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    New Stock Arriving Next Week.   
    Saturday, January 22 2011 @ 11:28 AM CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    Arriving wednesday Jan.26th. More to come.

    Mogwai- "Rano Pano/Hasenheide" 7" (Sub Pop)
    Brand new 2 track single with download coupon.

    OFF!- "First Four EP's" 4x7" box (Vice)
    Restock. New punk band with Keith Morris (Black Flag/Circle Jerks). Limited edition 7" box set.

    The Cocteau Twins- "Treasure" LP (Vinyl 180)
    The jewel in their crown! "The opening two numbers of Treasure are simply flawless, starting with "Ivo," where gently strummed guitar and low bass support Fraser's singing; then suddenly added, astonishing chimes and steady percussion build up to a jaw-dropping Guthrie guitar solo. Topping that would be hard for anyone, but in "Lorelei," the Twins do it, with an introductory, breathtaking guitar surge leading into one of Fraser's best vocals, compelling in both its heavenly and earthly tones and rolls. Not a word may be understandable, but it isn't necessary, while the music, driven on by a pounding rhythm, is as perfect a justification of digital delay pedals and the like as can be found. As Treasure continues, the accomplished variety is what stands out the most, whether it be the gentle, futuristic-medieval pluckings on "Beatrix," the understated moody washes and Fraser whispers on "Otterley," the upbeat guitar lines of "Aloysius," or the slightly jazzy touches on "Pandora." The concluding number ends the record on the peak with which it began. "Donimo" starts with a mysterious mix of mock choir sounds, ambient echoes and noises, and Fraser's careful singing before finally exploding into one last heavenly wash of powerful sound; Guthrie's guitar, Raymonde's steady bass, and drum machine smashes provide the perfect bed for Fraser's final, exultant vocals. Treasure lives up to its title and then some as a thorough and complete triumph."

    The XX- "XX" LP (XL)
    That's a lot of X's. Back in stock.

    Black Angels- "Passover" LPx2 (Light In The Attic)
    Back in print and now cheaper. One copy just arrived.

    Gang Of Four- "CONTENT" CD+LP (Yep Roc)
    Brand new album from the legendary GOF. Both formats! Both formats contain coupon for downloadable bonus material.

    Syl Johnson- "Diamond In The Rough" CD (Hi/Fat Possum)
    This second of three underrated releases for Hi finds Syl Johnson slowly but surely transforming from a credulous loser into a standup guy no one messes around with. Diamond in the Rough could be viewed as a creative bridge between the slightly formulaic Hi approach of 1973's Back for a Taste of Your Love and the more bluesy and rewarding Total Explosion from 1975. Different from the southern soul belter which distinguished fellow Hi second leaguers Otis Clay and O.V. Wright, Johnson's unique feat lies in his earnest yet sometimes ironic take on love and relationships.

    Doc Watson- "Doc Watson & Son" CD (Vanguard)
    Originally released in 1965. Top notch bluegrass & acoustic country blues from this icon & his son Merle.

    The Kills- "Keep On Your Mean Side" LP (Domino)
    Back in stock after a lengthy absence. This is their debut album.

    V/A- "Elektronische Musik 1972-83 Vol.1" LPx2 (Soul Jazz)
    Amazing compilation from the German founding fathers of electronic music like Can, Tangerine Dream, Harmonia, Popol Vuh, Faust, Neu! etc.

    Neutral Milk Hotel- "In The Aeroplane...." LP (Merge)
    Reissued, remastered on 180 gram vinyl with download coupon.

    Bruce Springsteen- "Rockin' Live From Italy" LPx2 (Vinyl Passion)
    Back in stock on double LP.

    Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins- "Rabbit Fur Coat" LP (Team Love)
    Restock on vinyl.

