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Monday, July 17 2006 @ 11:28 AM CST

Contributed by: Dave

All items listed are now in stock. You'll notice some replenishment of classic Zappa & Dylan titles as well as new releases from Helmet, Lisa Germano, Sufjan Stevens & the last ever Strapping Young Lad cd (they're splitting up supposedly) which comes with a bonus Century Media sampler. Wolf Parade tickets are currently on sale @ WOT/Tiki Room and are moving along smartly, so don't put off picking some up.

Allison Moorer- "Getting Somewhere" CD (Sugarhill)
Allison Moorer's family history is equally musical and tragic: Following her parents' murder-suicide when she was 13, she turned to music. Beginning her career as a backing vocalist, Moorer (sister of popular singer-songwriter Shelby Lynne), became a solo artist after her Oscar-nominated single "A Soft Place to Fall" was included on the Horse Whisperer soundtrack. Since then, she's recorded several solo albums, beginning with Alabama Song. Moorer's latest disc, aptly titled Getting Somewhere, finds her reaching for a wider country-pop audience. The intensely personal album, in which she collaborates with husband Steve Earle, is the first in which the Alabama native wrote every song herself. Upbeat and powerful, it nicely reflects the growth and change in her personal and professional life.

Cursor Miner- "Danceflaw" CD (Lo Recordings)
Cursor Miner's third album is a SMART-bomb of electro blasted dance floor fodder (meant in a good way...) that calls to mind the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Felix Da Housecat and Jaques Lu Cont - wherein bendy rythms are wrapped around gut-throbbing bass and crazy-legs synths, with the net result being a caffeine enema for the soul. Kicking off with 'This Is Electro', Miner fires a warning shot over the more stagnant proponents of the genre - taking a grandstanding set of synths then undermining their stability through some histrionic beats that rotate their way deep within the cranium... then refuse to let up. Next up is the aforementioned 'Hair Of The Dog', wherein Cursor Miner brazenly stitches together some dubstep low-end and an upper level of frisky electronics - creating a charmingly brusque hybrid that knees you in the goolies then kisses your forehead. Elsewhere, 'Skunk Works' batters the senses like a E-number addled Radioactive Man, 'Ain't Talkin About Love' introduces cold-water synths of epic proportions, whilst the closing finale comes courtesy of twenty-minute 'Minermegamix' that distills the essence of his thundering live set into a machine ready chunk of plastic. Solomon!

Doc & Merle Watson- "Ballads From Deep Gap" CD (Vangaurd)
By now Doc Watson has been recorded so often that he's begun to seem like the Lightnin' Hopkins of Appalachian music. Like that great, much-documented Texas bluesman, though, he's so good that you suspect that he could do it in his sleep (actually, in the occasional less than fully inspired concert, that's exactly how he sounds). Even by Watson's elevated standards, however, Ballads from Deep Gap (recorded in 1967, released four years later) stands out. It's long been one of my favorite of his recordings, and it's stood up to a quarter century's listening. Longtime enthusiasts of old-time, bluegrass, early country, and folk balladry will recognize the chestnuts here -- "Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms," "The Cuckoo," "Stack O'Lee," "Willie Moore," "Alabama Bound" -- and not complain in the least at Doc and his late son Merle's warm, assured approach; not a stale note sounds here. Doc takes a turn at yodeling in a couple of tunes, Jimmie Rodgers's classic "My Rough and Rowdy Ways" and Alton Delmore's obscure delight "Gambler's Yodel," and pulls off a fine comic performance of the venerable medicine-show song "Travellin' Man." With two great American musicians at the top of their game, everything works. Doc and Merle take joy in what they are doing and they take the listener along. Ballads from Deep Gap is not just lovely; it's just plain lovable.

Bad Company- "Live in Albequrque New Mexico 1976" CDx2 (Angel Air)
By the time their "Burnin' Through America" Tour reached Albuquerque, New Mexico on 3rd October 1976 they were now one of the Worlds biggest rock bands and were playing to sell out gigs across America.
On this tour they played to over a million fans at 52 concerts in 70 days. They broke attendance records atseveral massive venues in Florida and Alabama as well as selling out Madison Garden within a day! Their first three albums had all reached platinum status. However it was only two and half years since their first classic album "Bad Co" had been released and their rise to superstardom had been one of the swiftest ever. Never before released the master tapes of this live concert have been supplied from MICK RALPHS personal archives as well as photos from his own collection for the 20 page CD booklet. Classic rock live from what was in the 70's and 80's one of the biggest rock bands on the planet - Can't Get Enough!

