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    This Weeks New Stock & Random Notes   
    Friday, September 24 2010 @ 02:52 AM CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    All items now in stock. Please refer to weekly email for random notes. If you don't get the weekly email, and you'd like to, get in touch.

    Baby Eagle- "Dog Weather" LP (YC)
    Solo work from Constantine member. Comes with download.

    Hawksley Workman- "For Him & The Girls" LPx2 (Isadora)
    Restock on double LP.

    V/A- "Country Hicks vol.7" LP (Bark Log)
    After Over 10 years absence Country Hicks Returns to vinyl with a new stunning volume. 16 Killer Primitive Hick Rockabilly & Country Rockers. This is one of the best volumes in the series. Check out Glenn & Vivian Watson's fantastic Country Bopper or Tommy Castle's Hick Stomper (maybe the rarest Starday Custom pressing), Bill Chambers Slappin' Bass Hick Bop Masterpiece,The Lonesome Western Beauty of Whitey Gallagher's "Searchin" or the amazing Rockin'version of Hank's "Honky Tonk Blues". Every track is a winner.

    No Age- "Everything In Between" LP+CD (Sub Pop)
    Los Angeles experimental lo-fi drum-and-guitar duo No Age are Dean Spunt and Randy Randall, ex-members of hardcore band Wives. Through assorted indie labels, No Age released limited runs of vinyl-only EPs before collecting many of those tracks for the singles collection Weirdo Rippers, issued by U.K. label FatCat in summer 2007. The record's cover pays respect to the Smell, a venue/art space they felt was partially responsible for the livelihood of both No Age and Wives. The duo is also known for its videos, performance art, and visual art, as well as curating an exhibition that included works by Devendra Banhart and others. The band moved to Sub Pop in 2008 and released its full-fledged debut album Nouns. The group's sophomore effort, Everything in Between, followed in 2010. LP is limited edition with giant booklet.

    KMFDM- "Wurst" CD (Metropolis)
    Celebrating over 25 years of the ultra-heavy beat, KMFDM proudly offers you their Wurst, so open wide and take a bite. Wurst is single disc collection of KMFDMs best known tracks released by Metropolis Records, home to KMFDM for the last half decade Like a German Wurst, or sausage, is made from top quality beef, pork and veal and then grilled to perfection, KMFDMs Wurst is comprised of their greatest tracks, hand picked and then painstakingly prepared by KMFDMs top chef, the bands founder and leader, Sascha K. Käptn K, as Sascha is known to his legion of fans, has created this release with both the KMFDM neophyte and the well initiated in mind. He has arranged and sequenced these top tracks for maximum listening flavor. For those looking for KMFDMs most widely-known songs they are here in all their hard hitting glory - Juke-Joint Jezebel, A Drug Against War, Godlike, Light D.I.Y. Megalomaniac and Anarchy. Wurst runs the gamut of the KMFDM catalog from early hits such as More & Faster, Naïve and Money to more recent favorites like WWIII and Tohuvabohu. Representing the cream of the crop from 11 albums, Wurst serves up 19 full tracks, topping out at over 72 minutes of music. Of course a KMFDM retrospective would not be complete without artwork by long-time KMFDM cohort Brute! The cover image is a perfect fit as, like the music itself, it portrays the dangerous (and sometimes sexy) underworld that is inhabited by KMFDM. So sit down, grab your fork and dig in. KMFDM, the best at being Wurst!

    Women- "Public Strain" LP+CD (Flemish Eye)
    Brand new release. LP comes with free 7" single while supplies last!

