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    New Stock For Week Of April 9th   
    Monday, April 09 2012 @ 02:18 AM CST
    Contributed by: Dave

    This weeks email goes out a day late, due to the long weekend we just had. I'll be sending it on thursday when the order arrives (which is also a day late).

    Here we go with this weeks new stock list. This will probably be here a day late this week , arriving on Thursday due to the long weekend we just had. More will be added soon.

    Good Pinsent & Keelor- Down And Out In Upalong LP+CDx2 Travis Good (Sadies) & Greg Keelor (Blue Rodeo) strap on the acoustic guitars and write up a brace of songs built around the poetry & lyrics of actor Gordon Pinsent. Good Stuff in a laid back folksy kinda way with the odd foray into almost a bluegrass kinda thing. Deluxe package with vinyl and two bonus CD's, one being the album & the other is Gordon himself reading his poetry/lyrics.

    Skeletonwitch- Beyond The Permafrost LP
    The classic heavy metal revival of the mid-'00s seems to break down into two major categories: bands devoted to replicating one specific genre in minute, authentic detail -- be that '80s thrash, the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, or '70s doom -- and bands attempting to blend all of these, and other worthy subgenres, into a new-fangled gumbo all their own. Such is the goal of Athens, OH's Skeletonwitch, whose fabulously named sophomore full-length, Beyond the Permafrost, starts off with a steaming helping of vintage thrash sounds, then garnishes them with smaller but still clearly defined ingredients of black, death, and vintage heavy metal -- plus the aforementioned N.W.O.B.H.M. Beyond the Permafrost's unapologetically metal cover art alone is sure to earn the scorn of musical hipsters everywhere, but the sheer ferocity and white-knuckled velocity of swords-and-sorcery thrash anthems like "Upon Wings of Black," "Sacrifice for the Slaughtergod," and "Fire from the Sky" will have those who stick around crying out for Mommy! (AMG)

    Vampire Weekend- S/T LP
    Back in stock.

    Cat Power- Moon Pix LP
    Back in stock.

    Pavement- Slanted & Enchanted LP
    Back in stock.

    Kathleen Edwards- Voyageur LP
    Back in stock.

    Ace Frehley- Anomaly LPx2
    New solo album. Silver colored vinyl. Hand numbered copies of 1000.

    White Stripes- S/T LP
    Back in stock.

    Pantera- Vulgar Display Of Power LPx2
    Back in stock.

    Band Of Skulls- Sweet Sour CD+LP
    Brand new from UK band who play riff oriented blues/psyche rock ala Buffalo Killers, Radio Moscow etc.

    Heartless Bastards- Arrow LP
    Double LP in gatefold sleeve. Download coupon with bonus tracks.

    The Wooden Sky- Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun CD+LPx2
    Brand new! Back in stock.

    Metallica- Master Of Puppets LPx2
    Deluxe double 12" version which plays at 45rpm.

    Metallica- Master Of Puppets LP
    Standard single album version.

    Violent Femmes- S/T LP
    Back in stock. This is their first album 1982.

    Ministry- Psalm 69 LP
    Back in stock. From 1991. Includes "Jesus Built My Hot Rod".

    Whitehorse- S/T LP
    Six Shooter Records' Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet tie the musical knot with the debut of their new band, Whitehorse, marrying their talent and chemistry on stage as a smoldering duo. They already tied the knot in the smoochy way in real life, so this makes perfect sense! This kind of touring-musical-lovebirds dealio definitely reminds me of a classic Johnny and June type scenario, but without all the stuff in the movie where you are like "wow, Johnny is being such a dick to that other girl"...

    Dave Alvin- King Of California CD
    From the time the Blasters began making waves on the California rock scene, the standard line always was that Dave Alvin was the group's great songwriter and Phil Alvin was the great singer. And when Dave launched his solo career in 1987, he was frequently saddled with the criticism that he wasn't much of a vocalist compared to his brother. While dozens of blues and roots rock performers have built solid careers without singing any better than Dave Alvin, it's true that on Romeo's Escape and Blue Blvd his rough, flinty voice lacked the natural grace and projection of Phil's work with the Blasters. But on 1994's King of California, Alvin recorded a few new songs alongside a stack of classics from his back catalog (and some well-chosen covers) with a small acoustic combo backing him up. Suddenly freed from having to shout over a high-powered rock band, Alvin proved on this release just how good of a vocalist he really was.

