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Monday, June 26 2006 @ 12:20 PM CST

Contributed by: Dave

I'm cross eyed from all the typing getting this list together, but it's now complete. Lots of good 'ole metal this time around with new orders in as well from Fat Possum, Metropolis, Yep Roc & Domino to name toss a few. Don't forget that space limitations don't allow me to stock as much as I'd like to, so that means special orders are the way to go in alot of instances. If there's something specific that you want, don't hesitate to ask me to get it for you. There's thousands of things that are easy for me to get and may only have an arrival time of a week or two, so bear that in mind.

Black Flag- Assorted T-Shirts (SST)
A big stack of Black Flag T's will be in this week. Styles include the classic Bar logo as well as "Nervous Breakdown" & "Six Pack" & "The Process Of Weeding Out". All will be in small/medium & large.


Front Line Assembly- "Artificial Soldier" CD (Metropolis)
Bill Leeb, Rhys Fulber, Chris Peterson, and new member Jeremy Inkel began working on a new album for 2006, Artificial Soldier. The newly re-formed line-up managed to create an album that not only lives up to the expectations of Front Line Assembly fans, but surpasses them. Heavy pounding beats, atmospheric strings, percolating melodies, dynamic synths and Bill Leeb’s trademark vocals couldn’t be fused together any tighter if you tried to do it at an atomic level. As if all of those factors weren’t enough, two guest vocalists appear on Artificial Soldier - Eskil Simonsson from Covenant (on “The Storm”) and Jean-Luc De Meyer from Front 242 (on “Future Fail”)! They say time can weather all things, but it has left FLA unscathed. They have remained an influential force in music, and continue to put excitement and adrenaline into industrial music.

Nine Horses- "Snow Borne Sorrow" CD (Samadhi Sound)
The new project from David Sylvian (Japan) sees him flirting with sounds from the "Dead Bees On A Cake" era. Reports say it's comparable with his best work. Guests include his brother Steve Jansen & multi purpose dj Burnt Friedman.

The Fiery Furnaces- "Bitter Tea" CD (Fat Possum)
Restock of their latest cd.

Deadboy & The Elephantmen- "We Are Night Sky" CD (Fat Possum)
Former Acid Bath frontman Dax Riggs finally gets around to releasing this album after years of rumours which went nowhere. Here's some bio from Fat Possum " By 2000, Dax had outgrown heavy metal and began teaching himself guitar and piano, and started playing out under the name deadboy & the Elephantmen. We all know where he got the 'The Elephant Men.' ''Dead Boy,' that’s just me being negative.' He went on to spend the next four years auditioning musicians before hooking up with Tessie Brunet. At twenty-three, she’s just five years younger than Dax , and with a two-tone star tattooed on her left ear she looks a hell of a lot better. And no, they aren’t siblings, they never been married, haven’t even messed around. Unlike Dax, she comes with no baggage, just really good taste. Tessie is a wandering spirit in her own right, both literally – she hails from the New Orleans Adoption Agency -- and figuratively. She began singing in 2003 and has only been drumming for a year. Tessie was home visiting her adopted parents in 2004 when, on lark, she played a gig with Dax. It went well, and after hard negotiating and a lot of soul searching Tessie decided to turn her back on the life she was leading in NYC to move back home, which meant having to mow the yard, among other indignities, and giving deadboy & the Elephantmen all she had. Tessie’s official responsibilities are drums and backing vocals in addition to handling a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff, if you know what I mean. “And unlike some people in the band, I don’t go to the gas station and put two fucking lousy dollars’ worth in the van.” Around the office, we like to think of Dax as the heart and Tessie as the brains of Dead Boy and Elephant Men. Though primarily a duo, Dax and Tessie don’t hesitate to call in others when needed. The songs featured on We Are Night Sky were written and recorded by Dax in Houma, with the exception of tracks 1,4, 6 and 12, which were recorded at our studio in Water Valley and tracks 3 & 7 at other studios in Houma.

Entrance- "Wandering Stranger" CD (Fat Possum)
Guy Blakeslee a.k.a. Entrance, is a singer/guitarist who has spent the past few years journeying and performing across America and abroad, playing on his own as well as opening for colleagues like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cat Power and Devendra Banhart. Entrance's raw materials are the basic vocabulary of vintage rural music, Delta Blues and the folk traditions that eventually gave way to honky tonk and C&W, but even more so the extraordinary fluidity and spontaneity that early blues and country performers lived and died by. His secret weapon is a remarkably powerful singing voice that he tends to wield with reckless abandon, soaring, howling, breaking into eerie falsetto. The 23-year-old Baltimore native taught himself how to play guitar with no formal instruction and as a result to this day he plays with his acoustic guitar flipped over and strung upside-down. Whether there are two people or 2000 in the room; whether he's alone onstage stomping a tambourine or supported by other hands and bodies always throw my mind out the window and close my eyes until whoever is in charge pulls the plug. Above all, his hope is for people to have a good time, their own kind of real good time. ôI remind myself every night to present a glimpse of something crazy, fucked up, and real.23 (Fat Possum Press Release)

