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Thursday, July 06 2006 @ 10:23 AM CST

Contributed by: Dave

A late one this week 'cause things were upset by the long weekend and missed shipping dates, otherwise it's all here. The site was down earlier in the week due to a power outtage by my server, so my apologies if you tried to log on and were stonewalled. Lot's of new things in including a bumper crop of Century Media releases. Check things out, read carefully, and stay cool!

Ramblin' Jack Elliott- "I Stand Alone" CD (Anti)
An intimate gem of a recording - like a poem - a classic Ramblin’ Jack run-on sentence I Stand Alone could not be more appropriately titled. The freewheeling, well-traveled singer is one of the final archetypal representatives of America's underground folk tradition, a self-made wayfarer whose fifty-plus years of experience resonates through every tune captured here. The consummate song collector, Elliott has assembled a full deck of titles characterized by a wild mixture of graphic imagery, old time sentiment and Americana tradition. An intimate experience recorded by one of America's original folk icons. David Hidalgo appears courtesy of Mammoth Records. Flea appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records. Corin Tucker appears courtesy of Sub Pop Records. Lucinda Williams appears courtesy of Lost Highway Records

Frank Black- "Fast Man Raider Man" CDx2 (EMI)
27 new tracks from Mr. Pixie himself. More akin to his recent treks into country & soul than any of his Pixie work. That being said this is one of those albums that needs repeated listens to get the real story.

Savage Circus- "Dreamland Manor" CD (Century Media)
The debut release from the new band formed by ex-Blind Gaurdian drummer Thomen Stauch. Brave Words said it sounded like a Blind Gaurdian opus from the mid 80's.

Subhumans- "The Day The Country Died" CD (Southern)
old timey (1982) punk rock from this UK foursome. Restock.

Subhumans- "From The Cradle To The Grave" CD (Southern)
Another one from 1983. Restock.

Maroon- "When Worlds Collide" CD (Century Media)
Like a calculated, maniacal killer the German powerhouse MAROON moves in quick and goes straight for the jugular with their scathing dual guitar assault and devastating breakdowns. This band added a whole new dimension and depth to the watered down metalcore scene and quickly became one of Europe’s most crushing live acts. It’s ironic that their buzz never made its way over to the U.S. as they helped pioneer the genre that has been thriving in North American for the past few years. Now upon signing a new worldwide deal with Century Media Records for their blistering new album, When Worlds Collide, the group finally has the means to have their brutality heard by the masses. Prepare yourself for the punishment that is about to ensue. Guests include Roger Miret (Agnostic Front) & Mikkel Sandager (Mercenary).

The Matadors- "The Muse Of Senor Ray" CD (Devil Doll)
From the ashes of legendary stoner rock act Ridge, who recieved 4K/ 5 in Kerrang for their debut album, Matadors has become a monster reactivating the rock industry. The band has existed since fall 2001, and when Andreas Bergström (vocals and Fender Telecaster Custom guitars) and Jonas Jönsson (drums, percussion, keys) accomplished with the bass player/singer Johan Anderberg from world famous Deranged and Murder Corporation, the band was completed. Due to the rectification that exist in modern rock today Matadors are trying to break new barriers with a blend of dirty-tango twisted with some ol´ country-twang in their robot´ roll! With the same attitude as bands/persons like Queens Of The Stone Age and Johnny Cash, are Matadors now trying to bring the rock a new hot dynamic blend. Matadors has a reputation as a hard rockin´, intense and diverse live act. They have played with bands like Brant Bjork, Bigelf, Hellfueled, The Chuck Norris Experiment and have recieved great reviews for their shows. The debut album "The Muse of Señor Ray" litteraly flamed it´s way into the world during 2005, and has recieved astonishing reviews from the entire globe. In Germany they said "...And with the second track they are better than every track from the Hives!" (Daredevil Magazine). In France a media company made a cellphone signal that generated a major mail storm to the band. The animated video for "Along came the Halo" was played at Swedens biggest tv-station, ZTV, on programs like The Music Editors Recommends, Fresh of the Week and Plektrum. In Norway the video was shown together with new videos from Robbie Williams (?!) among others. Matadors was honoured Best New Act 2005 at P3 Lab on the nation wide radiostation P3. Songs from the album have been played on the biggest web radio, P3 Svea, for over six months. The longest airplay of any band! In the rock bible Close Up Magazine (Sweden) "The Muse of Señor Ray" was listed as the sixth best album of 2005! Further on songs from the highly acclaimed album have been played all the way from Argentina to South America and France. In 2005 Matadors signed with legendary Devil Doll Records, Long Beach California, who has launched bands as Gluecifer, Electric Frankenstein and The Chuck Norris Experiment. Matadors has also made a management deal with First Agency in Sweden. The story of Matadors has only just begun, so it´s for the sake of your good taste that You keep your eyes open for these three- sometimes four, hardrockin´ amigos in the future..."

Witchery- "Don't Fear The Reaper" CD (Century Media)
Sweden’s WITCHERY, imprecated in 1997, return with Don’t Fear The Reaper, 13 maliciously groove-oriented tracks. Combining black, death, and retro thrash, the band have created a savagely catchy album. Begun in 1997 when their cult band Satanic Slaughter splintered, WITCHERY started as guitarists Patrik Jensen (The Haunted) and Richard Corpse, vocalist Toxine, drummer Mique, and bassist Sharlee D'Angelo (Arch Enemy, Mercyful Fate). In 1998 they recorded their pioneering debut, Restless And Dead, released that year by Necropolis Records. The album was so extremely well received that WITCHERY released the Witchburner minialbum later that year. The EP featured two originals and four cover songs bearing witness to the individual musicians’ influences. Not long after its release, WITCHERY embarked on 1999’s infamous U.S. tour with Emperor and Borknagar. Their second full-length album Dead, Hot And Ready was unleashed soon thereafter, and a six-week early 2000 European tour followed. Symphony For The Devil, the band’s 2001 release, was recorded at Berno Studio (Amon Amarth, Dark Funeral) Malmö, Sweden with new skinsman, Martin “Axe” Axenrot (Bloodbath). Returning to tour North America later that year with The Haunted, WITCHERY again left fans spellbound with their live performance. Returning to Berno Studios in 2004 the band recorded Don’t Fear The Reaper, this time entrusting mixing duties to Tue Madsen and his Antfarm Studios (The Haunted, Heaven Shall Burn, Himsa). With the smoldering album in hand, the band signed a worldwide record deal with Century Media. The U.S. release features an exclusive cover version of Satanic Slaughter’s classic “Legion Of Hades.”

