil One')

Steve Martin- "The Steve martin Brothers" CD (Warner)
Based on the album cover photos, the title of the album refers to the two sides of Martin that are showcased on the album: The Rich Comedian (side one) and the Peace-loving Hippie Banjo player (side two). Although his self-taught banjo playing had been featured on previous albums, it was never showcased until this album. In an interview with Banjo Newsletter a few years ago, Steve said of this album: "There's some really embarrassing stuff on there. By that time I was out of comedy material. I needed to put something on the record. I think I had contract to come up with another record. I really didn't have [enough material for] one; I'd sort of moved on from standup at that point."

Tool- "Lateralus" LPx2 picture discs (Zoo)
More copies of the previously released double picture disc that Tool fans were creaming over. Now at a dramatically reduced price. Don't ask me why it was so expensive at the outset and now it isn't.

Dolorian- "Voidwards" CD (Avantegarde)
Doom metal that vears heavily towards esoteric ambience via electronics and accoustic guitar for those times when you just don't want to be bludgeoned.

The Business- "No Mercy For You" CD (Burning Heart)

Crossfire- See You In Hell" CD (Mausoleum)
Crossfire was probably Belgium's best-selling heavy metal band of the 80's. It was not difficult to guess the band's origins either. The throaty vocals of Peter De Wint were very Belgian if one could make such an analogy. The band's music is a mix of NWOBHM, Quiet Riot and AC/DC and is nowhere near as thrashy as one would expect..Fans of everything from NWOBHM to boogie metal to Motorhead may find something here, while others may be disappointed by the lack of distinctiveness or creativity. Aside from the generalities, See You In Hell has several notable passages. Listening to Magnificent Night unexpectedly brings Voivod to mind. The song also has a slower doomy riff and features some heartfelt singing. The guitar work on Danger On Earth has to be mentioned (as well as its Judas Priest-ish start), while the guitar sound of Lover's Game surely gets the AC/DC guitar tone just right! See You In Hell sounds like a great concert finale and ends the album on a high note.

DRI- "Hardcore Retrospektiv" CD (Mausoleum)
A must in every punk / hardcore collection!! Fuck, this stuff brought many kids into harcore... it's quite simple; either you start crying and run away screaming 'aaaargh' or you'll start trashing everything, start a nasty pit and get hooked on these Dirty Rotten Imbeciles for the rest of your life!!! Did you know SLAYER did a DRI cover and it sounded like shit in comparison to the original version? Kurt Brecht = GOD Who Am I / Commuter Man / Yes Ma’am / Sad To Be / The Explorer / Violent Pacification / Argument Then War / Madman / Couch Slouch / Nursing Home Blues / I Don’t Need Society / A Coffin / Redline / Hooked / Probation / Five Year Plan / No Relegion.

Great Coven- "Viaticum" CD (Brainticket)
Old and cold school doom metal from Spain! Holding the torch high for pure doom, this a re-release of the bands self financed debut album from several years ago. Obscure band with all the right moves, think Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass, Cathedral, Reverend Bizarre, Vitus, Count Raven, Isole, Pentagram, Revelation, etc...

The Raconteurs- "Broken Boy Soldiers" CD (V2)
Everybody knows this is the killer new album from Jack White & pop wunderkind Brendan Benson. So much better than the last White Stripes album that it's embarrasing. Buy 2, it's that good.

Rory Gallagher- "Live In Europe" CD (Chrysalis)
Rory's 1st live album from the mid 70's contains some vintage string stranglin' and a rave up version of Bullfrog Blues. Some of the best white boy blues rock hands down.

Refused- "The Shape Of Punk To Come" CD (Epitaph)

Susanna Hoffs & Matthew Sweet- "Under The Covers" CD (Shout Factory)
This excellently paired duo of popsters cover the full range on this hand picked retro songbook. Songs by the Beatles, Dylan, Neil Young, Sandy Denny & much more.