Heartless Bastards- "Stairs And Elevators" CD (Fat Possum)
"My name is Erika Wennerstrom. I'm 27 years old and from Dayton, Ohio. I've wanted to be a songwriter and performer since I was born. I have a band now, Heartless Bastards. Mike Lamping plays bass, Kevin Vaughn, drums, and I write the songs, play guitar, and sing. I just want to keep on moving and do my best not to look back." Erika Wennerstrom and her older brother were raised by a single mom. She began singing as a young child, and by the age of nine, she started learning piano in order to write her own songs. In junior high, Erika participated in a magnet school program In the arts. But there really weren't any selections from The Little Mermaid that Erika felt like singing, so she quit. The nuns at Chamid-Julienne High School didn't do much to brighten up the dreariness of life in Dayton, and Erika dropped out of school her senior year. She hung around town for another three years, playing guitar and running through all the jobs in the classified ads. At 22, Erika moved to Cincinnati and met Mike Lamping, who works at his family's janitorial supply company. They hooked up and began playing out as Heartless Bastards. Soon they brought in Kevin Vaughn on drums, a pizza deliveryman who's been wrestling out of a car finance program for so long that he's paid the sticker price several times over on a car long since wrecked. In 2002, Erika decided it was time to take it to the next level, and the band struck out on its own. That's their story - nothing fancy, but everything real. Without further ado, welcome to Heartless Bastards. (Fat Possum Press Release)

Little Freddie King- "You Don't Know What I Know" CD (Fat Possum)
Little Freddie's real name is Fread E. Martin and he was born in McComb, Mississippi, July 19, 1940 down the road from Bo Diddley's place. His father, Jessie James Martin (named by a plantation owner after the outlaw), was a blues guitarist that worked the weekend black southern circuit in the Delta. His father would bring him out on the town when he was out there playin. "I would go out there and sit around on the outside around the juke joints and listening." He's be playin and drinking and everyone was having' fun. Freddie eventually taught himself how to play guitar and develop his country-style blues or as he calls it "Gut Bucket Blues".rnrnAt the age of 14, Freddie "hobbed" a train from the sharecropper farm to New Orleans to stay with his sister. There he met such upcoming musicians as Buddy Guy and close friend, Slim Harpo. However, adapting to life in the big city wasn't easy as Freddie explains. "I got lost all the time." he said. "All the houses looked the same. I had to get the police to take me home or else they's arrest me. Finally one of the policeman told me to look at the street sign and the number on the houses. It got easy to get around after that".rnrnIt was in the early 1960's that Freddie was hung with the "Little Freddie King" appellation as he's been using his real name on gigs up to that point. "Freddy King was really hot then with songs like Hideaway and San-Ho-Zay" said Freddie. People kept telling me I sounded just like Freddy King, because I new all his songs, so they started calling me "Little Freddie King". Big Freddy use to visit New Orleans a lot in those days. He use to hang out at a bar in my neighborhood. One day a friend of his asked if he would play in Marrero (across the river from the city) and Freddy asked me to play bass. After that, I played a couple of jobs around N.O. with him. He wanted me to go to Texas with him but I counld't because of my job.rnrnGenerally the 60's were busy years for Freddie, as he played with the likes of Babe Stoval, Polka Dot Slim, Guitar Grady, Guitar Ray, Snooks Eaglin, Billy Tate, Harmonica Williams (from Jackson, Miss.) Boogie Bill Webb, Rev Charles Jacobs (his cousin), Harmonica Slim and Eddie Lang.rnrn"I pretty much stayed lit up all the time back then," said Freddie. I played a lot around N.O. area with Harmonica Williams, and then after the job we'd go to Logtown or Bayou Liberty and play in juke joints. Then we'd come back to N.O. around one or two in the morning and play the Dew Drop Inn. where Guitar Shorty had the house band. I'd go get a pint of corn liquor. Then I'd wake up and we'd do it all over again."rnrnLittle Freddie King became a charter member an annual attraction at the New Orleans Jazz Festival and toured Europe with Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker in 1976 in support of his first LP. His most amazing gig though occurred in 1981, when he embarked on a six month tour of the Western States when he hosted college workshops on the Blues. His 1970 recording titled "Harmonica Williams and Little Freddie King" is believed to be the first electric blues album recorded in New Orleans. His "Born Died in Mississippi" became a regional hit. (Fat Possum Press Release)

Elvenking- "Winter's Wake" CD (The End)
Faster than fire their message made of epic Power metal and romantic Folk has spread in the underground scene.

Andre Williams- "Silky" CD (In The Red)
The legendary lord of lascivious lyrics backed by Mick & Dan from the Gories lay down some of the most raw-assed R&B styled stomp that you’re likely to ever hear! This is as good as it gets! This guy wrote "Bacon Fat", "Jailbait", and "Shake A Tailfeather"!! This shit is so good it should be against the law!!!!

David Gilmour- "On An Island" LP (Sony)
Pink Floyd guitarist releases his 1st solo album in 22 years. On heavyweight LP.

Katatonia- "Great Cold Distance" CD Box (Peaceville)
Coming three full years after 2003's Viva Emptiness, The Great Cold Distance continues the trend toward the mainstream that Katatonia began with that album. Singer Jonas Renske -- who apparently lost his ability to do the now-clichéd Cookie Monster vocals some years ago due to medical problems -- has refined his voice into a much smoother and, surprisingly, more powerful instrument that's capable of greater emotional shadings. Similarly, this album forsakes the blastbeats and hyperspeed riffing for a more dynamic sound that makes smart use of slow and quiet passages.

Good Riddance- "My Republic" CD (Fat Wreck)
14 new amendments from Nor-Cal’s revolutionary punks. Catchy HC that we hold to be self-evident. Rise up!

