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    This Weeks New Stock & Restocks.   
    Monday, July 14 2008 @ 11:41 AM CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    All items now in stock. New T-Shirts listed below.

    The Astronauts- "Competition Coupe" LP 180 gram (Sundazed)
    Like every great surf combo worth its salt, the Astronauts were fully aware that the dragstrip was only a few miles away from the beach! When it came time to cut their 1964 LP, Competition Coupe, the fiery Boulder, Colorado quintet retooled their slippery-when-wet sound to accommodate the supercharged, A-gas burning crowd faster than the light blinks green on a Christmas-tree drag stack. The blistering lead guitar of Rich Fifield, stacked up against the twin rhythm-guitar assault of Bob Demmon and Dennis Lindsey, navigated the asphalt aisle as easily as it had previously straddled those pounding 20-footers on magical sides like "Little Ford Ragtop," "650 Scrambler," and album title-tune. A holy grail for surf 'n' drag collectors, Sundazed's high-definition vinyl, exact repro of Competition Coupe is cause for rubber-burning celebrations everywhere!

    Celtic Frost- "Parched With Thirst Am I And Dying" CD (EMI)

    The Libertines- "S/T" LP (Rough Trade)
    Restock of their 1st album.

    Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis- "Two Men With The Blues" LPx2 (Blue Note)
    Willie's latest collaboration with jazz horn man Wynton Marsalis. Double LP in a gatefold sleeve.

    Municipal Waste- "Waste 'em All" CD (Six Weeks)

    The Raconteurs- "Salute Your Solution" 12" (Warner)
    B-Side is "Top Yourself (Bluegrass version)". Limited!

    Bjork- "Volta" LPx2 (Warner)
    Double LP in a fantastic semi box package with gatefold front panels and a cool giant embossed sticker. One of the nicest looking albums I've had through here.

    Stormwarrior- "Northern Rage" CD (Magick)
    Restock. Hailing from Northern Germany STORMWARRIOR are known worldwide for their unique style combining True Heavy Metal anthems with the concept of Nordic mythology. Greatly inspired by the 80's metal scene, especially the Hamburg Metal godfathers like Helloween and Running Wild, band founder Lars Ramke decided for himself that there could be only one person who would be able to record their first album the way he wanted the album to sound: Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray/Ex-Helloween). Now the band is back with their 2nd studio album "Northern Rage" and much like a thunderstorm, it's full of power and energy. Riffs cutting like razorblades, pushing bass and drum attacks and melodies that stay etched in your mind – that’s pure metal without any mediocrity!

    Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter- "Like Love, Lust & the Open Halls Of The Soul" LPx2 180 gram (Barsuk)
    On their third offering, Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter widen their musical palette ever so slightly. The first noticeable difference is in the grain of Sykes' voice. She is far more world-worn this time out. She's raspier, digging into the meat of her lyrics more and stubbornly holding on to her syllables to open her lyrics enough to let her intent and emotion drip from them like raw, bittersweet honey. The Sweet Hereafter, led by Phil Wandscher (ex-Whiskeytown), is tighter, louder, and -- while still slow and purposeful -- more forceful. Check Wandscher's smoking guitar roar on "LLL," a song wrenched from sexual memory and emotional desolation: "Like love, lust/Sometimes you have to kill/The one you trust" (if the French writer Georges Bataille had been a woman born in the late 20th century perhaps). The band has been augmented by some curious guests as well, enlisted by producer and engineer Tucker Martine: jazz trumpeter Dave Carter leads the horn section, and vanguard violinist Eyvind Kang and Wayne Horvitz also appear. (AMG)
    The Monks- "Black Monk Time" LP (International)

