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    What's New For This Week!   
    Monday, June 19 2006 @ 11:11 AM CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    All items from this list are now instock. A good mix this week of new releases & lots of restock items. Picks to click include the new Wailin' Jennys, Mojave 3, Danielson, Sonic Youth, Venetian Snares, Shadows Fall, Be Your Own Pet & The Handsome Family. Oh yeah, Dayglow Abortions @ the Gaslight Saloon on sat. night.

    The Black Angels- "Passover" CD (Light In The Attic)
    Right on tripped out psyche/drone rock from Austin Tx. One of the coolest releases so far this year for people who enjoy this kinda stuff.

    Black Flag- "Bars and Logo" T Shirt White/Medium (SST)
    Restock of this classic t-shirt.

    Boris- "Pink" CD (Southern Lord)
    The new psychedelic sludge feast offering from this hot Japanese combo.

    John Coltrane- "Coltrane" LP (Prestige)
    John's 1st album under his own name after having stepped away from the shadow of former employers Miles Davis & Thelonius Monk. Includes "Time Was", "Straight Street" & "Chronic Blues".

    Crow- "Bloody Tear" LP (Prank)
    "Bombastic Crust-metal from Tokyo, an ultra brutal lightning attack of searing riffs, wild solos, screaming vocals and crushing rhythm Section. Bleak intent and searing metallic mayhem, Crow have dotted the landscape of Japanese hardcore punk since its inception and just seem to get more devastating with age!! This is their first full length / second LP since the 1980's with 9 Tracks. Some of the songs are intense re-recorded versions of some of their Classic tracks (including their Signature track "Give Up All Hope" that has been covered by numerous bands including the UK"s legendary Doom) as well as new recordings of songs from their recent ultra-limited Japanese releases. This is the official vinyl release of this new LP, which was released as a CD-Only on the Mangrove label in Japan. The LP sequence has slight variations in both track listing and mixes. Crow have toured the West Coast twice, releasing the well received 7" "Neurotic Organization" and split EP with Artimus Pyle previously on Prank. The first press of this LP version comes with a gigantic poster insert."

    D.R.I-. "Dirty Rotten CD" CD (Beer City)
    a mammoth collection (44 tracks) of early DRI.

    Danielson- "Ships" CD (Secretly Canadian)
    The Danielson collective step out abit on this one, and maybe will finally attract the attention they deserve. Sufjan Stevens came out of this lot, so it's no suprise that a good number of his fans have been flocking to this one as well. Beautiful cover art.

    Handsome Family- "Last Days Of Wonder" CD (Carrot Top)
    Brand new release of big sky indie americana from husband and wife team Brett & Rennie Sparks. Truly unique music with wife Rennie writing some bizarre lyrics deep sung by hubby Brett backdropped with homespun noir country insturmentation. Yummy! Hieroglyphics- "3rd Eye Vision" 2xLP (Hiero Imperium)
    Restock of this great hip hop album on vinyl.

    Hot Snakes- "Suicide Invoice" CD (Swami)
    Restock item.

    Man Man- "Six Demon Bag" CD (Ace Fu)
    "A veritable world's fair of chaos & creation, be it the Nick Cave-gone-gypsy dramatics or the fractured gutter swing" -Billboard.

    Mojave 3- "Puzzles Like You" CD (Beggars Banquet)
    "Puzzles Likes You, the fifth album in the already rich history of Mojave 3, catches them moving in a slightly unexpected direction. Where their last album, Spoon & Rafter, was them experimenting with their formula, this album contains songs of a more immediate quality - poppier, in fact - than anything the band has written before. This effervescent poise is all the more impressive given that the album had a somewhat troubled genesis - its first incarnation was fully completed when a horde of mice decided to infest the studio, running amok among the band's equipment and making a general nuisance of themselves. This created technical mayhem and caused considerable delays as well. Fortunately, an angel was waiting in the wings in the shape of Victor Van Vugt (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Beth Orton, Luna, Athlete) who stepped into the breach, took the recordings to his New York City studio, and completed a set of wonderful mixes in short order. As a result, the melodic lilt of tracks like "Puzzles Like You", "Running With Your Eyes Closed" and "Big Star Baby" shines sweetly through, while the wistful introspection of "Most Days" and "You Said It Before" is redeemed by warm tones and the deftest of sonic placement. All of which means that Puzzles Like You is the most approachable, infectious and downright fun record that Mojave 3 have ever made. A fact reflected in the exuberant artwork supplied by artist / film director Thomas Campbell (whose film Sprout majored on Mojave and Halstead music) and the marvelously quirky video for "Breaking The Ice" directed by Bradley Beesley (Flaming Lips). It seems set, like all of its predecessors, to bring the band a wider audience - and when people fall under the spell of their subtle and gorgeous music, they tend to stick around."

