Black Mountain "Wilderness Heart" LP+CD Out Today!

Monday, September 13 2010 @ 10:54 AM CST

Contributed by: Dave

The new Black Mountain is now here and ready for YOU! Other titles will arrive wednesday.

Black Mountain- "Wilderness Heart" LP+CD (Jagjaguwar)
Black Mountain's 2008 album In the Future was a spectacle drenched in vintage and prog rock bombast that made its title seem ironic. BM's sound owes more than a modicum of debt to big rock's storied past, and on Wilderness Heart they still lean heavily on many of those influences, but have focused and tightened them into a classic rock-sounding vehicle that is more their own animal than someone else's. For starters, they employed outside producers — D. Sardy (Nine Inch Nails, LCD Soundsystem) and Randall Dunn (Sunn 0))) and Boris) — for the first time. They also recorded in Los Angeles rather than at home. Amber Webber emerges into at least an equally prominent lead vocalist role as guitarist/vocalist Stephen McBean. Their power as a duet is exercised on the set's opening cut, “The Hair Song," which evokes so much of Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti-and-after aesthetic that it feels like a wonderful homage, but the pair's vocals are quite stunning together. They are on second track "Old Fangs" as well, though they alternate, as the band offers up shades of Deep Purple's organ sound from "My Woman from Tokyo" on a chug-heavy, taut modern rocker. What's quite noticeable about these first two tracks is that they are an aesthetic for the album, which features closely constructed, attentive songwriting that doesn't try to pack everything but the bathroom sink into the mix and/or knot the listener's mind with elongated instrumental passages. The moody psychedelic dynamics in "Rollercoaster" are reminiscent of "Tyrants" from In the Future, but the vocal interplay is richer, as are the textured, brief, layered instrumental interludes. "Let Spirits Ride" feels more like latter-day Black Sabbath than BM; it's the set's only clunker. The acoustically driven duet "Buried by the Blues" is a shimmering beauty. The title track recalls the heavier work from both of BM's earlier recordings, and Webber's vocals are utterly lovely and expressive. The duet "Radiant Hearts" is the finest ballad here, with its lilting, spacious instrumentation, hosted by acoustic piano and guitar. The set ends with the moody post-psych number "Sadie," on which guitars, keyboards, and vocals all drift and swirl inside and around one another. BM have upped their ante with Wilderness Heart by concentrating more on excellent songwriting and close-cornered arranging than sprawling heavy rock bacchanalia. (AMG)

Grinderman- "2" CD+LP (Anti)
Brand new album from Nick Cave and his Grinderman side project. Available in both CD & LP formats. LP version comes with poster and bonus CD included.

Mavis Staples- "You Are Not Alone" CD +LPx2 (Anti)
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and soul/gospel legend Mavis Staples delivers more wall-to-wall joy on her triumphant new Anti- album, You Are Not Alone (September 14), than any other release you’re likely to hear this year.
Produced by fellow Chicagoan Jeff Tweedy at Wilco’s studio The Loft, the intimate and textured production showcases the iconic singer at her most powerful and fervent. You Are Not Alone mixes traditional gospel numbers with two new songs written for Mavis by Tweedy, plus her unique interpretations of songs by Pops Staples, Randy Newman, Allen Toussaint, John Fogerty, Rev. Gary Davis and Little Milton.
Double vinyl version contains bonus CD included.

Stan Ridgway- "Neon Mirage" CD (A440)
New solo album featuring longtime co-horts PIETRA WEXSTUN on keyboards and electronics and RICK KING on guitars, the album's additional musicians include DAVE ALVIN producing, the late AMY FARRIS on violin, viola and cello, and RALPH CARNEY on saxophones, flutes and woodwinds. Produced by Ridgway and Alvin and recorded over the last year in Los Angeles. Released thru Ridgway's own A440 Records imprint.

Easy Star All Stars- "Dub Side Of The Moon" LP+CD (Easy Star)
It was one of those really stupid ideas that we can all be grateful someone had the guts to follow through with. Yes, it's a reggae version of the Pink Floyd classic Dark Side of the Moon, every track drastically reworked and presented in the same order as on the original album. And yes, it works far, far better than you'd have any right to expect. The artists vary from the relatively obscure (Kirsty Rock, Dollarman) to the big-time (Corey Harris, Frankie Paul, the Meditations) and the musical styles range from roots to dancehall to jungle. Every track works well, but highlights include a very fine (and uncredited) jungle mix of "On the Run" and the great singer-deejay combo track "Time," on which Corey Harris' chesty baritone singing voice is nicely counterbalanced by Ranking Joe's speed-rap. There are several bonus Dub mixes tacked onto the end of the program, and while none of them is revelatory they don't detract from the proceedings, either. At the end you realize that you were wrong to even think this was a dumb idea to begin with -- Dub's psychedelic mysticism is a perfectly good match for Pink Floyd's mannered weirdness. Highly recommended.

Interpol- "S/T" CD+LP (Matador)
Brand new album on CD and LP. LP comes in regular single vinyl version (180 gram) and deluxe double 12" 45rpm version. Both come with download coupon.

