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    New Stock For The Week   
    Tuesday, October 14 2008 @ 05:06 AM CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    This weeks stock.

    The Smiths- "The Queen Is Dead" LP (Rough Trade)
    Imported from the Netherlands on green vinyl.

    Stephen Malkmus- "Gardenia" 7" (Domino)
    The b-side is "Walk Into The Mirror".

    Barathrum- "Venomous" CD (Spinefarm)
    Metal outfit Barathrum's seventh recording includes tracks such as "Witchmaster" and "Sinister Autumn."

    Opeth- "Blackwater Park" LPx2 (Koch)
    Not since the release of Tiamat's groundbreaking masterpiece Wildhoney in 1994 had the extreme metal scene witnessed such an overwhelming show of fan enthusiasm and uniform critical praise as that bestowed upon Blackwater Park, the astounding fifth effort from Swedish metal titans Opeth. A work of breathtaking creative breadth, Blackwater Park (named after an obscure German progressive rock outfit from the 1970s) keeps with Opeth's tradition by transcending the limits of death/black metal and repeatedly shattering the foundations of conventional songwriting, to boot. Rarely does a band manage to break new ground without losing touch with its roots, but Opeth has made a career of it — perhaps never as effortlessly as on this occasion. But the biggest difference between Blackwater Park and previous offerings lies not in the remarkably high songwriting standards achieved by main man Mikael Åkerfeldt (that's a given with him), but in the first-time involvement of Porcupine Tree leader Steve Wilson, whose contributions as producer lend an unprecedented fluidity to Opeth's restlessly inventive arrangements.

    Buddy Miles Express- "Hell & Back" CD (Innerhythmic)
    Buddy Miles re-emerges with a sonic jolt of hard rhythm & blues on his most powerful recording ever, fusing the deepest circuits of soul, gospel, funk and rock 'n roll while channeling the influences of Wilson Pickett, Jimi Hendrix, Funkadelic and more...

    Kings Of Leon- "Fans" 7" (Columbia)
    B-side track is "Woo Hoo".

    Yo La Tengo- "I Am Not Afraid Of You & Will Beat Your Ass" CD (Matador)

    The Zombies- "Odessey And Oracle" LP (EMI)
    Restock of this psyche/pop classic.

    Powderfinger- "Dream Days At The Hotel Existence" CD (Universal)
    The sixth studio effort from Powderfinger sees them largely revisit the sound of their Internationalist album, leaving behind much of the glam and swagger of 2003's Vulture Street. Despite the recruitment of Rob Schnapf (Beck, the Vines, Elliott Smith) in favor of three-time Powderfinger producer Nick DiDia, this appears to be a deliberate move to capture the magic and success of the late '90s. Coming together for their first album in four years, the Brisbane quartet chose to work in Los Angeles, except for "Black Tears," which was recorded locally in Australia.

    Cocteau Twins- "Garlands" CD (4AD)
    Their first proper album. Still their darkest, bleakest & heaviest release. No serious record collection is complete without this little beauty. From 1982.

    Saul Williams- "Inevitable Rise & Liberation Of Niggy Tardust" LPx2 plus free download (Red Ink)
    The new release from hip hop beat poet Saul Williams. Produced by Trent Reznor.

    Beck- "Gamma Ray" 7" (Geffen)
    B-side is "Bonfire Blondes".

    Beck- "Gamma Ray" 7" (Geffen)
    B-side is "Gamma Ray - Jay Reatard Mix".

    The Undertones- "Teenage Kicks EP" 7" (Salvo)
    Limited edition, numbered, remastered 30th anniversary reissue of the classic debut from The Undertones. Includes the original poster booklet. 4 great tracks!

    Elliott Smith- "S/T" LP (KRS)

    Elliott Smith- "Either/Or" LP (KRS)

    Elliott Smith- "XO" LP 180 gram (Plain)

    Elliott Smith- "Figure 8" LPx2 180 gram (Plain)

    Pearl Jam- "Ten" LP 180 gram (Columbia)
    Back in stock. From Holland.

    The Distillers- "S/T" LP (Hellcat)
    Back in stock.

    The Distillers- "Sing Sing Death House" LP (Hellcat)
    Back in stock.

    Le Tigre- "S/T" LP (Le Tigre Records)

    Le Tigre- "This Island" LP (Le Tigre Records)

    Tom Waits- "Mule Variations" CD (Anti)

    Tom Waits- "Orphans" CDx3 (Anti)

    U2- "Under A Blood Red Sky" LP (Universal)
    Newly reissued and in for the 1st time.

    Rosebuds- "Life Like" CD+LP (Merge)
    Brand new! The fourth full-length from this Raleigh, NC band is a return to more organic territory, barely a year after releasing the synth-heavy dance pop of 2007's Night Of The Furies. Guest appearances by Portastatic's Matthew McCaughan, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, and Ashley Stove's Jim Brantley. 180 gram LP comes with free MP3 download coupon.