    Negative Reaction- "Under The Ancient Penalty" CD (This Dark Reign)

    Phobia- "Cruel" LP (Deep Six)
    "Cruel is the 2006 full length from Orange County heroes Phobia. One of the biggest and most popular grindcore bands in the world with previous releases on Relapse, Slap a Ham, and Deep Six. Cruel is one of their best album in years. Featuring an amazing production job courtesy of Scot Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed), this is the best sounding Phobia record to date. With Cruel, Phobia has returned and proved once again why they are one of the most revered grindcore bands on the planet, and why they have reached legendary status worldwide. Grey vinyl."

    Six Organs Of Admittance- "The Sun Awakens" CD (Drag City)
    "Erupted like lava from what we'd previously thought was a mountain, The Sun Awakens flowers red and hot from the earth, destroying in a completely organic fashion. As any Six Organs of Admittance fan will tell you, life isn't all smiles and sunshine for Mr. Six Organs, one Ben Chasny. His discography has slid in and out of the shadows with each successive record - but 2005's School Of The Flower was an extended breath of ecstasy. Listening to The Sun Awakens back-to-back with its predecessor will provoke a different response. There's a few treats, sure. As a matter of fact, it's all treats to our ears. But it's not all happy beans, just so you know. As a matter of fact, it's the darkest Six Organs of Admittance yet. In addition to titling songs cheerless things like "Black Wall," and "Torn by Wolves," Ben's brought a bit more electric guitar into the mix to help bring out the darkness. Tim Green is behind the board making sure that everything sounds rock-solid, and the acoustics are brilliant, almost blinding. Side one is a six-song circle where waves of guitars build and beauty is betrayed by madness...in the prettiest possible way. Al Cisneros from Om is playing bass on "River of Transfiguration" - but before you expect thundersome riffage, take it from us, his playing here is supportive of the Six Organs vibe. Side two is a trip down the droning "River of Transfiguration." The inspiration here is Hermann Nitsch. You might hear Popul Vuh as an influence too, as well as Hapshash and the Coloured Coat. Overall though, Six Organs of Admittance doesn't believe in the critical myth that an artist who flirts with the obscure needs to consolidate their experimental tendencies into more and more listenable music in order to expand the envelope of what pop music can be. He don't believe in a linear aesthetic trajectory either. Anything else you can think of is up to you, dear listener."

    Sufjan Stevens- "Illinois" CD (Asthmatic Kitty)
    Restock item.

    Sunset Rubdown- "Shut Up I Am Dreaming" CD (Global Symphonic)
    Spencer Krug from Wolf Parade's solo project.

    U.S. Bombs- "We Are The Problem" CD (Sailor's Grave)
    The newest release from Duane Peters and his crew of hard rockin'/livin' skanky punks.

    V/A- "Naked In The Afternoon: A Tribute To Jandek" CD (Summersteps)
    An under the radar tribute to the enigmatic Jandek, with tracks from Low, Thurston Moore, Gary Young (Pavement), Bright Eyes, and loads more people you've never heard of.

    V/A- " Roadrunner United: The All Star Roadrunner" 2xLP (Roadrunner)
    "If a label that started out as an inconspicuous import company in the Netherlands in the 1980s manages not only to become one of the world's most innovative record labels but also to stick around for 25 years then that's definitely cause for celebration. In the case of Roadrunner nothing short of amazing marks their 25th anniversary. Instead of throwing just another lame label party, legendary Roadrunner A&R Monte Conner decided to gather musicians from every period in the Roadrunner history past and present to make them rock out in different combinations. Four "team captains" in the form of Joey Jordison (SLIPKNOT), Dino Cazares (ex-FEAR FACTORY, BRUJERIA), Robert Flynn (MACHINE HEAD) and Matt Heafy (TRIVIUM) were appointed chefs behind a boiling kettle containing everyone in the Roadrunner band catalogue from DEICIDE and TYPE O NEGATIVE to FEAR FACTORY and SEPULTURA. The team captains handpicked 56 musicians out of 44 different bands (among them Keith Caputo, Dani Filth, Daryl Palumbo, Corey Taylor and Dez Fafara) to record Roadrunner United - The All Star Sessions and present metal in the most innovative way imaginable. If that doesn't convince you that anniversaries are a good thing, then all the devil horns in the world are wasted on you."

    Shadows Land- "Terminus Ante Quem" CD (Osmose)
    Polish Death/Black metal which has been compared to Behemoth.

