Tuesday, July 11 2006 @ 03:12 PM CST

Contributed by: Dave

Here's a look at this week's new arrivals, all now in stock. A smaller list than normal due to getting back into a regular shipping cycle after the long weekend. Notice all the Ipecac titles which are on sale until further notice. Lot's of quanties on all of them.

5ive- "Versus" CD (Tortuga)
Verus is a whirling vortex of meditative sound; a stereophonic confluence of rolling thunder, slow-motion power-grooves, and chiming spatial resonance. Originally released as one half of a split LP with renownednoise nihilist Kid606, the four latest 5ive tracks are now available as a seperate CD EP, complete with a new two-stage remix by J. K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu).

7 Seconds- "The Crew" LP (BYO)
Restock of this classic punk rock album. CD to follow.

Black Cobra- "Bestial" CD (At A Loss)
Heavier than Hydrahead’s Big Business, Bestial revs through Karp redlined rockers, slows into sludgy amp athletics, perplexes with thoughtful instrumental interludes. Landrian screams himself hoarse. Martinez pounds skins, bashes brass. Landrian’s guitar doubles as rhythm and lead building stonewall’d riffs for Martinez to bulldoze. The lyrics are indecipherable, wrapped in ennui and released in throat rattling screams. Content is anyone’s guess. This is articulation about a shit day, week or year. Lawn darts for the boss’ head. Sexual frustration worked out quickly over glossy mags. When there’s no money to go out, eat out, or fill up the car, might as well hook up, plug in and rock out a few at the practice space.

Black Flag- "Police Story" -T-Shirt -White -Medium (SST)
Restock of this classy piece of apparel.

Neko Case- "The Tigers Have Spoken" CD (Mint)
Restock of her awesome live album where she's backed by the Sadies.

Crass- "Feeding Of The 5000" CD (Crass)
Restock of this timeless bit of punk anarchy.

The Daggers- "Tear It To Pieces" CD (Sloth)
Rip Snortin' bar room rock & roll outta Calgary. These guys know how to bring it. Resembling the Supersuckers and maybe abit of our own Hot Blood Bombers. Sweet!

DJ Shadow- "Preemptive Strike" LPx2 (Mo Wax/FFRR)
Back in stock after a lengthy absence. Double Lp of more obscure Shadow tracks.

DOA- "War On 45 (March To The End)" (Sudden Death)
Re-issue of the ep now with lots of bonus material. A welcome addition to the DOA catalogue.

Alastair Galbraith- "Talisman" CD (Table Of The Elements)
Oh now this was a surprise, after hearing the folk-tastic ‘Morse/Gaudylight’ I certainly wasn’t expecting the noisy onslaught of ‘Talisman’. Tracks begin and end in seconds, noisy tape sounds fuzz over half-sung vocal melodies and scratchy guitars. It’s all quite beautiful actually, Galbraith has a control over the noisier elements which gives him a definite edge. ‘Talisman’ was originally released in 1995, but this cd repackages it with rare tracks culled from 7”s and 12”s now long out of print, which gives it just that little bit more value for money! A hugely diverse and enjoyable listen, this one’s for fans of Vincent Gallo, Loren Connors or John Fahey; gorgeously evocative lo-fi folk-tinged noisescapes. Highly recommended.

Hanson Brothers- "Gross Misconduct + My Game" CD (Alternative Tentacles)
Restock of these 2 cool Hanson Brothers cd's. Almost in time for the playoffs!

His Name Is Alive- "Fort Lake" CD (4AD)
His Name Is Alive's fifth 4AD release, Ft. Lake, is their most complex and accomplished, pulling together the dreamy experimentalism of their early work with the poppy, soulful tendencies of Stars on E.S.P and Nice Day, and adding a few new twists.
Named after history class notes on Abraham Lincoln, the Livonia, MI-based sonic manipulators His Name Is Alive formed when multi-instrumentalist/producer Warren Defever (also of shockabilly group Elvis Hitler) was still in high school. Defever, former schoolmate Karin Oliver (vocals), and drummer Damian Lang released self-produced cassettes of their music, one of which made its way to Ivo Watts-Russell, founder of the pioneering art label 4AD. Intrigued with His Name Is Alive's blend of spectral vocals, poetic lyrics, and textural guitars, Watts signed the band.