Devil's Brigade- "S/T" CD+LP (Hellcat)
Devil’s Brigade are an all-star punk group featuring Matt Freeman and Tim Armstrong of Rancid and DJ Bonebrake, drummer of X and the Knitters. Rancid fans have always cherished Matt’s deep punk growl on his featured songs on Rancid albums, and now Devil’s Brigade brings his singing, rockabilly-inspired bass slap, and classic punk songwriting to the fore. With Tim Armstrong’s Duane Eddy lead guitar and the rock-steady rhythm of DJ Bonebrake, Devil’s Brigade offers up twelve songs that mix equal parts Johnny Cash, the Pogues, and Sun rockabilly, in a combustible cocktail that will have fans slamming on this fall’s tour with the Street Dogs. On tracks like 'Bridge of Gold' with vocals by Armstrong, the band stretches out, adding mandolin and banjo to their sound, while 'Ride Harley Ride' features some slinky vibraphone. Guest vocals from Rancid's Lars Frederiksen.

Seabear- "We Built A Fire" LP (Morr)
This is the second full-length album by Iceland's Seabear. Defying its humble beginnings as the lo-fi solo project of singer/multi-instrumentalist Sindri Már Sigfússon, Seabear has morphed into a rambling experimental/indie/folk septet. Joining Sigfússon (whose unassisted musings are now released via his Sin Fang Bous moniker, which just made Rolling Stone call him the \"Icelandic Beck\") are Gudbjörg Hlin Gudmundsdottir, Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir, Halldór Ragnarsson, Örn Ingi Ágústsson, Kjartan Bragi Bjarnason and Sóley Stefánsdóttir -- all working in a wide range of solo-, band- (Kimono, Skakkamanage) and visual art projects in their own right. For\" We Built A Fire\", all members of the band had equal input in the writing process, thereby creating Seabear's first real collective album. While Sigfússon's unmistakable voice remains the centerpiece, the new joint approach is reflected in songs like \"I'll Build You A Fire,\" where the whole band joins in on vocals. While retaining their signature simplistic and addictive naive indie-folk, the band have branched out stylistically to include elements of straight-up indie rock, intense balladry and even some country twang. There is something instantly familiar about Seabear's songs that resonates with fans and critics alike. Despite scant promotion and airplay behind their debut album release, 2007's "The Ghost That Carried Us Away" (MORR 076CD), their songs and animated videos were a social media hit generating millions of plays. It's a very Icelandic DIY setup -- their music is recorded by the band in their basement studio with its apple carton-covered walls. All artwork and videos are hand-made by Sindri's partner and band mate Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir.

Daniel Johnston- "1990 & Artistic Vice" LPx2 (Maple)
This came out in September 2008 (Double LP). Collects over 25 tracks from both 1990 & Artistic Vice. As with other talented but troubled artists such as Syd Barrett, Brian Wilson, and Roky Erickson, Daniel Johnston fights a daily battle with the chronic mental illness that has plagued him nearly his entire life. However, despite recurrent bouts of delusional behavior wherein he has physically endangered himself and others, Johnston has carved out a respectable, influential career as a singer/songwriter of extraordinary talent who has grown since his first crudely recorded cassette was released in 1980. He became the singer/songwriter of choice of the alternative/underground rock scene, and at various times has had his work championed by members of Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, Butthole Surfers, Half Japanese, Nirvana (Kurt Cobain was often photographed wearing a Daniel Johnston T-shirt), and numerous others.

The Pogues- "Rum Sodomy & The Lash" LP (Rhino)
Back in stock. The 2nd LP from the Pogues.

Samhain- "Live 1984 Stardust Ballroom" DVD (MVD)
Live in NYC like it says.

Mount Carmel- "S/T" CD (Siltbreeze)
MOUNT CARMEL is a straight-up blues rock power trio. And by straight-up we mean sans revisionist three- dollar currency, Sub Pop grunge hybridization or ironic posturing. These guys have been weened on a diet almost steadfastly consisting of British blues/rock innovators: Peter Green-era Bluesbreakers, Cream and Ten Years After are immediately recognizable in their sound (in fact, the latter's "Hear Me Calling" is covered here). This isn't a lark or something these guys are doing between noise projects - it's their life. The piquancy of ’70s-era redbud fusing with the aroma of banana- (or strawberry-) scented paper burning and hanging in the air, the sweet cascade of Ripple hitting the back of your throat, the blurry exotica of Rorer’s ubiquitous 714 - it is all here, undeniably, unpretentiously and unwittingly realized.

Tom Petty- "Mojo" LPx2 (Reprise)
The brand new double album on 180 gram vinyl with free digital download.

Constantines- "Our Age" 7" (A&C)
Released a few years back. "The Constantines have decided to bless us with a brand new 7-inch featuring the tracks "Our Age" and "Fuckin' Up."

Dead Confederate- "Sugar" LP (Tao)
Although they billed themselves as psychedelic Southern rock revivalists, Dead Confederate sounded more like a holdover from the post-grunge days on their 2008 debut. Sugar doesn’t completely dispel the notion that Hardy Morris spent his childhood listening to Nirvana’s In Utero, but it does take its cues from a wider range of genres, including garage rock and swampy alt-country. The result is a solid sophomore album, with muddy guitars and loose arrangements that push the group closer to their intended sound. Producer John Agnello, who made his name recording albums for Dinosaur Jr., the Screaming Trees, and the Drive-By Truckers, keeps things appropriately hazy, particularly in the reverb and echo that coat Morris’ vocals. The biggest difference between Sugar and 2008’s Wrecking Ball is the speed, though; while Wrecking Ball occasionally lapsed into grubby, dirge-like tempos, Sugar keeps things moving along, with shorter song lengths and punchy choruses that lend a sense of urgency to the band’s guitar-driven sprawl. The guys still place more emphasis on mood than movement, which makes Sugar a step in the right direction.

Cure- "Disintegration" LPx2 (Elektra)
Double album reissue of their dark classic.