    Rock Baby Rock It- "S/T" DVD (Arcanum)
    A handful of youthful rock & roll fans take on organized crime in this vintage rock musical. A rundown Dallas dance hall has been rented by a pack of high-school kids who've turned it into the Texas Hot Rock Club, where they host jam sessions and dance the bop to their favorite records. However, money has been tight for the teens, and after they fall two months behind in their rent, they get a warning from their landlord and a visit from some suspicious characters who make it clear they want to take over the place. The Hot Rock kids decide to hold a benefit to pay off the bills, and approach well-known rock & roll dancer Kay Lee (Kay Wheeler) to appear at the show. When Kay's lawyer hears about the club's troubles and the repeated (and increasingly menacing) appearances of some tough-talking thugs, he does some investigating and learns the prospective new tenants are actually gangsters setting up a wire operation with the Detroit mob. Produced on a shoestring budget with a mostly non-professional cast, Rock, Baby, Rock It has gained a passionate cult following among fans of '50s rock for the hot boppin' dance moves of the teenage cast and energetic musical performances by some great Texas acts, including frantic rockabilly rebel Johnny Carroll, R&B stompers Rosco Gordon and Preacher Smith and the Deacons, and up-tempo harmonies from the Belew Twins, the Five Stars, and Don Coates and the Bon Aires; also keep an eye peeled for Kay Wheeler's swinging dance number.

    Be Your Own Pet- "S/T" CD (Universal)
    Blasting out of Nashville, TN, like a bottle rocket, the teenage garage-noise-pop band Be Your Own Pet makes music that's as frenzied as it is catchy. Newly signed to the Ecstatic Peace label owned by Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) they unleash their debut full length on you, the unsuspecting public. Popular for quite awhile in the UK, this is sassy stuff that will make yr next party a water cooler hot topic.

    Sublime- "40 oz. To Freedom" LPx2 (Skunk)
    Restock of this elusive piece of vinyl.

    Bloodcult- "Payday" CD (Root Of All Evil)
    Gothic/Metal band with electronic leanings. From Europe.

    Venetian Snares- "Cavalcade of glee and dadaist happy hardcore pom poms" CD (Planet Mu)
    Despite the fact he's only been around for a little over seven years, Aaron Funk's alter-ego Venetian Snares has been firmly established as a stalwart of both the electronic scene and it's splintered subdivisions in the realm of breakcore - with the improbably titled 'Cavalcade of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms' the latest chapter. Closer to the melodious work exhibited on 'Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding', Winnipeg-based Funk nonetheless keeps his foot to the floor - as wave after wave of marauding beat patterns set about attacking your cochlea and sending the senses into a tailspin.

    Good Riddance- "My Republic" LP (Fat Wreck)
    Punkrock veterans Good Riddance are gearing up to release their 7th album on June 27th, 2006. Titled "My Republic", it's once again filled with catchy punkrock/HC songs. This is the vinyl format.

    Sonic Youth- "Rather Ripped" CD (Geffen)
    The new cd also here on LP.

    Black Flag- "Live" DVD (Cherry Red)
    The main album focus from this DVD is My War, with some of Slip It In and The First Four Years sprinkled in. One of the most powerful bands to emerge from the cinders of punk. Greg Ginn, a madman and a thorough disciple of the guitar, brought this band into being in 1977 in the depths of L.A, outside of the reaches of the excesses of the '70s. He'd had enough of the California sound of the Eagles, the over-production of Steely Dan and ELO. It was time to create a new sound. Fuelled by the simplicity and immediacy of the Ramones first album, he pulled together a small group of people who could barely play their instruments and began a pattern of musical deconstruction that exploded on a brand new scene that was just beginning to form. Controversy and opposition were the bedfellows of the band from the beginning: the law was not welcoming the emergence of the punk scene on the West Coast. The DVD contains extra features including: complete Black Flag discography; facility to play individual tracks; complete list of all videos available in the Visionary video catalogue; complete list of all Cherry Red CDs available.

    One Way System- "Best Of One Way System" CD (Anagram)
    18 tracks from one of the UK's best loved mohawk sportin' punk bands. Contains "Stab The Judge" & "Give Us A Future".

    Kid 606- "Pretty Girls Make Raves" CD (Tiger Beat)
    Kid 606 has once again maintained his distance from glitchy cut-up breakcore that so many still assume he still records and has come out with fantastic results. Unlike last year's subdued, melody-heavy Resilience, Pretty Girls is a brilliant 4/4 techno homage, both worthy of the tireless movement from a sweaty night club and a perfectly blastable summertime album.

    DJ Q-Bert- "Breaktionary Vol.4" LP (Breaks)
    Attention B-boys and B-girls! The music used by DJ Qbert for Breakdance battles (as seen in the latest Freestyle Session DVD) is finally available on a 4 record set featuring over 250 rare funk breaks one after another at the same user friendly tempo in a 4 record set! No more carrying tons of crates to a jam, just grab doubles of each record and get loose just like "Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Muzik"! Rock the true school hip-hop on the tables and sample the rawest beats onto your drum machines and music programs! As an added bonus, you can combine all 4 covers by world famous artist, D23 (Damon Soule) in any direction!