    Blood Red Shoes- "Box Of Secrets" LP (Universal)
    Blood Red Shoes are the Brighton, England-based duo of guitarist Laura-Mary Carter and drummer Steven Ansell. They met in 2004 while they were still in their late teens. After a few jam sessions, something clicked. They started writing songs together and in less than a week they had enough material to play a short set. They hit the road and never looked back, winning the hearts and minds of British dance-punks with their aggressive attack and bleak outlook. They put out a handful of singles on indie labels before being signed by a major label, but when they brought in producer Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, Razorlight), the major label dropped them. They continued recording and made this self-financed debut, soon picked up by England's V2 cooperative. "You Bring Me Down" is driven by Ansell's 4/4 drumming and guitars that sound like the sirens of emergency vehicles, and suggests an unholy union of New Order and the Buzzcocks. "Try Harder" has a slow, clanging, swampy sound and wailing vocals from the duo. "ADHD," one of their early singles, is reprised here with a slightly cleaner sound, without losing any of its fierce power. "It's Getting Boring by the Sea" has a catchy pop melody lurking under Ansell's pounding assault and Carter's grinding guitar attack. "This Is Not for You" is a modern girl group song, with the girl in question wielding a blowtorch guitar to complement her complaints about the frustrations of growing up in a decaying society. "I Wish I Was Someone Better" is a confession full of anger and confusion mirrored in the song's grinding guitar attack. The hook is repeated at the song's end as both a benediction and ironic taunt. Box of Secrets is rough, primal rock and surprisingly melodic for an album full of buzzsaw guitar and primordial drumming. Carter's particularly impressive for the driving basslines she generates from the guitar's low strings while driving the tunes forward with thick, distorted blocks of chords.

    Michael Rother- "Flammende Herzen" LP (4 Men With Beards)
    Michael Rother was the guitar and keyboard playing half of the groundbreaking Krautrock group Neu, and earlier, a founding member of Kraftwerk. Flammende Herzen (Flaming Heart) is his first solo album, recorded by and produced by Conny Plank in 1976 and issued at the dawn of punk in 1977. Flammende Herzen is, in a sense, the complete and utter flowering of a vision Rother held from Kraftwerk through his work with Klaus Dinger in Neu and through his short-term collaboration with Moebius and Roedelius in Harmonia. Rother's signature guitar sound is twinned with an analog delay, the simple mechanical or "motorik" percussion all wound around simple, yet transcendent, melodies that are nearly anthemic in their strident execution. With percussion assistance from Jaki Leibzeit of Can, Rother crafts a driving, soaring ride into the sonic abyss that is rich with melody and rock & roll rhythm. For Rother, music is a thing filled with light, and tracks such as the title, "Zyklodrom," and "Karussell" feature a cylindrical weave of electronic and organic percussion, opaque but insistent synthesizers playing chord progressions, and, of course, acoustic and electric guitars either chiming in single- and double-string Brucknerian motifs or churning on two or three chords hypnotically into the ether. While some of the themes presented here later became the foundation for a ponderous kind of new age disc music, there is plenty of spaced-out psychedelia and churning rock & roll ellipsis here ("Feuerland") for fans of early Krautrock. This remains one of Rother's strongest and most visionary records.

    Sonny Sharrock- "Black Woman" LP (4 Men With Beards)
    Black Woman documents Sonny Sharrock's temporary departure from the confines of Herbie Mann's always invaluable patronage. Around the time of recording, Sharrock was struggling to express his own musical ideas within the rigid framework of the successful Mann bands. Black Woman marks an early opportunity for Sharrock's own voice to be heard; he composed all the songs except "Bailero" and personally chose the band to reflect his own interests. The music is full of Sharrock's skittering, trademark clusters of notes and remains at a consistently high-intensity level with Linda Sharrock, Milford Graves, and Teddy Daniel on board. At times the music reaches for the sublime as on "Peanut" with its mandolin-like, vibrato theme and otherworldly improvisations; can music evoke visions like Dante's Rings of Hell? The beauteous "Bialero" with piano and bass figures oscillating around Linda's lilting yet unpredictable voice and "Portrait of Linda in Three Colors, All Black" are Sonny Sharrock in glory. Linda Sharrock's vocals could be alarming to the uninitiated; she doesn't enunciate a single word throughout, except on the traditional "Bialero," instead using her instrument, her voice to express, like her husband does, the inexpressible: those emotions, passions, or exaltations that cannot be rationally shared, only referred to comparatively vaguely by the "knower." The results in this instance were later dubbed "energy music" by some well-intentioned critic. This album is not for everyone, even Sonny Sharrock fans may find the music beyond their wildest expectations.