The Chap- "Ham" CD (Lo Recordings)
The Chap mixes a selection of disco, electronica, funk, and sleazy rock Into a fun, ecclectic, acid tripped out organism. That on one hand makes you laugh out loud and on the other kind of scares you like a bit like meeting Beadle, again on Acid. The dead-pan vocals of 'Woop Woop' are delivered over sparse electronics which sporadically burst into life through shards of deranged strings whilst, elsewhere, 'Now Woel' sounds like A zeitgeist-tumbling garage rock concoction, 'Woop' (just the one this time) is a delicate acoustic watercolour, and 'Arizona' shows an affinity with Manual, My Bloody Valentine and Telefon Tel Aviv. Not as odd as it thinks it is, 'Ham' is nonetheless a charming collection of AM-roaming compositions that will have something for everybody. Brilliant. Check this out.

Tommy Bolin- "Whips & Roses" CD (SPV/Germany)
Some amazing alternate versions and never before heard songs from the legendary guitarist who passed away well before his prime. Tommy played with Deep Purple for the groovin' "Come Taste The Band" album, from there he recorded with Alphonse Mouzon on the equally impressive "Mind Transplant". The full track listing is: • Teaser (alt vsn) • Fandango (unissued vsn) • Wild Dogs (alt vsn) • Cookoo (unissued) • Savannah Woman (alt vsn) • Marching Powder (alt vsn) • Flyin' Fingers (unissued) • Dreamer (alt vsn) • Just Don't Fall Down (unissued) • Blowin' Your Cookies (unissued).

MoonSpell- "Memorial" CD (SPV/Germany)
Heavy as lead & dark as the night, Portugal's goth metal monsters are back with their 7th album.

V/A- "Mutek 05" CDx2 (Fusion3)
Double CD featuring material from Monolake, Apparat, Emisor, Radian, Klimek and a whole haversack more. Released as a companion to the Montreal based festival of the same name, MUTEK 05 is an attempt to capture the annual event's electronic cross-section, showcasing what the curators feel to be the cream of their formidable crop... Taking a similar approach to the Sonar comps, MUTEK is relatively cohesion free affair, with each artist given room to introduce their sound as they see fit. Opening though the chiming minimal tech of Danieto, Disc 1 turns out to be a fairly open affair, with Luci's strangely ominous southern fried electro, Monolake's distortion soused beats, and Mendoza's rimy clattertronica, all resulting in a positively charged atmosphere. In contrast to this, disc 2 prefers a more introspective camber, with Gunter Muller's mealy clicks&cuts a good indication of the wares on offer. Broad, brumious and eclectically representative, MUTEK is a treasure trove of electronic delights.

Susumu Yokota- "Wonder Waltz" CD (Skintone)
As one of the most prolific producers currently working within the electronic sphere, Susumu Yokota retains an almost childlike glee at plunging his attentions into whichever genre takes his fancy. So what has he rested upon for new album 'Wonder Waltz'? Drum roll please... Suffused untreated samples and some gorgeous vocal collaborations, that's what. Probably the nearest he's come to replicating the blossom-scented atmosphere of 'Sakura', 'Wonder Waltz' ditches the more overtly bombastic elements of 'Symbol' whilst avoiding the meandering aspects of 'Grinning Cat' to craft a record that is beatific without becoming soft. Opening through the roughshod beats of '1000 Wing Beats Per Second', it initially appears that Yokota has opted to indulge in some quaggy-footed hip-hop action - yet no sooner has the thought occurred to you than Caroline Ross' ethereal vocals drift into view and calm the whole thing down. From here on in the mood is set, with the following 'My Energy' building itself skywards from the frailest chimes to become a muscular example of macro-production work. Elsewhere, 'Capital Of Daisy' introduces Eastern elements to a vocoder grind, 'Pegasus 150' batters a free-wheeling vocal with all manner of friable beats, whilst 'Rainbow Dust' manages to reference early-90's ambient without losing any dignity. Vocal harmony to the Nth degree...

