New Stock For Week Of April 30th

Sunday, April 29 2012 @ 05:29 AM CST

Contributed by: Dave

Once again, it's new releases and restock time. These titles will be here Wednesday. More to come very soon.

Noel Gallagher- Songs From The Great White North LP
RECORD STORE DAY release. Got another one this week. Opaque white vinyl. Individually numbered and limited to 2000 copies for the UK. The vinyl will include four tracks (all previously released as B sides.)

Arcade Fire- Sprawl II 12"
RECORD STORE DAY release. Record Store Day exclusive 12" from ARCADE FIRE! The single features remixed tracks from 'The Suburbs' album - "Sprawl II" and "Ready To Start" (remixed by Damian Taylor and Arcade Fire). Limited to 3000 copies - each includes free download with purchase.

Black Angels- Watch Out Boy 7"
RECORD STORE DAY release. Special orange 7" vinyl featuring two new BLACK ANGELS tracks produced by the legendary Richard Gottehrer (Blondie, Dum Dum Girls, The Raveonettes). Includes MP3 download card with a bonus cover track of The Zombies' classic "She's Not There".

Paul McCartney- Another Day/Oh Woman Oh Why 7"
RECORD STORE DAY release. Back in stock.

White Stripes- Hand Springs 7"
RECORD STORE DAY release. Continuing in the mission of reissuing the nuggets of the WHITE STRIPES' back catalog, Third Man plays Dr. Frankenstein/matchmaker to two stand-alone songs from the high time of the year 2000. "Hand Springs" was originally released as a split-single with the Dirtbombs and included free in issue #19 of Multiball magazine. "Red Death At 6:14" was initially released on the Jack White-produced compilation 'Sympathetic Sounds Of Detroit' and was later made available as a one-sided single from the folks at MOJO magazine. Both songs are quintessential White Stripes jams and finally pairing them together here makes (arguably) one of the best Stripes singles ever! Limited red/black swirl vinyl for Record Store Day!

Genesis- Spot The Pigeon 12"
RECORD STORE DAY release. The three songs that comprise 'Spot The Pigeon' were recorded during the 'Wind And Wuthering' sessions. This was GENESIS's final studio release before Steve Hackett's departure later in 1977. The songwriting on the record harkened back to the sound of early Genesis and showcased the Tony Banks-Phil Collins-Mike Rutherford compositions with Hackett contributing to the writing chores on "Inside And Out". This special Audio Fidleity pressing is pressed on blue vinyl (like the original edition) and features the three tracks on 33 rpm on one side and 45 rpm on the other. Limited to 3000 copies.

Medicine- Shot Forth Self Living LPx2
RECORD STORE DAY release. Expanded reissue of MEDICINE's debut album, 1992's 'Shot Forth Self Living'. Includes the original album plus demos, etc.

Medicine- The Buried Life LPx2
RECORD STORE DAY release. Expanded reissue of MEDICINE's second album, 1993's 'The Buried Life'. Includes the original album plus demos, etc. "The guitars and noise are straight out of My Bloody Valentine's 'Loveless', but the melodies sound like 'Pet Sounds' and float in and out of the murk, making 'The Buried Life' a catchy, trippy album that aspires to transcendence and sometimes achieves it" -

Horrible Crows- Elsie LP
Red vinyl! Solo project from Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem.

Slash- S/T LPx2
Restock on vinyl of his solo album from 2010.

Clash- S/T LP
UK version (different track listing) on 180 gram vinyl.

Descendents- Cool To Be You LP
Back in stock.

Esperanza Spalding- Radio Music Society LPx2
This ambitious new album from the Grammy-winning singer and bassist Esperanza Spalding is star-packed (Q-Tip, Joe Lovano, Jack DeJohnette and Billy Hart, Lionel Loueke, Gretchen Parlato). Spalding's charisma, whimsical poetry and enthusiasm for jamming still run through the heavily produced set. Horns and organ wrap around Spalding's R&B vocal on Black Gold; misty classical string sounds ease in the gently funky Cinnamon Tree; Wayne Shorter's Endangered Species is remade in the spirit of Shorter's own version and from a jazz perspective Spalding never loses touch with. There are torchy swaggers, world-jazzy guitar grooves propelling smoky saxes, and political songs with only a Hammond organ for company. It's predominantly a pop record, but it took a musician with a very broad view to make it this way.

Black Label Society- Sonic Brew LPx2
UK pressings on double 180 gram colored vinyl.

Black Label Society- Mafia LPx2
UK pressings on double 180 gram colored vinyl.

