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    New Stock For X-Ray!   
    Monday, August 11 2008 @ 05:03 AM CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    All titles now here.

    Terry Callier- "Speak Your Peace" CD (Mr.Bongo)
    When Terry Callier returned to the music scene as an active participant in 1998, after 20 years in self-imposed exile, he jumped headlong into the recording and touring process. His first two recordings, the fine Timepeace and the less-than-satisfying LifeTime, both had songs worthy of anything Callier ever wrote during the 1960s or 1970s. The live album, Alive on Mr. Bongo from 2001, is a testament to that. But finding a producer who could properly illustrate the vast subtleties in Callier's work, which effortlessly blurs the boundaries between jazz, pop, soul, and poetry, proved difficult in the studio. On Speak Your Peace, Callier has found the perfect working mates in Jean-Paul Maunick and Marc Mac (from 4Hero), two men who understand that his work is more about nuance than statement, sense impression than solid image, poetry than prose. Callier's glorious voice and wonderfully fluid acoustic guitar are front and center in the mixes of both men.

    Grizzly Bear- "Yellow House" CD (Warp)
    Restock. Also in on LP.

    The Watson Twins- "Fire Songs" CD (Vangaurd)
    These are the gals who backed up Jenny Lewis on her last album.

    Bobby Previte & The New Bump- "Set The Alarm For Monday" CD (Palmetto)
    Super "Cool" noir jazz from NYC led by drummer Bobby Previte. Excellent use of horns & vibes. Like the soundtrack to a 50's detective movie.

    Frightened Rabbit- "The Midnight Organ Fight" CD (Fat Cat)
    These guys are currently one of my favorite bands. This past year has seen Frightened Rabbit finally step into public view, with widespred touring and their acclaimed debut LP ‘Sing The Greys’ made widely available in a revised and significantly revamped form. Following just six months in tow of the ‘Sing The Greys’, ‘Midnight Organ Fight’ is nonethless a very different beast. A progression both in terms of songwriting and sonic depth, the majority of songs on their debut were written sporadically over a two year period, whereas ‘Midnight…’ was conceived over a much shorter period, with the band spending much longer in preparation for the recordings themselves. This renewed sense of focus shows in the detail and general completeness of the album, a transcendental pop record that rewards each further listen . Scott Rabbit concurs: ‘I think it gives it a very tangible sense of a certain time in my life, allowing the album to feel like a rounded whole as opposed to a selection of songs’.

    Plant & Animals- "Parc Avenue" LPx2 (Secret City)
    “Powerful yet gentle, profound yet unpretentious, this is the kind of stuff that can make people cry and fist pump at the same time.” – Exclaim!Parc Avenue is an is Plants and Animals’ proper full length debut, an 11-song opus that weaves in and out of anthems and ballads, mostly nodding at real-life moments encountered during the album's conception. From friends' weddings and sewing buttons, to dungeon-like jam spaces and Portuguese soccer fans taking over Mile End in Montreal, Parc Avenue is ultimately a love-letter to the neighbourhood, friends, and lovers that inspired it. Recorded entirely to analogue tape, Parc Avenue is filled with everything from classic seventies guitar tones to intricately orchestrated pop, and dirty, epic post-rock.

    Daft Punk- "Homework" LPx2 (EMI)
    Imported double LP version of their 1st release. Gatefold sleeve.

    Oxford Collapse- "Bits" CD (Sub Pop)
    Trust Sub Pop to hit another home run with this little NYC combo. Shambling melodic pop/rock in the vein of new groups like Frightened Rabbit and older crews like The Wedding Present. Recommended.

    Lackthereof- "My Anchor" CD (Barsuk)
    Your anchor was performed entirely by Danny Seim (when not busy with his other band, Menomena), and was recorded and mixed in his basement in Portland.

    Captain Beefheart- "Shiny Beast....." CD+LP 180 gram vinyl (EMI)
    From 1978. So titled because the original album, simply titled Bat Chain Puller, had to be ditched and rerecorded after a legal tuzzle involving Frank Zappa's manager, Shiny Beast turned out to be manna from heaven for those feeling Beefheart had lost his way on his two Mercury albums. Then again, what else could be assumed with a song titled "Tropical Hot Dog Night" that sounds like what happened when Beefheart encountered Miami disco and decided to make something of it?