Jolie Holland- "Springtime Can Kill You" LP (DBK)
Former leader of the Be Good Tanya's returns with the Lp version of her new solo release. If you like the Tanya's, there's plenty here to keep you happy. Old timey folk, blues & americana.

Mojave 3- "Puzzles Like You" LP (4AD)
The LP version of their new release. A bit more uptempo this time around, it's still full of whip smart lyrics and melodies reminiscent of Nick Drake & Belle & Sebastian.

Ennio Morricone- "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly" OST 180g LPx2 (Dagored)
Out of the blue re-issue of this legendary soundtrack on LP.

Psycho And The Birds- "All That Is Holy" CD (Recordhead)
Dig that Hitchcock reference. More under the radar tom foolery from Bob Pollard (GBV) and his cronies.Todd Tobias helps out with production and writing. Probably sounds like it was recorded in his shower.

Public Image Ltd.- "Metal Box" 12"x3 (4 Men With Beards)
Amazing re-issue of the legendary "Metal Box". PiL managed to avoid boundaries for the first four years of their existence, and Metal Box is undoubtedly the apex. It's a hallmark of uncompromising, challenging post-punk, hardly sounding like anything of the past, present, or future. Sure, there were touchstones that got their imaginations running -- the bizarreness of Captain Beefheart, the open and rhythmic spaces of Can, and the dense pulses of Lee Perry's productions fueled their creative fires -- but what they achieved with their second record is a completely unique hour of avant-garde noise. Packaged again, in a film canister as a trio of 12" records played at 45 rpm, the bass and treble are pegged at 11 throughout, with nary a tinge of midrange to be found. It's all scrapes and throbs (dubscrapes?), supplanted by John Lydon's caterwauling about such subjects as his dying mother, resentment, and murder. Guitarist Keith Levene splatters silvery, violent, percussive shards of metallic scrapes onto the canvas, much like a one-armed Jackson Pollock. Jah Wobble and Richard Dudanski lay down a molasses-thick rhythmic foundation throughout that's just as funky as Can's Czukay/Leibezeit and Chic's Edwards/Rodgers. It's alien dance music. (AMG)

Radio 4- "Enemies Like This" LP (Astralwerks)
"New York's Radio 4 returns with their strongest album yet, Enemies Like This. The album was produced by Jagz Kooner (recorded in New York and mixed in London by Kooner himself) and the results are a new landmark for Radio 4! Enemies Like This refines the band's signature sound while taking it to the next level, which in this case means a return to the rawer, more emotonally-charged sound of their earlier material. The new album delivers politically charged, intelligent lyrics over funk riff guitars and deep throbbing dub grooves. Key tracks include "Enemies Like This", "This is Not a Test", "Too Much to Ask For" and "Packing Things Up"."

Screaming Trees- "Anthology" LPx2 (SST)
The best of the Trees. Thought of as one of the "Grunge" era's best bands, which is odd considering they were more psyche than grunge. Led by the smoky voiced Mark Lanegan, this compilation lays it all out for you. 1. Barriers 2. The Turning 3. Other Worlds 4. Transfiguration 5. Don't Look Down 6. Cold Rain 7. In The Forest 8. Back Together 9. Other Days And Different Planets 10. Walk Through To This Side 11. Smokerings 12. Ivy 13. Grey Diamond Desert 14. Night Comes Creeping 15. Invisible Lantern 16. Subtle Poison 17. Windows 18. Black Sun Morning 19. Flower Web 20. End Of The Universe 21. Where The Twain Shall Meet. On double LP.

Seein' Red- "Workspiel" CD (Coalition)
“This is the first time in 13 years that the classic Workspiel full length from Seein' Red is available. With an original press of only 1000 copies, this record became a sought-after classic soon after it came out. Seein' Red are a legendary hardcore band from the Netherlands formed by members of Larm and Manliftingbanner with a large following in the DIY hardcore punk community. Their furious hardcore/punk and left wing politics keeps still inspires generations of punks around the globe. The Workspiel record has been on many wish lists of record collectors and now it is available again for the masses!”

The Shakin' Pyramids- "Reeferbilly Blowout" CD (Raucous)
These cult Rockabilly legends, as captured live in Glasgow in their prime in 1981, featuring all their classics (“Tennessee Rock and Roll”, “All Right All Night”, “Wild Little Willie”, etc), as well as other tracks they never released on record.