    V/A- "Matador At 21" LPx2 + CDx6 box set (Matador)
    On September 28, on the eve of the label’s 21st anniversary celebration in Las Vegas, the Matador at 21 box set lands in stores. The limited-edition box contains five CDs documenting the history of the label with remastered songs released from 1989 through 2010, and one CD of unreleased live recordings from the Matador 10th Anniversary concerts in New York City in 1999. These were recorded to multitrack via the Rolling Stones Mobile Truck and not mixed down until now. The set comes in a blue-grey foil-stamped linen-bound box. The six CDs sit in custom digipaks. An 85-page perfect-bound book documents the history of the label with essays, photos, ephemera, emails and more. In addition, the box holds 36 custom Matador poker chips in three values. The release has been assigned the catalog number OLE-1000, which is pushing it a little bit because we’re really only up to OLE-949 (the upcoming Kurt Vile 7″) in the main sequence. A budget-priced double vinyl set reproduces the contents of Disc 5, ‘Matador Today,’ and will be available on the same day as the box. All proceeds from the set will go to benefit three charities chosen by the label owners. The artists have graciously agreed to donate their royalties as well in order to make this all possible.

    Ratatat- "4" LP (XL)
    Anyone expecting much of a change on Ratatat’s fourth album will be disappointed. Steady as she goes for the duo of Mike Stroud and Evan Mast on LP4, which is good news for anyone who’s fallen in love with the sound of their previous work. Their trademark sound of chunky rhythms, soaring guitar harmonies, 8-bit textures, and sunny, catchy melodies remains fully intact, and the minor innovations of LP3 remain as well. Just as on that fine album, there are a few songs with a string section, a couple that slow the tempo, and an overall balanced mix of real instruments and electronics. The only real additions to the sound are the occasional talkbox sounds that provide comedic, yet funky, underpinnings on a couple of tracks. While in less sure hands this could have been played off as a joke, in Ratatat’s expert operation it comes off as a brilliant quirk. Indeed, every sound on the record is perfectly placed; the songs are constructed like a mosaic of glittering shards of glass and metal. Whether it’s the clicking drums that dart and lope like lions or that moment when the guitars slide from one chord to the next and it takes your breath away (to mention two examples), the duo’s mastery of sound and dynamics is almost magical. It’s impressive enough that Ratatat have come up with a sound that is instantly recognizable as their own; to be able to write songs as majestic as “Sunblocks,” as hooky as “Neckbrace,” and as late-night slinky as “Mandy” (which boasts some perfectly realized disco strings) almost doesn’t seem fair. It feels like they could keep making these records forever with no diminishing returns; the level of quality and imagination never drops an inch on LP4.

    Ratatat- "3" LP (XL)
    On Ratatat's first two albums, the duo of Mike Stroud (guitar) and Evan Mast (programming/various instruments) developed a unique sound. Lodged in the sweet spot between hard rock (spiraling dual-guitar leads, crunching beats) and bedroom electronica (squirmy synths and lots of lo-fi invention), they crafted memorable songs with soaring melodies and huge hooks. On LP3 the duo has kept its unique guitar sound and the hooks but made a few subtle changes. They rely more on live drums and percussion throughout, but more important to the feel of the record is the use of a wide range of keyboards like piano, Mellotron, Wurlitzer, and harpsichord. Thanks to this more organic approach and the laid-back nature of many of the songs themselves, LP3 strikes an interesting balance between the late-night jams perfectly suited for driving abandoned city streets they are known for, like "Mirando" and "Shempi" on one hand, and fragile ballads like "Shiller" and "Black Heroes" on the other. It makes for a slightly fuller listening experience, only slightly because past albums weren't exactly one-dimensional, but still more fleshed-out and varied. Certainly the duo has never made a track as sticky sweet and summery as "Bruleé," and Ratatat haven't used acoustic guitars before as they do on the majestic "Mi Viejo." The short tracks (the Spaghetti western-inspired "Flynn" and cute music box melody "Gipsy Threat") that pop up as slightly corny interludes are a nice new touch, too. In the end, though, the record isn't that big a departure. Tracks like the sharp-as-a-sword "Mirando" and "Falcon Jab" would have fit right in on either of their previous albums, and the trademark Ratatat sound overlays the entire record. Instead of changing their sound to accommodate a wider palette of sounds, they wisely chose to incorporate them into their aesthetic. It's an inspired move that will help them keep their old fans and still allow the duo to progress musically.