    The Fugs- "First Album" CD (Fantasy)
    When poet and publisher Ed Sanders established a bookstore next to the apartment of beat poet and publisher Tuli Kupferberg in 1964, the two decided to form a band, The Fugs, writing 50-60 songs between them prior to asking Ken Weaver to join. The trio invited Steve Weber and Peter Stampfel of the band Holy Modal Rounders to perform with them at the 1965 grand opening of Sanders' bookstore. Sanders describes the event as heavily attended, with William S. Burroughs, George Plimpton and James Michener among the luminaries in attendance. Harry Everett Smith, producer of the famous Anthology of American Folk Music, persuaded Folkways Records to issue the Fugs' first album. Following recording sessions in April and June of 1965, the album The Village Fugs—Ballads and Songs of Contemporary Protest, Points of View and General Dissatisfaction was released. Following a nationwide tour, The Fugs signed a contract with ESP-Disk, who re-released the album in 1966.

    Brimstone Howl- "Guts Of Steel" CD (Alive)
    BRIMSTONE HOWL's sound is a furious mix of 60's influenced garage and old school punk that has been alternately described as "scuzzy blues-ish punk gone Killed by Death, like a lo-fi, art damaged early Gun Club," and "'60s blues-based rock 'n' roll played Billy Childish style-super loose, raw, and f*d-up." Born in the small towns of southeast Nebraska, the boys of BRIMSTONE HOWL worked on the farms and now make their music in Lincoln, a city-town neither urban enough for dandies or country enough for rodeo motorcyclists. Cranking out several 45s in one year, including one engineered by Jay Reatard, they've toured and played with bands such as the Black Lips, Radio Moscow, Boston Chinks, Gris Gris, and the Black Keys. Delivering in-your-face live performances, they describe themselves as "Guitar sluts and hook thieves with hearts of chrome, but with pretty good lyrics," and their music as "like burnt, steady tom beats, the blues, and looooooowwwwwd fuzz." Impressed by the band's dual sonic attack and on-stage presence, producer Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys has perfectly captured their wall of blasting fuzz and primal energy on this great rock'n'roll album.

    Captain Beefheart- "Mirror Man" LP (Buddha)
    Restock on LP.

    Captain Beefheart- "Clear Spot" LP (Reprise)
    Restock on LP.

    Captain Beefheart- "Unconditionally Guarenteed" LP (Poly)
    Restock on LP.

    Captain Beefheart- "Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)" LP (EMI)
    Restock on LP.

    13th Floor Elevators- "The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators" LP MONO (Sundazed)
    Restock. Roky Erickson and his band of Texas misfits produced this mind boggling masterpiece in 1966. Did the 13th Floor Elevators invent psychedelic rock? Aficionados will be debating that point for decades, but if Roky Erickson and his fellow travelers into inner space weren't there first, they were certainly close to the front of the line, and there are few albums from the early stages of the psych movement that sound as distinctively trippy -- and remain as pleasing -- as the group's groundbreaking debut, The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators.

    Jello Biafra w/The Melvins- "Never Breathe What You Can't See" CD (Alternative Tentacles)
    Breathtaking collaboration between Jello (Dead Kennedys) & The Melvins.

    Black Diamond Heavies- "A Touch of Some One Else's Class" LP (Alive)
    Now on vinyl. Black Diamond Heavies is a self-described punk-ass blues duo from the South consisting of John Wesley Myers on bass keys, fender Rhodes, organ, and lead vocals and Van Campbell on drums, percussion and vocals. "A Touch Of Someone Else's Class" is the follow up to their acclaimed 2007 debut "Every Damn Time" (Alive), and it's a another slab of grungy, dirty, blues punk rock'n'roll with a heavy, greasy, touch of soul. This time the two-piece traveled to Akron, Ohio, to team up with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and record in his newly built studio, equipped with vintage gear. The result is everything one would expect, and more. The "blues groove monsters" deliver another blues/soul/rock masterpiece of gothic proportions. Worth mentioning is a guest appearance by Ralph Carney on horns, best known for his long-time association with Tom Waits.