Black Label Society- Hangover Music VI LPx2
UK pressings on double 180 gram colored vinyl.

Black Label Society- Skullage LPx2
UK pressings on double 180 gram colored vinyl.

Black Label Society- 1919: Eternal LPx2
UK pressings on double 180 gram colored vinyl.

Electric Wizard- Legalize Drugs & Murder 7"
The apocalyptic first recordings from the much anticipated 8th studio LP from ELECTRIC WIZARD will be released as a vinyl only 7"! It is the first of a number of vinyl only releases set to promote the, as yet, untitled and unfinished LP. Recording of the new LP has already commenced but will not be completed until later this year and as a result the band have decided to release certain songs and exclusive B-sides on the vinyl format. The A-side "Legalise Drugs And Murder" is a cathartic anthem for the 'lost' generation, a gargantuan 70s styled Doom stomper and the perfect 7" single. Ultra-catchy and featuring the bands trademark "wall of fuzz" sound, topped with an evil, sneering vocal. The B-side is an even more twisted journey. Inspired by deranged eurohorror/giallo soundtracks of the 70s, "Murder And Madness" is a claustrophobic meditation on the themes of the A-side. A paranoiac brooding number created with vicious wah guitar and discordant organ and piano that rises in intensity to a crescendo of sadism.

White Stripes- Lord, Send Me An Angel 7"
7" vinyl back in stock.

White Stripes- The Big Three Killed My Baby 7"
7" vinyl back in stock.

White Stripes- Lafayette Blues 7"
7" vinyl back in stock.

White Stripes- Let's Shake Hands 7"
7" vinyl back in stock.

White Stripes- Hello Operator 7"
7" vinyl back in stock.

White Stripes- Merry Christmas From The White Stripes 7"
7" vinyl back in stock.

Rod Stewart- The Rod Stewart Album CD+LP
Rod's first solo album after leaving the Faces in the early 70's.

Ten Years After- Cricklewood Green CD
Remastered with bonus tracks. Cricklewood Green provides the best example of Ten Years After's recorded sound. On this album, the band and engineer Andy Johns mix studio tricks and sound effects, blues-based song structures, a driving rhythm section, and Alvin Lee's signature lightning-fast guitar licks into a unified album that flows nicely from start to finish. Cricklewood Green opens with a pair of bluesy rockers, with "Working on the Road" propelled by a guitar and organ riff that holds the listener's attention through the use of tape manipulation as the song develops. "50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain" and "Love Like a Man" are classics of TYA's jam genre, with lyrically meaningless verses setting up extended guitar workouts that build in intensity, rhythmically and sonically. The latter was an FM-radio staple in the early '70s. "Year 3000 Blues" is a country romp sprinkled with Lee's silly sci-fi lyrics, while "Me and My Baby" concisely showcases the band's jazz licks better than any other TYA studio track, and features a tasty piano solo by Chick Churchill. It has a feel similar to the extended pieces on side one of the live album Undead. "Circles" is a hippie-ish acoustic guitar piece, while "As the Sun Still Burns Away" closes the album by building on another classic guitar-organ riff and more sci-fi sound effects.

Ten Years After- Ssssh CD
Ssssh was Ten Years After's new release at the time of their incendiary performance at the Woodstock Festival in August, 1969. As a result, it was their first hit album in the U.S., peaking at number 20 in September of that year. This recording is a primer of British blues-rock of the era, showcasing Alvin Lee's guitar pyrotechnics and the band's propulsive rhythm section. As with most of TYA's work, the lyrics were throwaways, but the music was hot. Featured is a lengthy cover of Sonny Boy Williamson's "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl," with reworked lyrics leaving little doubt as to what the singer had in mind for the title character. Also included was a 12-bar blues song with the ultimate generic blues title "I Woke Up This Morning." Ssssh marked the beginning of the band's two-year run of popularity on the U.S. album charts and in the underground FM-radio scene.

Nick Drake- Five Leaves Left CD+LP
First album from iconic 70's folksinger who died in his mid twenties. Absolutely essential listening within the acoustic pop realm.

Nick Drake- Pink Moon CD+LP
Third & final album from iconic 70's folksinger who died in his mid twenties. Absolutely essential listening within the acoustic pop realm.

Nick Drake- Bryter Layter LP
Second album from iconic 70's folksinger who died in his mid twenties. Absolutely essential listening within the acoustic pop realm.