Aggrolites- "S/T" CD (Hellcat)
The Aggrolites sound and musical influence can best be summed up as Late 60's Jamaican Reggae (Skinhead Reggae), recognizable to reggae fans into Upsetters, Hot Rod Allstars, Jackie Mittoo, Chrystalites. Studio One reggae bands. Their music is heavily mixed with American soul and funk and influenced by the Meters, James Brown and Wilson Picket. Prior to this debut release on Hellcat, the band independently released their debut CD and LP titled Dirty Reggae, on their northern California affiliated AXE record label. A punk/reggae classic. The title cut apeared on the Give Em The Boot IV CD and received support on L.A.s Indy 103.1fm radio station. They have shared the stage live with Hepcat & Rancid among dozens of others from the punk, ska, funk and reggae scene, and have received overwhelming response to their powerful, funky, energetic show. The crowd call and response factor is always prominent at their concerts. They are infectious and have the dance floor rocking.

The Stooges- "S/T" CDx2 (Rhino)
Deluxe reissue with better sound and lots of bonus material designed just to piss off people who already own it and now have to buy it again.

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore- "Black Earth" CD (Ipecac)
Ultra slow "doom" jazz. These four guys are from Germany and used to be in a grind metal band until they chose a different path. Piano, accoustic bass, drums & saxophone with some atmospheric mellotron hanging in the distance. Amazing stuff.

PEEPING TOM- "S/T" CD (Ipecac)
"Years in the making, Peeping Tom, noise rock renaissance man Mike Patton's most accessible work since his days in Faith No More, is finally a reality. The 11-track opus, featuring a lengthy and incongruous cast of guest performers. In keeping with the landmark 1960 psychological horror film that inspired its name, Peeping Tom had its genesis a modus operandi devoid of physical intimacy. Patton would write songs with a wish list of theoretical collaborators in mind, then hope for a reply in the form of a finished track. "It's an exotic way of working for someone accustomed to a band environment," Patton says. "It was charming, really. None of the usual Animal House stuff. Instead of swapping spit and underwear, we were swapping files." Lack of face-to-face interaction did not keep long-distance collaborators from turning in exceptional performances: Norah Jones' lascivious "Sucker," Kool Keith's "Getaway" and Massive Attack's "Kill The DJ" are intense and passionate as anything a live band environment could have produced. Peeping Tom also includes contributions from Amon Tobin, Bebel Gilberto, Dub Trio, Kid Koala and several of Patton's Bay Area running buddies, such as Dan "the Automator" Nakamura (who tag teams with Rahzel on "Mojo"), Jel, Odd Nosdam and Doseone of anticon records. The end result is an utterly unique multigenre/multi-artist departure from Patton's more recent noisy output-one that would ultimately have to be classified as a pop record· a Mike Patton pop record, but a pop record nonetheless. Tracklisting: 01. Five Seconds (feat. Odd Nosdam) 02. Mojo (feat. Rahzel + Dan the Automator) 03. Don't Even Trip (feat. Amon Tobin) 04. Getaway (feat. Kool Keith) 05.Your Neighborhood Spaceman (feat. Jel+Odd Nosdam) 06. Kill The DJ (feat. Massive Attack) 07. Caipirinha (feat. Bebel Gilberto) 08. Celebrity Death Match (feat. Kid Koala) 09. How U Feelin? (feat. Doseone) 10. Sucker (feat. Norah Jones) 11.We're Not Alone -remix (feat. Dub Trio)"

MISSION OF BURMA- "The Obliterati" CD+DVD (Matador)
"We're slightly in awe of Burma's new, third full-length studio album proper, The Obliterati. Recorded at Boston's Q Division Studios with firmly ensconsed fourth wheel Bob Weston, The Obliterati might be the most aggressive, raw and challenging recording in the band's storied career. With equally strong contributions from Roger Miller, Clint Conley and Peter Prescott, The Obliterati, while having the odd melodic moment or two dozen, is as relentless and engulfing an album as we've heard since...well, since Burma's 'Vs.' some 24 years ago. Whether or not this album is as topical, absurdist or just plain hit-packed as that one, you'll have to figure out for yourself. For the moment, our senses are just shattered. We're pretty confident this is the uneasy listening album of the year. Next year, too."