    Swallow The Sun- "Morning Never Came" CD (Olympic)
    Hailed as the veritable second coming by some doom enthusiasts, Finland sextet Swallow the Sun certainly made an impressive and immediate impact on a relatively dormant scene with their excellent 2005 debut Morning Never Came. Its dark and foreboding music drawn judiciously from pre-established elder death/doom statesmen such as My Dying Bride and Katatonia, the album's early standouts "Deadly Nightshade," "Out of this Gloomy Light," and "Swallow (Horror Pt. 1)" display a maturity that most new bands can only dream of. And with their inventive arrangements of twin guitar riffs and harmonies, synth backdrops and solo piano passages, and patient but insistent drumming, they show more than enough variety to keep the listener riveted no matter how slothful the pace and deliberate their unfolding. (AMG)

    Duane Peters- "Who Cares" DVD (Black Label)
    Then there was Duane! The Duane Peters life story "Who Cares?" is presented by Red Kross skateboards, a division of Black Label. Stabbed, beaten, broken and bloodied, Duane Peters has definitely paid his dues. He's invented more tricks than he can remember and done things few will ever forget. To this day, his style is unapologetically OLD SCHOOL, and you can bet he doesn't give two O'Henrys what anyone thinks. When Duane and PUNK ROCK skateboarding met, true chaos emerged. Skateboarding will never the same. This film cannot be rated. Producer: Black Label Skates.

    Leslie West- "Blue Me" CD (Blues Bureau)
    Leslie West returns to the Blues Bureau label with "Blue Me," a collection of blues rock covers done in the inimitable West style. "Blue Me" contains the kind of guttural vocals and soulful bluesy guitar playing that have established Leslie as one of the greatest talents in the history of rock and roll .

    The Dogma- "Black Roses" CD (Drakkar)
    Italian power metal The Dogma may have been unknowns up until this, their debut album, but I have a feeling that is about to change. Everything about this release has an air of quality, bringing to mind such power metal greats as Labyrinth or Vision Divine, to name but two. The music is fast and melodic power metal, very well produced by Siggi Bemm at the famous Woodhouse studios, the musicianship is top notch, the vocals bring to mind those by Rhapsody's Fabio Lione, and there's a good dose of orchestral and operatic segments that also elevate the album. Just to top that, the drumming on the album was done by Rage's Mike Terrana, probably the best power metal drummer alive. Tragic Power Metal without a power "ballad" in sight.

    Mojave 3- "Breaking The Ice" CDEP (Beggars Banquet)
    3 tracks from the new album "Puzzles Like You". 2 of them are exclusive to the single. Neil Halstead is back with the most upbeat Mojave 3 thus far. I haven't heard it, but reports are that it's a radical departure from the pensive Nick Drake-isms of the past.

    Antler- "Nothing That A Bullet Couldn't Cure" CD (Smallstone)
    Antler's songwriting is heavily steeped in muscular classic rock, providing a soundtrack to boozin' and brawlin' and also to drinking away sorrows of lost opportunities (I hate to crib from press releases but comparisons to Bob Seger - obliquely - are not out of line). Hard liquor guitar tones, big organ doings, poignant harmonies and big rock n roll attitude and plenty of rock old schoolness (without sounding dated) are all part of the process for the generation of Antler's music. This is good ol' manly rock but it's not afraid to reveal just a tad of the heart inside.

    Subarachnoid Space- The Red Veil" CD (Strange Attractors)
    The ninth album in as many years from heavy-psych, space rock explorers. Heading down the doom trail, the band deftly straddles the fence between metal, space, gloom, and stoner rock, unleashing a storm of effects-laden textures, drones and dissonance over meaty power chords.

    HIM- "Dark Light" LPx2 (Sire)
    After forming in Finland in 1995, H.I.M. (or His Infernal Majesty) set out on the path of goth forebears like Sisters of Mercy and the Mission UK. This is the limited vinyl version of 2005's "Dark Light".

    Alejandro Escovedo- "The Boxing Mirror" CD (Back Porch)
    The new cd from this amazing Austin singer & songwriter who's been out of the loop for a number of years while recovering from Hepatitis C. He's back with a full length studio offering which is produced by John Cale (Velvet Underground).

    Gang Of Four- "Brief History Of" CD (Sire)
    A 20 track anthology from this legendary band encompassing the years 1979-1983.

    The Pogues- "Red Roses For Me" CD (Warner)
    The debut cd from one of history's coolest bands. A leftfield intertwining of punk and traditional Irish drinking songs all delivered by the perpetually hungover Shane MacGowan.

    Kraftwerk- "The Man Machine" CD (EMI)
    The Man-Machine is closer to the sound and style that would define early new wave electro-pop -- less minimalistic in its arrangements and more complex and danceable in its underlying rhythms. Like its predecessor, Trans-Europe Express, there is the feel of a divided concept album, with some songs devoted to science fiction-esque links between humans and technology, often with electronically processed vocals ("The Robots," "Spacelab," and the title track); others take the glamour of urbanization as their subject ("Neon Lights" and "Metropolis"). Plus, there's "The Model," a character sketch that falls under the latter category but takes a more cynical view of the title character's glamorous lifestyle. More pop-oriented than any of their previous work, the sound of The Man-Machine -- in particular among Kraftwerk's oeuvre -- had a tremendous impact on the cold, robotic synth pop of artists like Gary Numan, as well as Britain's later new romantic movement.