Sufjan Stevens- "A Sun Came" CD (Asthmatic Kitty)
“(A) new edition of A Sun Came, the 1999 debut album by Sufjan Stevens. Widely acclaimed for Michigan (2003), and Seven Swans (2004), singer/songwriter Sufjan Steven's first solo collection has been skillfully re-mastered, with two previously unreleased tracks and new art by Stephen Halker. Recorded on 4-track while still in college, A Sun Came first demonstrated Sufjan's eclectic instrumentalism- he plays over a dozen instruments here--noted production skills, and heartfelt songwriting. Though little known until listeners and reviewers discovered Michigan last year, A Sun Came foreshadows Sufjan's later work, and stands on it's own as an expression of his unique talents.”

Sufjan Stevens- "The Avalanche" CD (Asthmatic Kitty)
“The little secret behind Sufjan Stevens' acclaimed Illinois is that it was originally conceived as a double album, culminating in a musical collage of nearly 50 songs. But as the project began to develop into an unwieldy epic, common sense weighed in-as did the opinions of others-and the project was cut in half. But as 2005 came to a close, Sufjan returned to the remaining songs on his 8-track. What he uncovered went beyond the merits of nostalgia. Sufjan gleaned 21 tracks from remaining material; some songs were in finished form, while others were merely outlines. Most of the material required substantial editing, new arrangements or vocals, and much of the work was done at the end of 2005 or in January the following year. As the title song The Avalanche bemuses, "I call you once my friends," Sufjan took in the odd musical misfits and gathered them together like a party of good friends.”

Submarine Races- "Submarine Races" LP (In The Red)
“Debut release from new band featuring former Ponys guitarist Ian Adams and members of Entertainment and The Countdown. Up periscope, sailor! There's some hot-rocking on the horizon. Submarine Races are a threesome of arty rocker-types from Chicago, Illinois. The 'Races borrow freely from the entire Easybeats catalogue, commandeer the Modern Lovers' understated efficiency, and all but sleep with the entirety of mid-to-late 1980's twee, British guitar-pop bands. Submarine Races' signature sound is both calculated to be derivative and absolutely authentic."

Throw Rag- "13 ft. And Rising" CD (BYO)
Primo street rock & roll from California. The album's 13 brand new tracks features special guest appearances from Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Keith Morris (Circle Jerks) and Motorhead frontman, Lemmy. Nuff said!

V/A- "Shadowplayers: Factory Records & Manchester Post-Punk 1978-81" DVD (LTM)
"The Factory Records story told by all primary participants with soundtrack music by New Order and Section 25! shadowplayers is a two hour documentary by James Nice tracing the early history of iconic Manchester record label Factory Records between 1978 and 1981. The facts and the fictions are explored through candid interviews with 22 key participants, including Anthony H. Wilson (founder) and Peter Saville (designer), as well as musicians including Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order), Vini Reilly (Durutti Column), Simon Topping and Martin Moscrop (A Certain Ratio), Chris Watson (Cabaret Voltaire) and Howard Devoto (Buzzcocks/Magazine). The film is divided into 19 chapters, covering subjects such as The Factory Club, sleeve art and graphic design, genius producer Martin Hannett, the riot at the Joy Division concert at Bury in April 1980, the Factory Benelux connection, the tragic suicide of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, the beginnings of New Order, and the decline of the post-punk culture in 1981. The full list of interviews comprises: Richard Boon, Larry Cassidy, Vincent Cassidy, Jaz Colman, Howard Devoto, Alan Hempsall, Annik Honore, Peter Hook, Richard Jobson, Michel Lambot, Graham Massey, Wally Van Middendorp, Stanton Miranda, Martin Moscrop, Ann Quigley, Lindsay Reade, Vini Reilly, Peter Saville, Michel Sordinia, Christophe Den Tandt, Simon Topping, Geordie Walker, Chris Watson, Anthony H. Wilson. shadowplayers features soundtrack music by Section 25 and New Order, as well as rare images and graphics. The cover art is based on the first Factory poster design (fac 1) by Peter Saville from 1978."

We Jam Econo- "The Story Of The Minutemen" DVD (Plexifilm)
Brand new double DVD set which documents the amazing career of the Minutemen. Includes a full documentary, lots of behind the scenes footage and 3 seperate concerts.