Susumu Yokota- "Grinning Cat" CD (Leaf/Skintone)
Yokota writes: 'Now I'd like to explain the title 'Grinning Cat'. Last spring I moved from a house located in downtown Tokyo to a home where I now live in the suburbs. Now my house is larger than the one I lived in before and I also have a better studio environment. Then last summer I started to live with my girlfriend and also three cats: mother cat, Tabasa, her son cat, Bindi, and her daughter black cat, Noa. We all played together like having parties everyday at home. The everyday life with cats is like a fairytale, and also it was like I met the Cheshire Cat in Alice In Wonderland. In my works, I always create philosophy and 'childlike' images. This album 'Grinning Cat' came into existence because of having this wonderful life.'
Welcome, once again, to the increasingly bewitching and playful world of Susumu Yokota. The follow up to the remarkable (and remarkably successful) 'Sakura', his first album of 2001 finds the influence of jazz and classical music (notably Steve Reich) stronger than ever, with the Eno-strength ambience still present and correct. Say hello to the odd sashay into nearly-house tempo. Handclaps. Windchimes. Heartbeats. Acoustic Guitar. Piano. Somehow it reminds us of 'The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle' by Haruki Murakami: a best selling novel in Japan about a lost cat and many other everyday strangenesses, delights and discoveries. It evokes the same capricious, elusive feeling we get from this album (though we must admit Yokota claims ignorance of the book). It's a more episodic album than the slowly swelling rhythm of 'Sakura', but the idyllic 'Grinning Cat' possesses an equally tenacious ability to settle inside your soul.

Wise In Time- "The Ballad Of Den The Men" CD (Crammed Discs)
Wise in Time is the new brainchild of the prodigious Ian Simmonds, the visionary artist whose previous albums as Juryman and under his own name were unanimously acclaimed. The Juryman touch is totally recognizable in "The Ballad Of Den The Men", with its haunted soundscapes, his talking blues-like vocal style… Yet this album sees Simmonds leave the shores of pure electronic music and ascend to new heights: by combining folk guitars, electric pianos, jazz tangents and electronic textures with his inimitable voice and inspired, sharp lyrics, he's created a highly inebriating mixture which practically define a new genre.

Beastie Boys- "Beastie Blends (DJ Green Lantern)" LP (BBlend)
“NYKC reigning mixtape king Green Lantern aka The Evil Genius cuts, mixes and blends to perfection twelve tracks by the Beastie Boys, from Licensed to Ill to To The 5 Burroughs. Quick mixing, classic funk and hip hop breaks updating the Beastie Sound... "Hold It Now", "Triple Trouble", "Hey Ladies", "Shake Your Rump", "Open Letter to NYC", "So Whatcha Want", "Rhyme the Rhyme Well", "Sureshot", "Body Movin'", "Lookin Down the Barrell Of a Gun" feat Notorious B.I.G., "Intergalactic", "Root Down".”

The Books- "Lost And Safe" CD (Tomlab)
“After two albums that spread like wildfire solely on word of mouth and self-propagating critical acclaim, The Books return with their third album, which is an even more cohesive, song-based work than their last, The Lemon of Pink. Their core of cello, mandolin, banjo & guitar has been augmented with new instruments & a now overflowing library of found sounds & serendipitously found spoken word passages. Also on LP.

Boredoms- "Chocolate Synthesizer" CD (Very Friendly)
UK reissue of Boredoms’ 1995 major label album. “Blending elements of speed-core, punk (there seems to be a tribute of sorts to the electric eels at one point), dub, psychedelia, biker rock, the gross-out too-muchness of the butthole surfers at their lunatic best. Ace.”

Brand New Heavies- "Get Used To It" LPx2 ( Delicious Vinyl)
“Trend-setting British based soul outfit, The Brand New Heavies have reunited with their original lead singer N’Dea Davenport to release a new studio album called Get Used To It. The album skillfully blends the classic live funk and soul sound that was the signature of the group when they came out with their stunning debut album 15 years ago. The Brand New Heavies were born out of the rare groove scene and formed in the late eighties by drummer/keyboard player Jan Kincaid, bassist Andrew Love Levy and guitarist Simon Bartholomew. Their groundbreaking alternative sound has garnered commercial and critical acclaim worldwide. N’Dea Davenport originated out of Atlanta, then onto LA where she emerged from the downtown art and musical community. N’Dea’s notoriety came swiftly by collaborating with varied artists in Hip Hop, Pop, Rock and Soul before joining TBNH.”

Neko Case- "Furnace Room Lullaby" CD (Mint)
Restock of her 2nd and in my opinion best album.