    Shadows Fall- "Fall out From The War" CD (Century Media)
    • Band members: Matt Bachand (Guitar/Vocals); Paul Romanko (Bass); Brian Fair (Vocals); Jason Bittner (Drums); Jon Donais (Lead Guitar/Vocals) • Produced and mixed by long time friend, Zeuss (Hatebreed, God Forbid) • This album is a companion piece to The War Within (2004) • The release is made up of 6 brand new songs, 3 newly re-recorded versions of older rare songs & covers of Only Living Witness, Leeway and Dangerous Toys, the latter of which features guest vocals from none other than Dangerous Toys vocalist Jason McMaster on their classic “Teasn’ Pleasn’”. • www.centurymedia.com, www.shadowsfallrocks.com

    Hank Williams III- "Straight To Hell" CDx2 (Curb)
    Restock of Hank III's new cd which is his best ever.

    The Misfits- "Walk Among Us" CD (Slash)
    An updated reissue of the 1st Misfits cd from 1982.

    Alchemist- "Chemistry Files V1" CD (Alchemist)
    “According to myth, an Alchemist has the power to transform something common into something special. So is the case with California’s own, The Alchemist. His tendency to transform a common sample into audio emotion has quickly made him one of the most sought after producers in Hip Hop. Now you might be saying, "I don't know much about The Alchemist, who is he?" He's a white boy from the right side of the tracks. The side of the tracks where male offspring live long past 25, attend Ivy League schools, and build successful law practices. Our boy Al turned his back on that life; as music fans, we should be grateful. The Alchemist got his start in 1993, as one-half of the duo Whooliganz. He aced Cypress Hill, House of Pain, and Funkdoobiest with beats before unleashing his sound on Dilated Peoples' Platform. When Dilated debuted in 1998, they were an underground sensation creating a huge buzz about the man behind those incredible beats.”

    The Bottle Rockets- "Zoysia"CD (Bloodshot)
    Their eighth album and second release on Bloodshot Records, Zoysia is the latest sample of The Bottle Rockets' tenaciousness. Produced by Jeff Powell (Afghan Whigs, 16 Horsepower) at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis (Al Green, Big Star) and captured largely in two or three takes, Zoysia represents the city where it was recorded; honeydew sweet with it’s own unique groove. With Zoysia, the Bottle Rockets nail the scruffy romantic, dirty fingernail rock of the Midwest and soak up the soulful vibes that ooze from the historic walls of Ardent Studios, all the while channeling some serious cascading Crazy Horse squall. Lyrically, the band's underdog outlook finds the optimism on the other side of the screen door. Add it all up and what you get is something that's all its own, something that is pure Bottle Rockets.

    Don Caballero- "World Class Listening Problem" CD (Relapse)
    “The legendary Don Caballero have re-emerged! Inarguably one of the most celebrated, influential and innovative bands in recent times, Don Caballero is the vanguard of progressive, instrumental music. With World Class Listening Problem, its first full-length album in almost five years, Don Cab prove once again that they are head and shoulders above their peers. The band’s powerful, percussive-heavy sonic advance is more dense, more expansive, and burns with a new-found urgency. World Class Listening Problem is prime Don Caballero and an indispensable addition to the illustrious Don Cab canon.” LP to follow.

    The Little Killers- "A Real Good One" CD (Gern Blandsten)
    “When it comes to rock music, New York City has seen and heard it all- so when a band like The Little Killers starts turning heads, you know it's something special. Bursting out of nowhere and conquering the locals alongside luminaries like Tyrades, Riverboat Gamblers, The Spits, Teengenerate and more, their 2003 Crypt Records debut was eagerly devoured by garage punk scenes worldwide. Now The Little Killers return with A Real Good One, a looser and more dynamic approach to their no-frills rock n' roll formula. Produced by none other than The Dirtbombs' Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Mooney Suzuki), it shakes and rattles like some impossible Chuck Berry, Modern Lovers, Gun Club hybrid with songs so catchy they'll haunt you in your dreams. Here's gimmick-free, hipster-proof music for the generation that desperately needs it. Spread the word: The Little Killers are back in town!” LP to follow.

    The Little Killers- "The Little Killers" CD (Crypt)
    Crypt’s first new band in over five years is this boy/girl/girl NY trio. "This sounds like the Saints, the New York Dolls and the Real Kids all rolled up into one!" I wouldn’t go that far but it beats plenty of contemporary rock and should get Crypt, In The Red, Gearhead, Sympathy, etc fans worked up.