Youth Brigade- "Sink With California" CD (BYO)

Caribou- "Start Breaking My Heart" CDx2 (Domino)
Re-issue of this disc that was formerly released under the original Manitoba moniker. Now expanded to 2 cd's with lots of extra tunes.

Caribou- "Up In Flames" CDx2 (Domino)
Re-issue of this disc that was formerly released under the original Manitoba moniker. Now expanded to 2 cd's with lots of extra tunes.

Johnny Dowd- "Cruel Words" CD (Bongo Beat)
Drawn to the shadows? Then you might run into Dowd - an out-of-the-dime-store-novel character who started making albums eight years ago, at 50. Here Dowd continues crafting extraordinary Beefheartian gothic-rock tales of the disenfranchised. There's plenty of his discomforting growl and dark wit ("Momma snorting coke and eating a Moon pie"). But on his sixth disc - his most tuneful and accessible - there are raucous sing-alongs too, including one with the Mekons' Sally Timms and Jon Langford ("Drunk"). It's an outsider-art show come to life.

Wumpscut- "Cannibal Anthem" CD (Metropolis)
If there’s one thing you can count on is that Wumpscut refuses to rest and will pump out a quality release year after year. With the recent release of the Jesus Antichristus & Die Liebe single, Wumpscut gave fans a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming Cannibal Anthem, Wumpscut’s most potent album to date. Dark ominous synths merged with driving beats and signature growling vocals, the album attacks the senses from all angles. From the groundbreaking singles “Jesus Antichristus” and “Die Liebe” to the seething anger of “Wir Warten” and “Recht Vor Gnade” to the subdued beauty of “Ohne Dich” and “Pass Auf,” the intensity of Cannibal Anthem can barely be contained. Those who thought Wumpscut was growing soft with his last record will need to take another look. Wumpscut’s back - darker and more powerful than ever.

Tango Saloon- "S/T" CD (Ipecac)
Hungry for Tango? Astor Piazzolla meets Ennio Morricone on this Tango-flavored album with a twist of spaghetti western. The Tango genre is explored, violated and blended not only with the twang of country, but everything from jazz to Cuban music, classical chamber, improvisation and experimental electronics.
The body count behind Julian Curwin’s Tango Saloon totals fifteen, with home base being Sydney, Australia. Instrumentation is as diverse as the members with all types of brass, percussion and strings incorporated into the vignettes. As with the traditional Tango, The Tango Saloon is an equally visual experience with their live shows consisting of half a dozen cowboy-clad musicians and rotating guest vocalists. Think of it as Pigface for the classical revivalist set. The revues are those of Sydney legend with each outing supporting a cast of characters that aren’t always part of the plan. Case in point, the night three girls showed up in cowgirl regalia and staged a saloon fight in dance or other evenings where untraditional tango dancers take to the club floor to give modern reinterpretation to the Latin American dance.
Drawing on members from Australia’s experimental music community, the collective behind Curwin’s Tango Saloon come from Monsieur Camembert, Darth Vegas and even a Mr. Bungle member.

Mugison- "Little Trip" CD (Ipecac)
On the heels of Mugison's critically acclaimed U.S. debut, Mugimama, Is This Monkey Music?, Ipecac Recordings presents Little Trip. Mugison's second foray into the world of scoring and soundtracks, Little Trip, part score and part soundtrack, accompanies heralded Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur's film of the same name starring Forest Whitaker, Julia Stiles and Jeremy Renner in a noirish thriller. The film has set tongues wagging worldwide as it set out on the film festival circuit (2006 Sundance Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, etc.) with reviewers often commenting on the bleak, gritty realism of the visual juxtaposed with the warm, near twangy score and soundtrack provided by Mugison.
Recorded at Sigur Ros' Reykjavik recording studio Sundlaughin (swimming pool), Little Trip features 17-songs/pieces including rockers like Pétur Grétarsson, a swooning cover of Tom Waits classic song Little Trip To Heaven and a live version of Mugimama's Murr Murr. Not a stranger to the importance of sound in a cinematic context, Mugison also scored the 2004 film Niceland. Pitchfork commented on the accompanying soundtrack saying "the results are as dazzling."
With this score Mugison builds upon the critical acclaim he experienced in 2005 with Mugimama, Is This Monkey Music?. Named one of CNN's top albums of 2005, Paste Magazine's #7 record of the year alongside a list of undeniable one liners from the country's most respected music magazines, Mugison is a talent whose impact and influence is sure to continue to grow stateside. A tour with labelmate Einar Orn (Ghostigital, The Sugarcubes) is in the works for mid-2006.