    Brian Eno- "Another Green World" LP (Polydor)
    Japanese import on 180 gram vinyl. One of Eno's most important solo albums from mid 70's. The perfect blend of electronic pop song structure & his initial musings with ambient styles.

    Miles Davis- "Ascenceur Pour l'Échafaud" LP (Original Jazz Classics)
    Jazz and film noir are perfect bedfellows, as evidenced by the soundtrack of Louis Malle's Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud (Lift to the Scaffold) 1958. This dark and seductive tale is wonderfully accentuated by the late-'50s cool or bop music of Miles Davis, played with French jazzmen -- bassist Pierre Michelot, pianist René Urtreger, and tenor saxophonist Barney Wilen -- and American expatriate drummer Kenny Clarke. This recording evokes the sensual nature of a mysterious chanteuse and the contrasting scurrying rat race lifestyle of the times, when the popularity of the automobile, cigarettes, and the late-night bar scene were central figures. Davis had seen a screening of the movie prior to his making of this music, and knew exactly how to portray the smoky hazed or frantic scenes though sonic imagery, dictated by the trumpeter mainly in D-minor and C-seventh chords.

    Hawkwind- "Live 1982" LPx2 (Let Them Eat Vinyl)
    Limited edition 180 gram red and green double gatefold vinyl edition - llmited edition of 1000 copies worldwide! 1982 concert by Hawkwind, recorded over both nights of the winter 1982 tour, at London's Hammersmith Odeon. The performances featured guest slots from Michaeil Moorcock and Lemmy. Includes excellent live versions of 'Coded Languages', 'Solitary Mind Games', and best of all, a new wavey 'Waiting for Tomorrow' slipping in alongside traditional favorites 'Ejection', 'Magnu', and a maniacally churning 'Brainstorm'. There's also a stunning version of 'Master of the Universe', recast from its customary, weighty length to a breakneck heavy metal hoedown.

    Wooden Shjips- "Dos" LP (Holy Mountain)
    San Fran psyche band's 2nd album.

    Nine Inch Nails- "The Downward Spiral" LPx2 (Interscope)
    Double picture disc version.

    No Joy- "Ghost Blonde" CD+LP (Mexican Summer)
    Splitting time between Montreal and Los Angeles, female-fronted noise pop group NO JOY are poised to release their debut album, 'Ghost Blonde'. We could say a lot of things about their debut album: that it fully delivers on the promise of their Mexican Summer 7", that it builds upon the revitalization of shoegaze pop in recent times with a melodic fervor and angst that many of their contemporaries fail to capitalize on, that their records look and sound gorgeous, that there are moments on 'Ghost Blonde' that match the challenges laid down by My Bloody Valentine and Lush years ago. We could say those things, but then what would the bloggers think? Probably the same. Oh well. We said it. Killer record from a band to be reckoned with. Ten new songs that’ll singe your eyelashes off.

    Audioslave- "Out Of Exile" LPx2 (Interscope)
    Back in stock on double LP.

    Refused- "The Shape Of Punk To Come" CD+LP+DVD (Epitaph)
    The Deluxe Edition of The Shape of Punk to Come will be released as a three disc collection that will include the essential full-length CD, a never-before-released mind-blowing live album and the classic yet bittersweet documentary Refused Are Fucking Dead on DVD. Vinyl is double album with DVD!

    Reigning Sound- "Time Bomb Highschool" LP (In The Red)
    Last time at lower price as In The Red are jacking all vinyl prices right away!

    Nine Inch Nails- "Pretty Hate Machine" LPx2 (Interscope)
    Newly reissued & restocked.