    Witchery- "Witchkrieg" CD (Century media)
    The fifth album from these Scandinavians is the first with new singer Legion (ex-Marduk, Devian). 'Witchkrieg' is where WITCHERY greet a number of illustrious guests, among them Hank Sherman (Mercyful Fate), Gary Holt and Lee Altus (Exodus), Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), Jim Durkin (Dark Angel) and Kerry King (Slayer). As far as the style of music is concerned, Witchery go for the classic bands, the choice of their guests speaks volumes. Witchery mixes elements from Death, Black and Heavy Metal. This is the limited digipak with a bonus track.

    Swans- "My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky" CD+LP (Young God)
    The first new record from Swans since 1996! Yes, after years of pursuing ANGELS OF LIGHT and recording and producing a diverse roster of artists for his label, Michael Gira has reconvened his legendary group Swans. As he says: "this is not a reunion. It’s not some dumb-ass nostalgia act. It is not repeating the past. After five Angels of Light albums, I need a way to move forward, in a new direction, and it just so happens that revivifying the idea of Swans allows me to do that". This highly anticipated album is as powerful and diverse as anything Gira has ever done, in Swans or otherwise. It opens with the epic, soul-crushing "No Words/No Thoughts", but quickly veers to more pastoral terrain, and on to ever-ascending monotonal grooves. A filmic-folk idyll featuring Devendra Banhart on lead vocal abruptly shifts to cataclysm, and is followed by more airplane-taking-off ascensions, art songs and lethal sonic pummeling. In short, this is the new Swans album, a significant advance from where they left off and as challenging and emotionally demanding as ever. A massive 18 month tour (Montreal and Toronto dates are scheduled for early October) in support of the album begins in September. The vinyl edition includes a digital download coupon.

    Black Flag- "Nervous" 7" (SST)
    Restock tiny vinyls.

    Black Flag- "Six Pack" 7" (SST)
    Restock tiny vinyls.

    Black Flag- "TV Party" 7" (SST)
    Restock tiny vinyls.

    J Dilla- "Jay Stay Paid" LPx2 (Nature Sounds)
    Now here on vinyl.

    Radiohead- "Hail To The Thief" LPx2 (Capitol)
    Back in stock.

    Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan- "Hawk" CD (Domino)
    The latest collaboration from Isobel (Belle & Sebastian) & Mark (Screaming Trees).

    Sublime- "S/T" LPx2 (Universal)
    Restock on double LP.

    Tired Pony- "The Place We Live In" LP (Polydor)
    Tired Pony began life as a doodle in Gary Lightbody's jotter. During idle moments on Snow Patrol's year-long tour cycle for their last album, A Hundred Million Suns, Gary began writing songs for this imaginary band. Forward to January 4th 2010, a cast of characters assembled at Portland's Type Foundry studio; from the extended Snow Patrol family there was Troy Stewart, regular touring member of the band, Iain Archer, long-time Snow Patrol associate and collaborator, Richard Colburn, the renowned drummer with Belle & Sebastian, and producer Garret 'Jacknife' Lee, who brought in Tired Pony's final two members, Peter Buck from R.E.M. and Scott McCaughey, the Seattle musical polymath who's been R.E.M.'s full-time auxiliary member since 1994. Tired Pony were joined by a number of guest contributors including M. Ward and his She & Him partner Zooey Deschanel who duets with Gary on 'Get On The Road'. 'The Good Book' was sung by Tom Smith of Editors, who's a perfect fit for the narrative's gothic weave of guilt and redemption.

    Bukka White- "Mississippi Blues" LP ($ Men With Beards)
    Originally recorded in 1963 for John Fahey's Takoma record label, 'Mississippi Blues' is one of the finest albums Bukka White produced during his later period, after being rediscovered by the folk revival of the early 1960s. A pre-war country-blues artist of the highest order, White, like many of his contemporaries had lived in obscurity for many years, but his great talent remained.