    Black Lips- "Let It Bloom" LP (In The Red)
    “Though barely into their twenties, Atlanta's Black Lips have toured the U.S. and Europe several times, released two albums, lost a lead guitarist in a car crash, built a rabid cult following and earned a reputation as one of the wildest live bands around. You won't want to stand too close to the stage at a Black Lips performance - violence, nudity, arson and projectile vomiting are staples of their show. This grimy and chaotic garage-punk quartet truly doesn't give a fuck, something they've proved, intentionally or not, time and time again. Formed with the intent to cross the sounds of the Back From The Grave '60s garage comps with the live mayhem The Germs, The 'Lips have developed a sound unlike anyone else. Those familiar with the group may be a bit surprised by the sound of Let It Bloom, which, while still scuzzy and raw, is their catchiest, most melodic effort to date. Had Royal Trux listened to The Troggs instead of The Rolling Stones, they might have recorded this album. "The Black Lips are the only current garage band that matters." - Mick Collins (Dirtbombs, Gories) "Like Creedence crossed with gauze-wrapped early '90s garagists the Mummies." - Village Voice "Think '70s sloppy punks like Flipper or The Germs bashing out some '60s garage from the Nuggets series. This is punk on the front porch - damaged rock for damaged people." -

    Black Mountain- "Black Mountain" LP (Scratch)
    Restock of their 1st LP.

    Vashti Bunyan- "Just Another Diamond Day" LP+7" (DiCristina)
    The wait is over, the LP reissue is finally available, in a lovely gatefold jacket even. CD in stock too. Wonderful new album out October 25. “E-s-s-e-n-t-i-a-l formerly lost pastoral folk album of renown, produced by Joe Boyd (Fairport Convention, Nick Drake, Incredible String Band), featuring members of Fairport & ISB. [LP version contains] four extra tracks with a book of lyrics and artwork, updated by Vashti herself. Additional poster included, unique to the North American edition. Named one of the top British albums of all time (#54) by London Observer. Spoken about extensively by producer Joe Boyd, most recently in an interview in The Wire. Notable fans include: Devendra Banhart, Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins), Animal Collective, Four Tet, Fridge.”

    Vashti Bunyan- "Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind" LPx2 (DiCristina)
    Now available on vinyl. “Following the amazing success story of Vashti Bunyan's recent reemergence as an artist after an exile of over 30 years comes the release of Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind, a comprehensive collection of early recordings from the period prior to her classic 1970 Just Another Diamond Day album. Titled after the (Jagger/Richards-penned) debut single which opens the double-album, Some Things attempts to both draw a line under the past and also to set the record straight regarding the disparity between how Bunyan viewed (and still views) herself and the way the public views her as an artist. While she is widely regarded as folk singer - a tag with which she fundamentally disagrees - these recordings instead reveal Bunyan as a pop singer, however "fragile" and unique. As she explains in her liner notes to the album, "I have heard it said that Andrew Oldham took this fragile little folk singer and tried to make her into a pop singer against her will. No, he didn't. Too fragile for his world I might have been, but that was no fault of his... I wanted to bring simple acoustic music into mainstream pop." This complete collection of Bunyan's 25 existing early recordings is a young London girl's series of beautiful love songs that resonate profoundly via an almost brutal efficiency and honesty. The melodies seem timelessly sweet and addictive, the vision at once delicate but somehow tough as granite. The first disc gathers together the early singles (two of which were unreleased) and a set of demos recorded between 1965 and 1967; the second comprises the entire, unaltered contents of a long-forgotten tape discovered at the last minute before mastering, containing a set of raw, pure, intimate recordings.”

    The Detroit Cobras- "Mink, Rat or Rabbit" CD+LP (Sympathy)
    Restock of their 1st release on both formats. Super duper Detroit garage/soul music.

    Dimmu Borgir- "In Sorte Diaboli" CD (Nuclear Blast)
    “Norway`s finest, DIMMU BORGIR, strike back with their eighth opus In Sorte Diaboli, and it is their most elaborate and thrilling effort so far! Again produced by Swedish mastermind Fredrik Nordström, the nine new DIMMU BORGIR tracks are a true lesson in fierce yet melodic Northern blackness...Combining all DIMMU BORGIR trademarks such as brutal highspeed parts, catchy hooks, ethereal melodies and complex song arrangements, In Sorte Diaboli certainly was worth the wait. Recorded in the famous Fredman Studios, this album will certainly see the band grow larger than life and definitely larger than Black Metal itself! "DIMMU BORGIR strike back with their most ambitious album so far...prepare yourself for a true masterpiece of Black Metal complexity!" Frode Johnsrud / SCREAM

    Bob Dylan- "Another Side Of" LP 180 gram (Sundazed)
    Swank Dylan reissue series continues. Exact repro, original mono mix, all analog mastering from original masters on 180 gram vinyl.

