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    New Stock List For The Week & Late Arrivals.   
    Monday, August 23 2010 @ 04:25 AM CST
    Contributed by: Dave


    Most of these titles are now here with the exception of an American order that hasn't shown up like expected. That order included all the fanclub style vinyl releases from Nirvana, Pink Floyd etc. Hopefully it gets here unscathed & soon.


    Just In! New 7" singles from Vampire Weekend, Hawksley Workman & Holy Fuck, all with unreleased b-sides. Restocked LP's from Ariel Pink (new one), The XX, The Magic Kids "Memphis", and budget re-release of Interpol's debut LP "Turn On The Bright Lights".


    New Interpol LP available tuesday September 7th!


    Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg- "S/T" LPx2 (Light In The Attic)
    Reissued on double LP with bonus picture sleeve 7" of "Le Chanson Du Slogan" b/w "Orang Outan". Numbered #512 of 2000 copies.

    David Cross- "Bigger & Blackerer" LP+DVD (Sub Pop)
    Beautiful gold embossed artwork on a fuzzy textured LP cover. Comes with DVD performance of the TV special included, as well as a mp3 download. Limited to 2500 copies.

    Fleet Foxes- "S/T" LP+12" (Sub Pop)
    Back in stock. Includes the "Sun Giant" 12".

    No Age- "Glitter" 12" (Sub Pop)
    Long version of their new single. B-sides are "Rebound" & "Vision II".

    The Cynics- "Rock & Roll" LP (Get Hip)
    Top notch garage rock with nods to bands like 13th Floor Elevators/Stones/Seeds etc. This is their best album from 1989.

    Mummies- "Never Been Caught"LP (Telstar)
    Back in print. Punk rock as it oughta be! This fabulous and crazed album doesnít let up from start to finish! Friscoís finest pound out 17 classics, inlcuding 'Stronger Than Dirt', 'Your Ass (Is Next In Line)', 'Red Cobra #9' and a cover of Superchargerís 'Sooprize Package For Mr. Mineo'. CD (coming soon!) includes 6 extra cuts from singles and compilation LPís.

    Scott Walker- "4" LP (4 Men With Beards)
    Walker dropped out of the British Top Ten with his fourth album, but the result was probably his finest '60s LP. While the tension between the bloated production and his introspective, ambitious lyrics remains, much of the over-the-top bombast of the orchestral arrangements has been reined in, leaving a relatively stripped-down approach that complements his songs rather than smothering them. This is the first Walker album to feature entirely original material, and his songwriting is more lucid and cutting. Several of the tracks stand among his finest. "The Seventh Seal," based upon the classic film by Ingmar Bergman, features remarkably ambitious (and relatively successful) lyrics set against a haunting Ennio Morricone-style arrangement. "The Old Man's Back Again" also echoes Morricone, and tackles no less ambitious a lyrical palette; "dedicated to the neo-Stalinist regime," the "old man" of this song was supposedly Josef Stalin. "Hero of the War" is also one of Walker's better vignettes, serenading his war hero with a cryptic mix of tribute and irony. Other songs show engaging folk, country, and soul influences that were largely buried on his previous solo albums.

    Gary Moore- "Corridors Of Power" CD (Virgin)
    This is the first of Irish guitar virtuoso Gary Moore's true heavy metal albums. Boasting a crisp, aggressive sound, Corridors of Power kicks off with the foot-stomping "Don't Take Me for a Loser," delivers the token power ballad in "Always Gonna Love You," and floors the gas pedal on "Rockin' Every Night." However, the album's climax has to be the epic "End of the World," with it's two-minute long guitar solo intro and vocals courtesy of Cream's Jack Bruce.

    X- "Under The Big Black Sun" LP (Porterhouse)
    X's first album issued on a major label, 1982's Under the Big Black Sun, is arguably their finest record. All 11 songs are exceptional, from both a performance and compositional point of view. Ray Manzarek's production is more akin to hard rock bands than their earlier punk works, but the songs still pack quite a punch. Before the recording of the album, singer Exene Cervenka's sister was killed by a drunk driver, and the band decided to work out their grief in the music, as evidenced by two of the album's best tracks: the melodic "Riding With Mary" and the vintage '50s sound of "Come Back to Me." The highlights don't stop there, however; also included are the Led Zeppelin-esque "The Hungry Wolf" (an early video favorite of MTV), the accelerating "Motel Room in My Bed," the rocker "Blue Spark," the spacious title track, and the album closer "The Have Nots." Again, Cervenka and John Doe supply some great vocal harmonies (perhaps the only punk band to ever do so), while Billy Zoom shows off great rockabilly chops throughout. Under the Big Black Sun is one of the quintessential rock records from the '80s.

    Forgotten Rebels- "In Love With The System" LP+CD (Star)
    In stock on vinyl for 1st time in ages. CD here also.