Breakestra- "Breakestra" 12" (Ubiquity)
More info on this one when it arrives.

Brian Jonestown Massacre- "Strung Out In Heaven" LP (TVT)
One of their best albums, in for the 1st time on LP.

Buzzcocks- "Flat Pack Philosophy" LP (Damaged Goods)
"Flat Pack Philosophy is by miles the best Buzzcocks album since 1979's Different Kind Of Tension. 30 years later, still going strong, still doing it arguably better than anyone else, the godfathers of punk-pop are back with a new album, 'Flat Pack Philosophy which will be preceded by a new single, "Wish I Never Loved You". Flat Pack Philosophy is the Buzzcocks eighth studio album. In true punk rock fashion, and with superlative production by bassist Tony Barber, the album packs 14 songs into 36 minutes. Taking an urban guerilla stance against the evils of the modern world, from Tesco self-service tills to the cult of Ikea, this album proves that when you put the right creative personalities together, the magic manifests through pop melodies." Yellow vinyl.

Danielson- "Ships" CD (Secretly Canadian)
What's in a name? After eldest Smith sibling finished his senior art school project and released it in 1995 under the moniker, "Danielson," he brought his four younger siblings and a few friends from childhood into the mix for the critically-acclaimed, "Tell Another Joke At the Ol' Choppin' Block," calling the group, "Danielson Famile." This was followed by the back-to-back concept albums, "Alpha" and "Omega," in 1998 and 1999 under the name, "Tri-Danielson." It was a long and confusing study in the three sides of music-making: Famile, Brother, and Ship. The follow-up release was Danielson Famile's "Fetch the Compass Kids," celebrating family. Then came Br. Danielson's "Brother Is To Son," celebrating personal identity and community. Now, "Ships" is the resolution. Opening arms wider than ever, Daniel made a long list of artists who have worked with Danielson over the years and other folks who planned to work together at some point. This list led to working with family, making new friends, and keeping the old. All joined together - both the well-known (Deerhoof, Sufjan Stevens, Why?) and not as well-known artists (Sereena Maneesh, Leopulde, Half-handed Cloud) - each bringing his or her own skills and ideas to Daniel's songs and voice, resulting in this crowning achievement.

Glands Of External Secretion With Nels Cline/My Cat Is An Alien- "From The Earth To The Spheres VOL 6" CD (Very Friendly)
"Italian brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio, aka My Cat Is An Alien, split the sixth volume of their From The Earth To The Spheres series with San Francisco's cult band Glands Of External Secretion. On this occasion the duo, formed in 1992 by Bananafish magazine publisher/ performance artist Seymour Glass and indie-rock princess Barbara Manning, features the special collaboration of well-known guitarist improviser Nels Cline (now member of Wilco). The trio's track "Icebox" is a slow ascent from the realm of isolationism, through frozen tape manipulation and icy drones, terrific voices and subtle infernal groans which seem to come from the obscure side of the Moon, where Cline's estranged looped guitar is ready to launch the ultimate attack to Earth. On the other side of the flip, MCIAA's "After the Meteor Shower" represents a further experiment in the use of Roberto's unearthly fragmented vocals, as a way to create heavy-emotional textures of interstellar tunes. A cosmic ! rain of howling guitars & electronics introduces the fall into a silent, ritualistic procession marked by the distant echo of a drum, alongside a whispered chant over real sounds emerging from the concrete surface of the Planet."

