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    New Stock Expected Tuesday   
    Monday, July 28 2008 @ 05:00 AM CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    Here's the 1st of this weeks list.

    Conor Oberst- "S/T" CD+LP (Merge)
    Release date is next tuesday. The latest from Mr. Bright Eyes, but this time under his own name. I've heard this numerous times, yet I have still not formulated an opinion. haha. What does this all mean.

    Led Zeppelin- "The Song Remains The Same" LPx4 Box Set (Warner)
    Brand new big ass box set of their legendary live album, now with 6 new tracks. All on 180 gram half speed mastered vinyl. Includes a 24 page booklet with oodles of pictures and new liner notes by Cameron Crowe. Limited.

    Boris- "Pink" LPx2 (Southern Lord)
    Last copy ever. Still on pink vinyl.

    Fairport Convention- "Leige & Leif" LP 180 gram (4 Men With Beards)
    "The fourth album from the Fairport Convention, originally released in 1970, is considered by many to be the paramount of British folk-rock. After three solid albums of folk-rock that only hinted at their British roots, Liege & Lief is the first Fairport record to fully and completely embrace their home country. They roll through no less than four traditional British folk songs including an incredible reading of 'Tam Lin' along with quality originals that pay tribute to and expand on their rich tradition. This is the last Fairport Convention record to feature core members Sandy Denny and Ashley Hutchings, and though it is decidedly British, it is an absolute classic of electric folk-rock of any variety." 180 gram vinyl, gatefold sleeve.

    Velvet Underground- "White Light, White Heat" LP 180 gram (4 Men With Beards)
    "If the Velvet Underground's debut record was a shot at the conventions of rock music, White Light/White Heat, released on Verve later that same year (1967), was a full-on nuclear blast. Relative to this record, The Velvet Underground & Nico was a gentle slab of folk-rock. From the amphetamine fueled and inspired opening of the title track to the the 17-minute assault that is 'Sister Ray,' White Light/White Heat hardly lets up for a second, with the haunting 'Here She Comes Now' being the album's only mellowing moment. One of the most difficult, challenging, and ultimately beautiful pop records of all time, considered by many to be the Velvets' greatest record." 180 gram virgin vinyl.

    V/A- "Highlife Time: Nigerian & Ghanian Times" LPx2 (Vampi Soul)
    Double LP of 70's Nigerian High Life music.

    Dalek- "Abandoned Language" LPx2 (Ipecac)
    On their fourth record, Abandoned Language, electronica- and progressive-minded rap group Dälek continues their exploration of the netherworlds of hip-hop, where dark, plodding, sewer-gas production churns with MC/producer dälek's nearly spoken rhymes. Beats are moody and delicately urgent, live strings and horns mix in with hollow drums and delayed keyboard chords, and everything is very purposeful, even in the occasional cacophony that folds itself out from amid the slow melody. (AMG)

    Dennis Wilson- "Pacific Ocean Blue" LPx3 Clear Blue Vinyl (Sundazed)
    In 1977, Dennis Wilson launched Pacific Ocean Blue, the first solo LP by a member of the world-famous Beach Boys. Amazingly, Dennis—the band’s drummer, surfer and all-around free spirit— emerged from the shadow of his older brother, pop genius Brian Wilson, and shocked the world by creating a heartfelt body of work unlike anything the Beach Boys had ever produced. Over 30 years later, Pacific Ocean Blue remains one of the most intoxicating solo showcases by a Wilson brother. Sundazed's vinyl edition of this lost masterpiece comes in a lavishly illustrated, triple-gatefold sleeve with the three LPs pressed in high-definition “Pacific Ocean Plue” vinyl. The first LP presents a gorgeous, newly-mastered version of the original album, and the other two LPs contain the absolute cream of Dennis Wilson's unreleased solo work, including enthralling material from his long-rumored Bambu project. Fans who have clamored for a proper vinyl release of this storied material will delight in this moment, while newcomers will be thrilled to discover the musical treasure hidden within one of rock’s true cult classics. This is Dennis Wilson sailing out into historic territory—as daring and wild as the sea, itself—and carving his name in the clouds for all eternity.

    Eric's Trip- "Road South" 7" (Sonic Unyon)
    B-sides include "Smoke" & "I Exist".

    Of Montreal- "She's A Rejector" 7" (Polyvinyl)
    B-sides include "Bunny Ain't No Kind Of Rider" & "Little Rock".

