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Here is this weeks arrivals, all now in stock.

Social Distortion- "Hard Times & Nursery Rhymes" CD+LPx2 (Epitaph)
Brand new album! CD & vinyl in stock. Double LP comes with bonus CD.

The Braids- "Native Speaker" CD+LP (Flemish Eye)
New buzzword band from Montreal. Vinyl contains free download.

The Decemberists- "The King Is Dead" LP (Capitol)
Brand new album with guests Gillian Welch, David Rawlings & Peter Buck. A left turn into the world of Americana with great results. 180 gram vinyl with download.

Midlake- "The Courage Of Others" LP (Bella Union)
2010. 180 gram vinyl with download.

The Black Keys- "Rubber Factory" LP (Fat Possum)
180 gram vinyl with download.

The Reverend Horton Heat- "Smoke 'em If You Got 'em" CD (Sub Pop)
His first album back in stock.

Midlake- "The Courage Of Others" CD (Bella Union)
Back in stock.

Robert Fripp & Theo Travis- "Live At Coventry" CD (Inner Knot)
Following the release of the critically and popularly acclaimed collaboration, Thread, between saxophonist and flautist Theo Travis & renowned guitarist Robert Fripp, Live at Coventry Cathedral is both accessible and innovative. A genuine musical rarity, Live at Coventry Cathedral, draws from a largely improvised performance, while maintaining a melodic, atmospheric and rhythmic core.

Violens- "Amoral" CD (Friendly Fire)
Catnip for those longing for the early-aughts halcyon days of shiny Manhattan rock (the Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol), and Amoral will undoubtedly play like gangbusters to that crowd. And why shouldn't it? If nothing else, Elbrecht and his cohorts have made a worthy debut that evokes early-80s new pop, Nagel paintings, and neon lighting as much as it does the stadium-sized downcast bombast of Echo and the Bunnymen. That messed-up, multi-color face on the cover might hint at the band's slight psych leanings, but it certainly doesn't represent how the record sounds, which is expensive and expansive. Rhythms crisply snap, guitars sound bright, and even the occasional torrent of feedback is slathered in gold. Violens are at their best when they keep things snappy and upbeat, like on the downward spiral of "Acid Reign" or the Boo Radleys-recalling "The Dawn of Your Happiness Is Rising". Meanwhile, the record's genre diversions, such as the paisley pop of "Violent Sensation Descends" and the stormgazing "Could You Stand to Know?", suggest that while Violens may know their sonic touchstones inside and out, they're better sticking to the haircut-obsessed sounds showcased on Amoral's standouts. They're not going to book any D.I.Y. basement shows or anything by doing so, but when you sound as huge as these guys do, the idea of a stage itself becomes irrelevant.

Phenomenal Handclap Band- "S/T" CD (Friendly Fire)
You get about 90 seconds' warning before the groove deepens on the Phenomenal Handclap Band's self-titled debut LP. And from there, is it ever on: 65 minutes of slightly spacy live-band psych-disco, Hawkwind jamming with Isaac Hayes with percussion from the Incredible Bongo Band. If that sounds like a party, well, it is a party; you'll want to grab a drink and do your damndest to have a good time. To that end, the buzzing, burbling four-on-the-floor dancefloor fillers the PHB-- a cadre of hot New York-area instrumentalists, joined by guests from TV on the Radio and the Dap-Kings, among others-- is a resounding success; a few numbers stand head and shoulders above the rest, but there's a uniform quality to it all, due in no small part to the hydra-headed band's instrumental virtuosity and obvious love of all the sounds they're unabashedly calling their own.

Jon Hopkins- "Insides" CD (Domino)
This composer, pianist, and self-taught studio wizard makes big, bold electronic music using walls of synths, twinkling melodies, and amorphous bass rumbles. His previous two albums had him labeled by ambient patriarch Brian Eno as an electronic innovator, while an impressive sweep of artists such as Herbie Hancock, David Holmes, Coldplay, and lo-fi folkster King Creosote have called upon his handiwork as producer and composer. On this, his Domino debut, Hopkins showcases an intriguing musical aesthetic. "Insides" is about juxtaposition: natural, arcane textures welded to pulsing, hypnotic rhythms; beautiful acoustic melodies set against jarring bass. Reminiscent of the beautiful melodies and harsh dirty beats of Four Tet, Squarepusher, Burial, and Aphex Twin.