Mr Nogatco aka Kool Keith- "Nogatco Rd." CD (Insomniac)
A new classic is born from Hip Hop's most outrageous and unpredictable artist, Kool Keith (Black Elvis, Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom). Nogatco Rd. is Keith's most inventive and highly anticipated album in years. Complete with UFO conspiracies, alien autopsies, coded space raps, and an amazing array of some of the most original tracks in years. Nogatco Rd. features strong and intricate Hip Hop production that is dusted with a dabble of hard rock, electronic and celestial soundscapes. The Nogatco Rd. album is also an Enhanced CD that is loaded with features including a 50's style Sci-Fi mini-movie starring Kool Keith (viewable on a computer CD-ROM drive). Other features also include a digital comic book, digital photo album and other treats. Produced by Iz-Real (of the acclaimed MF Doom/Viktor Vaughn release "Venomous Villain"), Nogatco Rd. also features guest appearances from progressive Hip Hop stars Sage Francis aka Xual Zan and the king of hard hitting avant-garde Hip Hop, Sole (of Anticon). Talented beatmakers DiViNCi, Jahson, Mr. Hill, EDK, Carl Kavorkian, Broken Klutch and D. Watcher also contribute. Welcome to the world of Hip Hop music's most enigmatic figure; a sinister, scientific Hip Hop genius known as Mr. Nogatco aka Kool Keith; reborn in rare form.

Scott Walker- "The Drift" CD+LPx2 (4AD)
Every 11 years since 1984 Scott Walker, the James Joyce of Pop, has released an album that digs deeper into his unique, dark, musical world. A pop star back in the 60's with The Walker Brothers, Scott Walker began his journey into musical terra incognita with a series of solo albums that featured an improbable blend of crooning, surrealism, and experimentation. Walker's brand new album, "The Drift," is powerful, mysterious, astonishing, and compelling. While it seems to continue from where his previous album left off, it's otherwise utterly unlike anything else. Like some sort of provocative novel or densely rich audioplay, "The Drift" touches on essential cultural, political, human issues in a way that leaves the listener vulnerable to new ways of hearing and thinking.

Black Time- "Midnight World" CD+LP (In The Red)
The point is talent over ability, ideas over proficiency, energy over competence-- action, time, and vision. Add some musical instruments to this confusion and the resulting mess is Black Time-- shambolic but passionate, hollerin' and wailin' at the dying of the red light. If you pay attention to zines, blogs and websites dedicated to sub-underground rock, then no doubt you are aware that Black Time have been getting favorably compared to Crime, Pussy Galore, The Electric Eels, The Cramps and The Fall. A string of hopelessly limited edition vinyl 7-inches and 12-inches have stoked the fire. The hype is justified in this case, as Midnight World, the band's second full-length, is the perfect marriage of chug-a-lug, primeval drumming, opaque layers of guitars, new wave cinema references, '60s and '70s punk, lo-fi static and overwrought vocals from frontman Lemmy Caution. The best UK export since The Country Teasers, Black Time will be touring the US Summer 2006, and they are not to be missed.

Propagandhi- "Potemkin City Limits" LPx2 (G7 Welcoming Committee)
The latest album on LP for the 1st time.

The Black Heart Procession- "The Spell" CD+LP (Touch & Go)
The latest release from this San Diego band on the LP format.

Walkmen- "A Hundred Miles Off" CD (Record Collection)
Their brand new & 3rd cd release.

Dragonforce- "Inhuman Rampage" CD (Sanctuary)
Over the top power metal from these uber popular Brits. You've never heard technical guitar work like this. So fast it's funny!

The Raconteurs- "Broken Boy Soldiers" LP (V2)
Beautiful gatefold sleeve album from Brendan Benson & Jack White. This one should be gone in no time.

Ion Dissonance/Despised Icon- "Split CD" CD (Galy)
Two of the biggest Canadian technical metal powerhouses team up in this battle. Both bands unleash their very sought after demo recordings that were of course out of print until this little split came along!