Witchcraft- "S/T" CD (Candlelight)
Retro stoner/hard rock from this cool UK underground band.

Witchcraft- "The Alchemist" CD (Candlelight)
Retro stoner/hard rock from this cool UK underground band.

Witchcraft- "Firewood" CD (Candlelight)
Retro stoner/hard rock from this cool UK underground band.

Electric Wizard- "Let Us Prey" CD (Candlelight)
Often referred to as the "heaviest band in the universe," England's Electric Wizard have consistently redefined the preconceived thresholds of a detuned guitar chord with their peerless doom metal achievements -- this despite an often interpersonally troubled, if musically triumphant, career. Formed in darkest Dorset by vocalist/guitarist Justin Oborn (previously with Lords of Putrefaction), bassist Tim Bagshaw and drummer Mark Greening, and initially known as Thy Grief Eternal (briefer still, simply Eternal), Electric Wizard made their debut with 1993's "Demon Lung" single -- a split release with fellow doomsters Our Haunted Kingdom (who later evolved into Orange Goblin). Released by Cathedral linchpin Lee Dorrian's doom-specialized Rise Above Records in the UK and through Candlelight in N.A.

Billy Joe Shaver- "Honky Tonk Heroes" CD (Bear Family)
Recorded between 1976 & 1985. Includes liner notes by Jimmy Guterman. An outlaw country super-session of sorts, HONKY TONK HEROES began when Billy Joe Shaver and his guitar-hero son Eddie started working on a new album at Willie Nelson's studio. Nelson showed up and started singing, as did (eventually) Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings, and at this point they began remaking some of Shaver's best-known songs. The resulting tracks have a much harder rock edge than you might expect, courtesy of Eddie, an incredible slide player (his solos at the end of "Tramp on Your Street" are hair-raising) who can also sound like everybody from Keith Richards to Richard Thompson. Even better, his elders--particularly Nelson, who's never sung better--seem to be having fun in the new context. An unassuming but deeply satisfying album. 25 tracks.

Infected Mushroom- "Legend Of The Black Shawarma" CD (Justin Time)
Excellent psyche/trance/electronica from Israeli duo.

Whitefield Brothers- "In The Raw" LPx2 (Now Again)
Stones Throw offshoot Now Again Records presents another mind-blowing full-length instrumental release. Originally recorded in 1998, this album was one of the earliest recordings by the cream of NYC's funk crop--members of The Dap Kings, El Michels Affair, and Poets Of Rhythm. Filthy rhythm sections and psychedelic horn stabs would drive this afro-funk gem into instant classic status, except for the fact that it was recorded over a decade ago.

Gabor Szabo- "Spellbinder" LP (Sundazed)
Hungarian-born and gypsy-influenced, Szabo brings drummer Chico Hamilton and bassist Ron Carter to the dance on this 1966 release (his second album), then adds the hypnotic percussion of conga drumming legend Willie Bobo. As says in their review of this album (4 1/2 stars): the groove quotient was very high on Spellbinder, maybe even higher than on later albums such as Jazz Raga or Sorcerer. This set is all Szabo, drifting, wafting, and soaring above all that rhythm; the track selection provides ample space for Szabo's highly individualized Eastern modal style to shine. Spellbinder is a masterpiece.

Gabor Szabo- "Macho" LP (Salvation)
Macho is right. This 1975 album is one of the headiest in the Hungarian-born guitarist Gabor Szabo's entire catalog. Produced by Bob James, the album is deep in fretless Fender basslines courtesy of Louis Johnson, funky Rhodes pianos and synthesizers from James and former Mother of Invention Ian Underwood, guitar savvy from Szabo with Eric Gale on rhythm, and a horn section that features no less than George Bohanon, Jon Faddis, and Tom Scott, with the venerable Harvey Mason Sr. on drums. This is a tough, in-your-face, funky soul-jazz band. Szabo's sense of camp was eternal as he covers, disco-style, Franz Liszt's "Hungarian Rhapsody #2," but slips into the souled-out groove-jazz of his own "Time," without a seam. Szabo's playing, with its mysterious, liquid runs and razor sharp melodic sensibilities, is centered here by James, who attempts to make Szabo's six strings be at the absolute dead-center of the mix. Tracks like James' own "Transylvania Boogie," (the long title track), and Phoebe Snow's "Poetry Man," offer a glimpse of Szabo as the consummate melodist: with teeth. Harmonically, this band was as disciplined as the charts would allow, giving nothing away in the ensemble sections. This is a tough, streetwise, commercial jazz album that has plenty to offer to anyone with an open mind. In the pocket, groove-soaked, and flawlessly executed.

Freddie Hubbard- "First Light" LP (Atlantic)
Never one to take lyricism for granted, trumpeter and composer Freddie Hubbard entered Creed Taylor's studio for the third time in 1971 with the express purpose of making a record radically different from anything he'd cut before; he was looking for it to use electricity and to be out of the soul-jazz mold, but was also more ambitious and wanted to push that envelope and himself. Taylor and Hubbard assembled a band that included Herbie Hancock on Rhodes, guitarists Eric Gale and George Benson, bassist Ron Carter, Jack DeJohnette on drums, Airto Moreira on percussion, and Richard Wyands on acoustic piano to back him. The band was also supported by the truly ethereal and adventurous string arrangements of Don Sebesky (a first for Hubbard). The result is a masterpiece of textured sound, gorgeously far-flung charts, sweet, tight grooves, a subtle mystic feel, and some of Hubbard's most exciting playing ever. The title track and Hubbard's ingenious read of Paul and Linda McCartney's "Uncle Albert/ Admiral Halsey," as well as Leonard Bernstein's "Lonely Town," are so in the pocket that they bleed soul. Benson's uncharacteristically edgy guitar playing juxtaposed against Hubbard's warm tone, and Hancock's beautifully modal Rhodes lines that are drenched with big, open, minor chord voicings, are simply made more illustrious and graceful by Sebesky's strings. While Red Clay and Straight Life are both fine albums, First Light is the one that connects on all levels -- and it did with the jazz-buying public as well. A masterpiece.