Sunset Rubdown- "Shut Up I Am Dreaming" CD (Global Symphonic)
The most recent SR release from Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade).

Rick White- "The Rick White Album" CD (Blue Fog)
Solo album from Rick who normally is the leader of Eric's Trip & Elevator. This is very Syd Barret-ish with lots of trippy accoustic moments. Recommended.

Big Business- "Head For The Shallow" CD (Hydra Head)
Featuring 2 dudes from Karp & the Murder City Devils. These guys are always on drugs!!!!

Counrty Teasers- "The Empire Strikes Back" CD (In The Red)

The Inflation Kills- "S/T" CD (Tik Tok)
Not much info on these guys, other than people who've been talking about them are mentioning that they sound like Drive Like Jehu or Hot Snakes. Canadian lads.

Cronian- "Terra" CD (Century Media)
Intending to combine their common artistic approach since 2000, Borknagar’s main songwriter Øystein G. Brun and Swedish multi-instrumentalist Mr. V (a.k.a. Vintersorg) herein deliver five years of creativity. Trading and developing ideas while releasing Borknagar albums, CRONIAN (begun as Ion) established a true and definite form in 2005 when the final song crafting for Terra began. A progressive avant-garde evolution, the band’s sound comes from combining the transformation Borknagar has taken over the years with Mr. V and his main band Vintersorg’s, along with projects Otyg and Fission, variety. Developing their shared interest in movie soundtracks, the band infuse their solidly metal roots with an exploration of uncharted atmospheric territories. Human near death experiences and emotional extremes inspire lyrics while an atmospherically desolate arctic landscape is visually presented throughout. An authentic winter manifesto, recorded in snowstorms with -4° F, the album incorporates elements from ‘70s art-rock to current Nordic black metal, melodic and experimental. Recorded in complete autonomy by CRONIAN with engineering assistance from Mattias Marklund (Vintersorg) and mastering by Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Nightingale) at his Unisound Studio, Terra is a challenging personal journey of the soul.

Killwhitneydead- "So Pretty So Plastic" CD (Tribunal)
"Pretty much the most surgical hatred for mankind that I've heard in awhile. Killwhitneydead is violence crystallized into a lethal hammer blow" (Rough Edge).

Kool Keith- "The Return Of Dr. Octagon" CD (Universal)
More surrealist rap/ramblings from this genre outsider.

The Yardbirds- "Roger The Engineer" CD (Warner)
One of their most psychedelic albums fom 1966. Includes "Over Under Sideways Down" & "Happenings, Ten Years Time Ago".

Radiohead- "Hail To The Thief" LP (Capitol)
Restock on LP.

Radiohead- "Amnesiac" 10" LPx2 (Capitol)
Restock On LP.

Acid King/Altamont- "Split" CD (Man's Ruin)
Recently unearthed copies of this cool split between 2 of the stoner worlds best combo's. These will be gone fast.

A-Team- "Who Re-Framed The A-Team?" CD+DVD (Decon)
14 tracks of classic, remixed and new material from Aceyalone & Abstract Rude. Also includes a DVD containing concert footage. "Aceyalone and Abstract Rude have been selling out shows and recording as the A-Team for over five years. Their two albums have collectively sold close to 20,000 units but have been out of print for years now. With this release we are combining their greatest hits, three new songs and a DVD to fill the demand for the A-Team product. The DVD captures the A-Team on stage, at their weekly poker night, behind the scenes and much much more. New artwork, new music and a bonus DVD make this a great item for any fan of the Project Blowed scene."

Bad Brains- "I Against I" CD (SST)

Bark Psychosis- "Codenane: Dustsucker" CD (Fire)
For a select few, the emergence of an album's worth of new material from Bark Psychosis will be a major event. For back in 1995, this relatively unknown group released 'Hex', one of the most critical bodies of work which defined the genre now known as post-rock. Blending the key elements of Talk Talk's later albums - i.e. the beauty of space between sounds and an appreciation of jazz - with an air of London paranoia, 'Hex' has been building up a steady stream of appreciation culminating in a number of dubiously-conceived compilations released after the group members went their separate ways. '///CODENAME:Dustsucker' is spearheaded by creative lynchpin Graham Sutton and of the other former members only Mark Simnett makes an appearance courtesy of his "found drums". Nevertheless the results could have feasibly been made the day after 'Hex' as the Bark Psychosis sound has remained largely the same, even considering there are fifteen musicians taking part including Talk Talk's Lee Harris. Sure, the overwrought emotion is absent and the only recognition of their earlier, noisier singles is on the freeform sections of 'Shapeshifting' but their skill to match the nightmares with the dreams, the industrial squalor with undiscovered heavenly places, is undiminished. 'The Black Meat' is Sutton and co. at the peak of their powers: three minutes of brooding, guitar soundscapes and Sutton's trademark hushed vocal, the song appears to finish then some glorious blasts of T.J. Mackenzie's trumpet hit on the most gorgeous of melodies, before this too is gradually replaced by a shimmering, dream-like ambient fog. It truly is a beautiful moment. Anja Buechele adds her own whisper to two tracks, proving more than a match for Sutton's soothing tones. There's a sense that danger is always just round the corner but Bark Psychosis know just when to apply the restraints and as the female voice urges the listener to "Vertrauen mich" on blissful closer 'Rose' it's hard to resist. Because you can trust on Bark Psychosis to make fantastic records.

Black Flag- "Bars & Logo" T-Shirt (SST)
The classic logo in large. Lots of other Flag t's in right now as well.

V/A- "Rockabilly Sickness" DVD (Hairball 8)
A 60 minute documentary on the world of psychobilly with footage of the Meteors, Nekromantix, Nick 13, Guana Batz, Banyard Ballers & loads more!

Boris- "Akuma No Uta" CD (Southern Lord)

Boris- "Pink" CD (Southern Lord)
Their newest from 05 and it's a doozy! Their most diverse yet, with forays into shoegaze & even Motorhead rock, as well as the usual sludge feast.

Daddy Yankee featuring Snoop Dogg- "Gangsta Zone" 12" Interscope)
Three versions of the A-side with Snoop, b/w two versions of "Machete Reloaded" with Paul Wall.