The Clientele- "Strange Geometry" CD (Merge)
Beautiful & melodic British indie pop. I was forced to sit through the ultra lame movie "The Lake House" recently and the opening piece of music was by the Clientele, and believe me it was the highlite of the night.

Del The Funky Homosapien- "Both Sides of the Brain" LPx2 ( Hiero Imperium)
This is from 2000 and it's Del's 1st time in the producers seat. Lot's of brain addled rappin' with a multitude of guests, and plenty'o samplin' from Del's vast video game collection.

The Detroit Cobras- "Baby" CD (Bloodshot)
The latest slab of good time R'n'B garage rock from this popular Detroit combo.

The Detroit Cobras- "Life, Love & Leaving" CD (Sympathy )
Restock of their 2nd album. Featuring the soulful singing of ex- stripper & meat cutter Rachel Nagy.

Bob Dylan- "Rolling Thunder & The Gospel Years" DVD
“Director & Producer Joel Gilbert (Bob Dylan 1966 World Tour The Home Movies, 2003 and Bob Dylan World Tours 1966-1974 Through the Camera of Barry Feinstein, 2005) weaves the story of this monumental period of Dylan's life and music through revealing insider portraits, exclusive photos, live concert video clips and TV footage from 1975-1981, and with visits to Rundown Studios, the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, the Vineyard Church, and the Fox Warfield Theatre. Featuring: Concert Video Clips 1975-1981; KDKA TV Interview Unearthed; World of John Hammond Clips; Rundown Studios Revealed; Muscle Shoals Studios Visit; Revealing Insider Interviews. NTSC Region O.”

Dave Edmunds- "The Best of the EMI Years" CD (EMI)
Excellent 20 song pre-Rockpile sampler of Dave Edmunds, including Love Sculpture material. Blues, Rockabilly, Rock and Roll and good honest Pop. This album contains his classic number one hit I Hear You Knocking, plus Sabre Dance, You Can’t Catch Me, On The Road Again.

Exodus- "Bonded By Blood" CD ( Combat)
Back in stock for the 1st time in years. Prime bay area thrash metal from the 80's.

Lisa Germano- " In The Maybe World" CD (Young God)
The lovely Lisa Germano is back with another album of enveloping aural twists and her own off kilter look at the world. This time she is recording for Michael Gira's (Swans, Young Gods) "Young God" label, after having spent the last couple with 4AD. Recommended if you like acts such as the Cocteau Twins, PJ Harvey & The Red House Painters.

Doug Martsch- "Now You Know" LP (Up)
Solo recording from a few years back by the frontman of Built To Spill. A nice blend of bluesy accoustic numbers and a couple of Neil Young type electric scorchers.

Minor Threat- "Complete Discography" CD (Dischord )
One of the most influential of the early80's punk bands has their complete output laid in your lap. Ian Mackaye went on to form Fugazi after MT disbanded.

Modest Mouse- "This Is A Long Drive For Someone…" CD (Up)

Nardwuar The Human Serviette- "Doot Doola Doot Doot... Doot Doo!" DVDx2 (Mint/Narduar)
Mint Records first DVD is a double set of media terrorist, Canadian historian, and Evaporators leader Nardwuar the Human Serviette. After years of requests, Nardwuar the Human Serviette has finally entered the digital age with a compilation of over 60 of his favourite video interviews. Clocking in at over 5.5 hrs on 2 DVDs, Doot Doola Doot Doo .... Doot Doo! encompasses everything from former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to Snoop Doggy Dogg to Ian MacKaye to Beyonce to Andrew WK to your mother! These are not your average boring Q&A talking head interviews, but totally unique slices of fearless, stimulating, info-tainment! Called a "national treasure" by Michael Moore, and even listed in B.C. Almanac's Book of Greatest British Columbians alongside Emily Carr(!), Nardwuar has been presenting his unique slant on life as radio host on CiTR Radio in Vancouver for over 19 years. He can also be seen on MuchMusic as a correspondent for "MuchonDemand" and "Going Coastal". Plus he fronts two bands, The Evaporators and Thee Goblins, writes for numerous publications, and really loves cheese. DVD Extras Include: Nard Raw: An entire bonus DVD full of unseen and unedited interview footage totaling 3 hrs ! Better phone in sick for work tomorrow! - Nardwuar vs. Nardwuar where Nardwuar himself gets interviewed! By Nardwuar! Will he get mad and storm out, or will he "get" himself? 16 page booklet with hardly any blank ones! Audio commentary featuring Nardwuar, Thor, Grant Lawrence, and more-it's like doubling your fun! Easter Eggs! Secret buttons reveal hidden treasures! A full video discography and live performances from The Evaporators and Thee Goblins!