    Fugazi/Jem Cohen- "Instrument" DVD (Dischord)
    Culled from ten years' worth of footage both audio and visual, Jem Cohen's Instrument is easily one of the most unique films about a band that has ever surfaced. Unlike most documentaries, which follow the interview/footage/interview/footage formula, Instrument has a more liquid feel to it. The viewer is never settled in, never coddled. Even the extensive live footage is never predictable. Songs may fade earlier than others, cut off abruptly, or come in right in the middle. But its not Cohen's job to compile live material. His time with the band has allowed him to put together a film that is the closest visual interpretation of a Fugazi full-length musical work, with all the twists and turns that entails.

    Leadbelly- "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" LP Colored Vinyl (Cleopatra)
    “Limited to 300 hand numbered, brown marble copies. Comes with a button & a patch. TRACKLISTING: 1. Where Did You Sleep Last Night 2. The Bourgeois Blues 3. Looky Looky Yonder 4. The Gallis Pole 5. Big Fat Woman 6. Bring Me Lil Watter Silvy 7. John Hardy 8. Goodnight Irene 9. How Long Blues 10. On A Monday 11. Blue Tail Fly 12. The Boll Weevil 13. Borrow Love And Go 14. Pretty Flowers In My Back Yard.

    Bob Marley- "African Herbsman" LP Colored Vinyl (Cleopatra)
    “Limited to 300 green vinyl, hand numbered copies. Comes with a button & a patch. TRACKLISTING: 1. Mr. Brown 2. Soul Rebel 3. Duppy Conqueror 4. 400 Years 5. Try Me 6. African Herbsman 7. Keep On Moving 8. Fussing And Fighting 9. Stand Alone 10. My Cup 11. Put It On 12. Sun Is Shining”

    Nathanial Mayer- "Why Don't You Give It To Me" LP Colored Vinyl (Alive)
    "A psychedelic classic!" - Detroit Free Press Following his critically acclaimed comeback album "I Just Want To Be Held" (Fat Possum 2004), Detroit soul legend Nathaniel Mayers new album sounds like the record he should have made in 1970. This time production was the team effort of Matthew Smith (Outrageous Cherry), Dan Auerbach (Black Keys), and Dave Shettler (SSM/The Sights), all simultaneously turning knobs, grabbing faders, and switching various boxes on and off. Troy Gregory (Dirtbombs) played bass. The result is soul music with a psychedelic rock n' roll heart. Purple vinyl!

    The Methadones- "Career Objective" LP (Underground Communique)
    “Dan Schaefer (a.k.a Dan Vapid) is back in full effect with a new Methadones record in tow. Best known for his role in Chicago’s Screeching Weasel, plus stints in The Riverdales, The Queers, the Mopes, and Sludgeworth, Schaefer brings his addictive pop-punk expertise with the precision and intensity of his past projects combined. The Methadones brand of hook-infused, gritty, throbbing punkrock is mind-bogglingly energetic, aggressive and in-your-face. Recorded by Mass Giorgini (Screeching Weasel, Groovie Ghoulies, Queers and more), Career Objective plays loud, fast and furious. This limited edition LP version has two extra bonus tracks (from hard to find compilations) and is available on colored vinyl.

    Of Montreal- "The Sunlandic Twins" LPx2 (Polyvinyl)
    “Hailing from Athens, Of Montreal have carved their own niche in the indie-pop world, establishing themselves as a uniquely twisted band that thrills fans with compelling live performances, delights critics with their constant innovations and refinements, and continually showcases their musical evolution that culls together influences as varied as Brian Eno, Television, Prince, and The Shins. With The Sunlandic Twins, they have achieved their masterpiece, making it their most cohesive and adventurous record to date. As Of Montreal mastermind Kevin Barnes puts it: The album plays out like an electro pop opera, although no lorgnette is required. [The Sunlandic Twins begins] buoyant and opalescent, traversing a labyrinthine Neptune, and climaxing in a blackout darkness one only discovers in warm solitude. CD includes four-song bonus CDEP. LP includes five-song bonus 12" with David Barnes etching on B-side and gatefold LP jacket.