Mission Of Burma- "The Obliteratti" LPx2 (Matador)
We're slightly in awe of Burma's new, 3rd full-length studio album proper, 'The Obliterati'. Recorded at Boston's Q Division Studios with firmly ensconsed 4th wheel Bob Weston, 'The Obliterati' might be the most aggressive, raw and challenging recording in the band's storied career. With equally strong contributions from Roger Miller, Clint Conley and Peter Prescott, 'The Obliterati' , while having the odd melodic moment or 2 dozen, is as relentless and engulfing an album as we've heard since...well, since Burma's 'Vs.' some 24 years ago. Whether or not this album is as topical, absurdist or just plain hit-packed as that one, you'll have to figure out for yourself. For the moment, our senses are just shattered. (Matador press release)

Bardo Pond- "Ticket Crystals" CD (All Tomorrows Parties)
Now 16 years into its life as a band, Bardo Pond has acted as benign godfather to scenes as disparate as freak folk, drone and psychedelic metal. Here, you see all these kinds of music flowing into and around and among each other. The lovely intertwined with the grotesque, the loud with the delicate, the folk-centric with the experimental, Ticket Crystals is all about opposites in harmony. It swoops down on you like the destroying angel of its title cut, so beautiful and so disturbing that you can hardly bear to look at it.

Katatonia- "My Twin" CDEP (Peaceville)
The new single plus 2 unreleased bonus songs.

Joe Strummer- "Let's Rock Again" DVD (Sony/BMG)
A documentary profiling the last eighteen months of former frontman of 'The Clash' until his untimely death in December 2002. Includes backstage footage of his new band 'Mescaleros', interviews and live performances. Tracklist includes: 'Bigger They Come, Harder They Fall', 'Quarter Pound A Ishem', 'Armagideon Time', 'Pressure Drop 72' and 'Rudie Can't Fail'. 68 minutes.

Suicidal Tendencies- "Join The Army" CD (Caroline)

Frequency- "When Dream And Fate Collide" CD (Scarlett)
In 1998 the Swedish melodic death metal act Lothlorien released an album entitled "The Primal Event" which was quite well received at the time. In 2002 former members of Lothlorien took part in the formation of Frequency. The metal was still melodic but this time they had switched the growls for high-pitched power metal vocals and the guitars have been tuned up again. The band's debut "When Dream And Fate Collide" provides the power metal genre with the equal amount of innovation and fuel for the future as they did for the melodic death metal genre back in the late 90's. Fans of the heavier side of Helloween and Edguy will surely appreciate what Frequency are doing.

V/A- "A Dub Tribute To Led Zeppelin" CD (Vitamin)
If Zeppelin is the gold standard for classic rock, then dub is the beat that inspired new millennium trance music. So they just had to meet. And collide. And cross-breed into a one-of-a-kind mutation that defines today’s borderless pop freedom. Into the echoing spacelab of dub the Zeppelin flies, where deep beats and so chill sound effects remix hits like"Kashmir" and "All My Love" into deep grooves pulsing with rhythm and spiked with soul. This tribute to Led Zeppelin—it’s a whole lotta dub.

HIM- "Razorblade Romance" LP pink vinyl (HIM)
Back in stock after disappearing for awhile. Full length LP on collectable pink vinyl. Dark Light was also here briefly in the double Lp format and will be back again soon.

Beyond Fear- "Beyond Fear" CD (SPV)
Tim "Ripper" Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth) is back with a new band and his 1st chance to really run the show. A chugging beast by all reports. On Germany's SPV label.

Gram Parsons- "Fallen Angel" DVD (Rhino)
This definitive biography is a fascinating look at the "Grievous Angel" and the heartbreakingly beautiful music he created. Dispelling myths that have surrounded Parsons, Fallen Angel shows us the essence of his artistry and provides a revealing account of his life and ongoing influence. Featured interviews include Peter Buck, James Burton, Emmylou Harris, Chris Hillman, Phil Kaufman, Keith Richards, Polly Parsons, Gretchen Parsons Carpenter, Dwight Yoakam, and others. DVD features include 5.1 audio, photo gallery, biography, discography, and an interview with director Gandulf Hennig. Florida-born, Georgia-bred singer, songwriter, musician and raconteur Gram Parsons was among the first, if not the first, to bridge the gap between country and rock in the late 1960s and early '70s, as a member of The International Submarine Band, The Byrds, and The Flying Burrito Brothers. Then the California-based "Grievous Angel" flew solo, capturing the soul of real country music on two landmark albums, and connecting West Coast redneck rock and the Nashville establishment. Musical protégé and collaborator Emmylou Harris carried his torch by touring and recording with his band, The Fallen Angels. Later generations of artists, from Elvis Costello to R.E.M.'s Peter Buck to the Black Crowes, discovered his legend and recorded his music. 103 minutes.

Eddie Vinson- "Cleanhead" CD (Arcadia)
Budget priced collection of songs from this amazing Jazz/Blues saxophonist & vocalist.

Big Star- "#1 Record/Radio City" CD (Fantasy)
A two-for-one combo of the first two Big Star albums (they only recorded three). Heard side by side, #1 Record and Radio City only add further testament to Big Star's seminal greatness. On the first album, Chris Bell and Alex Chilton share songwriting credit, though each brings a remarkably different sensibility to the band: Bell creates pure pop nuggets ("Feel") while Chilton swaggers with reckless melancholy ("Ballad of El Goodo," "Thirteen."). After Bell's departure, Chilton took control of the helm for Radio City, and what a ride it is. While not abandoning Bell's penchant for pop, Radio City careens wildly through some of the most exhilarating music ever created, from the rave-up opener, "O My Soul," to the pure pop masterpiece "September Girls" to the whimsical ditty "I'm in Love with a Girl." It's too bad that Big Star didn't create more albums, but thank God they made the ones they did. (Amazon)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- "S/T" CD (Virgin)
Their debut and still their best as far as I'm concerned.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- "Take Them On, On Your Own" CD (Virgin)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club made an impressive debut in 2001 with B.R.M.C., taking both America and England by surprise while alternative metal ruled the charts. Their psychedelic/space rock/glam-colored blend was hungry to give rock a new face. Three years later and garage rock still reviving the late-'90s pop-soaked scene, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club aims to save a bit of rock & roll with its sophomore effort Take Them On, On Your Own. More gutsy, more aggressive, and more dynamic than B.R.M.C., Take Them On, On Your Own blazes on with an intoxicating presentation from the Brit-American collective; vocalist/bassist Robert Turner and guitarist/vocalist Peter Hayes boasted cocksure appeal on the last album, however Take Them On, On Your Own showcases drummer Nick Jago's powerful presentation, ultimately bringing the trio together.