    Lustmord- "Other" CD (Hydrahead)
    Lustmord's latest collection of night terrors & Lynch-ian atmospherics. Featuring guest appearances by Adam Jones (Tool), King Buzzo (Melvins) and Aaron Turner (Isis).

    Earth- "The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull" CD (Southern Lord)
    “Earth's latest incarnation has arrived. After re-faceting some old gems for greater illumination on "Hibernaculum". The band returns once again to it's continuing evolution. Where "Hex" reveled in dark satanic twang and austere American beauty, "The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull" finds Dylan Carlson and the band growing into a harder, more rock, American Gospel and improvisatory direction framed by truly psychedelic production and blazing guitar sounds. Earth shows it's affinity with a nod to the best elements of the more adventurous San Francisco bands of the late 60's and 70's, and the more spiritually aware and exciting forms of Jazz-Rock from the same era. This is no nostalgia trip but a thoroughly inspired and original metamorphosis. Earth is also very honored to be joined on this record for three songs by legendary and virtuoso guitarist BILL FRISELL (doing some of his most fuzzed out playing in years!)”

    Nine Pound Hammer- "Kentucky Breakdown" CD (Acetate)

    Nine Pound Hammer- "Sex, Drugs & Bill Munroe" CD (Acetate)

    The Faint- "Fasciinatiion" CD (Blank.Wav)
    The Faint's fifth album, is the first in the band's ten-year history to be written, recorded, produced, art directed and released entirely on their own. ''Fasciinatiion'' is an album that draws on many defining facets of The Faint's sound, while remaining completely different from anything else they've put out. A record whose themes include predictions and the future, tabloid culture, the allure of what may never be, childhood lost and more, ''Fasciinatiion'' sounds as if it's been beamed in from a satellite whose sole purpose is observing, and making sense of, the details of every day existence. In certain ways, the album is the most mechanical and precise of the band's work: The vocals sounds less human than ever before; the bass lines are more mangled, keyboards spiral and squeal out of control; electronic pings and stabs invade the melodies; the lyrical anxiety and disdain of previous albums pervades almost every song on ''Fasciinatiion''. Opener ''Get Seduced'' is The Faint at their best, the song's critique of celebrity culture matched with one of the finest choruses they've ever written. First single, ''The Geeks Were Right'', draws on the tenets of futurist literature and sliding, siren-call guitars. ''Fulcrum and Lever'' marries ambient noise with space references, alienation and a stuttering, flexing beat, while ''Mirror Error'' explores identity and consciousness within its perfect, propulsive electro-pop. Closer ''A Battle Hymn for Children'' flinches with nervous rhythms against resentment of the future to be inherited and keyboards that sound like flailing voices (or is it flailing voices that sound like keyboards? On ''Fasciinatiion'', one can never tell). (Online review)

    Clinic- "FUNF" CD (Domino)
    Now comes Funf, a collection of odds and ends pulled from the steady flow of three-song singles that have accompanied each of Clinic's albums, covering the period from Internal Wrangler through last year's Visitations. Funny enough, the random, fractured flow of the disc is the closest the band has come to recreating the aesthetic their fans have pined for since Walking With Thee changed the script with its consistent, icy sound.

    Mono In VCF- "Mono In VCF" CD (Stylo)
    "Drifting In Space, somewhere between psychedelic Beatles & Massive Attack". (The Seattle Times)

    Lackthereof- "Your Anchor" CD (Barsuk)
    Lackthereof is Danny from Menomena.

    Oxford Collapse- "Bits" CD (Sub Pop)
    New on Sub Pop! This Brooklyn group walks the off kilter indie pop line, with melodic gang vocals and hooks o'plenty.

    Nada Surf- "Lucky" LP contains free MP3 downloads (Barsuk)
    If Fountains of Wayne create snarky power pop songs for Friday evenings, then Nada Surf is the band for Sunday afternoons. They've grown more emotive over the years, having replaced the sarcasm of 1996's "Popular" with a grown-up focus on pop songcraft and mellow instrumentation. And they've been lucky, too -- lucky in that their audience has remained, their (once rocky) label situation has steadied, and their chops have improved. (AMG)

    Toshack Highway- "Syd's Eyes" 7" (Black Mountain)
    B-side is "Silver Freight Train".

    Youth Brigade- "All Style, No Substance" 7" (BYO)
    B-side is "Sink With California".

    Supersuckers- "Saddle Tramp/Alright" 7" (SFTRI)
    B-side is "Poor".