    Robert Earl Keen- "The Rose Hotel" LPx2 (Lost Highway)
    Produced by the iconic Lloyd Maines. Featuring Billy Bob Thornton, Greg Brown and the legendary Robert Earl Keen Band. Also Appearing: Danny Barnes, Buck Allen, Drew Womack, and Deani Flemings.

    Florence & The Machine- "Lungs" LP (Island)
    Florence Welch, better known alongside her band as Florence + The Machine, confidently announces her arrival on Lungs. With several strong singles taking up a fair portion of this debut release, it's clear that Welch is as much a pop writer as she is a left-field artist, despite the early influence of punk and grunge on her life. Musically, these influences are tempered by an admiration for soul and contemporary indie. Welch also received the Critics' Choice award at the Brits in 2009, usually a sign of big things to come. Includes the singles "You've Got The Love" and "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)".

    TV On The Radio- "Dear Science" LP (Interscope)
    Back in stock.

    Big Boi- "Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty" LP (Def Jam)
    Big Boi has no shortage of friends, so it's only right that on his new solo album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, the Big Boi is joined by a slew of guests. On the production side, Scott Storch (who helmed "Shutterbug"), Salaam Remi (Nas, Fugees), Organize Noise, the rapper's own Boom Boom Room producers and Boi-1da (perhaps best known for his work on Drake's "Best I Ever Had") contribute to the set.

    King Tubby- "King Tubby Meets African Brothers in Dub" LPx2 (Nature Sounds)
    Some great old school dub from the 70's courtesy of the master King Tubby.

    Chromeo- "Fancy Footwork" LPx2 (Last Gang)

    Slash- "S/T" LPx2 (Dik Hayd)
    Double vinyl edition of the 2010 solo album from guitar-slinging Rock icon Slash (Guns n' Roses, Velvet Revolver). On this, his first solo album, Slash collaborates with a wide variety of vocalists and showcases his diverse, surprising and exciting personal side. Features appearances from Ozzy Osbourne, Ian Astbury, Fergie, Iggy Pop, Adam Levine, Chris Cornell, Dave Grohl and many others.

    Porcupine Tree- "The Incident" LPx2 (Tone Float)
    Hard to find imported double LP of PT's latest album. Superior progressive rock.

    Jonsi- "Go" LP (XL Recordings)
    Debut solo album from Sigur Ros vocalist.

    M.I.A.- "Maya" LPx2 + CD (XL Recordings)
    Back in on both formats.

    Jimi Hendrix- "Electric Ladyland" LPx2 (Sony)
    Restock. Beautifully repackaged vinyl versions of all Jimi's great early albums.

    Jimi Hendrix- "Are You Experienced?" LP (Sony)
    Restock. Beautifully repackaged vinyl versions of all Jimi's great early albums.

    Jimi Hendrix- "Axis: Bold As Love" LP (Sony)
    Restock. Beautifully repackaged vinyl versions of all Jimi's great early albums.

    Peter Case- "Wig" CD (Yep Roc)
    Peter returns with another rockin' solo set.

    Dax Riggs- "Say Good Night To The World" CD (Fat Possum)
    Louisiana’s own dark star and Orpheus of the underground, Dax Riggs – the fool in your tarot deck – trippin’ over his own tombstone, reaching into the atmosphere and pulling spirits from the air. An alchemy of all roots music, doom metal and glam-punk poetry. It sounds like voodoo, feels like redemption and puts off heat like a burning oil rig. In the service of tears and the ghost of all sorrows…say goodnight to the world. Ex-deadboy and the Elephantmen and ex-Acid Bath’s Dax Riggs will release his sophomore solo album Say Goodnight To The World in mid July, on Fat Possum Records. Recorded over two weeks in his home insane asylum with dancing boys of Austin, TX, Charley Siess (drums) and Kevin Fitzsimmons (bass); co-produced with multi-instrumentalist Robbie Lee (Howling Hex, Baby Dee); and mixed with Eric Wofford (Black Angels, Bill Callahan).

    Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse- "Dark Night Of The Soul" LPx2 + CD (EMI)
    Dark Night of the Soul is an album written by Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse. It features a wide range of guest singers. Those featured on the album include James Mercer of The Shins, The Flaming Lips, Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals, Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, Frank Black of the Pixies, Iggy Pop, Nina Persson of The Cardigans, Suzanne Vega, Vic Chesnutt, David Lynch, and Scott Spillane of Neutral Milk Hotel and The Gerbils; these singers also had a hand in composing and producing the work.

    Beastie Boys- "Check Your Head" LPx2 (Capitol)
    Back in stock on double LP.

    Pearl Jam- "Backspacer" LPx2 (CBS)
    Back in stock on double LP.

    Exploited- "Punks Not Dead/On Stage" CDx2 (Anagram
    One of the biggest selling Punk studio albums of all time, "Punk's Not Dead is now coupled with one of the biggest selling Punk live albums of all time to give a value-for-money double CD for the price of a single one! 10 bonus tracks, too!

    Exploited- "Troops Of Tomorrow/Apocalypse Tour" CDx2 (Anagram
    "Troops Of Tomorrow" is now coupled with "Apocalypse Tour 1981", probably the rarest ever Exploited release. Also includes 6 bonus tracks.

    Shit Robot- "From The Cradle To The Rave" CD+LPx2 (DFA)
    Everyone in the music biz seems to have a story, and Irish emigre Marcus Lambkin has a whopper; after leaving Dublin for New York in the early 90's he soon became acquainted with one James "LCD Soundsystem" Murphy, founder of the legendary DFA label and - like I need to tell you - one of the key players in the noughties emergence of dance punk and twisted disco. Despite nearly two decades of DJing (After initially using his skills as a trained cabinet maker to help build the DFA studio) From The Cradle To The Rave constitutes Lambkin's debut album under the Shit Robot pseudonym, one that he's admitted is broadly influenced by his early days attending warehouse parties on Manhattan's bohemian Lower East Side. Those interested in Murphy's will he/won't he claim to be retiring LCD Soundsystem as a vehicle will note that he contributes on both production and vocal duties, the latter being on the acid-tinged closer Triumph. He's by no means the only top drawer collaborator; Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor adds his geeky falsetto to the soulful 8-bit tones of Losing My Patience, whilst Nancy Whang's turn on the supreme kitsch of Take 'Em Up sounds like a cross between LA psych poppers The Bird And The Bee and early Pet Shop Boys. It's these moments that you sense what Lambkin is referring to when he says that From The Cradle To Rave has a \"Poppy side\". Happily however for the Detroit obsessed there are wide open spaces designed to facilitate their more utilitarian dancefloor nature. Opener Tuff Enuff pillages Kraftwerk's Trans Europe Express - but since when the hell has that ever been a bad thing - whilst I Found Love has all the trademark leftfield finesse of Carl Craig and I Got A Feeling similarly the euphoria of classic early house. With a speed dial to kill for and his boss disapearing off into the background for a while, opportunity could be knocking belatedly for Marcus Lambkin: you assume his next outing will be less than twenty years in gestation.

    Shit Robot- "Chasm" 12" (DFA)
    Extended mix from their latest album.

    Funkadelic- "Maggot Brain" LP (4 Men With Beards)

    Jim Jones Revue- "S/T" LP (Punk Rock Blues)
    Vinyl edition (also available on CD) of THE JIM JONES REVUE's eponymous debut album, which has been described as sounding like a car crash between Little Richard and The MC5, The Revue play supercharged rock?n?roll inspired by The Killer, The Georgia Peach and of course The Memphis Flash and the deranged sons of Detroit. The Jim Jones Revue strip rock?n?roll back to its essential elements and this album is a document of their base alchemy. Recorded live (no overdubs!) on four track in one straight 48 hour session the record is a celebration of no holds barred full on rocking! Former lead singer of Sub Pop garage legends Thee Hypnotics, Jim Jones looks after vocals and guitar, Rupert Orton plays lead guitar, Elliot Mortimer plays keys, Gavin Jay plays bass and Nick Jones plays drums.