    Dave Alvin- Blackjack David CD
    Dave Alvin earned his crown as "the King of California" the hard way. A fourth-generation Californian, Alvin worked his way through various incarnations in order to arrive at this point. A longstanding monumental force in Los Angeles and California music, Alvin is essentially a blues player who writes and performs what he terms "American folk music." From Celtic and British folk tunes to early rock & roll, from classic blues and country & western to the Bakersfield sound, Alvin knows his stuff. Gleaning from all the genres, Alvin sits firmly upon his throne, creating a brand of music that is intelligent, insightful, and broad in scope. With Alvin at peace with his creative direction, Blackjack David picks up where King of California left off in 1994. More electric, Blackjack David almost rocks in places, as on "Abilene" and "New Highway." It ambles along nicely in other spots, too. The title cut, a traditional tune hundreds of years old, is given new life under the deft Alvin touch and a new arrangement. This effectively connects the past and the present in terms of Alvin and his place in musical history.

    Dinosaur Jr- Green Mind CD+LP
    Back in stock. From 1991.

    Ray Wylie Hubbard- Growl CD
    Anybody who has followed the development of Ray Wylie Hubbard as an artist over the last dozen years or so has had to be keenly aware that he's been moving through changes in lyric style, melodic invention, and production styles. He's also been on a spiritual odyssey in his music that culminated on the excellent Eternal & Lowdown. Growl is a record of an awareness gained; it is expressed in the most basic, elemental physical and emotional truths (from humor to doubt to surrender to anger at hypocrisy) in these songs. The truth expressed on Growl -- the most aptly named of all Hubbard's recordings -- is in a dirty-hands, mud-romping, greasy, rock & roll inbred with Delta blues. This is music comprised of exposed innards, cutting honesty, scab-ripping emotion, and pure, badass Texas attitude. Produced by Gurf Morlix -- he also minded the store on Eternal & Lowdown -- the band is basically Hubbard (on lead -- a first -- and slide guitars), Morlix (on bass and lead guitars), and Rick Richards (drums), with guests including Mary Gauthier, Scrappy Judd, Buddy Miller, and Jon Dee Graham. And it should be noted that Hubbard has become a heck of a guitar player in the last six years.

    Kyuss- Blues For The Red Sun CD
    Back in stock.

    Kyuss- And The Circus Leaves Town CD
    Back in stock.

    Peter Tosh- Legalize It CDx2
    Deluxe remastered version which includes 23 bonus tracks. A reggae classic!

    Peter Tosh- Equal Rights CDx2
    Deluxe remastered version which includes 22 bonus tracks. A reggae classic!

    Todd Snider- Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables CD+LP
    Brand new! Todd is a clever writer in the Americana genre, known for his great lyrics.

    Andrew Bird- Break It Yourself LPx2 (plus download).
    This is Andrew's brand new album just now in on vinyl.

    David Lynch- Crazy Clown Time LPx2
    2011 debut album from the visionary filmmaker. Produced and written by Lynch, the album's 14 original songs spotlight him on guitar and vocals. Two tracks released late last year - "Good Day Today" and "I Know" - already have American and British critics buzzing about the album. The Los Angeles Times writes: "Frightening effects and mysterious lyrics: this is Lynch's most unexpected venture to date." The BBC declares: "Now David Lynch leaves his stamp on the music world as well..." New Musical Express calls it: "the sound of a creative genius dipping a toe in a new medium."

    Bauhaus- The Sky's Gone Out LP
    Back in stock on vinyl. Iconic UK Goth band from 80's.

    John Hiatt- Jeans & Mudslide Hymns LPx2
    Restock. Hasn't been here in ages.

    Jimi Hendrix- First Rays Of The New Rising Sun LPx2
    The posthumously-compiled album featuring his work from March 1968 to August 1970, much of which previously appeared on the Cry of Love album.

    The Alchemist- Rapper's Best Friend LPx2
    A collection of instrumental's from a series of Alchemist mix tapes. Double LP in gatefold sleeve.

    Foghat- Foghat/Rock And Roll CD
    Nice budget double CD of Foghat's first two albums, which most fans will agree are their best two.

    Rush- ABC 1974 LPx2
    Now on vinyl! The history of the ever mighty RUSH goes back to 1968 when the group first got together, but it was not until 1974 that Neal Peart joined Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. Peart joined just two weeks before Rush's first US tour and it was during this American jaunt that the guys played the infamous Agora Ballroom, Cleveland - a venue at which the group would go on to play numerous more shows during their formative years. At their 1974 booking however, radio station WMMS radio was on hand to broadcast the whole event across the airwaves and thus make this particular gig a somewhat notorious event as well as being Rush's very first radio broadcast! Added are three tracks from another WMMS broadcast from the Agora Ballroom in 1975. Limited to 1000 copies.