    Townes Van Zandt- "Legend" CDx2 (Snapper)
    46 track compilation culled from the late legend's most creative period, when he was recording for the Poppy and Tomato labels between 1968 and 1978. Includes six duets with country stars including Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, and Freddy Fender.

    John Mayer- "Continuum" LP (Aware)
    Vinyl reissue of his third album adds an intro on the making of the album and a 13th track (Say) not on the original album.

    V/A- "Porno Groove: The Sounds Of 70's Adult Movies" LP (Secret Stash)
    Secret Stash Records and Fantasy Productions have teamed up to bring you the definitive Porno Groove collection. Fantasy (not to be confused with the infamous Fantasy Records) was one of the top producers of adult entertainment throughout the 1970s and early 1980s. When Sal Rosen, the companyís founder and CEO passed away in 1985, much of its intellectual property was tied up in legal battles. Eventually, Rosenís oldest son, Mort, secured control of his fatherís work. In the fall of 2008, he discovered a massive collection of original soundtrack master tapes for the companyís biggest films. Along with popular themes and timeless classics, he also discovered 30 reels of never before released music. 'Porno Groove: The Sound of 70s Adult Films' is a collection of music from Fantasyís incredibly deep soundtrack library.

    Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish- "Split" LP (AT)
    Split release from these two punk/ska bands.

    Planet P Project- "S/T" CD (Geffen)
    Planet P Project, known originally as simply Planet P, is the studio brainchild of producer Peter Hauke, and an American expatriate living in Germany, Tony Carey, who had played for a while with Deep Purple. Carey wrote all of the songs and played various instruments on the band's 1983 debut album Planet P Project. The music is layered in synthesizers and has a decidedly dated feel to it, while Carey's lyrics tend toward bleak expressions of isolation. The album did spawn a modest radio hit in the thumping "Why Me?," which even made inroads at Top 40. Carey does exhibit a good sense of melody on tracks like the propulsive, delusion-of-grandeur tale in "King for a Day" and the dreamy "I Won't Wake Up."

    Bruce Springsteen- "Collection: 1973-84" CDx8 (Columbia)
    Import edition of this 8CD collection of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN's first 7 albums. A lot of incredible rock 'n' roll music here - from his 1973 debut album 'Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.' to 1984's megahit 'Born In The U.S.A.' with everything in between! Note - these are NOT remastered. Budget Priced!

    Mothers Finest- "S/T" CDx2 (Wounded Bird)
    Motherís Finest was a funky R&B group that released numerous successful albums in the 1970s. Their very first album, on RCA Records, was just called Motherís Finest. They released a charting album in 1976, on Epic Records, also called Motherís Finest. Wounded Bird combine these together on a two CD set, along with a previously released album recorded in 1973. Most of this material is making its worldwide CD debut.

    The Strawbs- "Grave New World" CD Remastered (A&M)
    Digitally remastered reissue of their 1972 album for A&M with the original cover art intact & two bonus tracks added:'Here It Comes' & 'I'm Going Home'. 14 tracks total. The Strawbs were in a Class with Yes, King Crimson, ELP, Jethro Tull and the Like.

    The Strawbs- "Hero & Heroine" CD Remastered (A&M)
    The group's ballsiest album to date, a surging, hard-rocking follow-up to Bursting at the Seams, which debuted a new lineup, Richard Hudson, John Ford, and Blue Weaver having left to form their own group. In their places, ex-Nashville Teens keyboardman John Hawken and the more muscular rhythm section of Rod Coombes and Chas Cronk make their debut, on what is the Strawbs' first fully electric album. Dave Cousins' songwriting (augmented by Dave Lambert, who also contributes some slashing electric lead guitar) is still as romantic as ever in various spots ("Shine On Silver Sun," "Deep Summer's Sleep"), but also boasts dark visions ("Round and Round") which, coupled with new band's muscular playing, made the Strawbs one of the hardest-rocking progressive bands in the world. They should have been able to blow acts like the Moody Blues off the stage, so what went wrong with this album and the tour? One suspects it was a little too serious and complex for kids who were just looking for a soundtrack to their drug experiences, and it rocked too hard for the "sensitive" English-major types who got off on Cousins' lyrics -- in a sense, the Strawbs were squeezed out of the middle in a very small-scale, subtle 1970s version of the old folk-versus-rock battles of the '60s. Hero and Heroine deserved better, being one of the best guitar-driven progressive rock albums of its period.