    Mourning Beloveth- "The Sullen Sulcus" CD (Grau)
    European funeral doom.

    Runemagick- "On Funeral Wings" CD (ChapterXXI)
    Swedish Doom Metal. This album is from 2004.

    Negative Reaction/Ramesses- "Split" CD (Avante Garde)
    Negative Reaction is the New York sludge combo. Ramesses is the band formed by the (drunk, stoned) guys that quit Electric Wizard.

    The Black Keys- "The Big Come Up" LP (Alive)
    Back in stock on both red & purple vinyl. Limited to 500 copies in each color.

    Marvin Gaye- "Let's Get It On" LP Colored Vinyl (Motown)
    Back in stock.

    Marvin Gaye- "Trouble Man" LP 180 gram(Motown)
    Back in stock.

    Screaming Trees- "Ocean Of Confusion" CD (Epic)
    Featuring Mark Lanegan. This is a Anthology of their Columbia years.

    Venom- "Metal City" DVD (Cherry Red)
    Released for the first time on DVD, this Venom collection features selections from the early years (and early incarnations) of one of the best metal bands of all time. In the first half of the Eighties, Venom cut their three most influential albums - 'Welcome To Hell', 'Black Metal' and 'At War With Satan'. As precursors of thrash metal, Venom were as influential as any British metal band of their era. This DVD not only contains backstage and pastiche pieces of the band at home in and around Newcastle, it also contains the full "Making Of" film produced when the video for "Nightmare" was being shot. A selection of live concert shoots and video clips makes this a must for any collector of a genre, pioneered by Venom and very few others. This DVD contains footage of 3 other bands besides Venom.

    Bloomfield/Kooper/Stills- "Super Session" LP (Atlantic)
    70's super jam session with Stephen Stills, Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield.

    John Lee Hooker- "Boom Boom" 7" (Collectables)
    B-side is "Boogie Chillun".

    John Lee Hooker- "Travelin'" LP (VeeJay)
    This collection features grinding, tough Blues such as I Know Tonight and Dusty Road and kicks off with Hooker's biggest hit of the '60s, No Shoes. 12 tracks.

    Buena Vista Social Club- "Live @ Carnegie Hall" LPx2 (World Circuit)
    This really is a fantastic double live album - beautiful package, and the extensive liner notes are an interesting read - a really nice supplement to the music. Even if you are familiar with the Buena Vista story, the extra info really brings home how historic the appearance of all these Cuban musicians at Carnegie Hall really was. Heavyweight vinyl in a triple gatefold sleeve.

    Dragonforce- "Ultra Beatdown" LP (Roadrunner)
    180 gram vinyl with free MP3 download.

    Movie- "Ladies & Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains" DVD (Rhino)
    Rock & Roll Cinema from 1982. A cult classic starring Diane Lane, Laura Dern & Ray Winstone, with performances by members of The Sex Pistols, The Clash & the Tubes.

    John Lennon- "Plastic Ono Band" LP (Mobile Fidelity)
    Original Master Recording! Decades later it's a little hard to appreciate just how shocking Plastic Ono Band was at the time of its release. Yes, John Lennon's first post-Beatles solo album is still a must-own for any rock fan, but decades of punk, metal, and grunge have desensitized our ears somewhat to the naked howls of despair that fill tracks like "Mother," "Isolation," and "I Found Out." In addition, "I don't believe in Beatles," the climactic line of "God," doesn't have nearly the resonance as it did around the time of the Fab Four's breakup, when such a sentiment practically bordered on heresy. And yet it's a testament to the high quality of Lennon's songs that Plastic Ono Band continues to be an incredibly moving listening experience. (Online review)

    Wendy O.Williams- "Kommander Of Kaos" CD (Plasmatics Media)
    Although best known as the death-defying leader of the Plasmatics, Wendy O. Williams issued several albums on her own during the 1980s. And while her earlier band was a certified punk outfit, by this stage of her career, Williams was zeroing in on the heavy metal audience -- Gene Simmons had produced an earlier album, while the singer was spotted hosting a heavy metal video show on the USA cable channel. So by the time of 1986's Kommander of Kaos, Williams was knee-deep in metal. Once more, Simmons' name makes an appearance on a Williams record (not as a producer this time, but as a songwriter -- "Ain't None of Your Business"), while Williams covers Motörhead's "Jailbait," and the main riff of the album's opening "Hey Hey (Live to Rock)" is quite reminiscent of Mötley Crüe's "Live Wire."

    Dr. Doooom- "Dr. Doooom 2" CD+LPx2 (Threshold)
    Kool Keith is back!

    Johnny Winter- "Johnny Winter And/Johnny Winter And Live" CDx2 (BGO)
    Two classic albums on a double CD set.

    Bonnie Prince Billy- "Lie Down In The Light" CD (Drag City)
    Restock of his latest album.