GRIEF- "Alive In Boston" CD (Southern Lord)
"As Boston's heaviest band ever spawned: Grief was criminally underrated during their existence in the Nineties, its extreme redemption that now the band has reformed and destroy once again! Their undeniable influence can be heard in current groups like: Sunn 0))), Eyehategod, Unearthly Trance, Khanate, Electric Wizard etc… This limited edtion, numbered compact disc effectively captures Grief at their very best. Recorded in their hometown of Boston in 2005, Alive In... is an appropriate return to the eve of behemoth, slower than thou riffing and mammoth doom metal from one of the pioneers of the genre." Edition of 2000, includes St. Vitus cover.

KALAS- "s/t" LP/CD (Tee Pee)
"Kalas is a brand new band from Oakland, CA that reads like a who's who of seminal Bay Area bands over the past 10 plus years. Matt Pike from Sleep and High On Fire on vocals, Andy Branton from Econochrist, Grimple, Samiam and El Dopa on guitars. Paul Kott from Medication Time and Cruevo on guitars. Kalas is no side project. Although the band is made up of such luminaries it's sound is a perfect amalgamation of classic heavy metal mixed with more modern elements of heavy music. Think of High On Fire, Neurosis, Isis and Discharge all rolled up into one super-charged band. In Kalas Matt Pike is given the space to explore a more introspective and tuneful vocal style while still unleashing his signature blasts of aggressive roars."

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN- "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions" LP (Columbia)

"The album features Bruce's personal interpretations of thirteen traditional songs, all of them associated with the legendary guiding light of American folk music, Pete Seeger, for whom the album is named."

"Evidence recently proudly claimed his group were "The last independent group still on a major," and with their fourth album 20/20. they prove once again that they belong. There's no need to turn their backs on what got them their success and reputation as this album is produced entirely by Evidence, Babu, Joey Chavez, and Alchemist, with guest vocals by Talib Kweli, Defari, and Krondon."

COUCH- "Figur 5" CD (Morr)
Recomended if you are a fan of the Notwist. 'Nuff said!

SUBMARINE RACES- "s/t" CD (In The Red)
Now available on vinyl, CD in stock too. "Debut release from new band featuring former Ponys guitarist Ian Adams and members of Entertainment and The Countdown. Up periscope, sailor! There's some hot-rocking on the horizon. Submarine Races are a threesome of arty rocker-types from Chicago, Illinois. Started by guitarist/vocalist/explorer Ian Adams (Happy Supply, The Ponys), drummer/seaman Paul John Higgins, and bassist/best mate Steve Denekas (Entertainment, The Countdown), the 'Races borrow freely from the entire Easybeats catalogue, commandeer the Modern Lovers' understated efficiency, and all but sleep with the entirety of mid-to-late 1980's twee, British guitar-pop bands. Submarine Races' signature sound is both calculated to be derivative and absolutely authentic. Considering the current state of rock's apish bravado and emotionally impaired dildo-ery, these guys remind you why you put The Pastels on mix tapes in the first place. They also happen to know what a good haircut can do for a young band's confidence in "the game." With a handful of jangled melodies, some polite lyrics, and plenty of charm, the group has its coordinates set for your stereo. Let's just hope they don't "deep-six" you when your hatch is cracked. Submarine Races' self-titled debut release was recorded in Chicago at El Goodo Audio. They even used the sonar recording technology found in the Soviet Alpha Class Diesel-Electric Attack Submarines! No joke. The band hope to sell an immeasurable amount of records, as long as piracy (both on the internet and at sea) is kept at bay. Nevertheless, their popularity is surely surfacing - supporting top acts such as The Dirtbombs, Maximo Park, and The Sights in the first week of their existence, The 'Races' reputation for rocking and passionate live appearances has lead to consistent attendance at subsequent headlining shows. When they aren't "jamming," members of Submarine Races enjoy making out, necking, hanging out at sailor bars, and watching Denekas's VHS copy of Das Boot."

THE KEENE BROTHERS- "Blues And Boogie Shoes" CD (Recordhead)
"When you combine the talents of two artists Rolling Stone considers to be among the top songwriters of their generation, the results can be impressive, and the ultimate power-pop of The Keene Brothers is as good as it gets. A collaboration between Guided By Voices' Robert Pollard and legendary pop song-smith Tommy Keene, Blues And Boogie Shoes has been in the works for years. The Who-obsessed duo's debut is perfect-equal parts inventive melody and powerfully written pop. "I think there's a lot of variety on this record," Keene states, "When we first talked about doing it, Bob told me he wanted straight up 'Tommy Keene' music, which I took to mean a typical pop-rock Tommy Keene record.... In the end there are elements of that but also some other interesting musical landscapes such as "Death Of The Party" and the Zepplinesque "The Camouflaged Friend"." Production on the album is slick, dare we say, hi-fi? Blues And Boogie Shoes could be the perfect soundtrack for a top-down, summertime freedom cruise - especially if played at the recommended volume: loud as hell."

"The Factory Records story told by all primary participants with soundtrack music by New Order and Section 25! Shadowplayers is a two hour documentary by James Nice tracing the early history of iconic Manchester record label Factory Records between 1978 and 1981. The facts and the fictions are explored through candid interviews with 22 key participants, including Anthony H. Wilson (founder) and Peter Saville (designer), as well as musicians including Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order), Vini Reilly (Durutti Column), Simon Topping and Martin Moscrop (A Certain Ratio), Chris Watson (Cabaret Voltaire) and Howard Devoto (Buzzcocks/Magazine). The film is divided into 19 chapters, covering subjects such as The Factory Club, sleeve art and graphic design, genius producer Martin Hannett, the riot at the Joy Division concert at Bury in April 1980, the Factory Benelux connection, the tragic suicide of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, the beginnings of New Order, and the decline of the post-punk culture in 1981. The full list of interviews comprises: Richard Boon, Larry Cassidy, Vincent Cassidy, Jaz Colman, Howard Devoto, Alan Hempsall, Annik Honore, Peter Hook, Richard Jobson, Michel Lambot, Graham Massey, Wally Van Middendorp, Stanton Miranda, Martin Moscrop, Ann Quigley, Lindsay Reade, Vini Reilly, Peter Saville, Michel Sordinia, Christophe Den Tandt, Simon Topping, Geordie Walker, Chris Watson, Anthony H. Wilson. Shadowplayers features soundtrack music by Section 25 and New Order, as well as rare images and graphics. The cover art is based on the first Factory poster design (fac 1) by Peter Saville from 1978."