    MC5- " Kick Out The Jams" LP 180gram (Sundazed)
    MC5's 1st album and it's live. Recorded in 1969 @ Detroit's Grande Ballroom. Much better sound than so many post breakup live albums that have been pumped out with their name on them. Hear history in the making as Wayne Kramer & Fred "Sonic" Smith go toe to toe with some awesome skin flaying axe work. Watta' ya waitin' for?

    Stuart A. Staples- "Leaving Songs" CD (Beggars Banquet)
    “The second solo release from Tindersticks front man Stuart A. Staples. Not surprisingly, this record sounds very much like a Tindersticks album. Or, rather, it sounds like a well-chosen compilation of that band’s more restrained and subdued material. As you might have guessed from the titles of the songs and the album itself, Staples’s lyrical themes remain the same on Leaving Songs, where restlessness, doubt, and the fragility of human connections all conspire to ruin love. And it’s these western leanings, along with his love of soul, that likely drove him to choose Lambchop’s Mark Nevers to produce his new album. Stuart Staples infuses his melancholic singer-songwriterly compositions with tasteful dashes of country pathos and vintage R&B heartache. More than a side project, Leaving Songs is a very strong album that perfectly complements his body of work with Tindersticks.”

    Terror "The Living Proof" DVD (Trustkill)
    "The Living Proof" contains a career-spanning documentary directed by Doug Spangenberg (Lamb of God / Coheed and Cambria) and is jam packed with live concert footage from around the world (Brazil, UK/Europe, Japan, Australia), tour footage from Sounds of the Underground and antics from their tours with Unearth, Bury Your Dead, Converge, and more. Also goes in the studio and behind the scenes for the making of the brand new album "Always The Hard Way" with tons of band interviews and studio outtakes. This DVD features all of Terror's videos including "Overcome" and "Keep Your Mouth Shut," in addition to complete live concert from "The Underworld" in London (Feb 2006). Filmed by Static Films (Bullet for My Valentine) with 5 cameras and pro audio sound, this live set contains brand new unreleased songs that will be debuted on "Always the Hard Way." Includes free 15" Terror stencil!”

    John Zorn- "Moonchild" CD (Tzadik)
    “Zorn’s newest project is a hardcore song cycle scored for voice, bass and drums. This powerful rock unit features three of his most illustrious, longtime cohorts who have worked together in bands such as Naked City, Fantomas, Mr. Bungle and Electric Masada and are keenly in tune with Zorn’s language and aesthetic. Musicians are always at their best in Zorn projects and Moonchild is no exception. You have never heard these players as up front, on the edge or as inspired as they are here, raging through eleven pieces of terrifying intensity."

    Bohren & Der Club Of G_re- "Black Earth" CD (Ipecac)
    Ultra slow "doom" jazz. These four guys are from Germany and used to be in a grind metal band until they chose a different path. Piano, accoustic bass, drums & saxophone with some atmospheric mellotron hanging in the distance. Amazing stuff.

    PEEPING TOM- "S/T" CD (Ipecac)
    "Years in the making, Peeping Tom, noise rock renaissance man Mike Patton's most accessible work since his days in Faith No More, is finally a reality. The 11-track opus, featuring a lengthy and incongruous cast of guest performers. In keeping with the landmark 1960 psychological horror film that inspired its name, Peeping Tom had its genesis a modus operandi devoid of physical intimacy. Patton would write songs with a wish list of theoretical collaborators in mind, then hope for a reply in the form of a finished track. "It's an exotic way of working for someone accustomed to a band environment," Patton says. "It was charming, really. None of the usual Animal House stuff. Instead of swapping spit and underwear, we were swapping files." Lack of face-to-face interaction did not keep long-distance collaborators from turning in exceptional performances: Norah Jones' lascivious "Sucker," Kool Keith's "Getaway" and Massive Attack's "Kill The DJ" are intense and passionate as anything a live band environment could have produced. Peeping Tom also includes contributions from Amon Tobin, Bebel Gilberto, Dub Trio, Kid Koala and several of Patton's Bay Area running buddies, such as Dan "the Automator" Nakamura (who tag teams with Rahzel on "Mojo"), Jel, Odd Nosdam and Doseone of anticon records. The end result is an utterly unique multigenre/multi-artist departure from Patton's more recent noisy output-one that would ultimately have to be classified as a pop record· a Mike Patton pop record, but a pop record nonetheless. Tracklisting: 01. Five Seconds (feat. Odd Nosdam) 02. Mojo (feat. Rahzel + Dan the Automator) 03. Don't Even Trip (feat. Amon Tobin) 04. Getaway (feat. Kool Keith) 05.Your Neighborhood Spaceman (feat. Jel+Odd Nosdam) 06. Kill The DJ (feat. Massive Attack) 07. Caipirinha (feat. Bebel Gilberto) 08. Celebrity Death Match (feat. Kid Koala) 09. How U Feelin? (feat. Doseone) 10. Sucker (feat. Norah Jones) 11.We're Not Alone -remix (feat. Dub Trio)"