    Black Keys- "Attack & Release" LP+CD (Nonesuch)

    Black Keys- "Magic Potion" CD+LP (Nonesuch)

    Beatles- "Abbey Road" LP (Capitol)

    Jimi Hendrix- "Valleys Of Neptune" LPx2 (Legacy)
    Back in stock & a little cheaper this time around. After 40 years, a number of ill-conceived posthumous albums, and countless bootlegs, one would almost have to be skeptical of a new album billed as "12 previously unreleased studio recordings -- almost 60 minutes of unheard Jimi Hendrix!" The good news is that Valleys of Neptune largely delivers on that promise. Even hardcore collectors will likely be surprised at how much of this album they haven't heard. But much of this material has been available before in some form, official and otherwise. Although there were tons of posthumous overdubs, elements of these very versions of "Stone Free" and "Hear My Train Comin'" were used as building blocks for the versions on Crash Landing and Midnight Lightning, respectively. Additionally, this version of "Stone Free" was included on 2000's The Jimi Hendrix Experience box set, the only difference being that Noel Redding's bass and vocals were replaced with Billy Cox's bass from a slightly later studio session. An excerpt of the tune "Valleys of Neptune" was released as part of the Lifelines radio program box set, but that track ("Mr. Bad Luck" [aka "Look Over Yonder"]) and "Lullaby for the Summer" (basically an instrumental version of "Ezy Rider") were all well-known to collectors. However, Eddie Kramer's fresh mixes make them all sound better than ever. "Fire," "Red House," and "Sunshine of Your Love" are obviously well-known tunes, but these versions will most likely be new even to collectors. "Ships Passing Through the Night" (later transformed into "Night Bird Flying") and "Crying Blue Rain" are easily the rarest tracks here, and may well be surfacing for the very first time. The songs all sound mostly to completely finished; they definitely aren't just rough demos that got added to after the fact (although Mitch and Noel did do additional recording in 1987 for three of these tunes). Most of the tracks have multiple guitar parts, although Jimi probably would have replaced some of these guitar parts. It's not that they're at all bad, but some aren't perfect, and Jimi Hendrix was a perfectionist. "Crying Blue Rain" feels like just a studio jam (albeit a good one), and "Sunshine of Your Love" goes on just a bit too long with an unnecessary bass solo, but the rest sounds surprisingly finished and complete (and being studio recordings, the sound quality is excellent throughout). While it doesn't rise to the level of his other studio albums, Valleys of Neptune is a welcome catalog addition from a tremendous talent who died too young.

    MGMT- "Oracular Spectacular" LP (Sony)
    Restock of their 1st album.

    Andre Williams- "Silky" CD (In The Red)
    In my top 100 albums of all time for sure. Sleazy nightclub garage/blues/rock from the dirtiest old man still treading the boards. Mick Collins (Gories/Dirtbombs) provides the stone cool musical backing.

    Florence & The Machine- "Lungs" LP (Island)
    Back in stock. Price drop too.

    The Witches- "A Haunted Person's Guide To..." LP (Alive)
    "The best band that you never heard" of is a term that is commonly thrown around with much ado but in the case of The WITCHES it may well be true. Born in Detroit in 1996 from the mind of bass player Troy Gregory (Dirtbombs, Killing Joke) and with the help of fellow Michigan natives John Nash (Electric Six, LCD Soundsystem) on guitar, and producer Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Von Bondies) on electric twelve-string, The Witches went on to record five amazing albums between 1996 and 2006, with the help of a revolving line-up of Michigan musicians, before vanishing into thin air. Though the songs are primarily constructed from the uncontrollable ravings of Gregory's wildly creative and hyperactive imagination, the whole thing represents the point of view of a generation of midwestern outcasts raised on a weird diet of horror films, psychedelic kids' TV shows, glam rock, bubblegum music, Mad Magazine, and comic books. 'A Haunted Person's Guide To The Witches' compiles material from the Witches' five albums, and is a comprehensive introduction to the Detroit band's unique sound.

    Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughn- "In Session" LP (Stax)
    In stock on vinyl for the 1st time.