    The Strawbs- "Bursting At The Seams" CD Remastered (A&M)
    The 1998 remastering of the Strawbs' best album sports the finest sound of any of their CDs, which, by itself, would make this purchase worthwhile -- the detailed notes and the presence of three bonus tracks -- the shorter, punchier single version of "Lay Down," "Will Ye Go," and "Backside" -- only add to the enticements offered. Additionally, the song order has been changed to the correct one (on the LP, "The River" had to follow "Down by the Sea" to end the first side, because of its heavy bass part), but the main virtue is the sound, which is extraordinary -- every instrument sounds as though it's miked directly into your speakers. The result is that Dave Lambert's heavy chording is so close that the record does come off closer in texture to a Who album at certain points than it does to the group's folk roots. But the kettle drums at the end of "Down by the Sea" also sound close, and you can practically hear the bowing on the strings. The bonus tracks are a treat -- "Backside," a B-side "credited" to "Ciggy Barlust and the Whales From Venus" (which would have been Tits From Venus if not for the censors) that's a pretty fair burlesque of "Space Oddity," et al.; and "Will Ye Go" is a version of "Wild Mountain Thyme" that is equal parts Cousins' voice, acoustic harmonium, and heavy power chords and bass. In all, in this version, Bursting at the Seams is the greatest Strawbs album of all, and the most overpowering.

    Sword- "Warp Riders" LPx2+CD (Kemado)
    Titans in the realm of metal, Austin TX's THE Sword have proven themselves to be one of the most influential and revered hard rock groups of the past ten years, having released two flawless slabs of vintage heaviness on Kemado Records, being the hand-picked opening act for Metallica, gracing the past three editions of Guitar Hero, and selling over 130,000 copies of their first two albums. This summer, the band casts its gaze to the stars for 'Warp Riders', their third full-length and their most ambitious effort to date. This is the band's first concept album and is fittingly grand in scope both lyrically and in terms of musical craftsmanship.

    Metallica- "Master Of Puppets" LP (Rhino)
    Restock. Single LP version.

    Adrenalin O.D.- "The Wacky Hijinks Of......" CD (Chunksah)
    A suburban thrash foursome from New Jersey, Adrenalin O.D. debuted on a 1982 compilation from ROIR Records which also included Bad Brains and the Beastie Boys. The group, including guitarists Paul Richard and Bruce Wingate plus bassist Keith Hartel and drummer Dave Scott, signed to Buy Our Records the following year, releasing an EP and their debut album, The Wacky Hi-Jinks of...Adrenalin O.D. The LP was a piece of prime hardcore punk, though recorded with no discernible production values. Adrenalin O.D.'s third proper album, Cruising with Elvis in Bigfoot's U.F.O., saw the group change their attack from thrash to more manageable rock & roll tempos, revealing their knack for melody and off-beat themes. After signing to Restless in 1990, Adrenalin O.D. released Ishtar that year and Theme from an I two years later. Still active in 1996, the group issued their sixth overall album, Sittin' Pretty.

    Surfer Blood- "Astro Coast" CD+LP (Kanine)
    The resurgence of surf music in indie rock is an odd, but mostly wonderful, thing. After all, itís one of the few styles that hasnít been reinvented to death by subsequent generations of bands after its early-Ď60s heyday; by the time the Beach Boys started making albums like Pet Sounds, they were retreating from the beach. Surfer Blood are from Florida -- not exactly the best place to hang ten, despite the tropical weather. However, on Astro Coast they take the sweet melodies of surf-pop to heart, evoking other California boys like Weezer and Pavement with big drums and riffs that dive right into the instant gratification center of the brain. (AMG)

    MC5- "Back In The USA" LP 180 gram (Rhino)
    Vinyl back in stock. Their 2nd & 3rd LP's.

    MC5- "High Time" LP 180 gram (Rhino)
    Vinyl back in stock. Their 2nd & 3rd LP's.

    MC5- "Back In The USA/Kick Out The Jams" CDx2 (Elektra)
    UK import of their first two albums in one package.

    Link Wray- "Missing Links Vol.1" LP (Norton)
    Rare tracks from influential 50's/60's guitarist.

    Link Wray- "Missing Links Vol.2" LP (Norton)
    Rare tracks from influential 50's/60's guitarist.

    Link Wray- "Missing Links Vol.3" LP (Norton)
    Rare tracks from influential 50's/60's guitarist.

    Gov't Mule- "Deja Voodoo" LPx2 (Music On Vinyl)
    Double 180 gram audiophile vinyl release of 'Deja Voodoo', which was released in 2004. This album is the first real GOV'T MULE album after Allen Woodyís passing away and the first to include keyboardist Danny Louis and bassist Andy Hess. It is comprised completely of songs which had never been performed live. When asked to describe the album at that time, Warren Haynes said "it sounds like Gov't Mule, but it doesn't sound like anything we've already done. It has the same muscle and the same influences and character. But the fact is that it's a new band interpreting". The title is a reference to the fact that the band believes it rocks just like it used to before the death of former bassist Allen Woody.