Public Image Ltd.- "Metal Box" 3x12" (4 Men With Beards)
Amazing re-issue of the legendary "Metal Box". PiL managed to avoid boundaries for the first four years of their existence, and Metal Box is undoubtedly the apex. It's a hallmark of uncompromising, challenging post-punk, hardly sounding like anything of the past, present, or future. Sure, there were touchstones that got their imaginations running -- the bizarreness of Captain Beefheart, the open and rhythmic spaces of Can, and the dense pulses of Lee Perry's productions fueled their creative fires -- but what they achieved with their second record is a completely unique hour of avant-garde noise. Packaged again, in a film canister as a trio of 12" records played at 45 rpm, the bass and treble are pegged at 11 throughout, with nary a tinge of midrange to be found. It's all scrapes and throbs (dubscrapes?), supplanted by John Lydon's caterwauling about such subjects as his dying mother, resentment, and murder. Guitarist Keith Levene splatters silvery, violent, percussive shards of metallic scrapes onto the canvas, much like a one-armed Jackson Pollock. Jah Wobble and Richard Dudanski lay down a molasses-thick rhythmic foundation throughout that's just as funky as Can's Czukay/Leibezeit and Chic's Edwards/Rodgers. It's alien dance music. (AMG)

Social Distortion- "Sex, Love and Rock'n'Roll" LP (Time Bomb)
Their super-d-duper album from last year on visually pleasing LP.

Souls Of Mischief- "Focus" LPx2 (Hiero Imperium)
The first two Souls of Mischief albums made nary a commercial ripple at the times of their release (though the debut, '93 Til Infinity, has since been given its due acclaim in cult circles). So on their third collection, Focus, Souls have gone the self-release route, peddling their cassette-only music via the Hieroglyphics web site (at www.hieroglyphics.com), which ensures two things: one, that the band will move modest numbers of the cassette; yet, two, those that buy it will be hardcore, loyal fans. Souls seem, at this point in their career, uninterested in, or at least unconcerned with, expanding their fan base. They are satisfied with making music for the heads that they know will appreciate it.

Sufjan Stevens- "The Avalanche" CD (Asthmatic Kitty)
“The little secret behind Sufjan Stevens' acclaimed Illinois is that it was originally conceived as a double album, culminating in a musical collage of nearly 50 songs. But as the project began to develop into an unwieldy epic, common sense weighed in-as did the opinions of others-and the project was cut in half. But as 2005 came to a close, Sufjan returned to the remaining songs on his 8-track. What he uncovered went beyond the merits of nostalgia. Sufjan gleaned 21 tracks from remaining material; some songs were in finished form, while others were merely outlines. Most of the material required substantial editing, new arrangements or vocals, and much of the work was done at the end of 2005 or in January the following year. As the title song The Avalanche bemuses, "I call you once my friends," Sufjan took in the odd musical misfits and gathered them together like a party of good friends.”

Venetian Snares- "Cavalcade Of Glee And Daist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms" LPx2 (Planet Mu)
“Having grown vastly in popularity since 2005's astounding Rossz Csillag Allat Szeletett (which has sold over fifteen thousand copies worldwide), Venetian Snares (aka Aaron Funk) has since headlined sold out shows everywhere. Cavalcade Of Glee And Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms is the true follow up to last year's Hungarian masterpiece. Consisting of ten tracks written over the last eighteen months, it shows Funk's versatility with form and mastery of his tools. Melody is at the fore recalling the 2004 release Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding, but the rhythms are still jackhammer heavy and wildly fluctuating. The album also features fantastic artwork by Arnold Steiner of AS1projects.”

Rick White- "The Rick White Album" LP+CD (Bluefog)
Amazingly, a Rick White song came on the player just as I was typing this. Mellow and well studied psychedelic pop in the vein of early Pink Floyd. Beautiful.

Thom Yorke- "The Eraser" CD+LP (XL)
Radioheads main guy releases his 1st solo project which has a heavy electronic vibe to it. You of course will be the judge, since Radiohead fans are a narrowminded lot for the most part.

Flaming Lips- "At War With The Mystics" LPx2 (Warner)
The new one, finally out on LP.