Minor Threat- "Complete Recordings" CD (Dischord)
All their tunes on one cd.

Minor Threat- "Live: @ The 930 Club & Buff Hall" DVD (Discord)
Minor Threat played one of its last shows at Washington DC’s 930 Club in June of 1983; they would only play once more in DC. Two years later, the tapes from the 930 show were edited together and Dischord Records released them as the Minor Threat Live VHS video in 1986. Along with the 40 minute 930 performance, the DVD includes a 35 minute video of a 1982 Minor Threat show in Camden, NJ, a 12 minute clip of Minor Threat’s 2nd ever show (!) at DC Space in December 1980, and excerpts from a 1983 interview with the vocalist, Ian MacKaye. DVD includes 16 page booklet featuring a brief historical essay by Mark Jenkins (Dance Of Days, Washington Post), photos, song titles and lyrics.

Junior Brown- "12 Shades Of Brown" CD (Curb)
Back in stock after not being for some time. Hands down one of the coolest country/roadhouse cd's ever, with crazy steel guitarist Junior Brown leading his troops down the dark highway of groove laced americana. If you like any kind of unique roots music, you need this!

Hank Williams III- "Lovesick Broke & Driftin" CD (Curb)

Arthur Brown- "Kingdom Come" CD (Castle)
Before Marilyn Manson, before Alice Cooper, there was THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN, a R&B act whose hit song "Fire" set both the UK and US charts alight back in 1968. Considered one of the prime movers behind the British progressive underground, Brown's flamboyant stage act - flaming helmet, outlandish costumes, bizarre facial make-up and crazy, incendiary vocals - appropriately suited the band's manic, psychedelic sound. When they broke up in early 1969, Brown pursued some obscure and less exciting venues and slowly abandoned his R&B roots. He then resurfaced in 1971 and was back to his theatrical excesses (including his own on-stage crucifixion) with a new band called ARTHUR BROWN'S KINGDOM COME; this one a rocker, more adventurous and decidedly more progressive outfit. Through the course of three albums, the band saw a string of musicians incessantly going through the revolving doors of Brown's ministry. Not having much commercial success, however, they split up in 1973. Brown went on to cut three (pretty dire) solo albums and then disappeared somewhere in Texas to become a carpenter. All three ARTHUR BROWN'S KINGDOM COME albums are a kind of collision between psychedelia and new wave, bearing a space-rock and typical ZAPPA-esque tomfoolery. They feature Brown's incredible vocals (that can range from Tom Jones' croonery to sheer maniacal screams). Somewhat like a bridge between the psychedelic and early progressive eras, their first album "Galactic Zoo Dossier" impresses with its aggressive guitar play and wild, killer organ. Simply called "Kingdom Come", the band's second effort is a bit more disjointed, lacking the punch and energy of the first. With "Journey", we have the band's most accomplished work, featuring new musicians, plenty of mellotron and synths – a highly entertaining space prog rock album altogether. A compilation cd ("The Lost Ears") and one made up of session tapes ("Jam") were later released but they don't quite live up to their studio material. If you delight in both failed genius and early 70's hippy zaniness, then do give this band a listen. You'll probably find plenty of words to describe their music, but 'boring' isn't be one of them. (Prog Archives)

Porcupine Tree- Assorted cd's (Snapper)
Three seperate cd's will be coming in, including "The Sky Moved Sideways", "Signify" & "Up The Downstairs". All are powerful cd's in the P.T. discography, a band which plays thinking man's psychedelic prog rock of the highest order.

Radiohead- Assorted LP's (Capitol)
Three seperate LP's will be coming in, including "The Bends", "Kid A" & "Pablo Honey". All as stated on collectable vinyl.

Propaghandi- "How To Clean Everything" LP (Fat Wreck)

Propaghandi- "Less Talk, More Rock" LP (Fat Wreck)

Accused- "Oh Martha!" CD (Condar)
The ACCUSED's "Oh, Martha!" heraldsThe Return of Splatter Rock Kings, The ACCUSED, to their punk/metal/horror/terrifyingly-sick ways! For the entire length of the CD's 14 classic Splatter-Drenched songs, The ACCUSED prove the crown still fits. Founding member and guitarist, Tommy Niemeyer says, "Oh, Martha! is easily one of the top 2 albums we've done. It was intentionally written with the knowledge that we raised the bar for ourselves over 10 years earlier. If we were gonna do a 'comeback', the last thing we wanted to hear was 'now, go back away!' cuz our album sucked, ya know? So I said, let's f@*king kick this album's ass!..and we did. Now it can put a boot in yours."