    Swingin' Neck Breakers- "Pop Of The Tops" LP (Telstar)
    It's been almost 10 long years since Swingin' Neckbreakers last album release-the brilliant "Return of rock". It's therefore with great pleasure I proudly present their new album "Pop of the tops"! The buzz-loving, Scandinavian-worshiped rock icons spent the last two decades packing houses in Norway and rocking fictional 'Soprano' bars without ever getting the warm embrace they deserve. Their new album, 'Pop of the Tops' - a play off the British music chart show and trioís first disc in about a decade - features the bandís typical high-energy rock íní snot. I can't think of many bands that can allow themselves not to release an album in 10 years. The Neckbreakers can. They're like The Ramones - can't be duplicated, imitated or replaced.

    Patti Smith- "Easter" LP (Arista)
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    J Dilla- "Donuts" LPx2 (Stones Throw)
    Donuts was made on a hospital bed and in a home studio, on a stripped-down setup with a stack of vinyl. Released on its maker's 32nd birthday, three days before he passed away, the album has a resonance deeper than anyone could've hoped for or even imagined. Some who were close to Dilla have said that there are hidden messages in the samples, the track titles, and who knows where else. It's impossible not to speculate about some things, like the track titled "Don't Cry," the looped "broken and blue" from a version of "Walk on By," the presence of Eddie Kendricks singing "My people, hold on," or the fact that there are 31 tracks, a possible signal that Dilla survived a little longer than he expected.

    Hasil Adkins- "Night Life" LP (Hog Maw)
    Very limited vinyl release of Hasil Adkinsí final album, recorded in 2001. Night Life features twelve originals (unavailable elsewhere) split between hunchiní rockers and the Hazeís own unique brand of late night music, all with the inimitable Adkins musical stamp. From the West Virginia hills to your turntable - git the Hazeís latest while they last!

    Cowboy Junkies- "Whites Off Earth Now" LP (Mobile Fidelity)
    Numbered audiophile version of the CJ's very 1st album. Mobile Fidelity is considered the Rolls Royce of audiophile labels.

    Swingin' Neck Breakers- "Kick Your Ass" LP (Telstar)
    Smokin' garage rock from New Jersey.

    Swingin' Neck Breakers- "Shake Break" LP (Telstar)
    Smokin' garage rock from New Jersey.

    Tony Williams- "The Joy Of Flying" LP (Legacy)
    It would be an understatement to say that there was a fair amount of variety on this set. Drummer Tony Williams is heard in two duets with keyboardist Jan Hammer, with a quartet also including keyboardist Herbie Hancock, Tom Scott (who unfortunately sticks to lyricon) and bassist Stanley Clarke, and he welcomes rock guitarist Ronnie Montrose, keyboardist Brian Auger, guitarist George Benson, Hammer and tenorman Michael Brecker on other tracks. Much of this music is closer to R&B than to jazz, although there are many strong moments. But the most interesting selection is certainly "Morgan's Motion" which matches Williams with pianist Cecil Taylor in a powerful (and completely atonal) collaboration.

    Butthole Surfers- "Humpty Dumpty LSD" LPx2 (Latino Buggerveil)
    Die-hard Butthole Surfers fans are often compelled to own every rare recording that they can dig up, and this disc is one that they will be foaming at the mouth over. Humpty Dumpty L.S.D. is an odd assortment of tracks that span the career of these psychedelic nightmare-weavers, from their early days of cockroaches and megaphones to their more refined and radio-friendly period. A number of songs were initially released on a variety of hard-to-find compilations, such as "Eindhoven Chicken Mask," which appeared on Touch & Go's God's Favorite Dog compilation, as well as the Butthole Surfers/Daniel Johnston collaboration "All Day," originally located on A Texas Trip. A couple tracks are actually early versions of songs that were recorded at a later date, such as "Day of the Dying Alive," which eventually became "Jimi" from the album Hairway to Steven. Other songs, like "Hetero Skeleton" and "Perry Intro," originated from the recording sessions for the album Rembrandt Pussyhorse. While it is an interesting and enjoyable retrospective, it is also evident why some of the material was never released until now. It's definitely a disc that can be appreciated more by the fanatically inclined rather than the masses looking for a follow-up to their hit, "Pepper," due to the raw and unpolished nature of some of the tracks. Also, a few of the songs are clearly the bare-boned structures of works in progress or ideas that never fully panned out, which tend to come off a bit long-winded at moments. Regardless, it is an interesting disc that follows the turbulent history of one of the world's most notoriously bizarre and hypnotically frightening bands.