Boris - "Pink" (2xLP Ltd) (Southern Lord)
One of this years coolest releases gets the double vinyl treatment. Their most diverse yet, with forays into shoegaze & even Motorhead rock, as well as the usual sludge feast.

Mojave 3- "Puzzles Like You" LP (Beggars Banquet)
The LP version of their new release. A bit more uptempo this time around, it's still full of whip smart lyrics and melodies reminiscent of Nick Drake & Belle & Sebastian.

V/A- "Nuggets" CD (Rhino)

V/A- "Nuggets" (2LP) (Rhino)

Cut Chemist- "Audience's Listening" CD (Warner)
The debut album from Cut Chemist, formerly of pioneering underground hip-hop group Jurassic 5, The Audience's Listening is evocative of an era when sound enthusiasts put out records for the adventure of it, not as a vehicle tied to hit singles and booty-shaking videos. Using a turntable, mixer and computer to create the songs, this gifted DJ has conjured an homage to what is possible. Varied, uplifting and unexpected, rooted in hip-hop but leaping into new sonic territory, The Audience's Listening offers musical magic created by the alchemist known as Cut Chemist.

David Bromberg- "Demon In Disquise" CD (Columbia)
From 1972, this half live, half studio release see's David pickin' some damn righteous folk & blues. Contain's his definitive version of Mr. Bojangles & the amazing ballad "Sharon".

Strapping Young Lad- "The New Black" CD (Century Media)
The brand new and last release from these metal titans. Devin Townshend is throwing in the towel after touring this album to spend more time not being a under appreciated genius. Fuck 'em all Devin.

Helmet- "Monochrome" CD (Warcon)
Supposedely the new album which I know nothing about, as of yet.

Devendra Banhart- "Cripple Crow" LPx2 (XL)
Hippie outsider folk dealer's latest on double vinyl. I can't get enough of the title track.

Be Your Own PET- "S/T" CD (XL)
Blasting out of Nashville, TN, like a bottle rocket, the teenage garage-noise-pop band Be Your Own pet makes music that's as frenzied as it is catchy. Newly signed to the Ecstatic Peace label owned by Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) they unleash their debut full length on you, the unsuspecting public. Popular for quite awhile in the UK, this is sassy stuff that will make yr next party a water cooler hot topic.

Bedemon- "Child Of Darkness" CD (Import)
Bedemon was a project of sometimes-Pentagram 2nd guitarist, the late Randy Palmer, aided by the band's vocalist Bobby Liebling and drummer Geof O'Keefe. These raw recordings from 1973-79 were never officially released until now.

Joan Jett- "Sinner" CD (Blackheart)
Apart from the Japanese-only Naked in 2004, Joan Jett hadn't released an album of all-new material in over a decade when she released Sinner in summer 2006, an amazing gap of time considering how vital and flat-out rocking she sounds on the album. Many rockers of her age and stature might have been content to just throw out a safe and innocuous record to help fill up the merch stalls on the state fair circuit. Not Jett. Her honesty and unyielding toughness has given her enough cred to headline a major alt-rock festival in 2006, and Sinner has both those qualities and then some. (AMG)

HIM- "Dark Light" LPx2 (UNI)
Double vinyl release from this uber popular Euro Goth group.

Frank Zappa- "Absolutely Free" CD (Ryko)
A whole slew of early Zappa albums that meant so much to me as a disenfranchised youth. haha! No, seriously, these are all great 70's Zappa studio albums that focus more on songwriting than later ones did on guitar jamming (those are good to).

Frank Zappa- "We're Only In It For The Money" CD (Ryko)

Frank Zappa- "Weasels Ripped My Flesh" CD (Ryko)

Frank Zappa- "Chunga's Revenge" CD (Ryko)

Frank Zappa- "Just Another Band From LA" CD (Ryko)

Frank Zappa- "Apostrophe (')" CD (Ryko)

Sonic Youth- "Rather Ripped" CD (Geffen)
An imported version of the new cd with 2 songs not on the domestic, bonus tracks are "Helen Lundeberg" & "Eyeliner". 1 copy in stock.

HIM- "Dark Light" LPx2 (UNI)
Double vinyl release from this uber popular Euro Goth group.

Art Brut- "/Bang Bang Rock 'N' Roll" CD (Downtown)
First off, the tune-end of Art Brut is a solid sum-up of Kinks charm/chug, Clash bash, the Fall's frenetics, and Pulp quirk, washed down with more than the requisite pints.