Freddie Hubbard- "Backlash" LP (Atlantic)
The first of trumpeter Freddie Hubbard's three Atlantic albums, this excellent set falls between hard bop and the avant-garde, often hinting at both. Hubbard's regular group of the time (with James Spaulding on alto and flute, pianist Albert Dailey, bassist Bob Cunningham, and drummer Otis Ray Appleton, plus guest conga player Ray Barretto) performs the debut version of his famous "Little Sunflower," an excellent remake of "Up Jumped Spring," and four lesser-known pieces. Hubbard and Spaulding made for an excellent team and there are plenty of exciting moments on this brief but potent set.

Freddie Hubbard- "Soul Experiment" LP (Atlantic)
This is a funky and groovy album by trumpet player Freddie Hubbard, released on Atlantic Records in 1969, personnel is Carlos Garnett on sax, Billy Butler & Eric Gale on guitar, Gerry Jemmott on bass, Kenny Barron on piano, Gary Illingworth on organ and Grady Tate or Bernard Purdy on drums.

James Brown- "Cold Sweat" LP (Polydor)
If "Cold Sweat" was a revolutionary single in 1967, clearly pointing the way to funk music, the Cold Sweat LP at least promised to be something new in James Brown's catalog as well. Where Brown's albums had been collections containing his current single and miscellaneous older tracks, this one proclaimed on its cover, "All New," "Great Songs," "Never In," "An Album." This was not quite true. While half of the tracks had been recorded during the first half of 1967, the other half (though previously unreleased) dated from 1964. That wasn't the main problem with the album, though. Having taken a giant step forward with "Cold Sweat," Brown spent the rest of the album stepping back, covering standards such as "Nature Boy" and "Mona Lisa" (associated with Nat King Cole), "Fever" (Little Willie John), "Stagger Lee" (Lloyd Price), and other oddities, including "I Loves You Porgy" from Porgy & Bess. Brown was never anybody's idea of a smooth ballad singer, and this material was all the more incongruous when packaged with his most remarkable slab of funk yet.

James Brown- "There It Is" LP (Polydor)
Wicked funk records from James Brown's grimiest period (early 70's). This is the shit baby!

James Brown- "Hot Pants" LP (Polydor)
Wicked funk records from James Brown's grimiest period (early 70's). This is the shit baby!

Johnny Winter- "Progressive Blues Experiment" LP 180 gram (Capitol)
Although his early Columbia albums brought him worldwide stardom, it was this modest little album (first released on Imperial before the Columbia sides) that first brought Johnny Winter to the attention of guitarheads in America. It's also Winter at the beginning of a long career, playing the blues as if his life depends on it, without applying a glimmer of rock commercialism. The standard classic repertoire here includes "Rollin' and Tumblin'," "I Got Love if You Want It," "Forty-Four," "It's My Own Fault," and "Help Me," with Winter mixing it up with his original Texas trio of Red Turner on drums and Tommy Shannon (later of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Double Trouble) on bass. A true classic, this is one dirty, dangerous, and visionary album. The set was issued in a sonically screaming 24-bit remastered edition on CD by Capitol in 2005. It contains no bonus tracks, but it leaves the original crummy CD issue in the dust.

Johnny Winter- "Live At The Fillmore East 10/03/70" CD (CCM)
For decades now, we’ve thought of Live Johnny Winter And as the seminal live JW document from the early part of his career. That record, taken from performances at the Fillmore East and from a gig in Florida, was comprised mainly of rock & roll covers and a couple of originals. As a single LP it clocked in at just under 40 minutes. It smokes, but not as hard as this set, recorded a week or two before at the Fillmore East in 1970. Sony let Collectors' Choice take some prime stuff from the vaults for this one. This is the Johnny Winter And group simply tearing it up on a selection of originals and covers. The sound quality is phenomenal and the energy on this gig not only rivals that of the previous record, it leaves it in the dust. For listeners who are casting a wary eye at this review, one need only compare the two versions of “Good Morning Little School Girl,” which are only a second different in length. That said, the symbiotic interplay between Winter and second lead guitarist Rick Derringer (who went by his real name of Zehringer then) on this version sounds like a switchblade duel. The other two cuts that are duplicated, “It’s My Own Fault” and “Mean Town Blues,” are both much longer on this gig. The former clocks in at 22 minutes and the latter at 18. The improvisation and guitar challenges are voluminous, wildly energetic, and creative. “Highway 61 Revisited" here contains the slide guitar workout from Winter we hoped for on the Second Winter album and never got. The furious abandon he plays with is unchallenged on any of his live records; it’s Elmore James by way of Mike Bloomfield with Winter's gnarly single-string fills, full of distortion and barely controlled volume. The version of “Mean Town Blues” on this set becomes the definitive one -- in large part because of Derringer’s complementary counterpoint lead work -- as does “It’s My Own Fault,” which transcends its slow tempo and becomes something wholly other. The closing read of Muddy Waters’ “Rollin’ and Tumblin'” is only 4:33, but makes one wish it were three times that long. Its fiery, steel-melting intensity features some of the most vicious slide guitar on record to come out of the '70s. The only track that really doesn’t impress here is “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo,” but not because its performance is substandard. It’s simply that in comparison to all the brilliant spontaneity and furious energy on the rest of the set, it feels too controlled. But that’s hardly a complaint. Even though Derringer wrote it, this one blows away the JWA studio version or Derringer's own hit single take. This set blows the stuff in Winter’s own officially released bootleg series away, and becomes his definitive live recording, hands down.