    Acidmothersguruguru- "Psychedelic Navigator" CD (Important Records)
    AcidMothersGuruGuru features Mani Neumeier from the legendary and influential German Krautrock group Guru Guru as well as Kawabata Makoto and Atsushi Tsuyama from Japan's holy Acid Mothers Temple. The result is a fiery fantasy filled, loud/soft, colorful trans-generational psychedelic collaboration.
    The AcidMothersGuruGuru started in a spontaneous session in March of 2006 in Nagoya, Japan. When the improvisation commenced the passionate excitement was clear to all in the room and it was then that this special psychedelic trio began. A Japanese tour was planned, an album was recorded and this recording is the fruits of this mutual musical admiration.
    While all involved will admit that this is a dream collaborations it was the Acid Mothers Temple guys who were worshipping Guru Guru in their teens. The AcidMothersGuruGuru is two generations of psychedelic rock joining forces for the 21st century.

    Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.- "Electric Heavyland" CD (Alien8)
    The power of the universe erupts over the course of these three songs. Electric Heavyland is one of the most over top releases to come out of the Temple so far, and is perhaps Kawabata Makoto’s heaviest groove-oriented material since the classic Mainliner debut, Mellow Out. The recording is made of three tracks that at times will have listeners reminiscing over the likes of early Mudhoney and Monster Magnet’s Spine of God era sound. It’s the one of the catchiest records from the incredibly prolific psych unit in recent times and can be best compared to the heavier tracks on Absolutely Freak Out Zap Your Mind or the bordering-on-metal sound the band often seems to take on in live situations.
    Atomic Rotary Grinding God opens up the recording with Cotton Casino’s droning vocals and spacey electronics which slowly build momentum and eventually give way to an explosion of High Rise-paced mayhem that will have even the most jaded rockers bobbing their heads. While the rock and psych influences are the most obvious, closer attention reveals beautiful kraut rock inspired patterns.
    Comparisons to Mainliner hold especially true during Electric Heavyland’s second track, Loved and Confused. This track wastes no time building up – it is heavy grooving rock from start finish, 17 minutes of pure psychedelic bliss. The record closes with Phantom of Galactic Magnum, which closes the record the same way it opened: slow-building electronic drone with treated vocals. Speed guru Kawabata Makoto leads the way with his trademark solo drone guitar sound which again is taken over by phases of electronic washes eventually dissolving into another hard rock assault at the five minute mark.

    Buddy Miles- "Them Changes" CD (Mercury)

    The White Stripes- "S/T" LP (XL)
    Restock. Now available from the UK.

    The White Stripes- "De Stijhl" LP (XL)
    Restock. Now available from the UK.

    Bruce Springsteen/Suicide- "Dream Baby Dream" 10" (Blastfirstpetite)
    Limited edition of 4000 copies on 10" vinyl. On the A-side Bruce covers the Suicide song "Dream Baby Dream". it was recorded in 2005 on his Dust Devils solo tour. Suicide plays the same song on the B-side recorded in 1979 on the Cars NBC TV "Midnight Special". A third song appears by Beat The Devil.

    The Legendary Pink Dots- "Plutonium Blonde" CD (ROIR)
    The Legendary Pink Dots have created their most commercially appealing album to date with Plutonium Blonde, the follow up to 2006’s Your Children Placate You From Premature Graves. Frontman Edward Ka-Spel and his crew capture the listener’s imagination with lush and haunting songs. “A World with No Mirrors” is as beautiful and emotionally charged as any Belle & Sebastian song, while “My First Zonee” comments upon our narcissistic love affair with modern technology. “An Arm & A Leg” reminds us of the fragile state of our mental and physical health. Plutonium Blonde is more than just an album; it’s an aural and visual treat, a collection of stories that could have very well been written by a modern day Brothers Grimm.
    “Since 1980, LPD have created some of the most enigmatic and challenging compositions in modern music. The uniqueness of their work is due in large part to its omnivorous ability to consume and transform a variety of styles into a new, cohesive entity. The introverted folk of Nick Drake may be found here, as well as the graphic cyberpunk nightmares of Frank Tovey (Fad Gadget), not to mention the rhythmic permutations of Philip Glass. From Beefheart to Brahms, the sources of LPD's quicksilver soundscapes are myriad. What holds them all together is Ka-Spel's dense lyricism and grim obsessions.” – ROLLING STONE
    “Since their first recordings dating back to 1982, the LPD have been making introspective and experimental music questioning the concepts of religion, science fiction, nature, politics, thought, emotion, and self. Utilizing glacial rhythms, concentrating on keyboard sounds that other musicians discard as unusable, and topping it all off with the eerily haunting voice of Edward Ka-Spel, the LPD have managed to worm themselves into a niche solely their own. Listening to their music is more a long, insane, hallucinogenic acid trip through a demented carnival funhouse than it is a \"relaxing\" musical experience, but all the same, there's something seductive and alluring about it all.” – PITCHFORK

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