    The Pack A.D.- "Funeral Mix Tape" CD (Mint)
    Vinyl delayed. “Funeral Mixtape arrives hot on the heels of The Pack A.D.'s Mint Records debut Tintype. Recorded live off the floor to analog tape at The Hive Studios, Funeral Mixtape encapsulates the intensity and warmth of The Pack A.D.'s songwriting. Recorded at the Hive Studios to analog tape by Jesse Gander Funeral Mixtape captures the power of Becky Black's vocals at their best (heard on tracks such as the New Orleans death march "Oh Be Joyful"). How can a duo generate such a massive sound? Becky Black's vocals have been compared to Janis Joplin (and Tracy Chapman), and the combined duo's live show to long established acts like The Black Keys. All comparisons aside The Pack A.D. exhibits an ability to present the sound and vision of the blues in their own way: brooding, explosive, and unrestrained.”

    The Pack A.D.- "Tintype" CD+LP (Mint)
    Formerly known as the Pack, here is the Mint re-issue (with improved artwork) of the Vancouver blues/garage duo’s popular debut album. Expect the usual Mint push and media/radio presence. Touring to come.. Vinyl delayed until March. “Becky Black and Maya Miller of The Pack A.D. mean business. They take life on the road, Civil War stories, coffee and cigarettes, stir them into a vicious concoction of garage rock and Jack Daniels and then boil it alive in the blues. Holding the torch high in today's garage rock revival, this Vancouver duo strikes with a raw, hell-torn, blues-rock swagger that is equally contemplative and unflinching. The Pack A.D. is a duo. but do not expect a stripped down drum and guitar outfit. The Pack A.D. is two women. But do not expect "girly" music. The Pack A.D. blends traditional blues and rock, with the focus on rhythm guitar, solid drum lines and singing straight from the gut. With their full sound, The Pack A.D. is at times haunting and at others irresistibly foot stomping. Black's voice has the feel of a hot, whiskey-soaked night and Miller's drums fill out a restrained, yet loose sound, just waiting on a snowfall... and that's just the way they like it. Tintype, their debut album, is 17 tracks of Becky and Maya rockin', handing out their blues the way they know best ‹ loud, edgy and unforgiving, and you can't help but respect their blunt, no bullshit approach. Enough with the flashy lightning-bolt haircuts of today; The Pack A.D. are here to take on the world, one town (and one cup of coffee) at a time.”

    The Slackers- "Self Medication" CD (Indication)
    “File Under: Ska. While NYC's The Slackers have been influenced and even personally taught by Jamaican ska/reggae originators like the Skatalites and the Upsetters, the band sees its music through an American lens. This group is equally appreciative of old blues, 60s soul, rock and R&B as it is of reggae, rocksteady, dub, and ska. It's as if the Rolling Stones or the Yardbirds had grown up on Bob Marley as well as Muddy Waters. The Slackers are now set to release their 7th studio full length, Self Medication - 12 brilliant songs that find the band continuing to transcend the confines of genre. After a long run of successful albums on Tim Armstrong's Hellcat/Epitaph label, Self Medication makes the band's first LP on newly formed Indication Records, which is run by their old friends and ex-label mates The Pietasters.”

    The Sonics- "Introducing...." LP (Beat Rocket)
    Restock. Ass blasting 60's garage punk from the Pacific Northwest.

    V/A- "Harmony Of The Spheres" CDx2 (Drunken Fish)
    The first of two cd's (side A of three records for all you purists) begins with Bardo Pond's paen to Spacemen 3. From the moment the super duper sweet bass melody starts, it's all over for me. I'm lucky if I can continue to function. The Bardos rock and sludge through the 20 minute barrier and beyond, creating a huge evening of sitar music-like tapestry that rips your head off.
    Flying Saucer Attack are up next and continue the theme of super sweetness! Throughout the four songs named "Since When," Dave Pierce invites us inside his world of folk/noise/drone. And what a wonderful world.
    On what is perhaps my favorite side, the sorely missed Jessamine proves how well they can improvise. Naked sounding guitar and fuzzy bass collide with abstract moogisms and circular drum patterns to create pure brilliance. Clocking in at 22:30 (also the song title), there are no cuts or edits here. I can only imagine that this is what they sounded like late at night with the lights off.
    On side b the solo axe wielders come out to play. The grand duke of the chorus pedal, Roy Montgomery starts off the side with a long single track quite reminiscent of his work on Temple IV, definitely not a bad thing. His guitar chimes away as farfisa drones in the background. You really can't go wrong with this combination.
    Loren Mazzacane Connors is up next and does little to distinguish himself from the shadow of Montgomery, but that's OK. Throughout his four songs, the guitar playing is wonderful and very relaxing.
    Charalambides ends the Harmony with a singular track entitled "Naked In Our Deathskins." While this is obviously home recorded, it is extremely charming in it's simplicity and beauty. Ringing guitar patters collide with wonderful female vocals to mesmerize the listener.
    Harmony Of The Spheres really is an essential for any music fan. It stands alone for being the best drone rock compilation of all time. Even if you don't particularly like any of the bands included, you really should get over it and buy this right now!