    Detroit Cobras- "The Original Recordings" LPx2 (Munster)
    Licensed from the band (and their lawyers etc etc.)!! Munster Records proudly presents a compilation of the very first three 7" singles of the great and mighty DETROIT COBRAS, along with no less than NINE previously unreleased studio tracks of the same early days, by the original line-up!!!. Available on LP, CD and a very special limited edition boxset of six 7" singles in a hard glossy box!! All complete with a fantastic essay about the band's beginings, pics etc. "Some milestones of rock'n'roll magic are destined to stay where they started, and until now these early Cobras sides have done just that, languishing—like many of the musty 45s that inspired them—in attics and basements in the city in which they were created. But their time has long been overdue, and now here they are, along with a few unreleased sides from those halcyon early days, for rock ‘n’ roll fans the world over to blast loud and proud." Dexter Linwood (taken from the massive liner notes).

    The Dirtbombs- "If You Don't Already Have A Look" CD (In The Red)
    Mick Collins, leader of Detroit legends, the Dirtbombs, is fanatical about 7” singles. In their 10 year history, the Dirtbombs have released so many singles (on so many labels, in so many countries) that even the band have trouble keeping track of them. The Dirtbombs compilation album, If You Don’t Already Have A Look, pulls them together into one neat, but very eclectic, double album package. Along with some compilation tracks, unreleased gems and 8 new tracks.
    One disc is comprised of original compositions by the Dirtbombs – the other is made up entirely of cover versions. A handsome 24 page booklet full of photos and notes by the band augments this massive package making it a must have for any enthusiast of hard edged rock n’ roll music.
    Each Dirtbombs album has been a “concept” record. The first, Horndog Fest, was their punk album. The second, Ultraglide In Black, was a tribute to the black music that Mick grew up with. The third, Dangerous Magical Noise, was the glam-pop album. Mick is thrteatening that the third may be a tribute to 80s new wave. But it’s on the singles where the band have really let their hair down and explored strange genres, ideas and fancies.
    52 songs, including 29 non-album original tunes and 23 covers - songs by the Bee Gees, Black Diamonds, Ohio Players, Flipper, Cheater Slicks, Soft Cell, Yoko Ono, Gun Club, Elliot Smith, Stevie Wonder, The Elois (60s Oz punk legends), Rolling Stones etc. Includes 4 tracks recorded live to acetate at Melbourne's Corduroy Records.

    The Dirtbombs- "Ultraglide In Black" CD (In The Red)
    2nd album from 2001 featuring Mick Collins and his merry band of Dirtbombs, the album title taken from the cool late-nite flick Ultraglide In Blue is influenced by Sly & The Family Stone, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, Parliament, The Miracles and a host of others to obscure to mention with the addition of squealing feedback-driven guitar, dual drumming and walloping bass.

    The Dirtbombs- "We Have You Surrounded" CD (In The Red)
    The band has, at this point, been through 17 line-ups, always with the same basic structure, two basses -- one regular, one fuzz -- a guitar (Collins himself), two drummers and whoever happens to drift into the studio for backing vocals and hand-claps. (Collins' "innocent bystander" rule requires that anyone physically present at a Dirtbombs session contribute something to the record.) The distinctive double-shot rhythm section has been consistent through the Dirtbombs various incarnations -- as a soul band, as a pop band, as a cover band turning its voracious attention to everyone from Yoko Ono to Elliott Smith and even, recently, as the house band at a Cannes film festival party. While not exactly predictable, the Dirtbombs always sound like the Dirtbombs - thunderous, fuzzy, loose, funny, smarter than average and maybe a little dangerous.

    The King Khan & BBQ Show- "The King Khan & BBQ Show" LPx2 (In the Red)
    One, two, three, four, BANG! King Khan and BBQ take off their band(ages) and show what is not necessary to be on top if you live and breathe Rock ‘n Roll. Whoever witnesses how the right and left hand of the devil destroy the stage with teeny utensils only, must ask themselves “What more could they possibly need?” Black as Louisiana BBQ's falsetto sam-cooks through the aahs’ and oohs’ of the Rhythm’n’Blues, while he himself, all white, is misusing the strings of an old fender behind his primitive drum kit (can guitars bleed?) “Shake real low!” the dual show men proclaim while the guitar strap of the Maharaja of soul cuts into his bare, scarred and convulsing shuddering shoulders. He is going berserk like a mad whirling dervish across the stage: shake it real low! This is not romantic nostalgia. This is the eternal basis, the source that bursts wide open when two such creatures live and breathe Rock ‘n Roll.