King Crimson- "Islands" CD+DVD (MGD)
Remastered new edtion with bonus songs. DVD contains 5.1 surround sound mixes as well as other features. Everything redone by Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree.

King Crimson- "Red" CD+DVD (MGD)
Remastered new edtion with bonus songs. DVD contains 5.1 surround sound mixes as well as other features. Everything redone by Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree.

King Crimson- "In The Wake Of Poseidon" CD+DVD (MGD)
Remastered new edtion with bonus songs. DVD contains 5.1 surround sound mixes as well as other features. Everything redone by Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree.

King Crimson- "Lizard" CD+DVD (MGD)
Remastered new edtion with bonus songs. DVD contains 5.1 surround sound mixes as well as other features. Everything redone by Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree.

The Trashmen- "Surfin' Bird" 7" (Sundazed)
Back in stock on red vinyl.

Monster Magnet- "Dopes To Infinity" CD (A&M)

JJ Grey & Mofro- "Georgia Warhorse" CD (Alligator)
Singing with a passion and fervor directly influenced by the classic soul heroes, JJ Grey has written and recorded five albums of original songs steeped in the rhythm & blues, rock, and country soul of his native backwoods home outside Jacksonville, Florida. Grey comes from a long tradition of Southern storytellers and, in that spirit, he fills his songs with details that are at once vivid, personal and universal. After a decade of hard touring, he still spends eight months of the year on the road, bringing his music to a loyal, ever-growing, worldwide fanbase.
In a live performance review in The New York Times, writer Nate Chinen praised JJ's "balance of wildness and cool" describing his music as "Southern swamp rock with undercurrents of Memphis soul. His songs chronicle ambiguous truths and unambiguous urges," delivered by Grey's "winningly uncontrived vocals." Likewise, Billboard has praised Greyís "world-beating blend of Southern rock, blues and Florida swamp soul."
2010 sees the Alligator Records release of Greyís latest labor of love, Georgia Warhorse, named after the resilient Southern lubber grasshopper. "Yellow and black, and tough like an old-school Tonka toy," says JJ. "They seem so at ease with the world. Nothing seems to rile them. Theyíre in no hurry but they have a kind of resilience because they just keep coming back and Iíve always felt there was a lesson in there for me to learn." Grey could be described in such words; his own career has grown over the course of a decade of winning over fans night after night.

Hayes Carll- "Trouble In Mind" CD (Lost Highway)
Back in stock. Top notch country & Americana.

Death- "Leprosy" LP (Back On Black)
Now here on colored vinyl.

New York Dolls- "S/T" LP (Mercury)
There are hints of girl group pop and more than a hint of the Rolling Stones, but The New York Dolls doesn't really sound like anything that came before it. It's hard rock with a self-conscious wit, a celebration of camp and kitsch that retains a menacing, malevolent edge. The New York Dolls play as if they can barely keep the music from falling apart and David Johansen sings and screams like a man possessed. The New York Dolls is a noisy, reckless album that rocks and rolls with a vengeance. The Dolls rework old Chuck Berry and Stones riffs, playing them with a sloppy, violent glee. "Personality Crisis," "Looking for a Kiss," and "Trash" strut with confidence, while "Vietnamese Baby" and "Frankenstein" sound otherworldly, working the same frightening drone over and over again. The New York Dolls is the definitive proto-punk album, even more than anything the Stooges released. It plunders history while celebrating it, creating a sleazy urban mythology along the way. (AMG)

New York Dolls- "Too Much Too Soon" LP Colored Vinyl (Mercury)
After the clatter of their first album failed to bring them a wide audience, the New York Dolls hired producer Shadow Morton to work on the follow-up, Too Much Too Soon. The differences are apparent right from the start of the ferocious opener, "Babylon." Not only are the guitars cleaner, but the mix is dominated by waves of studio sound effects and female backing vocals. Ironically, instead of making the Dolls sound safer, all the added frills emphasize their gleeful sleaziness and reckless sound. The Dolls sound on the verge of falling apart throughout the album, as Johnny Thunders and Syl Sylvain relentlessly trade buzz-saw riffs while David Johansen sings, shouts, and sashays on top of the racket.