    Vetiver- "Thing Of The Past" LP (Gnomonsong)
    Two years after the highly acclaimed To Find Me Gone, Andy Cabic and Vetiver return with a new album of old songs, all hidden treasures, entitled Thing of the Past. Think of it as Cabic's fully realized mix tape to the world-- a collection of some of his favorite songs from some of his favorite records-- but presented, sequenced, and in this case performed by Cabic himself, with a little help from his friends far and wide. Produced by Thom Monahan and Cabic, Thing Of The Past was recorded in 2007 in Sacramento and Los Angeles. The basic tracks were done live in the studio, with the resultant record clearly showcasing a tight-knit band of hugely talented musicians. As witnesses to their live shows over the past year will attest, this is a group in full mastery of their craft-- fluid yet fully aligned, intuitively opening out or reigning in their power as the mood dictates. Featuring core Vetiver members Cabic (vocals/guitar/banjo), Brent Dunn (bass), Sanders Trippe (guitar/vocals), Otto Hauser (drums/keyboards) and Kevin Barker (guitar/banjo/vocals), the album includes contributions from two of Cabic's heroes, Vashti Bunyan (who duets on "Sleep A Million Years") and Michael Hurley (who does likewise on his own "Blue Driver"). Other players include "Farmer" Dave Scher (keyboard/pedal steel/melodica), Jason Quever (piano/keyboard), Ben Kunin (sarod), Jonathan Wilson (acoustic guitar), Emma Smith (violin), and vocalists Meara O'Reilly and Abigail and Lily Chapin. From good-time rocking on Hawkwind's "Hurry On Sundown" and Loudon Wainwright III's "The Swimming Song" to the beautiful triptych of songs that runs from Biff Rose's "To Baby" through Ian Matthews' "Road To Ronderlin" and Garland Jeffreys' "Lon Chaney," this is a diverse and harmonious collection of songs. With the album so centered around the lasting resonance of the song, the focus inevitably falls upon Cabic's warm, honey-toned vocals, which are perfectly suited to the material he's gathered. Rather than obvious plundering from the well-worn rock cannon, these are largely overlooked and forgotten tunes (spanning a period from 1967-1973, and mostly by US songwriters), dusted off, reverently refashioned, and given the opportunity to sing again. Though a few of the artists covered are well-known, many are not, and in selecting and performing these songs, Vetiver have appended enduring versions very much their own. As Cabic comments, "I think this is the best album I've yet to make, in no small part because the songs are so good, but also because I didn't write them, which offered me a useful combination of restraint and freedom in performing them, bringing out the best in myself and the other musicians. It was an experiment, and it was one of the best experiences I've yet to have recording anything.”

    Bjork- "Volta" LPx2 (Warner)
    Back In Stock! Double LP in a fantastic semi box package with gatefold front panels and a cool giant embossed sticker. One of the nicest looking albums I've had through here.

    Gil Scott-Heron- "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" CD (RCA)
    17 track compilation from this acid tongued Jazz Poet.

    Johnny Winter- "The Progressive Blues Experiment" CD (Capitol)
    Originally released in 1969. A great place to begin if you want to explore the hard blues rock of this Texas guitar god.

    Sleep- "Sleep's Holy Mountain" CD (Earache)
    Their 2nd album from 1993. Heavy psychedelic stoner rock.

    James Taylor- "Mud Slide Slim" LP 180 gram (Warner/Rhino)
    Recent reissue of James' excellent 2nd album. Heavyweight HQ vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, just like the original. Memories.