    Minus the Bear- "Planet of Ice" LPx2 (Suburban Home)
    Restock. Double LP on clear blue vinyl.

    Monkeywrench- "Gabriel's Horn" CD (Birdman)
    Monkeywrench: Celebrating 17 years of a great idea; putting together the progenitors of the modern underground featuring Mark Arm and Steve Turner of Mudhoney fame, together with Tim Kerr (Poison 13, King Sound Quartet, The Big Boys), Gas Huffer's Tom Price, and Martin Bland (Lubricated Goat), Monkeywrench is nothing less than a Punk/Grunge supergroup.
    You won't be surprised to find the same glorious, fuzzed-out mess that characterizes Mudhoney's work, but there are notable differences here: Monkeywrench provides a twisted take on everything from country to Psychedelic and offers impressive bluesy guitar playing. There is a Texas roots taste spread through the tracks while the rhythm section lays down a fast and furious groove (Turner's bass playing is outstanding) while dueling guitars engage in a race to the finish line. Then there's Mark Arm's influential rasp -- an unkempt, sneering yowl. It's comforting to know these gents haven't settled down.

    Jon Spencer Blues Explosion- "Jukebox Explosion" LP (In the Red)
    Suicidal Tendencies- "Suicidal Tendencies" CD (Frontier)
    Restock of their 1st album.

    V/A- "Harmony Of The Spheres" CDx2 (Drunken Fish)
    The first of two cd's (side A of three records for all you purists) begins with Bardo Pond's paen to Spacemen 3. From the moment the super duper sweet bass melody starts, it's all over for me. I'm lucky if I can continue to function. The Bardos rock and sludge through the 20 minute barrier and beyond, creating a huge evening of sitar music-like tapestry that rips your head off.
    Flying Saucer Attack are up next and continue the theme of super sweetness! Throughout the four songs named "Since When," Dave Pierce invites us inside his world of folk/noise/drone. And what a wonderful world.
    On what is perhaps my favorite side, the sorely missed Jessamine proves how well they can improvise. Naked sounding guitar and fuzzy bass collide with abstract moogisms and circular drum patterns to create pure brilliance. Clocking in at 22:30 (also the song title), there are no cuts or edits here. I can only imagine that this is what they sounded like late at night with the lights off.
    On side b the solo axe wielders come out to play. The grand duke of the chorus pedal, Roy Montgomery starts off the side with a long single track quite reminiscent of his work on Temple IV, definitely not a bad thing. His guitar chimes away as farfisa drones in the background. You really can't go wrong with this combination.
    Loren Mazzacane Connors is up next and does little to distinguish himself from the shadow of Montgomery, but that's OK. Throughout his four songs, the guitar playing is wonderful and very relaxing.
    Charalambides ends the Harmony with a singular track entitled "Naked In Our Deathskins." While this is obviously home recorded, it is extremely charming in it's simplicity and beauty. Ringing guitar patters collide with wonderful female vocals to mesmerize the listener.
    Harmony Of The Spheres really is an essential for any music fan. It stands alone for being the best drone rock compilation of all time.

    Wire- "Object 47" CD (Pink Flag)
    Never a band to stagnate, Wire have consistently reinvented themselves with each and every release in their long career. This new disc puts them in an interesting situation, given that they have been reduced to a trio with the departure of guitarist Bruce Gilbert. This is a similar situation to the post-Manscape era, when Robert Grey (then Gotobed) left the band. That time, however, they became Wir and released material that, while sharing parallels to Wire, had a different feel entirely.