Van Der Graaf Generator- "The Aerosol Grey Machine" LP (Fie!)
Beginning as a Peter Hammill solo effort following the dissolution of the first Van Der Graaf Generator, this quickly recorded album brought Hammill together with producer John Anthony and caused the reformation of the band (which immediately thereafter shifted personnel once again).

White Stripes- "White Blood Cells" LP (Third Man)
Reissue now on Jack's label.

White Stripes- "De Stijl" LP (Third Man)
Reissue now on Jack's label.

Sonic Youth- "Sister" LP (Original Recordings)
More than ever before on 1987's 'Sister', Sonic Youth's songs sound like actual songs, and their collages of noise, distortion, and alternate tunings are now used to provide texture and depth to the music, which is original, complex, and rewarding. Not only is there the full-throttle roar of "Tuff Gnarl", but there are shimmering layers of ambient harmonics and dissonance that are as haunting and challenging as any of their barrages of feedback. Furthermore, 'Sister' has a warm sound, which lures the listeners into music that's defiantly arty but never indulgent. 5 stars -

Queen & Paul Rodgers- "The Cosmos Rock" LPx2 (Hollywood)
Bigger than a house rockiní, bigger than your city rockiní, bigger than the country rockiní, even bigger than the whole Earth rockiní, here it is, the first new studio album involving Queen since 1995 and the entire COSMOS is rockiní. Not like the boys havenít been busy, a worldwide sold-out tour with singer Paul Rodgers in 2006/7, the worldwide smash hit rock musical We Will Rock You built around the music of Queen, the 46664 African AIDS charity they co-founded with Nelson Mandela, Brian Mayís newly minted Doctorate in Astronomy, and, of course, their ever vibrant hits which continued to get played on radio stations ranging from Radio Disney to Classic Rock, with everything in between.

Black Keys- "The Big Come Up" LP (Alive)
Their debut LP now on colored vinyl again!

George Benson- "White Rabbit" LP (CTI)
Back in stock. An RSD release.

Neil Young- "Zuma" LP (Warner)

Neil Young- "Harvest" LP (Warner)

Neil Young- "After The Goldrush" LP (Warner)

Detroit Cobras- "Mink Rat Or Rabbit" LP (SFTRI)
Their 1st album of primal Rock & Roll. One of the great albums of the last decade.

T-Model Ford- "Taledragger" CD+LP (Alive)
Brand new album from this gnarly old blues gump. Raw studio tracks recorded during his last US tour.

Parting Gifts- "Strychnine" CD (In The Red)
What began as a one-off split 45 by songwriters Greg Cartwright (The Oblivians, Compulsive Gamblers, Reigning Sound) and Coco Hames (the Ettes, Coco Motion) quickly evolved into The PARTING GIFTS. As if the talents of Cartwright and Hames arenít enough, their debut album features intense performances from Dan Auerbach (the Black Keys, BlacRok), Patrick Keeler (The Greenhornes, The Raconteurs), Jem Cohen and Poni Silver (the Ettes) and Dave Amels (Reigning Sound, Daptones). The result is an impressive fourteen original songs penned by Cartwright and Hames, as well as a haunting cover of the Rolling Stonesí "(Walkiní Through The) Sleepy City". Catch the Parting Gifts at Goner Fest 7 this year in Memphis, TN, just in time for their 'Strychnine Dandelion' to make its way into your record collection.

Marianne Faithfull- "Broken English" CD (Island)
An absolute classic. Back in stock.

Knife- "Silent Shout" CDx2+DVD (Mute)
Deluxe version of their definitive album. Electronic pop duo.

Black Sabbath- "Master Of Reality" LP (Nems)
Restock on vinyl.

ZZ Top- "Rio Grande Mud" LP (Rhino)
Their 2nd album with "Just Got Paid". Nuff Said!