Black Keys- "The Moan" 7" (Alive)
From their 1st album this 7" inch single is now freshly reissued on colored vinyl.

The Strokes- "Is This It" LP (RCA)
back in stock. 2001.

The Strokes- "Room On Fire" LP (RCA)
back in stock. 2003.

Leftover Crack- "Fuck World Trade" CD+LP (Alternative Tentacles)
Back in stock on LP & CD.

Tom Waits- "Romeo Bleeding" DVD (Immortal)
2009 archive release of this 1978 live set from the eccentric and eclectic American singer/songwriter, recorded live in Austin. Includes 'On The Nickel', 'Romeo Is Bleeding' and more. Immortal.

Ryan Adams- "Gold" LPx2 (Lost Highway)
Back in print! Ryan's 1st real foray into pop & rock. Double LP.

Deftones- "Diamond Eyes" LP (Warner)
Their latest album on white vinyl with download card.

Portishead- "Third" LPx2 (Polygram)
Their last album from 2008, once again in on double LP in nice gatefold sleeve.

Portishead- "Dummy" LP (Polygram)
Their 1st album back in stock. An album that launched a hundred imitators.

Cramps- "Psychedelic Jungle" CD (IRS)
Here, Kid Congo Powers and Ivy form just as fine a team as she and Gregory did on earlier releases, and if things aren't always as flat-out fried as on Gravest Hits and Songs, the same atmosphere of swampy, trashy, rockabilly-into-voodoo ramalama reigns supreme. The song titles alone show the band hasn't really changed its sights any: the opening two cuts are covers, "Green Fuz" and "Goo Goo Muck," while originals include "Caveman," "Can't Find My Mind," and the brilliant "The Natives Are Restless." Then there's "Don't Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk," which almost sounds worthy of a Frank Zappa freakout (at least lyrically). Other legendary tracks like "Primitive" and "Green Door" get the Cramps makeover this time out, with the proper mix of respect and hot-wired energy, while "The Crusher" sounds like Interior's on the verge of going completely insane. The Cramps themselves take over the production this time out, resulting in a cleaner, crisper sound (especially when it comes to Knox's drums) that isn't quite as wired, for better or for worse. As commanding showmen, though, the quartet's style comes through big time, with Interior throwing in appropriate yells, yipes, and other sounds where appropriate; his antics at the end of "Goo Goo Muck" are especially gone. If anything, the moodier strutting throughout increases the creepiness of what's afoot; if things aren't psychedelic in the commonly accepted sense, it's certainly not easy listening. Interior sometimes sounds almost normal, but with the sense that something strange is lurking just around the corner, and Ivy is still one of the best guitarists around, her snarling reverb worth a thousand fret-shredders.

Derek Trucks Band- "Already Free" LPx2 (CBS)
For 12 years, the Derek Trucks Band have been issuing records (live and studio) that are long on fire, improvisation, and inspiration. Trucks' own skillful leadership has seamlessly melded rock, blues, jazz, and Eastern Indian modal music in a brew that is uniquely his own. Perhaps this is what makes Already Free both an anomaly and a natural extension of the DTB; if anything, it resembles Delaney & Bonnie's records of the late '60s and early '70s -- Home, To Bonnie from Delaney -- or the self-titled debuts of Bobby Whitlock and Eric Clapton. There is a homegrown organic looseness to these proceedings that sets the album apart from all of Trucks' previous offerings. Perhaps that's because it was recorded at home -- literally in a home studio with the DTB and/or their guests playing live from the floor much of the time. Trucks is still accompanied by his longtime mates: Kofi Burbridge, Todd Smallie, Yonrico Scott, Count Mbutu, and vocalist Mike Mattison. But there are some close friends and family as guests, including -- but not limited to -- Trucks' wife Susan Tedeschi, Doyle Bramhall II, and a horn section and various rhythm players.

Jeff Beck- "Performing This Week - Live At Ronnie Scott's" LPx2 (Eagle Rock)
180 gram release of Jeff's popular live album from 2009 on vinyl.

Black Sabbath- "We Sold Our Souls..." LPx2 (Nem)
Double LP anthology with their most popular songs. Never had this in on vinyl until recently.

Billy Cobham- "Spectrum" CD (Atlantic)
Drummer Billy Cobham was fresh from his success with the Mahavishnu Orchestra when he recorded his debut album, which is still his best. Most of the selections showcase Cobham in a quartet with keyboardist Jan Hammer, guitarist Tommy Bolin, and electric bassist Lee Sklar. Two other numbers include Joe Farrell on flute and soprano and trumpeter Jimmy Owens with guitarist John Tropea, Hammer, bassist Ron Carter, and Ray Barretto on congas. The generally high-quality compositions (which include "Red Baron") make this fusion set a standout, a strong mixture of rock-ish rhythms and jazz improvising.

V/A- "Been Here All My Days" LP (Mississippi)
Throughout the 1960's and 1970's, George Mitchell concentrated mainly on local blues traditions, recording both famous bluesmen and many otherwise ignored artists. This LP features tracks by FRED McDOWELL, FURRY LEWIS, JOE CALICOTT, JESSIE MAE HEMPHILL, ROSA LEE HILL, JOHN LEE ZIEGLER, and more. 14 tracks culled from a series of 45s originally released on Fat Possum.

Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg- "S/T" LPx2 (Light In The Attic)
Reissued on double LP with bonus picture sleeve 7" of "Le Chanson Du Slogan" b/w "Orang Outan". Numbered #512 of 2000 copies.

David Cross- "Bigger & Blackerer" LP+DVD (Sub Pop)
Beautiful gold embossed artwork on a fuzzy textured LP cover. Comes with DVD performance of the TV special included, as well as a mp3 download. Limited to 2500 copies.

Fleet Foxes- "S/T" LP+12" (Sub Pop)
Back in stock. Includes the "Sun Giant" 12".

No Age- "Glitter" 12" (Sub Pop)
Long version of their new single. B-sides are "Rebound" & "Vision II".

The Hold Steady- "Sequestered in Memphis" 7" (Rough Trade)
One sided single. Etching on b-side. Includes sticker.

Elliott Smith- "Needle In The Hay" 7" (KRS)
Comes with download coupon.

Plastic Ono Band- "Cold Turkey" 7" (Apple)
B-side "Don't Worry Kyoko....".

Patti Smith- "Easter" LP (Arista)
Back in stock on vinyl.

J Dilla- "Donuts" LPx2 (Stones Throw)
Donuts was made on a hospital bed and in a home studio, on a stripped-down setup with a stack of vinyl. Released on its maker's 32nd birthday, three days before he passed away, the album has a resonance deeper than anyone could've hoped for or even imagined. Some who were close to Dilla have said that there are hidden messages in the samples, the track titles, and who knows where else. It's impossible not to speculate about some things, like the track titled "Don't Cry," the looped "broken and blue" from a version of "Walk on By," the presence of Eddie Kendricks singing "My people, hold on," or the fact that there are 31 tracks, a possible signal that Dilla survived a little longer than he expected.

Cowboy Junkies- "Whites Off Earth Now" LP (Mobile Fidelity)
Numbered audiophile version of the CJ's very 1st album. Mobile Fidelity is considered the Rolls Royce of audiophile labels.

Swingin' Neck Breakers- "Kick Your Ass" LP (Telstar)
Smokin' garage rock from New Jersey.

Tony Williams- "The Joy Of Flying" LP (Legacy)
It would be an understatement to say that there was a fair amount of variety on this set. Drummer Tony Williams is heard in two duets with keyboardist Jan Hammer, with a quartet also including keyboardist Herbie Hancock, Tom Scott (who unfortunately sticks to lyricon) and bassist Stanley Clarke, and he welcomes rock guitarist Ronnie Montrose, keyboardist Brian Auger, guitarist George Benson, Hammer and tenorman Michael Brecker on other tracks. Much of this music is closer to R&B than to jazz, although there are many strong moments. But the most interesting selection is certainly "Morgan's Motion" which matches Williams with pianist Cecil Taylor in a powerful (and completely atonal) collaboration.

Venetian Snares- "My So Called Life" LPx2 (Timesig)
A lesson in mutant jungle, 'My So-Called Life' rips up the taste and decency rulebook and mashes up ten songs in the characteristic style of breakcore king VENETIAN SNARES (aka Winnipeg's Aaron Funk). Lead track "Posers With Camera Phones" sets the standard: Melody? Check. Jungle breaks? Check. Tongue-in-cheek offensive sample? Check. "Aaron2" shows Funk’s love of the old school with crazy hoovers. Other tracks like "Welfare Wednesday" are straight-up fun with lyrics that make one laugh or cry. "Hajnal2" works one of Funk’s best-known tracks from one of his bestselling albums, 'Rossz Csillag Alatt Született'. The title track closes 'My So-Called Life' with melancholy strings that leave the listener craving more. For fans of drum ’n’ bass, breakcore, jungle, old school, rave or good music in general - this one's for you.

Pavement- "Quarentine The Past: Greatest Hits" LPx2 (Matador)
At long last it is upon us. One of the most important and influential alternative bands of the 1990s, Pavement, have reunited. To commemorate this very happy occasion, Matador Records presents "Quarantine The Past", a 23 track best of collection compiled by the band and fully remastered on US import specially priced double LP, with complimentary MP3 download coupon. The tracks span the entirety of Pavement’s career from 1989 to 1999, from the scratchy and mysterious sounds of their early vinyl-only releases to the rich, multilayered warmth of their final recordings. Although the compilation does not include any unreleased material, it definitely digs deeper than the hits. Songs range from the Top 10 Modern Rock hit "Cut Your Hair" to nearly all the group’s singles, some underrated album tracks, + 3 choice pre-Matador cuts.

Rollins Band- "Lifetime" CD (2.13.61)
When Henry Rollins emerged from the breakup of Black Flag, many thought he couldn't be successful without guitarist Greg Ginn. If nothing else, Life Time proves the detractors wrong. With Ian MacKaye of Fugazi in the production chair, Rollins Band was able to distance themselves from Black Flag with a tight, visceral, and sometimes bluesy album. While more abrasive than later Rollins Band releases, this is worth picking up to better understand the progression of Rollins Band's unique style of emotional funk metal. Remastered and re-released in 1999, the CD has a better sound, but it sacrifices the live tracks (which appear on the original Texas Hotel CD release). The outtakes from the Life Time sessions, however -- "Do It," "Move Right In," and "Nest Time," originally released as the album Do It in 1988 -- are included.