Current 93- "How He Loved The Moon: Moonsongs For Jhonn Balance" CDx2 (Beta-Lactam Ring Records)
“How He Loved the Moon” is a reissue of Current 93’s “In Menstrual Night” from 1986. The new title is in memoriam to Coil’s John Balance, who sadly passed away late last year and contributed extensively to these recordings. This version, available as CD and super sexy 2LP, features new mixes by Steven Stapleton with maximum transport value in mind. Each side is broken up into approximately 20 min collages or “tides” of ominous noise, drones, swirling tones, marching and tribal percussion, reverb-drenched voices, clicks, clacks and loads more, all molded down from extensive improv pieces of dense fuzz and pulsating rhythms. It can be listened to in any numbers of ways: As a transitional piece between older, more scornful Current 93 and later, subdued works; as an anomalous detour through an expansive post industrial noise world; as an exploration of “where dreams go when they die;” or even as an album that could’ve quite easily been issued by Nurse With Wound. NWW’s “Spiral Insana” could be its more disturbed sister, but each sibling follows her own path to Grandma’s house through a dense web of undulating feedback and melodic overtones.

Alchemist- "Chemistry Files V1" CD (Alchemist)
“According to myth, an Alchemist has the power to transform something common into something special. So is the case with California’s own, The Alchemist. His tendency to transform a common sample into audio emotion has quickly made him one of the most sought after producers in Hip Hop. Now you might be saying, "I don't know much about The Alchemist, who is he?" He's a white boy from the right side of the tracks. The side of the tracks where male offspring live long past 25, attend Ivy League schools, and build successful law practices. Our boy Al turned his back on that life; as music fans, we should be grateful. The Alchemist got his start in 1993, as one-half of the duo Whooliganz. He aced Cypress Hill, House of Pain, and Funkdoobiest with beats before unleashing his sound on Dilated Peoples' Platform. When Dilated debuted in 1998, they were an underground sensation creating a huge buzz about the man behind those incredible beats.”

Angel City Outcasts- "Deadrose Junction" CD (Sailor's Grave)
“Angel City Outcasts combine aspects from all of their favorite musical styles and genres, which includes classic punk, hardcore, country / rockabilly and hard rock, creating a unique sound that can loosely be referred to as Street-Punk-Rock-And-Roll. Their loud and up beat music infuses the urgency and intensity of punk, with the lyrical storytelling of Johnny Cash, and wailing heavy metal/rock and roll guitar riffs and leads in the vein of bands like AC/DC and Guns 'N Roses.”

The Black Angels- "Passover" CD (Light In The Attic)
Fantastic drone psyche/pop from Austin Tx. Will most certainly make my top of list for 06.

Boris- "Pink" CD (Southern Lord)
“Over the past couple years Japan’s most powerful power trio ever has gone from unerground cult obscurity to a critically acclaimed and must hear band. Beginning in 2000 with Absolutego, then 2003's Amplifier Worship, and last year’s Akuma No Uta, each album gets stronger and gathers a larger following then the one that proceeded it. Last year also saw Boris finally bring their incredible live show to US shores for select sold out dates on the East and West Coasts. Continuing with their extremely prolific output, Southern Lord is proud to unleash the brand new studio album from Boris: Pink.

The Bottle Rockets- "Zoysia"CD (Bloodshot)
Their eighth album and second release on Bloodshot Records, Zoysia is the latest sample of The Bottle Rockets' tenaciousness. Produced by Jeff Powell (Afghan Whigs, 16 Horsepower) at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis (Al Green, Big Star) and captured largely in two or three takes, Zoysia represents the city where it was recorded; honeydew sweet with it’s own unique groove. With Zoysia, the Bottle Rockets nail the scruffy romantic, dirty fingernail rock of the Midwest and soak up the soulful vibes that ooze from the historic walls of Ardent Studios, all the while channeling some serious cascading Crazy Horse squall. Lyrically, the band's underdog outlook finds the optimism on the other side of the screen door. Add it all up and what you get is something that's all its own, something that is pure Bottle Rockets.