    MISSION OF BURMA- "The Obliterati" CD+DVD (Matador)
    "We're slightly in awe of Burma's new, third full-length studio album proper, The Obliterati. Recorded at Boston's Q Division Studios with firmly ensconsed fourth wheel Bob Weston, The Obliterati might be the most aggressive, raw and challenging recording in the band's storied career. With equally strong contributions from Roger Miller, Clint Conley and Peter Prescott, The Obliterati, while having the odd melodic moment or two dozen, is as relentless and engulfing an album as we've heard since...well, since Burma's 'Vs.' some 24 years ago. Whether or not this album is as topical, absurdist or just plain hit-packed as that one, you'll have to figure out for yourself. For the moment, our senses are just shattered. We're pretty confident this is the uneasy listening album of the year. Next year, too."

    Danielson- "Ships" CD (Secretly Canadian)
    What's in a name? After eldest Smith sibling finished his senior art school project and released it in 1995 under the moniker, "Danielson," he brought his four younger siblings and a few friends from childhood into the mix for the critically-acclaimed, "Tell Another Joke At the Ol' Choppin' Block," calling the group, "Danielson Famile." This was followed by the back-to-back concept albums, "Alpha" and "Omega," in 1998 and 1999 under the name, "Tri-Danielson." It was a long and confusing study in the three sides of music-making: Famile, Brother, and Ship. The follow-up release was Danielson Famile's "Fetch the Compass Kids," celebrating family. Then came Br. Danielson's "Brother Is To Son," celebrating personal identity and community. Now, "Ships" is the resolution. Opening arms wider than ever, Daniel made a long list of artists who have worked with Danielson over the years and other folks who planned to work together at some point. This list led to working with family, making new friends, and keeping the old. All joined together - both the well-known (Deerhoof, Sufjan Stevens, Why?) and not as well-known artists (Sereena Maneesh, Leopulde, Half-handed Cloud) - each bringing his or her own skills and ideas to Daniel's songs and voice, resulting in this crowning achievement.

    Propagandhi- "Potemkin City Limits" LPx2 (G7 Welcoming Committee)
    The latest album on LP for the 1st time.

    The Black Heart Procession- "The Spell" CD+LP (Touch & Go)
    The latest release from this San Diego band on the LP format.

    Dragonforce- "Inhuman Rampage" CD (Sanctuary)
    Over the top power metal from these uber popular Brits. You've never heard technical guitar work like this. So fast it's funny!

    The Raconteurs- "Broken Boy Soldiers" LP (V2)
    Beautiful gatefold sleeve album from Brendan Benson & Jack White. This one should be gone in no time.

    Ion Dissonance/Despised Icon- "Split CD" CD (Galy)
    Two of the biggest Canadian technical metal powerhouses team up in this battle. Both bands unleash their very sought after demo recordings that were of course out of print until this little split came along!

    Point Blank- "Second Season" CD (Wounded Bird)
    Southern rock boys from the mid 70's who weren't afraid to rip off some Led Zep & Deep Purple licks. Toss in some scorching blues licks and you've got the second release from Point Blank.

    Tapes 'n' Tapes- "The Loon" CD (Ibid)
    Hot out of Minneapolis, Tapes 'n Tapes kneel before Pavement, Wire, Beach Boys, and Pixies, bearing their influences more publically than notebook logo sketches. Could be the sleeper album of '06.

    David Byrne/Brian Eno- "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts" CD (Warner)
    A classic, remastered for you the discerning listener. Many bonus songs as well. Even though David Byrne turned into kind of a knob later in his career, he wrote some good stuff when under the wing of Brian Eno.

    AFX- "Chosen Lords" CD (Rephlex)
    Throughout 2005, and with little fanfare, Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) released the Analord series of 12"s under the AFX moniker on his label Rephlex. In total, 41 tracks were released over a series of singles - Analord Volumes 1-11. Each record went on to sell into five-figure quantities - on vinyl format ONLY! The tracks were not available for download or on CD, making this a considerable sales achievement. For fans of Aphex Twin, it was an almost unprecedented bounty of new material in the gap since the 2001 double album, Drukqs, but many people who have abandoned their turntables will have remained unaware of this hive of activity. Now, Rephlex releases Chosen Lords: rather than release a triple CD featuring all 41 tracks, AFX himself has distilled the tunes into a cohesive album, as it was intended to be heard. Chosen Lords is, in fact, the first full album of new material from Richard D. James since Drukqs, and the word of mouth is that the tracks are among his very best classics.