    Venetian Snares- "My So Called Life" LPx2 (Timesig)
    A lesson in mutant jungle, 'My So-Called Life' rips up the taste and decency rulebook and mashes up ten songs in the characteristic style of breakcore king VENETIAN SNARES (aka Winnipeg's Aaron Funk). Lead track "Posers With Camera Phones" sets the standard: Melody? Check. Jungle breaks? Check. Tongue-in-cheek offensive sample? Check. "Aaron2" shows Funkís love of the old school with crazy hoovers. Other tracks like "Welfare Wednesday" are straight-up fun with lyrics that make one laugh or cry. "Hajnal2" works one of Funkís best-known tracks from one of his bestselling albums, 'Rossz Csillag Alatt SzŁletett'. The title track closes 'My So-Called Life' with melancholy strings that leave the listener craving more. For fans of drum íní bass, breakcore, jungle, old school, rave or good music in general - this one's for you.

    Pavement- "Quarentine The Past: Greatest Hits" LPx2 (Matador)
    At long last it is upon us. One of the most important and influential alternative bands of the 1990s, Pavement, have reunited. To commemorate this very happy occasion, Matador Records presents "Quarantine The Past", a 23 track best of collection compiled by the band and fully remastered on US import specially priced double LP, with complimentary MP3 download coupon. The tracks span the entirety of Pavementís career from 1989 to 1999, from the scratchy and mysterious sounds of their early vinyl-only releases to the rich, multilayered warmth of their final recordings. Although the compilation does not include any unreleased material, it definitely digs deeper than the hits. Songs range from the Top 10 Modern Rock hit "Cut Your Hair" to nearly all the groupís singles, some underrated album tracks, + 3 choice pre-Matador cuts.

    Rollins Band- "Lifetime" CD (2.13.61)
    When Henry Rollins emerged from the breakup of Black Flag, many thought he couldn't be successful without guitarist Greg Ginn. If nothing else, Life Time proves the detractors wrong. With Ian MacKaye of Fugazi in the production chair, Rollins Band was able to distance themselves from Black Flag with a tight, visceral, and sometimes bluesy album. While more abrasive than later Rollins Band releases, this is worth picking up to better understand the progression of Rollins Band's unique style of emotional funk metal. Remastered and re-released in 1999, the CD has a better sound, but it sacrifices the live tracks (which appear on the original Texas Hotel CD release). The outtakes from the Life Time sessions, however -- "Do It," "Move Right In," and "Nest Time," originally released as the album Do It in 1988 -- are included.

    Walkmen- "You & Me" LP (Orchard)
    Nice package with download coupon, and limited to 400 copies.

    The Hives- "Tarred & Feathered" 7" (Hives)
    THE HIVES were caught today playing the songs of artists not present to defend themselves, authorities say. New tapes have surfaced revealing an EP's-worth of stolen material. Is it in a desperate act of idol worship or are we witnessing the fruit of lame work ethics and laziness? The black-and-white-clad bandits made off with three of the music worlds biggest and brightest shining jewels: "Civilization's Dying", "Early Morning Wake Up Call"and "Nasty Secretary". The victims are Zero Boys, Flash & The Pan, Joy Ryder and Avis Davis respectively. The Hives have already pleaded "totally guilty" to the crime and are currently serving their sentence in the good olí tradition of tarring and feathering.

    Samhain- "Live 1984 Stardust Ballroom" DVD (MVD)
    Live in NYC like it says.

    Clutch- "Jam Room" LP (Mega)
    Sounding loose and more lively than their earlier major-label releases, Jam Room is Clutch at their down-home finest. Rarely will a band's sixth full-length disc manage to be this fresh and confident. From the opening moments of Jam Room's first crushing track, "Who Wants to Rock," these Maryland rockers send a clear message that the business at hand is getting down and having fun. There are a few dark exceptions to the good-time groove-mongering. Most notable among them is the alcoholic melodrama "Basket of Eggs" and the instrumental slugfest "Swamp Boot Upside Down." These moodier tracks generously allow listeners to catch some breath before getting slapped around by Clutch's open hand of stoner-influenced Southern rock.

    Matthew Dear- "Black City" LP (Ghostly International)
    Black City is Matthew Dear at his least penetrable and most alluring. If the David Bowie comparisons were to continue, the album would place him somewhere in Lodger territory. The dominance of inscrutable lyrics, peculiar characters and subjects, and alien rhythms makes the album more akin to the likes of Lodger's "African Night Flight," "Yassassin," and "Repetition" than the relatively straightforward "Boys Keep Swinging." Like Asa Breed, Dear's previous full-length, Black City is best described as avant pop, but there is an absence of lucidity, and no song sticks as quickly as "Don and Sherri" or "Deserter." It's all slippery, sleazy, murky sound-substance -- knotted rhythms with irregular gaits made all the more surreal by Dear's generally vague, suggestive lyrics and wordless, droning background vocals. Depending on your taste, this will likely be instantly off-putting or progressively pleasurable. Either way, it will probably make you feel like you could use a shower. That Black City is Dear's most creative and individual album is not, however, up for debate.