    Kathleen Edwards- "Asking For Flowers" LP (Maple)
    Her latest on LP.

    Tom Waits- "Alice" LP (Anti)

    Gossip- "Standing In The Way Of Control" LP (KRS)
    Their most recent studio album from a few years back.

    Constantines & Feist- "Islands In The Stream" 7" (A&C)
    Restock. Big seller! Don't wait too long, as it won't be around forever.

    The Black Diamond Heavies- "A Touch Of Someone Else's Class" LP (Alive)
    A smokin' organ & drum duo in the spirit of the Black Keys (not to over use the comparison), with a guest appearance by Dan Auerbach on one song. Vocals sound a lot like Tom Waits at the bottom of a well. These guys should be way large in another year or so.

    Pelican- "The Fire In Our Throats....." CD (Hydrahead)

    Pelican- "Australasia" CD (Hydrahead)

    Rick White- "The Rick White Album" CD (Blue Fog)
    Restock. 1st solo album from Eric's Trip leader.

    The Unintended- "S/T" CD (Blue Fog)
    Very cool band led by Rick White (Eric's Trip). Also features members of The Sadies & Blue Rodeo.

    Elevator- "August" CD (Blue Fog)
    Restock. From 2004.

    Adam Franklin- "Bolts Of Melody" CD (High Speed Soul)
    Debut solo album by Swervedriver singer guitarist. From last year.

    Big Business- "Head For The Shallow" CD (Hydrahead)
    Their 1st album. Both these guys are now members of the Melvins.

    Toshack Highway vs. Sianspheric- "Magnetic Morning/AspirinAge" CDx2 (Sonic Unyon)
    Toshack Highway is Adam Franklin (Swervedriver). Sianspheric are a moody spacey combo from Burlington Ont.

    V/A- "Punk & Disorderly" DVDx2 (Halo 8)
    Halo-8 Entertainment has secured North American distribution rights to the European smash hit music video "PUNK & DISORDERLY," a dvd-set that compiles performances from the 2005 & 2006 editions of the world-renowned punk festival. Produced by Sunny Bastards and M.A.D. Tourbooking, the video runs 5+ hours and features live performances from over 90 bands including SHAM 69, The Business, Conflict, Anti-Nowhere League, The Boys, The Oppressed, and many many more. The 'Punk & Disorderly' Festival is one of the largest annual punk music gatherings in the world. It all started back in 2000 when the creators of the very successful 'Punk & Disorderly' compilation albums joined forces with the producers of UK's 'Holidays In The Sun' Festival for a Berlin version of the famed event. In 2002, the popular Berlin event became known as 'The Punk & Disorderly Festival' and every year since then it has brought together some of the most influential established bands sides by side with some of the most promising new bands. This 2-DVD set compiles songs from every band at the 2005 & 2006 events, over 90 bands in total including: ANTIDOTE, ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE, ARGY BARGY, THE BOYS, BRIGADA FLORES MAGON, BROILERS, THE BUSINESS, CHEMICAL CHAOS, DEMOB, DISCIPLINE, DISTRICT, EASTSIDE BOYS, EDDIE & THE HOT RODS, THEE FLANDERS, GOLDBLADE, HATEFUL, DIE KASSIERER, THE KINGS OF NUTHIN’, KLASSE KRIMINALE, LAST RESORT, MADLOCKS, MARK FOGGO, ONE WAY SYSTEM, THE OPPRESSED, REJECTED YOUTH, RIOT COMPANY, STAGE BOTTLES, STOMPER 98, TOWERBLOCKS, THE VOICE, VOLXSTURM, 999, BIERPATRIOTEN, THE BLAGGERS, BOVVER BOYS, CHELSEA, CHRON GEN, DEADLINE, CONFLICT, DRITTE WAHL, EMSCHERKURVE 77, GERM ATTACKS, LOKALMATADORE, OHL, PORTERS, RED ALERT, SONDASCHULE, TOXPACK, THE VOICE, THE VARUKERS, SHAM69, THE NEGATIVES, BLOOD & WHISKEY, URBAN REJECTS, THE VOICE, SS-KALIERT, THE FILAMENTS, WRETCHED ONES, PARTISANS, and tons more.