    Tilly & The Wall- "0" CD+LP (Team Love)
    Brand new release from this Omaha 5 piece (3 girls/2 guys) that writes gleeful harmony rich pop tunes sparked by their tap dancing rhythm section. Fun stuff. LP comes with free MP3 downloads.

    Tilly & The Wall- "Bottoms Of Barrels" CD (Team Love)
    Their second album. See above.

    The Notwist- "Neon Golden" CD (Domino)
    Restock. LP coming soon!

    The Constantines- "Tournament Of Hearts" CD (Sub Pop)

    The Black Angels- "Directions To See A Ghost" CD (Light In The Attic)
    "The Black Angels bring the aura of mid-1966 the drilling guitars of early Velvet Underground shows, the raga inflections of late-show Fillmore jams, the acid-prayer stomp of Austin avatars the 13th Floor Elevators everywhere they go, including the levitations on their second album, Directions to See a Ghost (Light In The Attic). Mid-Eighties echoes of Spacemen 3 and the Jesus and Mary Chain also roll through the scoured-guitar sustain and Alex Maas' rocker-monk incantations. But he knows what time it is. 'You say the Beatles stopped the war," Maas sings in 'Never/Ever.' 'They might've helped to find a cure/But it's still not over.' Even so, this medicine works wonders." - David Fricke, Rolling Stone

    The Black Keys- "Rubber Factory" LP (Fat Possum)
    Restock on LP.

    The Black Keys- "Thick Freakness" LP (Fat Possum)
    Restock on LP.

    Wolf Parade- "Apologies To The Queen Mary" LP (Sub Pop)
    Restock of their debut on LP. I also have the new one on LP as well.

    Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir- "Ten Thousand" CD (SAP)
    Their brand new album.

    Motorhead- "Ace Of Spades" CDx2 (Castle)
    Restock. Expanded double cd version with loads of bonus material.

    Joe Ely- "Musta Notta Gotta Alotta" CD (MCA)
    Restock. Joe's 2nd album. Vintage Austin singer songwriter country.

    The English Beat- "I Just Can't Stop It" CD (IRS)
    Restock. I had this in a couple of weeks ago and it went immediately. One of the best 80's pop/punk/ska cd's ever!

    The Boss Martians- "Pressure In The S.O.D.O." CD (Musick)
    Fronted by guitar-smashing, soul-shouting, anthem-writing buzzbomb Evan Foster, Seattle’s Boss Martians are the rock ‘n’ roll band to look for in 2008! These Northwest garage punkers are back with their first album in over five years, and all thirteen tracks on Pressure in the SODO are lessons in how to play rough yet ready unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll. Taking the album over the top is the Godfather of Garage Punk and the Rock Iguana himself: Iggy Pop! He wrote the Detroit-style hard rocker Mars Is For Martians especially for Boss Martians, and the tune features a titanic vocal duet between Iggy Pop and Evan Foster, with guitars so explosive they sound like a street fight between Ted Nugent and Wayne Kramer.

    Alejandro Escovedo- "Real Animal" LPx2 (Back Porch)
    The double LP version of the new album. Limited edition in a gatefold sleeve, with 2 bonus songs which don't appear on the CD! Fabulous praise coming from every corner. CD coming next week. Sorry for the delay.

    Dimmu Borgir- "Spiritual Black Dimensions" LPx2 (Back On Black)
    In stock for 1st time on vinyl.

    Dimmu Borgir- "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia" LPx2 (Back On Black)
    In stock for 1st time on vinyl.

    Dimmu Borgir- "Godless Savage Garden" LP (Back On Black)
    In stock for 1st time on vinyl.

    The Black Diamond Heavies- "A Touch Of Someone Else's Class" CD + LP (Alive)
    Brand new! First 500 copies on Red Vinyl. A smokin' organ & drum duo in the spirit of the Black Keys (not to over use the comparison), with a guest appearance by Dan Auerbach on one song. Vocals sound a lot like Tom Waits at the bottom of a well. These guys should be way large in another year or so.