King Kong- "Big Bang" LP (Drag City)
King Kong, long a part of the indie in-crowd, is the sort of band that you listen closely to not because the music is so great, but because you may miss some smarmy uptake delivered wryly by lead "singer" Ethan Buckler, whose vocals are a monotone Speak & Spell. The Big Bang is the conceptual bookend to 1995's Me Hungry, an album celebrating our Neanderthal roots both lyrically and in construction. The concept here, one that has been celebrated consistently by unimaginative pop artists since the '60s, is about outer space and yearning for reunion. Apparently unimpressed by the darkwave electro revolution going on all around, King Kong continues campy, keyboard-saturated dance songs, such as "Space Travel," that sound eerily like Quintron attempting to be the B-52's. Former Royal Trux co-leader and all-around Drag City bad boy Neil Thomas Hagerty lends the first outside production hand the four-piece has ever seen, giving the minimalist/absurdist songs a warm, ethereal quality, especially on "Deep Blue Sky."

King Crimson- "Ladies Of The Road" CDx2 (Discipline)
Ladies of the Road is a live album (2CD set) by the band King Crimson, released in 2002. The first disc consists of live recordings performed by the band's second active lineup (Robert Fripp, Boz Burrell, Mel Collins, Ian Wallace, Peter Sinfield) recorded in 1971 and 1972. The second disc consists of excerpts from performances of the song "21st Century Schizoid Man" recorded at the same time - these have been edited together to form a single 46-plus minute extended version of the song. The album is compiled in part from King Crimson Collectors' Club albums - limited release live recordings of concert performances, studio sessions and radio sessions.

Greg Brown- "In The Hills Of California" CDx2 (Red House)
Live from The Kate Wolf music festival 1997-2003. Guests include Garnet Rogers & Shawn Colvin. 32 songs.

Greg Brown- "Covenant" CD (Red House)
Back in stock. Over the years this has been one of the store's most consistent sellers. A beautiful album of literate songwriting in the country/folk genre.

Toob- "How To Spell Toob" CD (Lo Recordings)
New project from Red Snapper's Rich Thair and Jake One that aims squarely at the electronically informed mainstream and manages to come away with its dignity intact. Made up of a pretty much 50/50 split of instrumental and (all female) vocal tracks, 'How To Spell Toob' can seem almost wafer thin on first listen, seemingly too concerned with grafting together leftfield leanings and pop sensibilities to have much soul. But give it some time and it soon starts to reveal a distinctive charm. Opening track '4 Walls' takes a juddering, electro laced foundation then overlays a rich sediment of pop-informed guitars that is an aural cousin of New Order and similar in style to the Ghostlyís Midwest Project. The first vocals appear on 'Here Enough', with ZoŽ Bicat contributing a plumy performance that is one part Beth Orton, one part (whisper it) Sophie Ellis Bexter, whilst 'Beaulieu' sees Shingai Shoniwa drifting around the mix as a thrilling Bristolian bass-line patrols below. Yet for all it's high NRG stylings (see the vintage electro-pop of 'Clawing Its Way Back' and the Roy Lee and The Villagers referencing 'Drum and Monkey'), 'How To Spell Toob' succeeds most when it turns down the volume and sets about the red wine. Closing with the beatific double-header of the string marinated 'The Miscreant' and the syrupy Bicat torch-song of 'After', Toob have produced an album that pretends to be vacuous whilst being anything but.

Red Snapper- "S/T" CD (Lo Recordings)
New studio album from the Snapper, coming to us housed in a lush limited edition hand stitched sleeve on both formats. Featuring 7 spanking new tunes plus some old favourites like the Sabres of Paradise mix of 'Hot Flush' , a long deleted classic that fits nicely with the techno jazz mood of the album and two live tracks that make it clear just why Red Snapper had such a faithful following. The soundtrack vibe sits well with todays jazz noir stylings as worn by The Cinematic Orchestra, collection of warm grooves and jazz filled moves, perhaps a bit more mellow than their deranged jazz approach of yore but authentic Snapper for sure....