Witch- "S/T" CD (TeePee)
Suprising new outing for Dinosaur jr's J Mascis who plays drums with this 4 piece heavy stoner band. This might turn you on to a style you'd not normally buy into.

Vancougar- "Losin' it" CD (Scratch)
Everyone agrees it's tough to find a good band name nowadays, but Vancougar's moniker is spot-on - and not just on account of the city they call home. Much like the predatory feline their name references, Vancougar's music is equal parts grace and power (or rather, pop and rock 'n' roll), while the progress they've made over their two short years as a band reveals impressive velocity and focus. Formed in the fall of 2003, drummer CC Rose (of noted Vancouver outfits The Pink Mountaintops (you know them right?) as well as The Cinch (whose 2004 release on Seattle's Dirtnap Records garnered much independent buzz), bassist Becca Stewart, keyboardist Megan Johnson, and singer/guitarist Eden Fineday have wasted no time in making their presence known around town. The band has opened for a stellar list of both local talent (The Evaporators, The Gay, The Buttless Chaps) and touring acts (Outrageous Cherry, The Gris Gris, Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Drunk Horse), as well as headlining sold-out local bills. A tour of the west coast in September 2004, as far south as Los Angeles, spread the word of mouth further. Just a year after their first rehearsal, Vancougar won the coveted top spot over 26 other competing acts in CiTR's annual battle of the bands, SHiNDiG 2004.

The Little Killers- "A Real Good One" CD (Gern Blandsten)
“When it comes to rock music, New York City has seen and heard it all- so when a band like The Little Killers starts turning heads, you know it's something special. Bursting out of nowhere and conquering the locals alongside luminaries like Tyrades, Riverboat Gamblers, The Spits, Teengenerate and more, their 2003 Crypt Records debut was eagerly devoured by garage punk scenes worldwide. Now The Little Killers return with A Real Good One, a looser and more dynamic approach to their no-frills rock n' roll formula. Produced by none other than The Dirtbombs' Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Mooney Suzuki), it shakes and rattles like some impossible Chuck Berry, Modern Lovers, Gun Club hybrid with songs so catchy they'll haunt you in your dreams. Here's gimmick-free, hipster-proof music for the generation that desperately needs it. Spread the word: The Little Killers are back in town!” LP to follow.

Kalas- "S/T" CD+LP (TeePee)
“Kalas is a brand new band from Oakland, CA that reads like a who's who of seminal Bay Area bands over the past 10 plus years. Matt Pike from Sleep and High On Fire on vocals, Andy Branton from Econochrist, Grimple, Samiam and El Dopa on guitars. Paul Kott from Medication Time and Cruevo on guitars. Kalas is no side project. Although the band is made up of such luminaries it's sound is a perfect amalgamation of classic heavy metal mixed with more modern elements of heavy music. Think of High On Fire, Neurosis, Isis and Discharge all rolled up into one super-charged band. In Kalas Matt Pike is given the space to explore a more introspective and tuneful vocal style while still unleashing his signature blasts of aggressive roars.”

Human Television- "Look At Who You're Talking To" CD (Gigantic)
“If nothing else, vocalist/guitarist Billy Downing hopes to expose fans to the music that’s informed Human Television since they cut their first demo in the winter of 2002. That means the classics (New Order, The Smiths, Phil Spector, R.E.M.) as much as it means their long forgotten, but equally talented, contemporaries (Orange Juice, the back catalogue of Sarah and Factory Records). All buoyed by the [deceptively] simple, interlocking backbeat of three good friends from South Florida (now relocated to Philadelphia and New York City): Rubber ball bassist Richard Davis, counterpoint guitarist/vocalist Boyd Shropshire, and drummer Mario Pel Lopez (also the band’s mid-fi videographer and drummer for the Lilys).

DJ Shadow- "Endtroducing" LPx2 (Mo'Wax)

Nine Horses- "Snow Borne Sorrow" CD (Samadhi Sound)
David Sylvian's new band? Well, hardly: He himself describes Nine Horses as a 'disembodied band'. Initially consisting of Sylvian and brother, Steve Jansen, this project was sidelined by his cathartic Blemish album and was only reactivated by the contribution of electronica guru Burnt Friedman. In turn many more players were brought into the fold, including old comrade Ryuichi Sakamoto, singer Stina Nordenstam and trumpeter Arve Henriksen, and they turn Snow Borne Sorrow into an ensemble work of haunting beauty. The subject matter still revolves around the failures of both personal and political relationships. Yet Blemish's scant comfort of lonely squeaks and Derek Bailey's scratchy guitar are replaced by a jazz-tinged variety that hints at redemption beyond any cold philosophising. The only weak moment occurs in track two - ''Darkest Birds'' - where Sylvian takes a step too far into his more rockist back pages. It only jars because the rest of Snow Borne Sorrow is a delicately poised document, filled with rare wonders.

13th Floor Elevators- "Easter Everywhere" CD (Collectables)
Late 60's Texas Psyche rock of the highest order, led by the legendary Roky Erickson. This is a personal fave with songs like "Slip Inside This House" & "She's Got Levitation". There's even an electric Jug blower.

Fubar- "The Movie" DVD (Universal)
Why I brought this in, I don't know. Funny, you bet! Two hosers drink their faces off and generally get up to youthful hijinx as one of them deals with impending nut cancer.

The Futureheads- "News & Tributes" CD (Universal)
Best known for a spastic, heavily accented post-punk cover of Kate Bush's "Hounds of Love" that went Top 10 in the UK, this British quartet attempts to kick away from its '80s-inspired comrades--such as Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chiefs--on their second album. Not that there's any shortage of spiky riffs, jerky rhythms, and off-kilter harmonies on News and Tributes. But get past the more pedestrian fare like "Yes/No" and "Return of the Berserker," and the full scope of the Futureheads' ambition reveals itself, particularly in the poppiest track, "Skip To The End." Meanwhile, "Thursday" is laced with a distinct doo-wop feel, "Favours for Favours" shows the band's softer side, and the jagged "Burnt" proves that the group can approach greatness on a song of its very own.

The Aggrolites- "S/T" CD (Hellcat)
Fantastic San Diego group that recreates some classic sounds from 60's Jamaica. Blue Beat, Rock Steady, Reggae & Ska. One of this years most entertaining cd's.