Bryan Ferry- These Foolish Things CD
Much like his contemporary David Bowie, Ferry consolidated his glam-era success with a covers album, his first full solo effort even while Roxy Music was still going full steam. Whereas Bowie on Pin-Ups focused on British beat and psych treasures, Ferry for the most part looked to America, touching on everything from Motown to the early jazz standard that gave the collection its name. Just about everyone in Roxy Music at the time helped out on the album -- notable exceptions being Andy Mackay and Brian Eno. The outrageous take on Bob Dylan's "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall," with Ferry vamping over brassy female vocals, sets the tone for things from the start. All this said, many of the covers aim for an elegant late-night feeling not far off from the well-sculpted Ferry persona of the '80s and beyond, though perhaps a touch less bloodless and moody in comparison. In terms of sheer selection alone, meanwhile, Ferry's taste is downright impeccable. There's Leiber & Stoller via Elvis' "Baby I Don't Care," Lesley Gore's "It's My Party" (with narrative gender unchanged!), Smokey Robinson and the Miracles' "The Tracks of My Tears," and more, all treated with affection without undue reverence, a great combination. Ferry's U.K. background isn't entirely ignored, though, thanks to two of the album's best efforts -- the Beatles' "You Won't See Me" and the Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil." Throughout Ferry's instantly recognizable croon carries everything to a tee, and the overall mood is playful and celebratory. Wrapping up with a grand take on "These Foolish Things" itself, this album is one of the best of its kind by any artist.

Bryan Ferry- Let's Stick Together CD
As Roxy approached its mid- to late-'70s hibernation, Ferry came up with another fine solo album, though one of his most curious. With Thompson and Wetton joined by U.K. journeyman guitarist Chris Spedding, Ferry recorded an effort that seemed as much of a bit of creative therapy as it was music for its own sake. On the one hand, he followed the initial formula established for his solo work, looking back to earlier rock, pop, and soul classics with gentle gusto. The title track itself, a cover of the fluke Wilbert Harrison '60s hit, scored Ferry a deserved British hit single, with great sax work from Chris Mercer and Mel Collins and a driving, full band performance. Ferry's delivery is one of his best, right down to the yelps, and the whole thing chugs with post-glam power. Other winners include the Everly Brothers' "The Price of Love" and the Beatles' "It's Only Love," delivered with lead keyboards from Ferry and a nice, full arrangement. On the other hand, half of the album consisted of Ferry originals -- but, bizarrely, instead of creating wholly new songs, he re-recorded a slew of earlier Roxy classics. Fanciful fun or exorcising of past demons? It's worth noting that most of the songs come from the Eno period of the band, and consequently the new versions stear clear of the sheer chaos he brought to the original Roxy lineup. As it is, the end results are still interesting treats -- "Casanova" exchanges the blasting stomp of the original for a slow, snaky delivery that suggests threat without sounding too worried about it. "Re-Make/Re-Model," meanwhile, turns downright funky without losing any of its weird lyrical edge. Others have subtler differences, as when the stark, stiff midsection of "Sea Breezes" becomes a looser, slow jam.

Bryan Ferry- In Your Mind CD
With Roxy Music set aside for the time being, Ferry took the solo plunge with an album of totally original material. As such, the underrated In Your Mind makes a logical follow-on from Roxy's Siren, especially since usual suspects -- Thompson, Manzanera, Wetton, and many more -- assist him in the brief eight-song effort. While lacking early Roxy's long-gone freakouts In Your Mind still burns more fiercely than both the later solo and group albums, at least on certain tracks - like Siren, it balances between rockier and smoother paths, most often favoring the former. Ferry's lyrics remain in his own realm of intelligent, romantic dissipation, and are some of his best efforts. The strong opener "This Is Tomorrow" starts with Ferry and keyboards before moving into a big, chugging full band arrangement and a wistful chorus: "This is tomorrow callin'/Wish you were here." When Ferry aims for a calmer mood, rather than stripped-down melancholia, he lets everyone play along. Sometimes the arrangements almost swamp the songs, but "One Kiss'" combination of female backing vocals, sax, and straight-up rock for instance, make it a great woozy, end-of-the-night singalong before the bars close. There are a few blatant misfires -- "Tokyo Joe" has the chugging, dark funk/rock beat down cold, but the lyrics play around too much with Asian stereotypes (and let's not mention the opening gong and all too obvious attempts at "atmosphere" via the strings). On balance, though, In Your Mind remains the secret highlight of Ferry's musical career, an energetic album that would have received far more attention as a full Roxy release.