    Clash- "Last Gang In Town" LP (Import)
    The Clash Last Gang in Town (Rarities 1976-1984). VERY RARE! Ltd 500 copies. WHITE marbled vinyl on Darkside Records.

    METALLICA - "Garage Days Re-Revisited (The 5.98 EP)" LP (Import)
    Rare copy of this album that came out in the early 90's.

    "Live soundboard recording from The Paradiso, Amsterdam, 25th November 1991" .

    Rare 6 track mini album on colored vinyl. From Europe!

    Pink Floyd- "Flowers & Vegetables" LP (Import)
    Rare Tracks. Picture Disc.

    Pink Floyd- "High Time" LP (Import)
    A-side Recorded live at the Palazzo Dello Sport, Rome, Italy 6th May 1968. B-side Recorded live at the Paris Cinema, London 114th May 1968. Colored vinyl.

    Pink Floyd- "Torino Soundboard Part 1" LP (Import)
    Picture Disc. Recorded live in Italy from early 90's.

    Pink Floyd- "Torino Soundboard Part 2" LP (Import)
    Picture Disc. Recorded live in Italy from early 90's.

    Pink Floyd- "Torino Soundboard Part 3" LP (Import)
    Picture Disc. Recorded live in Italy from early 90's.

    White Stripes- "Electronics Have Got The Best Of Me" LP Colored Vinyl (Import)
    16 tracks. This was a session for the John Peel Show on BBC Radio 1, broadcast live from John's Home, "Peel Acres", Suffolk, UK on the 8th of November 2001.

    White Stripes- "Universal Buzz" LP Colored Vinyl (Import)
    16 tracks. Recorded live at Universal Buzz Studio, Rochester, New York on 21st September 2000. "Manufactured in the E.E.C. For Promotional Use Only"

    D.O.A.- "Triumph Of The Ignoroids" 7" (LKK)
    Early single on colored vinyl.

    Germs- "Forming/Sexy Boy" 7" (Alive)
    In stock.

    Kaisers- "LIQUORICE TWIST/THAT'S MY GIRL" 7" (Spin)
    Single from 1996. Scottish garage beat.

    Sex Pistols- "Schools Are Prisons/Revolution Classroom" 7" (Import)
    In stock.

    Higher State- "Darker By The Day" CD+LP (13 O Clock)
    The long-awaited, second full-length album by the UK's The Higher State has finally arrived! A dozen new tracks spanning the group's wide spectrum of sound, from jangly folk punk to fuzzed out, revved up, garage psychedelia. Thoroughly dosed throughout with their infectious vocal harmonies and incisive, reflective lyrics. Presented in a nice, 60's-style, tip-on jacket printed by Stoughton Printing, the new album, Darker by the Day, comes well-prepared to move your feet as well as your mind! "Britain has never had it so good when it comes to garage psychedelia; such is the authority of The Higher State."

    The Chains- "On Top Of Things" LP (Get Hip)
    Fantastic Montreal 60's flavored garage band. Great stuff!

    Dead Boys- "Younger Louder & Snottier" LP (Bomp)
    The rawer raunchier mixes of Young Loud & Snotty.

    Leather Uppers- "Bright Lights" LP (Goner)
    At long last, Torontoís bombastic LEATHER UPPERS have returned. Now slimmed down to a duo, the band kick it rocking, hot, and with a heavy dose of the ridiculous. The band blew the pants off of Ďem at GonerFest 2 and the SXSW Goner showcase.

    Like R.E.M., the B-52's, and Pylon, this fine band hailed from the unlikely independent-rock hotbed of Athens, GA. The long jangle pop shadow of R.E.M. is extremely strong on this release, with seven of the ten tracks showing either full or partial influence of that group. Fortunately, the songs here are excellent, exhibiting much variety within this style. "Trail of Tears," a haunting antiwar number, sounds the most like their Athens counterparts. "Fire From Heaven" is more up-tempo, intense, and dynamic, while "Sleepers Awake" is an ominous, slowly unfolding song. "Ghost on the Road" is primarily a fast country-punk number that saves its R.E.M. stylings for its yearning chorus. "Gilbert Takes the Wheel" and the title track are jangly instrumentals, the former being a fast rocker with a thudding beat, the latter being a lengthy slow-tempo selection exhibiting noticeable psychedelic traits. Other territory is touched on as well. "Pillow Talk" is a winsomely energetic Everly Brothers-influenced song. The brilliant "Watusi Rodeo" is a jumpy pop number sporting over-the-top surf guitar licks and inspired hilarious-yet-uncomfortable lyrics about "Ugly American" cowboys in Africa. There's also an eccentric cover of the missionary hymn "Kum Ba Yah," complete with appreciative background audience shouting, an energetic drum solo, and extreme contrasts of loud and soft dynamics (sometimes within the same verse line). This odd yet strong album is well worth hearing. (AMG)