    IOTA- "Tales" CD (Small Stone)
    New from Small Stone. This Salt Lake City combo will 'git you going if you dig groups like Milligram, Dozer or Five Horse Johnson.

    Medeski Martin & Wood- "Combustication" CD (Blue Note)

    Medeski Martin & Wood- "The End Of The World Party" CD (Blue Note)

    Medeski Martin & Wood- "Uninvisible" CD (Blue Note)

    The Forgotten- "S/T" CD (TKO)
    The latest from these street punk dandy's.

    The Adicts- "Sound Of Music" CD (Taang!)
    Contains 7 bonus songs.

    The Adicts- "Smart Alex" CD (Taang!)
    Contains 3 bonus songs.

    Savoy Brown- "Blue Matter/ A Step Further" CDx2 (BGO)
    Two full albums of vintage UK blues rock for all you old timers out there.

    Savoy Brown- "Raw Sienna/Looking In" CD (BGO)
    Two full albums of vintage UK blues rock for all you old timers out there.

    Terry Reid- "Seed Of Memory" CD (BGO)
    There's so much Terry Reid that goes in and out Of here, that it seems he shows up on just about every weekly update. Still my favorite, "Seed Of Memory" (1973) is loaded with classic 70's style Laurel Canyon rock all sung with maximum soul and it features guests like Graham Nash & David Lindley (guitar). I mention this everytime, but Terry was originally earmarked to be the singer for both Led Zeppelin & Deep Purple, but turned them down to pursue a solo career. Bad career move, but ultimately he produced some great music. Highly regarded, to be sure.

    Stereolab- "Mars Audiac Quintet" CD (Elektra)
    Restock from 1994. New album coming very soon.

    AcidMothersGuruGuru- "Psychedelic Navigator" CD (Important)
    Acid Mothers Guru Guru features Mani Neumeier from legendary, influential German Krautrock group Guru Guru as well as Kawabata Makoto and Atsushi Tsuyama from Japan's holy Acid Mothers Temple. The result is a fiery, fantasy-filled, loud/soft trans-generational psychedelic collaboration. Acid Mothers Guru Guru started with a spontaneous session in March 2006 in Nagoya, Japan. When the improvisation commenced, the passionate excitement was clear to all in the room, and it was then that this special psychedelic trio began. A Japanese tour was planned, an album was recorded, and this recording is the fruit of this mutual musical admiration. While all involved will admit that this is a dream collaboration, it was the Acid Mothers Temple guys who worshipped Guru Guru in their teens. Psychedelic Navigator features two generations of psychedelic rock joining forces for the twenty-first century.

    Bob Seger- "Smokin' O.P's" CD (Capitol)
    Back in 1972 when this was released Bob was still a credible artist with an awesome voice, and this collection of covers and originals bears this out. Fiery versions of Bo Diddley & Turn On Your Lovelight, as well as gut wrenching readings of If I Were A Carpenter & Hummingbird. I'll love this album forever, even if I occasionally get laughed at.

    The Duane Peters Gunfight- "S/T" CD (Disaster)
    Another incarnation from the king of skid. Released in 2005. This one rarely comes in for some reason, not for lack of ordering it though.

    Duane Peters & The Hunns- "Unite" CD (Disaster)
    Restock. From 2000. LP coming back very soon.

    The Photon Band- "Back Down To Earth" CD (Empyrean)
    On the Photon Band' first album in over five years, leader Art DiFuria has abandoned the solitude of outer (and inner) space to come to terms with this world. Appropriately titled Back Down to Earth (Empryean - in partnership with Transit of Venus), the new album features eight outside musicians, more than on any previous Photon Band effort, including N. E. Farnsworth III from Bardo Pond, Dmitri Coats of the Burning Brides.
    The results are the bluesiest, heaviest, most soulful Photon Band ever. Hendrix's ghost haunts most of the songs, especially the upbeat trio of songs that start the album. But by the time we reach the blue-eyed soul of the Track 4, "Your Doubt, Your Truth", and the Monkee'd-up Motown of Track 5, "Where Did the Love Go?", easy answers are in short supply. Of the remaining cuts, even the uplifting sounding "Whatchagonnado?" offers no solutions. Things don't end pleasantly; on the album's closer, "Last Call, Badnight", it sounds as if our initially optimistic hero has come "back down to earth" in the worst of all possible ways. After a drunken ballet of twitches and stumbles, he has collapsed with a dazed thud. But all in the best way, of course.
    While playing guitar for the Lilys in the late fall of 1993, Art Di Furia picked up his favorite astrology mag, Welcome to Planet Earth, and read about a "band of photonic matter" that will envelop the earth and change consciousness forever. It seemed to Art that this explained everything: music of all kinds had been filling his head lately. Sometimes, he'd hear a lyric or a melody. Sometimes he'd hear an entire song with full instrumentation. His dreams featured unreproducable sounds with corresponding colors, and visitations from Jimi Hendrix, Syd Barrett, John Coltrane, and Sun Ra.