    Albert King- "I'll Play The Blues For You" LP (Stax)
    It's not as if Albert King hadn't tasted success in his first decade and a half as a performer, but his late-'60s/early-'70s recordings for Stax did win him a substantially larger audience. During those years, the label began earning significant clout amongst rock fans through events like Otis Redding's appearance at the Monterey International Pop Festival and a seemingly endless string of classic singles. When King signed to the label in 1966, he was immediately paired with the Stax session team Booker T. & the MG's. The results were impressive: "Crosscut Saw," "Laundromat Blues," and the singles collection Born Under a Bad Sign were all hits. Though 1972's I'll Play the Blues for You followed a slightly different formula, the combination of King, members of the legendary Bar-Kays, the Isaac Hayes Movement, and the sparkling Memphis Horns was hardly a risky endeavor. The result was a trim, funk-infused blues sound that provided ample space for King's oft-imitated guitar playing. King has always been more impressive as a soloist than a singer, and some of his vocal performances on I'll Play the Blues for You lack the intensity one might hope for. As usual, he more than compensates with a series of exquisite six-string workouts. The title track and "Breaking Up Somebody's Home" both stretch past seven minutes, while "I'll Be Doggone" and "Don't Burn Down the Bridge" (where King coaxes a crowd to "take it to the bridge," James Brown-style) break the five-minute barrier. Riding strutting lines by bassist James Alexander, King runs the gamut from tough, muscular playing to impassioned cries on his instrument, making I'll Play the Blues for You one of a handful of his great Stax sets.

    Broken Bones- "Fuck You And All You Stand For" LP (Rodent Popsicle)
    Broken Bones' eighth studio album has finally arrived! Broken Bones are one of the few bands that are more ferocious today then they were on their early, classic releases. To this day, Broken Bones are hailed as one of the best and most important hardcore/punk bands ever. Band founder Bones (from ultra-influential doom punks Discharge) has pushed things to the limit with this one; from the first song to the last, the whole album grips you like a vice and doesn't let go until the very end. Fast paced with lots of political kick, "Fuck You And All You Stand For!" is a gripping ride; pounding drums, driving bass, and searing guitar, topped by venomous vocals about political and social extremes. The Bones are back in all their glory!

    Wire- "Red Barked Tree" CD (Pink Flag)
    At a time when back catalog outsells fresh creativity and newcomers achieve fame by adding a lick of paint to their parents' record collections, it's unusual to find a band who, despite plying their trade for decades, are willing and able to make new work that's as vital and relevant as their own illustrious past recordings. Wire are such a band, and with Red Barked Tree they have succeeded in making a statement that will sound as strong in 30 years as their celebrated historical oeuvre does today. Red Barked Tree rekindles a lyricism sometimes absent from Wire's previous work and reconnects with the live energy of performance, harnessed and channeled from extensive touring over the past few years. Red Barked Tree was conceived, written and recorded mostly during 2010 by the pared-down lineup of Colin Newman, Graham Lewis and Robert Grey -- with no guests. Ranging from the hymnal 'Adapt' to the barking sledgehammer art-punk of 'Two Minutes', the album encompasses the full range of style and nuance that has always endeared Wire to pastel-tinged pop aficionados and bleeding-edge avant-rockers alike.

    Them Crooked Vultures- "S/T" LPx2 (Interscope)
    Back in stock on double vinyl.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers- "Stadium Arcadium" LPx4 (WEA)
    Regular weight version of this 4xLP box set.

    Heaven & Hell- "The Devil You Know" LPx2 (Rhino)
    Back in stock for the 1st time in ages. Black Sabbath with Dio!

    Neil Young & Crazy Horse- "Live In San Francisco" LPx2 (Immortal)
    Recorded live at the Cow Palace, San Francisco on October 22nd, 1978. Eighteen tracks spread across two 180 gram discs and released in a gatefold sleeve.

    Black Sabbath- "Dehumanizer" LP (Rhino)
    Deluxe 180 gram version.