    Crumbsuckers- "Beast On My Back" CD (Combat)
    Second album (1988) from NYC punk/thrash band.

    Superpitcher- "Kilimanjaro" LPx3 (Kompakt)
    If there’s one thing that explains why Cologne’s Kompakt Records is the go-to place for brilliant electronic music it’s the imprint’s dedication to change. It’s a rare quality for a micro-house (or a minimal techno, minimal trance, minimal this, minimal that) label to have shifted the genre’s stern-faced attempts at keeping things metronomic and bleakly austere. But as Kompakt’s Michael Mayer told the Guardian recently: "We like change. We're pitching alternatives. It's a cycle, and we're starting the next attack."
    Perhaps it’s a tradition instilled in the city’s music-makers by its famous Krautrock sons Can and Conny Plank, for there’s a devil-may-care attitude at Kompakt that encourages its signings to sculpt ambitious sounds for bedrooms and clubs alike. Dance music shot through with glam, ambience with a seductive undertow, and records that range from The Field’s blissful house to the befuddling jungle-pop of Matias Aguyao. Here Aksel Schaufler’s Superpitcher serve up Kompakt’s latest weighty instalment.
    It’s markedly different to the ambient disco of his 2004 debut, Here Comes Love, and steers well clear of the only trend that has ever threatened to subsume Kompakt: its artists’ love of shoegazing. In fact, Schaufler’s second effort is one of the label’s most ornate, elegant and emotionally wrought releases – and a terrific example of the label’s minimal techno-not-minimal techno aesthetic.
    Schaufler is undoubtedly a fellow with a disconsolate worldview and though his cosmic music is lush Kilimanjaro offers a warped representation of the unsmiling record collection he possesses. It segues brilliantly from the eerie digi-dub of Voodoo and grumpy new wave meets Air of Friday Night to grimly foreboding instrumental Moon Fever and Who Stole The Sun, the latter a title that captures his world-weary persona and yet couldn’t be further from slack-shouldered thanks to its ominous, strutting nod to dancehall-inflected hip hop, Augustus Pablo and eastern European folk. These songs aren’t so much melancholy as curiously troubled.

    Tandoori Knights- "Curry Up" CD+LP (Norton)
    This is what Warren Smith would have sounded like if he recorded in Bombay instead of Memphis! A dozen curried treats from the remarkable Montreal boys KING KHAN and BLOODSHOT BILL featuring the hit single "Pretty Please" as well as soon-to-be Tandoori taste treats "Into Her Arms", "Bandstand", and mo’ Hindu hi-jinx! Massively posh gatefold "Funhouse" sleeve!

    Eagles Of Death Metal- "Heart On" LP (Ipecac)
    Back in stock on LP.

    Johnny Cash- "At San Quentin" LP 180 gram (Sundazed)
    Now on vinyl at a slightly cheaper price.

    Paul Weller- "fast Car, Slow Traffic" 7" (Island)
    New single from Weller's 'Wake Up The Nation' LP.

    The Groundhogs- "Solid" LP (Vinyl Lovers)
    Audiophile version of this great psyche/blues/rock album from 1974. Tony McPhee led this great UK trio for decades, and this is one of their best yet fairly unknown albums (never released in North America). Melding blues rock with twisted psychedelic guitar playing Tony could get sounds out of his axes that most players couldn't even imagine.