The Detroit Cobras- "Mink, Rat or Rabbit" CD (Sympathy)
Restock of their 1st and still their best album.

Don Caballero- "World Class Listening Problem" CD (Relapse)
“The legendary Don Caballero have re-emerged! Inarguably one of the most celebrated, influential and innovative bands in recent times, Don Caballero is the vanguard of progressive, instrumental music. With World Class Listening Problem, its first full-length album in almost five years, Don Cab prove once again that they are head and shoulders above their peers. The band’s powerful, percussive-heavy sonic advance is more dense, more expansive, and burns with a new-found urgency. World Class Listening Problem is prime Don Caballero and an indispensable addition to the illustrious Don Cab canon.” LP to follow.

Alejandro Escovedo- "Bourbonitis Blues" CD (Bloodshot)
Bourbonitis Blues was recorded straight up, no chaser, (in Chicago, Austin, and Chapel Hill) in down home style--this is Alejandro and his "classical glam" Orchestra at their finest: off the cuff, loose and tight, and reflective of their incredible live shows. The covers range from the achingly languid "Pale Blue Eyes", featuring Kelly Hogan (ex-Jody Grind, ex-Rock*A*Teens) on vocals, to the chugging cover of Jimmie Rodgers' "California Blues", with Jon Langford (Mekons, Waco Brothers, Pine Valley Cosmonauts) guesting on guitar and vocals, to the spooked up version of the Gun Club's "Sex Beat" (featuring Trailer Bride's Melissa Swingle).

Wayne Hancock- "A Town Blues" CD (Bloodshot)
It's Wayne's fourth CD all told, but the first for his longtime fans here at Bloodshot, and do we ever love it. He possesses one of the most instantly identifiable voices in roots music and wraps it around whacked-out hillbilly barnburners, dusty desert ballads, and Hank Williams meets George Gershwin dance floor warmers. Backing him is a band of blazing hot players who swing like they fell out of the cradle clutching Bob Wills records and Duke Ellington teething rings. Produced by Lloyd Maines (Wilco, Richard Buckner, Joe Ely, and, yes, the Dixie Chicks), A-Town Blues is loose and live, baby. Pedal steel, guitars, and buckhouse bass--that’s it. No trickery or effects, just the finely honed chops of a band that’s been known to play 200+ dates in a year. They swing through a set of songs that reflect Wayne's scorn for the soulless, pocketbook-driven sounds that ooze out of Nashville; songs that reminisce about old friends and family; songs that sing praises to the road and songs that rue the hazards of hooch. In Wayne's own words: "If you like music that moves and the trash on the radio can't satisfy your wanderlust then try this CD and burn a thousand miles." (Bloodshot Records Press Release)

The Little Killers- "A Real Good One" CD (Gern Blandsten)
“When it comes to rock music, New York City has seen and heard it all- so when a band like The Little Killers starts turning heads, you know it's something special. Bursting out of nowhere and conquering the locals alongside luminaries like Tyrades, Riverboat Gamblers, The Spits, Teengenerate and more, their 2003 Crypt Records debut was eagerly devoured by garage punk scenes worldwide. Now The Little Killers return with A Real Good One, a looser and more dynamic approach to their no-frills rock n' roll formula. Produced by none other than The Dirtbombs' Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Mooney Suzuki), it shakes and rattles like some impossible Chuck Berry, Modern Lovers, Gun Club hybrid with songs so catchy they'll haunt you in your dreams. Here's gimmick-free, hipster-proof music for the generation that desperately needs it. Spread the word: The Little Killers are back in town!” LP to follow.