Red Snapper- "Redone" CD (Lo Recordings)
In which Red Snapper get the remix treatment from a brilliant lineup of artsis that include : Susumu Yokota, Pedro, Radioactive Man, Depth Charge and lots more. Highlights include the unstoppable J Saul Kane (Depth Charge) on firing form in an old skool hip hop fashion. Likewise, Mr. Keith Tenniswood (Radioactive Man) doesnít disappoint here with a slice of super accessible electrot-ech business. Snapper themselves, in various guises have added their own re-interpretations. The Creation is the name used by David Ayers of Red Snapper and partner Felix Tod at Creation studios where they both work as producers. Highlights of the album come with the eeriely blissful acousto-electronic remix from Pedro and the ethereal ambient remix from Susumu Yokota.

Bruce Cockburn- "High Winds White Sky" LP (True North)
Early Cockburn album reissued in vinyl.

Bruce Cockburn- "Stealing Fire" LP (True North)
Early Cockburn album reissued in vinyl.

Chris Smither- "Leave The Light On" CD (True North)
Back in stock. Some of the sweetest acoustic folk/blues/roots music that you'll ever hear. Honest!

Buddy Miller- "Written In Chalk" LPx2 (New West)
From 2008. Guests include Robert Plant & Patty Griffin.

John Hiatt- "Same Old Man" LP (New West)
John Hiatt's Same Old Man opens with the song "Old Days," in which he tells tales of life on the road sharing stages with several aging legends of the blues, and given the grainy drawl of his vocal on the track, one can be forgiven for thinking Hiatt has begun to turn into one of the grizzled old men he's singing about. But most of the tunes on Hiatt's 18th studio album find him in considerably stronger and more nimble voice, even though the blessings and trials of maturity are a recurring theme in these 11 songs. Hiatt produced and recorded Same Old Man at his home studio, with Luther Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars sitting in on guitar and mandolin while Patrick O'Hearn and Kenneth Blevins handled bass and drums, and while these sessions are dominated by a laid-back vibe informed by country blues, Hiatt sounds sharp and engaged on each track.

The Ikettes- "Fine Fine Fine" LP (Kent)
14 tracks from back up singers to Ike & Tina Turner. Serious funk & soul.

Doris Duke- "I'm A Loser" LP (Kent)
I'm a Loser is the standout recording from Southern soul singer Doris Duke; problem is, it's nearly impossible to find. Originally released on the Canyon label in 1970, I'm a Loser found only intermittent life on small domestic and Japanese labels. For fans of the gritty soul style of early Millie Jackson and Denise La Salle recordings, this title is worth searching for. The 12 medium-tempo tracks were mostly penned by fellow Southern singer Gary "U.S." Bonds and producer Jerry Williams Jr. and are executed nicely by a crack Capricorn Studio band. The lean, Stax-inspired numbers also are very decent and even contain Duke's big hit "To the Other Woman (I'm the Other Woman)." The fate of the love weary is the main subject matter here and all its attendant drama is not only captured well by Duke's pleading vocal delivery, but it is unobtrusively underscored by the minimal and tasteful string arrangements. I'm a Loser may be a somewhat obscure title, but it is one that would fit into any good soul collection.

Preston Love- "Preston Love's Omaha Bar-B-Que" LP (Kent)
Saxophonist Preston Love was far more associated with the early sounds of West Coast R&B in the 1940s and 1950s than he was with modern soul-funk. However, he, like numerous other R&B vets, actually did make some recordings in a much more modern style that have been relatively ignored. By the time this CD came out in 2001 early funk was undergoing a renaissance among collectors, spurring the reissue of Love's rare 1969 LP. Helping Love out on this collection of instrumental soul-funk tunes were the legendary Johnny Otis on piano and vibraphone, Clifford Soloman on tenor sax, and, on one of his earliest recordings, legendary guitarist (and son of Johnny Otis) Shuggie Otis, just 14 years of age when this was made. It's a good, though not great, set of instrumentals that bubble along nicely, with both grit and jazzy accents. Shuggie Otis' bluesy playing is already stinging and imaginative at this point, sometimes with a slightly distorted wah-wah edge that gives the R&B-based jams a late-1960s feel, and, in fact, he and his father co-wrote most of the material. On "Cream Dream," the sounds take on a slightly psychedelic hue, with the combination of underwater bubbling noises and way-in-the-background flute by Love.