Abominator- "The Eternal Conflagration" CD (Displeased)
The Australian band Abominator has thus far released three raw and bestial black/death/war metal albums and with 'The Eternal Conflagration' they add another one to their list. The band around former Destroyer 666 drummer Chris Volcano once again shows no remorse on their fourth effort and blast eight new aggressive black/death metal tracks through your speakers in the typical Australian raw style. The vocals from drummer Volcano, who sings on this album since they are without singer, sounds similar to Angelcorpse's Pete Helmkamp and the comparison is easily made. However, Abominator sounds a lot rawer and 'The Eternal Conflagration' roars like a tornado. Hellno, you won't find beautiful songs on this album, but who said music should sound beautiful anyway? This album is a total bestial black death metal mayhem from down under, nothing more, nothing less. The album cover has been painted by Chris Moyen and as always this piece of art looks excellent! I am sure this release will fiqd its' way to the diehard underground death/thrash/black metalfreaks out there. It's definitely a killer album - for people who like their metal unpolished! (Lords Of Metal)

Spiritualized- "Friendly Fire" CD (Fan Club)
Unreleased studio outtakes, rehersals & Peel sessions 1990/1991. For lovers of Lazer Guided Melodies, here is a collection of Peel Sessions, outtakes, rehearsals, rarities from the first incarnation of the band as put together by Spiritualized's Will Carruthers, all previously unreleased or no longer available. "You will find, stripped out and elegant, versions of 'Smiles' and 'Shine a Light'… An instrumental version of 'I Want You', and the sound of the band having fun in the studio.The rehearsals provide a furious version of the Spacemen 3 classic Amen, the Lou Reed penned 'Why Don't You Smile', and fuzzed out amd garagey versions of some of the songs that would go on to make Lazer Guided Melodies the classic album it is. The Peel sessions were recorded just before that album was released and showcase the orchestration that Spiritualized would explore to such great effect on later albums. It is smooth, tight, and bang on the money. It was the last time the original band would play together in it's entirety. From the intimacy of the studio and rehearsal room and out into the big wide world, here is the sound of a band clearly reveling in the sound they make."

FROG EYES- "he Future is Inter-disciplinary or Not at All" CDEP (Acuarela)
"Quartet Frog Eyes are the antithesis of their quiet Canadian village. Utilizing the carnival atmosphere of Rain Dogs-era Tom Waits, the frenetic energy of vintage Cramps, and the diabolical scheming of pre-Murder Ballads Nick Cave, the post-punk collective creates an atmosphere of psychedelic unease. In 2003, after the critical success of The Bloody Hand, the band released the enigmatic Golden River on the Animal World label, resulting in another flurry of raves and a newly minted fan base. Now this exclusive EP features 17 minutes, eight inter-connected songs that form one unified listening experience and leaves the listener breathless!"

THE FALL- "The Permanent Years (Paranoia Man In A Cheap Shit Room)" CD (Artful)
"Tracklist: Ladybird (Green Grass) from The Infotainment Scan album 1993, Rainmaster from Cerebral Caustic album 1995, Behind the Counter from Middle Class Revolt album 1994, Why Are People Grudgeful? from Why Are People Grudgeful? single, Glam Racket from The Infotainment Scan album 1993, City Dweller from Middle Class Revolt album 1994, Service from The Infotainment Scan album 1993, War from Middle Class Revolt album 1994, Three Points from The Twenty-Seven Points album 1995, The Aphid from Cerebral Caustic album 1995, The Re-Mixer from Why Are PeopleGrudgeful? single, Bonkers in Phoenix from Cerebral Caustic album 1995, Cab Driver from Behind the Counter single1993, The $500 Bottle of Wine from Middle Class Revolt album 1994, Paranoia Man In Cheap Sh*t Room from The Infotainment Scan album 1993, Life Just Bounces from Cerebral Caustic album 1995, Noel's Chemical Effluence from The Twenty-Seven Points album 1995, Ten Points from The Twenty-Seven Points album 1995."

TALKING HEADS- "Psycho Killer" 12" (Sire)
1982 promo 12" also featuring "Life During Wartime", "Take Me To The River", and "Houses In Motion". Produced by Brian Eno

TALKING HEADS- "Burning Down The House" 12" (Sire)
1983 promo 12", b/w "Pull Up The Roots" and "Slippery People" (cassette version).

TAPES 'N TAPES- "The Loon" CD (XL)
"The Minneapolis four-piece of Josh Grier (lead vocals/guitar), Jeremy Hanson (drums), Matt Kretzmann (keyboard/tamberine/backing-vocals), and Erik Appelwick (bass/backing-vocals) have been causing quite a stir with their self-released debut album The Loon. Tapes 'n Tapes were one of the highlights of this year's SXSW festival, (nine jam-packed, fun-filled gigs in four days and a whole lot of love from MTV, Rolling Stone, NME, Rolling Stone and the New York Times, who joyously claimed, "Tapes 'n Tapes were rhapsodic"). Very impressive accomplishments for a band that's been selling records from their bedrooms! Now the group has joined the XL roster and The Loon will begin to be distributed by the label immediately, with a full re-release planned for July, preceded by the single 'Insistor' which is set for release on Tuesday 11th July."

MOJAVE 3- "Puzzles Like You" CD (4AD)
"Puzzles Likes You, the fifth album in the already rich history of Mojave 3, catches them moving in a slightly unexpected direction. Where their last album, Spoon & Rafter, was them experimenting with their formula, this album contains songs of a more immediate quality - poppier, in fact - than anything the band has written before. This effervescent poise is all the more impressive given that the album had a somewhat troubled genesis - its first incarnation was fully completed when a horde of mice decided to infest the studio, running amok among the band's equipment and making a general nuisance of themselves. This created technical mayhem and caused considerable delays as well. Fortunately, an angel was waiting in the wings in the shape of Victor Van Vugt (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Beth Orton, Luna, Athlete) who stepped into the breach, took the recordings to his New York City studio, and completed a set of wonderful mixes in short order. As a result, the melodic lilt of tracks like "Puzzles Like You", "Running With Your Eyes Closed" and "Big Star Baby" shines sweetly through, while the wistful introspection of "Most Days" and "You Said It Before" is redeemed by warm tones and the deftest of sonic placement. All of which means that Puzzles Like You is the most approachable, infectious and downright fun record that Mojave 3 have ever made. A fact reflected in the exuberant artwork supplied by artist / film director Thomas Campbell (whose film Sprout majored on Mojave and Halstead music) and the marvelously quirky video for "Breaking The Ice" directed by Bradley Beesley (Flaming Lips). It seems set, like all of its predecessors, to bring the band a wider audience - and when people fall under the spell of their subtle and gorgeous music, they tend to stick around."