    Flowerz- "Flyte" LP (Arf! Arf!)
    This includes both sides of their 1968 singles, plus an unreleased cut, surrounded by no less than 16 cover versions from a 1968 tape. This tape was used for an unusual teen dance at which it was played through the PA system in sync with the band's live performance; sort of a concert demonstration of double-tracking, intended to double the impact of their show. Typical emcee patter is interspersed throughout the songs (says one British-accented lass: "It was good: it was psychedelic, but it was still easy to dance to, which is what all the people want tonight").

    Southern Culture On The Skids- "Liquored Up & Lacquered Down" LP (Telstar)
    Those who like their music on the humorous side will more than enjoy the raucous seventh release from Southern Culture on the Skids. To label this North Carolina-based quartet under the category of Southern rock would be limiting. On Liquored Up and Lacquered Down, Southern Culture on the Skids melds different styles into its core Southern rock sound and breaks many traditional rules of the genre. One of the talents of Southern Culture on the Skids lies in its ability to musically venture way out there -- industrial-like processed vocals, high-reverb surf guitar, Spanish-style horn parts, and other un-Southern rock-like treatments -- and bring the songs back home. It's the kind of cohesiveness found among groups who've developed a synergy from years of playing together. Liquored Up and Lacquered Down is an example of true ensemble playing, where the parts all effortlessly work together, no matter how far out the musicians take them. "Pass the Hatchet" combines '60s-style shag music, psychedelic rhythm lines, and a shuffling snare drum inherent to rockabilly. This is a party song that can easily fit in on a movie soundtrack, ŗ la Austin Powers. The collection does take a turn to the minimalist side in "Over It," which features mostly bone-dry parts, with perhaps a bit of reverb on the vocals and guitars. It's a real tribute to '50s rock & roll. On the set's choicest number, "I Learned to Dance in Mississippi," industrial-style distorted guitars and vocals meet rollicking country music; another example of the band's adventurous and eclectic nature. It's no coincidence that a group named Southern Culture on the Skids writes songs about drinking, drinking, and more drinking, in a variety of milieus. But it all comes off as harmless banter thanks to the honky tonk party music. Co-lead singers Rick Miller (guitar) and Mary Huff (bass) resemble the Big Bopper and Grace Slick, respectively, on some songs, and rival the vocal antics of Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson of the B-52's. There are no radio hits here, but that's only because there really aren't many stations that support this kind of offbeat, genre-straddling Southern rock music. However, Liquored Up and Lacquered Down would be right at home in bars, Karaoke clubs, jukeboxes, and the LP collections of those who like off-the-beaten-path Southern rock party music.

    Nine Pound Hammer- "Smokin' Taters" LP (Crypt)
    Ass kickin' Rock & Roll! These guys became Nashville Pussy for awhile before reforming in 2008. This album is from 1997.

    Nine Pound Hammer- "The Mud, The Blood & The Beers" LP (Crypt)
    Ass kickin' Rock & Roll! These guys became Nashville Pussy for awhile before reforming in 2008. This album is their very 1st from 1989.

    Teengenerate- "Get Action" LP (Crypt)
    Aside from Guitar Wolf, Teengenerate are the best-known Japanese garage act in the United States, and their savage beat gets proper LP attention with Get Action. The band blasts through a dozen sound-alike tracks with good-natured violence and electrical velocity, produced on the cheap and recorded in one sitting so that the whole mess sounds like a crackling mass of static through a dusty stylus. Sometimes the band gets lost in the murk, but more often they come through with sheer adolescent energy and sloppy R&B aplomb. Greasier than the Ramones, more youthful than the Pagans, Teengenerate blaze with a nearly hardcore fury but it always sounds like a party, even at their wildest. Like Guitar Wolf, Teengenerate have a fairly fractured sense of the English language, but their grasp of American rock & roll conventions is tighter than the surreal interpretation of the mighty Wolf, making for less idiosyncratic listening but more reliable dance action. "Dressed in Black" is the hit, an irresistible chant-along number with a chunky riff and pogo-ready rhythm. Other great tracks are the breakneck opener "Mess Me Up," the juicy power pop of "Right Now," and their nearly unrecognizable race through "Shake, Rattle & Roll." Guaranteed to leave xenophobic punks quaking in their American-made boots.