    Ministry- Relapse LP
    2012 release that marks the return of Al Jourgensen's pioneering Industrial band. Relapsing back into the music industry after a four-year hiatus, Jourgensen launches his audio assault with Ghouldiggers, a no-holds-barred metal bullet aimed directly at the pitfalls of the industry he has survived. Everything Jourgensen predicted on Houses of the Mole‚ Rio Grande Blood and The Last Sucker has transpired and as we approach the Mayan calendar of the End of Days in 2012, Jourgensen, re-invigorated by the global 99 Percenters and Occupy Wall Street movement, navigates through "Relapse" once again as a reluctant prophet accusing, dissecting, cajoling and exhorting greed, corruption and lies. Reaching back to his punk rock roots, Jourgensen and his Ministry pirates cover S.O.D's "United Forces" - a track written 20 years ago still relevant today as a call to arms for the unrighteous and to those who feel disenfranchised by the "system" as it stands today. Leave it to Jourgensen to make a comeback with a relapse.

    Wedding Present- Valentina CD
    Brand new! 2012 release, the eighth studio album from the veteran UK Alt-Rock band led by David Gedge. Valentina comes four years after 2008's critically acclaimed El Rey. Recorded in the wilds of France, the suburbs of Los Angeles and the lanes of Brighton, it shimmers with near perfection. The 10 track Valentina rumbles in with the crunchy statement track 'You're Dead' vibrating with familiar overdriven guitars and Gedge's words dripping with finality.

    Farrar/Johnson/Parker/Yames- New Multitudes: A Woody Guthrie Tribute (2CD Deluxe) + LP
    Deluxe two CD edition includes eight bonus tracks. 2012 release, an intimate interpretation of Woody Guthrie's previously unrecorded lyrics as recorded by Jay Farrar (Son Volt, Gob Iron, Uncle Tupelo), Will Johnson (Centro-matic, South San Gabriel), Anders Parker (Varnaline, Gob Iron) and Yim Yames (My Morning Jacket,). What makes this album such a rarity in today's music world is the allowance of the songs' infectious simplicity to stand alone in all their glory. In doing so, Farrar, Johnson, Parker, and Yames have paid the greatest compliment to Woody Guthrie and the collaborative spirit he so greatly embodied. This is an album which seamlessly converges the sepia-toned essence of the time honored past with the risks needed to forge the future. This is also in stock on LP.

    Motorhead- Another Perfect Day LP
    Back in stock.

    M. Ward- A Wasteland Companion CD+LP
    2012 album from the Indie singer/songwriter and one-half of acclaimed duo She & Him. Ward s honey-soaked vocals, deft finger-picking, innate sense of melody and beguiling lyrics have already cemented his reputation as one of America s true musical treasures and A Wasteland Companion features some of the finest songwriting and most striking delivery of his career. With each and every recording Ward finds new ways to make the colors of his songwriting palate sparkle and his dexterous skills as producer, arranger, guitarist and singer seem to burst into even brighter bloom on each release. A Wasteland Companion features the added talents of Giant Sand's Howe Gelb, John Parish, Bright Eyes' Mike Mogis, She & Him's Zooey Deschanel, Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley and many others.

    Sonics- Here Are The Sonics LP
    1999 digitally remastered reissue of the demented debut by this legendary group of garage rockers, originally released in 1965. Features a deluxe booklet with previously unseen photos, interviews and information.

    Real McKenzies- Westwinds CD+LP
    Their lastest album now here on both formats.

    Dwight Yoakam- If There Was A Way CD
    One of Dwight's best albums that never got much attention, due to the lack of radio support.

    Hard-Ons with Neil Hamburger- American Exports 7"
    Crazy droll comedian Hamburger collaborates with one of Australia's coolest punk bands! Back in 2008, legendary Australian punk group The HARD-ONS teamed up with "America's Funnyman" NEIL HAMBURGER on reluctant vocals to create an improbable punk rock artifact. Originally released in a small pressing on the German label Red Lounge Records, it immediately went out of print and has been highly sought after ever since. Alternative Tentacles is proud to reissue this classic, which includes covers of "Committed To Suicide" by Sick Things (pre-Fungus Brains/ Dirty Three) and "Six Pack" by Black Flag, as well as two originals.