Dave Alvin- Blue Boulevard/Museum Of The Heart CD
Excellent two'fer from former Blaster, and now one of the best Americana songwriters. Great songwriting, guitar work, etc.

Hanson Brothers- Sudden Death CD+LP
Back in stock on both formats.

Real McKenzies- Westwinds CD+LP
Back in stock on both formats. Brand new!

Mott The Hoople- All The Young Dudes CD
A British rock classic from the 70's. Produced by David Bowie. Contains a killer version of "Sweet Jane".

Dust- Hard Attack CD
At the dawn of the '70s, hard rock and early heavy metal were almost completely dominated by British innovators. Dust was one of the few American bands to try picking up the gauntlet, playing a progressive brand of proto-metal that was explicitly indebted to their British contemporaries. Formed around 1968, the group featured vocalist/guitarist Richie Wise and the teenaged rhythm section of bassist Kenny Aaronson (who also doubled on slide and steel guitars) and drummer Marc Bell. One of the great album covers of the era, with art work by Frank Frazetta. The two main guys from Dust went on to produce the first 2 KISS albums.

Jade Warrior- Now CD
Recent regrouping of this obscure 70's UK progressive art rock band, who wrote lengthy instrumentals that had a subdued Oriental vibe. This new album will appeal to fans of Porcupine Tree, Ozric Tentacles etc.

Bad Manners- Ska 'N' B
Vintage 80's UK ska band. One of their best with "Wooly Bully" & "Here Comes The Major". Great party album!

Howlin' Wolf- Blues From Hell CDx3 + LPx2
Chester Arthur Burnett (June 10, 1910 – January 10, 1976), better known as Howlin' Wolf, was an influential American blues singer, guitarist and harmonica player. With a booming voice and looming physical presence, Burnett is commonly ranked among the leading performers in electric blues. A number of songs written or popularized by Burnett - such as "Smokestack Lightnin'", "Back Door Man", "Killing Floor" and "Spoonful" - have become blues and blues rock standards. This limited double album pressing features 27 classic tracks, and is a chance to own an essential selection of tracks from the influential bluesman on 180g vinyl. 3xCD version contains more songs than the vinyl.

Municipal Waste- The Fatal Feast CD
Brand new from thrash band. Regular version back in, as well as the deluxe digipak version with bonus track. Vinyl back in very soon!

Wooden Shjips- Dos CD
San Francisco psyche band's second album. If you like Black Angels, early BRMC etc. you'll love these guys.

Waco Brothers & Paul Burch- Great Chicago Fire CD+LP
Great Chicago Fire is a happy collaboration borne out of label mates, Paul Burch, a progenitor of the ‘90s Nashville Lower Broad scene, and the Waco Brothers, the Lenin-esque statue in the Square where the avenues of punk, country and rock-n-roll intersect, sharing pitchers of Guerro’s margaritas in Austin, TX at SXSW. Maybe it was the salt, maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the parade of cowboy boot shoppers and industry moguls passing before their eyes on South Congress Avenue, but two distinct creative energies decided to explore what music they could make together. Sharing songwriting, performing and production credits, it’s the Wacos’ first new material since 2005’s Freedom and Weep and puts Paul’s voice at the front and center of their mighty sonic assault; it’s a willing collision of energy and ideas, of different voices, possibilities and permutations.

Descendents- Liveage LP
Back in stock on vinyl.

Descendents- All LP
Back in stock on vinyl.

Descendents- Milo Goes To College LP
Back in stock on vinyl.

Descendents- Hallraker LP
Back in stock on vinyl.

Bad Religion- No Control LP
Back in stock on vinyl.

Bad Religion- How Could Hell Be Any Worse LP
Back in stock on vinyl.

Bad Religion- Against The Grain LP
Back in stock on vinyl.

Bad Religion- Generator LP
Back in stock on vinyl.

Jeff Loomis- Zero Order Phase CD
Nevermore guitarist's solo album.

Jeff Loomis- Plains Of Oblivion CD
Nevermore guitarist's solo album.

Pennywise- All Or Nothing CD+LP
Pennywise return to their true home – and return to fine mid-90s punk-rock form – with All or Nothing, their incendiary new collection of twelve songs. Writing with renewed passion and commitment, the legendary Hermosa Beach foursome seamlessly integrate new singer Zoli Teglas into their fearsome sonic assault, playing harder and faster than ever to deliver their best album since 1997’s Full Circle.