SKINLESS- "Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead" CD (Relapse)
"On Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead, New York powerhouse Skinless pile-drives the standard death metal formula and rallies fans with the forward-charge of wreckage-provoking vocals, demolishing beats, and ravaging riffs. Skinless Trample the Weak, [and] Hurdle the Dead to lay claim to death metal's reign by any means necessary."

LIARS/ONEIDA- "Atheists Reconsider" CD (Arena Rock)
Three tracks each, from 2002.

DEL THE FUNKY HOMOSAPIEN/SWOLLEN MEMBERS- "One Big Trip/The High Road" 12" (Hiero Imperium)
2001 12" featuring two versions of each.

HIEROGLYPHICS feat GOAPELE- "Make Your Move" 12" (Hiero Imperium)
2004 12", with three versions of the A-side, including 9th Wonder remix. B/w four versions of "Love Flowin'"

SOULS OF MISCHIEF-"Medication" 12" (Hiero Imperium)
Two versions, with four versions of "Acupuncture".

SOULS OF MISCHIEF- "Focus" 12" (Hiero Imperium)
"Shooting Stars", "Step Off", and "Maximize 3rd Eyes", b/w instrumentals.

SOULS OF MISCHIEF- "Focus" 2LP (Hiero Imperium)
From 1999, this saw the group head to an indie label and strip their sound down to a basic RZA style affair. Hip Hop meant for the true connoisseur.

COUCH- "Figur 5" CD (Morr)
"Figur 5, the fifth album. Figur 5, as in figure skating maybe, that is also structured by the rigorous choreography by means of "figures." The choreography of Couch-songs has always been rigorous, too. Or, to put it more clearly: it has always been unambiguous. Each instrument, each sound is at its place, in its position. Couch-songs had become pop-songs. Instrumental music in a ready-to-break-up mood. Euphoric hymns, often consisting of four or five notes only. The art of repetitive exuberance. Songs of Couch are often as a perfect wave, as a wave before the Hawaiian coast in November. Once burst out, you hear it grow and grow. There remains one thing to say: Figur 5 is the first Couch-album on Morr Music. An arrival. A consequent step, as consequent as Couch's music is."

Neko Case- "Fox Confesor Brings The Flood" CD (Mint)

Acid King/Altamont- "Split" CD (Man's Ruin)
Somebody found some old copies of this and here 'tis. It won't last long.

Husker Du- "New Day Rising" CD (SST)

My Cat Is An Alien- "Cosmic Light Of The Third Millenium" CD (Important)
Like some kind of droned out Sun Ra, My Cat Is An Alien landed and stayed only long enough to drop off the masters and the artwork at Important Records before vanishing into the cosmos, or Torino, once again. This new full-length album was recorded April 2005 at MCIAA's Alien Zone, located in a remote region of the Western Alps, Piemonte, Italy. The work consists of three tracks entitled "Section I-II-III" for a total lenght of 49:20 minutes.

Whirlwind Heat- "Types Of Wood" CD (Brille)
“Whirlwind Heat is a band whose story you should already know. They are three kids from Grand Rapids, Michigan who happened to catch the eye of Jack White four years ago. But there's no point in repeating all this. What you need to know about Whirlwind Heat is all included in their latest album, Types of Wood. Inspired by the crisp drum sounds on Cake's "Fashion Nugget", the Heat drove cross-country to Paradise Studio in Sacramento to work with Kirt Shearer and Craig Long. Soon after, the band signed to Leo Silverman’s Brille Records. The result is Whirlwind Heat’s most dynamic release yet. Not limited to just writing, producing, and financing their own album, Whirlwind Heat shoot their own videos and short films, create their own artwork, design their own clothing and coloring books, and develop their own website. Add to that Whirlwind Heat's recent tour with Beck, past tours with White Stripes,Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Kills, and their consistent visual contributions from photog-supreme Terry Richardson and it's quite evident that everyone who wrote them off before will slowly have to recant and pay attention. Whirlwind Heat is in their prime and it'd be best for you to recognize. If you can't take The Heat get your ass out the kitchen. We on a mission.”

Kalas- "S/T" CD (Tee Pee)
Kalas is a roster that reads like a directory of seminal San Francisco Bay Area bands over the past 10 plus years. Matt Pike from Sleep and High On Fire on vocals. Andy from Econochrist, Grimple, Samiam and Eldopa on guitars. Paul from Medication Time and Cruevo on guitars. Scott, also of Cruevo, on drums. Add bass player Brad, and you have a recipe for sonic obliteration, a citadel of rock fury, the bang in headbang, the horned fist in your evening of debauchery.Kalas is no side project. The songwriting began with Andy, Scott and Brad jamming the framework out back in 2003. Paul came into the picture, adding harmonies and hair to the band in 2004. Matt joined in 2004 as well, and the behemoth lumbered off its haunches. A demo was recorded at the West Oakland home of Ear Hammer studios, and was made available only as free streaming or downloaded material on the web. In response to the demo, Kalas fielded offers from a handful of independent record labels. The band signed a deal with New York City's Tee Pee Records late in 2005 and headed into the studio in January of 2006 to record their debut, self-titled, full length album. Kalas will appear at SXSW 2006 as part of the Tee Pee Records showcase, and have set their sights on global domination, starting with extensive touring over the next year.