James Carr- "A Man Needs A Woman" LP (Kent)
Along with his other original Goldwax LP, You Got My Mind Messed Up, James Carr's Man Needs a Woman represents one of the high watermarks of Southern soul music. And beyond his tonal resemblance to Otis Redding, Carr was as distinct a voice as the genre ever produced. Compilations on both Kent (Complete Goldwax Singles) and Razor & Tie (The Essential James Carr) are certainly good places to start, but this LP might be even a better introductory title, especially considering the likelihood one will want to obtain all of Carr's prime late-'60s work. Whether Carr revels in the up-tempo soul of "I'm a Fool for Your" or stops the presses on sanctified slow-burners like "You've Got My Mind Messed Up" and the Dan Penn and Chips Moman-penned classic "Dark End of the Street," the intensity never falters.

V/A- "Flare Grooves" LP (Kent)
A variety of rare soul & funk tracks from the UK label Kent.

Man Or Astroman?- "Made From Technetium" LP (Touch & Go)
Cutting away some of their kitsch tendencies, Man or Astro-man? turned in a tough, muscular ninth album with Made From Technetium. The surf and spy influences have been de-emphasized in favor of a harder approach that still reverberates with pop-culture references. The difference results in a record that remains raw and invigorating, even when the group runs out of memorable riffs.

Black Keys- "Chulahoma" LP (Fat Possum)
Black Keys cover the songs of their Hero & late bluesman Jr. Kimbrough.

Arcade Fire- "Funeral" LP (Merge)
Back in stock on vinyl.

Arcade Fire- "The Suburbs" LPx2 (Merge)
Back in stock on vinyl.

Deerhunter- "Microcastle" LPx2 (Kranky)
Restock on vinyl.

LCD Soundsystem- "45:33" LPx2 (DFA)
Previously available only as a download from ITunes, 45:33 was originally recorded by James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) as a continuous album-length disco symphony. Commissioned by Nike for their Original Run series, it was the second in the series and proved a massive success, both critically and commercially. It is the result of Murphy's desire to create a piece of music outside the typical commercial constraints. 45:33 is a refreshing audio creation, complete and fulfilling - moving through a dynamic range of tempos and rhythms, all the while maintaining the essence of an LCD Soundsystem recording. Nearly six months since the iTunes exclusive ended, 45:33 is now available for the first time on CD and double vinyl. The CD, which also includes three bonus tracks previously available in the UK only, remains intact as a singular piece of music that is spliced six times for easy navigation. The vinyl release, on the other hand, is carefully separated into four individual tracks and spread across the four sides of vinyl.

Neu!- "Neu 1" CD (High Wire)
Fresh after leaving Kraftwerk in the fall of 1971 for what they perceived to be a lack of vision, guitarist Michael Rother and drummer Klaus Dinger formed their own unit and changed the face of German rock forever -- eventually influencing their former employer, Florian Schneider of Kraftwerk. The 1974 album Autobahn was a genteel reconsideration of the music played here. Neu! created a sound that was literally made for cruising in an automobile. While here in the States people were flipping out over "Radar Love" by Golden Earring, if they'd known about this first Neu! disc, they would never have bothered. Dinger's mechanical, cut time drumming and Rother's two-note bass runs adorned with cleverly manipulated and dreamy guitar riffs and fills were the hallmarks of the "motorik" sound that would become the band's trademark.

Neu!- "Neu 75" CD (High Wire)
After a three-year break, Neu! members Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother buried their differences temporarily, and reunited for another go at the "motorik" sound they had developed with their debut in 1971. The strange tension and presentation of Neu! 2 and the emergence of their former band Kraftwerk may have precipitated the reunion, but, whatever the reason, the end result proved worth the time, effort, and bickering it took to crank this one out. One thing that is noticeably different on 75 is the presence of synthesizers and the preference of them, it seems, over Rother's guitar.