Gotye- Making Mirrors CD+LPx2
Stepping out from behind the piano/drums of Melbourne indie pop three-piece the Basics for the third time, Belgian-Australian multi-instrumentalist Wally De Backer, aka Gotye's first solo record in five years, Making Mirrors, reveals a love of the '80s pop scene, which extends far beyond the usual influences of the current nu-synth brigade. The hugely experimental follow-up to 2006's Like Drawing Blood doesn't discriminate against other decades, as evident on the impossibly uplifting '60s retro soul of "I Feel Better," the '70s West Coast harmonies of the ethereal lullaby-like closer "Bronte," the '90s Beck-esque scuzzy garage rock of "Easy Way Out," and the 2000s hushed, claustrophobic dubstep of "Don't Worry, We'll Be Watching You." But seemingly unaffected by the constant comparisons with the likes of Sting and Peter Gabriel, it's the era of early new wave, dub, and worldbeat which defines its 12 tracks.

Bob Dylan- The Minneapolis Party Tape CD
Made at his friend Bonnie Beecher's apartment back in Minnesota - the same venue that witnessed the Party Tape in May of the same year. Bonnie Beecher's apartment (aka the Minneapolis Hotel) was a regular stopping off point for Bob on his way home to visit his parents in Hibbing, and while there he would often play in front of old college friends. This recording was made a few days before Christmas - on 22nd December 1961- en route to spending the festivities with his folks.

Eddie Vedder- Into The Wild LP
Dutch audiophile pressing of the OST Vedder wrote for the movie of same name.

MGMT- Oracular Spectacular LP
Restock of their first album. Includes download.

Jimi Hendrix- Axis: Bold As Love LP
Back in stock.

Sharon Van Etten- Epic LP
Boasting a mere seven songs, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Sharon Van Etten's sophomore effort hardly lives up to the lofty promise of its name, but where Epic fails to deliver in size, it more than makes up for in sound. Van Etten possesses one of those rare voices that can make even the weakest material soar, so the decision to open the album with the perfectly serviceable, yet ultimately forgettable, solo heartbreak rant “A Crime” makes sense, as what follows is simply electrifying. Backed by a full traditional rock band and bolstered by weepy lap steels and harmoniums, Van Etten's full serpentine croon, which falls somewhere between Kristin Hersh, Neko Case, and Brandi Carlile, addresses the usual subjects of failure and longing, but there’s a strange, dark confidence behind all of the self-examination that makes even the most clichéd confessional singer/songwriter utterance feel dangerous. Of the seven tracks, “Peace Signs” with its sinewy verses and pulsing kick drum that threatens to cut loose into a full-on highway jam at any minute (but doesn’t), the languid, reverb-heavy country-rock sleeper “Save Yourself,” and the Jeff Buckley-esque closer, “Love More,” provide the most immediate rewards, but the remaining four cuts (even “A Crime”) are just as hypnotizing once the buzz kicks in.

Arcade Fire- The Suburbs LPx2
Restock on vinyl.

Arcade Fire- Neon Bible LPx2
Restock on vinyl.

Wild Flag- S/T LP
WILD FLAG is a Portland, Oregon and Washington, DC based quartet consisting of Carrie Brownstein, Rebecca Cole, Mary Timony, and Janet Weiss. The members of Wild Flag have known one another for well over a decade; playing together felt almost inevitable. Brownstein and Weiss were in SLEATER-KINNEY and toured with Timony's band HELIUM on numerous occasions. Brownstein and Timony played in a side project called THE SPELLS. Rebecca Cole's Portland-based band THE MINDERS was a frequent opener for Sleater-Kinney. Weiss and Cole play together in the 1960's garage-rock cover band The SHADOW MORTONS. In April 2011, they went to Sacramento, where they recorded their self-titled album with engineer Chris Woodhouse at the Hangar. All tracks were recorded live except for the vocals. The vinyl edition includes a coupon for full download.

Neil Young- Live In Chicago 1992 LPx2
The title says it all. 20 tracks, including "Heart Of Gold", "Powderfinger", "The Needle And The Damage Done", "Like A Hurricane", "Mr. Soul", "After The Gold Rush", etc.

Neil Young- Harvest LP
German import back in stock.

Hank III- Risin' Outlaw LP
Back in stock. Vinyl includes bonus CD.

White Stripes- Icky Thump LPx2
UK import. Double LP back in stock for the first time in ages.

White Hills- Heads On Fire LP
Killer album of heavy psychedelic space rock from New York band.

Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle- One From The Heart LP
Soundtrack from the Francis Ford Coppola movie.