Fleetwood Mac- "Then Play On" CD (Reprise)
Ya' know kids, way back when in the 60's & early 70's fleetwood mac didn't suck and live in the Hollywood Hills. They were a smokin' good blues rock band that had Peter Green (best white blues guitarist ever) stranglin' the strings for them and singing as well. This album still gives me the heebies with righteous tunes like "Showbiz Blues", "Oh Well" & "Fighting For Madge".

Hank Williams 111- "Risin' Outlaw" CD (Curb)
Restock of Hank's 1st album..

Hank Williams 111- "Lovesick, Broke & Driftin'" CD (Curb)
Restock of Hank's 2nd album.

Iron & Wine- "Our Endless Numbered Days" CD (Sub Pop)
Restock of this popular 2nd album from Florida's Sam Beam whose mopey and poetic accoustic ditties have served him well.

Charlie Feathers- "Tip Top Daddy" LP (Norton)
Accoustic demos from the 50's. Truly authentic rockabilly.

Jam- "This Is The Modern World" CD (Universal)
Restock of this newly remastered UK mod classic from the 80's. Fronted by Paul Weller, by the way!

Jam- "All Mod Cons" CD (Universal)
Restock of this newly remastered UK mod classic from the 80's. Fronted by Paul Weller, by the way!

Michael Franti & Spearhead- "YellFire!" CD (Anti)
On sale July 26th! Strikingly accomplished reggae with a message.

Peaches- "Impeach My Bush" CD+LP (XL)
Peaches has posted a message on her website asking fans to support stem cell research in the name of her wheelchair-confined sister who has had multiple sclerosis for 17 years. The singer's brother-in-law has started a program called Walk A Mile In My Shoes that asks supporters to send him an old pair of shoes and a letter to George W. Bush explaining why they think that stem cell research is important. The shoes and the letters will be forwarded to the White House, where Bush has vowed to veto any additional funding for stem cell research, which some people believe could hold the key to finding a cure for MS and other diseases. This is her brand new album on both cd & LP format.

Gwar- "Blood Bath & Beyond" DVD (Metal Blade)
Neolithic masters of mutant metal GWAR are delighted (well...happy) to announce their continuing dominance of this Toilet Earth and the surrounding solar systems Weep for joy humans—and continue the celebration of GWAR's 20 years loose upon the surface of thiswretched planet The top-secret Blood-Bath and Beyond, is a 20 year history of all things GWAR, including tons of never-before-seen footage, includings Oderus's attempt at directing porn (the rare "Filthy Chunks"). Hosted by Sleazy P. Martini and Oderus Urungus, this will have even the most pimply GWAR fan saying "huh?". With GWAR once again featured as the special guests on the Sounds of the Underground tour, awareness for this project will be in full force.

Rise Against- "Sufferer And The Witness" LP (Geffen)
LP version of the newest release.

Pogues- "Red Roses For Me" CD (EMI)
Restock of their 1st cd.

Warlocks- "Rise & Fall" CD (Bomp)
In many respects, the style-tombs this LA band plunders exist in the underground's collective subconscious. Rhythm guitar and organ combine like nothing but mid-period Velvets; gentler lead guitar flourishes are pure extensions of the Angelino Byrds/Love/Rain Parade tradition; the pulse's slow-moving inevitability and the shimmering, staggering wall of heavy drug imagery are classic Spacemen 3. These bilding blocks have been utilised by entire generations of sullen youths. But the way the Warlocks assemble them makes it all sound new, loud and ripe. The band's considerable size (they're an octet) gives them a natural sonic width that skinnier combos lack. And their twin drums can conjure up either the '68 Dead or the '7 Cramps (two truly Platonic ideals). But for all this name-checking, the Warlocks' raunch is unique, thuggy and esential.

Robin Trower- "Another Days Blues" CD (V12 Records)
British guitarist Robin Trower re-enters the fray with a solid, electric, British blues record. Another Days Blues features longtime drummer Reg Isidore, vocalist Davey Pattison (who sounds an awful lot like the late James Dewar), organist Nicky Brown, and bassist Dave Bronze, as well as a couple of ringers like keyboardist/bassist Paul Page, drummer Pete Thompson, and vocalist Hazel Fernandez. But the real story is the playing. Trower structured the sound and feel of this recording to be juxtaposed against albums like Twice Removed from Yesterday and Bridge of Sighs. While all the tracks are blues cuts, the silvery liquid darkness of his guitar and the background atmospherics stretch this beyond the usual Brit blues cage. His playing is better than ever -- a listen to the tasteful, slow yet biting "Someday Blues," the steamy roll in "21st Century Blues" or the gritty, punch-drunk fervor of "Next In Line," or the sheer wah-wah Hendrixian whomp of "Go My Way" is all the evidence one needs to know this is the best Trower recording in a dog's age -- or even two. (AMG)

Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards- "S/T" LP (Hellcat)
Restock on LP.