Otis Taylor- "Clovis People Vol.3" CD (Telarc)
Over a decade, folk-blues songwriter Otis Taylor has come up with compelling, often puzzling album titles; Clovis People, Vol. 3 is no exception. For starters, there arenít any previous volumes. Also, the Clovis People he refers to donít exist. Their name was chosen by archaeologists near Taylorís own home in Pueblo, Colorado, who discovered the tools and pottery of a culture that had died out over 13,000 years ago.
Taylorís approach is quite spare and atmospheric, though his ensemble is sometimes exotic: some of his guests include jazz trumpeter Ron Miles, electric guitar slinger Gary Moore, Fara Tolno on djembe, pedal steel guitarist Chuck Campbell, and his regulars, daughter Cassie on bass and theremin, and Larry Thompson on drums, along with assorted guests. Taylorís trademark vocals and guitar are ever-present.

Thee Hypnotics- "Come Down Heavy" CD (Cherry Red)
THEE HYPNOTICS were a real Rock And Roll band hell bent on carving their names onto the map of history with great songs and willing to put their lives on the line. Formed in North London at the back end of the 80ís, they started a band because they absolutely had to. Like so many before, they missed opportunities and left potential unfulfilled but they made this fantastic album that is full of blues, soul and rock and roll. Simply put, 'Come Down Heavy' is a smouldering, blistering beast of a record that demands your attention! Lead vocalist Jim Jones has been garnering much attention recently with his JIM JONES REVIEW combo. This edition features 4 bonus tracks.

Joe Cocker- "Mad Dogs & Englishmen" CD (A&M)
Rarities version with tracks that didn't appear on the original album.

Jimi Hendrix- "Blues" LPx2 (Legacy)
1994 compilation of mostly blues material from his back catalogue.

Bruce Springsteen- "Save My Love/Because The Night" 7" (Columbia)
RSD release finally here. Color sleeve.

Bats- "Thousands Of Tiny Luminous Sphere's" CD (Flying Nun)
One of New Zealand's best psyche/pop bands from the 90's gets the "Best Of" treatment. Do yourself a favor if you've never heard these guys.

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss- "Raising Sand" LPx2 (Rounder)
Back in stock after lengthy absence.

NoMeansNo- "Wrong" LP (Wrong)
Back in stock after lengthy absence.

Broken Bells- "S/T" LP (CBS)
Back in stock after lengthy absence.

Destroyer- "Kaputt" CD+LPx2 (Merge)
Dan Bejar started DESTROYER in Vancouver as a solo home-recording project in the early to mid-1990's and has gone from strength-to-strength over the years (ask Pitchfork). 'Kaputt', Destroyer's ninth album, follows the limited edition "Bay Of Pigs" and "Archer On The Beach" 12" singles, both of which quickly sold out. The album is inspired by Vancouver's Chinatown, 80's Miles Davis, 90's Gil Evans, and much more. The 2LP edition adds an exclusive 20 minute bonus track and download coupon.

Otis Redding- "Pain In My Heart" LP (Atlantic)
Restock of his 1st album.

Yardbirds- "Little Games" LP (Sundazed)
By the time Jimmy Page joined the YARDBIRDS in 1966, the group was already firmly established as one of the era's most innovative and creatively adventurous British bands. The addition of Page allowed the band's heady mix of blues and psychedelia to coalesce into an edgy approach that laid the stylistic groundwork for Page's next band, the somewhat successful Led Zeppelin (who were known as the New Yardbirds in their early days). The Yardbirdsí 1967 release 'Little Games' was the band's only album to be recorded entirely with Page as a member, and the only one to feature the group's final lineup of Page and founding members Keith Relf, Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty. The album also features Page's future Zep bandmate John Paul Jones on bass, cello and string arrangements, along with guest appearances by UK session aces Nicky Hopkins and Clem Cattini. Sundazed Musicís new CD and LP editions of 'Little Games' have been sourced from the original UK mono masters. The LP version is pressed on 180 gram vinyl, and meticulously reproduces the album's distinctive original cover art.

Bruce Springsteen- "Working On A Dream" LPx2 (CBS)
From 2009. Double LP which is dramatically cheaper than his new album. Not sure why...

Doc & Merle Watson- "Then & Now/Two Days In November" CD (BGO)
Two of Doc's great 70's bluegrass albums compiled on 1 CD from the UK reissue label BGO.