MUM- "Please Smile My Noise Bleed" CD (Morr)
Two new Múm originals, one interlude and six mixes by the Morr Music camp: B.Fleischmann, Styrofoam, Isan, Christian Kleine, Phonem & Arovane. All kinds of hype on these folks, I’ve even seen them in Rolling Stone. Catch the Icelandic wave.

Barzin- "S/T" CD (Where Are My Records)
From Toronto, sombre and understated lyrical piano led slow/core postrock, breathy and spacious…not dissimilar to Monopot, Red House Painters, or Papa M. Slow and melancholic, introspective and confessional, remaining true to the esthetics of quietness and minimalism while exploring the quiet side of pop. “Faraway loves, rainy days and broken dreams consume him and he's not afraid to hold his agonies up to the light that's pouring through the stained glass of his soul. Fortunately, the hushed, spare, slo-core sonics laid down here suit up Barzin's slate-grey thoughts in appropriately dark threads. Fans of Idaho and similar slow burners will find much to enjoy in this sad, soft and very, very pretty release.”- (Now.)

Black Mountain- "S/T" CD (Scratch)

Pink Mountaintops- "S/T" CD & "Axis Of Evol" CD (Scratch)

SNFU- "....And No One Else Wanted To Play" CD, "The Last Of The Big Time Suspenders" CD & "If You Swear You'll Catch No Fish" CD (BYO)
Restock of these early SNFU cd's.

Danielson- "Ships" CD (Secretly Canadian)
The Danielson collective step out abit on this one, and maybe will finally attract the attention they deserve. Sufjan Stevens came out of this lot, so it's no suprise that a good number of his fans have been flocking to this one as well. Beautiful cover art.

Handsome Family- "Last Days Of Wonder" CD (Carrot Top)
Brand new release of big sky indie americana from husband and wife team Brett & Rennie Sparks. Truly unique music with wife Rennie writing some bizarre lyrics deep sung by hubby Brett backdropped with homespun noir country insturmentation. Yummy! Hieroglyphics- "3rd Eye Vision" 2xLP (Hiero Imperium) Restock of this great hip hop album on vinyl.

U.S. Bombs- "We Are The Problem" CD (Sailor's Grave)
The newest release from Duane Peters and his crew of hard rockin'/livin' skanky punks.

V/A- "Naked In The Afternoon: A Tribute To Jandek" CD (Summersteps)
An under the radar tribute to the enigmatic Jandek, with tracks from Low, Thurston Moore, Gary Young (Pavement), Bright Eyes, and loads more people you've never heard of.

Be Your Own Pet- "S/T" CD (Universal)
Blasting out of Nashville, TN, like a bottle rocket, the teenage garage-noise-pop band Be Your Own Pet makes music that's as frenzied as it is catchy. Newly signed to the Ecstatic Peace label owned by Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) they unleash their debut full length on you, the unsuspecting public. Popular for quite awhile in the UK, this is sassy stuff that will make yr next party a water cooler hot topic.

Sublime- "40 oz. To Freedom" LPx2 (Skunk)
Restock of this elusive piece of vinyl.

Casino Versus Japan- "Whole Numbers Play The Basics" CD (Carpark)
Fantastic widescreen electronica from this New Jersey lad named Eric Kowalski. Hip-Hop beats, dark tones, airy melodies, and hearty bass patterns show off a musical mind informed by sources ranging from the classic works of David Axelrod and Pink Floyd to more contemporary heroes like Boards of Canada and My Bloody Valentine. This one is a true feast for lovers of sound.”

Sunset Rubdown- "Snake's Got A Leg" CD (Global Symphonic)
Based in Montreal PQ via Victoria BC, Sunset Rubdown is the one man show of Spencer Krug. It could be described as a side project since Spencer sings and plays keyboards in Sub Pop’s Wolf Parade and also performed on Frog Eyes debut The Bloody Hand. More accurately it is a experimental creative outlet for this truly unique artist. Stylistically this record moves through varied territory making it hard to categorize. Perhaps a new genre for music made by Victorian’s is necessary. Fans of Wolf Parade, Frog Eyes and other innovative noise pop makers will be pleased. 12 tracks of Eno-esque vibrations, drones and well-crafted songs.

V/A- "Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol.6" CDx2 +DVD (Hopeless)
Big fat fancy package loaded with happy go lucky punk rock for all the boys & girls. 36 tunes and a whole bunch of videos as well on the DVD.

Ol' Dirty Bastard- "Return To The 36 Chambers: Instrumental Version" LPx2 (Elektra)
“Packaged in promo "Elektra" sleeves, fourteen RZA-produced giants including "Drunk Games", "Hippa to the Hoppa", "Snakes", "Shimmy Shimmy Ya", "Brooklyn Zoo", more.”

Nirvana- "Bleach" LP (Sub Pop)

Bruce Springsteen- "We Shall Overcome" LPx2 (Columbia)
Restock on double vinyl.

The Deadly Snakes- "Porcella" CD (Paper Bag)

Patterson Hood- Killers & Stars" CD (New West)
Solo cd from the main dude of the Drive By Truckers.