No Neck Blues Band- "Qvaris" CD (5 Rue Christine)
Primo instrumental combo based out of Harlem whose sole purpose is to push the sonic envelope and seemingly avoid the public eye. Qvaris is a continuation of their spooky blend of guitars, drums, strings, keyboards, and who knows what else (typical of their releases, no credits are given) that results in improvisational swirling psychedelic darkness. Some of the songs on this album would have made a brilliant soundtrack for a filmed version of H.P. Lovecraft's The Colour out of Space. Far from the loose spectral jamming of some of their earlier releases, this is the most cohesive, enchanted music No-Neck have ever made on tape.

Bob Dylan- "Greatest Hits" CD (Columbia)

Bob Dylan- "Infidels" CD (Columbia)

Bob Dylan- "Nashville Skyline" CD (Columbia)

Bob Dylan- "Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" CD (Columbia)

Bob Dylan- "Blood On TheTracks" CD (Columbia)

Bob Dylan- "Highway 61 Revisited" CD (Columbia)

Bob Dylan- "Blonde On Blonde" CD (Columbia)

Bob Dylan- "Bringing It All Back Home" CD (Columbia)

DRI- "Four Of A Kind" CD (Ryko)
This 1988 release sees the boys crossing over even more to the world of thrash metal.

DRI- "Thrashzone" CD (Ryko)
The follow up to "Four Of A Kind" saw the group continue its current fascination with metal, much to the chagrin of their early punk fans.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- "S/T" CD (Virgin)
Their excellent debut. Dark & menacing rock in a Jesus & Mary vein, but with more of a groove.

Pink Floyd- "Dark Side Of The Moon" LP (Capitol)
Restock of the fancy anniversary package on LP. Heavyweight vinyl plus all the original swag that came with it in 1973 (posters, postcards etc.)

Katatonia- "Great Cold Distance" CD (Peaceville)
Already being hailed another KATATONIA masterpiece, the band are back with their seventh album THE GREAT COLD DISTANCE. The album marks the latest leg of the journey for a band that truly has gone the great cold distance, progressing through the out and out crushing doom metal leanings of their early albums through the alt-rock spectrum of their most recent offerings. Each step has seen the band gather more fans and critical acclaim.

Darkthrone- "Blaze In The Northern Sky" CD (Peaceville)
A Blaze In The Northern Sky, Darkthrone's second album was originally released in 1992 and was without question THE blue print release for the fast growing Black Metal scene. An album that defined the now ubiquitous phrase True Norwegian Black Metal. Full of raging misanthropy and a healthy dose of existentialism the album was hailed in the press as an album of true scene shifting greatness. The album saw a whole new blacker than black Darkthrone, new names, new sound and highly visual black and white artwork. Fenriz claimed 'This is the new Darkthrone, the old Darkthrone is dead'.So great was the hunger and need for Darkthrone that it meant absolutely nothing to critics and fans alike that the band hardly ventured out to play live, on the contrary, this only added to the mystique of the band, and saw them, in the eyes of the fans as very much 'keeping it real'. Amid confusion and controversy the band released another two albums for Peaceville, with the infamous Varg Vikerness, of Burzum, (who achieved infamy when he was tried and found guilty of murdering Euronymous) sharing some of the writing credits on both Transilvanian Hunger and Panzerfaust. Stranger still, Euronymous introduced Darkthrone to Varg.

Katatonia- "Black Sessions" CDx2 +DVD (Peaceville)
Limited Edition 3 disc box set featuring 2 CDs of classic material from 1998 - 2004, plus DVD concert from 2003's 'Viva Emptiness' tour. Including all the singles and b-sides to date, together with the very best tracks from 1998's 'Discouraged Ones' and 2004's 'Viva Emptiness' (including 'Wait Outside', an unreleased track from the 'Viva Emptiness' sessions). Clam Box packaging, 12 page booklet + poster!


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