    Black Sabbath- "Mob Rules" LP (Rhino)
    Deluxe 180 gram version.

    Little Killers- "A Real Good One" CD (Gern Blandsten)
    The Little Killers haven't changed much on their second record, A Real Good One. They have jumped labels and hired a new producer, Jim Diamond, who has given their sound a looser and more relaxed feel. Other than that the New York trio still makes a pretty sweet rock & roll racket replete with the obligatory but somehow never stale snotty vocals, pounding tempos, hooky choruses, occasional handclaps and wailing guitar solos. Short, mean, and tough tunes like "Finger Pie," "Don't Leave Me," and "You Better Be Right" compete with longer, more thoughtful (though still totally loud and rambunctious) songs like the Stooges-influenced "Something Special," "Been So Long," and "Fly" to give this record a more two-dimensional appeal that the first record sometimes lacked. Developing new wrinkles to your sound without abandoning what made it so fine in the first place is a neat trick and much credit goes to the group for working it so well. The Little Killers remain all killer and no filler.

    M.Ward- "Post War" LP (Merge)
    Back in stock on LP.

    Residents- "Not Available" CD (MVD)
    From 1978. This is one of the strangest and most interesting recordings in rock history, which speaks volumes coming from one of the strangest and more interesting bands in rock history. Not Available used what was referred to as "the theory of obscurity" (which called for the album to not be released until its makers literally forgot about its existence). It is said to be, questionably, the Residents' second recorded album (in 1974, only to be released in 1978 after utilizing "the theory of obscurity"). A highly underrated and forgotten achievement in the Residents' body of work, Not Available is such an incredible recording to experience that it simply and truly cannot be classified as being like another. While the Residents have experimented within the confines of rock throughout their entire careers, with the exceptions of Eskimo, The Commercial Album, and God in Three Persons, this album achieves like no other. A surreal rock opera resulting in an incredibly weird circus of sound, it is one that simply must be heard to be believed. Vinyl version coming soon.

    Thee Spivs- "Taped Up" CD (Damaged Goods)
    This is one of the most talked about bands you’ve never heard off, Thee Spivs have been playing raw and primal garage punk music all over London for the last three years in any venue, party or street that will take them. After forming in 2007, members, Ben Edge (Guit/Vox) Dan May (bass) and Steve Coley (drums) quickly gained a reputation for their energetic and unpredictable live performances. They met up with Liam Watson from ToeRag studios in 2009 and recorded a few tracks of which two tracks came out as a limited one off 7” on 1965 records in late 2009. After a successful European tour in spring 2010 they set off recording their debut album, ‘Taped Up’ which is now complete and ready to be released on Damaged Goods in November 2010. It features 14 tracks including their first single ‘It’s True’ plus their new single ‘I Don’t Want It’. It’s an edgy mix of Punk, Garage and a bit of Rock ‘N’ Roll, it’s a storming debut !

    Detroit Cobras- "Life Love & Leaving" LP (SFTRI)
    Their 2nd album now back in.

    Eagles Of Death Metal- "Heart On" LP (Ipecac)
    Restock on vinyl.

    Parting Gifts- "Strychnine Dandelion" LP (In The Red)
    What began as a one-off split 45 by songwriters Greg Cartwright (The Oblivians, Compulsive Gamblers, Reigning Sound) and Coco Hames (the Ettes, Coco Motion) quickly evolved into The PARTING GIFTS. As if the talents of Cartwright and Hames aren’t enough, their debut album features intense performances from Dan Auerbach (the Black Keys, BlacRok), Patrick Keeler (The Greenhornes, The Raconteurs), Jem Cohen and Poni Silver (the Ettes) and Dave Amels (Reigning Sound, Daptones). The result is an impressive fourteen original songs penned by Cartwright and Hames, as well as a haunting cover of the Rolling Stones’ "(Walkin’ Through The) Sleepy City". Catch the Parting Gifts at Goner Fest 7 this year in Memphis, TN, just in time for their 'Strychnine Dandelion' to make its way into your record collection.