Walkmen- "You & Me" LP (Orchard)
Nice package with download coupon, and limited to 400 copies.

The Hives- "Tarred & Feathered" 7" (Hives)
THE HIVES were caught today playing the songs of artists not present to defend themselves, authorities say. New tapes have surfaced revealing an EP's-worth of stolen material. Is it in a desperate act of idol worship or are we witnessing the fruit of lame work ethics and laziness? The black-and-white-clad bandits made off with three of the music worlds biggest and brightest shining jewels: "Civilization's Dying", "Early Morning Wake Up Call"and "Nasty Secretary". The victims are Zero Boys, Flash & The Pan, Joy Ryder and Avis Davis respectively. The Hives have already pleaded "totally guilty" to the crime and are currently serving their sentence in the good ol’ tradition of tarring and feathering.

Clutch- "Jam Room" LP (Mega)
Sounding loose and more lively than their earlier major-label releases, Jam Room is Clutch at their down-home finest. Rarely will a band's sixth full-length disc manage to be this fresh and confident. From the opening moments of Jam Room's first crushing track, "Who Wants to Rock," these Maryland rockers send a clear message that the business at hand is getting down and having fun. There are a few dark exceptions to the good-time groove-mongering. Most notable among them is the alcoholic melodrama "Basket of Eggs" and the instrumental slugfest "Swamp Boot Upside Down." These moodier tracks generously allow listeners to catch some breath before getting slapped around by Clutch's open hand of stoner-influenced Southern rock.

Matthew Dear- "Black City" LP (Ghostly International)
Black City is Matthew Dear at his least penetrable and most alluring. If the David Bowie comparisons were to continue, the album would place him somewhere in Lodger territory. The dominance of inscrutable lyrics, peculiar characters and subjects, and alien rhythms makes the album more akin to the likes of Lodger's "African Night Flight," "Yassassin," and "Repetition" than the relatively straightforward "Boys Keep Swinging." Like Asa Breed, Dear's previous full-length, Black City is best described as avant pop, but there is an absence of lucidity, and no song sticks as quickly as "Don and Sherri" or "Deserter." It's all slippery, sleazy, murky sound-substance -- knotted rhythms with irregular gaits made all the more surreal by Dear's generally vague, suggestive lyrics and wordless, droning background vocals. Depending on your taste, this will likely be instantly off-putting or progressively pleasurable. Either way, it will probably make you feel like you could use a shower. That Black City is Dear's most creative and individual album is not, however, up for debate.

"Live soundboard recording from The Paradiso, Amsterdam, 25th November 1991" .

Rare 6 track mini album on colored vinyl. From Europe!

Germs- "Forming/Sexy Boy" 7" (Alive)
In stock.

Single from 1996. Scottish garage beat.

Sex Pistols- "Schools Are Prisons/Revolution Classroom" 7" (Import)
In stock.

Higher State- "Darker By The Day" CD (13 O Clock)
The long-awaited, second full-length album by the UK's The Higher State has finally arrived! A dozen new tracks spanning the group's wide spectrum of sound, from jangly folk punk to fuzzed out, revved up, garage psychedelia. Thoroughly dosed throughout with their infectious vocal harmonies and incisive, reflective lyrics. Presented in a nice, 60's-style, tip-on jacket printed by Stoughton Printing, the new album, Darker by the Day, comes well-prepared to move your feet as well as your mind! "Britain has never had it so good when it comes to garage psychedelia; such is the authority of The Higher State."

The Chains- "On Top Of Things" LP (Get Hip)
Fantastic Montreal 60's flavored garage band. Great stuff!

Dead Boys- "Younger Louder & Snottier" LP (Bomp)
The rawer raunchier mixes of Young Loud & Snotty.

Leather Uppers- "Bright Lights" LP (Goner)
At long last, Toronto’s bombastic LEATHER UPPERS have returned. Now slimmed down to a duo, the band kick it rocking, hot, and with a heavy dose of the ridiculous. The band blew the pants off of ‘em at GonerFest 2 and the SXSW Goner showcase.

Flowerz- "Flyte" LP (Arf! Arf!)
This includes both sides of their 1968 singles, plus an unreleased cut, surrounded by no less than 16 cover versions from a 1968 tape. This tape was used for an unusual teen dance at which it was played through the PA system in sync with the band's live performance; sort of a concert demonstration of double-tracking, intended to double the impact of their show. Typical emcee patter is interspersed throughout the songs (says one British-accented lass: "It was good: it was psychedelic, but it was still easy to dance to, which is what all the people want tonight").

Southern Culture On The Skids- "Liquored Up & Lacquered Down" LP (Telstar)
Those who like their music on the humorous side will more than enjoy the raucous seventh release from Southern Culture on the Skids. To label this North Carolina-based quartet under the category of Southern rock would be limiting. On Liquored Up and Lacquered Down, Southern Culture on the Skids melds different styles into its core Southern rock sound and breaks many traditional rules of the genre. One of the talents of Southern Culture on the Skids lies in its ability to musically venture way out there -- industrial-like processed vocals, high-reverb surf guitar, Spanish-style horn parts, and other un-Southern rock-like treatments -- and bring the songs back home. It's the kind of cohesiveness found among groups who've developed a synergy from years of playing together. Liquored Up and Lacquered Down is an example of true ensemble playing, where the parts all effortlessly work together, no matter how far out the musicians take them. "Pass the Hatchet" combines '60s-style shag music, psychedelic rhythm lines, and a shuffling snare drum inherent to rockabilly. This is a party song that can easily fit in on a movie soundtrack, à la Austin Powers. The collection does take a turn to the minimalist side in "Over It," which features mostly bone-dry parts, with perhaps a bit of reverb on the vocals and guitars. It's a real tribute to '50s rock & roll. On the set's choicest number, "I Learned to Dance in Mississippi," industrial-style distorted guitars and vocals meet rollicking country music; another example of the band's adventurous and eclectic nature. It's no coincidence that a group named Southern Culture on the Skids writes songs about drinking, drinking, and more drinking, in a variety of milieus. But it all comes off as harmless banter thanks to the honky tonk party music. Co-lead singers Rick Miller (guitar) and Mary Huff (bass) resemble the Big Bopper and Grace Slick, respectively, on some songs, and rival the vocal antics of Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson of the B-52's. There are no radio hits here, but that's only because there really aren't many stations that support this kind of offbeat, genre-straddling Southern rock music. However, Liquored Up and Lacquered Down would be right at home in bars, Karaoke clubs, jukeboxes, and the LP collections of those who like off-the-beaten-path Southern rock party music.