    Boogaloo Joe Jones- Black Whip LP
    UK pressing of this awesome LP from Jazz/Funk guitar player. All instrumentals from Joe & his crack band.

    Hawkwind- Space Bandits CD
    Atomhenge, the home of HAWKWIND's catalogue from 1976-1997, continue their series of definitive reissued editions of these classic albums with the release of 'Space Bandits'. The album, originally released in 1990 by GWR Records, was the beginning of a new phase for the band and would feature new members vocalist BRIDGET WISHART and drummer RICHARD CHADWICK joining DAVE BROCK, ALAN DAVEY and HARVEY BAINBRIDGE. The album was also graced with the presence of the returning SIMON HOUSE on Violin. This Atomhenge edition also includes three previously unreleased bonus tracks.

    James Brown- There It Is LP
    Restock titles on vinyl.

    James Brown- Hot Pants LP
    Restock titles on vinyl.

    James Brown- Live At The Apollo LP
    Restock titles on vinyl.

    James Brown- The Payback LPx2
    Restock titles on vinyl.

    James Brown- Sex Machine LPx2
    Restock titles on vinyl.

    Motorhead- Ace Of Spades LP
    Back in stock on vinyl.

    Mr. Chi Pig- Open Your Mouth And Say … Mr. Chi Pig DVD
    Documentary on the Life of SNFU leader Chi Pig.

    Robin Trower- Bridge Of Sighs CD
    Second album of terrific Hendrix inspired songs from former Procol Harum guitarist. This along with his first album "Twice Removed From Yesterday" (also in in stock) are both considered classics of heavy 70's rock.

    Mott The Hoople- Mott CD
    All the Young Dudes actually brought Mott the Hoople success, but you wouldn't know that from its sequel, Mott. Ian Hunter's songs are a set of road tales fraught with exhaustion, disillusionment, and dashed dreams, all told with a wry sense of humor so evident on Mott's earlier work. This is no ordinary road album where a band whines about the perils of traveling -- it's more of a wry commentary on rock & roll itself, which, as Hunter notes, is a "loser's game." Mott doesn't sound that way, though -- it's as winning and infectious as rock & roll gets. Even with the undercurrents of ironic despair and restrained hostility, this is a fun record (partially because of that despair and hostility, of course). This sounds better, looser, than All the Young Dudes, as the band jives through "All the Way from Memphis" and "Honaloochie Boogie," beats the living hell outta "Violence," swaggers on "Whizz Kid," and simply drives it home on "Drivin' Sister." Apart from the New York Dolls (who, after all, were in a league of their own), glam never sounds as rock as it does here. To top it all off, Hunter writes the best lament for rock ever with "Ballad of Mott the Hoople," a song that conveys just how heartbreaking rock & roll is for the average band. If that wasn't enough, he trumps that song with the closer "I Wish I Was Your Mother," a peerless breakup song that still surprises, even after it's familiar. It's a graceful, unexpected way to close a record that stands as one of the best of its era.

    Mott The Hoople- The Hoople CD
    The 1974 follow up to "Mott". Maybe not quite the album that "Mott" was (Mick Ralphs had left the band to form Bad Company), but full of choice tracks nonetheless.

    Evaporators- Ripple Rock LP+7"
    In a way, Nardwuar the Human Serviette is the Ali G of Canada. He runs a record label, is a member of at least two other bands besides the Evaporators, and has built a lovable and/or infamous rep as a celebrity interviewer for radio station CiTR FM 102 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Actually, it's unclear whether all of that makes him the country's Ali G. What is clear upon hearing Ripple Rock, their debut for Alternative Tentacles, is that the Evaporators only add to Vancouver's already impressive roster of indie-minded and slightly off-kilter rockers (New Pornographers, Destroyer, etc.). Ripple Rock is a raucous gift box of goofy lyrics ("[I've Got] Icicles on My Testicles"), trashy organ-driven garage rock like "Nard Nest" and "I Feel Like a Fat Frustrated Fuck" -- where Nardwuar's self-incriminating chorus is reiterated by always-lovely Vancouver resident (and ex-Cub-er) Lisa Marr -- and the world's best abbreviation in "I.D.N.M.F.T.T.M.W.M.F.A." The Evaporators include some Canadian history for their new American friends in the title track and album liners, and "Shittin' Party" is actually one of Ripple's prettier songs. That isn't to say anything here is ugly (well, maybe those outfits on the back cover...); on the contrary, the album is relentlessly hooky and full of frenetic electric guitar solos, and Nardwuar's high-pitched John S. Hall impersonation is oddly endearing, even if you aren't Canadian. Stay tuned for the hilarious interview snippets "Nardwuar vs. Rahzel" and "Nardwuar vs. Snoop Doggy Dogg" -- each are interesting forays into the psyche of a man with the stones to rhyme "L.A. Guns or Enuff Z'nuff" with "They come to mind but that's not the stuff" in the happy-go-lucky anthem "Addicted to Cheese."