The Little Killers- "The Little Killers" CD (Crypt)
Crypt’s first new band in over five years is this boy/girl/girl NY trio. "This sounds like the Saints, the New York Dolls and the Real Kids all rolled up into one!" I wouldn’t go that far but it beats plenty of contemporary rock and should get Crypt, In The Red, Gearhead, Sympathy, etc fans worked up. The Locust- "The Locust" CD (Gold Standard Laboratories)
Take the more insanely violent elements of hardcore and death metal, throw in a few Moogs, put them into a blender, speed up the rmps as high as they'll go, and out comes the Locust. Granted, that's an oversimplification, but it works. The Atari Teenage Riot for the arty hardcore set, the Locust display all of their trademark characteristics on their first self-titled, full-length release on GSL: short, spastic blurts of overblown nervous energy held together by massive blast beats and an impeccable sense of split-second timing that never lets up. (AMG)

MC5- " Kick Out The Jams" LP 180gram (Sundazed)
MC5's 1st album and it's live. Recorded in 1969 @ Detroit's Grande Ballroom. Much better sound than so many post breakup live albums that have been pumped out with their name on them. Hear history in the making as Wayne Kramer & Fred "Sonic" Smith go toe to toe with some awesome skin flaying axe work. Watta' ya waitin' for?

The Methadones- "21st Century Power Pop Riot" CD (Red Scre)
Fronted by legendary SCREECHING WEASEL and RIVERDALES vocalist Dan Vapid. Tons of guest vocals including Jeff from NAKED RAYGUN, Annie from THE SOVIETTES and many more. For fans of SCREECHING WEASEL, GREEN DAY and THE RAMONES.

Nirvana- "Bleach" LP (Sub Pop)

Nirvana- "In Utero" LP 180gram (Simply Vinyl)
Restock on collectable heavy weight vinyl.

Nirvana- "Nevermind" LP 180gram (Simply Vinyl)
Restock on collectable heavy weight vinyl.

The Obsessed- "Lunar Womb" CD (Meteor City)
“The Obsessed is the best-known and loved band of Wino's 20-year career. Wino is one of the most respected and revered figures in today's heavy rock underground. Wino's current band, The Hidden Hand, toured with Mastodon and Clutch in 2005. Lunar Womb was only released in Europe and has been out of print since 1996. Fully remastered, the record sounds bigger and better than ever.

Stuart A. Staples- "Leaving Songs" CD (Beggars Banquet)
“The second solo release from Tindersticks front man Stuart A. Staples. Not surprisingly, this record sounds very much like a Tindersticks album. Or, rather, it sounds like a well-chosen compilation of that band’s more restrained and subdued material. As you might have guessed from the titles of the songs and the album itself, Staples’s lyrical themes remain the same on Leaving Songs, where restlessness, doubt, and the fragility of human connections all conspire to ruin love. And it’s these western leanings, along with his love of soul, that likely drove him to choose Lambchop’s Mark Nevers to produce his new album. Stuart Staples infuses his melancholic singer-songwriterly compositions with tasteful dashes of country pathos and vintage R&B heartache. More than a side project, Leaving Songs is a very strong album that perfectly complements his body of work with Tindersticks.”

Sunset Rubdown- "Shut Up I Am Dreaming" CD (Global Symphonic)
Sunset Rubdown’s third release in less than a year sees Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade fame accompanied by a band for the first time. The result is at times noisy and abrasive other times beautiful and soft. As usual Spencer’s Bowiesque vocals shine and the lyrics always keep you interested.

Terror "The Living Proof" DVD (Trustkill)
"The Living Proof" contains a career-spanning documentary directed by Doug Spangenberg (Lamb of God / Coheed and Cambria) and is jam packed with live concert footage from around the world (Brazil, UK/Europe, Japan, Australia), tour footage from Sounds of the Underground and antics from their tours with Unearth, Bury Your Dead, Converge, and more. Also goes in the studio and behind the scenes for the making of the brand new album "Always The Hard Way" with tons of band interviews and studio outtakes. This DVD features all of Terror's videos including "Overcome" and "Keep Your Mouth Shut," in addition to complete live concert from "The Underworld" in London (Feb 2006). Filmed by Static Films (Bullet for My Valentine) with 5 cameras and pro audio sound, this live set contains brand new unreleased songs that will be debuted on "Always the Hard Way." Includes free 15" Terror stencil!”