    Primal Scream- "Beautiful Future" CD (BUnique)
    ’BEAUTIFUL FUTURE’ is Primal Scream’s ninth studio album and their first for BUnique. The bulk of the album was produced by Björn Yttling [Peter, Björn and John] and Paul Epworth (Bloc Party) including the incredible first single ‘Can’t Go Back’. The album features guest collaborations from Lovefoxx of CSS, Josh Homme from Queens Of the Stone Age and folk legend Linda Thompson. As you would expect from one of Britain’s most exciting and inventive bands ‘BEAUTIFUL FUTURE’ displays a heady mix of genre crunching taking in Philly soul, dark electro, accelerated rock¹n¹roll riffs and pure British pop - all given that particular Scream edge.

    Dinosaur Jr.- "Beyond" LP+7" (fat Possum)
    Their most recent album from a couple of years ago. LP back in stock after a lengthy absence. Contains free 7" single.

    Terry Callier- "I Just Can't Help Myself" LP (Cadet)
    He is an absolute find. Sort of a cross between Van Morrison and Marvin Gaye. A recent discovery that thoroughly entertains.

    Terry Callier- "What Color Is Love" LP (Cadet)
    Like the artist himself, the music on this brilliant album defies all categories, embracing Terry Callier's wide range of influences and experiences. Callier's musical kaleidoscope is filled with funk, rock, folk, jazz, and even classical influences. "Dancing Girl" opens the album with Charles Stepney's majestic orchestration. This opus is the album's pinnacle, moving with soft intensity toward soul-stirring crescendos. No matter where you turn, Callier's passionate voice captures the sweeping drama of the human condition. A lost romantic amid "concrete front yards," this album is a must-have for any music connoisseur.

    Daft Punk- "Home Work" LPx2 (Astralwerks)
    Their 5 star debut from 1997. Daft Punk's full-length debut is a funk-house hailstorm, giving real form to a style of straight-ahead dance music not attempted since the early fusion days of on-the-one funk and dance-party disco. Thick, rumbling bass, vocoders, choppy breaks and beats, and a certain brash naiveté permeate the record from start to finish, giving it the edge of an almost certain classic.

    Architecture In Helsinki- "Like It Or Not" CD (Polyvinyl)
    The Australian sextet is back with their third single from their critically lauded album of 2007 "Places Like This." 5 tracks with various mixes and such.

    Buddy Guy- "Skin Deep" CD (Silvertone)
    Buddy Guy returns with Skin Deep, his first album since 2005. Guy wrote or co-wrote seven of the 12 songs on the album and is joined by guests (Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Eric Clapton, and Robert Randolph) on five of them.

    Alejandro Escovedo- "Real Animal" CD+LPx2 (Back Porch)
    The latest release from this Americana icon. Finally here on CD. I also have a copy of the limited edition double LP that contains 2 bonus songs not found on the CD.

    Hank Williams III- "Lovesick, Broke & Driftin'" CD (Curb)
    Restock of Hank III's 2nd cd.

    Equilibrium- "Sagas" CD (Nuclear Blast)
    Equilibrium are considered one of the hottest up and coming bands in Germany right now. The melodic Folk Black Metal band from Munich have gained a huge fanbase with their 2005 debut album, Turis Fratyr, and with many successful live gigs throughout Europe. The songs on Sagas are all in their native German, giving the album a true Bavarian feel that melds well with the band's use of a traditional Black Metal sound. Though the band formed in 2001 and are relatively new to the Black and Pagan Metal scene, Equilibrium have covered a lot of ground and made a name for themselves in this short time. The evolution of the band's sound and production are quite evident on Sagas, making this their perfect introduction into the North American market!

    Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis- "Two Men With The Blues" LPx2 (Blue Note)
    Willie's latest collaboration with jazz horn man Wynton Marsalis. Double LP in a gatefold sleeve.

    Captain Beyond- "S/T" CD (Universal)
    Captain Beyond was a rock group formed in Los Angeles in 1972 by ex-members of other prominent groups. Singer Rod Evans had been with Deep Purple; drummer Bobby Caldwell had worked with Johnny Winter; and guitarist Larry Rheinhart and Lee Dorman had been in Iron Butterfly. Captain Beyond is a one-of-a-kind progressive album with rock, heavy metal, and jazz influences with a "space rock" lyrical bend. Musically, the album is superior in all aspects. Rod Evans has a strong rock voice, Rhino plays an enormous amount of hook-laden guitar lines, and Lee Dorman plays complex basslines (for example, at the end of "As the Moon Speaks-Return") that lead to typically rhythmic, nimble Bobby Caldwell drumming. The tightness between musicians is enormous, never lets up for long, and leaves the listener feeling like the ride should continue for the indefinite future.