    Crass- "Best Before 1984" CD (Crass)

    Fax- "Primario" CD (Static Discos)
    "Fax returns with his third full length for Static Discos, a new collection of songs that signal an alternate sound path in the Fax template. Whereas Fax's previous albums were inspired by discrete minimal techno and microhouse, Primario focuses on a slow rocking, almost ambient, low end invisible soundtrack full of lights and shades. The stance on the new album is a meditative construction of tracks which feature and array of contributions by Alex Ayuli (A.R. Kane), Fernando Corona (Murcof), Ignacio Chavez (Kobol) and Kate Simko (Detalles), producing a beautiful collection of music that slides in between the sound works of later Talk Talk, Bark Psychosis and the collaborations of Burnt Friedman with Jaki Liebezeit. Fax's electronic signature sound is still intact on Primario, but slowed down for maximum effect, creating a rich and lush album full of dubby atmospheric tones, whispered rhythms and melodic oceanic songs."

    Hecate- "Brew Hideous" CD (Sublight)
    "Based around the destruction and murder of countless hordes of men and women for their Heresy and Blasphemy of the decrepit Church Hecate's "Brew Hideous" album is by far her most ambitious. Like a sonic nightmare mutating and transforming live instruments, mainly guitars, synths and Rachael Kozak's own growling vocals "Brew Hideous" mixes elements of Black metal, brutalizing breakcore and esoteric sound design with top notch production values. 10 violent and mysterious tracks from the most prolific female artist in hard electronic music. featuring guest appearances by Vile Enginez, Mandragore, Leech and others."

    New York Dolls- "All Dolled Up" DVD (MVD)
    Important documentary with plenty of live footage of this groundbreaking NYC band filmed in their prime. 95 minutes.

    Nirvana- "Nevermind" LP 180gram (Simply Vinyl)
    Super deluxe version of Nirvana's meisterwerk on vinyl.

    Witch- "Witch" CD (Tee Pee)
    The group witch was born from a marriage of apparently contradictory influences. J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. renown and his long time friend Dave Sweetapple were interested in forming a hard rock band. They found willing and able conspirators in Kyle Thomas and Asa Irons, members New England avant-folk outfit Feathers. On their eponymous debut album, this line-up mounts a mighty sonic tumult that harkens back to classic heavy metal sound of early 70's outfits while still sounding modern in it's assault (and without falling into the ubiquitous "Stoner Rock" pigeonhole).

    Detroit Cobras- "Baby" CD (Bloodshot)
    Their latest from a few months back which contains the "7 easy pieces" ep tacked on for good measure. Good rockin' garage stomp with a heavy dose of soul vocals from the uber hot Rachel Nagy.

    Tool- "Undertow" LPx2 (Zoo)
    Restock on double LP. This always goes fast.

    Boyracer- "Punker Than You Since '92" 2xCD (555)
    "Double "best of" 75 song retrospective. Since the early 1990s Boyracer have existed around the singular pop visions of Stewart Anderson. Armed with a selection of fuzzboxes and a carefree revolving door line up, Boyracer have been carefully crafting their buzzsaw assault, shaving seconds off frantic slithers of adrenaline punk-pop. Noted recordings on numerous indie-cred labels such as Sarah Records and Slumberland, and brutally honest sweaty live performances have cemented Boyracer's place in global indiedom as influential stalwarts of the genre. This double disc set, on the band's own 555 Recordings label, features 75 selections from their exhaustive back catalogue. The tracks chosen (by Stewart) span the band's global history from Leeds, UK to Flagstaff, Arizona, via stints in Japan and Australia. Forever embracing the DIY ethic to excess, Boyracer are known for their completists nightmare of a back catalogue, (with nearly 500 songs on commercially available releases to date). Punker Than You Since '92 includes much of the band's best known and strongest material coupled with long out of print tracks, (including the impossible to find debut 7" unavailable anywhere since it's release in 1992). There are tracks from strictly limited releases too, such as 2005's lathe cut 10" LP (which was a pressing of 75 copies worldwide). The compilation is a welcome round-up for diehards, a chance to fill in some gaps for the casual observer, and is also a perfect introduction for the new and curious to one of indiepop's longest standing and respected bands."

    FRED EAGLESMITH- "Milly's Cafe" CD (AML)
    "Milly's Cafe is Fred Eaglesmith's sixteenth release. It's raw, bare-boned and totally Fred. As his career has progressed, Fred's mercurial song writing has defied description but has been pegged as bluegrass, folk, country and even rock n' roll. His rootsy songs reflect and comment on life and how we live it. With his new album, Milly's Cafe, Eaglesmith's smokey voice delivers songs that expose everything from the hard knock life of truckers "18 Wheels", thieves and cowboys, "Milly's Cafe", "Rocky" to the soft twilight beauty of the prairies "Kansas". Eaglesmith's lyrics turn the lives of everyday people into poem and song. From his beginnings with self-titled debut album Fred J. Eaglesmith to the present, Eaglesmith's lyric-driven songs have enticed audiences across the country."

    AIDS WOLF- "The Lovvers" CD (Love Pump)
    "A noisy experimental band with "improv tendencies," AIDS Wolf are good friends with the Unicorns, Wolf Parade, and others in the Montreal indie scene, but their chaotic sound has much more to do with Whitehouse and An Albatross, two bands they've shared the stage with."

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