    13th Floor Elevators- "Easter Everywhere" CD (Charly)
    Comes with 10 bonus songs & a 12 page illustrated book.

    13th Floor Elevators- "The Psychedelic Sounds Of" CD (Collectables)
    Restock. 60's Texas psyche.

    Weezer- "S/T" LP Colored Vinyl (Warner)
    Restock of the new album in a gatefold sleeve. Colored Vinyl.

    Coffins- "Buried Death" CD (20 Buck Spin)
    The Japanese band's third album has plenty of forward momentum, starting with the steady jackhammer riffing that is “Under the Stench” and continues to pound away at you until the last note of “The Frozen Styx” fades away. And yet it's also impossibly dense, a monolith of guttural distortion. This unholy mix of thrash and doom is an entity unto itself, singular in execution and approach, unrelentingly grim and heavy. Seriously, it makes Church of Misery seem like easy listening. (All That Is Heavy)

    White Stripes- "Icky Thump" LPx2 (Warner)
    Restock. This is currently the only White Stripes vinyl that can be purchased new. All other titles are oop for the time being.

    Burning Witch- "Crippled Lucifer" CDx2 (Southern Lord)
    Pretty much everything they've done in one set.

    The Zombies- "Odessey & Oracle" CD Expanded Version (Big Beat)
    Odessey and Oracle was one of the flukiest (and best) albums of the 1960s, and one of the most enduring long-players to come out of the entire British psychedelic boom, mixing trippy melodies, ornate choruses, and lush Mellotron sounds with a solid hard rock base. But it was overlooked completely in England and barely got out in America (with a big push by Al Kooper, who was then a Columbia Records producer); and it was neglected in the U.S. until the single "Time of the Season," culled from the album, topped the charts nearly two years after it was recorded, by which time the group was long disbanded.

    The Troggs- "S/T" CD (Repertoire)
    Remastered reissue of the debut album from this legendary 60's band, including their smash hit Wild Thing. With 4 bonus tracks, including an ad for Miller beer (as if a British band would drink that crap!)!

    The Troggs- "Cellophane" CD Expanded Version (Repertoire)
    The Troggs' third British LP was never issued in the U.S., where most of the tracks were unavailable for more than 20 years. For that reason, it was one of the more sought-after collector's items of the late 1960s. The group followed a more subdued, soft-rock folk-psychedelic path than they had on their earlier recordings, which wasn't necessarily a bad idea, as the hit single "Love Is All Around" (included here) proved.

    Morrissey- "That's How People Grow: Part 1" 7" (Polydor)
    New single. Different b-sides I would imagine.

    Morrissey- "That's How People Grow: Part 2" 7" (Polydor)
    New single. Different b-sides I would imagine.

    Black Keys- "Attack & Release" CD+LP (Nonesuch)
    Restock of the new album on both formats. The Gatefold LP version also contains the CD as a bonus.

    King Khan & The Shrines- "The Supreme Genius....." CD+LPx2 (Vice)
    Restock on both formats.

    Fred Eaglesmith- "Tinderbox" CD (Indie)
    Fred has gone through major changes recently. Last year his right hand man and long time band mate, Willie P. Bennett suffered a heart attack. Then early this year, Willie died. I don’t know how much of the changes in Fred’s music can be attributed to his friend’s passing, but to be sure, Tinderbox is a departure from the sound and style we're accustomed to hearing from Fred.
    Spare, primitive sounds dominate songs with the beat and rhythm you’d expect from old negro spirituals sung out in the fields, perhaps set to the pace of a hoe clawing at the ground. Gospel themes dominate, but Fred’s version of gospel is more like that Jesus offered—that of someone reared in the real world, not the words of some priest or preacher—part of the accepted establishment.
    Fred sings of a dark, forbidding world, a world that is killing him, day by day. He cries for rain, for mercy, for justice, a farmer on bended knee in a worked up field, a soldier back from war, a desperate outlaw, someone’s crying from the very back row in a failing church; the world’s about to end and everyone knows. He prays, and prays and prays. Yet evil men sit in high places and prey on those below.