Teengenerate- "Get Action" LP (Crypt)
Aside from Guitar Wolf, Teengenerate are the best-known Japanese garage act in the United States, and their savage beat gets proper LP attention with Get Action. The band blasts through a dozen sound-alike tracks with good-natured violence and electrical velocity, produced on the cheap and recorded in one sitting so that the whole mess sounds like a crackling mass of static through a dusty stylus. Sometimes the band gets lost in the murk, but more often they come through with sheer adolescent energy and sloppy R&B aplomb. Greasier than the Ramones, more youthful than the Pagans, Teengenerate blaze with a nearly hardcore fury but it always sounds like a party, even at their wildest. Like Guitar Wolf, Teengenerate have a fairly fractured sense of the English language, but their grasp of American rock & roll conventions is tighter than the surreal interpretation of the mighty Wolf, making for less idiosyncratic listening but more reliable dance action. "Dressed in Black" is the hit, an irresistible chant-along number with a chunky riff and pogo-ready rhythm. Other great tracks are the breakneck opener "Mess Me Up," the juicy power pop of "Right Now," and their nearly unrecognizable race through "Shake, Rattle & Roll." Guaranteed to leave xenophobic punks quaking in their American-made boots.

Satan's Pilgrims- "Psychsploitation" LP (Spinner)
Dave Pilgrim-Guitars, Vox Organ, Hammond OrganScott Pilgrim-GuitarsBobby Pilgrim-GuitarsJohn Pilgrim-BassTed Pilgrim-Drums Satan's Pilgrims formed in 1992 during a series of house parties hosted by the members of the band, and were playing shows in their hometown of Portland, Oregon by 1993. Twisting their name from the 60's AIP film "Satan's Sadists" and donning their now familiar matching outfits complete with vampire capes, they became a real band. The Pilgrims are one of the most influential surf instrumental bands around and while much of their sound has a definite Southern California influence, what sets them apart is the legacy of their Pacific Northwest rock 'n' roll ancestors: The Ventures, The Wailers, The Sonics and The Kingsmen. This, along with three distinct guitarists and a relentless rhythm section, gives their live set a dazzling variety of dance party sounds to choose from, while maintaining their patented haunted sound. After years of touring, taking the band all over the U.S. and Europe (including a now legendary show in Slovenia), Satan's Pilgrims continued to develop the surf instrumental genre.

Flying Lotus- "1983" LP (Warp)
In stock.

Flying Lotus- "Cosmogramma" LPx2 (Warp)
In stock.

Japandroids- "Post Nothing" CD+LP (Polyvinyl)
Restock on both formats.

Boris & Ian Astbury- "BX1" LP (Southern Lord)
Bizarre collaboration between Japan's Boris and Cult vocalist Ian Astbury. Includes cover of Cult's "Rain".

Boris- "Amplifier Worship" CD (Southern Lord)
Restock on CD, and the double LP is just reissued.

Boris- "Absolutego" CD+LPx2 (Southern Lord)
Restock on CD, and the double LP is just reissued.

Budos Band- "II" LP (Daptone)
Second release from these great retro jazz/funksters.

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings- "100 Days, 100 Nights" LP (Daptone)
Restock on LP.

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings- "Dap-Dippin'" LP (Daptone)
Restock on LP.

S. Carey- "All We Grow" LP (Jagjaguwar)
Bon Iver member flys solo for 1st time.

Boris- "Heavy Rocks 1" 7" (Southern Lord)
Limited copies still in print.

Boris- "Heavy Rocks 2" 7" (Southern Lord)
Limited copies still in print.

Boris- "Heavy Rocks 3" 7" (Southern Lord)
Limited copies still in print.

Minus The Bear- "Omni" LPx2 (Maple)
Back in stock. Colored vinyl. 180 gram.

Sacrifice- "Ones I Condemn" LP (Cyclone Empire)
Latest album as a German import.

$100- "Forest Of Tears" LP (Blue Fog)
First time here on vinyl. On Rick White's Blue Fog label.

Beastie Boys- "Too Many Rappers" 12" (White Label)
Released at last! This was scheduled for last year, but took until now to come out. Limited.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- "Love Burns" CDEP (BMG/Australia)
CD single with unreleased material. From Australia.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- "Stop" CDEP (BMG/Australia)
CD single with unreleased material. From Australia.

Blink 182- "They Came To Conquer Uranus" 7" (Grilled Cheese)
3 tracks on colored vinyl.

Jimi Hendrix- "Bleeding Heart" 7" (Legacy)
Unreleased b-side "Jam 292".


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