Fantomas- "Suspended Animation" CD (Ipecac)
Fantômas’ three previous releases have regaled listeners with a sci-fi homage (Fantômas, 1999), a celebration of the best in film composition (Director’s Cut, 2001) and a one song album (Delirium Cordia, 2004). As Rolling Stone said in their review of Delirium Cordia: “One epic seventy-four minute noise-rock song. What’s not to like?” Now with Suspended Animation, the quartet delves headlong into a new and recently unexplored genre... cartoon music. Recorded in the Spring of 2003, during the same sessions as surgically precise Delirium Cordia, Suspended Animation is the yang to Delirium Cordia’s ying. Bright and loose, Patton describes the new album as “nursery rhymes, cartoon sound effects and choppy arrangements.”

General Patton vs. the X-Ecutioners- "S/T" CD (Ipecac)
Mike Patton has taken on a lot of different musical styles over the years, but what about hip-hop? Now before you start having nightmares of Mr. Patton dressed up in his own designer clothing line with gold chains, and spouting off about 'representing,' relax - he's still the same old loveable vocal terrorizer that we all know and love. It's just that now he's hooked up with one of the world's most respected DJ groups, New York City's The X-ecutioners, for their first ever collaboration together, GENERAL PATTON VS. THE X-ECUTIONERS.
Best known as the front man for Faith No More and Mr. Bungle, Patton has long been considered one of the top (and most versatile) singers in all of rock. Additionally, Patton is the co-head of Ipecac Recordings (along with partner Greg Werckman), and is a member of various other bands - Fantômas, Tomahawk, and Peeping Tom - in addition to appearing on countless recordings by other artists. Patton has also recently branched out into other areas as well, including acting (playing two separate roles in Steve Balderson's 'Firecracker'), and scoring the music for a videogame for Rockstar Games. The X-ecutioners on the other hand, have long been one of the most respected DJ crews in all of hip-hop, issuing albums both on their own (including 2002's 'Built From Scratch,' which peaked at #15 on the Billboard Top 200), as well as with others (Organized Konfusion, The Beatnuts, Artifacts, etc.). The trio also was the opening act on Eminem's 2002 Anger Management Tour.
The collaboration came about after both factions performed a few improvisational live shows together. With the sweet scent of chemistry soon wafting through the air, it was decided to take it a step further - collaborate on a full-on recording. Patton supplied the X-Men (as they are also known) with select records from his collection to build 'blocks of sound' with, before the singer added overdubs and concentrated on whipping the sounds into full-fledged arrangements. What followed is the first recording that Patton has ever recorded and mixed into his own computer, without the aid of anyone else.
What you get are 23 tracks that approximate a head-on collision between hip-hop and the wild and whacky world of Ipecac. Featuring both structured compositions and tracks that give 'cut and paste' a whole new meaning, GENERAL PATTON VS. THE X-ECUTIONERS is an audio feast, albeit for those with a strong stomach. Who else but Patton could come up with "Duelling Banjo Marching Drill," which sees the singer assuming the persona of a drill instructor (that would make Louis Gossett Jr. and R. Lee Ermey green with envy)?
The four-man army is eyeing their first full-fledged tour in 2005. Get ready to fall in line and salute - LEFT SHOULDER, HUT!

Isis- "Panopticon" CD (Ipecac)
If the glacial dynamics of previous metal and hardcore abstractions Celestial and Oceanic didn't prove that Isis was a heavy band in every sense, then Panopticon should do the trick. The title comes from 18th century philosopher Jeremy Bentham's prison design, which was later referenced by Michael Foucault in the 20th century. The idea is that a centrally placed guard or watcher can keep track of a large number of prisoners, and it excited Bentham and concerned Foucault. Heavy stuff for a metal band, huh? Both are quoted in the liner notes, bookended by aerial industrial photos laying out society's open sprawl. It fits perfectly with the epic music on the disc itself, which is as angular as post-rock forefathers Slint and as cosmically expansive as Neurosis, yet closer to the intensity of hardcore than either of them. Panopticon has the same cagey wall of noise as Oceanic, although the end product here is a little more polished. Aaron Turner is still howling and growling, but he's less reluctant to actually sing, just as the music is more inclined to stretch out into Pink Floyd's velvet atmospherics, which were a part of Oceanic, too, but just not as pronounced as they are here. Turner's lyrics are impenetrable, buried in the mix, but when they do pop through the haze of guitars and electronics they're appropriately weighty and tied to the omniscient paranoia of the title.