Mike Ness- "Cheating At Solitaire" CD (Time Bomb)
Social Distortion's front man steps out with some great rock & roll and country tracks.

Mike Ness- "Under The Influence" CD (Time Bomb)
Social Distortion's front man steps out with some great rock & roll and country tracks.

Greg Graffin- "Cold As The Clay" CD (Anti)
In many ways Cold as the Clay is a highly unconventional record. First of all it combines traditional American old-time music with original rock compositions. Secondly it’s offered up by Greg Graffin, an artist best known for his work with Bad Religion as one of the most successful and prolific punk rock performers in the world. Lastly, it was recorded and mixed in accordance with the raw integrity of it’s origins in only eight days, with a group of talented musicians who had never played together before, utilizing inspired live takes and not much else in the way of studio contrivances. Happily, the results are as gratifying artistically as they are unconventional conceptually. In the liner notes Greg put it this way: “We set out create a record that would honor the legacy of American music, and it is my hope that we were able to capture a lasting musical moment. I wanted to show how my work with Bad Religion was informed by other, seemingly disparate and unconventional genres of music that at first glance may appear to have nothing to do with punk. My hope is that this project will live to pass along the tradition of American songwriting to others long after I am buried and cold as the clay.” Guest appearances by Jolie Holland, and The Weakerthans. Produced by Brett Gurewitz.

Minor Threat- "Live: @ The 930 Club & Buff Hall" DVD (Discord)
Minor Threat played one of its last shows at Washington DC’s 930 Club in June of 1983; they would only play once more in DC. Two years later, the tapes from the 930 show were edited together and Dischord Records released them as the minor threat Live VHS video in 1986. Along with the 40 minute 930 performance, the DVD includes a 35 minute video of a 1982 minor threat show in Camden, NJ, a 12 minute clip of minor threat’s 2nd ever show (!) at DC Space in December 1980, and excerpts from a 1983 interview with the vocalist, Ian MacKaye. DVD includes 16 page booklet featuring a brief historical essay by Mark Jenkins (Dance Of Days, Washington Post), photos, song titles and lyrics.

Accused- "Oh Martha!" CD (Condar)
The Accused's "Oh, Martha!" heraldsThe Return of Splatter Rock Kings, The accused, to their punk/metal/horror/terrifyingly-sick ways! For the entire length of the CD's 14 classic Splatter-Drenched songs, The accused prove the crown still fits. Founding member and guitarist, Tommy Niemeyer says, "Oh, Martha! is easily one of the top 2 albums we've done. It was intentionally written with the knowledge that we raised the bar for ourselves over 10 years earlier. If we were gonna do a 'comeback', the last thing we wanted to hear was 'now, go back away!' cuz our album sucked, ya know? So I said, let's f@*king kick this album's ass!..and we did. Now it can put a boot in yours."

Suicidal Tendencies- "S/T" CD (Frontier)
Restock of their very 1st cd.

The Dwarves- "Fuck You Up & Get Live" DVD (MVD)
75 minutes, live @ the Continental Club in NYC. 19 songs + 6 videos in 5.1 surround sound (not that they deserve it). This concert will frighten young people and fry the brains of older folk. Just like they do when you see them play.............

Terry Reid- "Seed Of Memory" CD (BGO)
From the early 70's, this cd reissue see's Terry working it out with folks like David Lindley & Graham Nash. Extremely soulful countryesque folk/rock from a singer who turned down jobs with both Led Zeppelin & Deep Purple to record as a solo act.

The Dwarves- "Come Clean" CD (Epitaph)

The Dwarves- "Are Young & Good Looking" CD (Theologian)
Restock from 1997.

Johnny Cash- "Personal Files" CDx2 (American)
The last ever (so they say) recordings from the man in black. Rick Rubin dug these up from the "Personal Files" 'cause Johnny woulda wanted it that way. The songs I've heard sound like a man who can hardly breathe let alone sing. For die hard fans and completists, but I'll stick to the old stuff.

Frank Zappa- "One Size Fits All" CD (Ryko)
Released soon after the live Roxy & Elsewhere, One Size Fits All contained more of the material premiered during the 1973-1974 tour, but this time largely re-recorded in the studio. The band remains the same: George Duke, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Chester Thompson, Tom Fowler, and Ruth Underwood. Johnny "Guitar" Watson overdubbed some vocals and Captain Beefheart (credited as Bloodshot Rollin' Red) played some harmonica ("when present," state the liner notes). The previous album focused on complex music suites. This one is more song-oriented, alternating goofy rock songs with more challenging numbers in an attempt to find a juste milieu between Over-Nite Sensation and Roxy & Elsewhere. "Inca Roads," "Florentine Pogen," "Andy," and "Sofa" all became classic tracks and live favorites. These are as close to progressive rock (a demented, clownish kind) Zappa ever got. The obscurity of their subjects, especially the flying saucer topic of "Inca Roads," seem to spoof prog rock clichés. The high-flying compositions are offset by "Can't Afford No Shoes," "Po-Jama People," and "San Ber'dino," more down-to-earth songs. Together with Zoot Allures, One Size Fits All can be considered as one of the easiest points of entry into Zappa's discography. The album artwork features a big maroon sofa, a conceptual continuity clue arching back to a then-undocumented live suite (from which "Sofa" was salvaged) and a sky map with dozens of bogus stars and constellations labeled with inside jokes in place of names. An essential third-period Zappa album.

The Cramps- "Bad Music For Bad People" CD (IRS)
An 11 track compilation from 1984 that includes some rare material that can't be found elsewhere.

Alejandro Escovedo- "The Boxing Mirror" CD (Back Porch)
His latest produced by John Cale. Restock.

Porcupine Tree- "In Absentia" CD (Lava)
After a quarter-century of punk and postmodern excesses, it's always something of a surprise to find young musicians who not only recall a past era's musical indulgences, but also revel in them. This Lava Records debut is the latest fruit of Porcupine Tree mainstay Steven Wilson's obsession with prog, a mania that dates to the late '80s when the "band" was little more than a fantasy, though one with a remarkably imaginative--if entirely fictional--history and bio. But that pipedream eventually became a real "alt prog" cult fave, with these dozen ambitious songs finding a focus that occasionally eluded the band on half-hour soundscapes like its underground hit, "Voyage 34." Tracks like "Gravity Eyelids" have a retro-psychedelic feel that would have done the XTC alter ego Dukes of Stratosphear proud, with Wilson's pure melodic tenor pushing it beyond the merely baroque. But the collection is also a strong statement of another crucial Wilson/Porcupine retro-sensibility: The album has unified musical statement. "Lips of Ashes" and "Prodigal" serve up the sort of impressionistic, harmony-rich musings that Pink Floyd has rarely managed since Wish You Were Here, while "The Creator Has a Master Tape" punctuates the rich harmonies of tracks like "Heart Attack in a Layby" with Crimson-esque metallic thrash and processed vocals. While the band's instrumental prowess sometimes slums its way into the free-form jazz noodling of past efforts, the album remains one of the band's fullest achievements.