    Against Me- "High Pressure Low/Strip Mall Parking" 7" (Sabot)
    Against Me! brings us two acoustic songs recorded during the White Crosses sessions. Vinyl is pressed with a cool removable center and packaging includes lyric insert & mp3 download coupon for both songs.

    Vicious Cycle- "Pale Blue Dot" LP (Deranged)
    'Pale Blue Dot' and is an urgent yet explorative album marking a new era for hardcore punk. The album is a blend of traditional 1980's American hardcore and experimental instrumentation. Vicious Cycle bring an unrelenting, innovative and unique sound that represents the dire state of our planet. For fans of Fucked Up, Fugazi, Refused, and forward thinking hardcore.

    Roots- "How I Got Over" LP (Sony)
    Back in stock. Their latest album.

    White Noise Sound- "S/T" LP (Alive)
    The eponymous debut from the Swansea/Cardiff, Wales-based sextet WHITE NOISE SOUND. Completed with the help of Pete Kember (Spacemen 3, Spectrum, E.A.R) and magician Cian Ciaran (Super Furry Animals), the album is the realization of a band conjuring their own particular wall-of-sound - at once relentlessly pulsating and blissed-out.

    Hank Williams- "Hillbilly Hero" CDx4 (Proper)
    Big collection of Hank tunes with informative booklet at budget price.

    Porcupine Tree- "Deadwing" CD (Lava)
    Restock on CD.

    Badfinger- "No Dice" CD (Apple)
    New fancy version that's been remastered & now has bonus material. Contains "No Matter What You Are".

    Baby Woodrose- "Take It/I Need" 7" (Get Hip)
    Get hip is proud to present, at last, a 7' single by our favorite Danish Garage Psyche band: Baby Woodrose! The A-Side is a track from their latest full-length album simply called "Baby Woodrose" while the B-side 'I Need' is Exclusive to Get Hip and was originally recorded for the Love Comes Down album from 2004. It was never used on the album since the drums mysteriously dissapeared from the master tape. The drums were later restored and the song can now be heard for the first time on this single!

    John Fahey- "Blind Joe Death" LP (Takoma)
    For his first Takoma release, Fahey essentially presented an altered version of his extremely limited-edition (less than 100 copies), self-pressed 1959 debut. All but one of the songs from that legendary 1959 effort are here, but some of them are 1964 re-recordings, as Fahey felt (correctly) that his technique had improved so much that they would benefit from being recut. The album's mystique probably owes more to the 1959 record's rarity (and utter oddity in the context of its era) than the music, in which Fahey's experimental blues-folk acoustic fusion is just beginning to take shape. It remains a very interesting record from a historical perspective, as few if any other guitarists were attempting to interpret blues and folk idioms in such an idiosyncratic fashion in the late '50s and early '60s.

    Otis Redding- "Otis Blue" CD (Atlantic)
    Back in stock. Budget priced.

    Johnathan Richman- "O Moon, Queen Of Night On Earth" LP (Vapor)
    The majority of this 2010 album features just Richman's acoustic guitar and Tommy Larkins' drumming, and they continue to be a fine match, reinforcing the musicality in one another, and they provide gentle but strong support for Richman's songs, bringing out the drama in the melodies and the sensuality and wonder that play such a major role in his lyrics. O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth reveals that Jonathan Richman has grown as an artist, but not at the expense of his humanity or his humor, and just as his music has always come straight from the heart, the artfulness of this music comes not from pretension, but from an artist honestly expressing himself, and doing so with both intelligence and compassion. It's a quietly brilliant work from a singular songwriter.

    Booker T & The MG's- "McLemore Avenue" LP (Stax)
    Stax reissue of this 1970 album by the legendary R&B combo, also known as the house band of the Stax label. This 'Abbey Road' tribute features four tracks - three medleys and "Something".

    Jayhawks- "The Bunkhouse Tapes" LP (Lost Highway)
    For the first time since 1986: The Jayhawks (aka The Bunkhouse Album) is the debut record from the Twin-Cities’ legendary alt-country pioneers. Only 2,000 copies of the original LP were ever pressed, and the vinyl has been completely unavailable for nearly 25 years.