Fantomas- "Delerium Cordia" CD (Ipecac)
The brainchild of Mike Patton, Fantômas is an anti-hero from a series of pre-WWI French crime novels, sometimes dubbed the “lord of terror.” Rounding out the ensemble are Buzz Osborne on guitar (Melvins), Trevor Dunn on bass (Mr. Bungle, Trevor Dunn’s Trio Convulsant) and Dave Lombardo on drums (Slayer).

Fantomas- "The Directors Cut" CD (Ipecac)
Fantomas stand with their feet planted horizontally across the soft dimensions of your face, warping the shape of your skull and shoulders with their off-color explosions. With expectations withering on the floor, leaving a viscous stink, nothing in their hands is concrete. As a follow-up to their 30-song debut, throughout which vocalist Mike Patton never formed a single actual word, Fantomas offer these 16 new creations, all realigned versions of film soundtracks, ranging from the notorious theme to Rosemary's Baby to the obscure and peculiar wank of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. While there are many similarities to the dispersed flip-flopping styles of their earlier work, The Director's Cut breaks new ground with a thick jagged axe. First, most noticeably, are the even more varied vocal stylings; Patton's sweet croon on "Experiment in Terror" is nothing you've heard before from him on a Fantomas recording, along with many of the other croaking, spitting, pissing, screaming noises he excretes. Yet another testament to the unabashed genius of Mike Patton and his co-conspirators, leaving those caught up in the rapture with mouths even more full with thick drool. (AMG)

Tomahawk- "Mit Gas" CD (Ipecac)
Rock and Roll super group, Tomahawk, birthed from pure aural gold their second CD, to be handed down to earthbound mortals like a jewel from the heavens. The new cd is entitled "Mit Gas". The title, with it's threatening Teutonic overtones, announces the total annihilation through pleasure that is about to descend upon you, the lucky listener.
Either that or these talented super gods are serving you the musical equivalent of that bubbly water that tickles your nose.
The band, in order of famousness is composed of Mike Patton, John Stanier, Duane Denison (their Michael Nesmith-like leader) and Kevin Rutmanis. These sensitive deities were assisted in forging this generous gift to humanity (it was produced, in vulgar terms) by the Roman warrior, Joe Barresi. Centurion Barresi has worked with lesser "artistes" such as Pennywise, Queens of the Stoneage, Led Zepellin and the Melvins.
Unlike other super groups such as Audioslave, Tomahawk doesn't have any really famous people, but at least the music is good. This is indeed a golden age, when sirens of this quality are allowed to whisper into our ears without any risk of crashing souls against the jagged rocks of mediocrity that surround us. And it's way better than their first CD that came out a year or two ago.
So go forth, like a pink little alley pig, and let the bells peal, the crowds cheer, the dj's spin! Clear the Billboard charts.......a miracle has been bestowed upon us!!!! It is called: MIT GAS

Eagles Of Death Metal- "Peace Love Death Metal" CD (AntAcidAudio)
While Queens of the Stone Age are going the way of the over-praised rock bands before them (meaning they get more popular as they grow less interesting), Josh Homme drops this joyous side-project. Eagles of Death Metal features Homme in the Dave Grohl role as drummer, vocals and guitars by Jesse Hughes, and more guitars by Timmy VanHamel. Peace Love Death Metal couldn't be more fun - fifteen slabs of boogie metal, including a kicking cover of "Stuck in the Middle with You" that they've renamed "Stuck in the Metal". "San Berdoo Sunburn" takes T-Rex to the desert. "Speaking in Tongues" introduces Elvis to the Donnas. Elsewhere, the spirit of "Spirit in the Sky" takes over - it's glam dancing rock for sun damaged meth heads everywhere (metaphorically speaking).

No Means No- "The People's Choice" CD (AntAcidAudio)
Deadly new compilation put together by the fans casting their votes via the interweb.


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