    V/A- "You Don't Know: Ninja Cuts Sampler" LP (Ninja Tune)
    A few of the tracks from the new 3xCD mega sampler on LP. No plans to release the whole set on vinyl.

    Son Ambulance- "Someone Else's Deja Vu" CD+LPx2 (Saddle Creek)
    After more than three years since their last release, Son Ambulance emerges from hibernation deep in a realm of exotic '60s and '70s LPs for their third full-length, Someone Else's Déjà Vu, a bold leap back into the music world and the band's most challenging work yet. Primarily a Joseph Knapp solo effort, collaborating closely with former/current member Jeffrey Koster, Someone Else's Déjà vu marks a departure from 2005's Key, offers a sharper glimpse into Knapp's distinct songwriting abilities and reflects a depth of complexity and dream logic made perfect for a sublime musical experience capable of engaging many new listeners of any age. The LP is on 180 gram vinyl and contains free MP3 downloads.

    Johnny Dowd- " Drunkard's Masterpiece" CD (Bongo Beat)
    Johnny Dowd takes his vision of the American music soundscape to the brink of Hell, creating a wholly individualistic concept album that totters over pop culture's chasm like the bastard son of Johnny Cash and Deep Purple, the mighty doom-laden swell of Hammond Organ punctuating every acerbic lyric... it does! This is not really an Americana or Alt Country album as defined by the confines of those genres, altho it is definitely American Alt-Something, maybe Post-Progressive Rock, is that a genre we've just created?

    The Black Keys- "Chulahoma" LP (Fat Possum)
    Restock. An album of Junior Kimbrough songs, in tribute to the bluesman that inspired them the most.

    No Age- "Nouns" CD (Sub Pop)
    The duo of Dean Spunt (drums and vocals) and Randy Randall (guitar) are proudly noisy, drawing influence from early-'90s lo-fi acts like Eric's Trip as well as the New Zealand sound of that decade. They make no attempt to clean up their sound (though it does seem slightly more professionally recorded than the singles that made up their first release, Weirdo Rippers) as amps hum, drums clatter like garbage cans, and voices shout and holler. It's an arresting amount of noise and it may put you off initially. If you stick with it past the first wave of fuzz, though, you'll be captured by the songs, because No Age aren't about noise alone.

    Mudhoney- "Superfuzz Bigmuff" CDx2 (Sub Pop)
    The fancy recently released expanded version of this grunge/fuzz classic. Still one of the best ever for the genre.

    Besnard Lakes- "The Besnard Laks Are The Dark Horse" LP (Jagjaguwar)
    Restock on LP. Contains free MP3 downloads.



    Against Me- 2 Designs of T-Shirt small/medium/large
    Death Cab For Cutie- 3 Designs of T-Shirt small/medium/large
    The Decemberists- 2 Designs of T-Shirt small/medium/large
    High On Fire- 3 Designs of T-Shirt medium/large
    Melvins- 3 Designs of T-Shirt small/medium/large
    Minus The Bear- 5 Designs of T-Shirt small/medium/large
    The Pogues- 6 Designs of T-Shirt small/medium/large
    The Shins- 3 Designs of T-Shirt small/medium/large
    Elliott Smith- "New Moon" T-Shirt small/medium
    Social Distortion- 2 Designs of T-Shirt small/medium/large
    The Vandals- 2 Designs of T-Shirt small/medium/large
    Weezer- 3 Designs of T-Shirt medium/large
    The Weakerthans- 3 Designs of T-Shirt small/medium/large/extra large

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