    Robert Earl Keen- "The Rose Hotel" LPx2 (Lost Highway)
    The Rose Hotel is Texas songwriter Robert Earl Keen's first studio album since 2005's What I Really Mean; he released Live at the Ryman in 2006. In other words, it's been a while. Keen enlisted now-legendary fellow Texan Lloyd Maines to produce him this time out, and that was a solid decision -- Maines knows how to produce guitar sounds, acoustic, electric, pedal- and lap-steel, mandolins and banjos, as well as fiddles, and this set is full of them. Maines plays more than a few of those guitars himself. Marty Muse handled the pedal steel duties, longtime mate Rich Brotheron plays a slew of stringed instruments, and former Bad Livers member Danny Barnes handles banjo duties. The material ranges from the title track, which is one of his spun-out story tunes that looks at a pair of lovers who can never quite connect as they think they're meant to, fueled by a shuffling rhythm, mandolins, Bukka Allen's accordion, and some electric guitars for support. The chorus "Sometimes you run, sometimes you stall, sometimes you don't get up at all Sometimes you run, sometimes you fall" is catchy, and with a whining steel guitar, makes for another notch in his trademark tunes belt. The cover of Townes Van Zandt's "Flying Shoes" is rocked up a bit, with a bassline that sounds like it would be more at home on a Brian Setzer Orchestra record than this one. And rock plays a real role here as it has on most of Keen's records for the past decade. "Throwin' Rocks" may have banjos and steel guitars, but it's pure Texas shuffle and boogie. "10,0000 Chinese Walk into a Bar" features guest vocalist Billy Bob Thornton on lead and harmony vocals in a duet with Keen on one of his trademark joke numbers. Greg Brown appears in the same capacity on "Laughing River," a song he contributed to the set which is, along with the title track, one of the album's clear standouts. An acoustic road song, it is fueled by an upright bass, a banjo, and a harmonica, and the two men singing together sounds backporch and natural. "On and On," is loaded with '70s-style country phase shifters on the steel and electric guitars, and feels out of time and space. "Village Inn" is another displaced travel number, a type of song that's a clear strength in Keen's stable, and this one measures up.

    Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears- "Tell 'Em What Your Name Is" LP (Lost Highway)
    This major-label debut from Austin-based retro soul man Black Joe Lewis is reminiscent of the '60s R&B albums he so clearly adores, right down to its 30-minute playing time. Only one song breaks the four-minute barrier, with the rest at three and some just over two. Fans of the J. Geils Band's initial handful of releases will recognize the same "nuthin' but a house party" influences at work here, with perhaps less blues and more high-octane soul shouting. Lewis' snappy guitar peppers these tunes, but it's the eight-piece horn-enhanced Honeybears that provide the grease for these musical wheels. That's especially true on the instrumental "Humpin'," a succulent slice of Stax-styled funk.

    Van Morrison- "Pay The Devil" LP (Lost Highway)
    Van's country album from a few years back.

    OST- "Oh Brother..Where Art Thou?" LPx2 (Lost Highway)
    Super soundtrack from the hit indie movie of 2005. Strong tracks throughout.

    James Carr- "You Got My Mind Messed Up" LP (Kent)
    If ever there was a soul singer who rivaled Otis Redding's raw, deep emotional sensuality, it was James Carr, and the proof is in the pudding with You Got My Mind Messed Up. Carr was one of the last country-soul singers to approach any chart given to him as if it was a gift from God. Carr was Redding's rival in every respect if for no other reason than the release of this, his debut album recorded in 1966. The 12 songs here, many of them covered by other artists, are all soul classics merely by their having been sung and recorded by Carr. This is one of theMemphis soul records of the mid-'60s, full of rough-hewn grace, passion, tenderness, and danger. A masterpiece.

    Brandon Flowers- "Flamingo" LP (Interscope)
    Killers frontman releases solo album.

    Bob Marley- "Catch A Fire" LP (Island)
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