Fleetwood Mac- "Then Play On" CD (Reprise)
Ya' know kids, way back when in the 60's & early 70's Fleetwood Mac didn't suck and live in the Hollywood Hills. They were a smokin' good blues rock band that had Peter Green (best white blues guitarist ever) stranglin' the strings for them and singing as well. This album still gives me the heebies with righteous tunes like "Showbiz Blues", "Oh Well" & "Fighting For Madge".

Gwar- "Assorted DVD's" (Metal Blade)
These DVD's by Gwar are now in, "Live From Antarctica", "Rendevouz With Ragnarok" & "Ultimate Video Gwarchive".

Andre Williams- "The Black Godfather" CD (In The Red)
Restock. After recording one of the sleaziest albums of recent memory, 1998's Silky, what was Andre Williams supposed to do for an encore? Well, with The Black Godfather, Mr. Rhythm brings sleaze rock to new heights (or depths, depending on how you look at it). On Silky, producer and general co-conspirator Mick Collins (of the Gories and the Dirtbombs) rounded up an impressive team of Detroit-area grit-rock all-stars to back up Williams, but for The Black Godfather, Collins and Williams went nationwide, with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the Compulsive Gamblers (formerly the Oblivions), the Cheater Slicks, and the Countdowns all kicking up a fuss as Williams wails on "Whip That Booty," "Nasty Women" "I Hate Cha," and "The Dealer, the Peeler, and the Stealer." While Silky sounded somewhat more unified, The Black Godfather rocks a good bit harder, and while the previous album featured the occasional moment of (relatively) subtle calm, this time out Williams is firing on all cylinders at once and sounding as nasty as he wants to be.

Bellwether- "The Stinging Nettles" CD (Rosa Records)
Bellwether`s fifth CD is subtle and layered, showcasing the band`s expanding sonic palate. Their signature laid-back country sound, lead by Eric Luoma`s warm, earthy vocals, is still present. This has given them room for both artistic growth and album concept. Like a stinging nettle, life can be irritating full of hardships and heartbreaks that are painful but not permanently disabling. This release showscases a band that has learned that that the older you get, the more complex life can be. Stinging Nettles demands that you listen loud, lest you miss the subtlety. (Rosa Records)

Kevin Kinney- "Comin' Round Again" CD (Rosa Records)
Atlanta's Kevn Kinney is a living legend, sort of anyway. Made groundbreaking music with his band Drivin' n' Cryin' and after that some beautiful, sparse, mysterious records under his own name, full of American images. A folksinger in a broad sense, he tells us what's going on in his country, good and bad. Comin' Round Again is his sixth album as Kevn Kinney (he doesn't like the word solo) and his second with S.T.A.R. (the Sun Tangled Angel Revival) and it's a wonderful folk/country/blues/Americana-album made by Kevn Kinney (lead vocal and guitar), Dave V Johnson (drums, percussion and vocals), Bryan J Howard (bass guitars, vocals and euphonium), Joey Huffman (Hammond organ, Wurlitzer piano) and Kevn's 14 year old son Tyler (blues harmonica).

Caribou- "Up In Flames" CDx2 (Domino)

Caribou- "The Milk Of Human Kindness" CD (Domino)

The Black Keys- "Thickfreakness" CD (Fat Possum)
Restock of their 2nd album.

The Black Keys- "Rubber Factory" CD (Fat Possum)
Restock of their 3rd album. Two man blues/rock from Akron Ohio.

Thee Shams- "Please Yourself" CD (Fat Possum)
Restock of this 2004 cd of Stones-ish garage rock.

Funkervogt- "We Came To Kill" CD (Metropolis)
An electronic-body-music duo with updated electronics and a more aggressive style, Funker Vogt was formed by vocalist Jens Kastel and programmer Gerrit Thomas (they took the name Funker Vogt from a radio-operator friend). The duo appeared on several compilations in their native Germany, and released their debut album Thanks for Nothing in 1996. Funker Vogt's second full-length album, We Came to Kill, is a sparse, stripped-down, heavy blend of aggressive dance beats, distorted vocals, and cutting basslines.

Bob Mould- "Body Of Song" CD (Yep Roc)
Ex Husker Du leader is back with his best solo album in years. A return to the sound of the early 90's, yet still with a moderate grasp on his computer jones.

Blood Meridian- "We Almost Made It Home" CD (Teenage USA)
Blood Meridian is a sleeping giant of an alt-country band centred around the passionate fear that instills Matthew Camirand (ex-Black Halos/Okara, Black Mountain) to write somber, uplifting songs of life, love and death. Blood Meridian is the proverbial indie-supergroup being buoyed by the talents of Jeff Lee (Black Rice), Shira Blustein (Chupacabra), Kevin Grant (Bughouse 5), and Josh Wells (Jerk With a Bomb, Pink Mountaintops, Black Mountain).

KMFDM- "Ruck Zuck" CD (Metropolis)
9 track ep featuring remixes from the 2005 album Hau Ruck plus previously unreleased material.

The Sadies- "Stories Often Told" CD (Outside)
Full length studio album from 2002. One of their best.

The Sadies- "Favourite Colours" CD (Outside)
Their most recent cd see's them incorporating more of a 60's jangly west coast sound into their ouvre, which sounds deadly.

Dave Alvin- "West Of The West" CD (Yep Roc)
One of the best "Americana" singer songwriters is back with a new cd of well planned cover tunes. He dives head first into the songbooks of Jackson Browne, Merle Haggard, Tom Waits, Los Lobos, John Fogerty & Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter.

The Smalls- Assorted CD's (Smallsongs)
All 4 of the Smalls cd's are now in stock. Led by Corb Lund, this Tabor, Alberta hard rockin' 4 piece was one on Canada's best loved bands, who rocked every shitty club from one end of the country to the other more times than they eventually could handle. RIP


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