    Billy Joe Shaver- Live From Austin Texas CD+DVD
    Beautiful package of both concert DVD & audio CD version of same. Hard scrabble country legend Billy Joe Shaver performs on Austin City Limits in late 80's on the "Salt Of The Earth" tour. Gritty performances from BJ & the band which includes the killer guitar work of son Eddie Shaver. A great sound of barroom country & blues.

    Dead Meadow- S/T CD
    Psyche/Stoner band Dead Meadow's first album. Thick & groovy!

    Black Lips- Let It Bloom LP
    At the time Atlanta's Black Lips recorded Let It Bloom, the members were barely into their twenties, though they had already toured the US and Europe several times, released two albums, lost a lead guitarist in a car crash, built a rabid cult following and earned a reputation as one of the wildest live bands around. You don't want to stand too close to the stage at a Black Lips performance violence, nudity, arson and projectile vomiting are staples of their show. This grimy and chaotic garage-punk quartet truly doesn't give a fuck, something they've proved, intentionally or not, time and time again.

    Wooden Shjips- S/T CD
    San Francisco psyche bands first album. Definitely for fans of Black Angels, deep album track Doors, etc.

    Wooden Shjips- Dos CD
    San Francisco psyche bands second album. Definitely for fans of Black Angels, deep album track Doors, etc.

    Black Angels- Phosphene Dream CD
    The most recent BA album from late 2010. Superior psychedelic guitar rock. Some of their best writing to date!

    Black Breath- Sentenced To Life CD+LP
    Southern Lord is proud to unleash the second album from Seattle's barbaric wrecking crew that is BLACK BREATH! 'Sentenced To Life' is the highly-anticipated follow-up to the band's raging 2010 debut album, 'Heavy Breathing'. The new album projects an even more vile, metallic sonic attack than its predecessor, with a bit less rock and roll swagger and more full-on crushing death metal rage. Bearing 10 thunderous tracks in just under 33 minutes, 'Sentenced To Life' is easily the band's most thunderous recording to date!

    Jeff Loomis- Plains Of Oblivion CD
    As a result of his invaluable contributions to Nevermore's trademark sound, Jeff Loomis has become one of modern Metal's most recognizable guitarists and the source of many of the last decade's best riffs. Taking the classic techniques he learned from listening to legends like Jason Becker and Yngwie Malmsteen as a teen and applying his own ingenuity, he has managed to carve his own niche and create an instantly recognizable style. Plains Of Oblivion is a tour de force display of guitar virtuosity and something Nevermore fans will welcome with open arms.

    Bad Brains- S/T LP
    Their first album!

    Luther Allison- Bad News Is Coming CD
    One of my favorite blues albums from the 70's. This is a young Luther Allison when he recorded the very first blues album for the famous Motown label. Soulful singing and stinging guitar work with excellent songwriting.

    Tool- Opiate LP
    The first Tool mini album.

    Tool- Lateralus LPx2
    Double picture disc with foil hologram gatefold sleeve.

    MF Doom- MM..Food LPx2
    Back in stock.

    Velvet Underground- S/T LP
    Back in stock.

    Bob Marley- Legend LP
    Back in stock.

    National- S/T LP
    Their first album. Back in stock.

    National- Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers LP
    Their second album. Back in stock.

    White Stripes- Lafayette Blues 7"
    Back in stock.

    Municipal Waste- The Fatal Feast CD
    Brand new from this popular thrash band.

    My Morning Jacket- Circuital LPx2
    Back in stock.

    Humble Pie- Eat It CD
    Although the quality of the material is a bit uneven, the double album Eat It is the last Humble Pie record to capture the rough and tumble spirit of their heyday. Killer versions of Ike & Tina Turner's "Black Coffee" & Ray Charles' "I Believe To My Soul". Steve Marriott never sounded better.

    Deltron 3030- S/T LPx2
    Restock. Now on colored vinyl!

    Jack White- Sixteen Saltines 7"
    The first single from forthcoming new album "Blunderbuss" due April 24th.

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