Porcupine Tree- "Deadwing" CD (Lava)
Another fine prog journey provided by a band at the top of their game. This one came out in late 2005 and is their latest.

Hjarnidaudi- "Pain, Noise, March" CD (Paradigms)
From the ashes of dark ambient pioneers Hlidolf comes Norway's Hjarnidaudi. This debut offers 42 minutes of thundering drone reverberations, propelled into endless voids by warm layers of suffocating astral funeral doom. Colossal, epic, mind-altering power. Points of reference: Klaus Schulze, suffocating funeral doom, Jesu, Esoteric. Like all Paradigms Recordings releases, this is strictly limited to 750 copies worldwide, and is specially packaged in a full-color cardboard sleeve with inserts, presented in a hand-stamped heavyweight manilla envelope with individual band artwork and cased in an outer pvc wallet.

Built To Spill- "You In Reverse" CD (Warner)
Restock of the new cd. This is one solid release, could be their best yet.

Zyklon- "Disintegrate" CD (Candlelight)
Zyklon has really hit their stride on their third release. The band, made up of Samoth (guitars) and Trym (drums) from Emperor along with vocalist/bassist Secthdamon and guitarist Destructor, unleash a violent barrage of blackened death metal. The songs barrel along at breakneck speed with non-stop double bass and pummeling guitar riffs. They add some variety by slowing things down for a while and throwing in a guitar solo or two before blasting off again. It's brutal, it's extreme and it has a great groove. The lyrics on the album were again written by Bard "Faust" Eithun (Emperor, Scum). With titles like "A Cold Grave" and "Vile Ritual," the lyrics are as extreme as the music.

Sinister- "Afterburner" CD (Candlelight)
Shortly after the release of their 2003 album, Savage or Grace, Holland's Sinister announced their split after over a decade of touring and recording. Disappointed fans rallied in their hopes of keeping the band they have grown to admire together. Their quest was met when two years later the band reunited to write a new record, the blistering Afterburner. All Music Guide calls the music of this extreme four-piece, "sheer, face-smashing power." On Afterburner, the band's long-respected caustic atmosphere and blastbeat inferno ignites the album's eight new songs. Recorded at Stage One Studios in Germany and produced by Andy Classen (Krisiun, Dew-Scented), the album features the band's strongest musicianship to date performed by vocalist Aad Kloosterwaard, drummer Paul Beltman, guitarist Alex Paul, and bassist Bas van den Gogaard. Formed in 1989, Sinister have recorded now seven albums. The band has toured internationally with the likes of Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, and Deicide (to name a few). The band has toured the U.S. on two occassions and have appeared at renowned festivals - Wacken Open Air, Milwaukee Metal Festival, Dynamo and more.

Dismember- "God That Never Was" CD (Candlelight)
They have been credited with the creation of the Scandinavian Death Metal sound. Alongside U.S. labelmates Entombed, Dismember are the fathers of the sound that continues--to this day--to be copied by new bands and fans around the globe. And after 17-years, the band still is as fresh and vital today. Never resting on their legacy, The God That Never Was again showcases a finely-ground assault that commands attention. Swaying from war to religion, lyrically the band tackles new grounds all the while delivering their classic, primitive and always super-tight death metal. "Musically, we're trying to do better with every album," explains drummer Fred Estby. “Most of us are in our 30s and we have got to prove ourselves a little bit more every time. We fought hard with this album." Formed in 1988 in Stockholm, Sweden, Dismember have an extensive worldwide recording, sales and touring history. Recently the band’s entire catalog was re-issued, featuring previously unavailable live and demo recordings. All available now via Candlelight Records.

Cellador- "Enter Deception" CD (Metal Blade)
Hot new power metal band from Omaha, Nebraska. None of the band members is older than 23 years old, and their musicianship is outstanding. Michael Gremio has an excellent voice with a wide range and plenty of the power metal vibrato style. With a debut this polished and being so young, this is a band with an extremely bright future.

Venetian Snares- "Cavalcade Of Glee......" LP (Planet Mu)
The new release of spasmodic drill n bass from one Aaron Funk, in the LP form.

Cult Of Luna- "Somewhere Along This Highway" CD (Earache)
On their fourth record, Somewhere Along the Highway Sweden's Cult of Luna have crafted yet another album of luminous beauty and crushing dissonance. Continuing in the same direction of 2004's Salvation, Somewhere Along the Highway sees the band expanding their artistic vision even further with more delicate textures and vast, instrumental seagues than ever before. These drifting, expressive passages are contrasted by the band's signature devastatingly heavy, impenetrable wall of sound riffing. Essentially this album is more of what we have come to expect out of Cult of Luna, this time with more refinement and an even greater sense of delicate beauty. The sound quality on this album is a little different than in the past. The tonality of the album is more organic and raw sounding. The band credits this to the initial tracking done in a wooden barn with the whole band playing live as a unit. This approach is different from what they have done in the past and it really helped to create a certain unpolished ambiance that adds to the stark beauty of the album.

Kid 606- "Pretty Girls Make Raves" LP (Tigerbeat 6)
Miguel Depedro’s Kid 606 project returns infused with as much raw energy and recklessness as ever – this time taking some sort of sideswipe at the alternative rock band Pretty Girls Make Graves you would imagine – not sure of the linkage here to be honest as this is primarily a techno album. Touted as return to Kid 606’s roots and inspired by generic trends encompassing elements of electronica, hip hop, punk and as mentioned previously, techno, Pretty Girls Make Raves is an uncompromising release full of hurried rhythms and rapid-fire beats and handclaps, with muffled vocal samples belching thick plumes of black smoke in the background. Also in stock on cd.