Type O Negative- Dead Again LPx3
Box set that contains the "Dead Again" album on colored vinyl, with special "Live" album on black vinyl, as well as a live DVD & bonus T-Shirt.

Tomahawk- Eponymous To Anonymous LPx3
The first 3 albums from Mike Patton's band in a nice slipcase which has been designed to leave room for their 4th album which comes out in July of this year.
Mike Patton must laugh at rock bands that take extended periods between albums and complain of time restraints. Since the dissolution of Faith No More in 1998, Patton worked like a man possessed -- unleashing a steady stream of releases by the numerous groups he fronts -- among them Mr. Bungle, Fantômas, and Tomahawk (not to mention that he founded his own label, Ipecac). Joining Patton in Tomahawk is a star-studded cast that includes former Jesus Lizard/Hank Williams III guitarist Duane Denison, former Mark of Cain/Helmet drummer John Stanier, and Melvins bassist Kevin Rutmanis, who prove to be quite similar musically to FNM's latter-day output (circa Angel Dust, King for a Day, and Album of the Year).

Rod Stewart- Every Picture Tells A Story LP
An absolute classic rock album, on the audiophile Mobile Fidelity label.

Rolling Stones- Let It Bleed LP
UK import.

The Specials- Ghost Town LP
Repressed in a proper board sleeve! These recordings are with Neville Staples singing and a couple other original members. Recorded sometime during their reformation in the mid 90's to 2000.

SNFU- And No One Else Wanted To Play CD
Restock on CD.

Linda Rondstadt- Simple Dreams LP
Audiophile pressing on the Mobile Fidelity label. Featuring a broader array of styles than any previous Linda Ronstadt record, Simple Dreams reconfirms her substantial talents as an interpretive singer. Ronstadt sings Dolly Parton ("I Never Will Marry") with the same conviction as the Rolling Stones ("Tumbling Dice"), and she manages to update Roy Orbison ("Blue Bayou") and direct attention to the caustic, fledgling singer/songwriter Warren Zevon ("Poor Poor Pitiful Me" and "Carmelita"). The consistently adventurous material and Ronstadt's powerful performance makes the record rival Heart Like a Wheel in sheer overall quality.

Prince Jazzbo- Ital Corner LP
Prince Jazzbo (born Linval Carter 3 September 1951 Clarendon Jamaica) is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall deejay and producer.
Prince Jazzbo began recording with Coxsone Dodd's Studio One label in the early 1970s, he went on to work on their own emissions by Bunny Lee production, and in collaboration with many artists as a singer and producer of labels, including his own Ujama. Prince Jazzbo and fellow toaster I-Roy had a good rapport, and were friendly and it was mutually beneficial in the record conflict during 1975, including the cuts "directly to Jazzbo's Head" from I-Roy and the retort "Straight to I Roy's Head" by Prince Jazzbo.

Anthrax- Fistful Of Metal 10"x2
Nice packaging of this early Anthrax album on double 10" vinyl with a cool die cut sleeve!

Botch- An Anthology Of Dead Ends 12"
Limited edition repressing of this early Botch album.

James Brown- Ain't It Funky LP
Live album from 1970. "Cold Sweat" & "Give It Up Or Turn It Loose".

James Brown- Black Caesar LP
After Isaac Hayes kicked his career into high gear with the popular and influential score for Shaft, and Curtis Mayfield managed the same feat with Superfly, seemingly every major soul star of the early 1970's ended up doing music for a blaxploitation film, and James Brown was certainly no exception. Brown sang the title tune for Larry Cohen's idiosyncratic black crime film Black Caesar, as well as performing ten other pieces for the movie's soundtrack (most written by Brown in collaboration with Fred Wesley); Barry Devorzon's lead-off cut, "Down and Out In New York City", sets up the picture's story, while most of the other five vocal cuts reflect the film's narrative in one way or another (although "Make It Good To Yourself" seems to be here mainly because of it's high funk quotient, and on "Mama Feelgood", Brown appropriately hands the vocal chores over to Lynn Collins). Like most soundtrack albums of the period, Black Caesar sounds rather scattershot, especially when the music is divorced from the film's narrative, and this isn't one of Brown's stellar albums of the 1970's; however, there are several top-notch tracks, especially the much-sampled "The Boss", the potent "Make It Good To Yourself", and the melodramatic "Mama's Dead", and Fred Wesley's superb horn charts, Jimmy Nolen's percussive guitar, and Jabo Starks' dead-on-the-one drumming make even the weaker instrumental cuts worth a quick listen.