    Satan's Pilgrims- "Psychsploitation" LP (Spinner)
    Dave Pilgrim-Guitars, Vox Organ, Hammond OrganScott Pilgrim-GuitarsBobby Pilgrim-GuitarsJohn Pilgrim-BassTed Pilgrim-Drums Satan's Pilgrims formed in 1992 during a series of house parties hosted by the members of the band, and were playing shows in their hometown of Portland, Oregon by 1993. Twisting their name from the 60's AIP film "Satan's Sadists" and donning their now familiar matching outfits complete with vampire capes, they became a real band. The Pilgrims are one of the most influential surf instrumental bands around and while much of their sound has a definite Southern California influence, what sets them apart is the legacy of their Pacific Northwest rock 'n' roll ancestors: The Ventures, The Wailers, The Sonics and The Kingsmen. This, along with three distinct guitarists and a relentless rhythm section, gives their live set a dazzling variety of dance party sounds to choose from, while maintaining their patented haunted sound. After years of touring, taking the band all over the U.S. and Europe (including a now legendary show in Slovenia), Satan's Pilgrims continued to develop the surf instrumental genre.

    Flying Lotus- "1983" LP (Warp)
    In stock.

    Flying Lotus- "Cosmogramma" LPx2 (Warp)
    In stock.

    Japandroids- "Post Nothing" CD+LP (Polyvinyl)
    Restock on both formats.

    Boris & Ian Astbury- "BX1" LP (Southern Lord)
    Bizarre collaboration between Japan's Boris and Cult vocalist Ian Astbury. Includes cover of Cult's "Rain".

    Boris- "Amplifier Worship" CD+LPx2 (Southern Lord)
    Restock on CD, and the double LP is just reissued.

    Boris- "Absolutego" CD+LPx2 (Southern Lord)
    Restock on CD, and the double LP is just reissued.

    !!!- "Strange Weather Isn't It?" CD+LPx2 (Warp)
    Brand new release from this electro/rock band.

    Budos Band- "II" LP (Daptone)
    Second release from these great retro jazz/funksters.

    Drive By Truckers- "The Big To Do" LPx2+CD (New West)
    Finally! I only got one copy this week, but I'm expecting more next week.

    Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings- "100 Days, 100 Nights" LP (Daptone)
    Restock on LP.

    Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings- "Dap-Dippin'" LP (Daptone)
    Restock on LP.

    Melvins/Isis- "Split" 12" (Hydrahead)
    Brand new. One copy in stock. Limited!

    S. Carey- "All We Grow" LP (Jagjaguwar)
    Bon Iver member flys solo for 1st time.

    Boris- "Heavy Rocks 1" 7" (Southern Lord)
    Limited copies still in print.

    Boris- "Heavy Rocks 2" 7" (Southern Lord)
    Limited copies still in print.

    Boris- "Heavy Rocks 3" 7" (Southern Lord)
    Limited copies still in print.

    Minus The Bear- "Omni" LPx2 (Maple)
    Back in stock. Colored vinyl. 180 gram.

    Autechre- "Move Of Ten EP vol.2" 12" (Warp)
    One copy in stock. Vol. 1 never showed up.

    Sacrifice- "Ones I Condemn" LP (Cyclone Empire)
    Latest album as a German import.

    $100- "Forest Of Tears" LP (Blue Fog)
    First time here on vinyl. On Rick White's Blue Fog label.

    Agnostic Front- "Victim In Pain" LP (Bridge 9)
    Colored vinyl.

    Beastie Boys- "Too Many Rappers" 12" (White Label)
    Released at last! This was scheduled for last year, but took until now to come out. Limited.

    Black Angels- "Doves" 7" (Light In The Attic)
    Single from their last album. Unreleased b-side.

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- "Love Burns" CDEP (BMG/Australia)
    CD single with unreleased material. From Australia.

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- "Stop" CDEP (BMG/Australia)
    CD single with unreleased material. From Australia.

    Blink 182- "They Came To Conquer Uranus" 7" (Grilled Cheese)
    3 tracks on colored vinyl.

    Jimi Hendrix- "Bleeding Heart" 7" (Legacy)
    Unreleased b-side "Jam 292".

    Propagandhi- "How To Clean A Couple Of Things" 7" (Fat Wreck)
    2 tracks on black vinyl with lyric sheet.

    The National- "Mistaken For Strangers" 7" (Beggars Banquet)
    B-side is "Blank Slate".

    Mudhoney- "Touch Me I'm Sick" 7" (Sub Pop)
    Third edition. Black vinyl.

    Joy Division- "Love Will Tear Us Apart" 7" (Cleopatra)
    Alternate versions by Martin Hannett from master tapes 1980. B-side "Transmission.

    The Hold Steady- "Sequestered in Memphis" 7" (Rough Trade)
    One sided single. Etching on b-side. Includes sticker.

    Elliott Smith- "Needle In The Hay" 7" (KRS)
    Comes with download coupon.

    Plastic Ono Band- "Cold Turkey" 7" (Apple)
    B-side "Don't Worry Kyoko....".

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