V/A- "Snow Robots Vol. 1" CD (Suction)
First volume in Suction’s Snow Robots series of early material from long unavailable vinyl releases combined with new remixes and unreleased tracks from the likes of Solvent, Lowfish, Pest(e), David Kristian, Adult., and Lali Puna. As you might expect, Volume 1 contains the 1997 early Suction vinyl releases from Solvent, Lowfish, and David Kristian, as well as pre-Lowfish material under the pseudonym pest(e), remixes by Adult. (the folks who run the seminal Ersatz Audio label) Germany’s Lali Puna and new exclusive tracks from both Solvent and Lowfish.

V/A- "Snow Robots Vol. 2" CD (Suction)
Volume two collects the 1999 Suction vinyl only material by D'Arcangelo, Pluxus, Tinfoil Teakettle (Solvent and Lowfish collaboration), and Brioche Kretzaal (Skam & V/vm label collaborators). Remixing this time include Isan (Darla, Static Caravans, Morr), Rome's videogame-pop duo Mat-101; former Le Car member and current Detroit electro-pop subversive Perspects; and suction's newest full-time robot, Berlin's skanfrom, who's debut full-length CD will be released on suction in 2001. Snow Robots volume 2 also features a brand new, exclusive preview of solvent's overseas collaboration with the highly-regarded Austrian vocalist and recording artist, G.D.Luxxe, whose last 12" on Interdimensional Transmissions left Solvent speechless.

Andre Williams & The Sadies- "Red Dirt" CD (Bloodshot)
O.K. sugarbabies; are you sitting down? Well, get your asses up and prepare to shake the proverbial tailfeather--because Andre "Mr Rhythm" Williams is BACK and he's baaaaaad!! Bloodshot Records is pleased, nay, honored to bring you his latest and greatest: Red Dirt, 14 country-SOUL smokers slathered in grit and grease and Andre's high-mileage, velvety growl, with sexy booty bottom provided by Toronto's masters of spaghetti western-surf-garage-punk, The Sadies. This is a menage a trois made in heaven (or leastways the coolest corner of hell): Check it out, chilluns: a passle of cover tunes (from the likes of the Bottle Rockets, Harlan Howard, Eddy Arnold, Lefty Frizzell, and a Katy-run-for-cover version of Johhny Paycheck's "Pardon Me, I've Got Someone to Kill"--sung like he means it), and a tasty array of brand spankin' new originals co-birthed by Andre and the Sadies. There's the slinky slayer "Weapon of Mass Destruction" (you know you got it, ladies), the everyman lament "My Sister Stole My Woman," and the insidiously catchy "She's A Bag of Potato Chips." This record's got it all, babies!!! It'll get you up on the down stroke, it's got Memphis Stax/Volt soul grooves, it's got Johnny Cash boom-chicka-ka-BOOM, it's got Screamin' Jay gospel menace, it's got smooth, "how ya doin, ladies?", crooning, and it's got, well, Andre-ance. He even rhymes "cash" with "ass" and makes it work!!! All of this is tenderized and infused with groove gravy for a finger-lickin' good time. Time to EAT!! (Bloodshot Records Press Release)

John Zorn- "Moonchild" CD (Tzadik)
“Zorn’s newest project is a hardcore song cycle scored for voice, bass and drums. This powerful rock unit features three of his most illustrious, longtime cohorts who have worked together in bands such as Naked City, Fantomas, Mr. Bungle and Electric Masada and are keenly in tune with Zorn’s language and aesthetic. Musicians are always at their best in Zorn projects and Moonchild is no exception. You have never heard these players as up front, on the edge or as inspired as they are here, raging through eleven pieces of terrifying intensity."


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