James Brown- Get On The Good Foot LPx2
In an era where Brown went on to make three studio doubles, Get on the Good Foot was the first. This 1972 album finds Brown having great chemistry with both his newer J.B.'s and the New York session players. The title track is particularly stunning.

James Brown- It's A Mother LP
It's a Mother is everything its title promises--the individual songs seem like extended passages in one infinite, diamond-hard groove. The organic evolution and spontaneity of the performances suggests they were improvised in the studio, with James Brown barking orders and directing traffic more than he sings, at least in any conventional sense; the band follows his directions with the blind faith and respect of soldiers following a veteran general into battle, time and again summoning even greater intensity to ratchet the music to another level. Not quite yet funk, It's a Mother is nevertheless beyond soul music altogether--another brand new bag to bide the time until the next one comes along.

James Brown- It's A New Day LP
Further genius from James Brown at the start of the 70s – a record that's starting to show some of the more open-ended grooves he'd explore with the JBs on their own albums – longer, stretched-out tracks that are way more than simple funk and soul! There's a sense of freewheeling energy here that's totally great – dynamic, powerful calls from James at the top of most tunes – and incredibly sharp work on horns and rhythm from the band – cutting grooves and turning lines like no other combo in the business, all with a great mix of deep soul and hard funk! The album features the 7 minute killer version of "Let a Man Come In & Do The Popcorn", plus "World (parts 1 & 2)", "It's A New Day (parts 1 & 2)", "Give It Up or Turn It Loose", "If I Ruled The World", "The Man In The Glass (part 1)", and "I'm Not Demanding (part 1)". A treasure trove of funk and soul!

James Brown- New York City Soul Break Out! LP
Live in New York 1980. An epic knock out punch of vintage James Brown in concert, captured on limited edition 180g vinyl and featuring live performances of such classics as “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag,” “I Got You (I Feel Good),” "Get On The Good Foot," "Get Up Offa That Thing (Release The Pressure)," "It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World" and "Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine" among others!

R.L. Burnside- Mr. Wizard LP
While it's not quite as relentlessly exciting as Ass Pocket of Whiskey, primarily because the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion isn't along to provide support, Mr. Wizard is another set of blistering electric blues from R.L. Burnside, highlighted by his stomping guitar, powerful voice and cheerfully vulgar lyrics.

Elvis Costello- Armed Forces LP
Audiophile pressing from Mobile Fidelity.

Elvis Costello- This Years Model LP
Audiophile pressing from Mobile Fidelity.

Kyuss- Blues For The Red Sun LP
German import on vinyl.

Kyuss- Leaving Sky Valley }P
German import on vinyl.

Kyuss- ....and The Circus Leaves Town LP
German import on vinyl.

Polecats- Rockabilly Cats LP
Great 80's rockabilly from the UK. Colored vinyl with sticker & button!

Digital Underground- Sex Packets LP
1990. Sex Packets is a vibrant, wildly funny record that transcends any attempt to dismiss it as mere novelty. Novelty records are throwaways -- cheap gags that are funny once, but never pay off with repeat plays, something that Sex Packets certainly does. Sex Packets is layered like any good story. Corny jokes, gross-out tales, flights of fancy, and sheer absurdist humor co-exist comfortably, usually within the course of one song. Take "The Humpty Dance," their breakthrough single and timeless party anthem. Within that one song, Humpty Hump spills out countless jokes, spinning between inspired allusions and thuddingly obvious cut-ups, which are equally funny because of the irrepressible, infectious nature of his rap. And he's so confident in his skills, he's sexy, which is kind of what the album is about -- it knows that sex is funny, and sexier because of it. But the very name of the album should be a clear indication that Digital Underground doesn't take any of this stuff all that seriously while creating elaborate, fantastical settings that reveal boundless imagination. (AMG)

Miles Davis- Bitches Brew LPx2
Back in stock on 180 gram vinyl.

Death- Leprosy LP
UK Import on 180 gram colored vinyl.

Death Cab For Cutie- Narrow Stairs LP
Restock on vinyl.

Deertick- War Elephant LPx2
John McCauley, the songwriter behind the Deer Tick moniker, grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, where he began his career by teaching himself to play drums, guitar, piano, and pedal steel. McCauley started recording his own compositions and touring the area while still in high school, and he widened his circle after graduation by touring the entire country. Although he'd often perform solo, the young musician also began piecing together a proper band, occasionally playing as a duo with drummer Dennis Ryan or with a small group. His music fit loosely into the alt-country category, but his vocals -- rough, raw, and ragged -- brought a wealth of rock and grunge influences to the sound. Following the September 2007 release of his first album, War Elephant, McCauley's Deer Tick project began earning comparisons to Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse, and Uncle Tupelo.