The Keene Brothers- "Blues & Boogie Shoes" CD (Fading Captain)
New collaboration between Bob Pollard (GBV) and his band mate Tommy Keene (also records under his own name). Power pop that works because Keene goes outside his saccharine box and Pollard pulls his reins in to record some of his most conventional stuff. It's been getting good reviews.

Underoath- "Define The Great Line" CD (EMI)
Newest from this popular christian hardcore/metal band.

Dead Can Dance- "Into The Labarynth" CD (4AD)
Dead Can Dance's monumental cd from 1993 which included the unlikely radio hit "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove". For those that aren't familiar, DCD are comprised of Brendan Perry (most instruments & vocals) & Lisa Gerrard (vocals with unbelievable range). They delve into archaic musical forms that span centuries while always keeping one foot in the present. Truly unique & worthy of your attention.

Dead Can Dance- "Spiritchaser" CD (4AD)
Their final album see's the dynamic duo stretching & morphing into realms previously uncharted. Not to sound too vague, but if you know this group you know what I mean. Still a mind bending blend of the traditional with modern effects and recording techniques.

Death Angel- "Archives & Artifacts" CDx3+DVD (Restless)
Coming up from the same Bay Area metal scene that spawned the likes of Metallica and Exodus, Death Angel carved out a niche for themselves with a style of thrash metal that also included traces of prog. And while they never received the same amount of attention as their aforementioned "big brothers" did, Death Angel built a loyal cult following and earned quite a few video spins on Headbangers Ball during the late '80s/early '90s. Less than a year after the release of Death Angel's first studio album in over a decade (2004's Art of Dying) came a three-disc box set of rarities, Archives and Artifacts. Focusing entirely on the group's early years, the set contains remastered and expanded editions of their first two albums (considered by many to be among thrash metal's finest), 1987's The Ultra-Violence and 1988's Frolic Through the Park, as well as a third disc of previously unreleased material. The main attraction here, though, is the first ever official release of the group's "Kill as One" demos from 1986 (the tracks "Thrashers," "Kill as One," and "The Ultra-Violence"), which were produced by none other than Kirk Hammett of Metallica. The set comes with a DVD collection of rare performances and early promo videos. Archives and Artifacts is a smorgasbord for fans of '80s thrash metal.

Miles Davis- "Featuring John Coltrane" CDx4 (Membran)
Budget priced 4 cd box set that features 32 songs from the 50's that highlight the sax work of John Coltrane.

David Gilmour- "On An Island" LP (Sony)
Pink Floyd guitarist releases his 1st solo album in 22 years. On heavyweight LP.

Mission Of Burma- "The Obliteratti" LPx2 (Matador)
We're slightly in awe of Burma's new, 3rd full-length studio album proper, 'The Obliterati'. Recorded at Boston's Q Division Studios with firmly ensconsed 4th wheel Bob Weston, 'The Obliterati' might be the most aggressive, raw and challenging recording in the band's storied career. With equally strong contributions from Roger Miller, Clint Conley and Peter Prescott, 'The Obliterati' , while having the odd melodic moment or 2 dozen, is as relentless and engulfing an album as we've heard since...well, since Burma's 'Vs.' some 24 years ago. Whether or not this album is as topical, absurdist or just plain hit-packed as that one, you'll have to figure out for yourself. For the moment, our senses are just shattered. (Matador press release)

Joe Strummer- "Let's Rock Again" DVD (Sony/BMG)
A documentary profiling the last eighteen months of former frontman of 'The Clash' until his untimely death in December 2002. Includes backstage footage of his new band 'Mescaleros', interviews and live performances. Tracklist includes: 'Bigger They Come, Harder They Fall', 'Quarter Pound A Ishem', 'Armagideon Time', 'Pressure Drop 72' and 'Rudie Can't Fail'. 68 minutes.

V/A- "A Dub Tribute To Led Zeppelin" CD (Vitamin)
If Zeppelin is the gold standard for classic rock, then dub is the beat that inspired new millennium trance music. So they just had to meet. And collide. And cross-breed into a one-of-a-kind mutation that defines today's borderless pop freedom. Into the echoing spacelab of dub the Zeppelin flies, where deep beats and so chill sound effects remix hits like"Kashmir" and "All My Love" into deep grooves pulsing with rhythm and spiked with soul. This tribute to Led Zeppelin--it's a whole lotta dub.

HIM- "Razorblade Romance" LP pink vinyl (HIM)
Back in stock after disappearing for awhile. Full length LP on collectable pink vinyl. Dark Light was also here briefly in the double Lp format and will be back again soon.

Gram Parsons- "Fallen Angel" DVD (Rhino)
This definitive biography is a fascinating look at the "Grievous Angel" and the heartbreakingly beautiful music he created. Dispelling myths that have surrounded Parsons, Fallen Angel shows us the essence of his artistry and provides a revealing account of his life and ongoing influence. Featured interviews include Peter Buck, James Burton, Emmylou Harris, Chris Hillman, Phil Kaufman, Keith Richards, Polly Parsons, Gretchen Parsons Carpenter, Dwight Yoakam, and others. DVD features include 5.1 audio, photo gallery, biography, discography, and an interview with director Gandulf Hennig. Florida-born, Georgia-bred singer, songwriter, musician and raconteur Gram Parsons was among the first, if not the first, to bridge the gap between country and rock in the late 1960s and early '70s, as a member of The International Submarine Band, The Byrds, and The Flying Burrito Brothers. Then the California-based "Grievous Angel" flew solo, capturing the soul of real country music on two landmark albums, and connecting West Coast redneck rock and the Nashville establishment. Musical protégé and collaborator Emmylou Harris carried his torch by touring and recording with his band, The Fallen Angels. Later generations of artists, from Elvis Costello to R.E.M.'s Peter Buck to the Black Crowes, discovered his legend and recorded his music. 103 minutes.

TAPES 'N TAPES- "The Loon" CD (XL)
"The Minneapolis four-piece of Josh Grier (lead vocals/guitar), Jeremy Hanson (drums), Matt Kretzmann (keyboard/tamberine/backing-vocals), and Erik Appelwick (bass/backing-vocals) have been causing quite a stir with their self-released debut album The Loon. Tapes 'n Tapes were one of the highlights of this year's SXSW festival, (nine jam-packed, fun-filled gigs in four days and a whole lot of love from MTV, Rolling Stone, NME, Rolling Stone and the New York Times, who joyously claimed, "Tapes 'n Tapes were rhapsodic"). Very impressive accomplishments for a band that's been selling records from their bedrooms! Now the group has joined the XL roster and The Loon will begin to be distributed by the label immediately, with a full re-release planned for July, preceded by the single 'Insistor' which is set for release on Tuesday 11th July."