    Bonnie Prince Billy- "The Letting Go" LP (Drag City)
    Restock on LP.

    Bonnie Prince Billy- "Master & Everyone" LP (Drag City)
    Restock on LP.

    Bonnie Prince Billy- "Lie Down In The Light" LP (Drag City)
    Restock on LP.

    Misery Signals- "Controller" CD (Ferret)
    Brand new!

    Tusk- "Get Ready" CD (Hewhocorrupts)
    2002 release from this Illinois band. Apparently they fit into the post metal scene, with others like Isis, Pelican, Discordant Axis etc.

    U2- "Boy" LP Remastered 180 gram (Mercury)
    U2’s first three albums have been re-mastered and will be released by Universal on July 21st. Following the re-mastered release of The Joshua Tree last year, Edge has overseen a similar re-mastering of Boy (1980), October (1981) and War (1983), all of which have been re-mastered from the original audio tapes. The packaging on all three titles has been restored and expanded, with new liner notes for each record, previously unseen photos and full lyrics. A single album re-mastered version on 180gram vinyl with restored packaging. Tracklisting: Side One 1. I Will Follow 2. Twilight 3. An Cat Dubh 4. Into The Heart 5. Out Of Control Side Two 1. Stories For Boys 2. The Ocean 3. A Day Without Me 4. Another Time, Another Place 5. The Electric Co. 6. Shadows And Tall Trees.

    U2- "October" LP Remastered 180 gram (Mercury)
    U2’s first three albums have been re-mastered and will be released by Universal on July 21st. Following the re-mastered release of The Joshua Tree last year, Edge has overseen a similar re-mastering of Boy (1980), October (1981) and War (1983), all of which have been re-mastered from the original audio tapes. Each album will be released in physical and digital formats; as a standard single disc, a deluxe double version including a disc of b-sides, live tracks and rarities, and an LP version pressed on 180gm virgin vinyl A single album re-mastered version on 180gram vinyl with restored packaging.

    U2- "War" LP Remastered 180 gram (Mercury)
    U2’s first three albums have been re-mastered and will be released by Universal on July 21st. Following the re-mastered release of The Joshua Tree last year, Edge has overseen a similar re-mastering of Boy (1980), October (1981) and War (1983), all of which have been re-mastered from the original audio tapes. Each album will be released in physical and digital formats; as a standard single disc, a deluxe double version including a disc of b-sides, live tracks and rarities, and an LP version pressed on 180gm virgin vinyl A single album re-mastered version on 180gram vinyl with restored packaging.

    Metallica- "Master Of Puppets" LPx2 (Warner)
    The 3rd installment in the reissuing of the early Metallica LP's. Once again they offer up the limited version in a double 12'' 45rpm format. Half speed mastered at the Mobile Fidelity studios from the original analog masters. Gatefold sleeve.

    Metallica- "Master Of Puppets" LP 180 gram (Warner)
    This is the non limited single album version.


    Also coming this week. Full descriptions soon!

    16 Horsepower- "Live March 2001" CDx2 (Alternative Tentacles)
    Besnard Lakes- "Volume 1" CD (Breakglass/Jagjaguwar)
    Black Mountain- "In the Future" LPx2 (Jagjaguwar)
    Canned Heat- "Uncanned! The Best of Canned Heat" CDx2 (EMI)
    Neko Case- "Furnace Room Lullaby" CD (Mint)
    Detroit Cobras- "The Original Recordings" CD+LP (Munster/Cobraside)
    Detroit Cobras- "Mink, Rat or Rabbit" LP (Sympathy)
    Freeze- "Token Bones" CD (Dr. Strange)
    Generation X- "Generation X" CD (Chrysalis)
    The Gruesomes- "Tyrants of Teen Trash" CD (Ricochet Sound)
    James Last- "In Los Angeles" LP (Bureau B)
    The National- "Alligator" CD (Beggars Banquet)
    Oneida- "Preteen Weaponry" CD+LP (Jagjaguwar)
    Palace Brothers- "There Is No One What Will Take Care Of You" LP (Drag City)
    The Red Krayola- "Fingerpointing" CD (Drag City)
    Sleep- "Sleep: Volume 1" CD (Tupelo)
    V/A- "...and Back to Earth Again: Ten Years of Meteorcity" CDx3 (MeteorCity)
    Wesley Willis- "Greatest Hits" LP (Alternative Tentacles)
    Wire- "Object 47" CD (Pink Flag)
    Wooden Shjips- "Volume 1" CD (Holy Mountain)

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