DJ Shadow- The 4-Track Era LP
Early recordings from DJ Shadow.

Endless Boogie- Focus Level LPx2
The concept that guides Endless Boogie is a relatively simple one: Take the moment at which any good blues-rock jam crests-- the four bars of transcendent face-scrunching and pull-off-laden glory-- then extend that moment onward into oblivion. Focus Level-- the New York City based quartet's first widely available release-- is a choogling zen-prayer, a long-winded invocation to the spirits of Canned Heat, Coloured Balls, and all those who saw the majesty in a pentatonic guitar solo that extended beyond the seven-minute mark. And at 79-minutes long, Focus Level comes about as close to eternity as a compact disc will allow.
Formed in New York in 1997 by selected Matador Records employees and a professional record collector, Endless Boogie practiced for nearly four years before playing their first show-- an opening slot for Stephen Malkmus in 2001. Since then, the band has done small-scale tours with Dungen and the chameleonic Finnish metal group Circle (who are also their No Quarter label mates) as well performing sporadically in their hometown. They've released two limited press 12" records-- Endless Boogie I and II-- which have at this point vanished forever into the collector scum ether. A hobby band for aging music nerds, Endless Boogie is dangerously low on careerist aspirations. They won't even play a show unless somebody invites them to.
For the most part, the music on Focus Level can largely be described with the language one might use for a barbecue chicken recipe-- hooks are slow simmered and gooey, leads are greasy, and the skin is slightly charred. Over the course of 10 minutes, songs like "The Manly Vibe" and "Executive Focus" work the unexplored (and unexpected) ground between Neu! and Black Oak Arkansas-- carrying hypnotic grooves into tongue-wagging bar-rock abandon with the dueling dollar-bin solos of guitarists Paul Major and Jesper Eklow. Major also enhances the swampy vibe with a stew of bridge troll grunts and growls.

Farflung- 25,000 FT Per Second CD
Limited edition reissue of this space rock classic! Largely unknown to the masses, these guys have been making premium psychedelic rock since the 90's. Recommended.

Farflung- Raven That Ate The Moon CD
Limited edition reissue of this space rock classic! Largely unknown to the masses, these guys have been making premium psychedelic rock since the 90's. Recommended.

Farflung/White Hills- Split 12"
Each band gets a single song spread over an album side. Modern psyche rock. Farflung rocks it up pretty good on their track & the White Hills number is more ambient in nature.

Gorilla Biscuits- S/T 7"
From 1988. 7 tracks.

Woody Guthrie- This Machine Kills Fascists LP
14 Dust Bowl classics, including "Buffalo Skinners" & "Pretty Boy Floyd".

Hepcat- Scientific LP
One of the best young reggae/ska bands to come out of the 90's. On the BYO label.

Holy Fuck- S/T LP
Their first album back in stock.

Chris Isaak- Beyond The Sun LPx2
Double vinyl LP pressing. 2011 covers album from the singer/songwriter, a tribute to the influential sound of Sun Records and the artists who helped shape Rock 'n' Roll. Since he fell in love with his parents' 45s as a child in Stockton, California, this passionate writer/artist has been obsessed with the glory days of Memphis' Sun Studio and the visionary artists who got their starts there including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis...all of them discovered and nurtured by Sam Phillips. Now, at long last, Isaak magically recaptures the transformative brilliance of the classic sides cut by these greats at Sun with Phillips during the mid-'50s, while also getting down to the nitty-gritty of his own deeply rooted musical identity. 25 tracks.

Kid Cudi- Man On The Moon: End Of The Day LPx2
From 2009.

Leadbelly- Where Did You Sleep Last Night LP

Mars Volta- Bedlam In Goliath LPx2+7"
Double LP on colored vinyl with bonus die cut 7" single.

Sarah Mclachlan- Mirror Ball LPx2
Audiophile 200 gram pressing. Live recordings from the 1999 Lilith Fair Tour.

Mogwai- The Hawk Is Howling LPx2
Premium 180 gram double LP package. This hasn't been here in almost 3 years.

Morrissey- Years Of Refusal LP
Back in stock.

Lee Scratch Perry- The Quest LP
Legendary dub/reggae musician & producer. This album is from 1995.

Crass- Penis Envy LP
Restock on vinyl.


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