    Brandon Flowers- "Flamingo" LP (Island) ,br> Earlier this year, the Killers decided to take some time off - but not Brandon Flowers. "I don't blame them for taking a break," says the singer, 27. "But I'm always writing, and I wanted to chase these songs. I also have a fear that if I stop for a year, it might mess me up." Working mostly with Madonna producer Stuart Price and Daniel Lanois in tandem (Brendan O'Brien also produced a few cuts), Flowers has made a solo set that walks a line between the Killers New Wave rock and a more rootsy sound. Named after Flamingo Road, an off-strip Vegas street that Flowers calls his "Penny Lane," the LP features tunes about his spiritual beliefs ("Playing With Fire"), regret ("Hard Enough," with Jenny Lewis) and the seedy side of his hometown ("Welcome to Fabolous Las Vegas"). He'll support the disc with a tour in the fall and reconnect with the Killers in early 2011. "I seem to be at the age where you peak, and it freaks me out," he says. "I don't want to miss my chance." Inextricably tied to Vegas in both showmanship and ideology, Flamingo is a bombastic 10-track collection of stadium-ready songs that runs the gamut from expert pop executions and forlorn electro dirges to gospel tunes and even blues-tinged rock (read: pedal steel, and plenty of it).

    X- "Under The Big Black Sun" LP (Porterhouse)
    X's third album,"Under The Big Black Sun", is a defining moment in American music that can never be equaled. Darker than its predeccessors, it still rocks as hard as Los Angeles or Wild Gift-but in a coming of age way. Porterhouse Records is pleased to announce the addition of this epic vinyl production to it's catalog. Freshly re-mastered and packaged exactly as the original release, this album will be availabe on 180 gram vinyl and will include the original inner sleeve with lyric sheet.

    Gogol Bordello- "We Comin' Rougher" 7" (CBS)
    Both tracks are taken from GOGOL BORDELLO's forthcoming album. Record Store Day logo incorporated into the packaging and the record itself.

    Winter Gloves- "All Red" LP (paper bag)
    Brand new album (their 3rd) from Montreal indie pop band.

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs- "It's Blitz" LP (Interscope)
    Back in stock on LP.

    Forgotten Rebels- "This Ain't Hollywood" LP (Star)
    Back in stock on vinyl for first time in almost a decade. A legendary Canadian punk rock album. Contains "Surfin' On Heroin" & "Eve Of Destruction". A rare find!

    3 Inches Of Blood- "Here Waits Thy Doom" LP (Century Media)
    The biggest defenders of traditional Heavy Metal are releasing their most punishing, epic and mighty album to date! This LP is green colored, hand numbered to 666 copies. Limited edition CD is also in stock.

    Legendary Pink Dots- "Seconds Late For The Brighton Line" CD (Roir)
    Unlike most acts of their vintage, The Legendary Pink Dots look forward. After more than 25 years, they continue to make compelling new music that is demanded by fans and maintains the high level of quality that set their careers in motion. Led by singer/songwriter Edward Ka-Spel and keyboardist/songwriter Phil “Silverman” Knight, the band continues to create their singular brand of modern psychedelia. Edward Ka-Spel’s lyrics breathe with a sagacity and cleverness only found in rock’s greatest writers. Their new album “Seconds Late For The Brighton Line” finds the band in familiar territory; pulsing Krautrock, dark and sinister pop and epic post-industrial soundscapes. The album invites the listener to put on head phones, close their eyes and embark on a technicolor journey. Stand out tracks include the epic electronic groove of “Russian Roulette”, the pretty naivete of “Someday” and the chilling goth-pop of “Endless Time.” The recent departure of long-time band members Niels Van Hoorn & Martijn De Kleer has left The Legendary Pink Dots to operate as a quartet. The new crew will embark on an extensive North American tour this Fall that celebrates the band’s 30th Anniversary.

    V/A- "Never Give Up On Your Hallucinations" LP (Alive)
    Alive Records is releasing 'Never Give Up On Your Hallucinations', a vinyl only compilation featuring 12 rare/unreleased tracks and psychedelic/punk artwork! It includes rarely heard tracks from The Black Keys, Buffalo Killers, Outrageous Cherry, Radio Moscow, Henry's Funeral Store, Brian Olive, and more! This is a special limited edition release from Alive Records that you won't want to miss out on.

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