Ornette Coleman- "The Shape Of Jazz To Come" LP (Atlantic)
A history changing album which has been exploited/imitated in a million different ways. Still one of the great album covers.

Starflyer 59- "Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice" LP (Burnt Toast)
With their ninth album, 2005's Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice, Starflyer 59 get back on course. Their last album, 2004's I Am the Portuguese Blues, was a strange step back in time that had the group recording songs that main Starflyer Jason Martin had written some six years before. It sounded exactly like what it was -- a backwards leap into the noisy past. This record is a more natural follow-up to 2003's Old, dealing as it does in the same lush sonic textures, laid-back tempos, and melancholy lyrics. Although Martin has stripped the band down to just himself and drummer Frank Lenz, he has come up with the band's lushest, most arranged album yet. Perhaps it is due to the presence of the strings that pop up in most of the songs; maybe it is down to the electronic textures that percolate through the album. Probably it is a combination of the two, along with Martin's continuing growth as a songwriter and producer. At times calling to mind the best of New Order at their poppiest ("Good Sons," "A Good Living"), Slowdive at their most emotional ("Softness, Goodness"), and the epic grandeur of Swervedriver ("Easy Street"), Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice is the work of a band at its peak. Whether you are a fan of the return of the shoegaze sound or just in love with good guitar pop, don't overlook Starflyer 59. Thanks to albums like this, they are right up there with the best bands around.

Starflyer 59- "Dial M" LP (Burnt Toast)
For Starflyer 59, longevity and quality go hand-in-hand. Since 1993, California's finest shoegazers have been churning out lush masterpieces that seem to only improve with time. From albums like Gold (1995) to I Am The Portuguese Blues (2004), the group has remained not only captivating but increasingly innovative as well. Jason Martin's haunting vocal display perfectly accompanies the atmospheric mood set by the dreamy guitar lines, creating a sort of glimmering magic that could only come from one of Tooth & Nail Records' most gifted. Starflyer returns in 2008 with "Dial M", one of the most personal and lyrically moving records in the bands history. With careful attention paid to building lush layered songs around driving rhythmic acoustics and vulnerable lyrics, "Dial M" has become an instant standout in the Starflyer catalogue.

Boards Of Canada- "Music Has The Right To Children" CD (Warp)
Restock on CD.

Baby Huey- "The Living Legend" LP (Curtom)
Last one sold immediately, so it's back again. Baby Huey's only album, released after his untimely death, is titled The Living Legend with good reason. He was legendary in his appearance, a 400-pound man with a penchant for flamboyant clothing and crowned by a woolly Afro, a look that is best illustrated by one of several rare photos included in the Water Records edition that shows our man in a wide-lapeled polka-dot shirt with a lime-green jacket. Beyond his unusual appearance, though, he was graced with a stunning, fierce voice on par with Otis Redding and Howard Tate, wailing and howling one moment and oddly tender and sentimental the next. Nowhere on Living Legend is his range more apparent than the opening track, "Listen to Me," where listeners are introduced to both the enigma of Baby Huey and his diamond-tough psychedelic funk backing band, the Baby Sitters. The high-energy instrumental workout "Mama Get Yourself Together" is worthy of the J.B.'s and a hazy, spiraling ten-minute rendition of Sam Cooke's chestnut "A Change Is Going to Come" confirms that the Baby Sitters could hold their own with Blood, Sweat & Tears. Further lore that catapults The Living Legend from good to great: the production was helmed by Curtis Mayfield, reason enough to make it near essential, and is highlighted by three of his compositions, "Mighty Mighty," which Mayfield and the Impressions recorded a few years earlier; "Running," a classic Mayfield cut that can only be heard here ripped to glorious bits by a band that is trying to let every member solo; and "Hard Times," which Mayfield himself would revisit on his 1975 album There's No Place Like America Today, although Baby Huey's razor-edged reading remains the definitive version -- no small caveat considering Mayfield not only wrote the tune, but could rightfully be considered one of the architects of soul to boot.

Gov't Mule- "By A Thread" LPx2 (Evil Teen)
Most recent from Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers) and his jam band trio.

Leftover Crack- "Fuck World Trade" LP (Alternative Tentacles)
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