Danielson- "Ships" CD (Secretly Canadian)
The Danielson collective step out abit on this one, and maybe will finally attract the attention they deserve. Sufjan Stevens came out of this lot, so it's no suprise that a good number of his fans have been flocking to this one as well. Beautiful cover art.

Handsome Family- "Last Days Of Wonder" CD (Carrot Top)
Brand new release of big sky indie americana from husband and wife team Brett & Rennie Sparks. Truly unique music with wife Rennie writing some bizarre lyrics deep sung by hubby Brett backdropped with homespun noir country insturmentation. Yummy!

Man Man- "Six Demon Bag" CD (Ace Fu)
"A veritable world's fair of chaos & creation, be it the Nick Cave-gone-gypsy dramatics or the fractured gutter swing" -Billboard.

Mojave 3- "Puzzles Like You" CD (Beggars Banquet)
"Puzzles Likes You, the fifth album in the already rich history of Mojave 3, catches them moving in a slightly unexpected direction. Where their last album, Spoon & Rafter, was them experimenting with their formula, this album contains songs of a more immediate quality - poppier, in fact - than anything the band has written before. This effervescent poise is all the more impressive given that the album had a somewhat troubled genesis - its first incarnation was fully completed when a horde of mice decided to infest the studio, running amok among the band's equipment and making a general nuisance of themselves. This created technical mayhem and caused considerable delays as well. Fortunately, an angel was waiting in the wings in the shape of Victor Van Vugt (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Beth Orton, Luna, Athlete) who stepped into the breach, took the recordings to his New York City studio, and completed a set of wonderful mixes in short order. As a result, the melodic lilt of tracks like "Puzzles Like You", "Running With Your Eyes Closed" and "Big Star Baby" shines sweetly through, while the wistful introspection of "Most Days" and "You Said It Before" is redeemed by warm tones and the deftest of sonic placement. All of which means that Puzzles Like You is the most approachable, infectious and downright fun record that Mojave 3 have ever made. A fact reflected in the exuberant artwork supplied by artist / film director Thomas Campbell (whose film Sprout majored on Mojave and Halstead music) and the marvelously quirky video for "Breaking The Ice" directed by Bradley Beesley (Flaming Lips). It seems set, like all of its predecessors, to bring the band a wider audience - and when people fall under the spell of their subtle and gorgeous music, they tend to stick around."

V/A- "Naked In The Afternoon: A Tribute To Jandek" CD (Summersteps)
An under the radar tribute to the enigmatic Jandek, with tracks from Low, Thurston Moore, Gary Young (Pavement), Bright Eyes, and loads more people you've never heard of.

Rock Baby Rock It- "S/T" DVD (Arcanum)
A handful of youthful rock & roll fans take on organized crime in this vintage rock musical. A rundown Dallas dance hall has been rented by a pack of high-school kids who've turned it into the Texas Hot Rock Club, where they host jam sessions and dance the bop to their favorite records. However, money has been tight for the teens, and after they fall two months behind in their rent, they get a warning from their landlord and a visit from some suspicious characters who make it clear they want to take over the place. The Hot Rock kids decide to hold a benefit to pay off the bills, and approach well-known rock & roll dancer Kay Lee (Kay Wheeler) to appear at the show. When Kay's lawyer hears about the club's troubles and the repeated (and increasingly menacing) appearances of some tough-talking thugs, he does some investigating and learns the prospective new tenants are actually gangsters setting up a wire operation with the Detroit mob. Produced on a shoestring budget with a mostly non-professional cast, Rock, Baby, Rock It has gained a passionate cult following among fans of '50s rock for the hot boppin' dance moves of the teenage cast and energetic musical performances by some great Texas acts, including frantic rockabilly rebel Johnny Carroll, R&B stompers Rosco Gordon and Preacher Smith and the Deacons, and up-tempo harmonies from the Belew Twins, the Five Stars, and Don Coates and the Bon Aires; also keep an eye peeled for Kay Wheeler's swinging dance number.

Be Your Own Pet- "S/T" CD (Universal)
Blasting out of Nashville, TN, like a bottle rocket, the teenage garage-noise-pop band Be Your Own Pet makes music that's as frenzied as it is catchy. Newly signed to the Ecstatic Peace label owned by Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) they unleash their debut full length on you, the unsuspecting public. Popular for quite awhile in the UK, this is sassy stuff that will make yr next party a water cooler hot topic.

Black Flag- "Live" DVD (Cherry Red)
The main album focus from this DVD is My War, with some of Slip It In and The First Four Years sprinkled in. One of the most powerful bands to emerge from the cinders of punk. Greg Ginn, a madman and a thorough disciple of the guitar, brought this band into being in 1977 in the depths of L.A, outside of the reaches of the excesses of the '70s. He'd had enough of the California sound of the Eagles, the over-production of Steely Dan and ELO. It was time to create a new sound. Fuelled by the simplicity and immediacy of the Ramones first album, he pulled together a small group of people who could barely play their instruments and began a pattern of musical deconstruction that exploded on a brand new scene that was just beginning to form. Controversy and opposition were the bedfellows of the band from the beginning: the law was not welcoming the emergence of the punk scene on the West Coast. The DVD contains extra features including: complete Black Flag discography; facility to play individual tracks; complete list of all videos available in the Visionary video catalogue; complete list of all Cherry Red CDs available.

One Way System- "Best Of One Way System" CD (Anagram) 18 tracks from one of the UK's best loved mohawk sportin' punk bands. Contains "Stab The Judge" & "Give Us A Future".

Duane Peters- "Who Cares" DVD (Black Label)
Then there was Duane! The Duane Peters life story "Who Cares?" is presented by Red Kross skateboards, a division of Black Label. Stabbed, beaten, broken and bloodied, Duane Peters has definitely paid his dues. He's invented more tricks than he can remember and done things few will ever forget. To this day, his style is unapologetically OLD SCHOOL, and you can bet he doesn't give two O'Henrys what anyone thinks. When Duane and PUNK ROCK skateboarding met, true chaos emerged. Skateboarding will never the same. This film cannot be rated. Producer: Black Label Skates.


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