    Grails- "Take Refuge In Clean Living" LPx2 (Important)
    First time in on double LP for this highly inventive instrumental combo. Similar to Explosions In The Sky without the continuous roller coaster of dynamics. Good stuff!

    V/A- "American Hardcore: The History Of American Punk Rock 1980-1986" LP (Rhino/Sony)
    Soundtrack to the movie on LP.

    Gossip- "Movement" CD+LP (KRS)
    Restock on both formats.

    Gossip- "That's Not What I Heard" CD+LP (KRS)
    Restock on both formats.

    Blood Brothers- "Crimes" LP (Second Nature)
    Back in stock on colored vinyl.

    Street Dogs- "State Of Grace" CD+LP (Hellcat)
    New release from the original singer of Dropkick Murphys. LP on colored vinyl.

    Soundgarden- "Badmotorfinger" LP (A&M)
    Restock on LP.

    My Bloody Valentine- "Loveless" LP 180 gram (Plain)

    My Bloody Valentine- "Isn't Anything" LP 180 gram (Plain)

    Tool- "Opiate" LP (Zoo)

    Tool- "Undertow" LPx2 (Zoo)

    Tool- "Lateralus" LPx2 (Zoo)
    Restock. Double Picture disc in Holographic gatefold sleeve.

    Rancid- "Music Videos 1993-2003" DVD (Rancid)
    Just like it says, all the band's vid's over a ten year period. 18 in all.

    Joni Mitchell- "Blue" LP 180 gram (Reprise)
    Heavy duty reissue of this fine album from 1971. "Sad, spare, and beautiful, Blue is the quintessential confessional singer/songwriter album. Forthright and poetic, Joni Mitchell's songs are raw nerves, tales of love and loss (two words with relative meaning here) etched with stunning complexity; even tracks like "All I Want," "My Old Man," and "Carey" -- the brightest, most hopeful moments on the record -- are darkened by bittersweet moments of sorrow and loneliness. At the same time that songs like "Little Green" (about a child given up for adoption) and the title cut (a hymn to salvation supposedly penned for James Taylor) raise the stakes of confessional folk-pop to new levels of honesty and openness, Mitchell's music moves beyond the constraints of acoustic folk into more intricate and diverse territory, setting the stage for the experimentation of her later work. Unrivaled in its intensity and insight, Blue remains a watershed." (AMG)

    Bob Dylan- "Nashville Skyline" LP 180 gram (Sundazed)
    Restock. Bob's foray into country with guest spots from Johnny Cash on "Girl From The North Country". Also includes "Lay Lady Lay" amongst other gems. 5 stars.

    Black Keys- "Magic Potion" LP (Nonesuch)
    Back in stock on LP. All cd's from the Black Keys are also in stock, as well as their Australian concert DVD.

    Me First & The Gimme Gimmes- "Have Another Ball" LP+CD (Fat Wreck)
    ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES are up to their old hijinks with the release of their 7th full length, Have Another Ball. In order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their debut album, Have a Ball, the GIMMES are releasing the second installment of recordings from the original session. Wait, say what?!? Yes, the wildly popular Have a Ball was initially recorded as a double album, but the band decided that the two disc extravaganza might be too much rock for the uninitiated masses. Subsequently there is another album’s worth of material just waiting to be devoured by GIMMES fans, old and new. Have Another Ball is chock-full of 70’s classics from the likes of John Denver, Hall and Oates, Neil Diamond, and Elton John, with that distinctive GIMME GIMMES twist. Re-mixed, re-mastered and ready to deliver. Vinyl edition includes a CD version of the full album.

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